The President's Son


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Miguel Sanchez

The President's Son

Chapter 6


We left Ben's suite then went across the hall. As soon as the door closed, Bennie was in my arms. "Ace, why can't we do anything? You heard Dad."


"That I did but time is the issue. Making love should never be hurried."


I saw him thinking what I said over in his mind. "I guess you're right."


I kissed his nose then set him on his bed. "I need a shower kiddo."


He smiled at me. "Get the water warm, I hate cold showers."


I went into my room and grabbed some clean undies tossing them on the bed then went into the bathroom. I got the water going and did my business then stepped inside. I started washing my hair when I had a visitor. "I thought you were going to wait for me?"


"Get your hair wet."


Bennie stuck his head under the water and I started washing his hair. "Ace, I think I'm going to shower with you more. I love the way you massage my scalp."


I got Bennie's hair rinsed then stuck my head under the water. As soon as I felt the soap start rolling down my face, I felt Bennie's hands lathering my chest. This was the first time I'd ever showered with a friend. I got the soap off my face then stepped back but Bennie was right with me. "How far do you plan on taking this?"


He stood on his tip toes and kissed my nose. "I have to get you clean, don't I?"


This kid was good and before I knew it, he was washing my back and arms. He led me under the water and started getting the soap off my body. As he was rinsing my back, his hands ran down my butt cheeks causing me an instant erection. I'd been putting Bennie off for so long, I deliberately neglected the urges I had. He had me hot but I really didn't want it like this. "Bennie, please stop."


He stood in front of me with that devilish look on his face. "Ace, someone looks ready to explode too."


If he only knew the half of it, I'd never been one for quickies but he told me he needed a release too and his dick looked as hard as mine was. My balls were beginning to ace so my little head won out. "You're right sweetie, I am."


Bennie got the soap and began washing the rest of me then started on my throbbing member. His hand started gently stroking it as his other found my balls. He started working on the head and quickly I was heading for sensory overload. I put my hands on the wall and held on because I was about to fire. Bennie sensed this so he aimed my dick at his chest and when my first shot hit him, he had a huge smile on his face. I fired four more then put my hand on his shoulder to let him know my dick was super sensitive. "Man, what a load. When was the last time you shot?"


It took me several minutes before I could speak. "It's been longer than you love."


We'd been in there for quite a while and I didn't want to run out of hot water. I got rinsed then washed Bennie. He was disappointed I didn't do him in the shower but I hadn't forgotten about him either. I wrapped a towel around my waist then got Bennie out and started drying him. "Hey, you remember me? I got blue balls too."


I kissed his nose then got myself dry. After hanging up the towels, I picked my little man up and carried him to my bed. I'd pulled the covers down before heading into the shower so I was able to lie him down. As I closed the dividing door between the rooms I noticed Bennie had messed his bed up so no one would know he hadn't slept in it. The only light on was coming from the bathroom so I could gaze on my lover's beauty.


I got in bed and snuggled close to Bennie. I ran a finger around his chest being careful not to tickle him. He turned and looked me in the eyes then I leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips. I started with little pecks then I ran my tongue over Bennie's lips. He got the hint then we began a little wrestling match with our tongues. I couldn't hold out any longer so I let my hand drift south towards Bennie's tool. As soon as I caressed it, he gasped through the kiss. "How's that baby?"


He spread his legs which offered me the opportunity to caress him everywhere down there. I ran my finger over his nether region and when I felt his balls, they were drawn tight against his body. This time when I touched his dick, the head as quite wet with his precum. I began using the wetness as a lube rather than to just jack him off. I moved my head down to his nipples and started licking, nibbling and suckling. I could hear his breathing getting more rapid and intense telling me of his impending release. I so wanted to take his tool in my mouth and suckle him to orgasm but I fought against it. Instead, I ran my tongue over his balls. As soon as I did that Bennie let loose with a soft muffled groan. "Ace please, don't stop. I'm gonna shoot, ungh, God I can't hold it."


His first blast landed just under his neck as his body shuddered. He next one landed on one of his nipples while the remainders landed on his abdomen. I licked my fingers then kissed him letting Bennie taste some of his own nectar. "How do you feel now?"


I watched his breathing begin to slow as I used my tongue to clean his chest and neck. "Oh Ace, I've never felt anything like that before. How did you do it?"


