The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 51


"Good, I want my plate empty when I go on vacation." I said trying to relax. "Now, what about all that money in my bank account?"


"Don't worry; it will be put back where it belongs." Dusty said.


"I still don't understand how come red flags didn't go off when all that money was put in there."


"Ace, relax," Dusty said. "Justice is handling this so just relax, you're not in trouble."


I took a deep breath. "Easy for you to say but tomorrow I think Adam and I will make a little visit to see Gale Granger."


"Ace, please." JR said. "You have every right to be mad but to be honest I think you should back off now."


I mulled over what JR just told me in my mind. "Alright JR, you win."


JR shut his computer down then he and Dusty left for the day so I returned to the residence. I let Ben know I was back then headed for Bennie's room. Bennie was on his bed with his laptop as I entered. "What are you doing love?"


"I just finished studying for tomorrow's final." He said as he closed the lid and took it off his lap. "Will you be with me tomorrow?"


"After the day we had today, you know I will." I said sitting on the bed and held him close to me.


Tuesday morning I took Bennie to school. While he was taking his math final I was met by Dusty and Ed. "Hi Ace, is James in?"


I nodded my head. "He is Dusty."


Dusty went inside while Ed and I chatted. "He's come a long way in a short while, you made a wise choice."


"Thanks but you know I didn't want that job." I said as I watched Dusty and James talk through the window.


They were in there several minutes then he and Ed went outside. I was going to go with them when I heard Bennie. "Ed, Ed."


"What are you doing out here in the hall?" Ed asked.


"I just finished my final exam in math, what are you doing here?"


"I'm here with Dusty. We're checking things out in preparation for your graduation."


"Why the big deal?" Bennie asked.


"The big deal is you and your Dad." Ed said as Dusty came out of the office.


"My Dad, you mean he agreed to talk to everyone?"


"Yes he did." I said as Bennie broke out into a smile from ear to ear then gave me a hug.


I heard a voice behind say, "Get a room you two."


I looked and there was Jake and Carl. "Speak for yourself." I said returning the ribbing. "How did you sleep back at your own home?"


"Good but I liked being at the White House." Carl replied.


"Do you have a ride home?"


"Yeah, Dad got me a used car as a graduation gift."


Jake and Carl went on their way while Dusty, Ed, Bennie and I returned to the White House. When we returned Bennie headed to his room and Ben caught me. "Ace, this came in the mail for you."


He handed me the envelope and I looked at the return address. It was from my bank so I wondered what they wanted since all my banking was done online. I opened it and started reading.


Agent Mason,

This is to inform you that your accounts held at this bank have been ordered closed and all monies frozen.



Bank of America


I went into orbit. "Ben, can you read this?"


I handed him the letter. "They can't do that unless they have a good reason."


"I'd love to know what their reason is." I said.


"Why don't you go over there and see what's going on?"


I nodded my head still doing a slow boil. "I will Sir."


I headed to Bennie's room. "Hey love, I have to go out for a little bit."


"What's going on baby?" He asked looking up from his laptop.


"I wish I knew." I answered then pulled out my cell phone. "JR, are you busy?"


"No Ace, what's up?"


"I'll fill you in when I get down there." I said ending the call.


I hurried to the West Wing and when I arrived, Dusty and JR were going over some files. "Hi Ace." Dusty said smiling.


JR saw me and he could tell something was definitely wrong. "Ace, what is it?"


I handed him the letter. "Holy shit, they can't do that."


"Well, it seems they have. Can you come with me?"


JR got up. "Sure, let's go but you better calm down before we get there."


JR and I left the office then headed over to the branch of BA I use. On the way over I let JR read the letter they sent me which told us a whole lot of nothing. When we entered the bank, I showed the guard my credentials then he led us over to the branch manager's office. He looked up at us. "Yes gentlemen, how may I help you?"


I handed him the letter. "Well, for starters, you can explain this."


He read it then set it on his desk. "It's like the letter says, the account has been frozen."


"Why and on whose orders?"


"I'm not at liberty to say." He said.


JR opened his credentials and dropped them on the man's desk. "We're federal officers and you can't freeze an account without some sort of a court order."


"As I said, I'm not at liberty to discuss this matter."


JR was about to say something but I tapped him on the back and motioned to the door. We walked out and JR looked at me. "Where are we going?"


"To have a talk with Judge Matthews." I said as we got into the charger.


It took us about ten minutes to get to the courthouse then we made our way to his courtroom. I eased the door open and peeked inside just as I heard a gavel bang. I saw him leave the bench and head to his chambers so we decided to go in. We headed to the front of the courtroom and stopped at the bailiff's desk. "Is Judge Matthews free?" I asked.


The bailiff made a call. "He'll be right with you."


JR and I sat down and waited. We'd just sat down when the door opened. "Ace, what can I do for you?"


We went into his chambers and I handed him the letter. "Your Honor, when I was at the bank, the manager said he was not at liberty to discuss this."


"We'll see about this." Cal said as he picked up his phone.


I couldn't hear what was going being said at the other end of the phone but the last thing I heard Cal say was, "Sir, you can either talk to me here on the phone or in front of me in my chambers, now what is it going to be."


The next thing I saw Cal slamming his phone down. He pulled out a paper and started filling it out then he handed it to me. "I'll bring him to you."


JR and I returned to the bank and the guard tried to stop us. I slapped the paper into his hand as JR stepped in front of the man. "I wouldn't try and interfere now."


The guard looked at the paper then handed it back stepping out of the way. We went into the branch manager's office and again he said. "I told you I'm not at liberty to discuss this."


JR dropped the paper on his desk and the manager read it then his face lost all its color. "Now you can come with us."


"Um now can't we work something out?" The manager started stuttering trying to protect his ass.


I took my phone out and called Cal. It took a few minutes then he answered. "Ace, are you on your way here?"


"Well Your Honor, it seems the manager now wants to cooperate." I said answering him.


"I thought he might. If he doesn't cooperate fully tell him he'll be a guest of the court tonight."


The manager's eyes got big when he heard that then he opened a desk drawer and pulled out a file folder. "Agent Mason, this is the letter we received."


I read it out loud. "Your Honor, don't the Federal Banking Regulators have to have a court order to freeze someone's account?"


"In most cases they do." Cal answered. "But it seems here they quoted a statue that covers the Patriot Act."


"WHAT, the Patriot Act?" I almost shouted.


