The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 49


As soon as he stepped out into the hall, there was a throng of secret service agents coming towards him and Bennie was in tears. Right away he went up to the teen and put his arm around his shoulder. "I'm so very sorry Bennie."


Bennie wiped his eyes. "Thank you, did he suffer?"


"I don't know Bennie, he was in x-ray."


"Shit, he died alone." Bennie said totally breaking down to the point Ben had to console him.


Meanwhile I was wheeled down to the morgue. `Shit, it was cold in there. How could they stand it? Oh yeah, that's right, they're dead.' I thought.


I started shaking then I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Alright Ace, you can sit up." A voice said as the sheet was lowered down from my head.


I didn't know if I could but I tried as Dr. Phillips raised the back of the litter. "Doc, you gotta get Bennie aside and tell him."


Just then the door opened and I was smothered by kisses. "Ace you're alive."


My head was spinning. "Yes baby, I'm alive. But for now, we all have to act like I'm dead."


He planted another kiss on me. "I know baby, Evelyn told me everything."


"How's the son of a bitch that shot me?"


"Dusty got him good with the butt of his pistol." Bennie answered with a giggle."


That made me feel better then the doc returned with a black bag. "Sorry ace but I have to put you in this."


Bennie gasped, "Dad how will he breathe in that?"


"Relax Bennie," The doc said. "He won't be in there that long then he'll be able to get out."


They moved me into the body bag then the doc zipped it closed. "Doc, doc, unzip it a little please." I said as I started to feel the walls close in on me.


He cracked the zipper then I felt better as I could see out and breathe. "How's that Ace?" He asked.


"Better," I said then they rolled me out of the morgue and I felt things start to get warmer. The stretcher was loaded into the back of an ambulance then I heard the door close.


We took off and the next stop was the residence. Now how they managed to get me on to the grounds was a mystery to me but I then felt the stretcher being unloaded and we went upstairs. The doc rolled me to my room then unzipped the bag. "How'd you manage to get past security?" I asked.


"It seems the President took care of that." Dr. Phillips said as he helped me out of the bag and into bed. "Now you have to remain in here."


"What, I can't even have meals in the dining room?"


"Unless you want to let the cat out of the bag," He asked.


I didn't know what was going on so I went with the program.


"Where are Ben and Bennie?" I asked.


Just then the door opened and my question was answered. I saw Evelyn standing there. "Now would someone like to fill me in as to just what in the hell is going on?"


Evelyn sat down on the side of the bed. "I'm sorry Ace but this was one thing I just couldn't let you in on."


I was trying to move my leg so I could dump her onto the floor but Bennie stopped me. "No Ace, don't, please."


I looked over at him. "Alright baby. I'll listen."


He reached under the covers and took hold of my hand and started stroking it. "Ace, we have a dirty agent in our midst and he's the one that shot you."

"So that's why I have to play dead?" I asked.


"That's right." She said.


"So what the hell is with Adam? I mean he acted like I was your brother several months ago."


"He had to. Those were the orders of the Attorney General."


"OK now so why don't you start from the beginning." I said then got comfortable.


"Well, several months ago I noticed money missing from our discretionary fund." Evelyn started.


"How much?" I asked


"Over $250,000.00" She said not batting an eyelash.


"Let me ask this, I take it you're the only one on the account?"


"That's right. It has to be that way." She said as I started getting uncomfortable so Bennie got some extra pillows and stacked them behind me. "I started seeing small amounts of money disappearing so I had to get the FBI and the AG involved. They got an agent planted and I managed to get a search warrant so I could follow the money."


We got thirsty so Bennie went out and got us a soda. I heard a knock on the door then held my breath. Ben opened it and Dusty was standing there. "God Ace, you know how to scare the hell out of people."


He came over and gave me a hug. Just then Bennie came in. "Uh huh." He said causing Dusty to look over his shoulder."


"Chill out love." I said as he returned to sit on the edge of the bed as he planted one on me then shoved the soda can under the covers. "Shit that's cold."


"Alright you two," Evelyn said as she continued with her story. "The FBI was able to find out who was accessing the account and where the checks were cashed but it took a long time to find out what he was doing with the money."


"So cut to the chase, can you?" I asked as my back was really starting to hurt.


Dr. Phillips saw this and came over holding a syringe. I shook my head. "Ace, I can see you're in pain."


"I am doc but I'm not ready for la, la land just yet. Now go on Evelyn."


"Here it is in a nut shell. "The FBI started getting reports of missing children. Now, on the surface, that would normally be a state problem but then a social worker in Virginia went to make a routine inspection and none of the children she'd placed with them were there."


"What did the foster parents have to say?"


"They told her that they ran away but the worker had a hard time buying it. At first she thought it was an isolated incident but several of her other foster families started having missing foster children."


"Why weren't the local authorities called in?" I asked.


"Because the FBI has more resources to deal with missing children than local agencies," She started. "Another reason is that they could have been removed from the state."


"So how did we get involved?"


"As I said, money from the fund had been disappearing and I got a notice that the last withdrawal had been used to bail out Wanita Jenkins."


"That was fast," I said. "She was bailed out a few hours ago so how did you get notified?"


"He tried to cash it." She said.


"On a Sunday? I asked. "Did he manage to get it cashed?"


She shook her head. "No, the place refused to cash it. We got a notification at a processing center that's how we found out who tried to cash it."


"So tell me this then, was Jenkins let out of jail?"


"I don't know." Evelyn said.


I was trying to think but between my spinning head and throbbing back, it was getting harder by the minute. "Dusty, can you call the jail and find out if she's still there or had she been released. I have a feeling the bonding company isn't going to be too happy when they can't cash that check. In fact, I have a feeling they will try and get her bond revoked."


I closed my eyes and then waited. A few minutes later, Dusty came back in. "She's been released but she had to have an ankle monitor on her."


"Were you able to find out where she was?" I asked.


He shook his head. "No, but I have the number for the monitoring office."


"I wonder if JR could tap into their system then we could monitor her ourselves." I said trying to relax.


"I'll ask," Dusty said.


A few minutes later, Dusty returned. "We have their permission to monitor her from here. I've spoken to JR and oh, one more thing. Adam Graham is beside himself."


I was hurting so I wasn't in the best of moods. "I want JR to stay on her. Now Evelyn, you bring the FBI in and plant someone here in the White House and you don't tell the senior agent?"


"I couldn't Ace," She said.


"That's a crock," I said as my back was now screaming at me. "You don't think I wouldn't know a strange face in here?


She just sat there. "Let me tell you this now, had I seen him, I'd have demanded to see his credentials and then run his name."


"That wouldn't have gotten you anything." She said.