I wrapped him in my arms and caressed his back and butt cheeks. "That was a little foreplay. I said I didn't like to rush things but I did give you a small sample of bigger things to come."


Bennie pulled my head towards his then locked his lips against mine. We kissed passionately then both of us broke it. I had my hand around the back Bennie's neck and he rolled over allowing us to be chest to chest as we fell into a deep restful sleep.


At 6:30, my built in alarm clock went off. Bennie had turned over and had his butt against my morning wood. I gently managed to ease away from him and get into the bathroom to relieve myself. I took a quick shower to remove last night's fun with Bennie.


As I was washing, I thought about last night. I saw a light come on in him as I was pleasing him and it made me love him more. When he orgasmed it was a totally new experience for him. I couldn't wait until I could teach him more of what love truly is all about.


I rinsed off and dried myself then went back into the bedroom. I bent over and got a clean pair of boxer briefs. It was then I heard a wolf whistle. "Oh nice ass, Ace."


I stood up then turned around and saw Bennie massaging his tool. "Are you perving on my butt?"


He smiled nodding his head. "You bet I am."


As soon as he said that he shot another load of sperm. "I would have thought after last night your balls would be near empty."


"You have a lot to learn about me baby.


I slipped my undies on then went over and cleaned Bennie's chest. His dick had a little cum on it and this time I couldn't resist cleaning it. I lifted it with my tongue then drew it into my mouth and gave it a little suckle to remove the remaining juice. Bennie sucked wind, "Oh Ace; that felt wonderful."


I sat on the edge of the bed and took him into my arms kissing him. "That's something else to look forward to sweetie. Now, it's just about 7 and your Dad said he wanted us awake by then. I think you need to take a shower."


I got up so he could get out of the bed. When my back was turned, I felt the sting of his hand on my butt. "No fair, I wanted to shower with you again."


I shook my head as I got a tee shirt then slipped it on. "No way horn dog; we would not get out of here on time."


I got dressed and was putting my tie on when I heard a knock on Bennie's door. I went through the dividing door then opened the main door. "Good morning Ace."


I opened the door. "Good morning Sir. Did you sleep well?"


"As well as I could, Sir; considering the situation.

Where's Bennie?"


"He's in the shower."


"Ace, where is my underwear?" Bennie hollered as he came into his room then realized we had company. "Oh, hi Dad."


"I don't think I need to ask if you two slept well."


"We had a great sleep Dad?" Bennie replied as I turned several shades of red.


"Should I even ask what happened?"


"Well Dad, we had a shower and I washed Ace and..." Bennie started as I quickly put my hand over his mouth. "Hey love, Dad doesn't care what we do."


"I know that sweetie." I said looking him in the eyes. "Now, would you expect your Dad to tell you everything he did when your Mom was alive?"


"Gee, I never thought about it that way before."


I looked at Ben who was smiling. "I will say this though Sir, we did bond a little last night."


Now it was Bennie's turn to blush. "Ace, I wasn't going to go that far."


Ben wrapped his arms around his son. "Son, I knew something happened as soon as I saw you this morning. I trust the both of you and I know Ace will never do anything to hurt you. Now get dressed, we have to eat."


Ben left me to tend to Bennie but he really didn't need much help. I'd done some research on the Inauguration so I would have an idea as to what was going to transpire. Bennie came over and handed me his tie. "Ace, can you help me?"


I turned him around and quickly tied his tie. Put him in a suit and he is one handsome young man. I put my tie on, put my weapon on then slipped my jacket on and left for breakfast. When Bennie and I went into the dining room Ben was already there as was Ed. There was a huge buffet with a fresh omelet station. I looked over at Bennie and his eyes were almost popping out of his head. He went over and hugged his Dad then we headed for the food. When we got in line I put my hand on his shoulder and he looked up at me. "Please don't try to eat everything in sight."


I had a ham and cheese omelet while Bennie had a huge stack of pancakes and bacon. "Bennie, you eat bacon? This is the first time I've seen this."


"We're not Kosher Ace," Bennie said as we went to Ben's table.


Ben heard what Bennie said. "Ace, there are some practices we don't observe and one of them is eating Kosher. We eat pretty much what we want. After breakfast, Bennie and I will attend a small private Jewish service."


