The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 73


"I'll leave that project to you Ace."


"Gee thanks." I said.


"I have total confidence in you."


"I will have to line up another Agent to escort Bennie at college."


"How is he adjusting to college life?"


"He loves it. I think he made dean's list for the first semester."


"I'm not surprised. He takes his education seriously."


"That he does. I have to get cleaned up for dinner. I will talk with you later."


Bennie and I got cleaned up then we went out to the dining room. Gloria came in with a Mexican feast. She had all of my favorites. She had three enchiladas on my plate and I had to add even more shredded cheese and salsa.


Over at Adam's office, he was about to leave for the day when his phone rang. "Adam Graham speaking."


"Mr. Graham, this is Warden Waters at the Federal Penitentiary in California."


"Yes Warden, what may I do for you?"


"I have an inmate here who says he can help you?"


"And who might this be?" Adam asked.


"Someone you know quite well." Waters answered.


Adam thought for a moment then it hit him. "Tell me we're not talking about Nate Hill."


"I can't say that."


"How can he help me?" Adam asked.


"He says he has information that will help convict Harold Peterson." Waters answers.


"Have you talked to him?" Adam asked.


"No sir, I haven't."


Adam sat down at his desk. "What is it he wants?"


"Would you be willing to talk to him?" Waters asks.


Adam's mind starting running in a thousand different directions at one. `What is he really wanting? Why now? Is this a ploy to try to escape?'


Adam took a deep breath. "Alright, I'll talk to him but I'm not about to make him any promises."


"Alright, can you hold on?"


"OK," Adam replied.


Adam was sitting at his desk listening to the boring elevator music while he was on hold. A few minutes later, Warden Waters was back. "Adam, I have him here with me."


"Alright, let's hear what he has to say."


"I have a lot to say but before I do, I need some concessions."


This took Adam by surprise. "What concessions?" Adam snapped.


"If you want to hear what I have to say, I'm going to have to have immunity."


"Immunity?" Adam yelled.


"That's right. I can make your case for you or I can just remain quiet and let you try to make it on your own."


Adam knew he could convict Peterson now with the bloody shirt and Nate didn't know we had it. Adam was sitting there thinking. `How can I hear what he has to say?'


It hit him. The only way would mean a trip to California so he could interview Nate without having to make any promises.


"Nate, don't yank my chain man."


"Is that what you think I'm doing?"


"You're talking in riddles wanting immunity and I haven't a clue what you're talking about."


"Remember when some houses were flattened?" Nate taunted.


"What do you know about that?" Adam asked.


"Ah, ah, ah, counselor." Nate taunted. "No concessions, no information."


Adam was doing a slow boil. "Damn you Nate. If you want to play these games, I can too."


"Oh really now?" Nate tossed back.


"­­Yes, now stop playing games."


"I guess you don't want my help."


The warden was listening then he broke the connection between Nate and Adam. "I'm sorry about that Adam."


"Don't be, I'm used to Nate and his games. I'll discuss this with a few people then I'll decide whether or not I'll depose him," Adam said then they ended the call.


At the residence, Bennie and I were in his room relaxing spending some quiet time together. I had just cuddled close when my cell rang. Bennie looked up at me. "Their timing sucks."


I sat up and looked to see who was calling. "Mason."


"Ace, I just had an interesting phone call."


"OK bud, I give up, who called?"


"Nate." Adam answered.


"What the hell did he want?"


"He said he had information on Harold Peterson."


I knew the two of them were in cahoots but I couldn't prove it. "What did he offer?"


"Full disclosure in return for blanket immunity."


I had just sipped some water and it didn't go down right so I started choking. "He doesn't want much, does he?"


Adam waited for me to stop coughing. "He was really full of himself."


"He's playing his games."


"What do you think about this?"


I looked down then remembered something. "Hey, we don't need him."


"How can you be so sure?" Adam asked.


"Did you forget about the full confession we have from Yusuf Kahleil?" I asked.