"Maybe, maybe not," I said. "But you know, when it comes to the security of the White House, that comes above all else."


"Ace, I couldn't tell you."


I looked at Ben. "Sir, this can't happen again. Next time, things could end up much differently than it did this time."


"You're right Ace." Ben started. "Evelyn, my security detail has to know if there is a new face in here."


"But Sir," She started.


"Madam Director that is not up for discussion," Ben started. "I will even speak to the Director of the FBI if I have to."


She was in a no win situation. "Very well, Mr. President."


"I want your assurances this will not happen again." Ben said firmly.


"You have my word, Sir." She said.


I couldn't take the pain anymore. "Doc, you can work your magic."


He and Bennie rolled me onto my side then I felt a sting in my ass. I sucked wind and the doc heard it. "I'm sorry Ace."


He started rubbing my hip then I felt Bennie's hand take over. "Bennie, are you trying to put me to sleep?" I asked.


"Yes and you need to rest now." He said standing up motioning everyone to the door, "Everyone out of here."


Bennie was becoming a mother hen and chased everyone out. He came over and sat on the edge of the bed as I felt the medicine start to take over and send me to dreamland.


When Bennie was sure I was asleep, he got up and let me sleep. I was fighting the medicine as my thoughts started running wild. There were so many people that had come into my life that were now going to be told I was dead. I tried to find my phone but in the process, I knocked my night stand and Bennie came right in. "Where's my phone love?"


"It's in your pants love," He said standing beside me with his hands on his hips. "You don't need it now anyway."


"Love, how is everyone going to take it when word gets out I'm dead?"


"Don't you worry about that right now, you just get better." Bennie said stretching out beside me.


I felt his arms around me so I just relaxed until sleep once again overtook me. Bennie got up and went out to find his Dad. He found him in his office. "Dad, Ace said something that made a lot of sense."


"What was that son?" Ben asked looking at his son.


"Well, what are people going the think when they hear someone shot and killed him? Everyone at school will want to see his body and be at his funeral."


Ben got up and led his son over to the sofa. "Son, all of that is being kept under wraps. I know Ace has made a lot of friends both here and at your school. This is why the FBI is going to work fast to bring this case to a quick end."


"Well, just don't forget about my graduation."


"I don't plan on it son. I want this stuff wrapped up on or before the end of the week."


"Do you think they will?" Bennie asked.


"All I'm going to say is they better."


Bennie accepted what his father said then got up and let him work. I don't know how long I was out but when I woke up, Bennie was beside me. "How are you feeling baby?"


My head was in a fog but that was beginning to pass, "Like I've been hit by a truck."


My phone started to ring and when I went to reach for it Bennie grabbed it and shook his head. I held my hand out and gave him a look so he handed it to me. I saw who it was. "Mason."


"Ace, she's on the move." Dusty said.


"Have you called the monitoring office?"


"I did and they said she's going to see her lawyer."


It was mid afternoon on a Sunday so I had my doubts. "Did you get an address of this lawyer?"


"Yes, JR has it and so far it seems she's headed there."


"Alright, keep me informed and let Evelyn know this too."


"Will do Ace, now you get some rest." Dusty said.


"Easy for you to say, I hate being on the sidelines."


"I know buddy but what can we do." Dusty said ending the call.


I decided to call Evelyn on her cell so it wouldn't go through her secretary. "Ace, you're supposed to be resting."


"Look, who's running point on this case?" I asked.


"The FBI," She answered.


"What are you planning to do with the jerk that shot me?"


"He'll be arrested all in due time."


Just then, my other line beeped in. I put Evelyn on hold and took the other one. "Ace, turn your laptop on. JR doesn't think she's going to see any lawyer." Dusty said.


I had Bennie turn it on then JR sent me the feed he was watching. "I have it now and I'm also talking to Evelyn."


"OK buddy." Dusty said then ended the call.


"Evelyn, that was Dusty, JR hooked me up to the feed he's watching from Wanita Jenkins's ankle bracelet."


"Ace you're supposed..." She started.


"Stuff it Evelyn, I'm not in the mood for this. Now she told the monitoring company she was heading to her lawyer's place but where she is at now, there are not any lawyer's offices."


"So, she could be meeting him at his house."


"I don't think so." I said.


"Oh, do you have ESP now?" She fired back.


"No I don't but I do have the personal information of the person who bailed her out of jail. Now loose the attitude or I'll keep you out of the loop and I'll let the President know I did it."


"Alright Ace," She said. "Watch and keep me informed."


"The car just stopped and she's heading for what appears to be a residence. I was right, she's meeting with the person who bailed her out."


"I'll notify the FBI." She said as she ended the call and I just had to lay there helpless to do a thing.


I called Dusty. "Hey how long would it take for you and a couple of agents to make it over to the address?"


"Have you lost your mind?" Dusty said.


"No I haven't but someone needs to be out there with eyes on the place."


"If Evelyn finds out it could mean my job." Dusty said.


"Don't worry man, I have your back." I said as I looked at Bennie.


"Alright man, I'll take JR with me." Dusty said then ended the call.


"Love, go get your dad, please."


Bennie did as I asked then he returned a few minutes later with Ben. "Ace, what are you doing?"


"I'm just watching Sir and I'll tell you now, I don't like what I'm seeing."


"You're supposed to be dead." Ben countered.


"Well this dead man has his eyes on Wanita Jenkins who is supposed to be going to see her attorney."


Ben's face changed expression, "At this time on a Sunday?"


"You catch on quickly." I said watching the screen. "But the address she is heading to is the person who posted her bond. Call it a gut feeling but I think she's going to rabbit."


"I know you're doing more than just sitting here watching." Ben said pulling up a chair.


"You're right; I have Dusty and JR heading out to the location to sit on the residence. Evelyn is calling the FBI. I said just as my phone rang. "Yes Evelyn?"


"The FBI said they couldn't get anyone out to sit on that house." She said as I just about went through the roof.


"WHAT," I screamed. "They're running point on this and they can't get someone out?"


"That's what they said." She replied as Ben stuck his hand out wanting the phone.


"Director Morgan, I'm calling the Director of the FBI."


"But Sir," She started.


"Don't but sir me," Ben said. "If Ace is right, your prime suspect is going to try and flee."


"This is their operation." She said.


"Not anymore," Ben said. "It's now a joint one and I'm having the Secret Service take the lead. If you had come to me from the start, we might not be in the situation we are in now."


"I apologize, Sir." She said.


Ben ended the call then went to his office here in the residence. This was one time I was glad I wasn't in there with him. My cell rang. "Yes JR."


"Ace, call me crazy but I swear I just saw Vivian in a car with some unknown male."


