The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 48


"I'll want to go over to the school and get a good idea of the layout." Dusty said looking at Ed.


"OK, I'll notify James Robinson that you'll be coming over. He'll be able to answer any questions you might have."


I went back to the residence and found Bennie sitting in the dining room having a soda. I got a cup of coffee then sat down beside him. "My brain is totally fried."


"Have you gone over all of your subjects?" I asked patting his hand.


"Yeah that's why I'm mentally wiped."


"Then it's time to put it up. The evening before your final if there is something you need to go over, then do it but you've been at this all night for the past several days."


He got up then tried to sit on my lap. I scooted the chair back then he wrapped his arms around my neck and rested his head on my shoulder. "I've missed this."


"I have too, love," I said as I saw his eyes closed. I tried to gently wake him but he was out cold. I managed to stand up with my not so little lover in my arms. As I exited the dining room I saw Ben coming in. "Did he fall asleep like that?"


I nodded my head then Ben led the way to Bennie's room and held the door so I could get him in. He closed the door then I gently laid my lover on the bed. I started undressing him by removing his shoes and socks. He still had his button-down school shirt on so that was easy to get off. The difficult part was getting his slacks off. I undid his belt then unbuttoned them and slid the zipper down. When I started to slide them off his hips he moaned. "Where am I?"


I leaned down and kissed him gently. His eyes opened briefly as I slid his slacks and undies down in one move then got his tee shirt off his body. `I'll be glad when his finals are over.' I thought as I got undressed and joined my lover in bed.


Since I wasn't sleepy yet, I turned on the TV and kept the volume down so it wouldn't disturb Bennie's sleep. By 11, I was ready for some sleep so I turned the TV and the light off then snuggled close to my baby.


The rest of the week flew by and I was more than glad when Saturday came. Bennie was becoming a walking basket case. Now I was glad he would be having a totally relaxing vacation. I talked with Ben and asked if there was anything on tap for the day and there wasn't so I asked if I could take him off in his car for a while so he could unwind and relax before finals started.


After breakfast I told Johnny what I had in mind then went down to Bennie's room. Bennie was booting up his computer when I went in. "What are you doing love?"


"Going to hit the books baby," He said as he sat down on the bed.


I went over and took his laptop and shut it down, "No baby, not this weekend."


"Love, I have to study." Bennie said.


I sat down beside him and drew him to my chest. "Love, you've been at it every day. You can cram yourself to death."


"But I want to do well on my finals."


"I know you do and I was the same way when I was in college but there is only so much studying you can do. Now, do you know your subjects?"


"Yes, even English I feel good about."


"OK so why do you feel it necessary to go over it again?"


He thought about what I'd asked. "I guess I don't want any surprises."


"I can understand that love. What final do you have on Monday?" I asked.


"English," He said. "I'm glad that one is first."


"Alright so tomorrow night for about an hour, go over it but don't dwell on it to the point where you start doubting what you already know."


He listened intently to what I was saying then he smiled at me. "Yeah, you're right. I was getting burned out."


"Tell me about it. Every night you were out cold long before me."


He kissed me. "Sorry I was neglecting you."


I returned the kiss. "No love you weren't, I know school has to come first but it was getting to me that you were studying to the point of total exhaustion and that was concerning me. So today, no school work."


Bennie's eyes lit up. "So what do you have planned?"


"Get your shoes on and let's go." I said as I headed for my room. "Oh, and don't forget your wallet."


I went to my room and put on my vest and sidearm then joined Bennie. I saw Ben slip into his office so I hurried and knocked on the door. I stuck my head in. "Yes Ace, what is it?"


"Bennie and I are going out for a little while, Johnny will be with us as will Tonka."


"I take it you're letting him drive his car?" Ben asked.


"Yes Sir," I said.


"Just remember to be back in time for lunch."


I thought for a minute. "Would Gloria be too upset if we ate out?"


"Just let her know now." Ben said as I headed for the kitchen.


I let Gloria know we wouldn't be eating here then got Bennie and headed downstairs. Johnny was standing by Bennie's Charger when Tonka came running up. Bennie unlocked the car then everyone got in and we took off. "Where are we going?" Bennie asked.


I hadn't thought about it. "No place in particular love, how about we take a leisurely drive."


"OK," Bennie said as I turned on the built-in GPS system.


After about an hour of driving, we were cruising down a country road in Virginia. We came to a small town and it was almost lunch time. We spotted a small restaurant. Bennie pulled in to the deserted lot. "It looks like it's closed." I said as Bennie cut the car off.


I got out and saw people inside so Johnny and I escorted Bennie inside while Tonka guarded the car. This looked like an old country diner. The waitress led us over to the booth and set menus down for us. "What can I get y'all to drink?"


"Can I get a Coke?" Bennie asked.  