I heard Adam gasp. "Shit man, I did."


"We still have him in custody too. I bet he'd jump at the chance to testify if he thinks he'll become a martyr." I added.


"This will save a trip to California." Adam said.


"We will need to see Kahleil before the new trial starts."


"How come?" Adam asked.


"I for one, don't want any surprises."


"Good point." Adam agreed.


"When would you like to see him?"


"How about tomorrow morning?" I asked.


"Sounds good, what time?"


"How does 10:00 sound?" I answered.


"Alright, I'll meet you there at 10," Adam replied, then we ended the call.


I returned to Bennie's room and cuddled with my love.


It was almost 11 so I got comfortable. Bennie was snuggled against me then I heard his slow breathing which told me he was sound asleep. I turned off the TV and the light then snuggled close to him and joined him in dreamland.


I awoke at my usual time and decided I needed to get up. Since I had to meet Adam at the jail, I got a clean suit then headed for the shower. I did my business and got undressed then stepped into the warm water and let it wake me up. After a quick wash I cut the water off and dried my body. I put on clean underwear and a tee shirt then went back into Bennie's room. As I was getting dressed I heard a moan. "Why are you up already love?"


"I have to meet Adam at the jail to interview a witness."


"Who?" Bennie asked.


"A witness for the Harold Peterson trial."


"Oh, but I thought he was convicted."


"He was but since he received the death penalty, the case was automatically appealed."


"Man, that stinks."


"It's the law baby."


"It might be but he killed a man in cold blood and tried to kill you and Pete."


"This is how our legal system works."


Bennie sighed. "Yeah, I know it is."


I put my vest and shirt on then put on my tie and went out to the dining room. "Don't forget breakfast love."


I made sure Bennie was up before I went down to the dining room. Once I saw him head to the bathroom, I left and got my coffee. Ben was sitting at the table when I arrived. "Morning Ace."


"Morning Sir." I replied as I fixed my coffee.


I had just sat down when Bennie came in. I got him his coffee then we waited until Gloria brought in breakfast.


We chowed down on her Mexican omelets and her homemade biscuits. After I had finished eating, I went to my room so I could get ready to meet Adam at the jail.


I had just slipped my weapon on my belt when I heard a knock on my door. "Come in," I shouted.


As I was tucking my shirt in I looked up and saw Ben standing there. "Do you have something planned, Ace?"


"Yes Sir," I started. "I have to meet Adam at the detention center to talk with Yusuf Kahleil."


"I thought he was wrapped up." Ben said.


"He is but we need to interview him for Harold Peterson's trial."


"Peterson's trial?" Ben asked surprised.


"Yes Sir," I started. "He was granted an appeal because of the death penalty."


"Why, I thought your case was air tight," Ben added.


"We did too but an appeal's court judge thought otherwise."


I was about to leave my room when Johnny arrived with Tonka. "Can you stay with Bennie?" I asked.


"Sure, what do you have on tap?"


"I need to meet Adam at the detention center."


"Alright." Johnny replied. "Do you know how long you'll be gone?"


"I haven't a clue. It all depends on Kahleil."


I got my files then headed for ground floor.


I used my Charger and made the trip to the jail. My timing couldn't have been better because I saw Adam heading towards the door. I honked the horn and he waved to me. I found a place to park then trotted over to meet Adam. "Morning Adam."


"Morning Ace," Adam replied.


Just then something hit me. "Hey, who is representing Kahleil?"


Adam scratched his head. "I don't know."


"Legally, can we talk to him without his attorney?"


"Since we're going over the statement he gave us I don't see a problem."


"Suppose he tries to recant his statement?" I asked.


"Then we have a problem." Adam answered.


"Can't we force him to stick to it?" I asked.


"It would take a judge to enforce it."


"Do you think he would, considering everything he's admitted to?"


"I think so. He freely gave this statement on his own."


We checked in and I locked my weapon in their safe then we were taken to see Yusuf. When we arrived, he was already there talking to someone I'd never seen. The guard opened the door and the suit turned around. "Good morning, Mr. Graham." The man said extending his hand out."


