The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 46


I leaned down and kissed him passionately then started to feel my dick soften. I'm glad Bennie remembered the towel because from what I put in him, he needed it. I pulled the towel up between his legs as my dick slid out of his hole. Bennie hurried to the bathroom then sat on the toilet. He let out a loud fart then expelled my deposit. After Bennie flushed the toilet, I helped him clean up then we returned to the bed and cuddled until we drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, I was up before Bennie. I had to take another shower because I still smelled of sex but the room on the other hand didn't smell too badly. I got a quick shower then shaved and then had to wake up Sleeping Beauty.


"Wakey, wakey baby," I said running my finger down his cute nose.


"Just a few more minutes love." He said pulling the covers around his neck.


I reached my hand under the covers and found his buns then gave a cheek a little pinch. He moaned then finally sat up. "Go take a shower lover."


Bennie's eyes were half open as he got some clean clothes out then went into the bathroom. While he was in there, I sprayed the room then headed to the dining room. I saw Johnny sitting there so I joined him and had my first cup of coffee. "Bennie said he'd like to spar with you today."


Johnny's head snapped over looking at me, "Bennie?"


"That's what he said buddy."


"Are you sure Ace?" Johnny asked.


I smiled inwardly. "I'm sure Johnny."


Just then a little grin came over his face. "Why is it there is something you're not telling me."


I tried to look innocent. "What makes you say that?"


"I know you too well."


I was caught. "Well yes there is. Bennie is very skilled in the martial arts. I didn't know about this until Dusty was working with him after he'd shot that dirty cop."


"You know how to handle yourself too." Johnny said smiling.


"Yes but I can't hold a candle to Bennie. In some disciplines, he'd be considered a master."


"Our Bennie?" Johnny asked.


"Yep," I said finishing my coffee then got up to fix another.


While I was up, I poured Bennie's juice for him and set it by his place. Just then Bennie came in followed by Ben as Gloria came out with breakfast. "Good morning everyone." Gloria said as she set our plates in front of us.


After we polished off our food, I went back into my room so I could finished getting ready for court and then our workout at school. I dug my gi out and put it in my bag then headed over to the courthouse. With the morning traffic, it was almost 9 by the time I arrived. I found Adam standing outside Judge Lewis's courtroom so I made my way over to him. "Morning, Adam."


"Hi Ace, ready to go inside?"


I nodded my head. "This will be a change, not having to testify."


"I want to see for myself what happens here." Adam said.


"Are you expecting any problems?" I asked.


"Not with Judge Lewis but one never really knows."


We took a seat in the back of the courtroom then watched the proceedings. We didn't have to wait long when Wanita Jenkins was led into the courtroom. The bailiff started reading the charges. "This is the District of Columbia versus Wanita Jenkins. The charges are child abuse and sexual assault on a child under the age of ten."


The judge looked over at the woman. "How do you plead Ms. Jenkins?"


"Not guilty." She snapped.


She looked over to a middle aged man standing at the prosecutors table. "It's nice to see you again Mr. Cutter. Do we have a recommendation on bail?"


"Yes Your Honor," Cutter said. "We're requesting $100,000 cash or bond along with of couple of stipulations."


"Your Honor, that's absurd." Jenkins's mouthpiece said. "Preston Harris representing Wanita Jenkins. These charges are preposterous. My client is a respected Social Worker and vigorously denies the allegations. We're asking she be released on her own recognizance."


Judge Lewis looked at Mr. Cutter. "Yes and it was one of the children she was sworn to protect that she abused."


"What are the stipulations you're requesting, Mr. Cutter?" The judge asked.


"First, since this is a child abuse case we're asking that until the charges have been litigated, Ms. Jenkins not be allowed to be around anyone under the age of eighteen."


"WHAT?" Jenkins shouted.




"Control your client Mr. Harris or I'll have her removed." Judge Lewis admonished.


"My apologies Your Honor," Harris said then whispered something to his client.


"What is the other stipulation?" The Judge asked.


"That she wear a monitoring device and not allowed out of her home accept for meetings with her attorney."


"I might as well be in jail." Jenkins screamed out again.


"One more outburst and that will be arranged." Judge Lewis said sternly.


"Mr. Cutter, $100,000 is quite a high bond for someone who has never been in trouble before."


"Yes Your Honor but due to the gravity of the charges and who she assaulted, we feel a bond of this amount is fitting."


She looked over at the defendant. "I agree they are serious charges but I feel the bond amount is too high. Bond will be set in the amount of $75,000 and she not be allowed around anyone under the age of eighteen. I also order she be fitted with a monitoring device and she calls the monitoring unit when she has to meet with her attorney."


"But what about my job?" Jenkins cried out.


"Ma'am, for the safety of children, I cannot in good conscience allow you to be around them therefore you will have to work with adults only until such time as these charges are litigated. Next case."


Judge Lewis banged her gavel then we watched as the ADA walked towards the back of the courtroom. Adam and I got up then waited for him. When he came out Adam called out. "Mr. Cutter, might we have a word with you please?"


"Do I know you men?" He asked.


Adam shook his head. "I don't believe so. I'm Adam Graham with the US Attorney's office and this is Special Agent Mason with the Secret Service."


"Nice to meet you now how can be of assistance?"


Adam took the lead. "We have reason to believe Ms. Jenkins has some powerful allies who might try and interfere with this case."


"That won't happen as long as I'm trying it." Cutter said.


Adam smiled. "Then what I've heard about you is true and that is you're a no nonsense person unlike someone who used to work in your office."


"I heard about that and he'll be lucky if he doesn't spend some time behind bars. Agent Mason, I'd have never prosecuted you if that had been my case."


"Thank you," I said. "I was wondering if you could do us a small favor."


"If I can," Cutter said.


"I think you can," I said. "Are you informed when someone you're prosecuting is released on bond?"


"As a rule no but I can ask that I be notified if Ms. Jenkins is released on bail."


"Thanks, now one more thing. Who would have the name of the person who posted the bond?"


"You'd have to talk with the jail, they have all that information."


