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Chapter 77


I heard the man start to giggle then my eyes focused on who it was then I was able to make out who it was. There was Pete standing there in his scrubs.


Tears began to roll down my cheeks. He pulled me into a tight hug as I fought to get my emotions under control.


"How is he Pete?"


"He's being taken into recovery."


I got up and looked at Pete. "Take me to him please Pete."


He turned and I followed. We went through a door and a big nurse put his hand on my chest. "You're not allowed in here, sir."


I reached up and shook my credentials in his face. The Pete took me by the hand, "Learn this man's face. He is Mr. Jacob's body guard."


Pete led me through the maze of beds then we came to Bennie's. His color was ashen. He looked like he'd seen a ghost. I spotted a chair so I went over and sat down. His hand was dangling off the edge of the bed so I reached out and held it. I stood up and looked at my lover's face when I saw his eyes flicker. "Wake up sweetie, I'm here."


I heard him moan then I spotted Dr. Phillips. I got his attention. "He's in pain Doc."


"Alright, I'll bring him something right away."


A young nurse came over and saw me holding his hand. "Now isn't that sweet."


My head snapped up and I was seeing blood and it wasn't Bennie's. Pete put his hand on mine so I let him deal with it.


Pete went over and took him by the arm. "Come with me sir."


I followed them as Pete had hold of this man's arm. They were out of the recovery room then Pete slammed the nurse against the wall. "Listen bub, don't you ever speak like that about those two, do we understand each other?"


"I hate faggots."


"How about I pass those words on to his father?" Pete said as he had his forearm against the nurse's chest.


"Go ahead, I'll deny everything."


I stepped out and held the man. "Is that so?"


"Yeah fag." The nurse replied.


Another nurse stuck her head out. "Nelson, did you shoot your mouth off again?"


"No, n n no ma'am." Nelson said trying to cover his ass.


I turned around and went to the nurse. "How does he shoot his mouth off?" I asked.


"He's always acting holier than thou. He doesn't care for gay people and he's constantly shooting his mouth off. He's on probation for that."


"Well he shot it off about Bennie and me. We happen to be married as well as I am his bodyguard."


"I apologize Agent Mason." She said then walked over and snatched the man's credentials. "You're fired, now get your crap and leave NOW!"


I smiled then went back into the recovery room with Bennie. Bennie was fighting to keep his eyes open. I leaned down and gently kissed him on the lips. I heard him sigh then he relaxed and let sleep overtake him. I sat down then held his hand as he slept. Just then a group of agents came in and Ben was in the middle. I got up and offered him my chair. "Here you go Sir, come sit down."


He motioned for me to sit down. "Sit down Ace."


"How is he doing?" Ben asked.


I was just about to answer when Dr. Phillips came over and started speaking. "He had a very inflamed appendix but we removed it and it did not rupture. He's on antibiotics and soon will be moved to a private room. Ace, I'll have a reclining chair put in so you can get some rest." Dr. Phillips said.


Hearing the good news caused me to totally breakdown and cry.


"Oh thank you doctor for saving my husband." I said as I continued to cry. Pete led me over to the chair and sat me down before I fell on my face.


"Now stay put buddy." Pete admonished. "Johnny and I will be here with you and Bennie."


"Pete, I want you to get back to the residence and get some sleep. You can't be of any use if you are exhausted."


He patted me on my hand, "Don't you worry about me Ace. Dusty will be here shortly then I'll go and get some sleep."


I started to speak when Ben stepped in. "I told some of the agents to get a good night's sleep before coming to the hospital. You all do a wonderful job and Bennie and I can't thank you all enough for everything you guys do."


I relaxed then Dusty came over with a cup of coffee. "Here Ace, drink this."


"Is JR here too?" I asked.


"No he's holding down the fort back at the White House."


"Good." I said as I sipped the hot liquid. "Do you know when Bennie will be transferred to his room?"


"Not yet." Pete replied.


