The President's Son


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Miguel Sanchez



Chapter 78


I heard the liquid begin to fill the jug then Bennie sighed. "Thanks baby, I needed that."


I set the jug on the bedside table so the nurse can write it into his chart.


The night flew by and soon a nurse was back checking Bennie's vital signs. She left then we fell back to sleep.


I don't know what time it was when I felt a hand gently shake me. "Ace, wake up now."


"Huh, I said as I opened my eyes and saw Dr. Phillips smiling at me. "I'm awake doc."


"How did Bennie sleep?" He asked.


"Slept straight through except once when he had to pee. The jug is on the bedside table.


"I'm hungry," Bennie said as our talking woke him.


"I'll get trays sent up for you both." Dr. Phillips said.


"Good," I said smiling. "I'm starving. I didn't get much to eat yesterday."


The doctor pats me on the shoulder. "Not to worry Ace, I remember when you were here before."


Bennie and I cuddled then I remembered I needed to get dressed. I went over to the wardrobe and pulled my underwear on then got into my slacks then threw my tee shirt on and quickly finished putting my suit on. I went over to the bed and stuck my hand under my pillow and took my pistol and put it into its holster. Dr. Phillips came in with another bedside table and put it in front of my recliner.


As soon as I got it adjusted, the door opened and a nurse carrying two trays came in. She set one on Bennie's table then set the other on mine. She took the cover off and I had a huge feast of scrambled eggs, toast and sausage.


I fixed my coffee then ate while it was still hot. Ed came in and saw me eating. "Do you feel better now?"


I sipped my coffee then moved the tray out of my way. I put my feet up and stretched the kinks out. I took another sip of my coffee when Dr. Phillips came in. "Here Ace, take these, they're your blood pressure medication."


I took the pills then finished my coffee.


Ed and I were chatting softly when we heard a commotion out in the hall. I jumped up and looked at Ed. "Stay here with Bennie."


I opened the door and saw Pete and a uniformed agent struggling with a young man. Just then I heard a sickening sound and the man let out a blood curdling  scream. I made sure the door to Bennie's room was closed then I went over to Pete. "What in the hell is going on out here?"


The uniformed agent had hold of the young man's arm. Pete looked at me. "He was trying to stop this young man from seeing Bennie."


It was when Pete turned him around I recognized him. I could see tears of pain rolling down his face. "Pete get Carl down to the ER right away. I'll notify Dr. Phillips."


The uniformed agent refused to let him go. "Not so fast. This Jew loving fag ain't going nowhere."


Pete turned around and slammed the man in uniform against the wall. "Don't you ever talk like that around me or Agent Mason."


"I might have known you both loved kikes."


"Let him go this instant Officer Gomez. What is a uniformed officer doing here on this floor?"


"I was on the first floor when I spotted this guy acting suspiciously so I decided to follow him."


I knew better so I asked him again. "What are you doing on this floor? Uniformed officers are not assigned to this detail."


"I might have known you were a kike loving faggot."


Before I could move, Pete spun around and decked the officer then put him in cuffs."


"I told you once not to talk like that around us." I went over to Carl and helped him to his feet. I spotted a nurse with a wheel chair so I called to her. She put Carl in it then I called Dr. Phillips and explained everything that took place. I leaned down and gave Carl a kiss on the cheek and said, "Dr. Phillips is waiting on you. Once he gets you fixed up, we'll sit down and have a talk."


"Thanks Ace, how's Bennie?" He asked.


"He's resting right now. I'll tell him you asked about him. Why didn't you call me?"


"I don't know Ace. I was passing the hospital when I decided to stop in and visit him. I spoke with Johnny down stairs and he got me clearance to come to the floor. I was just about to knock on Bennie's door when that goon blindsided me. Who is he anyway?"


"He's with the uniforms and has no business being here."


Now let the nurse take you down to the ER."


Carl agreed then the nurse and Carl headed for the elevator. When I saw the elevator doors close I pulled out my cell phone and placed a call to the office. "Secret Service office, Special Agent Carl speaking."