Johnny and I wanted iced tea. "Sure thing boys, I'll be right back." She said.


She returned and set our drinks in front of us. "Have y'all decided on what you want?"


Bennie glanced down. "I think I'll have the chicken pot pie."


"You'll love that, it's one of biggest sellers here." She said as she looked at Johnny. "What can I get for you?"


Johnny looked and spotted something. "I think I'll have the country fried steak and the vegetable of the day."


"We have peas and carrots, macaroni and cheese, fried apples and mashed potatoes and gravy."


"I'll have the mashed potatoes and gravy and the mac and cheese."


Johnny, that will be 100 extra sit-ups tonight! They're all starches!" Bennie admonished.


"Sit-ups?  What sit-ups?  This build is all natural," Johnny replied hitting his fists on his stomach.  "Did you think it was the vest that's so hard?" 


Bennie lost some of his Coke at that and we all had a good laugh. "Good choices," The waitress said as she looked at me and I swore I saw her wink at me. "And what will you have, honey?"


"I think I'll have the country friend chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and the apples."


She took our menus. "I'll get those right out to y'all."


When she left us Bennie had a grin on his face. "I think she likes you baby."


I almost choked on my tea. "What did you say?"


Bennie leaned over. "Yeah, you should have seen her, she was really giving you the once over and I even saw her wink at you."


"I'm not going to bust her bubble babes." I said softly as Johnny was sitting there giggling.


I looked up and saw the waitress coming with our food so I tapped Johnny on the foot. We dug into our food and it was really good. After a few minutes, she returned and refilled our glasses; "How's the food boys?"


"Very good," Bennie said as he put another mouthful of his pot pie into his mouth.


"Glad to hear it," She said and left us to our meals.


When we finished, I left her a tip on the table then headed for the register. "How much do we owe you?"


She rang up the tab then I handed her my debit card. She swiped it then I entered my pin in and she handed me my receipt smiling. "Y'all come back now boys."


Bennie started giggling as soon as we got outside. "God babes,"


"Don't say it love," I said as I saw a county sheriff's car pull in.


He parked his car behind the charger so I eased my credentials out of my pocket and held them in my hand. He looked at Bennie right away. "Boy, I wanna see some ID."


I put myself between him and Bennie as Johnny eased behind the deputy. "Not so fast," I said.


"I'd back off if I were you bud." He said. "Boy, I'm talking to you."


I held my credentials in front of his face. "Now, back off."


"I don't know who you city boys think you are but you're in my county now."


I was getting steamed. "Look Deputy, if you enjoy your job you'll back off or you'll be in deep shit with just one phone call."


He finally backed up. "You city yokels think you can do anything, don't you?"


"Look, you started this and I'll end it one way or another." I said.


Just then his radio went off. "Deputy, that license plate comes back to a Benjamin Jacobs in Washington, DC. No wants or warrants."


The color drained from the man's face when he heard the information. "Uh, umm, I'm sorry to have bothered you. Have a nice day."


He almost ran back to his car and moved it so we could leave. We got inside then after Bennie backed up he punched it spinning the tires sending gravel everywhere. I had to get on him a little but I understood why he did it. "Easy now love."


We started back to DC and Bennie looked at me. "Ace, we need gas."


I didn't know how much was in it on Bennie's birthday. "Alright, let's find a station."


There was a station just before we hit the interstate so Bennie pulled in there. I swiped my credit card then filled the car up. Talk about sticker shock. The car had to have been almost empty because it took almost twenty gallons to fill it up. While I was doing this, Johnny took Tonka for a little walk. After getting the receipt, we were on our way back to the residence. The three of us talked about this and that and at 4:30, we were pulling onto the White House grounds. When we got out, Bennie hugged me. "Man, we need to do that more often."


Bennie had totally enjoyed himself being able to just relax away from everything. "We'll sure try love," I said as we got into the elevator.


I had a totally enjoyable day that was until 'Deputy Dog' made his appearance and tried to act like a bad ass. I have a feeling he won't soon be forgetting Bennie's car so I don't think there will be any more problems from him.


When we stepped off, Ben was coming out of the dining room. "Well, you guys sure made a day of it."


Bennie went over and hugged his dad. "It was great; we had lunch at a nice little diner."


"Country diners are landmarks son. They have good home style food at reasonable prices."


I stepped in then. "That they did, I noticed no meal was over $8.99 and the meal I had was really good."


"So you don't care for my cooking now, Señor Ace?" A voice said.


I quickly turned and saw Gloria. "Not at all, I love your food and I think you know it."


"So you like this diner food too?" She asked.


"Yes I did." I said walking over to her. "I like all kinds of good food. Coming from the south, I was raised on southern home cooking but I wouldn't trade the meals you make here for anything. I bet if you were to open a Mexican diner, you'd have people lined up out the door waiting to eat."