"Alright," I started. "Here's the plan of action. You'll be the agent in charge here while Bennie is in the hospital."


"Me?" Pete asked totally surprised.


"Yes you," I answered. "Bennie trusts you plus I want someone who knows Bennie. I want two agents outside the door plus one in his room. I want you inside the room. The men will work eight hour shifts so we'll need you'll need nine agents plus three in reserve who can come in at a moment's notice."


Pete was busy making notes. "Sit down Pete, so we can talk."


A nurse came over with more coffee then Pete and I began to talk. "Pete, why are you acting surprised I picked you for this detail?"


"Ace, I'm still trying to come to grips with my role here considering how I acted last year."


"Pete, I can you the chance to show me the kind of agent you could be and you didn't let me down. In fact, you surpassed my wildest expectations. What I'm saying is, Pete you've earned this position and my respect."


Pete just sat there and didn't say a word. "Ace, I don't know what to say but thank you."


"You earned it buddy. Now let's go see Bennie."


I saw a bed come rolling out of Post Op and I managed to look at the patient and it was Bennie and he didn't have the agents with him. "Hold it right there." I said as Pete stood in front of the bed."


"Out of my way bud." He ordered but Pete remained in position.


"You're not moving him anywhere." Pete said firmly. "Where are his agents?"


"I don't know and they're in my way." He said as he tried to push Bennie past us.


Pete had had enough then he reached inside his jacket and pulled out his weapon. "If you keep trying to move him past us, I'll shoot you and be done with it."


Just then horns sounded and doors started closing. My cell phone went off. "Mason."


"Ace, Bennie is missing." Johnny said.


"Relax, he's with me and Pete."


"Alright." Johnny said then the door opened and two secret service agents took hold of the guy trying to push his bed.


"Hey, let me go. You don't know who I am." The nurse yelled.


I went over and took his credentials. "It reads Marcus Falby." I said looking at his ID card.


Johnny was on the phone. "His name is Falby, Marcus."


He put it on speaker then we heard JR's voice. "Dusty, Falby, Marcus James is wanted in DC on charges of impersonating a nurse, rape and three counts of attempted rape on a child under the age of ten."


He tried to run but Pete still had his weapon drawn. "Freeze, or I'll shoot."


Falby stopped and raised his hands. I went over and put him against the wall then patted him down. In his Lab coat was a lock blade knife and looking at it, I saw what appeared to be dried blood." I had a plastic bag in my jacket so I put the knife in there and signed it.


"Thanks JR, we have him in custody. Would you notify Metro PD?"


"I'm on the phone with them now."


"Thanks buddy." I said then ended the call.


Dr. Phillips came out along with several nurses to take Bennie to his room. We were moving him when he moaned, "Ace, where are you?"


I reached out and took his hand and held it as he was taken to him new room. He had a private suite. I held the door open as he was wheeled in. I was able to see a large room along with a large flat screen television. Since all the agents were outside, I went in and watched as they transferred him into his new bed. Once he was settled and they took his vitals, the nurses left the room so he could rest. I pulled the recliner up close to the bed and positioned it so I could hold Bennie's hand. I got the remote and turned the TV on. The local news was telling everyone that The President's Son was taken to GW Medical Center for emergency surgery. They didn't give any details and I was wondering how they managed to find out what they had.


I got tired of hearing the same news headlines so I went channel surfing. I found a movie on so I settled down and started watching it. Sometime during the movie, I dozed off and suddenly woke up when I felt someone bump into the chair. Whoever it was wore a suit so I drew my weapon. "Don't make any sudden moves."


The man stood up slowly and turned around and I saw his hospital credentials so I called Dr. Phillips. "Doc, this is Ace. Do you know someone named Rose?"


"Andrew Rose?" He asked.


"Yes, that's the man." I answered.


"I sure do, that's Bennie's surgeon."


"OK Doc, thanks." I said then ended the call. "Dr. Rose, I'm really sorry. We never met before you took Bennie into surgery."


