The President's Son


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The President's Son

Chapter 7


I'm glad someone started my vehicle and it was warm inside because it was very cold out. Just then I saw Ed turn his blue lights on followed by the Presidential Limo. Agents took their places on the limo's running boards.  Once we were ready, two motor officers took off followed by Ed and another Secret Service vehicle. Beside the Presidential limousine were two more motor officers, one on each side. We rode at a steady thirty-five miles an hour and soon we were pulling up in front of the main Inaugural Ball.


I was behind another Suburban so I had to hustle to get up to the limo. Once we were all in place, the back door was opened and Evelyn was the first out. Ben, Brenda and Bennie got out next and then we immediately headed inside. Security was tight to keep uninvited party crashers out.


We had a room set aside for us so we could put our overcoats. Once we were ready, we made the walk to the door of the ball room. There was a man waiting for Ben then he entered the room. "Ladies and gentlemen, The President of the United States."


As soon as they entered, trumpets sounded playing Hail to the Chief. As soon as the song ended, everyone broke into applause. A reception line was formed and he, Brenda and Bennie met numerous people. Me, Ed, Johnny, along with the other agents were stationed around the place keeping our eyes and ears open. Once they had gone through the reception line, Bennie found the food. He spotted me by the door and ambled over. "I don't know if I want to go to the next one Ace."


If I was his age, I don't know if I could handle all these people, especially since I didn't know anyone. "That's fine son. We'll let your dad know when it's time to leave."


Just then Ed tapped me on the shoulder. "I just got a call from Metro Police; they've spotted Nate not too far from here."


My heart and stomach traded places. "Have they arrested him yet?"


"Right now, they're just following him."


I thought quickly. "I'll get Evelyn to watch Bennie so we can get this jerk."


"Ace, you'll need to get her approval for this."


I nodded my head and spotted Evelyn heading towards us. "Ma'am, Metro Police is following Nate Hill's rental car. I'd like permission to take Ed and assist."


Bennie saw the three of us talking and came over. I didn't know what to tell him without worrying him. That was until Evelyn did. "Bennie, Ace has something important to do. Would you like to be my escort?"


I wasn't sure how he'd respond but he looked at her then held out his arm. "I'd be honored."


Evelyn leaned in to me. "Keep me informed and be careful."


Ed and I got our overcoats then headed outside. "Let's take the Tahoe. It's smaller and I don't think dip shit will expect it. I just hope we don't have to go into foot pursuit."


I hit the unlock button on the remote then we got in. I started it up then we took off. Ed dropped the glove box and turned on the radio. He flipped through the channels and found Metro. Before he got on it he called Metro on his cell phone and identified himself. "This is Special Agent Ed Miller, U.S. Secret Service. Which Metro unit is following our fugitive?"


The dispatcher put him on hold. "Agent Miller, this is Lt. Ryan. Unit 2203, an unmarked unit, is following him."


"Thank you Lieutenant," Ed said then hung up then picked up the microphone. "Metro 2203, this is Secret Service Unit 2."


"Metro 2203 go ahead." A voice said.


"What's your location and direction of travel?"


"I'm on NW 18th, now turning on NW Ave. Q."


I looked at Ed. "Where's he headed?"


Ed keyed the microphone. "We're on NW 21st turning on NW Ave. P. We'll run parallel to you. Are there any units in the area of Lincoln Circle Park?"


We waited for what seemed an eternity then a voice came on. "2215, I'm on NW 15th approaching NW Ave. P."


"2203 to 2215; pull over at Church and hang tight there. He's stopped at the light at Q and 16th.


"10-4 2203, how's the traffic on Q?"


"Traffic is heavy; don't try to turn onto Q to block him in."


I looked at Ed. "That would have been a nightmare."


"Why's that?" Ed asked.


"That's because Q is a one way street. If there was little to no traffic, I'd say attempt to stop him there but not with heavy traffic."


Just then we heard, "2203 to Secret Service 2, suspect is attempting to rabbit but traffic isn't allowing it. He's got 4 cars in front of him before he can get to the intersection but he's trying to cut out and change lanes but a car beside him won't move.


What Nate did then surprised me. "2203, suspect car just pushed a vehicle into the intersection causing a 10-50. I need Fire and Rescue dispatched to NW Q and 16th. Suspect vehicle turned onto 16th heading towards R."