I knew I would have to be close to Bennie. "Sir, meaning no disrespect but I know nothing of your faith."


Ben patted my hand. "Not to worry Ace, Bennie and I will lead, you follow."


At 8:30 we were ready to leave. We went downstairs then go into the waiting limo. The service started at 9 and lasted about 45 minutes. After the service, members from the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies escorted the President Elect, Vice President and their families to the White House.


When we arrived, Ben and the Vice President Elect left to have meetings with their out-going counterparts. Bennie tapped me on the shoulder. "Ace, can we look around?"


"Sure but we can't see the residence yet."


His mouth dropped open. "Why not; isn't this our new house?"


I put my hand on his shoulder. "Yes it is but your Dad hasn't been sworn in yet."


I walked a few steps when I heard a familiar voice. "Agent Mason, what are you doing?"


I turned around and saw Pete. "I'm looking for a way out back. Bennie wants me to show him around."


I stared at him and I wasn't sure if he'd be cordial or not. Just then I heard Bennie gasp. I looked and saw Evelyn walking towards him. She walked up and extended her hand. "Bennie, I don't know if you remember me but I'm Agent Evelyn Morgan. I saw you when you and your Dad were in California."


Bennie relaxed and smiled. "Yes ma'am, I remember you. Do you know how we can get out of here? There are too many people here."


I came into view and Evelyn put her hands on her hips. "Ace, where were you?"


I knew Pete was on my heels so I motioned behind me, "Trying to get a little help."


I knew she wouldn't say anything in front of Bennie but the look on her face said it all. "Follow me guys. Ace, you're going to have to learn your way around here too."


Bennie bailed me out. "Agent Morgan, do you have a map?


She giggled. "Bennie, there's a couple in the residence. It's really easy to learn."


We walked towards a set of doors and a Marine was standing outside. I started to open it and he held it. As we stepped out he saw Bennie. "Excuse me, children aren't allowed in this area."


I showed him my credentials. "Corporal, this is Benjamin Jacobs, Jr."


He came to attention. "My apologies Mr. Jacobs."


Bennie worked his charm with the Marine. "It's OK Sir, you didn't know who I was."


I patted him on his back. "Bennie, call him Corporal."


Bennie stuck his hand out. "I'm sorry Corporal and please call me Bennie. All my friends do. Are you here all the time?"


The Marine looked around then shook his hand. "Yes Bennie, I am. Just remember, when you're with your father, I'll have to address you as Mr. Jacobs."


"That's cool, I can live with that. Ace, can we look around now?"


The Marine pointed. "Walk down there until you come to another set of doors. Walk through and it will take you out back of the residence."


"Thanks Corporal."


We followed the directions of the Corporal and soon we were out back of the residence. "Ace, it's starting to snow."


I looked up and sure enough it was. I pushed the button on my phone. "Evelyn, it's beginning to snow."


"Ace, plans have been put into place for this. You better get back; they'll be ready to leave for the Capitol soon so you need to get Bennie there."


"Come on kiddo, time to shake a leg." I said as we went out to a Secret Service vehicle.


We made the trip to the Capital and soon he took his place on the stand. The Vice President was sworn in then it was Ben's turn. With Bennie at his side, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court issued the Oath of Office. "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."


After those words were spoken, Hail to the Chief was played and Bennie gave his Dad a quick hug. Ben gave what I considered to be one of the best speeches I'd heard in a long time. He said he looked forward to the challenge in leading the country into a new era and hoped to bring everyone together into a more unified United States.


After his address and the out-going President and Vice President left, it was on to the Presidential Luncheon. The luncheon lasted longer than Bennie really wanted. When he and Ben walked past on their way to the Inaugural Parade, he put his hand to his throat in a gesture telling me he was getting sick. I smiled and didn't laugh even though I really wanted to.


Ben and Bennie went out to the reviewing stand and watched the Inaugural Parade. The snow had slowed down to flurries so it was bearable. Once that was over, it was time to get Ben and Bennie back to White House. As soon as we arrived, Ben's Chief of Staff hustled him into the Oval Office. Bennie looked at me. "I guess it's you and me Ace.


Suddenly something hit me like a ton of bricks and Bennie saw it. "What's wrong Ace?"