I looked at the screen and the locater hadn't budged. "Shit, somehow she got that device off. I'll notify the monitoring office and see if they can get Metro PD over to that location. I want you to put a loose tail on her."


"We're doing that now." JR said as another call came in.


I put JR on hold then took the call. It was the monitoring office. "Agent Mason, we've dispatched units to the residence."


"Do you plan on making entry?" I asked.


"Yes, we've secured a search warrant so they will be going in."


"Good, keep me apprised on what they find inside."


"We will," The voice said.


"Thank you for calling." I said then ended that call and returned to JR. "Metro is heading to the residence. They will have a search warrant so hopefully they can find something as to where she might be heading."


I ended the call with JR then there was a knock on my door and Ben came in. "Ace, I just had a talk with the Director of the FBI and told him I was far from pleased with his handling of this. I told him the Secret Service was taking charge of the case and I expected his full cooperation."


"How did he take that?" I asked


"Well, he realized he dropped the ball." Ben started.


"Dropped it?" I interrupted. "They totally screwed the pooch. We're still in the dark about much of this so someone from the FBI is going to have to bring us up to speed."


"I'll see what I can do" Ben said.


I looked over at the computer screen and I saw the blip from the monitoring device moving so I was pretty sure police were on scene and inside the house. I'd been watching the screen for several minutes when my phone rang again. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, the entry team found a ton of stuff. It's going to take several hours to sort through it and then try and figure out what it all means."


I didn't have hours; I needed to know what was going on like yesterday. "I don't have that kind of time. I have two agents following her and the person who arranged for her bail. I need to know what they've found just as soon as possible."


"Alright Agent Mason," The man said then ended the call.


I leaned back and closed my eyes. `This is a day from hell and I'm stuck in this damn bed.'


The door opened bringing me back to reality. "Ace, the FBI is getting agents on the street and the director is sending their lead agent on this over here."


"That's better than nothing, I guess." I said frustrated and disgusted. "Metro PD made entry into the house the monitoring device was at and they found a ton of information. I got this from the monitoring office. I guess they were in contact with the officers on the scene."


Ben patted my on the leg. "Hang in there Ace. I know you're frustrated."


"That's an understatement Sir," I said. "I want to be out there on the street but I'm stuck here waiting for the incompetent FBI."


The door opened and Johnny stuck his head in. "Ace, Mr. President, there is an FBI agent here."


"Give me a minute Johnny," I said as I reached for a pair of shorts to put on so I could get out of this gown.


Ben helped me get dressed then went out and brought the FBI Agent in. As soon as he stepped in, the look on his face was like he was seeing a ghost. "You're alive," The agent gasped.


"Who are you and yes, I'm very much alive." I said almost growling at him.


"I'm Franco Garcia; I've been leading this operation."


"Fine, now you better start filling me in and fast."


"Sir, we have this under control."


"Oh really," I snapped. "Are you aware that Wanita Jenkins is in a vehicle with the person who bonded her out?"


"That's impossible," He said.


"Is it now," I started. "I've been in contact with the monitoring office and I have a feed from her device. I also have two agents following the car the two suspects are in."


"Now wait a minute." He started.


"Agent, watch your tone." Ben said.


"Y...yes Mr. President." He said contritely. "I've been instructed to fill you in completely and that's what I intend on doing. We've learned the person who bonded Ms. Jenkins out is named James Granger. He was a former Assistant district attorney who was terminated for cause and was subsequently disbarred."


"I know all that," I said. "What I don't know is what he and Jenkins are up to. Metro PD raided his residence with a search warrant and according to the monitoring office they have a ton of information. Now, have you gotten agents back into the field?"


"I have and a number of agents are heading to Mr. Granger's residence."


"Alright just don't go acting like a bull in a china shop." I said.


"I understand and we at the Bureau will give you our complete cooperation."


"When will your agents arrive at Granger's place?"


"Any time now," He said.


I looked at Ben. "Is there an agent outside Harris Kent's room?"


"That I don't know." Ben said. "Dusty, JR, Johnny and Ellis were with us when we left the residence."


I called Ellis. "Yes Ace."


"Where are you buddy?" I asked.


"Watching over the ass wipe that shot you," He said.


"Alright, how's he doing?" I asked.


"Not so good right now. There are a butt load of doctors in with him. I heard one mention a depressed skull fracture and a blood clot."


"That don't sound good but the prick shouldn't have shot me."


"I'll stay here until he's stable and they decide what they're going to do with him."


"Thanks buddy." I said then ended the call.


Just then, the FBI agent's phone rang. All I could hear was one side of the conversation. I motioned to him then he put it on speaker. "We're going through all of those papers now. There is a butt load of papers here and this is going to take us some time."


I wanted to speak but Garcia put his finger on his lips. He muted the call so I could talk. "Time is one thing we don't have."


"I know it but the last piece we need is a location to a possible holding place." Garcia said then went back to his phone. "Look right now we need intel on anything that could be used to hold or warehouse a number of children."


"Alright, I'll go through this just as fast as I can."


"Keep me informed," Garcia said then ended the call.


"Now, how many children are we looking at?" I asked.


He shook his head. "I don't know. We'd gotten reports of children disappearing from several foster homes in Virginia but when we tried to confirm it, we started getting stonewalled."


"Did you have agents go in and interview these social workers or their supervisors?"


"Yes we did but the information we got from them led us nowhere."


I shook my head. "I have to say that that is some of the shoddiest work I've ever heard of. Did you think to touch base with the local authorities?"


"Yes but they put in all the man hours they could afford and drew a blank too."


Just then Garcia's phone rang. He put it on speaker. "Garcia."


"I think we've hit pay dirt," The voice said.


"Alright, talk," Garcia said.


"I don't know if means anything but we found a set of blueprints to an old building in West Point."


"Do you have a location of it?" He asked.


"We may have. Sir, is this call on speaker?" The voice said. "Because if it is; I'm not compromising this operation."


"Did you get the email from the Director?"


"Yes Sir, I did but still."


"I lost it. "Listen here Agent, you answer Agent Garcia NOW."


"Who is this?" The voice asked.


Garcia took over. "He's the Agent in Charge of this operation. He's with the Secret Service. Now answer my question or your career could be in jeopardy." 


"Yes Sir," He said. "There isn't an address on this building. Like I said, they're blueprints."


I started thinking. "Look on the top page, see if there is anything there that might be GPS coordinates." I said.


The phone seemed to have went dead then a few seconds later he returned. "Yes, there is something that could be."


He read off the numbers then Garcia ended the call. "If I can get a location, we're going to need some eyes in the sky."


He looked at his watch. "There are still several more hours of daylight left. We have a helicopter that I can get into the air if those coordinates prove fruitful." Garcia said.