"Thank you Mr. Cutter." I said handing him my card and writing my number on the back. "If and when she's released, please call me on my cell phone."


"I will Agent Mason." Cutter said. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have more work to do in another courtroom."


I headed over to the school and Bennie was in his English class. After English he had math then it was time for lunch. Johnny and I were surrounded by the usual group of boys. "What are we going to do today Ace?" Joey asked.


"You'll be learning some defensive moves designed to put someone down." I started.


"Suppose they don't get the message." Bobby asked. "Can we give them a message?"


"What do you mean Bobby?" Johnny asked.


"Well, could we stomp him on the nuts?" Bobby answered.


I had to laugh because I knew in a street fight it was anything goes. "Well, if he doesn't get the message after being put on his butt a few times, he might need it delivered special delivery."


Everyone at the table broke into a loud laugh. After lunch, it was time for gym. Johnny and I walked with Bennie who looked nervous. "What's wrong man?" I asked.


We stopped outside the dressing room. "Just worried about walking into the room with my gi on."


"You'll be fine." I said trying to reassure him. "I think a lot of them will be in for a huge surprise."


"Yeah, and I'll lose a ton of friends in the process."


"You sell your friends short Bennie." Johnny said. "If they turn their backs on you, they weren't friends at all."


Bennie looked down as we headed inside to get changed. "I suppose so Johnny."


We waited until all the boys left then Bennie and I quickly changed then headed for the wrestling room. Bennie waited outside until I went in. "There were a number of gasps from the boys when they saw my black gi held closed by my black belt. "Ace, what do those stripes on the belt mean?" Carl asked.


Just then Bennie came in. "Those are the degrees of the belt he has earned."


"HOLY SHIT" Joey blurted out quickly covering his mouth.


All the boys went over to him and started firing questions. Bennie answered them then I whistled to get their attention. "Come on guys, back in your places."


Jake stood up. "Bennie, what does your belt mean?"


I took over so Bennie wouldn't be embarrassed. "Bennie is a 10th degree black belt. In this case, he is considered a master. If he chooses to continue there are even higher levels he can earn."


"Why didn't you tell us?" Jake asked.


Bennie came up beside me. "Because I didn't want to seem like I was better than anyone here."


"Well you are." Carl said.


Bennie shook his head. "No I'm not. I'm just another kid here like you are trying to get an education."


"Yeah but you're a black belt in karate." Carl fired back.


"Yes, but it's not who I am. I don't go around looking for trouble. I'd rather diffuse a situation rather than resort to fighting."


"That's because you're a wuss." A voice said.


I walked over to the jock in the back of the class. "Do you really think that?"


"Yeah, why else would he let someone talk shit and then not do anything about it?"


"Because that costume is all for show. I bet I could put him on his ass before he knew what happened." The jock said.


That sounded like a challenge. I looked at Bennie and he shrugged his shoulders. "Alright, you're on. Come with me."


The jock followed me as I went into my bag and took out the protective gear and handed it to him. "I'm no wimp; I can take anything he gets lucky enough to get in."


"Put it on," I said firmly.


Bennie had his gear on then the jock finally got into his. The two boys stood there then Bennie bowed before the jock. "What's that for?" He asked.


"It's a sign of respect." I said as the kid just put his fists up.


I looked at Bennie and he nodded his head. I looked at the jock next. "Come on; get ready to kiss the floor."


I stepped back and as soon as I had, the kid took a wild swing at Bennie. Bennie ducked it then dropped down sweeping the jock's feet out from under him. Bennie quickly recovered and was ready for the kid to stand up. "Have you had enough?" Bennie asked.


"You got lucky," He said taking another swing at Bennie.


This time he blocked it and hit him with a backhand to the back of his head putting the boy down to his knees. Bennie stepped back as I went over to him. "Are you alright?"


He looked up at me and his eyes weren't glazed. "Yeah, another lucky shot."


I let them go at it for another few minutes then the kid finally had had enough. He pulled the protective gear off then walked back to his friends. They started ribbing him until I stopped it. "Listen up, what you all just saw were defensive moves designed to defend yourself and not be the aggressor. Now, young man, do you still want to say Bennie was lucky?"


He was silent for a while until I walked back. "No Agent Mason." The kid said softly trying to save face.


Bennie was still in his gear. "Now you'll see exactly what Bennie can do. Agent Hawks, if you please."


Johnny came up and put on the protective gear. When he was ready he faced Bennie. They both bowed then I gave the command to start. They both went at it throwing punches and having them blocked. Every move tried by one was countered by the other. After several minutes, Johnny tried for a punch at Bennie's chest. Bennie stepped out of the way then grabbed Johnny's arm then using his own leg, he took Johnny's feet out from under him. He threw a quick light punch into Johnny's sternum then quickly got to his feet. Johnny got up then they bowed towards each other then Johnny reached out and shook Bennie's hand. Johnny went over to Bennie. "Man you're good."


Bennie smiled and tried to keep from turning red. "Thanks, coming from you that means a lot but I really hate using it."


"You learned well Bennie." Johnny said.


We had the boys pair off then Bennie and I started teaching them some basic moves. The boy that tried to show off with Bennie was having problems. "Damn, I can't get it."


"That's because you're trying to attack and not defend." Bennie said.


"I'm not about to let anyone kick my butt if I have anything to say." The boy said.


I was watching from a distance then I went over to them. "Being defensive, doesn't mean letting someone hurt you. It means protecting yourself and deterring your attacker from wanting to continue. Watch closely."


Bennie and I did the move with Bennie defending against me. Bennie quickly and firmly put me down then he looked at the kid. "See, I was reacting to what Ace did. I didn't try to take an offensive stance. Now try it with Ace."


I stood up and the kid stared at me. "Are you for real? Look at the size on him."


Just then Carl came over. "Watch dude."


Carl and I demonstrated the move and once again, I was on my back. "See, putting someone down requires leverage. Carl is a good 6 inches shorter then I am. Now, step over here and try it." Bennie said.


The boy came over and I took my stance. I went and pushed him in the chest then he grabbed my arm and used a little extra force with his leg but once again I was on my back. Bennie walked over and helped me up. "Thanks." I said rubbing my now sore butt.