"I don't believe we've met." Adam replied.


"Carlton Williams, I've been appointed as Mr. Kahleil's attorney."


Adam shook his hand while I sat down.


"Mr. Graham, I believe we have a problem."


"Oh, and what might that be?" Adam asked.


He pulled a stack of papers from his briefcase and dropped them on the table. "This statement will never be heard."


"And why is that?" I asked glaring at Kahleil.


"He wasn't represented by council."


"I think you better do your homework," I shot back.


"I have case law on my side," Williams returned.


I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Well, I have law on my side. If your client doesn't come through, I'll charge him with making a false statement."


"Good luck," Williams started. "I can argue that since he wasn't represented by council, the statement doesn't exist."


I was steamed. "You're forgetting he did have council." I said taking the signed Miranda form out."


"If that is true, where is he today?"


"Samuel Grayson is cooling his heels in jail." I answered.


"And why is that?" Williams asked.


"Assault on a Federal Officer and several other charges."


"If I remember correctly, he tried to get my client deported so his statement couldn't be admitted."


"It was a slick trick but one he wasn't able to pull off because I had a few friends at the detention center."


"Well, it looks like we're at an impasse," Williams said with an attitude.


"Not really," Adam injected. "Your client freely gave us this statement."


"Did he now?" Williams asked.


"He did!" I said slamming my fist on the table. We never made him any promises."


Williams looked at his client when I said that. "We'll see about that."


"Councilor, I think you should read the Miranda form."


The lawyer did and his face changed. "I can still get this thrown out."


Adam went nose to nose with Williams. "Your case law was based on the prosecution making promises to the defendant. We never made any promises."


"Oh really?" Williams started. "I can make a case for implied promises."


I was furious by now. "Good luck. The only way you can do that is to outright lie. GUARD!"


The guard came and Adam and I left. I was furious and ready to return to the residence. "How dare that man." I started ranting as we rode the elevator down to the first floor.


"Calm down Ace," Adam started saying. "We have him tied up tighter than a Christmas present."


"I hope you're right because he confessed to a number of crimes that we can close out."


"I know and I'm ready for him if he tries to back out."


I got my weapon then Adam and I headed for our cars. When I sat inside, I made my mind think of something else so I wouldn't be angry while driving through rush hour traffic.


The next day saw Adam and me back at the detention center to talk to Kahleil. This time his attorney let us do what we needed to. Kahleil sat there most of the time and said nothing. It was then he was reminded of everything he'd said in his statement. He just put a smirk on his face. "I can just deny everything," he said.


"Remember you signed the transcript admitting the statement was the truth."


"So, I lied," Kahleil said with the smirk on his face.


"What was the purpose of giving that statement?" I asked.


"I will go down as a martyr," he said smiling.


My thoughts about him were confirmed but I had a plan also. When we were finished talking to Kahleil, I ran my idea past Adam. "He wants to be executed, Adam," I started when we were in the elevator.


"His crimes warrant the death penalty." Adam answered.


"I know but I'm not about to give him his wish. We should not put the death penalty on the table. He should get life."


"Good idea. Life in the federal system does not allow for parole," Adam added.


I smiled when I heard that as we stepped off the elevator. I got my weapon, then it was back to the residence.


When I returned Ben was in the dining room having a cup of coffee. "Good afternoon Sir. Did you have a quiet day?"


"I did until I was notified about Brenda," he answered.


"What's up with her?" I asked


"She goes on trial tomorrow," Ben answered.


I thought for a moment as I fixed myself some coffee. "Why would you be notified?"


"She's making wild claims she is my wife and I kept her from Bennie."


"Sir, you have all the documentation proving otherwise, don't you?" I asked.


"I do Ace but that's not the point," Ben started. "This is my office and home. I'll not open it up to just anyone who wants to go roaming."