The weather in DC was typical with storms blowing up without much notice. I could only hope the weather would be on our side. I ran the numbers and came up with a location. After doing a tax records search I hit pay dirt. "Bingo, I have an address and it appears to be an abandoned warehouse or storage facility."


I hadn't heard from JR or Dusty in a while so I called them. "Ace, we're in Virginia now." JR said.


"Look we found a possible place where kids could be held. I'll send JR the location. Can you tell me if you're anywhere near there?"


I sent the address to JR. "Ace, we're about ten miles from the address." JR said.


"Keep following them," I said ending the call.


Garcia heard the conversation. "We need for them to lead us to that place."


"We need men in place before they arrive. Where are your men coming from?" I asked.


"I have agents coming from DC right now but I can get men from our closest Virginia field office rolling too."


I needed a distraction or something to delay Jenkins and Granger without tipping our hand. "We don't have much time but I think I can devise a way to stall them to give us time to get agents onto the property once they arrive."


I called Evelyn and between her, Garcia and me, we got a plan in motion that would block the road with what appeared to be a severe accident. It also took the help from the Virginia State Police and the King William County Sheriff's Department because this would mean tying up traffic on a country road.


The operation was put in place when I got a call from JR. "Ace, we have a problem."


"What's up, JR?" I asked.


"Traffic is at a standstill. I've been monitoring the radio traffic and there is a major wreck out here."


I smiled as I was hearing this. "Do you still have eyes on Jenkins?"


"Yes we do, we're several cars behind them and they haven't a clue."


"Perfect," I said. "This wreck was my doing."


"What?" JR asked.


I explained everything to them and why. "When you get there, stay back. We'll be monitoring everything from here. There will be FBI agents getting into place waiting to strike and arrest her as soon as they see her go inside."


"Alright Ace," JR said then ended the call.


A few minutes later, we started hearing a lot of radio traffic from Garcia's agents as they got into place. The lead agent at the warehouse called. "We're in position and I can make out sounds of people inside."


"How many entrances are there?" Garcia asked.


"Two. The first one is the first one you see after a about a half mile drive down a pretty deserted road and another in the back that butts up against a wooded area."


I thought quickly. "Did you check the area for trip alarms?"


"Yes we did," The agent said a slight bit of sarcasm in his voice.


Garcia took over. "Listen now, loose the attitude. The Secret Service is now in charge so if you want to question the director, feel free to do so."


"Ah no sir," The agent said. "We checked the area thoroughly and we were surprised at the lack of security."


"Have you been able to get close to the building?"


"Yes, we have high powered field glasses and the first thing we looked for security cameras."


"Alright," I said. "Now it's just a waiting game. Are all of your men in place?"


"Yes they are." The voice said.


"OK," I said. "Stay on your toes, they'll be arriving anytime. I'll have the agent who is tailing the suspects call you."


"Very well, I'll be waiting for his call."


I ended the call then called Dusty. I told him the agents were in place at the warehouse and the wreck would be cleaned up shortly. I had him call the lead agent at the warehouse. Now all we could do was wait and hope everything didn't go tits up.


As soon as Garcia hung up, his phone went off again. I listened to his side of the conversation and I could tell he wasn't happy. "The chopper has been grounded."


"Why?" I asked.


"Strong winds and there are storms moving in." Garcia replied.


This hurt so it was up to the men on the ground. Dusty called when they were once again moving. Garcia notified his agent that traffic was moving so all we could do now was wait and let things unfold.




While we were waiting, the agents at the warehouse started trying to get an internal layout of the place. Several of them moved to the building and noticed a few broken windows with small holes in them but since they had a wire mesh in the glass, the window wasn't open or accessible for entry.


The agent reached into his pack and brought out a fiber optic camera and slid it into the hole in the window. He saw two men sitting on a sofa directly in front of the main door. The agent started looking around so he could get a layout. There was a door that led out of the office then he had to stop and look at the blueprint that had been emailed to him from the agent at Granger's house.


After he brought the image up he started looking through the camera again. The door he saw led to what the blueprint showed to be offices. "AT2 to AT1," The agent said.


"Go ahead," The leader replied.


"Right on the other side of the main door is a sofa with two men sitting there. I can't see any weapons. I'm going to try to see if I can check out some of the other offices."


"Copy that, keep your head down."


"Will do." The agent said as he slid the camera out of the hole then moved down to another window. The first window he came to he was unable to access because the window was totally intact. As soon as he went around to the back, a voice called him. "AT1 to AT2, where did you go, I can't see you."


"AT2, I'm in the back of the building. I see a door back here that I don't see on the blueprint."


"They could have added that themselves."


"Understood," The agent at the building replied.


"Can you get a visual inside AT2?"


"Standby, I just got here." The agent said as he tried to feel along the ledge and the bottom of the glass. "I found a hole, feeding the camera through now."


"What do you see AT2?" His boss asked.


"Standby," The agent said as he started looking around. "I see what appears to be a number of bedrolls. I can't determine if there are or were children here."


"Try to find another window, AT2."


"Will do," The agent said as he removed the camera and went to the far side of the building. "No joy, all the windows are boarded from the outside."


"Can you hear anything?"


The agent listened. "Nothing," He replied. "Wait, I hear the adults. Meet me at the front door."


"Copy that." The lead agent replied.


The two agents met on the steps. The agent who had been checking out the interior started picking the lock. He quickly got the door opened and slid the camera in. "All clear." He said, so the two men made entry.


The lead agent pointed to the door leading out of the office so they quietly went over and waited. A few seconds later they heard voices. "I hope that bitch gets here, I want my money so I can make tracks away from this place."


"Yeah man, she's one sick individual."


"Tell me about it. I heard she has her eyes on two others and they'll fetch some big money."


"Look, I don't want to know. I never liked the fact kids were being snatched and now I learn she's selling them."


"What?" One of the two almost shouted. Don't tell me you're going soft on me."


"Fuck you," The other fired back.


"I'm not your type, you like little boys."


"Yeah but I've never resorted to rape, now have I?"


"OK, I'll give you that but those two will get us big money."


"No way Jerry," The man said dropping a name. "After I get my money, I'm outta here."


"Suppose she won't pay up until those two are delivered?" Jerry asked.


"Then she won't get the chance to get them." The other man answered.


"What are you planning?" Jerry asked.


"Simple, I'm not into selling kids or into kids being raped. I should have never gotten mixed up with her and if you're smart, you'll make tracks too."


"For a million dollars," Jerry fired. "I think I'll stick around for that."


"Suit yourself. But like I said, I'm outta here and if she doesn't have our money, she's dead."