The manager took over. "Agent Mason, it seems there were questionable deposits made into your account."


JR interrupted him. "We know all about that and who actually did it. We just don't know how he managed to get hold of Agent Mason's account number. Now, can you unlock this account?"


He started to say something when Cal spoke. "Sir, I can have a Federal Court order in your hands in less than ten minutes if you want to do this the hard way."


"Umm, very well Your Honor." The manager said softly relenting to Cal's pressure.


"Now, I expect you to cooperate fully with these agents. Do we understand each other?"


"Yes Your Honor, they'll have my total cooperation."


I ended the call then the manager went to work opening my account. After several minutes he looked up. "I'm having a problem."


JR stepped behind the desk. "May I get in here?"


The manager stood up and JR went to work. It took him about fifteen minutes of steady typing but he finally managed to get the account open. "Man, these guys are playing hard ball."


Once the account was open, I called Ed so I could find an exact dollar amount of money that had been stolen from us. He managed to get me a figure then I had that transferred from my account back to its proper owner.


We were about to leave when two men knocked on the manager's door, came in then closed the door. "Weren't you informed that account was to be closed and not to be open under any circumstances?"


The manager stood. "Get out of here. You can say what you want but when a Federal court judge speaks, I listen."


"We'll see about that." One man said with a definite attitude. "Who are you?"


I showed him my ID. "Now, we know all about what you tried to do and why but every penny stolen from the Secret Service is back where it belongs."


"So what, you have to answer for taking the funds to begin with." He snapped.


JR looked at the man. "And you can prove that Agent Mason took the money?"


"Well, connected the dots. The money was in his account."


"That doesn't really mean anything." JR retorted. "All it means is someone got access to Agent Mason's account and dumped it in there."


"That's up to you to prove otherwise."


"That's bull." I fired.


"Have you read the Patriot Act?"


"Don't tell me my job." I countered. "It's still the job of the government to prove their allegations beyond a reasonable doubt."


The regulator took out another piece of paper. "Now, shut that account."


I'd had enough. "You're going to violate a Federal Judge's ruling?"


He stood there not saying a word until I waved my cuffs. "Now wait a minute. You had money in your account that didn't belong to you."


"You're right there but Agent Mason wasn't the one that put it there and if you'd care to look, it's back where it belongs."


"We want to know who took it."


"Sorry man, that's our case." I said.


"We'll see." The cocky one fired.


"They won't tell you anything," I said as they stopped in their tracks.


"You don't know the relation we have with the US Attorney."


"Good luck," I said. "There is a new US Attorney in town so you might have to build a new bridge."


JR and I walked past them and headed for the door. On the way back to the residence, JR started giggling. "I hope they're not looking for David Miller."


"They'll have a long wait." I said as we pulled in the back gate. When we parked, Johnny was out with Tonka. He walked up as I was being licked. "It's nice to see Ed back again."


"That it is." I said as we headed towards the elevator.


As soon as we got inside, my cell went off. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, there is an FBI agent here going ballistic trying to interrogate someone."


"Who," I asked?


"Wanita Jenkins." The Deputy Marshall replied.


"Get him out of there now and I don't care how you have to do it."


"You got it." The Marshall said then I ended the call.


I hurried into my office then got 2 calls going at the same time. I put a call into Adam and to Franco Garcia. Adam was the first to pick up. "Adam, get over to the jail."


"What's going on?" Adam asked.


"Some damn FBI Agent is trying to interrogate Wanita Jenkins and is going postal. I told the Marshall to get him out of there by any means necessary."


"Have you called the FBI yet?"


"I'm trying to get the Agent in charge on the phone now."


"If you can't, I want you at the jail too." Adam said.


"Alright Adam," I said knowing I didn't really have a choice then ended the call.


Garcia's phone was still ringing so I hung up and left for the jail. "Johnny, tell Bennie I had to go out and I'll be back as fast as I can."


After a fifteen minute drive through the DC rush hour traffic I finally arrived at the jail. I showed my credentials then locked my weapon and extra magazines up. I caught an elevator to the sixth floor and as soon as I stepped off, I heard a female shrieking at the top of her lungs. There on the floor was someone cuffed with his hands behind his back. "What's going on?"


The Marshall looked at me. "Are you Mason?"


"I am." I answered. "Who is he?"


"I don't know," He said as I started to search him. I found his credentials. "Let's see, it says his name is Dale Morris."


"Ace, what's going on?" I heard a familiar voice ask.


Before I could answer, Jenkins started screaming. "Get me the hell outta here."


"Shut up lady!" I fired back.


"I'll have your asses for this." She shouted.


I looked at the Marshall. "Take her back to her cell please and I'll deal with this jerk."


The Marshall helped me get this guy to his feet then we brought him into the room where Jenkins was then he returned her to her cell.


Adam joined me then the Marshall stopped by the cell. "What did you do to him?" Adam asked.


"He had to be tased because he wouldn't back off the prisoner. I've never seen anything like this before. He was yelling and screaming at her demanding she talk and she kept saying she wanted her attorney."


Adam shook his head. "God I hope he hasn't sent this case down the crapper."


"Relax man, you didn't send him here but I want to know who did and why." I said as I pulled my cell out again.


I tried to call Garcia again and I was in luck. "Garcia."


"Franco, this is Agent Mason."


"Yes, what can I do for you?"


"For starters, you can tell me just what the hell is going on over here at the detention center."


"What do you mean what's going on at the detention center?"


"Just what I said man, some agent named Dale Morris is over here and he went postal on Wanita Jenkins."


"He's not one of mine." Garcia said leaving me more confused than before.


"OK then who is he?" I asked.


"I'll have to do some digging but he might be with the Director's special investigation team."


This was new to me but he wasn't my problem. "As soon as you find out, contact the Acting US Attorney Adam Graham."


I ended the call as the agent came too. "What the fuck?" he said trying to move his arms.


"Sit there and be quiet." I said.


"Like hell, let me go this instant."


"If you can sit there and remain calm."


He didn't have much of a choice. I went to remove his cuffs then he tried getting feisty so I backed up and sat down leaving him handcuffed. "Get me out of these."


I shook my head. "Not a chance. Now, if you want out of those cuffs and here, for that matter, you'll start talking."


"I ain't saying shit to you."


"Well buddy, you better start talking to me and fast if you value your career."


"Who the hell are you?"