"JR, it's Ace. I need a favor my friend."


"Sure Ace, anything for you buddy."


I need you to look up the personnel file on an Officer F. U. Gomez."


"What were those initials again?"


"You heard me right! Foxtrot Uniform."


I heard JR busy typing on the keyboard then I heard him gasp.


"What is it JR?" I asked.


"You're not going to believe this."


"Try me," I said as I waited for the information.


"Fernando Urbano Gomez is the cousin of one Harold Peterson."


That explains his attitude. "Why are you asking?"


"He just assaulted and dislocated Carl Matthew's shoulder."


"What the hell is he doing over there?" JR asked.


"I haven't a clue but he's in cuffs for his actions. Call Capt. Langford and find out what he knows about this guy and maybe why he was over here."


"Will do Ace," JR replied then ended the call.


I called Pete and found out where'd he'd taken Gomez. This was an interview I didn't want to miss.


I found Pete and Gomez, and Gomez was still spouting his crap. When I walked in, I saw the back of his head and I wanted to give him a wakeup call but decided against it.


I took a seat in front of him and sat down.


"Well, look who it is. It's the fag Jew lover Mason."


"If you don't shut that mouth of yours, I'll slap the taste out of it."


"Oh yes, always talking like a fag."


I started to stand and lean over to punch the crap out of him but Pete intervened. "Ace, don't."


"Better listen to him."


I didn't have my briefcase with me so I didn't have Miranda warning forms he could sign. Just then I remembered it was in the Hummer so I went out to get it. On the way back in, I put in a call to Adam.


"Yes Ace." Adam said.


"Can you come to the hospital?" I asked.


"Sure, is something wrong with Bennie?"


"Oh no, nothing like that. We caught a uniformed officer here and he assaulted Carl Matthews who was going to visit Bennie."


"Hold on Ace, you know guests aren't allowed to just walk in and visit as if he were a regular patient."


"Adam, Carl was cleared by Johnny but the damn uniformed officer never let Carl say anything and to top it off, he dislocated his shoulder."


"Oh crap, Cal isn't going to be happy."


"Who is going to be the bearer of that news?" I asked.


"Not me pal," Adam replied.


"Alright, I'll handle that. Man, you should have heard the shit he was spewing. It was like I had Nate Hill and Harold Peterson here. I'm on my way back inside. I had to get my briefcase out of the Hummer so I could get a Miranda form for him to sign before I started questioning him."


"I'm on my way so can you wait until I get there before you question him?"


"Sure thing pal, I'll see you when you get here," I replied then ended the call.


I took my time heading back to the floor and when I stepped off the elevator Tonka was sitting there waiting for me. Since I had to wait on Adam, I decided to take Tonka out. He joined me then we headed down. When we stepped off, we got the usual strange looks from some then a strange thing happened. A guy looked at Tonka then took off running down the hall and then Tonka took off after him and the chase was on. I was running after them and there was no way I could catch him then the guy stopped and I saw him pull out a gun. "GUN, EVERYONE GET DOWN!!" I shouted.


I drew then got a round off. My shot found its mark and hit him in the chest knocking him to the floor. The weapon went sliding out of his hand so I sent Tonka in to hold him. I rolled him over then cuffed him then called the US Marshalls. Once the scene was secured, doctors and nurses came out and put him on a stretcher so they could begin to treat the man for his wound.


I went in and stayed with him while he was treated. The bullet hit him in the upper chest and lodged in his shoulder. He was quickly taken to the operating room so they could repair the damage. When he was moved to the OR, I went through his clothes hoping to find some identification as to who this guy is.


I was about to head out when a middle aged man came in. I looked up and didn't recognize him. "May I help you?"


The man stuttered saying, "Ah, I'm looking for my brother. He said he had some business here but what it was, I have no idea."


"What is your brother's name?" I asked.


"Ryan." The man answered. "Who might I ask are you?"