"Secret Service 2 to 2203. We're turning onto 16th from P, is the intersection clear enough for us to get through?"


"10-4 Secret Service 2," The officer replied. "I can't assist, I got collected in the 10-50 but I'm OK. 2215, assist Secret Service 2."


I flipped my lights and siren on because of the accident Hill just caused as Ed looked at me. "He's on to us Ace. Let's just get him before he kills someone."


Traffic was moving out of our way and as we came to Q, I saw a guy in plain clothes directing traffic. He had traffic held for us so I got through there with no problem. "Ace, there he is."


We were closing fast. We flew past Corcoran then I saw the light at R change from green to yellow and then to red. I saw Hill's tail lights come on as we closed in on him. "2215 to Secret Service 2; I'm on 15th approaching R."


Ed keyed the microphone as I sucked wind. "Copy that 2215."


"Shit, Hill just turned the wrong way on a one way street." I said as I slowed down at the intersection.


"2215, the suspect is on R going the wrong way heading towards you." Ed said as I eased into the intersection and looked for Hill.


"Ed, this is getting out of control. Call off the pursuit."


Before Ed could say anything we heard, "2215 Dispatch, suspect caused another 10-50. We'll need Rescue and a uniformed officer to work the scene. Suspect last seen on 15th heading north, I'm blocked by traffic."


"2215, are you alright?" Ed asked.


"10-4 Secret Service 2, the intersection is blocked with a number of cars so I couldn't continue the pursuit."


"Secret Service 2 to Metro Dispatch, we're calling this off. The suspect was last seen on NW 15th heading north."


A voice came over the speaker, "10-4 Secret Service 2."


I turned around and stopped at the accident at 16th and Q. Ed got out and talked with the officer while I called Evelyn. She wasn't happy that we didn't get Nate but he'd caused 2 accidents and I really believed he would have done anything to escape. I saw Ed heading back to the Tahoe so I finished my call. When he got in, we returned to the ball. "I called Evelyn. She's not happy Nate got away but after I told her the stunts he pulled she understood."


The rest of the drive back I was mulling over the evening's events. Ed and I were going to need to sit down and go over the events but it couldn't be done tonight. Tomorrow the team would be escorting Ben and Bennie to Georgetown Exeter Academy. I had to get this information down while it was still fresh in my mind. We pulled into the underground parking garage then I took my parking place. As Ed and I walked inside my mind was still trying to go over things, "Ace.


I didn't even hear him until he put his hand on my shoulder. "Ace what's wrong?"


"I can't figure out what Nate was trying to do. He knew the ball was tonight."


Ed stepped in front of me. "But he didn't know where it was."


I shook my head. "He was an agent for 13 years Ed. I did a little digging and he was on a protection detail before."


"How long ago?" Ed asked.


I had to think. "It has to be 10 years ago. Shortly after the Inauguration he was transferred but the circumstances as to why I couldn't get."


"I wonder how good his memory is." Ed asked laughing.


"You know, that has to be it. We could never figure out where he was trying to go. I bet he knows where he wants to be but can't remember how to find it."


"OK he doesn't know where something is but we don't know what it is he's looking for either." Ed said holding the door open for me.


"I know and that is what's driving me buggy too." I said taking my overcoat off.


Ed took his coat off and hung it next to mine. "Well, I think the best thing is to make it business as usual until someone spots Nate again."


We went and secured our earpieces then went into the ballroom and looked around for Evelyn and Bennie. I looked at the buffet table and saw Bennie getting himself something to drink with Evelyn right behind him. We started heading over towards them when Bennie spotted me. He smiled as we walked towards each other. "Did you get what you needed to done?"


"Yeah I did son," I said as Evelyn joined us.


"This was not how I expected things to go," Evelyn said as Bennie looked up.


"What happened Ace?" Bennie asked taking my hand.


I looked down at my love. "Bennie, we can't talk here."


Just then I heard Johnny's voice in my earpiece. "The eagle is ready to move."


Ed acknowledged Johnny's call then went over to join him. "Bennie, come with me, we're getting ready to go."


Evelyn, Bennie and I joined Ed and the others by Ben and Brenda. Our first stop was to retrieve our overcoats. Our vehicles were moved into position then we got ready to bring them out. We got into position then Johnny led them out and into the limo. When Ben arrived at the second ball, I got Bennie into the Tahoe and we returned to the White House.