Adam showed him his credentials, then the agent seemed to calm down, "I'm the Acting US Attorney."


"Good, that woman has some names and information your predecessor was very interested in."


"Oh, and what was that?" Adam asked.


The agent looked at me then shook his head. "Nope, this is for your ears only."


"Guard," Adam shouted.


One of the Marshalls came up and opened the gate. I looked at him. "Are you going to press charges?"


He shook his head. "Nah, he didn't lay a hand on me."


"Alright," I said then removed his cuffs. When we got outside, I got Adam aside. "Call me later and tell me what the hell is going on."


"I will Ace, you can count on that."


The agent left with Adam and I returned to the residence. I made it back just in time to get washed up for dinner. Gloria made her Mexican meatloaf along with roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables. After dinner Bennie and I went to relax since tomorrow was officially his last day at school. No sooner had we sat down when my cell went off. I looked at it and Adam was calling. I excused myself and took the call. "Yes Adam, what's up?"


"Ace, this guy is a real piece of work."


"Was he trying to do David's dirty work for him? I asked.


"It seems so. He's been dropping your name more times than I could count."


I was livid. "What was he saying?"


"He said you were behind the theft of the money at the Secret Service and you had paid Wanita Jenkins."


"Well, we have the facts supporting otherwise." I said.


"I have a feeling he's going to try to push for your arrest."


"Can't you stop this charade?" I asked trying to remain calm.


"Yes, I'll issue a cease and desist order to them then if they continue they can explain themselves before a judge."


"Sounds good Adam, this crap has to come to an end."


"Tomorrow I'm going to have a meeting with Ms. Jenkins and her attorney."


"What have you got in mind?" I asked.


"I've been thinking about offering a plea."


"A plea," I almost shouted,


"Yes because I want to bring some closure to this case."


"Just make sure she does some serious jail time and that she never works with kids again."


"That's for sure," Adam said then he ended the call.


As soon as that call ended another came in. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Franco Garcia."


"Tell me you have some good news." I said hoping this day would end.


"Well it all depends. It seems Agent Morris was doing some leg work for the former US Attorney."


"Leg work," I asked. "David Miller committed perjury in front of Judge Matthews and is now awaiting trial on those charges. As you know, he's been replaced."


"I do and he's trying to sell Mr. Graham on him continuing his investigation."


"I think you might want to speak with Adam, he's had his fill of all this and want to get this case closed. Have you found out anything on the children rescued at the warehouse?"


"Yes we did and a photo lineup with Ms. Jenkins's picture in there and she was picked out as the woman who took the children."


"What state were they removed from?" I asked.




"That's Federal kidnapping," I said smiling inwardly.


"It is but Dale Morris is trying to secure a deal with her."


"He doesn't have that right, only the prosecutor can make a deal and Adam isn't about to unless it's on his terms. One more thing, you better tell Morris to lay off unless he wants to be telling a judge why he's putting his nose into a case the US Attorney has asked him to stop investigating."


"I will." Franco said then we ended the call.


I tossed the phone on my desk then closed my eyes. It seemed I had a target on me and there wasn't shit I could do to shake it and it was making me mad so I decided to call Adam back. I talked with him and he tried to alleviate my fears. "Ace, I'm not about to bring a case forward that I know is based on perjured testimony."


"So how are you going to get this guy to back off?"


"Leave that to me." Adam said.


"Alright buddy," I said then ended the call.


I wasn't sure what he had in mind but I didn't have much of a choice but to trust him. My head was killing me so I found my Advil and took two, then went back to Bennie's room. I started getting undressed when my phone rang again. "Ace, don't people know it's 9PM and you're off duty?"


"I know it's late love but I'm never off duty." I answered then took the call.


"Ace, can you meet me at the school tomorrow."


"Sure Dusty but why?"


"I have things laid out for the President's arrival for the graduation."


"What time?" I asked.


"How does 10am sound?"


"Well, since Bennie had his last exam today, tomorrow is just a day where they clean out their lockers."


"When was the last time they were checked?" Dusty asked.


"Tonka makes his rounds everyday and when he finds something, it's dealt with then. He's only found contraband once this entire semester."


"That says a lot for the school." Dusty said.


"That it does and it says something for the kids too."


"OK buddy, I'll see you tomorrow at 10 then." Dusty said then ended the call.


"You have to work tomorrow baby?" Bennie asked.


"I work every day." I said slipping into bed.


"I know but tomorrow is the last day and all we have to do is clean out our lockers and turn books in."


"I know that's why Dusty wants to meet me there at 10."


"Oh, so can I drive tomorrow?"


I knew this was coming. "Yes you can and maybe this time it was be an uneventful trip."


"Tell me about it. It cost over $5,000 to fix the dings in the car and to repair the glass after that idiot used it for target practice."


I know baby but look, it did its job."


Bennie smiled then patted the bed as he lifted the covers. I slid in then we snuggled close and watched television. I don't remember exactly what time it was but the next thing I remember was waking up with an aching bladder. I looked at my watch and it was a little after six so I eased myself out of bed and took a much needed piss.


I didn't have to get up but I also knew there was no going back to sleep so I decided to get a shower. I slipped across the hall and got some clean clothes then got my shower. When I was done, I got dressed and Bennie was still sleeping soundly. I quietly went out to the dining room and got myself a cup of coffee. "Good morning Señor Ace." Gloria said in a chipper voice.


"Good morning Gloria." I replied sitting down to have my morning wake up.


"Why are you up so early?" She asked.


"My internal alarm clock it still set on school time."


She laughed. "Breakfast isn't for another ninety minutes but I have some fresh biscuits about to come out of the oven I'll bring in for you."


"Gloria, you know those are my weakness." I said as I got another cup of coffee.


"Enjoy Señor Ace." She said disappearing into the kitchen.


A few seconds later the smell of freshly baked bread began to make its way into the dining room and my mouth began to water. I took a sip of coffee then she set a platter of biscuits on the table. I tried to be a gentleman and only have one but once you've had her biscuits, there is no stopping at one.


After my third, I had to turn away or else I'd have eaten the whole platter full. I looked at my watch and decided it was time for Bennie to get up. I opened the door and he was still sleeping soundly. I gently shook his shoulder and got a moan in return. "Come on sleepy head, breakfast will be served shortly."


"Oh Ace, come on." My lover moaned then pulled the covers over his head.