I pulled my credentials out and showed then to him. I could tell this shocked the man. "What is the Secret Service doing here?"


"We're liable to be most any place," I answered smiling. "Could I see some identification please?"


The man removed his wallet and showed me his driver's license. "Thank you Mr. Raynor," I said. "Now tell me about your brother."


The man looked at me cautiously. "Why do I sense there is more here than meets the eye?"


"Well, it just might be," I answered. "Would you happen to have a photo of your brother?"


He took out his phone then flipped through a number of photos. "Here you go."


"I can tell you now your brother is in some serious trouble."


"How serious?"


"Attempted murder of a Federal Agent," I answered.


"Oh my god." Mr. Raynor gasped. "I guess he did go off the deep end."


"Ya think?" I shot back.


"Look Agent, my brother hasn't been himself these past several months."


"In what respect?" I asked.


"He seemed to be turning his back on everything and everyone. With all the stuff going on in the Middle East, he's become obsessed with Islam."


I wasn't liking what I was hearing. "Are you saying he wants to join them?"


"I don't know about that. I did manage to get hold of his passport so he couldn't leave the country. I know people traveling out of the country are being looked at pretty close."


`If he was bent on calling attention to himself how better than to try to get at the son of the American President,' I thought.


"Does your brother own a gun?" I asked.


"I don't like guns and neither do my parents so I would say if he did, I have no idea where he would get it."


"I hate to say it but he did and he tried to use me for target practice."


"Oh my god," Raynor gasped. "I'm really sorry. Tell me you didn't have to kill him."


"No, he's alive but he is in the operating room and after he leaves recovery, he'll be recovering in the prison ward."


"Agent Mason, how can I see him?"


"I would suggest you get him a good lawyer because he is really going to need it."


Just then Adam stuck his head in the room. "Ace, are you ready?"


I excused myself then took Adam to interview Gomez. "This guy needs a real wake up call."


"Oh? What's his major malfunction?"


"I wish I knew. He's worse than Nate and Peterson rolled into one."


Adam and I walked into the conference room and Pete was sitting there. "Has he finally shut it up?" I asked Pete quietly.


He nodded his head. "Finally."


Gomez was sitting there and I could tell he was itching to spout off. "OK man, what the hell are you doing here?"


"Someone has to keep the rubbish out," Gomez shot back.


"And that is you?" I asked.


He smiled. "That's right. You fags walk around here like you own the place."


I decided then that I wasn't going to try to find out anything. "The hell with this, I'm just going to charge you with everything I can. You'll be in prison for a real long time and just wait until they get a load of you."


"Wait now," Gomez started. "I'm a cop and I want protection."


"Protection?" I asked. "Why should you deserve protection when you just start enticing the inmates?"


"I have the right to say anything I want."


"Sure you do and we have the right to not to use all the guards just so you try to start a riot."


"But you have to protect me."


"Didn't your mother teach you when to keep your mouth shut? The hell with this, Adam what can we charge him with?"


"Well, we have felony assault and battery with the intent to do bodily harm. I bet I can even make a case for a hate crime." Adam said staring at Gomez.


"That a five year mandatory," I added.


"That's right, no parole on that," Adam added smiling.


I walked over and removed the badge on his shirt. "I'd love to know how you managed to get hired. Pete, can you handle the paperwork on him while I check on Bennie?"


"Sure thing Ace," Pete replied as I got up and headed for the door.


I got an elevator and took the short ride to Bennie's floor. I got out then went into his room. Dr. Phillips was in there with him. "How's he doing Doc?" I asked hoping we could get Bennie back to the residence.


"His temp is normal and the incision is clean and dry."


"What are the chances of him finishing his recovery at home?"


"Since he is doing this well, I think we can let him go home."


Bennie threw the covers off and went to the wardrobe. "Love, where is your gown?"


I looked on the bed and he'd managed to remove it. Bennie opened the wardrobe and was digging for his undies when a nurse came in. "Mr. Jacobs."


