The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 5


I turned to head for the elevator when I heard the door open. I looked and there stood Ben. "Ace, Bennie is asking for you."


"Who's with him now?"


"Agent Hawks is right now," Ben said. "Is something wrong?"


I glared at Morgan. "I think you should ask Agent Morgan."


Ben looked at the agent. "Agent Morgan, is there something I should know?"


"Um, well Sir, it's come to my attention Agent Mason is permanently assigned as your son's guard."


Ben didn't bat an eyelash. "And your job is?"


"I'm head of the White House team."


Ben rubbed his chin. "You're in charge of ground security along with Capitol Police; is this correct?"


"That's correct, Sir."


"So why do you have a problem with my security team? These agents, along with others I'll be meeting later, guard me and my son. You have no responsibility with it.


"I just think the agents should be rotated."


"Well, Agent Morgan," Ben started softly and deliberately. "If any agent on my team isn't working out to my satisfaction or to Agent Miller's, the Director will be notified. Agent Mason is my son's guard and will remain in that position until he wishes reassignment or his performance isn't up to standards. I want every agent working together; if that doesn't happen, changes will be made so it does. Do we understand each other?"


"Yes, Sir."


Morgan turned and left, returning to the White House. We caught the elevator and Ed, Ben, and I went upstairs so I could be with Bennie. On the way up, I looked at Ben and nodded my head mouthing, "Thank you, Sir."


He just smiled as the elevator door opened. I'd never been in Blair House before so this was an experience. I followed Ben down the hall to his suite and was in awe of the decorating. There was a huge living room, and off of that was the bedroom that was like a suite unto itself. Off the bedroom was a bathroom that was as big as the last bedroom I had. "Wow, this place is gorgeous. Where's Bennie's room?"


"He's across the hall."


I was about to head over there when I saw the door open and a head slowly come in then try to look around. "Come in, Bennie." 

He jumped a little then came farther in. "Well, scare someone next time; will ya?" 

"I'll try harder," I said as he went running over to Ben. "What's up?"


Bennie's head was turning between Ben and me. "When's dinner, Dad; I'm hungry."


Ben looked at Ed. "Can you find out for us Agent Miller?"


The instant Ed left I had a boy all over me. "What took you so long?"


I didn't want to let him in on the problem. "I was just taking care of some business, kiddo. There are things I have to know, and there are briefings to attend."


"I thought you were just going to be with me."


We went over and sat down n the sofa. "Yes, that's true. I am your bodyguard but there will be times when I won't be at arms reach."


"What do you mean?"


"Well, tomorrow, after your Dad is sworn in, there is the Presidential Luncheon. You and your Dad will be together at a table with loads of people you or I don't even know, but it's quite an event."


"You won't be there?"


I nodded my head. "I'll be there ... but I won't be eating."


"Why not?"


"This is an occasion you and your dad have to be at. I'll eat during the luncheon ... but not in there."


Bennie was about to ask another question but Ed came in. "Sir, dinner will be ready in about fifteen minutes."


Ben looked at Ed then to me then asked, "Gentlemen, will you join us tonight?"


I had to think quickly because normally I'd have joined them but there are more agents around now than there were when we were in California. I could also see Ed thinking and he beat me to the punch though. "No, sir, I couldn't." 


Ben shook his head. "Agent Miller, I won't take no for an answer." 


"Since you put it that way, Sir, I'll be glad to join you."


Bennie got up and grabbed my hand almost pulling me off the sofa. "Come on Ace, you need to get unpacked."


Now I didn't have all that much to unpack. I had a clean suit and shirt in a garment bag and my other things in a small suitcase. I could have easily done that after dinner but I did need to get the suit out of the bag. Bennie took me across the hall and as soon as the door closed he jumped up, locking his arms around my neck and legs around my waist then got me in a lip lock. I felt my dick getting hard so I gently pulled back. "To what do I owe this?"


He felt my dick pushing against his butt and got a devilish grin on his face so I wrapped my hands under it and moved him around onto my hip. His expression quickly changed. "I missed you ... and I see someone missed me, too."


That kid could kiss better than I ever could at his age. "Well, you sure can kiss sweetie." 


That evil grin came back to his face. "Just wait until tonight."


Now I was getting worried. "Oh, and what did you have in mind?"