"I understand Agent Mason. Dr. Phillips told me about the two of you. I hope you both have many happy years together."


I put my pistol away and shook his hand.


"Agent Mason, you should put your feet up and get some sleep. Bennie will sleep most of the day."


I thanked him then got myself a cup of coffee. Pete was standing outside to he took my place with Bennie. When I returned Bennie was crying wanting me so as soon as Pete saw me he told Bennie I was back. I hurried over and held his hand and kissed him gently. "Easy love, I'm here now."


I sat down and gently squeezed his hand. I managed to get his emotions under control then he closed his eyes and drifted off back to sleep.


Some time while I was napping Ben and the other agents with him came in. I heard the men talking softly then my eyes shot open. "Mr. President, I'm sorry."


I saw some kid bust in and started pointing at me. "See Mr. President, I told you. This guy is useless."


All the yelling woke Bennie up. He raised his head up and looked at the kid. "Listen punk . . . . . ." Bennie started.




I sat there and watched as the kid dug himself a hole that no one could ever get him out of. Ed came in. "Agent Jones."


The kid turned around and saw Ed standing there. "Ed, I don't think you realize what's been going on."


That was his second mistake. "AGENT JONES, is you're going to start making demands you better start with how you address people. YOU WILL ADDRESS ME AS Director Miller. Do we understand each other?"


The kid was between a rock and a hard place and I wasn't about to let him off the hook.


I stood up and went over to the President. "Sir, I apologize for being asleep."


"I understand Ace."  Ben answered softly.


"I think you should get back to the residence."


"But who will stay with Bennie?" I asked.


Agent Jones can stay with Bennie." Ben answered.


I motioned for him to follow me then we stepped out into the hall.


Mr. President, Bennie is my assignment, isn't he? I asked.


"Well yes in theory he is." Ben answered.


This totally took me off guard. "In theory, Sir?" I asked. "Have I done something to displease you sir?"


"Well, things have gotten a bit lax around here."


Now I was totally angry. "Mr. President, I've done my job and protected Bennie."


"How come you didn't know he was ill?" Ben asked.


"Sir, he showed no signs of any illness when we went to sleep."


"I wonder if that was because you and he had had a love making session.


"Sir, I know when Bennie isn't feeling well and it has nothing to do with our love making."


"I really am beginning to wonder about this."


While Ben and I were talking I saw Dr. Phillips come up. Ben stopped talking when the doctor stepped up.


"I asked the doctor; Dr. Phillips was there any way this could have been prevented?"


"No Ace, there wasn't."


"Suppose they hadn't have made love?" Ben asked.


"Doctor Phillips came to my rescue. "Sir, even if they hadn't have made love, there would have been no way for Ace to have known Bennie was ill."


"Why is that?" Ben asked.


"Sir, Bennie is not one to let on he's not feeling well."


"When he was younger, he'd always tell me when he was coming down with something."


"How old was he when he would tell you he was ill?" I asked.


"Bennie was just a little boy." Ben answered.


"I rest my case." I said.


"Mr. President, don't fault Ace for this. Bennie kept this to himself until it got to the point he couldn't and Ace took the appropriate steps."


Inside Bennie's room Agent Jones is getting comfortable and giving Bennie a hard time. "Now kid, you don't have Ace as your body guard."


Bennie tried to ignore him until he crawled onto the bed and straddle his chest flipping his dick out. "How about you suck on this for a while?"


Bennie turned his head and kept his mouth closed as the kid tried to get Bennie to suck it. Bennie opened his eyes a little and saw his balls handing down so he reached up and cracked them as if they were walnuts. He let out a scream that would wake up the dead bringing every agent in ear shout.


I grabbed my weapon then slammed into the door and saw the agent rolling on the bed screaming in agony. "Let me go, let me go."


I went up to Bennie and held my gun on him. "Let him go Bennie." I said.


Bennie released him as Jones rolled off the bed and landed hard onto the floor. I quickly cuffed him then stood him up as his slacks and undies stayed down by his feet.