Gloria shook her head. "That's not for me. My parents had a small cantina and they worked long hours 6 days a week and it took its toll on them."


Bennie came over. "Gloria you're number one here with us and no restaurant or diner will ever change that."


Gloria couldn't stay mad at Bennie. "Oh mijo," She said hugging him. "I hope you have a good appetite tonight."


He smiled at her. "I always do."


Gloria returned to the kitchen then Bennie and I returned to his room. I needed a shower before dinner so I got undressed and headed to the bathroom. After taking a leak Bennie was naked ready to join me. I looked at him and for one of the few times, his dick was soft. "Are you mad at me for some reason baby?"


He leaned over and kissed me quickly on the lips, "Not at all baby."


"Then what's wrong with junior?" I asked as he stepped under the warm water.


He gave me a coy look. "Not a thing but I hope you're not tired tonight."


I'm glad I wasn't. "Oh, does someone have something on their mind?"


I went to caress his soft tool then I got my hand slapped. "Not yet love," Bennie said as he started washing his body.


I took the hint then started washing myself. What I saw next turned me on big time. He stepped out of the shower then went fishing in the vanity. He pulled out a red bag then proceeded to give himself a total cleanout. He wouldn't allow me to touch his body during this but my nuts had pulled up tight against my body and were aching.


Once he was clean inside, he rejoined me in the shower. he saw my hard dick then knelt down and sucked me off. "God love, I needed that after the show you just put on."


"You haven't seen anything yet." He said then wiggled his eyebrows at me.


He washed his sexy ass, got out of the shower and started drying off. All this time, his dick had stayed soft. Oh how I wanted to take it in my mouth and bring it to life until I was rewarded with his love offering.


I finished my shower then dried off and joined my lover in bed. His dick was still soft so I rolled onto my side and pulled him close. "I'm all yours." I whispered softly into his ear as I ran my tongue around it.


He looked at me. "Yeah, you're all mine."


"Not yet you're not," I said as I leaned down to his still soft dick then took it into my mouth.


"Shit," Bennie said in a raspy voice.


I suckled and swirled it around my mouth hoping he could keep it soft forever. Slowly Bennie lost the fight and he began to grow. I took my time and teased him for what seemed to be an eternity. "Damn it love, let me cum."


He pulled his legs up and went to play with his ass then it was my turn to stop him. I put my hand down there and blocked his passage. While I was teasing him, I would run my finger around his cheeks coming close to his hole but never touching it. I don't know how long I tormented my lover but one time I thought I heard his crying. "My balls are killing me baby, please let me cum."


I lifted my head off his dick and looked at him. His face was contorted in a mix of pleasure and pain. "Alright lover, I'll let you shoot."


I returned to my favorite play toy and started sucking on him. I wet my finger then rubbed his hole waiting for it to open and when it did, I went searching for his love nut. As soon as I found it, I lifted my finger towards his stomach. "OH FUCK," Bennie screamed.


I'm glad I'd pulled back and kept the head in my mouth because when he came, because it was like a cannon going off. I'd lifted my tongue up so he wouldn't fire directly down my throat but my mouth was quickly filled with his load. I wasn't about to let a drop go to waste as I swallowed every savory drop.


Bennie was coming down from his orgasmic high. "Do you feel better now baby?" I asked as we cuddled.


Bennie gave me an evil grin. "That was good for starters, now it's my turn and you belong to me."


I wondered what his devious mind had in store for me so I decided to go with it. Bennie slipped down between my legs then I felt him licking my balls then take one into his mouth. I gasped as I felt a little pain because my nuts needed a release. He let it slip out of his mouth then he began running his tongue down my nether region. He put his hands under the backs of my thighs and pushed my legs up for easier access to my back door.


As soon as they were up, I decided to hold them for him. After several minutes of teasing me he finally found the entrance to my chute. He licked and licked then my hole relaxed and opened for him. After probing and tongue fucking me, I felt two lubed fingers enter my back passage. "Love, get a towel for the bed." I said as I'd forgotten to bring one.


Bennie quickly got the towel then placed it on a pillow and slipped it under my back. What I felt next almost made me shoot on the spot as he inserted three fingers in me. I moaned in pleasure then I saw him start to apply a liberal amount of lube on his tool. He aimed his dick at my chute so I relaxed in preparation for the invasion and I didn't have long to wait. He slowly pushed his now massive head in me then in one push, put his dick all the way inside me. His dick had grown and was bigger around than mine. I closed my eyes so I could get used to his girth then he slowly began loving me. He saw my eyes still closed. "Are you alright, love?" He asked.


I nodded my head. "Oh yeah sweetie, I keep forgetting just how big around you've become."


"I hope you like it." He said.