"See, it doesn't take a lot to put someone down." Bennie said looking at the boy. "Come on, try it again on me."


Bennie worked with the boy a few more minutes and then it was time to hit the showers. Bennie and I entered the shower then we were joined by the boy. "Umm, I know this is a weird place to do it but I want to say I'm sorry about how I acted before."


Bennie was rinsing the soap off his body. "No problem man and I am glad you finally saw what I was trying to say."


The boy quickly showered then started drying off. "You showed me a lot today, thanks."


Bennie and I got dressed then met up with Johnny and it was time to return to the residence. When we returned, Ed and Dusty were talking in the office. I went in and they both looked at me. "Hi Ace," Dusty said.


"Are you two still at it?" I asked.


Dusty nodded his head. "Yeah, there is a lot to learn here."


I turned around and let the two of them get back at it. "I'll be in the residence if you guys need me."


I was about to walk into the residence when my cell rang. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Adam, hold on I'm going to bring in ADA Cutter."


"Alright man," I said then waited for the connection.


"Agent Mason is here Mr. Cutter." Adam said.


"What's going on Mr. Cutter," I asked.


"Well, you asked that I let you know if Ms. Jenkins made bail."


"Yes I did," I started. "Has she?"


"Well, not yet." Mr. Cutter said.


"I'd have thought that with all her mouthing and shouting, she'd have been out by now." I said. "Do you know if anyone has asked about her or if she's had any visitors?"


"That I don't know," Cutter said. "I haven't been over to the jail."


Since she was no longer in Federal Custody, I didn't know if anyone would be willing to talk to me. "Alright Mr. Cutter, I'll see what I can find out." I said then he hung up. "Adam, do you think she was just spouting off?"


"It's possible Ace but she seemed pretty full of herself."


"Yeah buddy, I know. I just can't figure out why though." I said trying to understand what was happening.


"I guess time will tell." Adam said.


"Yeah, I guess you're right." I said. "Can you stop at the jail?"


"Sure," Adam said then we ended the call.


The next day, Adam received a call from Cal Matthews's clerk. The jury had reached a decision as to his sentence. Adam looked at his watch and it was 8:30. He was to start presenting evidence against the conspirators who tried to kill Ben. At 8:45 he was in Cal's courtroom. Peterson was led into the courtroom still in shackles when the bailiff shouted. "All rise, this court is again in session, The Honorable Judge Calvin Matthews presiding."


"Bailiff, bring in the jury please." Cal said then a few minutes twelve ladies and men came in. "I understand you've reached a consensus?"


The jury foreman stood. "We have Your Honor."


The bailiff went over and took the form then handed it to Cal who looked at it then the bailiff returned it to the foreman. "Will the defendant please rise." Cal said looking at Peterson. "Please announce your decision."


"We the jury in the above stated case hereby sentence you to death."


Peterson sunk down in his chair. Cal looked at the jury. "Is this a unanimous decision?"


"It is."


Peterson's lawyer stood. "Can we poll the jury?"


One by one each juror said they agreed for the death sentence. Once that was done, Cal looked at Peterson who was sitting in his chair with his head in his hand. "Mr. Peterson, please stand." Cal said to the man who refused then two marshals came over and physically stood him up. "Harold Peterson, you have been sentenced to death in connection with the death of Officer Curtis Poole and in the attempted murder of Special Agent Peter Morgan and Special Agent Rich Mason. You will be sent to a federal prison to await your execution. May God have mercy on your soul. This court is adjourned."


Cal banged his gavel then Peterson was returned to a holding cell. Adam left the courtroom then made a phone call. My cell rang as I was taking Bennie to one of his classes. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Adam. The jury recommended death."


I was pleased the case was now over but there were still more trials ahead. "That's good."


"Yes it is but the case automatically goes to appeal."


I'd forgotten about that. "How long will that take?"


"I'm not sure but the whole process will take several years." Adam said.


"That sucks." I said getting steamed. "Curt didn't have chance to appeal his case to Peterson before he was shot."


"I know Ace but what can I say? Maybe when he's convicted on the conspiracy charges, the courts will deny his appeals."


"I hope so," I said. "I just want this shit over with."


Adam looked at his watch. "I do too buddy. I have to scoot. I'm due in the grand jury."


"Alright buddy, good luck." I said then ended the call.


The day flew by and as we were leaving, I saw the four boys who would be over for Bennie's birthday party. We talked for a few minutes then they had to get on their bus.


Saturday morning, I started putting my plan into motion. After breakfast, I got Ben off alone and asked him if he could take the plates and put them into the Hummer so Bennie wouldn't know about his car. At 9, breakfast was finished then we started getting ready for Ben and Bennie to go to the DMV. Dusty was with Ed and Johnny and Pete along with JR and Marshall Elis were also present.


Getting the two of them into the limo was easy since we were on the White House grounds. Ed explained to the new members of the team how everything was done then Ben and Bennie were moved to the limo. Ed drove "the beast" as the procession made their way through the DC streets on their way to the DMV. Bennie was totally lost. "Where are we going Dad?"


Ben looked at me for guidance. I shrugged my shoulders leaving the answer up to him. "We're going to the Division of Motor Vehicles."


Now Bennie was getting excited. "Are you finally going to transfer my license?"


I thought I'd have a little fun with him. "Umm well my love, you're going to have to retake your written test."


"WHAT?" He almost shouted.


I tried to keep a straight face. "That's right."


"Why," He asked. "Besides, it's not what their website says."


`Shit, busted by technology.' I thought.


"Well, I guess it's for Presidential kids." I said trying to cover myself but I started giggling.


Bennie flew into my lap then gently started punching me in the shoulder. "You're mean."


I wrapped his arms up around mine then started tickling my not so big baby. He started wiggling and in the process Bennie's hand got me in the nuts. "Oomph," I moaned.


Bennie stopped wiggling then started to massage my now aching gonads. He felt my dick start to come to life then he stopped before things got carried away in the limo.