Ben came in and asked, "Bennie what is going on in here?"


Bennie tried to answer but Jones interrupted saying, "He started coming on to me."


"Ace, you know better than that." Bennie managed to get out."


"Yeah, right you came on to me. Telling me you'd love to see my assets and then you wanted to suck me off."


"Ace, that's not true." Bennie said as Jones interrupted again.


"Yes it is." Jones said trying to defend himself."


I took out my cell phone then called JR. "JR, do you have the video footage from Bennie's room?"


I put the call on speaker then Jones started squirming and yelling. "It's doctored, it's fake. I told you what happened and how it went down."


Dylan and another of his men came in.


"Dylan, get him out of here before I beat him senseless." I said as I sat down with Bennie and comforted him.


"Ace here comes the footage." JR said as I watched my phone.


The event went down just as Bennie said. Jones was getting comfortable in the recliner then he started playing with himself. I could see Bennie's eyes closed as he tried to rest then Jones took his dick out then hopped onto the bed. He tried to force it into Bennie's mouth but he was having none of it. A few seconds later I saw a hand grab Jones by the balls and try to crack them as he screamed in pain.


"Thanks JR. burn that onto a DVD."


"Will do Ace." JR said.


"I looked at Ben, are you satisfied now?"


"How could I have been so stupid?" Ben asked as he took Bennie's hand in his.


Jones painted such a clear picture about what was going on . . . ." Ben started.


"That you bought into it lock, stock and barrel." Bennie threw in.


I pulled him into my chest then brought my mouth close to his ear and whispered. "Come on love, stop now please."


He was crying. "Why baby, he does this all the time."


"No he doesn't so cut him some slack."


"Ace, I'll never replace you as Bennie's body guard again."


"Dad, you told Ace, you run the country but when it comes to security, that's Ace's job."


"Touché," Ben said looking down."


I could see Bennie was about to lose it when I pulled him into my chest. Bennie tried to talk but I made that impossible.


Ben tried to sooth his son but Bennie was having none of it. All the excitement got Bennie hurting then Dr. Phillips came in and started changing his dressing. The wound was oozing big time so he got out some clean gauze and put some antibiotic ointment over the incision and put the sterile gauze pad down on it then taped it in place. "Hang on Bennie, I'll bring you something for the pain." Dr. Phillips told Bennie as he left the room.


Bennie was holding a pillow against his abdomen as Dr. Phillips came in. He plugged the syringe into the cock then injected the medication.


I saw Bennie drift off into la la land then I looked at the doctor. I was mentally asking him if I could cuddle with Bennie and he nodded his head. "Ace, why don't you get comfortable and get some much needed sleep. I'll put a note in Bennie's chart letting the nurses know I said you two and sleep together." Johnny and Dylan returned then Ben gave Bennie a kiss on the top of his head. "Get some sleep Ace. You really need it."


It was only 1930 but it felt like it was well after midnight. I went over to the wardrobe and took my jacket and tie off and hung them up. I put my weapon under my pillow then finished undressing. I went to the bathroom and look a leak then joined Bennie in bed. Bennie felt me snuggle close then he slid his head onto my chest as I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. Some time during the night a nurse came in and took Bennie's vitals. We were a mass of arms and I felt him wrap the cuff around my arm. "Ah, wrong arm dude." I said softly.


I held Bennie's arm up then he took Bennie's blood pressure. He quickly did his work then left quietly. "Ace I have to pee." Bennie said.


I remembered seeing a plastic jug in the bathroom so I got up and got it for him. I lifted the covers and found his tool and slid it into the hole. "Alright love, you can pee now."


I heard the liquid begin to fill the jug then Bennie sighed. "Thanks baby, I needed that."


I set the jug on the bedside table so the nurse can write it into his chart.


The night flew by and soon a nurse was back checking Bennie's vital signs. She left then we fell back to sleep.


To be continued


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