He looked me in the eyes then kissed me on the lips again. "I haven't jacked off in a while and I'm ready to burst."


For him that was saying a lot considering I knew his habits. "I think something can be arranged."


I set him on his feet then went over to my room through the connecting door. I got my suit and shirt out of the garment bag and hung it in the closet. I went over to the bed to open my suitcase, then looked up and saw Bennie standing there holding his shirt, with his pants and undies around his ankles. I was again stunned by his beauty staring at his very erect tool. "Do you like what you see?"


I'd have been lying if I'd said no and, given other circumstances, I'd have gone down on him in a minute but things prevented it. He bent down and lifted his pants and undies so he could walk then came right up to me. He took my hand and my two heads started fighting with each other. I knew what he wanted, "Are you sure about this?"


Hi smiled and gently rubbed the palm of my hand over his dick. "Oh yes Ace, touch me please."


"We don't have time to do what I know you want."


I gently caressed his soft, yet very hard dick then moved down to his hairless balls. I pulled my hand back then kissed him on the nose. "Ace, that felt so good."


I kissed him on the lips. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, but now you need to get dressed and I have to pee."


It took me a few minutes to will my hard-on back down so I could empty my bladder but I finally managed. When I went back into my room Bennie was dressed but lying on the bed. "This is comfy, Ace."


I reached down and took his hand, bringing him to his feet. "Are you trying to tell me something?"


He wiggled his eyebrows. "Um, could be."


I reached down and playfully popped him on his butt. "Come on, you horn dog, your dad is waiting for us." 


We came out of Bennie's room just as we saw Ben and Ed come out. "Dad, what will they have to eat?"


Ben looked over at me and winked, "Food."


"Daaaaad!" Bennie shouted.


"He got ya, Bennie," I said giggling.


We went down to the dining room and I was once again blown away at the décor. I wish I could afford a house like this. Everything in there was like stepping back in time to when the house was first built.


We were led to our table, then a waiter came over and told us what was being served for dinner. "Good evening, gentlemen. We have three entrées for you tonight. Our seafood entrée is half of a fresh Alaskan salmon poached in white wine with a little tarragon and capers. Our meat entrée is a ten-ounce prime rib au jus prepared medium rare or medium. If you would prefer it cooked more, let me know. Our vegetarian entrée is a vegetable pot pie. The crust is made from scratch and it is extra flakey. It is filled with fresh carrots, peas, yellow and zucchini squash, baby pearl onions and potatoes. Our vegetable sides are buttered squash, broccoli or asparagus. We also have baked or garlic mashed potatoes. Our beverages include coffee, hot or iced tea, and a variety of soft drinks.


The adults wanted coffee and Bennie asked for some iced tea. "Very well, gentlemen; could I interest you in a cocktail or some wine?"


Ed and I looked at Ben trying to see what he would do. I don't drink that much but on occasions I do enjoy some wine. Ben nodded his head. "Bring us a bottle of your best Merlot."


The waiter smiled then nodded. "Very good, Sir, I'll have your beverages and wine out right away."


Bennie looked at Ben. "Dad, can I have some, too?"


I could tell Ben was in a dilemma. "Son, at home I let you have a little wine, but we're in public."


"But you're going to be the President," Bennie retorted.


"That's true, son, but I still have to abide by the law."


The waiter came over with the wine and uncorked it then looked at Ben. "Three glasses or four glasses, Sir?"


This seemed to take Ben a little off guard but Bennie looked at him with puppy dog eyes. "Four glasses, if you please." Ben replied.


He poured a little wine in Ben's glass. He smelled the bouquet and swirled it in the glass then took a sip. He looked at the waiter and smiled. "Excellent."


The waiter filled the other glasses then left. Bennie took a sip and made a face. "Is Merlot not your favorite?" I asked. 


"It tastes bitter, Ace."


"Merlot is a dry wine, Bennie. It's an acquired taste. Just leave it and drink your tea."


The waiter returned. "Are you ready to place your orders?"


We all decided on the prime rib, baked potatoes and squash. A few minutes later he returned with our salads. I ate half of my salad because I wanted to save room for all the prime rib. Just then my cell phone started vibrating. I excused myself and went outside, "Mason."


"I hope I didn't disturb you, boy. I bet you were with that fag kike."