"Oh yeah baby, I do." I answered then slapped his ass. "Now give me all you've got."


He didn't need a second invitation as he picked up speed and began banging away. I'm glad I had him shoot once already so he could stay in the saddle longer. He was giving my ass a real work out when I saw his eyes close and felt his head begin to expand letting me know the end was imminent. "Shit baby, I can't hold out much longer."


I tightened my hole around his dick then I felt him fire. "Shit love, I'm cumming now."


I shot four loads on my face, neck and chest as Bennie unloaded in me. He finally stopped shooting then he slowly withdrew leaving me feeling very empty. He grabbed the towel then pulled it between my legs. "You better get into the bathroom lover."


It didn't take a rocket scientist to know he'd really filled me to the point of overflowing. He moved then I quickly went to the toilet so I could expel his deposit.


As soon as I was sure I was empty, Bennie came in holding his red bag. "What do you have in mind?"


He wiggled his eyebrows at me then started running the water. "Do you trust me?"


"Silly question baby," I said wiping myself then stood up.


He turned me around then gently inserted the nozzle and started filling me up again. I clamped my hole shut then he told me to sit down on the toilet again.


I let out a loud fart followed by the water. When Bennie was satisfied I was clean, he brought me into the shower and washed me.


For the next several hours, we made unbridled love. I didn't know I could shoot so many times but after 5 orgasms, I was both physically and sexually spent. Bennie and I cuddled close and talked. "Feel better now my love?"


He kissed me passionately. "I needed that lover."


After a week of solid cramming, I knew what he meant and I needed this release as badly as him. "I know you did baby, I did too."


I caressed his back and ass then we drifted off to sleep. Sunday was spent just relaxing. We spent part of the day in the pool and I was working on my tan as I floated on a water lounger. I had just dozed off when Bennie splashed me. "Ace, your cell is ringing."


I rolled into the water and went to the edge of the pool then grabbed my cell as it stopped ringing. I looked at the missed call and saw Mr. Cutter had been trying to get me. I called him back. "This is Agent Mason."


"Agent Mason, you asked me to inform you if Wanita Jenkins was released on bond."


"I take it by this call, she has." I asked.


"Yes she just made bail."


"Did you find out who posted it?" I asked.


"I'll send you the paperwork I received." Cutter answered.


"Alright Mr. Cutter." I said then he ended the call.


Bennie saw me getting dried. "What's wrong love?"


"Nothing baby, I just have to go down to my room. I have some information coming."


"Do I have to stop swimming?"


I called up to the snipers. "Watch out for Bennie while I run down to my room?"


"Will do Agent Mason," A voice replied.


"You can swim for a little longer but come here so I can put some sunscreen on you."


He came over and I slathered his body good so he wouldn't get burnt then I headed down to my room. I booted up my PC then found the email Cutter sent. I printed out the papers and was in for a shock.


I called the snipers on the roof and had them send Bennie inside so I could go over to the office in the West Wing. When I arrived, I looked around but couldn't see JR. It dawned on me that he took today off since he really didn't have any pressing assignments. I hated to call him at home but I really needed his assistance here. "JR, it's Ace."


"What's up buddy?" He asked.


"I just got some papers from a bail bondsman and I need you to do some digging."


"OK buddy, I'll be over in about fifteen minutes."


"Thanks man and I'm really sorry about calling you in on your day off."


While waiting on JR, I called the Bondsman's office. "This is Special Agent Rich Mason with the US Secret Service."


"Yes Agent Mason, how can I help you?" The man asked.


"You just posted a bond for a Wanita Jenkins."


"Uh, that information is privileged."


"Sir, I'm holding copies of the paperwork."


"Well then you have everything." He said trying my patience.


"Do I," I asked firmly.


"Yes you do now good day." He said then hung up.


I was fuming. I got dressed then went over to Bennie's room. "Love, I have to go out for a little while. I'll get Pete to come up and stay with you."


"That's not necessary love," Bennie started. "I think I'll just spend some time with dad."


"Alright but there has to be an agent here at all times."


"OK," Bennie replied.


I called Pete and he came over from the West Wing then I called JR and let him know that I had to go out. I made copies of the papers, put them in an envelope and sealed it, then put it on JR's desk. The next thing I did was fill out paperwork for a search warrant then call David Wheeler. I didn't get an answer at his house so I called Cal Matthews. I explained what I needed and why then he told me to come over.


I left the residence and drove to Cal's house where I was greeted by the little ones. "Hi Ace," Billy said jumping into my arms. "Daddy Cal, Agent Mason is here."


"Show him in son," Cal said then Billy took me by the hand and led me inside.


"Hi Ace, what brings you out on a Sunday?" Judy asked fixing me a cup of coffee.


"I'm afraid this isn't a social call Judy," I said accepting the beverage.