The agents decided to take them as they returned to the couch. They had an open door to give them some protection so they could make sure both men were inside before trying to take them down. As soon as they cleared the door, the agent's made their move quickly choking them out. They cuffed them and put duct tape over their mouths and feet so they couldn't move. "AT1 to team, 2 adult suspects in custody."


Just then the leader's cell phone rang. "Suspects are turning down the road heading to your location." JR said.


"Copy that," The leader acknowledged. "Keep a loose tail on them. We have two adults in custody and we just got some very valuable intel, it's unknown if there are any others in the building."


"Can you get your agents in place so we can take them down as soon as they stop?"


"Will do, do you have radio capabilities?"


"Yes we do," JR replied.


The lead agent gave them the frequency and soon JR and Dusty were able to communicate with everyone. JR ended his call then called me. "Ace, two adults are in custody, we're going to take Jenkins and Granger down as soon as they park and start to enter the building."


"Don't let them know they're being tailed, let the FBI team take her."


"Alright Ace, we have their radio frequency so we're in direct contact with them."


"That's good, keep me informed as to what happens." I said then ended the call.


Garcia looked over to me. "The team has made entry."


I nodded my head. "I know, my agents are now in direct radio contact with your team. We're going to stay out of sight and let your team apprehend them when they arrive."


"Do you think we should let the President know about this?" Garcia asked.


I shook my head. "We really don't have anything to tell him other than 2 adults are in custody. What I want to know are there children being held in there?"




Back at the warehouse, Granger and Jenkins were pulling up to the warehouse. The sun had set so the team there had the darkness to give them an advantage. The two of them were talking like they didn't have a care in the world and started making their way to the door.


The FBI team had handheld spotlights designed to light up a large area. As soon as they got to the steps, they hit them in the face with the light. Quickly they were taken into custody. "What the hell is this?" Granger stated. "We've done nothing wrong."


"AT1 to Secret Service, two in custody." The lead agent said.


"Copy that, we have a visual on you." Dusty said as they pulled up and parked.


JR went over to Jenkins. "Well, we meet again. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"


She spit in JR's face. "Yeah, I'm just sorry those two brats weren't taken care of once and for all."


JR reached into his pocket and got a handkerchief then wiped his face. "If we can prove..." JR started then felt Dusty's hand on his shoulder."


He shook his head then looked at the team leader. "Get her into the back of my car and make sure she's searched."


"None of you pricks is touching me." Jenkins spouted.


One of the team members went over to her. "Listen sweetie, I'll pat you down and you can't say shit about it."


JR was surprised. "You have a female on your team?"


"Several," The lead agent replied. "We're equal opportunity."


"So I see," Dusty said. "What's inside?"


The team leader came over. "Now that these two are in custody, we can do a search of the place. But we over heard the two men talking."


"What did they say?" Dusty asked.


"There are two others out there she plans on snatching and then she plans on selling them."


Dusty almost fainted. "Shit and I know exactly who she is referring to." He said reaching for his cell. "Ace, get agents over to Cal Matthews house fast."


"Why buddy, what's going on?" I asked.


"Look, Jenkins is planning on trying to kidnap then sell Timmy and Billy."


I almost vomited on the spot. "I'll get some men from our assault team heading over there then I'll call Bob Brinkman and see if he has any units in the area."


I ended the call as Garcia was looking at me. "I'll call Metro." He said.


"Ask for Lt. Robert Brinkman, let him know you're with me and he'll give you all the help you need." I said as I called our assault team.


I gave the leader the address and he had six of his finest agents head out. My stomach was in knots then I got up. "Where are you going?" Garcia asked.


"To see the President, I have to fill him in on this."


"Are you sure?" He asked.


"Very sure," I started. "He's met those boys and cares for them." I answered then called the assault team. "Listen, when you get there, put everyone in one of your vehicles and bring them here. Tell Judge Matthews this is for their safety."




Back at the warehouse, Dusty stepped back and looked at the team leader. "Lead on please."


The agent that had scoped out the warehouse took the lead. He headed right for the room where he saw the makeshift bedroom. When they entered, it was empty. "Something isn't right." The agent said.


Dusty and JR started looking around the room. The lead agent went over to his partner. "Let me see the blueprints."


The agent brought up the photo then they started comparing the drawing to what they were actually seeing. JR took the Blackberry then stared at a wall. "There should be a door or something right about here." He said tapping on the wall.


"HEY, HELP!" A voice cried out.


"Quiet, that may be them." Another voice was heard to say.


JR tapped on the wall. "Listen we're the police and we're going to get you out."


" promise?" The second voice asked.


"Yes, can you move?" JR asked.


"Yeah but it is dark in here."


"Try and come to my voice then tap on the door."


A few seconds later, JR heard tapping; "How's that?"


The lead agent sent a couple of his men to get some tools then one of them returned with a Haligan tool. "OK now, move back because we're going to get the door open." JR told them.


The men went to work and within a few minutes, they had the hidden door opened. Inside there were several boys. As soon as JR stepped in the boys looked happy to see their rescuers. "Where are those men?" The one boy asked.


"Don't you worry about them, they won't hurt you again." Dusty said.


Once they made sure they boys weren't in immediate need of medical care, Dusty called me.




"Ace, the operation is a success. We have four in custody and four children rescued."

"Good job Dusty. What did Jenkins and Granger have to say?"


"Nothing but Granger claimed he's done nothing wrong." Dusty answered.


"Aiding and abetting a fugitive and accessory to kidnapping is more than nothing." I countered. "Listen, get the boys checked out and contact Prince William County Social Services and see if there are some foster homes for them until everything can be sorted."


Garcia tapped me on the shoulder. "Agent Mason, can we take it from here? I have a good idea those boys are all out of Maryland so they're looking at federal kidnapping charges."


I thought for a minute. "Alright agent, this is your case now. Just do me one favor."


"What's that?" He asked.


"Make sure they're all convicted and you can return Jenkins back to the Metro DC jail."


"Sorry Ace, but she'll have to be extradited. I know she bonded out of the DC jail but now they're in Virginia."


He was right then I thought quickly. "Charge then with federal crimes. Then they'll go into the federal detention system."


"You think fast." Garcia said.


I tried to stand up but my legs were a little shaky. Once I was steady, I went outside towards the dining room. Bennie saw me and ran up. "Ace, what are you doing out of bed."


I slowly went over to a chair then sat down. "Can you get me a cup of coffee please?"


Ben was sipping a cup so I could tell everyone the news at the same time. Bennie set it in front of me then I took a sip. "OK Ace, why are you up?" Ben asked.


"Well, I think I can return to the land of the living. The FBI has four in custody and rescued four children."


Bennie leaned over and hugged me. "That's super, now tell me they're not hurt."