"I packed a suit, clean shirt and other necessities."


"Yeah, just like I did so what's the problem?"


I couldn't believe this. "I had all my other clothes hanging in the closet in my room. They're still there back in California."


Bennie took me by the hand. "Let's go to the residence now."


We took the outside walkway and then came to the entrance. Another Marine was standing by the door and opened it for us. "Good afternoon Sir,"


This time Bennie didn't stand on ceremony. We walked inside and headed to the elevator. I looked and there was a slot for a key card. "Bennie, did you get your key card for the elevator?"


Bennie shook his head. "No, was I supposed to?"


I was about to go outside and ask the Marine when Pete came in. "Pete, give us a hand. Who has the key cards for the elevator?"


Pete pulled 2 out of his pocket. "The President has his already. If you lose them, new cards and new codes will have to be set.


He handed each of us one then we followed him to a door with a card reader. Bennie inserted his card then we heard a click. He pulled on the door handle and there was an elevator. We got in and Pete pushed the 2nd floor button. "If the elevator is on a different floor, it may take a minute or two before it arrives then you'll hear the door unlock.


When we got off the elevator, we were standing in a huge hallway. I have to say I was really impressed. I was about to say something when Bennie gasped looking at Pete. "Oh wait, what about Gloria?"


Pete just stood there and I started doing a slow boil then we followed him as he went through the dining room. There was a closed door and he pushed it open. It went into a beautiful kitchen. "Come in, come in Agent Morgan." A voice was heard as Bennie just about ran me over.


"Gloria, Gloria you made it."


"Of course I made it Niño. I've been here since noon."


I looked at Pete then he motioned me to follow him. "What's with you Morgan, are you going soft?


He didn't say a word. "Ah I get it; your sister ripped your ass, didn't she?" I asked


"If I screw up again, I'm out of here." He said softly.


I looked at him. "What's with you man; you butted heads with The President and you just don't do that."


"I know; I wanted a little more excitement in my job."


I shook my head. "Protecting Bennie would be everything you could handle and more. As it is now, he doesn't like you very well so you'd be fighting him every step of the way and that would make him miserable."


"Yeah, I guess you're right. I have to go and I hope you like it here."


"Remember Pete, we are on the same team." I said before he could open the door.


After he left I still had to figure out how to solve the dilemma I was in. I had money saved so getting new clothes wouldn't be a problem except finding the time to do it and I needed my tux and now I don't have it.


Inside the kitchen, Gloria and Bennie were talking. "I was worried about you Gloria. Agent Morgan was being mean and I was afraid you wouldn't be here."


"Oh Niño, that man was very kind and helpful to me. Now tell me, how's that agent of yours treating you?"


"He's wonderful," Bennie said smiling then he realized what he'd done. "Ah, he's cool. We get along great."


Gloria cupped Bennie's chin lifting it. "Bennie, I know you better than you think."


Bennie was trying not to step on his tongue as he tried to tap dance around Gloria's comment. "What Gloria? Ace is special yes; he's like my best friend."


After Pete left, I returned to the kitchen then stopped just inside the door. "Niño, I see how you look at him and how he looks at you."


Bennie was cornered as the tears started to fall. I came up behind him and put my arms around him causing him to look up at me and smile. I looked down returning his smile then at Gloria as I wiped Bennie's tears off his cheeks. "I have to ask Gloria, does what you feel about us bother you?"


She looked at me and I could see a mother's protection in her eyes. "How do you feel about Bennie, Señor Ace?"


Bennie had stopped crying and was relaxed leaning against me. "I've come to love him very much. At first, it was my job to put my life on the line for him, now I'd gladly do it because of my love for him. Just so you know I could never hurt him."


She heard the sincerity in my voice then she broke out into a smile. "That's what I was hoping you'd say. Does your love for Bennie and his love for you bother me? I don't understand it but as long as Bennie is happy, that's all that matters to me."


I leaned forward and kissed her cheek then looked down at Bennie. "OK squirt, you were so insistent on getting up here, can you answer my question now?" I asked as he took me by the hand then led me down the hall.  


We stopped outside two closed doors. Bennie opened the one to our left. "This is my room." He said as I followed him inside then he went over to another door. "Hey Ace, come here."