"Alright then, come on boys; Ace and your Daddy have to talk business."


"Aww," Billy wined as Timmy took his hand.


"Come on now Billy, let's go play with Carl." Timmy said leading his brother upstairs.


When everything got quiet, I took the papers out and showed them to Cal. "Ace is this a Federal case you're working on?"


I shook my head. "No Cal it's not but it involves Wanita Jenkins."


I could see him thinking. "Normally I wouldn't issue a Warrant on a non Federal case but everything seems to be in order here. Raise your right hand. Do you swear, under penalty of perjury, that everything contained here is true and correct to the best of your knowledge?"


"It is," I replied as Cal signed the warrant.


"Here you go Ace."


"Thank you Your Honor," I said. "I'm sorry to disturb you on a Sunday.


I stopped at the stairs and saw two boys sitting on the top step. "Are you leaving now?" Timmy asked as they came down the steps.


I held my arms out and then had a boy on each hip. We miss you." Billy said resting his head on my shoulder.


"I miss you guys too." I said kissing each of them on the head.


Timmy started wiggling. "Come on Billy, Uncle Ace has work to do."


"Uncle Ace?" Carl asked standing behind me.


Timmy smiled. "Yeah, he's like an uncle to us, is that wrong?"


Carl gave me a hug then picked his little brother up. "No it's not bro, I didn't know that's how you felt about him."


I gave everyone a kiss then went over to the bondsman's office. I found the place then when I went to open it, the door seemed locked. I banged on it and a woman came over. "We're closed."


I showed her my ID then she finally opened it. "What can I do for you?"


I took the papers I had and set them in front of her. "Where is a copy of the person's ID?"


She looked at them. "I don't know where you got these but that information is confidential."


"Do you know without it, you're breaking the law?" I asked.


"Again, it's confidential." She said with a definite attitude.


I pulled the search warrant out. "Now, we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way. It's your choice."


She was definitely pissed. "Fine, all the information you want is in there."


"Which drawer?" I asked.


"How the hell am I supposed to know?" She snapped at me.


"Well then, it looks like you've chosen to do this the hard way." I said as the phone rang.


I got to it before she could. "Sorry, we're closed."




"You decided to do this the hard way so until I get the information I need, this office is closed."


"YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!" She screamed.


"If you cuss at me one more time, you'll be arrested, do we understand each other?"


"Fine, it's over in there?" She said and pointed.


"If it's in there, get it out." I said sitting down behind a desk.


She went over and pulled out a file folder then slammed it on the desk I was sitting at. "There," She said as I looked at the contents and found a photocopy of a driver's license.


I looked around the office and saw the security cameras. "Now I want to see the security footage."


She led me to a back room then I rewound the tape and started looking at it. "What time was this guy in here?" I asked so I wouldn't have to look at the entire tape.


She looked at the papers and saw the time she'd noted. "He was here a couple hours ago."


I zipped ahead to the time she said. "Is this the man?" I asked then started playing the tape.


"Uh I think so." She said cautiously.


The man looked nothing like the name on the ID. "Well, is it or isn't it?" I asked again getting madder by the second.


"Yeah, that's him." She said as I looked at the papers.


"Who did the paperwork?" I asked.


"How the hell am I supposed to know, I wasn't here."


I slammed my hand down on the papers then handed her the one with the signature on it. "Who is this person?" I asked then it suddenly hit me as to who it was.


I stopped the tape and ejected it. "This is coming with me as evidence."


"My boss isn't going to like that." She said.


"By the time I'm done investigating you, you'll be lucky if you still have a job." I said as I headed for the door.


I got on the phone then called Adam. "Adam we have a problem."


"What's going on Ace?"


"Wanita Jenkins was bailed out."


"OK, did you find out who posted her bond?"


"Yeah I did and you'll never believe who did it."


"Try me," He said.


I told him who it was. "Holy shit, we have a major problem on our hands but why would he put up that kind of money?"


"Tell me about it. Can you meet me back at the residence?" I asked. "As for why he posted the bail, I haven't a clue."


"Yeah, give me about twenty minutes." Adam said as he ended the call.


I didn't have enough grounds to order the business closed and everything seized but I called the district attorney and gave him everything I had then went back to the Charger then returned to the residence. When I went upstairs, I saw Ben and Bennie enjoying some quiet alone time together. I hated to disturb them so I went over to the office in the West Wing. I went into my office and saw JR working. "Did you manage to find anything, buddy?" I asked as I sat down at my desk.


He shook his head. "Sorry Ace but without a copy of the photo, I'm stuck."


I handed him the paper I got at the bondsman's office. "This might help. I don't know how or why but that wasn't sent over."


JR scanned the photo then cleaned it up so he could see it better. "Are you sure about this?"