The procession pulled into the parking lot and the limo stopped by the front door. The agents got out of their vehicles and took their places. Johnny had Tonka on his leash then he made a quick sweep inside the building then did the same thing outside. Once it was deemed safe, we got Ben and Bennie inside the building.


There were a few people inside conducting business and the looks on their faces were priceless. I took Bennie to a window while Ben went to the far end and registered the charger in his name. After paying the required fees, Ben was given a set of plates. He handed them over to JR who took them out and put them in the front seat of "the beast." Bennie handed over his California license, then they reissued him one from the district.


All in all, the process went smoother than I expected then we were out the door in about fifteen minutes heading back to the residence. On the way back, Bennie looked at me. "Umm Ace, do you know what day it is?"


I didn't want to pull his leg again so I smiled then held my arms out to him. He came over and snuggled against me. "Yes I do love, it's your birthday, happy birthday sweetheart."


"So what did you get me?" He asked.


"Bennie, you know how we do things." Ben said saving my butt.


"Aw Dad," Bennie moaned so I relented and gave him his birthday card. Inside it, I'd lined the card with a couple of C notes (hundred dollar bills).


When we got back to the residence JR took charge of Bennie to keep him occupied. "Hey Bennie, would you like to go swimming?"


"Sure," Bennie smiled with a grin on his face then he leaned close to him. "Wanna go skinny dipping?"


That took JR totally off guard. "Umm sure, I guess." JR said turning several shades of red.


I saw this then went over to them. "OK sweetie, what did you just say to JR?"


He still had the grin on his face. "Nothing much love, I just asked him if he'd like to go skinny dipping."


"That's up to him lover." I said trying to take JR off the hook.


"It's alright Ace," JR said as his face started to return to a normal color. "I just wasn't expecting that right out of the blocks."


"If you don't feel comfortable being nude, you don't have to."


"It's OK Ace," JR said. "It's not like he hasn't seen me nude before."


"If you're sure," I said then Bennie quickly headed to his room. "Wear your trunks up to the pool."


He stopped then turned around sticking his tongue out at me before he closed his door. A few minutes later, Bennie and JR were heading upstairs to the pool. As soon as they were out of sight, I went to the beast and found the plates for the charger. The only problem now was where to park it so Bennie wouldn't see it when he took Tonka outside.


It was then I had an idea. I called Evelyn and asked if she could bring the charger over when she came for dinner. She told me she would then I formed a plan to leave. I quickly ran over to the main headquarters and put the plates on the car and put the registration in the glove box then hurried back to the residence.


It was almost lunch time so I went up to tell Bennie and JR to get cleaned up so they could eat. I saw Gloria and she told me what was for dinner. I asked about the cake and she told me it was still being prepared. "Señor Ace, would you like a car on it?"


I shook my head. "No Gloria, anything but that. I really want to keep my gift as a total surprise." Then it hit me that I hadn't mentioned it to her. "Wait a minute, how did you know what I got for him?"


"I have my sources too," She said giggling then she playfully popped me on the butt. "Go on now, lunch is almost ready."


Before I got shooed out of the kitchen I found out what was for dinner. We were having her Mexican feast so I decided to have a light lunch. When I went into the dining room, Bennie was sitting without a shirt on. "Come on baby, you know the rules, you have to have a shirt on."


"Aww Ace." He said as he stood up and turned around.


"Oh man love, you really did a number on yourself. Didn't you put sunscreen on?"


"Yes baby but I guess the sun was stronger than I realized." Bennie said as I followed him down the hall.


I went into my bathroom and found some cream with lidocaine in it. "Here love, let me put this on you." I said as I started gently putting the cream on his back and shoulders.


As I got lower I had him drop his shorts and he was going commando. I looked at his lovely dick and even that was a very light pink. As soon as I touched it he sucked wind. "Man, even that's a little sore."


His butt was even pink. "Oh man baby. No fun and games for you for a while."


He started pouting. "No way lover, I have big plans for your magic wand tonight."


I looked at down at his wand and smiled. "I had plans for yours too my love."


Bennie smiled. "Oh?"


"Well, I hope to but not if it's too sore." I said putting a little cream on it. "That should take care of pinkie."


"Funny baby," Bennie said lifting his shorts up.


Over at the Matthews' house Carl was getting ready for Bennie's birthday celebration. Carl had just stripped when Timmy came walking in. "Opps, sorry Carl." Timmy said as his big brother turned around.


"It's alright Timmy," Carl said as he put a towel around his waist then sat on the bed patting it. "What's on your mind?"


Timmy came over and hopped up on Carl's lap. "Where are you going?"


"To a friend's house for his birthday." Carl explained.


"Can we go?"


Carl thought for a minute. "I don't know little bro. Let me get my shower and make a phone call."


Timmy kissed him on the cheek and hugged him tight. "I love you Carl."


Carl returned the hug and kiss then smiled. "I love you too Timmy."


Carl took his shower then made a phone call. "Hi Ace."


"Hey there Carl, what's up?" I replied.


"Well, Timmy saw me getting ready for the party and asked if he and Billy could come too."


I thought for a minute. "Sure buddy they can come. Do they like Mexican food?"


"I don't think there's much they don't like."


That got me laughing. "Let me talk to your Dad please."


"OK, hold on." Carl said as he went downstairs. "Dad, Ace would like to talk to you."


"Hi Ace," Cal said.


"Hi Cal, Carl just asked if Timmy and Billy could join us for Bennie's party."


Cal was looking at his son. "Oh did he now?"


"Dad it's not like you think." Carl started to explain. "Timmy saw me getting ready and asked where I was going."


"Relax son," Cal said. "Of course they can go. This party will help cheer them up after all they have been through."


"And I know JR, Dusty and Ellis would love to see the boys again."


"They won't be imposing will they?" Cal asked.


"Of course not." I said. Have them pack some clothes too because the boys will spend the night here."


"Are you sure Ace? Has the President approved this?"


"This is my little shindig for Bennie and he's given me wide latitude on the plans."


"Alright Ace, if you're sure about this."


"I am buddy." I said checking the time. I'll be around to get them shortly."


"Are you sure Ace, I can bring them to the residence."