Bennie and I went into the residence then I had my love wrap his arms around me. "Ace, why did you and Ed have to leave?"


I leaned down and kissed him on the cheek then took my jacket and weapon off. "There was a fugitive who was spotted by Metro Police and Ed and I needed to be there if he was caught." I said as I went into my room to hang my jacket up and store my weapon.


"Tonight during the ball?" He asked.


I came back out then sat on the sofa holding my arms out. Bennie came over and sat on my lap. He laid his head on my shoulder as I pondered what to tell him. "Love, law breakers don't stop just because of a big social event."


He sat up and looked me in the eyes. "I know that Ace but why did you and Ed have to go? There were loads of agents at the ball. Any two could have handled that."


I couldn't argue that point. "You're right baby but I wanted to be there."


"Why, what was so special about this person?"


I swallowed hard, "Because that person is after me."


"After you?" Bennie almost shouted. "Who is he? Wait; don't tell me, it's Nate, isn't it.


I looked down for a moment but didn't say anything then he lifted my chin up. "Ace, tell me, it's Nate isn't it!"


I kissed him on the lips gently the nodded. "Yes love, it is."


He broke down crying. "This is all, my fault."


I cupped his face in my hands and wiped the tears off his cheeks. "No baby, it's not your fault. This jerk is a homophobic bigot. I don't know how he managed to become an agent with the Secret Service."


"But if..." Bennie started.


"But nothing love." I interrupted. "You're gay, I'm gay even your Dad is but that's not against the law."


"But he knows about us." Bennie said trying not to break down again.


"Does he?" I asked with an evil smirk on my face. "Has he ever seen us together inappropriately?"


"The tapes."


"What about them?" I smirked as Bennie started to say something. "And before you say anything, they were destroyed. So what can he prove?"


"Well, uh, nothing I guess."


I smiled then kissed him on the lips. "That's right, he can't prove a thing.


Bennie put his head on my shoulder and we just stayed like that for a while then we retired for the evening. I checked the east and west end doors to make certain they were locked and secured then we went into our respective rooms to get undressed. As I undressed and hung up my tux pants, I was getting angry at the hurt and doubts Nate had caused Bennie. No matter where or when I catch him, he will feel the pain he'd inflicted on Bennie by me.


I closed the closet door then turned around to head towards the bathroom when I saw Bennie leaning against the door in his all together. "I thought we might christen your shower together."


He gave me that devilish look and the anger I felt towards Nate left. I smiled and Bennie came charging then jumped into my arms. I caught him then we locked our lips together and had a tongue wrestling match. We kissed as I carried Bennie into the bathroom and got the shower going. "This time though it's just a shower."


I saw his face drop when I gave him a devilish grin. "Do you mean we can...?"


I nodded my head then stepped into the shower setting him on his feet. "Yes we can but not in here. This time it's going to be done right."


Bennie hugged me tightly then handed me the bottle of shampoo. "Can you wash my hair like you did the last time?"


I took the bottle and put some in my hand. Bennie took the bottle then I began lathering his hair. Once I got his hair lathered I did mine. I quickly washed mine and rinsed it then started massaging Bennie's scalp. He was facing me and the look on his face showed pure bliss. "I take it you like the way I'm doing this?"


"Oh yeah love, I definitely like it."


I glanced down and I could see someone else was enjoying my massage. I knew I could do this all night long but we'd run out of hot water before Bennie grew tired of me paying homage to his scalp. "Get under the water and rinse your hair. We still have to wash our bodies and do it before we run out of hot water."


Bennie grabbed the soap and started washing me. He got me lathered in no time. Just like it did with our first shower together, he left my goodies for last. He soaped his hands again and went to work. He did my dick first and I couldn't help but get hard. "I wasn't meaning to do that love. I wanted that honor when we were in bed."


"I know baby, you have very soft and talented hands." I said as I turned around so he could do my ass.


He washed and kneaded each check to the point where if he didn't stop soon, I'd fall asleep. I felt him spread my cheeks as he started to wash my hole. I felt his finger tickle my pucker which caused my dick to jump. I wasn't sure what to expect next but I quickly found out as he slipped his finger in. He gently slid inside and then he found my prostate causing me to groan. "Did I hurt you love?"