I knew what he didn't so I looked at the cleaned up photo and sure enough it confirmed what the security had. "Things don't add up, do they?"


"They sure don't. Now why do I have a feeling you know more than you're letting on."


He could read me like a book so I took the seized tape out of my pocket and slipped it into the VCR. I was just about to start playing it when my phone rang. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, Adam Graham is on his way to the residence."


I ended the call then decided to wait for him. I knew getting involved in another case this close to Bennie's graduation and our vacation was adding a lot to my plate but I didn't see how it could be helped. Adam walked into my office. "What do you have Ace?"


"I was just about to play this tape I seized at the bondsman's office." I said then hit play on the remote.


The three of us watched the man enter the office and the owner do the transaction. He made copies of some papers and then took a check from the man posting the bond. The owner made a copy of the check then folded it putting it into his pocket. "Whoa," JR said. "That's not right. Why wasn't the check put in the file?"


"Very observant JR," I said. "Was there a copy of the check in the file?"


JR went over and thumbed through the papers. "Here it is," JR said handing me the copy. "It was all the way on the bottom."


"Run the account number and see what you can find." I asked as I took the tape off pause.


Adam was watching intently. When the transaction ended, I cut the tape off then ejected it. Adam was scratching his head. "This makes no sense. Bonding someone out isn't a crime."


"It does if it perpetuates an ongoing crime." I said.


"I agree Ace but what crime?" Adam asked when he heard JR.


"Ace, look at this," JR said.


"WHAT THE HELL?" I almost shouted as I grabbed the phone. "Evelyn, you need to get over here."


"Ace, I was just heading home." She said.


"OK but I thought you'd want to see this."


"What is it?"


"This line isn't secured so I can't go into it."


I heard her sigh. "Alright, I'll stop over on my way home."


"JR, has the check been cashed?"


"I don't know." He answered.


"Well can you find out?" I asked as Adam gave me a strange look.


"What are you doing Ace?" He asked. "You don't have a warrant."


"I don't have time." I said as I saw JR busy typing away.


"Ace stop now," Adam said as JR shouted.




"I don't want to know." Adam said as I went over to the screen."


"Block it." I said to JR.


"You got it boss." JR said.


Adam walked out of the office. "Hi Adam, what are you doing here?"


He shook his head. "Evelyn, Ace is acting like a loose cannon."


She walked in. "What's going on Ace? Adam says you're a loose cannon."


I turned away from the computer then sat down. "Look Evelyn," I started then handed her the photocopy of the check. "Look at this."


She looked at it then slid it back over. "So?"


"Do you know whose account that belongs to?" I asked.


"No, should I?" She asked.


"As the director, you should Ma'am." I said.


"What are you talking about?"


JR had printed out what he found about the check. "Look at this." I said handing her the information.


"How did you get this?" She asked not very happy.


"JR did at my request." I said.


"Now see here Ace." She said


"Now see here?" I almost shouted back. "Whose side are you on?"


"That's just enough Agent Mason." She said standing up.


"I think you better sit down Evelyn." I said not willing to end this.


"Are you giving me orders?" She asked.


"Whatever it takes," I said. "Now I can go over your head but I really don't want to."


"You're heading into an area you know nothing about."


"Just what is that supposed to mean?"


"I'm not at liberty to go into this." She said.


"Shit Evelyn, you're acting like the CIA."


"Don't you think we have areas of high secrecy?"


"Evelyn, this is way beyond high secrecy. It's bordering on conspiracy."


"You better start explaining yourself and FAST!" She screamed.


"Then I need full access into that account." I said.


"I can't." She replied.


I was steaming and didn't have time to play games. "Can't or won't?" I fired back.


"I can't," She said.


"Then I'll do what I have to."


"Agent Mason you leave me no choice, you're suspended."


"Oh no you don't," I said picking up the phone.


She put her finger on the button and cut the call. "I said you're suspended."


I stormed out of the office and went to the residence. I was just about to enter when I heard a voice scream. "Stop him."


"Agent Mason, FREEZE."


I turned and there was an agent pointing a gun at me. "What are you going to do, shoot a fellow agent?" I asked.


"You're suspended," He said.


"Oh, are you sure about that," I asked with a cockiness in my voice.


"Yes you are Ace," Evelyn said standing there.


"On what grounds?" I asked as I turned to enter the residence.


"Don't do it Ace." She said as I reached for the door handle.


"You'd have someone shoot me in the back and when I don't even have my weapon out?" I retorted as I started to pull the door open.




I felt the unforgettable pain then dropped onto the floor. The last thing I remember was a voice screaming "ACE! ACE!"


I was now unconscious but Bennie was there holding me crying and screaming at the top of his lungs. "DAD, DAD, ACE HAS BEEN SHOT!"