How the hell did this nut case get access to a phone? I hurried back inside and got Ed's attention. "What do you want?"


"Now, boy, is that any way to talk to a fellow agent?"


"You're no agent, Nate," I spat. "I can't even call you a man.


Ed came outside and I covered the mouthpiece. "It's Nate Hill. Get a trace on my phone."


"I'm more of a man than you are, boy. At least I know who to go to bed with." Nate fired.


I didn't know if I should bait him or not, because I didn't want him to hang up. "What's that supposed to mean. I know who to go to bed with, too."


"Yeah a guy, you sorry faggot. You'll burn in hell."


I had him and this would keep him on the phone. "You're judging me, Nate. God says, judge not and ye shall not be judged."


"Don't quote the Bible to me, fag boy. Heathens like you ain't welcome in any church I know of. You and that faggot kike kid should be right at home and don't get me started on our new President."


Ed came back. "We have him but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack."


I was puzzled. "Come on, Ed; don't talk in riddles."


"He's on an airplane but we don't know which one."


The number wasn't showing up on my cell. "I have a very good idea where he's coming and that's here to DC. It could take a while and he could very well be on the ground when or if we can find the plane he's on.


I was ticked but also curious. "How'd you manage to get access to a phone? I know you're in solitary."


He'd been in there seventy-two hours so I doubted he'd had an arraignment yet. There was no way in hell he'd be able to escape either.


"For a college educated person you're mighty dumb, boy. Haven't you heard of bail?"


This was unreal. I've heard about Federal Judges doing some strange things, but releasing Nate was just plain stupid. "So why are you calling bugging me then?"


"I just wanted to give you a message, fag boy."


I hated that. "And just what that might be?"


"I'm coming after you."


Now I was livid. "Why are you coming after me? What the fuck did I do to you?"


"You took my job away from me."


"You did that all by yourself, Nate," I fired back. "You kidnapped a child and not just any child."


"Big deal, he's a faggot just like you. Sleep well, boy; you'll never know where I might be."


He hung up; then I stood there wondering what to do. Ed tapped me on the shoulder. "Dinner is being served."


"Great, my stomach's in a huge knot now. After dinner, we have some work to do and we can't let on to them what it's about."


Ed and I returned to the table and attempted to eat as if nothing was going on. I made small talk with Bennie but I think he knew something was wrong. He was giving me a `what's wrong' look and try as I might, I couldn't remove the thoughts that were going through my head.


We finally managed to get through our meal. While the adults had coffee, Bennie managed to eat a huge piece of Death by Chocolate cake. If I had that, I would need a gurney to get back to the room. We escorted Ben and Bennie upstairs, then Ed and I had to get to work. "Bennie, why don't you watch some TV with your dad? Ed and I have some work to do." 


"Aw, Ace, do you have to?"


I wrapped my arm around his shoulder. "Afraid so, kiddo; Ed and I are agents twenty-four hours a day."


He gave me a hug then I followed Ed into his room. My first call was to Evelyn. "Hi, Ace, how's things at Blair House?"


"The place is too gorgeous, but this isn't a social call. Some goofy Federal Judge granted Nate Hill bond and he's..." 


"Hang on, Ace," She interrupted.


I thought the line went dead, then I heard another voice. "Ace, can you start over?"


The Director came on. "Yes, Sir; I told Evelyn that some goofy Federal Judge let Nate Hill out on bond."


"Hold up, Ace; how do you know this?" The Director asked.


"I got a phone call from him. This guy had the gall to call me and, to top it off, make it clear he was coming after me."


Evelyn stepped in. "Ace, I'm going to have to change your assignment."


I was shaking my head. "No way, Bennie would have a fit."


Byron came in. "Ace, I've contacted the three Washington airports and sent their respective Airport Police Departments his photograph. I'm also looking at the arrivals and a flight landed at Dulles twenty minutes ago."


"Put out a BOLO to Metro and Capital Police, too, and the local car rental agencies."


"I'm ahead of you there," The Director replied. The rental car agencies were the first people I called when I learned a flight had landed. Every agent has been notified as well. They should be getting text messages along with his photo telling them to arrest him on sight."


I set the phone down and put it on speaker. Ed set a scanner on the table then his phone rang. Ed covered his mouthpiece. "Director, how'd Avis get my phone number?"