I was in heaven. "Oh no baby, that sound was pleasure. Now you'll have to get the soap out. Rinse your hand then wiggle a clean finger back inside."


Bennie had small fingers so his middle finger slipped inside without any problem at all. He made sure the soap was out then I washed my love. I got him rinsed off just as I felt the water start to get cooler. I cut the water off then reached outside and grabbed our towels. I wrapped a towel around my waist then started drying Bennie off. As I was drying him, he got the devilish look on his face and now I was wondering what was going through his mind.


He took the towel from around my waist and got me dried off then took me by the hand and led me to the door to my bedroom. "Go turn the bed down and I'll mess up mine.


I did and left the lights off so it would be a little more romantic. "Get into bed then close your eyes baby."


I closed them then a few seconds later I felt him slide in beside me. I kept my eyes closed as I felt him roll over then gently kiss me. I opened my eyes and the light coming in from the bathroom was enough to let me see my lover in his naked splendor. I rolled onto my side taking him into my arms then kissed him passionately. His dick was hard and I felt it jabbing into my thigh.


Tonight I was going to show Bennie what love is all about. I began rubbing his back then slowly worked my way down to his gorgeous butt. I massaged each mound and as I did, I broke the kiss then licked his ear. I had to be careful because Bennie was ticklish and the last thing I wanted was to break this moment.


I rolled him onto his back then began massaging his chest paying homage to his nipples. No sooner had I lightly stroked one he sucked wind then I started an oral assault. I kissed his neck then started on his chest. My mouth replaced my finger as I moved my hand down to his throbbing member. No sooner had I touched his, I felt his hand on mine and he began stroking me real fast. I put my hand on his stopping his ministrations. "Easy baby; tonight belongs to us."


I knew rubbing his nipples made him super hot. "Ace, my dick is so hard it's causing my balls to ache. Please let me cum.


If I was going to get him ready for me to make love to him, this would be the ideal time but that was for another time. "Just go with it baby. This is what love is all about."


He kissed me passionately. "Let me turn around then so I can get at you."


He flipped around and now he had full access to my groin. I'd lost my means to suckle Bennie's nipples so I used my hand. When I rubbed his nipple, Bennie would do the same thing to me. This went on for some time and now I wanted to savor his dick. I stuck my tongue out and lightly licked the full length of its shaft. Next, I licked his precum soaked glans. I saw his dick twitch when I did that.


I felt Bennie's warm breath on my abdomen then his warm moist tongue lick the shaft of my dick. What he did next surprised me. I felt him starting to suck me and I could tell he knew what he was doing.


I kept giving him attention by licking his nether region and his balls. I wanted him hot but didn't want him to shoot just yet because I was going to try to time it so we would both shoot at the same time. I tapped him no his shoulder. "I'll let you know when I'm going to shoot so you can pull off.


I saw him nod his head as he continued sucking me. I began to feel my balls begin to churn so I started licking his dick. He was leaking precum by the gallon and it was sweeter then honey.


I felt him pull on my leg then reach down to try to get at my hole so I obliged by pulling both my legs up and spreading them wide. I felt a wet finger rubbing around the outside so I relaxed and as I did, he slid it inside hitting my prostate. He wiggled his finger around then eased out returning with two fingers. It had been so long since I'd had anyone play with my ass I'd forgotten just how good it felt. He did this for several minutes then inserted a third finger. My eyes were closed as I enjoy every second of his ministrations but I wasn't prepared for what happened next.


When I thought nothing could top the feelings I was experiencing I felt something being inserted into my hole. Bennie, it seems, was far more experienced than I had given him credit for because he didn't rush as he slid this object into me. He hit my prostate again causing me to groan in pleasure and as soon as he heard this, the object started to vibrate. "Oh God lover I'm going to blow soon."


He pulled his mouth off my dick then licked the precum off the head. "That's what I intended baby."


Bennie lifted his legs giving me access to his most private of places. I hadn't wanted to get into anal play with him this early on but it seems he's well versed in the art.


Being in this position gave me perfect access and I took full advantage of this. I ran my tongue down the shaft of his dick then over his balls and onto his nether region eliciting moans from my lover. I saw his pink pucker and it was opening and closing on its own so I ran my tongue over it. I waited patiently for it to open again and when it did I slid my tongue inside. "Ace, finger me please."


I got him good and wet then gently slid my middle finger into his chute. I took my time going deeper then found his love nut.