I went into the bathroom and turned the water on full blast. I waited a minute then Bennie flew out of the bed and into the bathroom. "No fair," He said as his bladder emptied into the toilet.


When he was finished, I playfully popped him on the butt. "Now, get your shower or I'll send Gloria in to get you."


His eyes got big. "You wouldn't baby."


I giggled then went back to the dining room. "I will if you don't get your shower."


Just as the door closed I heard a loud, "Meany."


I just giggled when returned to the dining room. My nose led me back as I saw Gloria set a fresh batch of biscuits on the table. She saw me enter then lifted the lid and set one on my plate. "Gloria, you're going to spoil me."


"Yo ya tengo," (I already have) She said returning to the kitchen.


She was right, I loved her cooking and there was no way I could ever learn to cook as good as she could. I polished off the warm biscuit then saw Bennie come in. "Morning sweetie."


"Ungh," Bennie moaned then sat down while I get him his juice.


Ben came in and saw his son still half asleep. "Did someone have a long night?"


Bennie cocked an eye open. "Ungh, no dad, I'm still sleepy."


"What time did you fall asleep?" Ben asked.


I shook my head. "I don't know sir, we were watching television and that was the last thing I remember."


Ben and I talked for a few minutes then Gloria came in with breakfast. As soon as the food was set down, Bennie's eyes popped open and he started filling his stomach. "Well, someone woke up quickly."


I laughed then dove in. I was almost done with my omelet when Gloria came in with yet another platter of biscuits. My stomach was reaching maximum capacity but I just had to have another biscuit. I quickly polished it off when I heard the elevator door open. "Down Tonka," I heard a voice say as Tonka came bounding into the dining room.


Bennie had finished his breakfast so he took him outside so he could do his morning business. "Dusty, are you all set for the graduation?"


"I think so," He replied as he fixed a cup of coffee and had one of Gloria's biscuits.


"Tell me what you'll need as far as men and equipment."


He pulled out his notebook and started looking at his notes. "Well, I've seen an entrance by the gym that the President can enter and exit through."


I knew of that door but I also knew of some logistical issues. "What about the ball field?" I asked.


"That area is fenced off with a twenty foot chain link fence and I've inspected it and there aren't any areas where someone could get through it."


"Alright but I think we're going to need some kind of a screen so people can't look through the fence and possibly discharge a weapon."


"I've already got the covered. The school has agreed to take care of that so that would provide another level of safety for their students when they are outside."


"When will that be completed?" I asked as I finished my coffee.


"Mr. Robinson assured me it would be completed by the middle of next week."


I heard the elevator doors open again and the patter of Tonka's paws followed by Bennie and Ed. Ben looked over. "Good morning Mr. Director."


"Good morning Sir, but Ed will do just fine."


Ben let out with one of his laughs. "Alright Ed and I want to thank you for assuming the position of Director of the Secret Service."


"I never thought of myself as a politician but I will do the very best job I can for the agency."


"I know you will which is why I decided on you for the job." Ben acknowledged.


"How's my replacement coming along Ace?"


"You taught him well," I said. "He's got the school ready for the graduation."


Ed beamed when I said that. "You picked a good successor Ace."


"I know I did, Ed." I said. "Now Dusty, what else will need to be done?"


"Well, there isn't a covered area the limo can pull under that can be enclosed so we'll need to get one set up so the President can exit the car and enter the building unseen."


"Make it happen then that entire area will need to be sealed off so the area can remain totally secure." I said finishing my coffee.


"Right Ace," Dusty replied. "Now we have several routes laid out for the convoy."


"Let's see them," I said.


Dusty took out a map and laid it out on the table. I saw several routes highlighted in different colors. "Which color have you designated for the primary route?"


"Yellow," Dusty replied.


I saw Ed looking at the map. "I like this Dusty, it's direct yet there aren't many places someone can hide."


"That's one reason I chose this route. It took me several days to lay it out and drive it so I would know what to expect."


Ben was taking this all in too. "Agent Moore, you've out done yourself."


Ed patted him on the back. "I agree with the President, you've done a fine job here."


"Thanks but let's hope next Friday night goes as smoothly as we've planned."


"When is your first briefing with the advance team scheduled?" Ed asked.


"I've scheduled that for Wednesday afternoon after I've spoken with Mr. Robinson."


Ed thought for a moment. "You might want to have the first meeting a little earlier. This way any contingencies can be made in case."


"In case," Dusty asked.


"In case something goes belly up at the last minute." I said. "Is there enough material here to cover that fence around the ball field in case the school can't come through?"


"I've checked with maintenance here and it would take every foot of what we have here to do the job not counting the time it would take to install it." Dusty said answering my question.


"How much time would we be looking at?" I asked.


"I think the chief said it would take every man he had the better part of a day to cover the fence. The down side to that is there would be no one left here in case a project came up."


"I can stop in and see Mr. Robinson while Bennie is cleaning out his locker."


Ben looked up. "I think that's a good idea, maybe the work at the school will start ahead of time."


If that would be the case it would take a lot of worry off my shoulders. Bennie came in wearing his school shirt and a pair of shorts. Ben saw this right away. "Is that your outfit for the day?"


Bennie nodded his head. "Yeah Dad, today's the last day and Mr. Robinson said we could dress casually."


Ben nodded then gave his son a hug. "I'll let you all know what I find out at the school, we should be back in no more than a couple of hours."


Bennie headed for the elevator. I was right behind him and when I caught up with him, I put my hands on his butt. He looked up at me and grinned, "Later baby."


"That's not what I was doing, where's your wallet?"


"Oops," Bennie said then hurried to his room.


When he returned he waved it at me then we headed down to the ground floor. Bennie got us to school without incident and when we pulled into the parking lot, we was surrounded by a lot of his friends. I stepped out followed by Tonka then went around and got Bennie. "Nice wheels Jacobs." A voice said from the back.


I looked around to see who said it. "Yeah, I like it." Bennie replied.


Wanna race?" The voice asked again.


"Nah, I'd leave you in the dust." Bennie replied causing everyone to start laughing.


"Why don't you put your car where your mouth is?" He said again but this time Bennie saw the instigator.


He walked through the crowd of boys. "Do you think I'm really that stupid?"


"I think you're just scared." He said.


"I'm not scared but I'm not crazy either." Bennie fired back.


"Yeah right," the kid retorted.