"And you shouldn't have to Sir," I added. "There are rooms in here that the Secret Service doesn't have access to because of the nature of the rooms. Would you like me to call Adam?"


"Yes please," Ben replied. "I think he should be present just in case."


I got my cell out and called Adam. "Yes Ace?"


"Adam, the President needs your assistance."


"What is going on?" Adam asked.


"It's Brenda Schultz." I answered.


"Oh no, what's she trying to pull now?" Adam asked.


I filled him in on all of her stunts and how she wants the White House opened so she can go roaming at will.


"Ace, Federal Law has been in place for decades."


"I know Adam but she's swearing she's Ben's wife and he is preventing her from seeing Bennie."


"I know that's a lie," Adam started. "I've seen Bennie's birth certificate."


"I know buddy. But I'm just telling you what's going on."


"When does he want to see me?"


I looked at Ben. "Sir, when is Brenda's trial?"


"Tomorrow, 9AM." Ben answered.


"I heard it Ace. What court is hearing the case?"


Ben handed me a paper and I read it to Adam. "General District Court."


"I don't know any of the judges so I'll be just another lawyer."


"Does The President want me to represent him?" Adam asked.


I passed the question to Ben. "Will that create a conflict of interest?"


"No, it won't," Adam started. "I handle federal cases in court; none of which have a bearing on the President directly."


I relayed Adam's answer to Ben. "Please ask Adam to prepare a defense."


"Tell the President I'll be glad to represent him."


Ben stuck his hand out so I handed him my cell. "Mr. Graham."


"Yes Mr. President?"


"Are you a member of the DC Bar?"


"Yes Mr. President, I am."


"Excellent, will you have enough time to research case law?"


"Yes Sir," Adam started. "I know the case law by heart."


"Thank you Mr. Graham." Ben said then he ended the call. "Ace, get a team together and check out the court house."


"Yes Sir, I'm on it now." I answered.


I contacted Johnny and Dylan. Dylan got his team together and Johnny took Tonka over to the Court House and began to check it.


Bennie came out and was looking for Tonka. I gave him a hug and explained to him where his dog was.


"Oh, great." Bennie started. "Grandma is at it again."


Ben looked at Bennie and I could tell he wasn't pleased at what he just said. "Dad, she's trying to act like she's mom and that's not true."


"I know son. I don't like it either."


"If she calls me her son, can I tell her off?" my love asked.


"No love," I said. "You don't need to start a war in the court room or getting held in contempt. I won't be able to protect you."


"Son, Ace is right. Bite your tongue if she says something. We'll handle it."


"Yes Dad," Bennie said relenting.


Over at the courthouse, Johnny and Dylan were going over the place and then they went into the courtroom assigned for the trial. The bailiff asked, "May I help you?"


Johnny went up to the bailiff and said, "We have to clear the courtroom for an important individual."


"Does this have anything to do with the Schultz case?"


"I can't say but a very important person will be here along with his security. We will do our best to keep the distraction to a minimum."


"Thank you, Agent Hawks."


Once the courthouse had been inspected, Johnny, Dylan and the CAT team returned to the White House. Johnny came up to the residence with Tonka. "The courthouse is secure."


"Thank you Johnny." Ben said as he finished his coffee. "What courtroom are we in?"


"Courtroom 10. The docket is posted on the door." Johnny answered.


After we ate dinner I spent a quiet evening with Bennie snuggled close in bed. I was engrossed in a TV show when I felt a hand roaming around and then between my legs. "Did you lose something, baby?"


He wrapped his hand around my dick then said, "No I found it."


His warm hand had brought me to full staff. "What are you looking for love?"


He brought his mouth down on it and began sucking it for all he was worth. He was manipulating my balls in his free hand and he was making me hotter than a fire cracker.


He tried to shove his tongue into my piss slit and that was all she wrote as I blasted my load down his throat. After that, I was wasted, I couldn't do another thing except lay back and return to Earth.


Bennie was removing the load he shot across his chest then he cuddled next to me as we both headed for dreamland.