All this time, Bennie had been working that vibrator in and out of my ass while I fought off the sensation to dump my load down his throat.


As soon as I felt his prostate I began massaging it while shifting into overdrive on his cock. I saw his balls were tight against his body letting me know his release was eminent.


I tapped him lightly on the shoulder. "Baby, I'm super close so you might want to stop sucking on me."


"No way," He said removing his mouth from my tool. "I've waited for this for months now and I'm not going to miss it. I want to taste your cum love so give it to me."


"All right love, but just be ready for the first blast so you don't gag."


He nodded his head then I went back to work on his leaking dick. As I was swirling my tongue around the head of his dick, I felt it expand so I got ready for his offering. I guess he felt mine do the same thing because I then felt the vibrator lift upwards mashing my prostate. "Ungh baby, ah oh, I can't hold back, ungh any longer."


I gently lifted my finger against his prostate and was rewarded with a large blast of his boy juice. "I'm ungh cuming Ace." Was all he managed to get out before I blasted into his mouth.


I lost track of my offerings to Bennie but he rewarded me with 5 blasts of the sweetest juice I'd ever tasted. I looked down at my lover and he has some of my cum leaking out of the sides of his mouth. I removed my finger then managed to turn around and lick it off then I shared a kiss with him. Once he had a little of the offering, I swallowed what was in my mouth then kissed him again as he eased the vibrator out of my ass. "How'd you enjoy that baby?"


I looked at his face and I could tell his eyeballs were still spinning from his trip to Space Mountain. "Oh man love, that was even better than before."


"It gets even better baby but let's not rush things." I said as he rolled onto his side and slid back against me then I wrapped my arms around him as we drifted off to sleep.


My internal alarm clock woke me at 6:30 and my first stop was to empty my screaming bladder. I turned the shower on so I wouldn't smell like I'd been in an orgy when I got my morning coffee. I got dry then came out and got a clean pair of boxer briefs. I got dressed then gently sat down on the edge of the bed. Bennie was still sleeping like a baby so I leaned down and kissed him gently on the cheek then went and got some coffee.


I stopped and looked at Bennie's room to see his bed and man did he make a mess of it. The staff would have to totally remake it. I turned to head out to the hall and saw an envelope taped to my door. I removed it and opened it. Inside was a copy of Ben's schedule and a note. It read, "Don't forget Bennie and my appointment at the school.  Hope you both slept well. Ben. PS, you two look peaceful sleeping together."


I smiled inwardly as I put the note in my pocket. As soon as I got close to the dining room I started smelling coffee. I went in and saw a big urn on a cart along with cups and fixings. I fixed myself a cup then went into the kitchen. I saw Gloria at an island breaking eggs. "Good morning Gloria."


"Good morning Senor Ace. Did you and Bennie have a good time last night?"


"I was called out but Bennie escorted the director. He seemed to have had a good time though. How did you enjoy your first night here?"


I saw her blush. "I'm not used to all of the luxuries here. My room is so big; it's almost like an apartment I lived in when I was younger."


I nodded my head. "This place will take some getting used to. What's for breakfast?"


"I'll make some of Ben and Bennie's favorites. Ben likes a western omelet and Bennie just loves pancakes. There will also be sausage. There is a pastry chef making fresh biscuits. There will be plenty of food for everyone."


She seemed disappointed she wasn't making biscuits. The White House as a huge cooking staff and some are assigned to the residence. "Do you normally make your own?"


"Yes Senor Ace, I'm used to doing everything."


I thought for a minute. "Do you think you could get used to having a little help?"


She giggled. "You're always the diplomat. I guess I can get used to having help."


"What time is breakfast so I can get Bennie up and get him into the shower?" I asked looking at the schedule so I could double check the appointment time at the school. "We have to be at the school at 9:30 and I think we should leave here about 10 till."


I looked at my watch and it was 7:30. "How does 8 sound? Is that enough time for everyone to eat?"


"That will be enough time for that chow hound," A voice said.


I turned and saw Ben standing there drinking a cup of coffee. "I'll get him up and into the shower. Did you enjoy yourself last night?"


"Too many places for me to really enjoy anything," Ben said as I went to wake my baby up.