Bennie looked around the lot. "I don't see anything here that could beat this car. Besides, I'm not about to lose my car to the police."


"You're a wuss."


I decided to step in. "Hey chill out. Bennie is using his brains. Do any of you know what would happen if you're caught drag racing?"


The kid shot his mouth off again. "Yeah, I do."


"Alright tell me." I fired back.


"Nothing, because they wouldn't be able to catch me," The kid said with a cocky attitude.


"Oh really," I asked. "You might be able to out run their cars but you won't be able to out run their radios."


"What's that mean?" He asked.


"Simple, it means they can talk to other police units and they'll be waiting for you plus you can't out run their eyes in the sky."


"Yeah, yeah, yeah," The kid said. "You just don't want to race that GTO over there."


I walked over and looked at it. "Man, that is a nice car but that 350 is no match for what's under the hood of Bennie's car."


"Oh, what's the top end?" The kid asked.


"I've had our Chargers to 120 and that wasn't even its top end."


"Yeah right," The kid shot back.


Just then Dusty and Johnny pulled into the lot. His car was almost identical to Bennie's. I went over followed by the kid. "Hi Dusty, can you pop the hood on your car for me?"


He did then I finished raising it. Everyone gasped, "That car is all engine."


I had to laugh. "Almost, now take a look at the speedometer."


The cocky one stuck his head inside, "No way."


"I'm afraid so. These cars have been clocked at over 130 and there was still room for more on the accelerator."


That finally shut him up. "Alright, I'd lose but I'll still take you on."


"Then I hope you'd be ready to have your car confiscated and have to pay a huge fine." I said trying to put an end to this."


"Are you some waking goodie, goodie?" The kid said.


Jake walked over to him. "Why can't you put a sock in it? Ace is trying to tell you you're being an ass."


"Yeah right Wheeler."


I walked over to him. "Jake is right, you're being a real jerk and Bennie isn't going to bite on accepting your challenge."


I turned and caught up with Dusty. "Let's take a look around back."


Johnny, Bennie and Tonka followed and I was surprised by what I saw. "Man, it looks like they're getting started sooner than expected."


I sighed, "Yeah and I feel a lot better too. How many agents are you going to have on the other side of the fence?"


I could see Dusty thinking. "I was thinking of six."


I could see the entire width of the field. "Is there a clean line of sight?"


"Yeah there is Ace."


"Then six should do it. "What about this area here?" I said looking at the canopied area by the gym entrance."


"This creates a problem, Ace." Dusty started. "I think we're going to need a portable tarp enclosure so the limo can pull in and no one can see what's happening from the outside."


"I agree Dusty, Johnny can you take Bennie inside so he can clear his locker?"


Johnny, Tonka and Bennie went inside while I took some photographs of the canopy. Dusty looked up. "Ace, there are holes up there, couldn't we secure the tarp through those?"


I looked the area over closely. The vents could work but since the other wall was solid brick, that side wasn't an option to use to secure the tarp. "In theory yes buddy but look at the other wall."


Dusty looked up. "I see Ace; I think it might be best if we use the frame we have for the tarp."


"Exactly and it can be put together in a matter of minutes."


Once that was done, we went inside and looked at the main entrance. There were three doors leading inside. I knew the layout of every building so planning a route from the front door to the gym would be easy.


I decided to check the ground floor out. The first hallway I came to I examined and saw there was a gate that could be lowered. Once that was down and locked, no one could get in. This building was U shaped so there was one more hallway that had to be secured. I walked down the long hall then came to the back end of the U. I looked up and there too was a dropdown gate. The next thing to check was the staircases. The one thing that would be an issue was how to secure those. The doors didn't have locks on them so I had to come up with a workable solution on how to secure them. I was standing there thinking when James came up to me. "What are you looking at, mate?"


"James, is there a way this door can be locked?"


He shook his head. "No, there isn't."


"Then we have a problem here, these have to be secured so no one can go up them."


"Why, there's nothing up there except classrooms." James countered.


"I understand but someone could hide in there or gain access to other parts of the building."


"Alright Ace, you sold me; so how can we do this?" James asked.


I looked at the door. "Well, a new locking mechanism could be installed but I don't know how long it would take for you to get one for each door. If I remember right, there are 4 doors."


"You're right," James answered. "I think it would take a couple weeks to get new locking mechanisms here but I will order them and have them installed. The doors could be secured at the end of the day then unlocked in the morning. I wish I had this brought out earlier. So how can we get these secured?"


"I have an idea but it would mean drilling into the brick walls and installing heavy lag eyebolts. The bolts would be dipped into and epoxy so they're basically glued in. Once the epoxy has set, then we can run heavy chains through the handles then lock them."


"But what about when the new locks come in?"


"They could be removed and the holes filled in and repainted."


"I don't have much of a choice now, do I?" James asked sounding frustrated.


"I'm sorry James. I should have thought of this earlier in all honesty."


"Not your fault mate, I've known about this for a long time but until now, it was never an issue. We'll make do here."


Just then, I heard the pitter patter of Tonka's feet. "Ace, my locker is cleaned out."


"Did you turn in all of your books too?" James asked.


Bennie reached into his pocket and handed him a slip of paper. "Yes Sir."


James looked at it then up to Bennie. "I guess I'll see you and your Dad next Friday."


Bennie warmly shook James's hand. "That you will and I really enjoyed it here. I just wish I had been here for four years rather than for a few months."


"It was our pleasure to have you here. I have a feeling whatever you do you'll be a great success."


Bennie turned red. "I hope so, Sir."


"What are your plans for the fall?"


"It's off to Georgetown for me."


"I won't say good luck because I know you won't need it but I do wish you all the best."


"Thank you Sir, I know I will miss this place."


We started heading for the front doors. "Don't be a stranger now Bennie; you're always welcome here."


Bennie shook his hand once more. "I'll remember that." Bennie said as we headed for Bennie's car to return to the residence.


At the Justice Center, Adam was getting settled in as the Acting Attorney General. He had to decide who to appoint as his Executive Assistant but for the time being, that would have to wait.


He pulled some files out of his briefcase then started going through them. He thumbed through them and found the one for Wanita Jenkins. As he looked through it, one thing kept coming up. She was adamant about the fact she was giving money to Ace and he was depositing it into his bank account.


`This has gone on long enough,' Adam thought as he started punching numbers into his phone.