"From what Dusty said, they don't have any life threatening injuries. But the FBI assault team learned of a plot to kidnap Timmy and Billy."


Bennie gasped then broke down as he fell into his Dad's arms. "Ace they can't get them, do something please."


Ben was fighting back tears. "Yes Ace, do something."


I patted their hands. "I have," I said trying to reassure them. "Now I have one more important call to make." I said as I called the Matthews's house.


Cal answered the phone. "Yes Ace, what can I do for you at this hour?"


"Cal, I can't go into details because time is of the essence. I need for you and your family to pack some things for a couple of days."


"Why?" Cal asked with concern in his voice.


"We've uncovered a plot on the boy's lives. There should be a Secret Service team outside by now. Let them in please, they're there to protect you and your family."


"Alright Ace but where will we be staying?"


"Here at the White House." I said as I heard a knock on the door in the background.


"OK, I think your team is here."


"I'll stay here while you look outside."


"There is a man in black at the door." Cal said unsure of what to do.


"That's the counter assault team members." I said.


Cal opened the door. "Judge Matthews?" I heard the man ask.


"Hand him the phone." I said.


"Agent Mason would like to talk to you."


I waited. "Yes Agent Mason," He said.


"Put them all into the armored van then bring them to the White House."


"Right away Sir," He said as I ended the call.




"Feel better now?" I asked as I had a lap full of Bennie.


"Thanks baby." Bennie said as he rested his head on my shoulder.


I was about to return to bed when I heard the elevator doors open. Tonka bolted from the dining room when I heard a voice say, "Get down you big clown."


Bennie helped me out then I saw Marshall stand there. "Why are you back here at this hour?"


"Well Ace," Ellis started somberly. "That guy Dusty clocked died."


I looked down then back to him. "Well, if he hadn't have shot me, then he'd just be in jail."


"Yeah but I know Dusty isn't going to like hearing this."


This is the first time I've heard of Dusty taking a life in the line of duty. "Have you told him yet?"


"Not yet, I wanted to let you know first."


"Alright, you get home, I'll tell Dusty."


Marshall nodded his head then yawned as my cell rang. "Agent Mason, the assault team is back."


"Thank you, I'll be waiting for them in the West Wing."


"Where do you think you're going?" Bennie asked.


"I have to get over to the West Wing, our guests have arrived."


"Oh alright then, let me help you." He said as he wrapped his arm around my waist.


We stopped at the dining room and told Ben the Matthews were here. It took a little longer to make the walk over, then I was almost mugged by two little boys but Bennie intercepted them. "Hey can't we hug Uncle Ace?"


I didn't want to tell them what had happened today so I found a chair and sat down. Billy was the first to wiggle down then climb up onto my lap. He kissed me on the cheek. "Why are we all here, Uncle Ace?"


I had to think quickly. "I thought you all would like a little vacation."


"Yeah," Billy cheered then kissed me again.


I saw the lead agent come in and I needed to talk to him. "Bennie, can you take the boys to the residence and get them settled?"


"Sure Ace," Bennie said holding his hand out to Billy.


Carl went with his little brothers then I looked at Judy. Cal saw this. "Judy, why don't you get us settled in also."


She didn't question Cal so she went with everyone. When they were out of sight I motioned the agent over. "Give me a status report."


"We have two agents at the residence and Metro PD has several unmarked cars up the street."


"Ace, what's going on?" Cal asked.


"OK Cal, here it is," I started. "Now, what I tell you will disqualify you from hearing this case. Are you sure you want to hear this?"


He thought for a moment. "Yes I do Ace, my family and their safety has to come before hearing a case."


I nodded my head. "Alright then, it seems Wanita Jenkins is behind the disappearance of children from several states."

"What, how is that possible?" Cal asked.


"We don't know Cal," I said.


"Damn it Ace," Cal said and he wasn't happy.


"Calm down Cal, we fell into this case quite by accident so we're just now putting the pieces of this puzzle together."


He took a deep breath. "OK and I'm sorry I yelled but those are my boys you're talking about."


I patted his leg. "I know Cal so when the FBI told me about the attempt on them, I took it seriously and immediately got a team over to your place and had everyone brought here."


"TT3 to TT leader," I heard a voice come over the leader's radio.


"Go ahead," He replied.


"Look, I want them alive." I shouted.


The lead agent nodded his head then waited for the SitRep. "Two suspects down."


"Are they alive?" The lead agent fired back.


"We're checking now." The agent at the house replied.


"Let me know ASAP."


A few minutes later. "One suspect dead and one is still alive."


I reached out for his radio. "This is Agent Mason, get an ambulance there NOW. How badly is he wounded?"


"He's taken two shots, one to the shoulder and one to the chest."


It didn't sound promising for his chances of survival. "Try and talk to him and see if he'll give you a statement."


"Alright Agent Mason," He said.


All we could do was to wait and see what happened. The lead agent came over and sat beside me. "How are you feeling Ace? I got really worried when I heard you were dead."


"Try riding in an ambulance inside of a body bag." I said giggling.


"No thanks, I'll wait until I'm dead."





Over at the Matthews's residence, the agent went over to the wounded man. "What's your name?"


"Fuck you cop, I ain't telling you shit."


One of the other agents came over and found his wallet. He handed it to the team leader. "Hummm, let's see what we have here."


"Give me that, you got no right to look at my wallet."


"Shut up idiot, you're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. If you choose to answer questions without an attorney, you can stop at anytime and an attorney will be appointed for you. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?"


"Fuck you."


The lead agent leaned down. "Look you have some serious wounds here and you might not make it; so if there is something you want to get off your chest, now is the time to do it."


The wounded man thought for a moment. "Alright, I do have something to say."


The lead agent quickly got his backpack and dug out his digital recorder then turned it on. "This is Special Agent Dylan Masters. This is a statement by Gale Granger who has been seriously wounded." Agent Masters said as he set the recorder beside Granger. "For the record, please state your name."


"My name is Gale Granger and I'm here to say you have a dirty agent. His name is Rich Mason."


Masters grabbed the recorder and put it on pause. "Now you listen, you're not going to lay there and lie about a good agent and think you're going to protect you own ass."


"Oh really Agent Masters," Granger countered. "You don't think I'd say this and not have proof do you?"


"You better have rock solid proof." Masters said.


"Oh I do, now turn that thing back on." Granger snapped.


Masters started recording again. "Agent Mason is on the take. He's been taking money from Wanita Jenkins for months so she can snatch kids and sell them. She always pays him in cash then he deposits it into his bank account at Bank of America. It's always the same branch so I'm sure they have video of him making the deposits."


Masters was steaming. "Now do you think that is going to wipe the slate clean for you being here trying to kidnap Timmy and Billy Babcock?"