The next morning I was up before Bennie so I got my shower then woke sleeping beauty. "Aww Ace, come on."


I yanked the covers down. "Come on love, we have court this morning."


He jumped up and the covers had got wrapped around his feet so he ended up kissing the mattress. I helped him get untangled then he headed to the bathroom for his shower.


While he was doing this, I had my morning coffee. When I went in, Ben was already there. "Is sleeping beauty awake?" he asked, grinning.


"Yes he is after a few moans and groans." I answered.


Bennie came in just as Gloria came out with breakfast. We enjoyed her Mexican omelets then we had to get ready for the trip over to the courthouse.


The three of us along with Tonka walked over to the West Wing. We went into our office then I saw the limo pull up outside. Dylan's team was waiting then we escorted Ben and Bennie to the limo then we were off to the courthouse. Metro PD was waiting for us and directed us to a secured parking area. Dusty parked the limo then the CAT Team formed a circle for Ben and Bennie. We escorted them inside then found the courtroom.


We went inside and the room was empty except for the Bailiff. He saw the massive presence of the Secret Service and I could tell he wasn't pleased.


The judge stepped out and quietly talked with Ben. I was getting the impression this wasn't going to be open and shut. The two men shook hands then the judge returned to his chambers.


A few minutes later, people started arriving then Brenda was led in by two men dressed in whites. I knew who they were and Brenda was still in the hospital.


She was taken over to the defense table and a man in a suit came in and sat beside her. Right away, she started in on the man. "Now, you listen to me. Bennie is my son and I never gave my consent for him to marry."


"Now, you listen to me. Bennie is of legal age to marry so he doesn't need your consent."


"WHAT?" She started screaming. "I'm not paying you to tell me this."


"I'm telling you the law ma'am." her lawyer replied.


"You better find a way to get that marriage overturned!" Brenda screamed, then the two orderlies stood up beside her."


"Lower your voice," one of them said to her.


"All rise, this court is now in session. The Honorable Judge Nathan Childs presiding."


The jurist walked out and climbed the steps to the bench then sat down. "Be seated. Bailiff, what is the first case this morning?"


"Your Honor, we have the District of Columbia vs. Brenda Schultz. The charges are assault and battery and disorderly conduct."


The judge accepted the file then looked out into the gallery. "Are the parties ready to proceed?"


Martin Vickers for the prosecution. We're ready to proceed."


"Calvin Jacobs for the defense. We're ready to proceed. Your Honor, I see the President and his son in the courtroom and for the record, we're not related."


"Very well, how does the defendant plead?"


Brenda shot up so I was on guard. "Not guilty judge. I demand my son's marriage be overturned. I never. . . ."




"Ma'am please control yourself," the judge admonished. "This is my court and I am in control."


The men in white came over and pushed her into her seat.


"Mr. Jacobs, is your client capable of aiding in her defense?"


Her lawyer stood. "She is Your Honor."


"I urge you to keep her under control or I'll find her in contempt."


Jacobs looked over at her then nodded his head. "Yes Your Honor."


"Mr. Vickers, do you wish to make an opening statement?"


"Yes Your Honor. Your Honor, we have solid evidence that the defendant, Brenda Schultz, assaulted the clerk at city hall when he was unable to overturn the civil ceremony of her grandson, Benjamin Jacobs Jr. to Rich Mason. After assaulting the clerk, she managed to get behind the counter and began to destroy the city's computer."


"Objection," Jacobs said. "Hearsay."


The judge looked at the lawyer. "Over ruled."


Vickers stood. "At this time, we would like to enter into evidence the video taken from the security camera."


"Objection, prejudicial."


"Over ruled. The video is accepted.


The Bailiff wheeled a big screen TV into the middle of the courtroom. Mr. Vickers handed him a DVD and he put it into the DVD player and started it.


We all saw and watched as Brenda showed herself by yelling and screaming at the poor clerk. Bennie put his face into his hands and shook his head.