"No, this gives me a reason to get out without Bennie." I said.


"Is there something I don't know?" Cal asked.


"Yeah, it's Bennie's gift from me. It's over at the main headquarters and I have to get it over to the residence without him knowing about it."


"Can I ask what it is?"


"Sure, it's a new car."


"Oh no, look out DC." Cal said laughing.


"Yeah I know." I said laughing along with him. "He might know something's up because Ben took him to the DMV this morning to get his license transferred to here. I have to get going now, I should be there in about thirty minutes."


I ended the call then put on my weapon then went over to Bennie's room. "Where are you off to love?"


"I have to pick up some people." I said.


"Oh? Can I come too?" Bennie asked.


I shook my head and came up with a viable answer. "Sorry baby, the Hummer only has so much room in it."


"How many people are you getting?"


I thought for a second. "Six," I replied.


"Six," Bennie asked.


"Yes love, Carl's foster brothers are coming too."


"Really?" Bennie asked getting hyped.


"Yep, now remember, they scare easily."


"OK love, we don't need them getting scared now." Bennie said giving me a hug.


"I'll be back as soon as I can baby. Just remember, they don't know we're lovers."


"OK baby, I'll remember it."


I headed out and Tonka was waiting by the elevator. I took him out so he could pee then put him in the Hummer. We took off and our first stop was to Bobby's house. He and Joey were waiting for me so I didn't have to get out. I saw him stick his head inside then saw Bob step out and wave to me. He walked over with the boys. "What time will they be back tonight?"


"They'll be spending the night Bob, is that alright?"


"Sure it is, just as long as I know they're safe." Bob replied then looked at his two. "You guys behave now."


"We will dad," Bobby said smiling.


I took off heading for Cal's house. "Where are we going Ace?" Joey asked.


"To pick up Jake and Carl." I said. "Carl is bringing his foster brothers with him."


"I didn't know Carl had foster brothers," Jake stated.


"Yes and they scare easily." I said.


"What happened?" Joey asked. "Did someone hurt them?"


I didn't want to go into details. "Yes and now they're safe living with the Mathews.


I pulled up into Cal's driveway and parked the Hummer. "Wait here boys." I said as I got out and called Tonka.


I went to the door and Timmy opened it with a huge smile on his face. "Hi Ace," The little boy said.


I picked him up then he felt Tonka licking his fingers. "This is Tonka. He's Bennie's dog and also is a Secret Service dog."


"Does he bite?" Timmy asked.


"Only the bad guys." I said as Tonka was getting antsy.


"Can I pat him?" he asked so I put him on his feet.


Tonka's tail was wagging like crazy as Timmy started giving him a good petting. The next thing I heard was `Eww yuk.'


"What happened?" I asked as I had an idea.


"He licked me on the face."


"That means he likes you," I said as I opened the door and went inside.


Judy came up to us. "Hi Ace, I see Timmy has met Tonka."


"He licked me Momma Judy." Timmy said.


"He likes you," She said. "Are your clothes packed?"


"Packed? I'm not living here anymore?" Timmy said in a very shaky voice.


"Oh no baby," Judy said picking the boy up into her arms. "Didn't Carl tell you that you and Billy would be spending the night at the White House?"


Timmy started shaking his head. "Un un"


"Will Carl be there too?" He asked.


Of course bro," Carl said taking him from Judy's arms as Jake came into the alcove.


"Hi Ace," Jake said holding Billy in his arms.


"How'd you doing there buddy," I said then looked at Billy. "And how's my little man?"


He reached his arms out for me. "I'm fine now Ace. Will JR be there?"


I kissed the top of his head. "He sure will." I answered.


Billy looked down and saw Tonka. "Eek, don't let him eat me."


Timmy wiggled down and started petting him. "He won't eat you Billy, his name is Tonka and he only eats bad guys."


I knelt down and held onto Billy then Tonka started licking his hand and face. "Yuk."


We all started laughing at the face Billy made after getting kissed by Tonka. "Is everyone ready to go?"


They all nodded then Judy looked at the little ones. "Go give Daddy Cal a hug and kiss."


Billy started squirming then ran into the living room as soon as his feet hit the floor. Cal came out carrying the two boys in his arms. "Now you two behave tonight, OK?"


"The boys gave Cal a kiss then in unison said, "We will daddy."


I was moved at how they addressed Cal. "Come on guys, we have to get going."


Cal put the boys down then they ran out the door followed closely by Tonka. I watched as the two played with him when my phone rang. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Evelyn. Are you going to bring Bennie's car over to the residence?"


I had planned on it but in my haste, forgot to bring Johnny along so he could take the Hummer. "Umm well," I stuttered.


"Don't worry about it. I'll bring it over." She said.


I'd already put the plates on it so it was now street legal. "Thanks Evelyn, this saves me another trip."


I ended the call then headed for the residence. Timmy and Billy were in awe as they saw the White House close up for the first time in their lives. When I pulled into the security area, Billy gasped as he saw the huge concrete barrier come up out of the ground. "Ace, what's that for?"


Before I could answer, Timmy saw the one coming up behind us. I saw Jake put his arms around the boys. "It's for security. This way no one can get inside that isn't supposed to."


"OH," Timmy said.


"Who lives here?" Billy asked.


"Oh, just the President." I said as if it were nothing.


"The President?" Billy asked in amazement.


"That's right." I said. You'll get to meet him and his son."


"Wow," Timmy said.


The front barricade dropped then we drove around to the residence. When I opened the door, Tonka hopped out and went to find a tree. We made our way inside then I rang for the elevator. We all got in then Billy tugged on my hand. I knelt down then he got close to my ear. "Do you know Jake and Carl really like each other?"


"Oh," I said softly.


Billy was nodding his head. "Yeah, they kiss a lot."


Jake heard Billy's statement and turned red. Jake leaned down and kissed the little boy. "Does that bother you?" Jake asked softly.


"Uh uh," Billy smiled. "I think it's nice."


The doors opened and Bennie was standing there. He gave everyone he knew a hug then I introduced him to our littlest guests.