"What makes you think it wouldn't?" Granger said with a smirk on his face. "This was all his idea. He wants those boys for himself and his perverted pleasures."


That statement totally pissed Masters off and it was all he could do to keep from punching Granger in the face. "That's a load of crap and you know it."


"Is it now?" Granger fired back. "I have proof."


"Yeah, where is it?" Masters retorted.


"It's all in my head." Granger answered.


"So we're just supposed to take your word for all of this." Masters asked controlling his anger.


"That's right." Granger fired back as the front door opened and two EMS workers came in along with a Metro PD officer.


They loaded him on to a stretcher. "Look, keep him alive at all costs." Masters told the paramedic as the medic examined the wounded suspect.


"He'll survive," The medic said. "These wounds aren't life threatening.


"Good, now get him out of here." Masters said.


The medics took him outside and loaded him into the ambulance and headed for the hospital.


Masters turned the recorder off then looked at his partner. "What do you make of all this?" His partner asked.


"I think it's all bullshit." Masters said. "Now I have to call the White House."


His partner shook his head. "Look, let's get back there so Ace can hear this for himself. I've known this man since he arrived and he had totally earned my respect."


Masters nodded his head. "He's earned mine too. I want to look into his allegations that Ace is dirty."


"How are we going to do that?" His partner asked.


Master's shook his head. "I don't know Francine but I just can't let that bastard get away with trashing Ace."


"I know." She said. "Hey, I know someone who has the skills and would bust his ass to clear Ace?"


"Who is that?" Masters asked totally confused.


"That new agent," She replied.


"You mean Agent Carl?"


"Yeah and man is he cute too." She answered smiling.


"Chill out girl," Masters said. "Word has it he's taken."


"Shit," She said covering her mouth. "That's the story of my life. Maybe I could entice him a little."


Masters giggled. "I doubt that seriously."


She ran her hands over his ass. "If I wiggled this in front of him, I bet he would."


Masters was rolling. "I don't think so girly girl."


"Oh and why is that? Is he gay?"


Masters stopped laughing. "Do you have something against gays?"


"Not at all, my brother is gay and he has a great partner too."


"OK," Masters started. "In that case I'll tell you. He is gay and his partner is Dusty Moore."


"How do you know all this?" She asked.


"I just do," Masters said.


"Well, they make a great couple." She said. "Now, let's get back to the White House."




They packed their gear up and made tracks back to the White House. They ran to the West Wing then found Harry Minor. He was still talking with me so it made talking to him all that much harder to do. "Masters, how did it go?"


Masters's stomach was churning. "Well Sir," He stammered. "Can we talk in private please?"


"Why, anything you have to say you can in front of Ace."


Masters was now sweating bullets. "Please boss."


"Alright," Harry said then got up.


"Look, use my office." I said. "I need to get upstairs to be with our guests."


"Masters looked at me and I could sense something was wrong. "Is Agent Carl still here?"


"I think so but I don't know exactly where he is." I said reaching for my phone. "He'll be down in a couple of minutes."


"Thanks Ace," Masters said as I started to walk slowly back to the residence.


When I walked in, Carl and the little guys were watching TV with Bennie. I let them unwind then headed to the dining room. Ben, Cal and Judy were sitting there chatting over coffee. "Oh Ace, I'm glad you're back, we were getting worried about you." Ben said.


"Yes Ace, how are you feeling?" Cal asked.


"I have my sea legs back but I'm a little tired." I replied as I joined them with a hot cup of coffee, "Now why the questions about my health?"


Ben looked at me. "I told them Ace. I know they're close friends of yours so I felt they had a right to know."


Cal looked over at me. "Ace does this have anything to do with my family?"


"Cal, I don't know. I hate giving you a short answer but we just don't know. You know I'll do everything in my power to keep you all safe."


"Look Ace, those little guys have gone through so much they really don't need these disruptions." Judy said.


"I know Judy so that's why I brought them here so they could be around people they know and trust and be safe at the same time."


Cal looked at his wife. "Why don't you get the boys in bed, they've had a full day so I'm sure they have to be exhausted."


"Alright Cal," She said getting up and heading to the living room.


When she went into the living room Cal was right; Timmy and Billy were on the older teens' laps sound asleep. Carl saw his mother standing there so he and Bennie got up and carried them to the Lincoln Bedroom. They put the boys in one bed. Carl looked as his mother. "Don't worry Mom, I'll use the other bed so they won't get scared."


"You should get to bed too, son." She said.


He yawned then gave her and Bennie a hug. "Good night, we'll see you in the morning. Is breakfast at 8?"


We don't have to be at school until 9 so it'll be at 7:45." Bennie said.


Bennie and Judy left the room and came into the dining room. "Ace, who is going to get us to school tomorrow?"


I had to think because I had a ton of work to do here and I needed my PC. "I'll get Pete to take you."


"Cool, can we use my car?" Bennie asked.


"No love, Pete will take everyone in the Hummer. Judy, are the little guys still in school?"


"Yes they are." Judy answered.


"Get me the address so we can have agents there with them too."


"Is that really necessary?" Cal asked.


"Until we're sure they're safe, everyone is getting protection Cal, this goes for you too."




Down in the Secret Service's office Harry and Dylan were in a deep conversation. "Masters, you know I have to take this forward."


"That's bull Harry." Dylan Masters fired back.


"Masters, that's a dying declaration so it's taken as gospel."


"Well, the paramedic said his wounds weren't life threatening so as for now, he's still very much alive."


"Dylan, the US Attorney would have my ass if I didn't let him know about this."


"And a judge would have the both of yours if you tried to use it and he lived."


"Well, I guess you better hope he dies."


"WHAT?" Dylan screamed. "You actually believe this load of self serving shit?"


"Give me one reason I shouldn't?" Harry fired.


"Because he can't substantiate it and it's all self serving."


"Well, I'm taking this to the AG."


"The hell you are." Masters said.


"Are you defying an order?" Harry asked.


Dylan thought then reached into his pocket and pulled out a memory chip and handed it to Harry. "Here, I hope you choke on it."


"This case is now closed." Harry said.


"The hell it is." Dylan said. "If you take unsubstantiated innuendos to the AG you're just like that Assistant DA who tried to charge Ace with murder when it was actually a good shoot."


"That guy had guts to do the right thing." Minor said.


"WHAT, are you turning your back on a decorated agent?"


"He's a decorated FAG and he'd got no business carrying the same badge we do."


"There is no law against being gay now and I'll not stand here and listen to you talk trash about him."


"Fine then you can leave." Harry said putting the chip into his pocket heading for the door and to his car.


`The hell I will.' Dylan thought.