Bennie stood up and was now facing the nurse. A young male nurse was there to get Bennie ready to leave.


Bennie smiled then I stepped over and led him back to the bed. I leaned down and whispered into his ear, "Down tiger."


He gave me his usual cheeky smile as I pulled the covers over him. The nurse came over and removed his IV while I found his clothes.


I helped Bennie get dressed then the nurse left the room. A few minutes later, he returned with a stack of papers and a wheelchair.


Bennie and I went over the papers then Bennie signed his discharge form. I led Bennie to his chariot. I got the agents ready for our departure and Pete was waiting for us. "Can you stay here while I get the Hummer?"


Pete smiled and nodded his head then I quickly hurried to get my vehicle. Tonka joined me as I trotted to the Hummer then drove it around to the front entrance.


When I pulled up, Pete and Bennie along with the other agents were waiting for us. Pete came out and opened the passenger door then Dylan brought Bennie out and helped him into the seat. Bennie put his seatbelt on then the other agents climbed into the back. The ride to the residence only took a few minutes then I got Bennie to his room and into bed. "Ace, how long am I stuck in here?"


I smiled, "Just today baby." I answered then let Gloria know her mijo was home.


She quickly went to his room and gave him a proper welcome home. I stuck my head inside and she was sitting on the edge of the bed hugging him and smothering him with kisses.


The rest of the week saw Bennie recovering nicely and he was able to get up out of bed with no pain. On Monday it was time for Bennie to return to college and get back to the grind. He'd only missed three days due to the fact he didn't have his laptop and wasn't able to attend classes on line.


After breakfast Bennie and I were heading to Georgetown. We headed for his first class and got a rude awakening when we went into the lecture hall. Bennie took his usual seat and I sat right behind him. I saw the professor preparing for his lecture then he spotted us. He made his way up the isle then stopped by Bennie. "Where have you been Mr. Jacobs?"


"I've been ill." Bennie answered.


"I'll need something in writing to that effect."


Bennie cocked his eyes at him. "I'm not in elementary school, and so you know, I happen to be on a full scholarship."


"That is all well and good but you'll still need verification that you've been out ill." The professor said handing Bennie a form to get filled out.


Bennie was steamed at the way he was treated and I saw that as he quickly packed his computer and grabbed his books then stood to leave. I got up and escorted him outside. He tossed his things in the trunk then we left to head to see Dr. Phillips.


As we were on the road I called the doctor and found where he was. We pulled into the parking lot then we went in to see Dr. Phillips. "Ace, is there a problem with Bennie?"


I took the paper out and handed it to him. "The university said he needed this filled out before he could return to class."


Dr. Phillips sat down behind his desk and started filling out the form. When he was finished, he began typing on his computer. A few minutes later he printed out what he'd typed and then stapled it to the form the university needed filled out. "Here you go Ace, if there is a problem, call me."


"Thanks Doc," I said as Bennie came out of the bathroom.


"Bennie, let me see your incision," Dr. Phillips requested.


Bennie loosened his trousers and slid them and his undies down. Dr. Phillips looked at the incision and it was clean and dry. "It looks like those stitches can come out in a couple of days. I'll stop over and remove them."


"Thanks Doc," Bennie replied as he pulled his undies and trousers up. "I'm home about 3:45."


Bennie and I said our farewells then left to return to Georgetown. Our first stop was to Bennie's Criminal Law class. We walked into the lecture hall and headed to the front. I handed Bennie the form to give to his professor. The professor took it and looked it over then he saw the paper attached. I watched as he read it and he began turning red. "Mr. Jacobs, I didn't realize you'd been under the care of the White House Physician," the professor said trying to regain his composure.


"Who did you think was my doctor?" Bennie snapped back.


"I didn't know and I had to have that form filled out."


"Personally, I think it's crazy." Bennie started. "We're not in public school. We all pay good money to come here so we're not going to skip class and still manage to earn our degree."