After the DVD was played, Mr. Vickers went on to explain Brenda's actions when she was arrested by Metro PD. At one point the judge stopped the prosecutor. "Is this woman competent to stand trial?"


"Yes Your Honor. We have a statement from her attending physician."


Vickers's handed the letter to the judge who let the attorney continue. All this time the judge was watching Brenda. After Mr. Vickers finished, Judge Childs looked at Brenda and asked. "Madam, all this time, we've heard you referred to as the Grandmother to Mr. Jacobs Jr. and you sit here claiming to be his mother. Do you have solid evidence to prove your statement?"


She flew to her feet digging into her purse. She pulled out a paper and tried to head to the bench when the Bailiff and the men in white took hold of her. She handed the Bailiff the envelope and he handed it to the judge. The jurist opened the envelope and started reading the paper. He motioned for his bailiff to come to the bench then we went into the Judge's chambers and returned with a magnifying glass. The judge looked closely at something then looked out into the gallery. "Mr. President, could you approach the bench please?"


Ben stood and started walking to the rail then Tonka began to escort Ben. The Judge's eyes got big then I stood. "Your Honor, Tonka is a Secret Service K9."


The Judge relaxed as Ben reached down and scratched Tonka. Ben joined the Judge on the bench then he reached into his pocket and took out a paper. The judge looked at Brenda. "Madam, are you trying to pull a fast one on the court?"


"I assure you, I am not."


"This is the worst attempt of a forgery I've ever seen. Your claim of being the wife to the President is hereby denied. Mr. Jacobs does the defense wish to put on its case?"


Jacobs knew he was sunk so he looked at the judge and said, "The defense rests."


Judge Childs sat back and thought as he looked over the file and especially the paper. "Ms. Schultz, please stand."


She stood and looked at the judge. "It is the decision of this court that you are guilty on all counts. You are sentenced to ninety days in the city jail and I also fine you the amount of $5,000 for trying to perpetrate a fraud on this court. The birth certificate is a poor copy and I could see where you removed the real mother's name and enter yours. This court is now in recess."


After the judge left the bench, Brenda tried to get to Bennie but Tonka put his front paws on the rail and began barking and growling to keep her back. Bennie called Tonka and he went to his owner. "I see how it is. You've turned Bennie against me. I'll tell you now, you've not heard the last of me."


"Mother, if you try to pull another stunt like you tried to today, I'll use every power at my disposal to fight you."


"I DEMAND MY RIGHTS!" she yelled as she was cuffed and led away.


"You are getting your rights now, Grandma!" Bennie yelled as the door closed.


Ben popped Bennie on the shoulder. "Let's go son."


We got them into the circle then it was out to the limo for the drive back to the residence.


Bennie looked at Ben and I could tell he had questions. "Love, I'm glad this is finally over."


"I am too baby." I replied then held him as we drove back to the residence.


We arrived at the residence and we then escorted Ben to the Oval Office and I took Bennie upstairs. "Love, what will Grandma try and do now?"


"I don't know love but whatever she tries, we'll be ready for it."


"I wonder what it was she tried to pass off?" Bennie asked.


"It was a poor excuse for a birth certificate," a voice answered.


We looked at see who was there and to my surprise, it was Ben. "Is all quiet with the world?"


Ben smiled. "I don't know about the world but it's quiet here."


"Dad, why did Grandma try to pass a fake birth certificate?"


"So she could get the judge to say she was your mother."


"No way she's my mother."


Ben came in and sat down on the bed then Bennie took his place on Ben's lap and wrapped his arms around his neck for a cuddle. "I know that son and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her."


Bennie looked at his dad. "What about when you're with Chris, do you still miss her?"


"Of course son. She was my first love and the mother of my son. Nothing can ever change that and I wouldn't want it to be any different."


I had to wipe my eyes because even though I'd never met Ben's wife, she has a special place in my heart because she brought Bennie into the world. I can't imagine what my life would be like had I not met him."


To be continued


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