He was brought out of his thoughts by his partner. "OK man, what the hell are we going to do now?" Francine asked.


He turned around and JR was stand there with her. "We're going to dig into this until we have solid proof Ace didn't do what that ass wipe has claimed he has."


"Look, I've known Ace for a while now and he's as solid an agent as they come."


Francine looked at her partner. "Why did you give that dick the memory chip with the statement on it?"


"What makes you think I did?" Dylan replied smiling.


Dylan pulled his recorder out of his pocket and hit the play button. "Man, that thing is ancient. The memory chips fit those machines only. Hell, they won't fit into a chip reader." JR said smiling.


"I know," Masters said giggling. "Besides, it was blank."


"You know, he's going to raise hell when he finds out?" Francine asked.


"Well, by the time he figures it out, we'll have answers of our own."


"How do you propose we do it?" JR asked.


"It's going to be a long night." Dylan started. "It also means we're going to have to do a lot of digging into everything Gale Granger said. JR, some of this you probably won't like having to do but if it means clearing Ace, then we have to. Now, are you with us, here because we can't do it without your help?"


"Alright man, for Ace, I'll do this but I don't like it." JR said relenting.


"Look, I don't either but I refuse to believe Ace is dirty or would have anything to do with kidnapping kids."


JR went over and fired up his computer as Dylan pulled out his recorder. JR reached into his desk and took out a memory card reader. "Here hand me the memory card."


"I thought this couldn't be read except in my player."


JR smiled. "Yeah but I have things most people don't and they don't make these anymore."


Francine smiled and ran her hand down his back. "I knew there was something about you I liked."


Dylan glared at her. "He's spoken for."


"You can't blame a girl for trying." She said as poor JR was turning several shades of red.


JR plugged the reader into his computer and started playing the recording. This first thing he heard was "Agent Mason is on the take. He's been taking money from Wanita Jenkins for months so she can snatch kids and sell them. She always pays him in cash then he deposits it into his bank account at Bank of America. It's always the same branch so I'm sure they have video of him making the deposits."


"How the hell did he know about Bank of America?" Master's asked.


"Well, most agents use that bank. Hell, I do." JR answered.


"OK, can you access Ace's account?" Master's asked.


"You know I can but why?"


"Didn't you hear what Granger said? He claimed there were cash deposits made into his account."


"Large cash deposits would draw red flags." JR fired back."


"I know so this is why I have a hard time believing what Granger is claiming."


"Then why even bother to look." JR asked.


"So we can prove beyond any doubt it's bullshit."


"Alright," JR said as he started typing then a few seconds later JR gasped. "This can't be right."


Everyone gathered around the screen. "What the hell?" Francine said.


"Get me a calendar." JR said. "I want to cross reference these dates."


Francine went over and grabbed s desk calendar. "Here JR."


JR thumbed back and found one of the dates. "Just as I thought, this was a weekday and Bennie was in school."


"But he could have left, gone to the bank and returned." Francine said.


"Could have but wouldn't. He takes his job seriously and Bennie's security comes before anything."


"But it could be said that's how it went down." Francine countered.


JR was about to give her a wakeup call be decided against it. "Whose side are you on, anyway?"


"Ace's, but I'm just telling you how it could be painted."


"Alright," JR relented. "Is there any coffee?"


"I'll make some." Francine said leaving the room.


"Well, right now, this doesn't give us anything to disprove Granger's words."


JR reached up and started playing the recording again. "It's always the same branch so I'm sure they have video of him making the deposits."


"Can you access the security camera footage?" Dylan asked.


"It'll take a while but yeah, I should be able to." JR said.


He started typing again then Francine returned with a cup of fresh coffee. "Here you go JR." She said.


Five cups of coffee and two trips to the bathroom later JR had found the spot on the tape they were looking for. He started running the taped footage. Just then, Francine gasped. "Oh my god."


"This can't be right." Dylan almost shouted in disbelief."


"It sure looks like Ace," Francine said starting to cry.


JR let the tape run then he stopped it. "That's not Ace."


Francine shook her head. "JR you're wearing blinders."


"No I'm not," JR fired back. "Look closely."


She looked at the screen. "I am JR."


"Damn it girl what the hell are you looking at." JR said standing up. "I'm going to the bathroom."


"When you get back, lose your fucking attitude." She screamed then Dylan slapped her in the back of the head. "What the hell was that for?"


"Your attitude." Dylan said.


"MY attitude?" She said. "Look Dylan, his friendship with Ace is clouding his judgment."


"Is it?" Dylan fired back. "Ever since I told you he was gay and wouldn't go after you panties..."


"No I haven't." She said interrupting Dylan.


"Yes you have." Dylan said. "You started it in here rubbing on him back and putting your twat in his face."


She turned red because she knew he was right. "Alright so I was but you know I'm not homophobic."


"But you're wearing blinders. Now look at the screen."


She went over and sat down looking at the monitor. "Oh my god," She said covering her mouth.


"Yeah, see what he saw?" Dylan asked.


"Yeah, I do." She said as JR came back in. "JR I owe you an apology big time."


JR sat down and finished his coffee. "Accepted but loose the attitude."


"You're right and I will." She said. "Can you print that frame?


JR printed the screen and smiled at the quality he was able to get. He yawned then looked at the clock. "Shit, it's 4:30 in the morning. Dusty is going to have my hide for being so late."


"Can't you just tell him you're been working, it's not a lie." Francine asked as she too started yawning.


"Yeah but he'll want to know what I've been working on so late."


"Just tell him the truth." Dylan said. "The more we have on Ace's side the better when the shit hits the fan. Oh, can you make a copy of that memory chip so we'll have one? I know Harry won't be real happy when he finds out it can't be played."


"Good idea," JR said as he dubbed a copy of the memory chip and saved a copy to his computer in a password protected file. "Now, I don't know about you all but I have to get some sleep."


JR closed out of the files he was in then shut the computer down and went home to get some much needed sleep.


He made the drive in half the time it normally would because the traffic was so light. He thought he had managed to get into bed without waking Dusty until he whispered, "It's about time love."


"I was working baby." JR started hoping that would appease his lover."


"Oh?" Dusty asked. "Were you doing the after action reports?"


"Umm well," JR tried to answer.


"Sweetie, what is it?" Dusty asked knowing his love when he tried to side step an issue.


JR finally broke down. "Someone has been out there trying to frame Ace for god awful things."


"What?" Dusty asked leaning up on his elbow. "I know Ace and he's as clean as they come."


"He is baby and we can prove that but if anyone hears the statement, they'll take it on face value and not bother to investigate anything."


JR was almost inconsolable. It took Dusty a good twenty minutes to get JR's emotions under control but by then, JR had fallen asleep.


To be continued