"I gave you as the person of contact. Evelyn, I want you in DC, ASAP."


"OK, Byron, but you'll need to authorize another flight from California to DC. I wasn't planning on leaving until early tomorrow morning."


"Well, get packed," I heard Byron say.


"This woman always travels light, Byron. Remember I still have my apartment in DC."


I saw Ed flip his phone closed. "Avis rented a car to someone fitting the general description of Hill. He paid in cash and gave a VA driver's license in the name of Mark Hall. She's faxing me the contract and a copy of the license."


I slipped out into the hall and went to my room so I could get my laptop. I returned to Ed's room and quickly got it booted. "The only thing I can't figure out is where he'll spend the night. All the hotels and motels in the surrounding area are booked solid."


Byron came on again. "I just got off the phone with Metro and Capital police. They're bringing an extra shift in at 10 PM and they'll be hitting all the hotels and motels just to be sure he didn't slip in. Ace, I'm not going to reassign you, but I am ordering you to have your vest on."


"You want me to wear a vest under a shirt and tie, sir? I'll really stick out like a sore thumb."


Ed went into his closet. "Here, try this on."


I looked at it and it was more form fitting. I slipped my shirt and tie off and tried the vest on. "This is rather comfortable."


"So I can take that to mean you'll wear it then, Mason?"


Me and my big mouth but tomorrow was going to be cold. "Yes sir, I'll wear it."


I heard Evelyn's voice in the background. "Ace, I hope it'll be that easy when I ask you something."


Ed had to slap his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing out loud as I glared at him. "For you Evelyn, I'd do anything."


"Alright everyone," Byron started. "Everything that can be done is done for now. Keep your eyes open and I'll see you tomorrow. Agent Miller, you're point of contact for Metro and Capital police, also. Ace, I'm making you number two, under Ed, so don't argue with me. You are proving yourself to be quite a competent field agent.


I felt Ed was going to have a busy night. "Ed, Ace, I'll see you tomorrow. If either of you need me, you know how to get me."


We closed our phones then sat down as I ran my hand over my head. "This is not how I planned on starting this assignment. I figured once Nate Hill was out of Ben and Bennie's life, things would go smooth."


Ed sighed. "You mean as smooth as it can be for us agents. Come on with me while I take a walk around the place. I'm glad the Director made you my second in command. Personally I think you'd have made an excellent Special Agent in Charge."


I shook my head. "Ed, you and a number of other agents are much senior to me, so I felt you're more deserving."


Ed shook his head. "I've had the position offered to me before and I've turned it down every time. Besides, you've got command experience from the Air Force."


We left and took the stairs down to the first floor. The first person we saw was Johnny Hawks. Every one of us just called him Hawks. He was full blooded Cherokee and served in the Marines. I was a pretty big guy, but Hawks made me look small. He was three inches taller than I was and was a good twenty-five pounds heavier, but there was very little fat on him. He carried a Bowie knife strapped to his right leg and I've seen him throw it. To say he was good would be an understatement. I slapped him on the shoulder like I always do. "How's it going, Hawks?"


"I hear Nate Hill is on the loose."


Ed nodded his head. "You hear right, my friend. We don't know where he is right now but I doubt he'd try to come here."


Hawks looked at me. "I feel he's coming to make trouble."


I nodded my head. "That's all he knows."


"He won't get in here," Hawks replied while standing to stretch."


I shook my head. "I don't think he'll come here because he knows it would be like trying to get into Ft. Knox."


"Why don't you call it a night, Johnny? We're going to have a very busy day tomorrow."


Ed and I went around and made sure all the doors were locked, then we retired for the evening. I knocked on Ben's door and Bennie answered it. "It's about time."


He grabbed my arm pulling me inside. After closing the door, I was led over to the sofa then had a lap full. While father and son were watching television, Bennie decided to get comfortable and had stripped down to his undies. Bennie got comfy on my lap and proceeded to fall asleep. I was holding my sleeping angel and running the evenings developments through my head. "Penny for your thoughts, Ace."


I shook my head. "Nothing, Sir; it's just been a long day."


"Don't try to bullshit me, Ace, I can read Bennie like a book and I've come to read you the same way."