Bennie made a big hit with them then I showed everyone to their rooms. I put Jake and Carl in my room then took the other four and showed them to theirs. I put Bobby and Joey in the Queen's bedroom then took Timmy and Billy over to the Lincoln bedroom. Timmy ran over and jumped on the bed. "Come on up Billy." Timmy said


Billy stood there unsure what to do "Ace, will we be alone in here?"


I could see fear in his eyes as he fought back tears. I knelt down and held my arms out to him. "Is something wrong?"


"I'm scared."


I had to think quickly "Would you like to sleep with me?"


He nodded his head. "Can I?" He asked softly.


I picked him up then tucked my arm under his butt. "Of course you can."


I made the changes and Jake and Carl were concerned. "Are they going to be alright?"


I smiled at them. "Yeah, they'll be fine Carl." I answered. "This is the first time they've been away from your parents."


Just then Bennie came in. "Ace, dinner is about ready."


"Alright son," I said. "Can you take our guests and help them get their faces and hands washed?"


Bennie helped the boys get cleaned up then they headed out to the dining room. Timmy and Billy were talking with Bennie and they had their backs to the entrance to the dining room and didn't hear Ben walk up. "Well son, who are these two young men?"


Billy turned around and saw Ben standing there. He let out a little scream and ran over to Bennie. "Who's that?"


Bennie now had his arms full of a 5 year old boy. "It's ok dude, that's my dad."


Billy turned red. "You mean the President?"


Ben stepped closer then knelt down as Bennie put the boy back on his feet. "That's right Billy, I'm the President."


Ben held his arms out and Billy accepted the cuddle. "Hey, how did you know my name?"


Ben smiled at the boy. "I'm the President, I know everything."


"Ohoooooo," Billy said. "You must have to be real smart to be the President."


Ben broke out into one of his belly laughs. "I don't know about that son but I try to be up on all I can."


Just then Gloria came in. "Oh my Señor Ben, who are these two muchachos?"


Timmy looked over his shoulder and saw the woman standing there. "Is she your wife?"


Bennie giggled. "No Timmy, that's Gloria, she's our housekeeper and cook. She is like my mother. She helped Dad raise me after my real mama died when I was a little boy."


Timmy went over and wrapped his arms around Bennie. "I'm sorry Bennie, I didn't mean to be rude."


Bennie kissed him on the top of the head. "You had no way of knowing my mama died so you weren't rude at all. Gloria this is Timmy and that little guy with Dad is Billy."


Gloria gave them one of her motherly smiles. "It's nice to meet you both. I hope you like Mexican food."


"We've never had it before." Timmy said honestly.


She extended her hand out. "Come with me mijo."


Timmy took her hand as she led him out into the kitchen. She took a fork and let him have a taste of one of her enchiladas. Timmy smiled. "Mmmmmmm, that's good."


"I'm glad you like it mijo." Gloria said. "Now come on so I can't get everyone fed."


Timmy surprised her by reaching up to her. She leaned down then Timmy gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I like you Miss Gloria."


Gloria had to wipe her eyes. "Thank you mijo, I like you too."


Timmy helped Gloria bring the food in and set it on the table. Once everything was on the table, Timmy went over to Bennie. "You have a real nice mama."


Bennie didn't correct him. "I know, she's real special to me."


Everyone filled their plates then dove into the meal. The other agents arrived just as they were all sitting down and the little ones had to great JR and Dusty with hugs and kisses.


After we ate, Timmy came up to me and whispered in my ear. "Ace, we don't have nothing for Bennie."


"It's OK," I said softly.


"But we don't even have a card for him."


I took Timmy and Billy back to my bedroom then went into one of my desk drawers and pulled out a large stack of cards. I went through them and found one that would be perfect for Bennie. "Here you go." I said as I opened the card up handing him a pen. "Print your name right here"


Timmy surprised me by being able to write his name in cursive. I called Billy over and he printed his name under his brothers. I surprised them by taking a $20.00 bill and put it in the card. "Ace, we don't have any money." Billy said sadly.


I knelt down and brought him into a hug. "It's alright Billy and don't worry about having to give it back to me. That's my gift to you."


He wiped his eyes then smiled at me. "Thank you Ace."


I closed the card then put it into the envelope. Billy printed Bennie's name on the envelope then we rejoined the others. Billy held onto Bennie's card then Gloria called us into the dining room again.


The head baker came out rolling a cart with a huge cake on it. Everyone gathered around and sang Happy Birthday to Bennie then Bennie cut the first piece. Ben brought Bennie's cards in and set them down in front of him. I took the card from Billy and slid it in with the others. The baker cut pieces of cake for everyone then Gloria came in with ice cream.


Billy and Timmy quickly ate theirs and looked at me. Billy came over and asked softly, "Can we have another piece, please?"


I looked at the pieces then decided to cut one in half for them. "After this, no more boys," I said softly. "We sure don't want you getting a tummy ache."


Billy shook his head then Timmy added, "The last time he got a tummy ache he threw up everywhere."


Billy started crying. "I couldn't help it."


I pulled the little boy onto my lap. "It's OK Billy, I know you couldn't help it. We just don't want that to happen again, alright?"


Billy wiped his eyes then dug in to his second piece of cake. When Bennie finished his cake and ice cream he started opening his cards. I didn't know whose was whose so I just had to wait and listen as Bennie read them.


Bennie took the top card and opened it. When he opened the card, several bills fell out onto his lap. He picked the bills up and read the card. "Happy Birthday Bennie, love Evelyn.


He looked at her. "Thank you but you didn't have to Evelyn."


"I know I didn't have to but I wanted to." She said smiling.


Bennie gave her a kiss on the cheek then opened the next one. I recognized the envelope. "Now who is this from?" Bennie asked smiling.


Timmy spotted it. "That's from me and Billy."


He opened the card and the twenty fell out. He held his arms out to the two little boys and they ran over to give him a hug. Bennie took the bill and put it into Timmy's pocket and whispered into their ears. "Thank you but I want you to have it. I love the thought but I know you can really use it."


Billy sniffed. "Don't you like it Bennie?"