I went over to him then stepped into a closet and saw my things hanging, including my tux. I wrapped my arms around him and tickled him for a few seconds. As he stopped laughing I was still confused. "Does this mean we share this room?"


"No it doesn't," A voice said as we both turned.


"Dad, why not?"


"Appearances son," Ben started. Ace's room is across the hall. Now, I know full well that you don't plan on sleeping alone but, appearances must be made son. I know you and Ace are in a relationship that would get us all in a mess of trouble so please, go along with me here."


I had to step in next. "Bennie, your Dad is right. We each need our own room like we had in California."


"And like we had in Blair House?" He asked with that devilish grin.


Ben got Bennie in the ribs causing him to giggle. "If you're going to mess a bed up, you'll have to do a little more than you did last night."


Bennie turned red and I started laughing. "Busted baby."


The three of us moved my clothes over to my room. We had just finished when the phone rang. "Can you get that Ace?" Ben asked.


I nodded then picked up the handset, "Residence, Special Agent Morgan speaking.


"Is President Jacobs available? This is Isaac Friedman, his Chief of Staff. His mother and sister in law have arrived."


"One moment Isaac," I said then covered the mouth piece then looking at Ben. "It's Isaac, your Chief of Staff. Your mother and sister in law have arrived."


Ben gasped. "I was in the office when they called. Their flight was delayed by snow and nothing was able to get off the ground. I'm glad they made it. "Tell him to bring them up."


I relayed the message then hung up. A few minutes later Isaac along with Ben's family came in followed by several uniformed secret service agents. The three of us were standing by the living room door when the elder woman pointed at me. "You, take those bags from that nice officer."


"Mother, that's Special Agent Rich Mason. Ben said as he went over and hugged her.


Bennie and I decided to pitch in to help. "Ace, they'll be staying in the Queen's Bedroom. There are twin beds in there."


We got their bags down to their room then started to rejoin the guests. "Why did you roll your eyes love?"


Bennie had a worried look on his face. "It's my Aunt Carla. She's always giving me grief about not having a girl friend."


"Don't worry about it," I said pulling him into a hug. "You just got here and you're not even in school yet."


Bennie smiled. "Thanks, you always know what to say."


When we got back to the living room, Ben made the introductions. "Ace, this is my Mother in law and my Daughter in Law Brenda Schultz and Carla Schultz. Mom, Carla, this is Special Agent Rich Mason. He's Bennie's body-guard and he'll be living in the residence."


Brenda came over and immediately apologized. "I'm sorry Agent Mason."


I laughed it off, "That is quite all right Mrs. Schultz; and please, call me Ace."


"In that case Ace, call me Brenda."


Bennie gave his grandmother a hug while I shook hands with Carla. "It's nice to meet you Ms. Schultz."


She smiled and sort of glared at me at the same time, "Likewise Agent Malone.


Bennie was right, she was a tough nut to crack. I'm glad Bennie started school tomorrow and my job was to be with him. Isaac stepped over to Ben. "May I have a minute of your time Mr. President?"


Ben looked at us. "If you'll excuse me; I have to talk to my Chief-Of-Staff."


Inside Ben's office, he was going over tomorrow's schedule. As Isaac was about to leave, he looked at Ben. "Excuse me Mr. President, why is Agent Mason still here?"


Ben was not going to go into details. "Isaac, as I said before, he is here at my request because he's Bennie's body-guard so you should get used to seeing him here."


Isaac nodded. "Yes, Mr. President."


Ben went back to his desk and looked at the schedule. "I'm going to need to get Bennie registered in school tomorrow and I want the morning cleared. I thought I told you this."


Ben opened his planner then looked at the schedule again. "My apologies Sir, I got some meeting dates wrong. Your morning tomorrow is free. Your first meeting isn't until 1:30. I'll have the schedule redone then I'll email it to you. I'll see you later at the Inaugural Ball."


"Thanks Isaac, I know today was hectic for you also. Don't work too long and I'll see you later."


Isaac left while Ben had to handle a problem that was personal in nature.


Back outside in the living room, Carla didn't seem happy to be here and I didn't have a clue as to why. Bennie didn't seem too happy she was with his grandmother either. I was lost in thought until I saw Carla walk past and go to Bennie. She leaned down and was whispering something into his ear. She was talking so quietly I couldn't make a thing out. A few seconds later Bennie took off towards his room then I heard the door slam so loudly, it shook the floor. Ben must have heard the door slam because I saw him and Isaac come out of his office. "Where's Bennie?"