We had just returned to the residence when my phone went off. Bennie parked his car while I answered it. "Mason."


"Ace, can you meet me at the jail?" Adam asked.


"It's almost lunch time." I replied.


"Alright, can you meet me there at say 2?"


I wanted to meet with Dusty about the President's speech but this was something I wanted cleared up too. "OK, I'll be there."


"Thanks Ace." Adam said then he ended the call.


"Do you have to go back out?" Bennie asked as he headed for the elevator.


He swiped his card then the doors opened so we stepped in. "Yes I do baby."


"When will we get some time alone?"


I had to giggle, "Maybe when I'm retired."


"Not funny love," Bennie said exasperated. 


The doors opened when we headed for his room. "Love, it's the job I signed up for and it's also the same one you want to do also."


I heard him sigh. "I never thought you'd be this busy love."


"I just have a lot going on right now and I want to get as much of it taken care of before our vacation."


"Cool," Bennie said smiling. "Where are we going?"


I shook my head as Bennie's face showed disgust. "Sorry baby, but that is a secret."


"Why?" Bennie asked.


"Because your Dad asked me not to tell you." I said as Bennie got into something comfortable.


It was almost lunch time so we washed up then headed for the dining room. No sooner had we sat down Ben came in. "Dad, where is Ace taking me on vacation?"


I looked at Ben. "I wouldn't tell him Sir."


"Bennie, you're just going to have to be patient."


"DAD," Bennie almost shouted.


"Don't yell son," Ben said softly as he sipped his coffee. "I'm keeping that under wraps for several reasons."


"Oh and those are?" Bennie asked trying to be a lawyer.


"I didn't know I was going to be cross examined." Ben started. "Now, the first reason is I want it to be a surprise for you. The other reason is for security reasons."


"Security?" Bennie asked.


"Babe, the fewer people that know about it the better it will be when it comes time to leave. I want a nice quiet vacation with you."


"Me too but I'm not about to say anything?" Bennie countered.


"I never thought you would but the fewer people that know the better it will be. Things will get dicey soon enough."


Bennie's face almost turned totally white. "Why, what will happen?"


"I don't really know but I'm not taking any chances."


Bennie sat down and sighed. "I give up."


I went over to him and wrapped my arms around him and looked at Ben. "Is he like this at Chanukah?"


Ben nodded his head. "Worse."


"No I wasn't," Bennie tried to counter.


"Oh? Ben started. "Maybe I should show Ace some of the home movies from when you were younger."


Bennie ran over to his dad. "You wouldn't dare."


Those would be something I would like to see with my baby so I could see him as a little boy. "Why not love?" I asked.


"Those are private." Bennie replied.


"Alright son but you and Ace should sit down sometime and watch them." Ben countered.


"Bennie, I'd love to see those. I bet you were a real cutie when you were younger."


Bennie stood up and gave me a cheeky smile. "You better believe it."


I was about to toss out a retort when Gloria came in with lunch. Today we were having some of her homemade beef soup and sandwiches. While she was filling our soup bowls a chef came in pushing a cart. He stopped beside Ben and removed the cover on a platter. I saw what appeared to be a fresh piece of corned beef. My mouth started watering. The chef started slicing the meat nice and thin for sandwiches then he made Ben's sandwich for him. Gloria had set some fresh bread on another platter so I got two slices and put some mustard and Swiss cheese on it then waited for the chef to come around. "Gloria, you never cease to amaze me. This is some of the best corned beef I've ever had and I've been to some of the best delis around."


"Gracias Señor Ace, I'm glad you like it." Gloria said slightly red faced as she returned to the kitchen.


I finished my soup and sandwich then decided to have another. As soon as I had devoured that one, I had to get going so I could meet Adam at the jail. I let Pete know I was heading out so he could come up and be with Bennie. When I was at the back gate I called Adam to let him know I was on my way.


The afternoon traffic was already getting heavy and I was noticing an increased number of people walking up and down the main street. It seemed tourist season was in full swing. I was sitting at a traffic light and no sooner had it turned green when I saw a child dart out into the street. Thank god his father was quick as he reached out and grabbed him by the arm pulling him up onto his hip. I saw him talking to the little one so I'm glad this ended happily. It took a few more minutes to get to the jail. I found a place to park then I secured my weapon in a locked box and headed to the sixth floor. As soon as I stepped off the elevator, I spotted Adam. "Hi Ace, I'm glad you made it."


"You made it seem like this was important so I wasn't about to miss this. Where is she?"


"The guard is getting her." Adam answered as a Marshall appeared with Jenkins.


We were led into a conference cell then Adam started. "Alright Ms. Jenkins, suppose you tell me what you know about the kidnapping of children in foster care."


"Don't say a word," A man said as the Marshall opened the gate.


"Who are you?" Adam asked.


"I'm Ms. Jenkins attorney, Preston Harris. Now why are you trying to interrogate my client without me being here?"


"Look counselor, I'm trying to get to the bottom of some allegations your client has made. As such, I have the right to question her about them."


"Not without her lawyer present." Harris countered.


"So you'd condone perjury?" Adam fired.


"Now see here." Harris retorted.


"Good, so just sit there and keep your mouth shut." Adam said. "Ms. Jenkins, I asked you something now you better start explaining."


She looked at her lawyer and he just sat there. "Look Wanita, if you've made charges against someone, you're going to have to explain yourself. If you're lying, I can't help you."


Adam and I looked at Jenkins and she knew it was time to put up or shut up once and for all. "Fine, you want to hear it so you better pay attention."


Adam reached into his briefcase and took out a legal pad. "Alright, now I have a question first." Adam started by looking at me. "Do you know who this person is?"


"Hell no," She answered sarcastically. "I'm guessing he's another lawyer."


I reached up to my front pocket and dropped my credentials in front of her. She picked them up and looked at them closely. "What the hell are you trying to pull?"


"Listen lady, we're not trying to pull anything."


"You're not Agent Mason, I've seen him and he sure the hell ain't you."


Adam slammed his hand on the table. "Listen up, I've worked with this man for a long time and I can guarantee this is Special Agent Rich Mason."


"Well if this is the real Mason, who the hell was the person I was giving money to?"


This was the 64,000 dollar question. I leaned over to Adam. "I'm going to need to get some photos so we can show them to her."


Adam nodded his head, "The sooner the better."


The Marshall was passing the cell so I called to him and he let me step out. I made a quick call to JR. "Yes Ace, what can I do for you?"