"Oh Billy, I love it but I know you must have saved up a long time to get it."


Billy couldn't understand what Bennie was trying to tell him. "Please Bennie we really want you to have it." Timmy said.


He had the boys against his chest then looked over to me. I nodded my head smiling then he got the message. "Alright boys, I'll take it and cherish it always."


Billy flashed another of his ear to ear smiles and that made Bennie's day. "I hope you really like it."


Bennie shook his head. "No Billy, I really LOVE it."


After another big hug, Bennie continued to open his cards. One by one he opened them and the stack of cash quickly built. Dusty and JR had a gift for him too. After he'd opened all of his cards, he opened the gift. Bennie's eyes got huge then he started to cry. "Oh guys, you shouldn't have. It's beautiful."


Bennie got up and went over and gave each of them a hug and kiss then he then showed everyone the gift. Even I had to gasp when I saw it. Dusty and JR had given him a beautiful gold Seiko watch.


I saw Ben get up and head towards his bedroom. When he returned, he went over to Bennie and set a small package in front of him. Ben stood behind him while Bennie opened the gift. Bennie slowly removed the paper then took the top off of the box. When he saw what it was he gasped. He took it out of the box and put the pieces together looking at the inscription on the back. He stood up and fell into Ben's arms. "Oh Daddy, I love it." Bennie said as tears streamed down his face.


He came over and set the Mizpah coin necklace down in front of me then showed me the back. The inscription read: `Ace Bennie love forever.'


I looked at Ben and he was smiling at me. I stood up then stopped, not knowing if I should really hug him in front of everyone. Ben saw my confusion then smiled as he nodded his head so I let my emotions dictate things. I gave him a tight hug. "Sir, that's beautiful."


"Just keep loving him," Ben whispered back into my ear.


"You know I will." I said then it was my turn.


I'd talked with the other agents so they were all in on what I did next. Dusty and JR came over and stood behind my lover then Dusty and I reached down and took Bennie by the arms and brought him to his feet. I reached behind me and took out my handcuffs then cuffed him with his hands behind his back. Just as I did this, Billy came running over and started slapping on my legs. "Let him go, don't you dare hurt him."


I hadn't told the boys what we were going to do so I quickly picked him up and held his ear close to my mouth. "Relax Billy, no one is going to hurt him. It's part of his surprise."


That seemed to make him feel better so I set him onto his feet then I took out a blindfold and covered his eyes. We led him out of the dining room and walked him around in circles for a little bit then headed towards the West Wing. All this time Bennie was being led by Dusty and me and never said a word.


I was glad it was quiet outside. I spotted the car then let him over to it. I stepped in front of him then kissed him gently on the lips. "Happy birthday my love," I said then as I went to remove the blindfold, Dusty was removing the handcuffs.


I waited until his hands were free then let him see my gift. "Oh shit Ace, oh my god it's beautiful."


He didn't move but just stood there staring at it as tears rolled down his face. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the keys then handed them to him. After he took them, he wrapped his arms around me and planted a big wet kiss on me. When he tried to find my tonsils I gently eased my face back and Bennie got the hint. He started for the car then stopped, looking at me.


I nodded my head then he unlocked the door with the remote. He opened it and when the inside light came on he had a chance to see the inside. He sat down inside then started the engine. I had followed him over to the car. "Can I drive it Ace?"


I thought for a moment and decided there was enough room around the grounds where he could have a nice little spin. "Don't go crazy in it baby." I said.


We all moved out of the way then Bennie took off. Timmy and Billy were smiling at me. "Man, that's a real nice present Ace." Timmy said as I saw Bennie scoot past. Just then my cell rang. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, there is an unauthorized vehicle on the grounds."


"Let it be," I said. "That's the President's son in his new car."


"Yes Sir," The voice said then he ended the call.


A few minutes later, Bennie pulled up and cut the engine off and got out. I heard him lock the doors then he hugged me again. "Oh Ace, that's one sweet car but you shouldn't have. I know it is bullet proof because the door is so heavy. It's way too expensive."


I kissed him then put my finger on his lips. "Shh now, I can afford it." I said then we returned to the residence.


When we went back to the dining room, Bennie picked up one of the pendants and put it around my neck. "I love you so much."


I reached down and put the other one around his neck. "I love you too sweetie."


Just then Timmy came up to me. "Billy is getting sleepy."


Billy was sitting in a chair fighting to stay awake. I went over and picked up the little boy. "Say good night Billy." I whispered into his ear.


"Good night everyone." Billy said as I started to take him to my room. "Wait, wait."


I stopped then saw him reach his arms out to Ben. I took him over to him then he reached his little arms out. Ben took him from me as Billy surprised the President by giving him a quick kiss on the lips. "Good night Billy." Ben said giving the boy a hug and kiss on the cheek.


I had to take him around to everyone so he could give hugs and kisses. I carried him down to my room then set him on the bed. He started to get undressed then asked, "Where is the bathroom, I gotta pee."


I stepped over and opened the door. I saw a little flash then Billy was at the toilet. He washed his face and hands then I went and got him and Timmy each a new toothbrush. After he did his duties, he returned to the bedroom then quickly shucked his clothes. He was now in his birthday suit and I could still see the remnants of the bruises as they were still healing. I fought to keep from crying but lost that battle.


"What's wrong Ace?" Billy asked softly as he took my hand and led me over to the bed.


I sat down then he hopped up onto my lap. He kissed me on the cheek then wiped the tears off my face. "I can't help it angel, I see those bruises and it makes me sad."


"They don't hurt now." He said softly then the door opened and Bennie came in.


Billy hopped down and ran over to Bennie. Bennie picked him up and tickled the little boy. "You're naked."


He squealed in delight then looked at Bennie. "I like to sleep naked, is that alright here?"


"Sure it is." I said. "No one will come into your room."


"Sweet," Billy said scampering back to me.


Bennie saw his back for the first time and I saw him cover his mouth with his hand. He felt sick onto his stomach and ran into the bathroom closing the door behind him. I heard the unmistakable sound of him vomiting. I set Billy onto the bed. "Stay here little one; I have to see to Bennie." I said then quickly went into the bathroom. "Are you alright, my love?"