I motioned to him using my head then went to get him. It took a few minutes to get him to come out but I did. When we returned to the living room, Carla immediately started looking at Bennie. Ben went over to him as we entered the living room. "Bennie, what's wrong son?"


He looked up then just stared at his Aunt. He just stood there for several minutes then pointed saying, "It's her."


Every eye was now on her and she knew it. "What? All I did was..."


"All you did was your usual Aunt Carla. I'm tired of you asking about when I'm going to get a girlfriend. I just got here and you know this so please give it a rest."


Carla then hit way below the belt. "Oh, is that the real reason Benjamin? You know, somehow I just don't think it is. I know the real reason is that you're a little slimy fag."


At that point I thought Ben was going to totally lose it but Brenda beat him to it. She stepped over and spun her daughter around by the arm then started wagging a finger at her. "You don't know a thing Carla and I've told you to butt out of young Ben's life."


"I'll not butt out," Carla spat. "Look at him. If he had longer hair he'd be a girl. He's a disgrace to this family."


Ben had heard enough. "Carla, you're in MY house."


"So what Benjamin, you're not going to be a real father and see to his upbringing?"




Brenda let her have it so fast I couldn't get in to stop it. "Don't you EVER question your brother's raising of his son."


"Why not mother? Someone has to or doesn't it matter to anyone he's raising a queer."


"No it doesn't matter Carla," Ben started. "As I said before, this I my house and while you're here you'll act like proper guests. If you can't Carla, I'll get you back to the airport and you can find a flight home ON YOUR OWN! Do I make myself clear?"


She tried to play a trump card next. "It's clear all right my dear Benjamin. It's clear the President's Son is a queer. Now, I wonder what all the people who voted for you would think."


"I wouldn't advise that Carla," I said. "If you try and sell this to a tabloid it won't be printed."


"And just why is that?" She snapped back.


I laughed. "First off, the story is about a minor and not just any minor either."


"You really think they won't jump at a juicy story like that?"


"Umm Aunt Carla, who were all those women who used to visit you when you were babysitting me when I was younger?"


Carla's head snapped. "What are you talking about Benjamin? No one ever came over."


What Carla didn't know was Bennie was holding a trump card. "Well then how is it I know what your pet name is that someone named Jackie used to call you."


She tried to get into his face but I pulled Bennie behind me. I looked at Ben and he was doing a slow boil. "You're making this up."


"Oh yeah? Well maybe I should start calling you Aunt Carlie?"


She raised her hand. "Why you..."


"That's just enough Carla." Ben said in a very angry tone. "I don't care about your personal life one bit but I'll be damned if you'll come in here and start making threats and more to the point try to assault my son. You have a choice and this offer stands for just 10 seconds. You shut your mouth and behave like an adult or your butt will be in a car headed back to Dulles. Now, what's it going to be?"


Brenda was glaring at her. "Make up your mind NOW Carla."


"Get me the hell out of here. I'll not be around..."


"Watch what you say Carla," Brenda said interrupting.


I got on my phone and called Isaac. "Can you get a car and driver out front? We have a guest who will be leaving. She'll need to be taken back to Dulles."


"I'm so sorry for her behavior." Brenda said then came over and hugged Bennie. "Were you making that up?"


Bennie was about to get angry until I put my hands on his shoulders. "No ma'am, that actually happened. When I was younger I didn't know what was going on but now that I'm older I know."


"Benjamin, are you gay?" The elder woman asked. "It doesn't matter to me one bit. I love you for who you are and you're my grandson."


Bennie fell into the woman's arms. "Thank you Gramma. And to answer your question, I am."


"I knew it, I knew it," Carla shouted as Isaac came into the living. "You're nothing but a..."




"That's just enough out of you Carla." Brenda said poking her in the chest. "When I get home I expect you gone from my house and don't think of taking anything either."


Just then Bennie tapped her on the shoulder. He motioned for Brenda to lean down then he whispered something into her ear. I saw her smile then reached for Carla's purse. "Hey, just what are you doing mother?"