I didn't want to talk with Bennie on my lap so I stood up and took him into the master suite. I returned and sat back down. "We have a situation that's developed. Nate Hill was released on bond, and he's on his way to DC."


"I take it you have this under control?"


I nodded. "Yes, Sir, we're doing all we can for right now. Metro and Capital Police have been notified. All the agents involved with the Inauguration have also been informed."


"Then it seems as if I have nothing to worry about."


I smiled. "No, Sir, we're on top of this, but your security will be a little tighter."


"I knew keeping you on was the right move."


Just then something hit me. I wondered if Pete Morgan had been notified. "Excuse me for a minute, Sir," I said pulling out my cell phone and punching in a phone number. "Agent Morgan, this is Agent Rich Mason."


I guess I interrupted something because he was in a surly mood. "Yeah, what is it Mason?"


"Did you get the text message and photo from Director Tibbs?"


"Yeah, I did," He snapped back. "I AM the agent in charge here."


"Then you realize he might try to get on the grounds."


"Mason, Hill was a fine agent. He's innocent until proven guilty."


"Yes, he is and he's out on bond. He's violated his bond already by leaving California."


"And you're sure of this how?" He questioned.


"Listen, Agent Morgan," I started a bit perturbed.


"Don't take that tone with me, Mason."


"As I was saying, I'm sure of this because he called me."


"Yeah right, Mason. Nate called you laying out his plans." Morgan spat back.


"That's right and I suggest you check your fax machine." I fired back. "There is a warrant out for his arrest because his bond was revoked. Hold on, I have another call."


"Don't put me on hold."


I put him on hold; "Mason."


"Hi, Ace, I'm in the air. I should be there in about three hours."


"Evelyn, I'm going to bring you into a conference call. I'm trying to fill your brother in on Nate Hill."


I brought her into the call and she just listened. "It's about time, Mason. Now I'll say this again; Nate Hill is innocent until proven guilty."


"Agreed Morgan but there is an arrest warrant out for him, none the less."


"You're full of shit," He snapped.


"Is that right, Pete?" A voice came on.


"Uh, Evelyn, is that you?"


"Yes, it is. Now I've heard just about enough of your mouth. Your position is on very thin ice, Pete. I've received a lot of complaints lately."


"Now, Sis, it's not what it seems."


"Morgan, would you like your memory refreshed?"


"That won't be necessary. You all will have my full cooperation."


I could hear exasperation in Evelyn's voice. "Pete, I should have that already. All the agents need to work as a team, no matter what their assignment. Ace, I'll see you at the Capitol. Pete, we'll be talking too. Good night."


I closed my phone and I saw Ben giving me a strange look. "Is there a problem, Ace?"


I smiled then sat down beside him. "Nothing that can't be handled, Sir."


Ben was about to say something when a voice was heard. "How'd I get in Dad's bed?"


Bennie came over and took his place back on my lap. "Your dad and I had some things to discuss and I thought you'd be more comfortable in a bed."


"Well, I think I'll be more comfortable in my bed." Bennie replied, kissing me on the cheek.


Ben lifted his son's chin. "Is there another reason you want to go to bed now?"


Bennie got that evil grin again. "I can wait if you and Ace have more business to discuss."


Ben smiled. "I thought so."


"So you're saying it's OK, Dad?"


"Can I really stop you?" Ben asked.


I stepped in. "If you'd rather we wouldn't, Sir, I'll honor that request."


Bennie looked at me. "Hey, whose side are you on?"


I kissed his nose. "I love you, baby, but I'm not going to go against your dad's wishes."


He got those sad puppy dog eyes on again; "Dad?"


"I trust you two," Ben said, patting his son on the knee.


Bennie got up and hugged Ben, then grabbed me by the hand. "Yippee, come on, Ace."


"Not so fast, horn dog." Do you remember what we talked about?"


His face sunk. "Ace, you heard Dad."


"That I did, sweetie, but you know tomorrow is a big day. Now, are you ready for bed?"


Bennie got up and hugged Ben then slipped his shorts on. Ben came over and shook my hand. "I'll see you both in the morning."


We left Ben's suite then went across the hall. As soon as the door closed, Bennie was in my arms. "Ace, why can't we do anything? You heard Dad."


"That I did, but time is the issue. Making love should never be hurried."


I saw him thinking what I said over in his mind. "I guess you're right."


To be continued