"I need a couple of photos."


"OK, of who?" JR asked.


I thought quickly. "I need a photo of Harris Kent."


"Who is he?" JR asked.


"He was the prick who shot me." I fired back.


"Didn't he end up dying?"


"Yes he did buddy. Do you know if Sergio still has his body?"


"I don't know but I can find out. If he does, I'll have him take a photo and send it to you."


"Thanks JR, tell him to be quick because I'm with Adam here at the jail."


"Will do," JR said then I ended the call.


While I was waiting for the Marshall to return, I received a text message. I opened it and it was from Sergio. `Ace, here is the photo of Harris Kent.'


I opened the attachment and there was the photo. I looked at it and froze. "Adam, come here."


Adam came over and I showed him the photo. "Holy crap, are you sure about this?"


"I am Adam. This just came in from the Medical Examiner."


The Marshall was coming back as my phone rang again. "What's up JR?"


"Did you get the photo?"


"I sure did and you're not going to believe this either." I said. "I'll send you the photo."


"Alright buddy," He said then I ended the call.


I quickly sent him the photo then returned to the conference cell. "Is this the person you were dealing with?"


I showed her the picture and her eyes got big. "That's him, that's Agent Mason. What's wrong with him?"


I looked at her. "Well he has a little problem, he's dead."


"What?" She almost yelled.


"That's right," Adam started. "He tried to kill Agent Mason here. Now start talking."


"Look, that person you showed me was the Agent Mason I was dealing with."


"OK, you paid him." Adam asked.


"Yeah, he said he wanted boys."


"So you just did his bidding?" I asked getting pissed.


"Hey, his money was as good as anyone's." She said.


"Wanita, I advise you to be quiet now." Preston said.


Adam stood up and tapped me on the shoulder. I went over to him. "Ace, I need to hear what she has to say. I want to make her an offer."


"Just remember what I said earlier." I said staring him in the eyes.


"Alright buddy, I remember." He said as we returned to the table.


Adam looked at her lawyer. "I'm willing to make her a deal in exchange for her telling me the entire truth."


"She gets total immunity." He said.


"Not on your life," Adam replied. "She'll do some time and will never be able to work with children again but that's that the best I can do."


"What, I'm a social worker." She screamed.


I slammed my hand on the table, "A social worker who was bought by the highest bidder. To use your own words, that guy's money was a good as any ones."


She looked down and mumbled, "How much time would I be looking at?"


Adam was thinking. "These are some very serious charges you're facing. The kidnapping charge is a capital crime which can carry the death penalty. You've just lucky none of the boys rescued from that warehouse were injured.


Adam leaned over and started whispering. "How does 5 years for each count of kidnapping, 5 years for possession of stolen funds and 5 years for conspiracy to kidnap?"


I thought about it and 15 years was light for all she'd done but if she spills her guts about the money that would tie up a lot of loose ends. "It sounds fair all things considering."


Adam laid the deal out to Wanita and she went off. "What the fuck? 15 years?"


"Listen, you go to trial and you could be facing the death penalty or life in prison without parole."


She looked over to her lawyer. "What the hell am I paying you for? Do something."


Mr. Harris looked at her. "So far I haven't received my retainer from you."


"I can't get to the bank from in here." She said.


"I wouldn't worry too much about that because I'm having all of your assets frozen."


"WHAT? You can't do that." she screamed.


Harris looked at her. "Actually they can and a judge will more than likely grant the request."


"How will I survive? I need money."


I looked at her. "You should have thought about that before you started selling your services. Now, what is the answer? Personally, I'd like to see a needle shoved into your arm for what you did to those children but that's not my call."


She looked at her attorney then Preston shrugged his shoulders. "That's a very generous offer. Fifteen years compared to being carried out in a box is a sweet deal."


"If I take it, what do I have to do?" She asked.


"You have to tell us everything and if, at any time you lie to us or omit anything, the deal is off and I will go for the maximum sentence on each and every charge." Adam said sternly.


At that point, she leaned over and started talking to her lawyer. I took this time to whisper to Adam. "Do you have a tape recorder so we won't miss a thing?"


Adam nodded his head then reached into his briefcase. "I have an empty one gig memory card in it so we won't miss a word."


He set it on the table then we looked at Jenkins. She sat up and stared blankly at us. "Fine, I'll take your plea."


Adam sat his recorder up and started recording. "This is Adam Graham with US Attorney's office interviewing Wanita Jenkins. Also present is her attorney Preston Harris and Special Agent Rich Mason with the Secret Service. This office has entered into a plea agreement with this individual conditional on her telling the complete and total truth. Any deviation from the truth will result in the plea agreement being withdrawn. Do you understand this Ms. Jenkins?"


"Yeah, I understand." She fired back.


"Alright now why did you start kidnapping children?" Adam asked.


"Look man, I got myself in a bind and I needed cash fast."


"So you decided to steal kids?" I asked fighting to keep from smacking the hell out of her.


She looked down and started nodding her head. "SPEAK UP!" I shouted at her.


"Yeah," Was all she would say.


"So how did you get hooked up with that guy?" Adam asked.


"He found me." She answered.


I tapped Adam on the shoulder then whispered, "Look I need a search warrant for this guy's place."


"Do you have any idea where he lived?" Adam asked.


I shook my head then looked at Jenkins. "How did you meet that guy?"


"One day he just appeared at my office. He said he knew I was in a bind and he'd be willing to help me out."


"So you just decided to go along with whatever he wanted, no questions asked?" I asked.


"Basically," She answered.


"Where did you two meet? Did you ever go to his place?"


"No, it was always at the office."She replied.


"So when did he tell you his name?"


"When he told me what he wanted. He showed me his badge and ID card."


I needed this guy's personal effects. I stood up and went over to the corner of the room and called JR. "Yes Ace."


"Can you call Sergio and have all of his personal effects sent over to our office?"


"Sure," JR answered.


"Look, don't forget to sign for them."


"I won't Ace. I'll let you know as soon as they're here."


"Thanks buddy," I said then ended the call and went back over to Adam.


Adam was interviewing here so I sat down and listened. I didn't know what I'd missed so I decided to let him handle the interview then I could listen to it later. I wrote Adam a note on his legal pad then he nodded his head. I got up and had the guard let me out then left the floor. After I got my weapon and spare magazines, it was back to the residence. When I started my car, I noticed it was after 4. This day had flown by and I really hadn't managed to get much accomplished.