She dug around then pulled out a ring of keys. She removed several keys then threw the purse at Carla. "I have a better idea. I don't care where you stay until I get home but it WON'T be in the house."


"What'll I do?" She said as she forced herself to cry.


"I don't give a damn Carla. I think your ride to the airport is here." Brenda said as a uniformed agent took her bag and headed for the elevator. "Gentlemen, if you'll excuse, I need to get a shower and change before we leave.


After the fireworks simmered down, Bennie asked Ben a question. "Dad, will you have to work every night?"


It was a logical question and one I'm glad I didn't have to answer. Ben came over and wrapped his arm around his son. "Sometimes I will son. It's at times like this I'm really glad Ace is here to be with you. Now, tomorrow we're going to get you registered for school."


"What's it like?"


Ben went over to the sofa and sat down followed by Bennie while I chose a very comfortable chair. "The name of the school is Georgetown Exeter Academy. It's all boys and their fathers are very prominent people."


Bennie got serious. "Can I be me there, Dad?


Ben had a curious look on his face then Bennie continued. "What I mean is, do I have to act in some special way? What if I screw up?"


Ben pulled Bennie close. "Son, I expect you to make mistakes; that's how we learn. You'd be surprised if I told you of all the ones I made growing up. But, when we make mistakes, we're to learn from them so hopefully we don't make them again.


Then he looked at me. "Ace, you are the other male in Bennie's life. He and I both are going to need you. When I said I was really glad you were in his life, I meant it more than you know. There are going to be times when I'm away for several weeks at a time and you will have to be there for him, this includes his care. Does this present a problem?"


"It does for me Benjamin," A voice said from the door.


Ben looked up and saw Brenda standing there. "Mother, you're in California."


"I can move," She said.


Bennie stood up and looked at his grandmother. "Nothing personal Gramma but I'd rather have Ace."


"But Benjamin, he's not family."


Bennie shook his head. "Ace is with me twenty-four seven."


"Well, I can be too." Brenda added.


"Gramma, if anything happens and doctors have to take my clothes, you're not seeing me naked."


"I suppose you're right Benjamin. You're a young man now. Ace, you will call if anything happens?"


I nodded my head. "Of course Mrs. Shultz, you are his grandmother."


She went over and put her hands on Bennie's shoulders and surprised the hell out of us. "Benjamin, you have a fine man there. Ace, whatever you do, don't you ever hurt him."


It was a good thing Ben didn't have anything in his mouth, "Mother."


"Son don't, I'm not blind."


Bennie came over and put his hand in mine. "Thanks Gramma, coming from you that means a lot. 


Ben looked at me. "So Ace, will you be Bennie's guardian when I'm away?"


"Yes Sir, I love Bennie and you know this. I'm deeply honored that you have totally entrusted his care to me."


"Thank you Ace, I'll have a document drawn up authorizing you to act as Bennie's guardian when I'm away. Now, we have to get ready for tonight's festivities. There are a number of Inaugural Balls being held and I need to make an appearance at them. The first one is the biggest and we both have to be there."


"Is this like a dance or something?" Bennie asked.


"Or something," I broke in. "There will be dancing, food and music."


"And girls too I bet," Bennie added curling up his face.


Ben nodded. "Yes son, girls will be there too. I know you're not going to like this but you will need to dance."


The look that came on Bennie's face was like he was just sentenced to be executed. "You know how I feel about girls. They're just not my thing."


I felt I had to step in. "Love, you're not taking them on a date, you're dancing one dance with them."


It was a little before 6 and the first Inaugural Ball started at 7:30. Ben looked at us. "Now, as I said, there are a number of these balls and some will run well into the evening. Bennie, you'll be the judge if you want to go to the second ball. Now, if you do, that will be it for you for the night as I want you back here and in bed by 11PM."


"Come on Bennie, we need showers and to get into our tuxes."


Bennie slowly moved towards the door so I got him up onto my shoulder and carried him to his room. When I set him down he had that grin of his on his face. "Can we make it an early night?"


"That depends, horn dog, on how fast we can get showered and changed. This is big affair so security is going to be high." I started explaining. "You'll be riding in the limo with your Dad and grandmother. I'll be following in a vehicle so we can get back here when you're ready to call it a night."