When I went in, I quietly closed the door then noticed the bed was empty. I listened and didn't hear the water running in the shower so I went across the hall. The first thing I heard was the shower running as Bennie left the door almost wide open. He cut the water off then stepped out reaching for a towel. "Hi ya sexy," I said standing by the bathroom door.


"Holy shit Ace," Bennie said almost leaping out of his skin. "Tell me you're in here next time will ya?"


I stepped in and kissed him on the cheek. "Sorry love, I couldn't resist because I wasn't standing there that long."


I looked down and his tool was still wilted at the fright I'd given him. "Yeah right, I'll get ya." Bennie said then tried to pop me with his towel.


If we weren't push for time I'd have grabbed him, carried him to the bed then tickled him until he begged me to stop. "Hey come on love, you're dad is up and Gloria is going to start breakfast shortly."


I went back out to join Ben when I saw Brenda getting some coffee. "Good morning Mrs. Schultz."


"Good morning Ace," Brenda replied as Ben came out of the kitchen to refill his coffee cup. "Ben, will I be able to see Bennie today while you're working Ben?"


I knew Bennie had to get registered in school and Ben wouldn't miss that. Just then Bennie joined us. "Hi Gramma, did I just hear my name mentioned?"


Bennie gave his grandmother a hug then went over to Ben. Brenda went to speak and Ben was looking right at her. "Yes Bennie you did. I asked your dad if I was going to able to see you today while he was working."


I looked at Bennie and I could see the wheels turning in his head. No sooner had Brenda asked the question, Ben too, was looking at my love. "Umm well, I have to get registered at my new school. I don't know if I'll have classes after that or not."


I had to give Bennie credit; he didn't wiggle out of getting registered at Exeter. But I couldn't tell if Ben would let him skip the rest of the day or not. "Mother, he really should attend classes today. Classes run from 9am until 3:30 in the afternoon. Ace brings him home so he should be here by 4 I would think."


I could tell Bennie wasn't happy nor was Brenda but Ben had the final say. I leaned over to Ben and whispered into his ear. "Today is Friday."


"Don't say a word. Let's see if Bennie remembers."


I covered my mouth so I wouldn't let out the snicker I was holding. Just the Gloria stuck her head out of the kitchen. "Come on now, get to the table so I can bring the food out."


We were about to sit down when the phone rang. I walked over and answered it, "Residence, Agent Mason."


"Good morning Ace."


"Hi Ed, what's up and make it quick, breakfast is going on the table."


"Oh sorry," Ed said.


Ben came in and looked at me. I mouth to him, "It's Ed."


"Tell him to come up." He said going back to the dining room.


"Did you hear that?" I asked.


"I'll be up in a minute." Ed said then the line went dead.


I waited for him by the elevator then we went into the dining room. Ben smiled. "Good morning Agent Miller. Get a plate and join us for breakfast."


Ed nodded his head. "Thank you Mr. President."


"What time will you need your limo Sir?"


Ben looked at me. "I was thinking about 8:50. That would allow 40 minutes to get to the school. I don't know exactly where it's at."


Ed took a mouthful of his coffee. "It's about 7 miles from here. Normally at that time of the morning it would take about twenty to twenty-five minutes to make the drive. Ace, you'll need to leave here no later than 8:30 Monday."


Bennie heard that. "Dad today is Friday. Do I really have to stay all day?"


I looked down to my plate to hide the smile on my face. Neither he nor I thought Ed would make any mention of the day but he did. Ben smiled. "No son. After I get you registered and you get your books you can leave."


Bennie had a smile from ear to ear on his face. "Cool, thanks Dad."


When Bennie finished his breakfast he asked to be excused. Ben nodded and when he stood up he noticed what he was wearing. "Son, you'll need to change out of those jeans."


Bennie did as he was asked then the rest of us finished out food. I had another cup of coffee then Ed told us it was time to get ready to leave. Bennie had on a pair of casual slacks that met with Ben's approval. Ben and Bennie said their goodbyes to Brenda then we headed down to the ground floor. Johnny was waiting for us when we stepped off the elevator.


Since I would be waiting on Bennie to get his school supplies, my Tahoe was in line for the precession to Georgetown Exeter Academy. Johnny went out and held the door open on the limo then Ed and I brought Ben and Bennie out. Once they were in, Ed and Johnny got into the front seat and I got into my Tahoe. The motorcycles turned their lights on then we followed suit for the trip to the academy.


To be continued