The President came out and saw the agent holding his weapon and Evelyn standing there. "PUT THAT GUN AWAY NOW," Ben shouted.


"I'm sorry Sir but that's not going to happen."


Just then a voice said, "Oh yeah,"




The agent folded up like a house of cards. Evelyn turned around and saw Dusty standing there. "Agent Moore, you'll holster that weapon NOW."


"Director Morgan, in my office NOW," Ben shouted.


"I'm sorry Sir," She started to say then Dusty did his job and put her in cuffs. "Let me out of these Moore."


He took her purse and removed her weapon and credentials. "You heard the President." Dusty said as he took her by the arm and led her inside.


Meanwhile, Bennie had called Dr. Phillips and he was on his way over. Bennie jumped up and got into Evelyn's face. "What the hell did you do lady?" Bennie screamed.


"Bennie this is something you know nothing about." She said as he followed her and Dusty into his Dad's office.


"Director Morgan, then you better start explaining yourself and fast or I will personally file criminal charges against you."


She thought for a moment. "Bennie, can you go outside please?"


Bennie was really torn between wanting to know why Ace was shot and being with his lover. "Al...alright," Bennie stuttered as he fought to get his emotions under control. But I'll tell you this now, if that bullet missed his vest, I'll kick your ass and I won't give a shit if you're a woman or not."


Ben was about to admonish him but he too was concerned about his future son in law. "Bennie, go on son. Ace will need to see a friendly face when he wakes up."


"OK Dad," Bennie said as he headed for the door then stopped and pointed his finger at Evelyn. "You just remember what I said bitch."


He slammed the door as he went out to be with Ace. When Bennie went to me Dr. Phillips was looking at the other agent. "Doc what the hell are you doing, screw him ... Ace needs you."


"Calm down now Bennie." The doctor said as he looked at the still unconscious agent. "Ace is alright."


That made Bennie feel a little better then he heard me moan. "Ace, wake up darling, please." Bennie said as the tears started to flow once again.


Dusty went over and put his arm around the teen's shoulder. Bennie turned and buried his face in his friend's shoulder. "Why Dusty, why would anyone want to hurt Ace?"


Dusty couldn't answer the question so he just held the teen as he cried and cried. Dusty felt Bennie's pain as his heart was breaking as he saw his friend lying there.


"Oh shit," I said opening my eyes. "What happened?"


Bennie fell on me and started crying again. "Ace baby, you're awake. Some dick weed shot you."


My brains were still pretty scrambled. I tried to move but felt a hand on my shoulder. "Stay still buddy," I heard Dusty say.


"Tell me you nailed the son of a bitch." I asked.


"Yeah, I cleaned his clock good." Dusty said.


"Good, now what the hell happened?"


Dusty was about to speak when I heard the medics coming. "Ace, it's Dr. Phillips. I need to get you to the hospital. You need to get checked out. That was quite a jolt you received from that bullet. You also hit the floor hard and I need to have your head checked."


My head was starting to spin so I closed my eyes and didn't argue with the doc. They got me on the stretcher then wheeled me towards the elevator. Bennie was holding my hand and he was about to enter the elevator when the doc stopped him. "I'm sorry Bennie but Ace is getting flown to the hospital."


"DUSTY!" Bennie screamed as I heard the doors close. My head was killing me and my heart was breaking so I decided to sit up.


"Easy Ace," Dr. Phillips said.


"No doc, you take it easy. I'm not going anywhere unless Bennie is here with me, do we understand each other?"


"I'm sorry Ace," He started to say but I managed to grab his arm.


"Don't go there -- now stop this car immediately and go back to the residence."


"Agent Mason, you don't give orders here."


"I have patient rights and I'm exercising them. Now do as I say."


"Alright Agent Mason," The doctor relented and we returned to the residence.


As we were going back up, I could still hear Bennie crying. It broke my heart to hear him crying like that and I broke down also. When the doors opened, Dusty was holding him in his arms and he was surprised when I appeared. He gently turned him around and he ran over, "Ace."


"Easy now babes," I said as I saw Ben and Evelyn walking towards me.


It's a good thing I was on the stretcher because I was ready to deck her. "Sir, you better get her outta here and now."


"Calm down Ace," Ben said.


I didn't know what was going on but for him, I settled down. "Doctor Phillips, please get him over to the hospital."


"Not so fast Sir," I said.


"Ace, this isn't up for discussion. Please follow my orders."


I reached my hand out for him and he took it. "Sir, you're lucky I totally respect you otherwise, that would be an order I'd disobey."


Bennie grabbed my other hand. "Dad, can't I go with him?"


Ben went over and wrapped his arm around him. "Son, I need you to stay here."


"WHY DAD," He screamed.


I squeezed his hand. "Love I don't know what's going on but listen to your Dad."


He leaned down and kissed me. "Alright baby, I will since you asked me to."