I went across the hall into my bedroom and got clean underwear and my robe so I could walk across the hall decently. I joined Bennie in the bathroom. "Man Ace, look at that shower. You could fit several people in there with no problem."


I got the water going then we showered washing our own bodies. I glanced over at him and this was one of the few times I'd seen him without a bone. That was until he started looking at me. I reached down and flicked the head of his dick causing it to shrink and Bennie to yelp. "Come on love, we have to get a move on."


We got dried then dressed in record time. I came back into Bennie's room and he looked sharp. I headed back for the door when Bennie called me, "Ace, your gun."


I hurried across the hall and dug into some items in my nightstand and found my special made shoulder holster. I slipped it on them used the elastic pieces I added and clipped them to my trousers. I put my weapon in the holster then put my spare clips in the holder. "Thanks buddy.


As we were going into the living room, my cell went off. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Ed. I'm downstairs and need to come up."


"I'll be right down," I said heading for the elevator.


I rode the elevator down then brought Ed up to the residence. "Ed, don't you have a keycard?"


"No I don't."


I pulled out my cell just as we got to the main residence floor. We went inside and I made my call.  "Pete, this Ace."


"What's up Ace?" Pete asked.


"We need another keycard for Agent Ed Miller."


I heard him opening a desk drawer. "I have one left. I'll bring it right up. These are all out so I'll need the President's authorization to make more."


"Thanks Pete."


A couple minutes later there I heard the elevator door open. I thought it was Pete but I was wrong. I stepped out from the living room and it was Evelyn. "Man Ace, if you weren't gay I'd hit on you."


Hell, if I wasn't gay I'd have made a pass or two at her. "My, don't you look ravishing."


"Thanks Ace, here is Ed's keycard. Are you ready for tonight?


"I think so." I said. "Look, I have to take a vehicle so I can bring Bennie back here. Ben's given him an 11PM curfew and I'm not going to risk getting him home late."


I joined Ed who was talking to Ben and Brenda. He was saying, "This is your first trip out and you know about the other problem."


I stepped in next. "Ed's right and security is going to be even tighter. Evelyn will ride with you, Bennie and Brenda Sir, if that's alright?"


Just then Bennie came bounding over. "Why Ace?"


"So I can drive the vehicle to bring you back home or did you think we were going to walk?"


"Are you crazy Ace?" He asked. "It's freezing out there."


I put my hand on his shoulder so Ed could talk. "Bennie, you'll stay close to your Dad. The agents will get in place then Ace you'll bring The President and Bennie to the limo. Madam Director, you'll stay close to Ace so you can get in quickly. I know we're still on the White House grounds, but I'd like to see this go smoothly because when you leave the first ball, you will be in the open. Let's all get ready to leave now."


I went and got my over coat then Bennie and I waited while Ben, Ed, Brenda and Evelyn went down in the elevator. "When it's you and me leaving to come home, there will be agents with us until you're secure in the vehicle."


"Do you really think someone would try to hurt Dad?"


I shook my head. "I don't know son. It's a possibility. There are all kinds of nuts out there. I'm more worried that someone would try and get you. When we're out and I tell you something, please don't hesitate. Do it like it was second nature."


The elevator came back up and we went down and joined the others. Ed came over to me. "Here are the keys to your vehicle."


I looked at the keys, "A Suburban?"


Ed shook his head. "No, it's a Tahoe. It's right behind the Presidential Limo. Now let's get ready to leave."


I nodded my head as Ed led Ben, Brenda and Bennie towards the door. Johnny was standing by the back door with it open. Ed took them out to the limo and Evelyn came out with me. She got in then I headed to my Tahoe. Ed and Johnny were in the lead vehicle. I set my earpiece in then got a call. "Ace, this is Johnny. The Suburban behind you has 4 agents in it. When we move out, let him slide in ahead of you."


"Will do Johnny."


I'm glad someone started my vehicle and it was warm inside because it was very cold out. Just then I saw Ed turn his blue lights on followed by the Presidential Limo. Agents took their places on the limo's running boards.  Once we were ready, two motor officers took off followed by Ed and another Secret Service vehicle. Beside the Presidential limousine were two more motor officers, one on each side. We rode at a steady thirty-five miles an hour and soon we were pulling up in front of the main Inaugural Ball.


To be continued