When I arrived at the residence I headed for our office. JR was still going over some things on the computer. "What are you doing there buddy?" I asked.


"Man you startled me." JR said. "I'm going over all the bank records and trying to make sense of things."


"What has you baffled?" I asked standing behind him.


"Well, supposedly what we transferred out of your account was all but we know that not to be the case because some of that money was used to bail Wanita Jenkins out of jail."


I started thinking. "JR, I'll have to take to Ed and see if we can get a full accounting of that fund."


"Do you think he will?"


I took a deep breath. "I really hope so. I don't want to have to go to the President to force him to do it."


"I think he will since he's had his eyes opened to what his predecessor did to the service."


I decided to find out so I took out my cell phone, "Director Miller's office."


"When did he get into the old director's office?" I asked.


"When he arrived here today, he went through everything then did a complete inventory. Do you need to speak to him Agent Mason?"


"That I do, is he free?"


"Let me check," She said.


I was put on hold and was treated to some decent hold music. "JR did you put some classic rock music on when we're on hold?"


JR looked over at me and smiled. "Yeah, it's better than that old elevator music Evelyn had."


"Yes Ace, what can I do for you?" Ed asked as he came on.


"Hi boss," I said trying not to giggle.


"Funny," He tossed back at me.


"Sorry buddy but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I need a huge favor."


"Oh oh, what's this going to cost me?"


"It won't cost you a thing." I said trying how best to ask the question.


"Alright, I'm all ears."


"I need a full accounting of the discretionary fund."


"Can you tell me why you need this?" Ed asked.


"Sure, the monies that were put into my account was put back but JR is going over banking records and things aren't jiving."


"Such as?" Ed asked.


"I'm not sure but you know JR is meticulous in his work so I trust him."


"I know you do Ace and I do too. I'm glad they're on our team now."


"That was one of the best things she did before getting herself fired."


"I agree," Ed said.


"Umm, so can I see those records?"


"Sure, it will take a while to print everything out."


"Why can't we just access it from here?" I asked.


"I can't let that happen Ace. I had JR tighten security on our servers so the number of people with access is kept to a bare minimum."


"Makes sense," I said. "We can't be having a welcome mat out for uninvited pests."


"Exactly, JR has put up a number of levels of encryption and only I have access to. Even personnel files are tighter."


"Ed, you know there are times I need to get access to them."


"I understand that and when the need comes up, you'll have it."


I didn't really like this but we had to keep our server bulletproof. "OK boss, I can live with this."


"I'll get those records printed and as soon as they're done, you will have to come over and sign for them."


"Sure, since JR will be the one using them, I'll bring him too."


"Sounds good Ace, I'll call you when they're done.


"Oh one more thing, will you be at Bennie's graduation?"


"I wouldn't miss that for the world."


I ended the call then went over to JR. "Ed tells me you tightened up security."


"Actually it was at Ben's request. He wasn't happy someone could hack into the server. It took me hours to tighten the fire wall and the techs are still going over everything to see what else might have been compromised."


I'd been talking to JR and Ed since I returned but the messenger with Harris Kent's personal items hadn't arrived. I took my phone out and made another call. "Yes Ace."


"Sergio, have you sent Harris Kent's belongings over here yet?"


"I'm sorry Ace," Sergio answered. "We've been so busy here I haven't been able to shake someone loose."


"Look man, I need that ASAP." I said, not being mad at my old friend.


"I know Ace, I'll have them over to you within the hour."


"Thanks buddy," I said then ended the call.


Just then I heard someone beep in. "Ace, it's Adam."


"Adam, what's up? Did you manage to get the search warrant?"


"I did and I'm leaving the courthouse with it now."


"Good, I'll be waiting for it." I said then ended that call. "Adam is on his way over with a search warrant for Harris Kent's residence."


"Who is going to do the search?" JR asked.


I sat down and had to think. "Let's see."


I had Ed upstairs but I still needed several other agents. "Hey Ace, what about the guy from the assault team?"


"Agent Masters?" I asked.


"Yeah, that's him." JR replied turning in his chair.


"Alright, check the schedule." I said jotting names down on a piece of paper.


"Already did, he's off today but he's here on the grounds."


"Why is he here?" I asked.


"I don't know buddy but I can page him and find out."


"Alright, make it happen. Damn, I have to call Ed again."


I pulled my cell out and was about to hit the speed dial. "Why?"


"I need to know who took Harry Minor's place on the team."


"I wouldn't know," JR started. "But it would seem logical that the next in line would move up."


I hit send and got Ed's secretary. "Director Miller, please."


"Hi Ace, I was just about to call you." Ed answered.


"How come boss?" I asked.


"I'll boss you," Ed fired back. "Your records are ready."


"OK," I started. "Look, there is a messenger bringing some personal effects from the Medical Examiner's office over here. Could he bring those records too?"


"Alright, I'll track him down and get these to him."


"I know I have to sign for the personal effects so I won't forget to sign for your package. Oh before I forget, have you named a replacement for Harry Minor?"


"Why," Ed asked.


"No reason but I need to put together a search team and Dylan Master's name came up."


I heard Ed typing on his computer in the background. "He's the number two man on the counter assault team."


"Yeah, I know and he's a good man too." I said.


"I'll take that as a recommendation for him becoming the team leader." Ed said.


"I think he'd do a good job at it. I haven't heard anything negative about him."


"Alright Ace, I'll talk to him here tomorrow. I see he's off today so this is something that can't wait a day."


"Sound good Ed. I have to go." I said then ended the call as Dylan came in.


"You wanted to see me?"


I was about to speak when Pete came in. "What's up Ace?"


"I have a search warrant coming over and I want to send you two along with a few other agents to conduct it."


"I have a couple guys that can assist," Dylan said.


"Alright, get them." I said tossing Pete the keys to the Hummer.


Just then an agent came in carrying a bag and an envelope. "Who's Agent Mason?"


"I am," I said reaching for the items.


I signed the property transfer logs and gave them back to the agent then opened the paper bag from Sergio. I emptied the bag and looked at what was there. I thumbed through the items and found his wallet. I opened it and pulled out everything I saw and set it on the desk. "What's that Ace?"


I was startled by the voice then I looked over my shoulder. "These are the personal effects from," I started saying then froze.


To be continued