Bennie flushed the toilet then washed his mouth out. He was crying uncontrollably, "Oh lover, who did that to him?"


"His grandparents and they're in jail." I said trying to calm him down.


"I...I don't know if I'm really cut out to be a cop."


I hugged him tightly then kissed him on the nose. "You most certainly are my dear."


"How can you see that and not be affected by it?" He asked.


"Do you remember the night I came home so messed up?"


"Yeah," Bennie answered.


That's the night I first met Timmy and Billy and let me tell you, Billy was a lot worse than, than he is now."


"Oh my god," Bennie said as he started to cry again.


I decided not to tell him any more for fear of Billy getting upset with Bennie crying. Bennie washed his face then came back into the bedroom. "Are you alright Bennie?" Billy asked walking over to my lover.


Bennie nodded his head. "I'm fine little one. I think I had a little too much cake."


"Oh, do you have a tummy ache too?"


Bennie fibbed a little by nodding his head. "Yeah I do Billy."


Billy reached up and started rubbing Bennie's stomach. All this did was make Bennie start to giggle but it made him feel better. Bennie decided to fight fire with fire so he picked the little boy up and carried him over to the bed and start tickling his ribs. Billy squealed in delight and started laughing. "Bennie, hahahaha, please stop, hahahahaha. I'm hahahaha gonna pee."


As soon as Bennie heard that he relented and stopped.


Billy hopped up and ran into the bathroom. I heard water hitting water. "He really did have to go baby."


Bennie giggled. "Yeah he did."


Just then there was a knock on the door and Carl stuck his head in. "There you are Bennie."


Billy scampered off the bed then jumped at Carl. Carl caught him in his arms as Billy giggled. "Whee, that was fun Carl, lemme do that again."


"No way little guy," Carl said.


"Aww, alright," Billy said. "Tuck me in please."


Carl carried the little boy over to the bed then tucked him in and gave him a hug and kiss. "Sleep well Billy." Carl said as he kissed him on the cheek.


"Ace, Bennie," Billy said holding his arms out. "Bennie and I each gave him a hug and kiss then turned the light off.


I love you guys." Billy said turning onto his side and closing his eyes.


"I love you too Billy," I said leaving the door cracked so a little bit of light could shine into the room.


The three of us returned to our guests and I saw the numbers slowly dwindling. Johnny and Ed were the next ones to say their good nights. By 11:30, everyone had left and Ben came over and gave Bennie and me a good night hug. I took this opportunity to talk to Ben alone so I walked with him to his bedroom. "Sir, may I have a minute?"


"Sure Ace," He started. "What's on your mind?"


"I love the pendant you got Bennie." I said


"Well, there was a double meaning there and it was something I wanted the two of you to share."


"I sorta gathered that," I said forming my thoughts.


"Now, what's on your mind?" Ben asked as we stepped into his bedroom.


"Well Sir," I said as my heart started racing in my chest. "I want to propose to Bennie."


Ben's eyes got big and I thought I'd really stepped in it. "You do?"


"Umm, yes Sir. Now, I haven't planned a date yet but I was thinking after he graduated from college."


He pulled me into a tight hug. "I think that's wonderful Ace. It'll be great having you for a son in law."


Then I remembered his sister. "How will members of your family take to the idea?"


"Frankly Ace, I don't give a damn. It's Bennie's happiness I care about."


"When should I pop the question?"


"I'll leave that up to you Ace." Ben said as he started getting undressed.


I took the hint. "Good night Sir, I'll see you tomorrow."


I returned to the dining room and the four teens were talking quietly. I didn't see Timmy. "Where's Timmy?"


The others weren't sure so then I started to panic a little. I quickly checked the living room and saw him on the couch sound asleep. I went over and scooped him up into my arms then headed to the bedroom. I saw the others then they followed me as I went to put the sleeping boy in bed. I didn't want to turn the light on in the bedroom because I'd wake Billy so Jake so I went and turned on the bathroom light.


I then got another surprise. Tonka was lying beside Billy on the floor. He got up and moved out of the way so I could put Timmy in bed. Jake and Carl helped get him undressed. Once he was naked, I put him beside Billy then covered him. When Tonka was satisfied, he took his place beside the boys on the floor. Jake closed the bathroom door a little then there was a soft glow of light bathing the room.


We left the room then the others said they were getting tired. I followed the others then tucked them in bed giving out hugs and kisses. When I went into the Queen's bedroom, Bobby and Joey were already in bed cuddling. I went over and sat down on the bed. "How's the ribs Joey?" I asked.


He pushed the covers down and I could tell they were doing a little more than cuddling. I saw his chest and I could still see yellow areas that were once black, blue and even a deep purple. I reached my hand out and caressed the area. "They're not sore now." Joey said trying to make me feel better but after what I'd witnessed, that wasn't going to happen until I knew his parents were locked away in a prison cell.


I closed my eyes so the tears that were welling up wouldn't escape. Joey sat up then scooted beside me. "Don't feel bad for me."


Bad for him wasn't what I was feeling right now. I was feeling anger and hatred towards the one who inflicted that terrible beating. Joey leaned against me so I wrapped my arms around him as I felt his body begin to relax. "I can't help it Joey, no one should have had to go through what you did."


"Well, look at the bright side," Joey said smiling. "I'm with my boyfriend and I can be myself without having to walk on eggshells."


I glanced down and Joey was unconsciously fiddling with his dick. "You're always the optimist, aren't you?" I said.


"I try to be." Joey said then scooted over to Bobby then his boyfriend started playing with his boyfriend's tool. I decided to leave the two lovebirds alone so I gave each of them a quick kiss on the cheek then went to say good night to Jake and Carl.


When I stuck my head in the Lincoln bedroom, Jake and Carl were cuddled close sleeping soundly. I closed the door them made sure the doors from the East and West wings were closed and locked then I joined my lover.


When I went in, Bennie was sawing a rain forest. I stripped then slid in beside him and he never budged. When my head hit the pillow, I closed my eyes and joined my lover in dreamland.


To be continued