I looked up at the Doc. "Alright Doc, let's go. Sir, will you come over to the hospital?"


"I'll be there as soon as possible."


"Alright sir, you know I'm not a good patient."


Dr. Phillips put his hand on my shoulder. "You will be Ace, or else."


I didn't like the `or else' part so I just relented.


The agent that Dusty cold cocked was being wheeled out to an ambulance. When he got loaded into the back, another agent hopped in with him. "Sir, you can't ride back here, you'll have to sit up front."


"I have my orders," The agent said then climbed in.


The paramedic didn't like it because of the already tight space and now it was even tighter. The agent watched as the medic was working on his fellow agent. He had a large laceration on the back of his head that was bleeding badly, courtesy of Dusty Moore. When the medic looked at his eyes, they had a distant look about them. "Is he going to be alright?" The agent asked.


"I'm doing the best I can." The medic answered.


Back at the White House, Bennie was in Ben's office with Evelyn and his father. "Dad, Ace has to be alright."


"Calm down son, he had his vest on." Evelyn said which only set Bennie off again


"Look lady this was all your fault."


Evelyn sat there and took the heat. "Bennie, you have to calm down because there are many things you don't know."


He jumped up and went nose to nose with her. "Don't you DARE tell me to calm down. You let this happen."


"Bennie, sit down son." Ben said.


"No dad I won't. She let Ace get shot."


"Benjamin Leland Jacobs sit down this instant!"


Bennie's mouth hung open. "Y...yes sir."


Bennie knew when his Dad added his middle name he wasn't joking or in the mood for arguing so he sat down. "Now, while you were outside with Ace, Evelyn told me everything.


Bennie's head swung over and looked at Evelyn. "Oh, is this her way to cover her ass?"


"That's just enough young man. You're not too old that I can't take you across my knee."


Bennie knew he was in deep shit now. "I'm sorry Evelyn. I shouldn't have said that."


She patted Bennie on the knee. "It's OK Bennie, if someone shot someone I loved, I'd probably feel the same way. Now, what is said in this room must never leave it. Do I have your word on it?"


He looked up at his dad and he too was nodding his head in agreement. "Yes Ma'am, you have my word."


Evelyn sat and explained everything to Bennie and most of the time, he had his hand over his mouth not believing what he was hearing. When she was done, Bennie had a few questions of his own. "Tell me, you are going to get these monsters, right?"


"Yes we are Bennie," She answered. "All we've needed was the final piece to the puzzle and that came out today."


Bennie had to control his emotions. "Dad please take me to the hospital."


"OK son, let me call Dusty." Ben said as he picked up the phone.


A few minutes later, the beast was in place so they went downstairs and headed downstairs then took off for Georgetown Medical Center.


Over at the hospital, an ambulance was arriving and the injured agent was being rolled into the trauma unit. Once they were alone the agent who rode with the injured man could talk freely. "I got him good didn't I?"


The other man nodded his head. "You sure did man, he's dead."


"Are you sure because I heard him talking to that kid."


"Yeah I really think he's dead." The other man said.


"Look, I gotta know." He said grabbing the agent's hand.


"Alright man, calm down. I'll go and check on him myself.


The agent left the room then looked for where Ace was. He couldn't find him so he saw someone he knew was trustworthy. "Where did they take Agent Mason?"


"He's in x-ray. He's in critical condition and they doubt very seriously weather he'll make it.


Dr. Phillips was in x-ray with Ace when his phone rang. On the other end was Evelyn. When he ended the call, Ace took a turn south. Dr. Phillips called the page operator. "CODE BLUE, X-RAY DEPARTMENT, STAT, CODE BLUE, X-RAY DEPARTMENT, STAT."


The agent heard this so he went back to the injured agent's room. When he went in, the man in the bed was smiling. "I guess it won't be long now."


"Yeah, you really got him good."


The other agent stepped out in the hall and made a call. It only lasted a few seconds but the person on the other end, seemed to be pleased by the news. He returned to the room and told the injured man. "It seems Mason just kicked the bucket."


"No shit man?" He said as a group of doctors came in.


"No shit." The agent replied.


Dr. Phillips looked at the agent in the bed. "Sir, you'll have to wait outside now."


"I'm supposed to stay with him." The agent said trying to remain in the room."


"He's not going anywhere." Dr. Phillips said.


"Alright doctor, I'll be right outside the door."


As soon as he stepped out into the hall, there was a throng of secret service agents coming towards him and Bennie was in tears. Right away he went up to the teen and put his arm around his shoulder. "I'm so very sorry Bennie."


Bennie wiped his eyes. "Thank you, did he suffer?"


"I don't know Bennie, he was in x-ray."


"Shit, he died alone." Bennie said totally breaking down to the point Ben had to console him.


To be continued