Bennie and I hurried to his next class. Fortunately Bennie's other professors didn't give him a hard time about missing class.


Over at the detention center, Harold Peterson received some papers. Peterson read them and had to sit down because he couldn't believe his good fortune. "Guard," Peterson shouted.


A few minutes later a guard walked up. "Yeah, what you want?"


Peterson handed the guard the papers. The guard looked at them then laughed. "Do you think for a minute I'm believing these?"


"You should," Peterson started. "Those were signed by a judge."


The guard snatched the papers then headed to the see the Officer of the day. He knocked on the door. "Enter."


The man looked up at the guard. "What can I do for you?"


"One of the inmates handed me these. I doubt they're legit but I thought they should be verified."


He handed them to the Captain then he started reading them. "These can't be right."


"That's what I told him. I am aware one of his cases is under appeal but he still has two attempted murder convictions that are standing."


The captain picked the phone up and looked at the guard. "I'm going to call the US Attorney, he'll know what is going on."


Over at Adam's office, he was sorting through some dead files that could be put into storage to give him some more space. Just then, his secretary buzzed him. "Mr. Graham, Captain Jones is on the phone for you."


"Who is he?" Adam asked.


"He is the Officer of the Day at the Federal Detention Center. He said he has some release papers he needs to verify with you."


"Alright, what line is he on?"


"Line four."


"Thank you," Adam said then put the call on speaker so he could talk and work at the same time. "Adam Graham speaking."


"Mr. Graham, I'm looking at some release papers on Harold Peterson."


Adam almost choked on his coffee. "On WHO, Captain?"


"Harold Peterson," the Captain replied.


"That can't be right," Adam said. "Who signed them?"


"Judge Ivan Molenari," the Captain answered.


"Look, don't release him yet. I have to verify this. I'll call you back."


"Thank you Mr. Graham," the Captain replied then ended the call."


Adam was steaming. `How could this happen?' he thought as he sat down and looked up the phone number of the judge.


It took Adam several minutes but he found it and placed the call. "Judge Molenari's Court Room."


"This is Adam Graham, is Judge Molenari free?"


"If you'll hold on, I'll check."


Adam waited as the bailiff checked then a voice came on the line. "Judge Molenari speaking."


"Your Honor, this is Adam Graham."


"Yes Mr. Graham, what may I do for you?"


"Sir, are you aware the man you ordered released is serving time for two convictions of attempted murder?"


The line got quiet. Adam thought the judge might have hung up on him then he heard the judge sigh. "Yes, Mr. Graham I am aware of this."


"If you know this how can he be released?"


"I just don't think he should be held pending his appeal."


"Your Honor, his appeal is working its way through the system and his case is a top priority."


"When can he expect to go to trial?"


"This is something I don't know. As soon as it is put on a Judge's docket, I'll be notified."


"I'm sorry Mr. Graham but that isn't good enough."


"So there is a convicted felon about to be put back on the street?"


"Yes," Judge Molenari said firmly.


"Then I have no choice but to notify the Secret Service and the President because Mr. Peterson has made numerous threats against the President's son."


"Do what you must, Mr. Graham."


"I shall and if my memory serves me correctly, you were appointed to the bench by President Jacobs."


"What's that supposed to mean?"


"Just what I said which means you could be on shaky grounds if Mr. Peterson tries to get at Benjamin, Jr."


"Don't threaten me counselor," the Judge snapped.


"Your Honor, I don't make threats. I wouldn't be the United States Attorney for very long if I did."


"You do what you have to. Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do."


The line went dead then Adam started making phone calls. The first was to the Captain at the Detention center informing him the orders were valid. He asked he hold onto Peterson for an hour so he could make more calls.


Adam's next call was to me. Bennie and I had just reached his car when my cell rang. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Adam."


"Hey buddy, what's going on?" I replied.


"You better hold on to your vest but I have some news for you."


"OH oh, this doesn't sound good."


"It's not. Some idiot federal judge signed release papers for Harold Peterson."


"HE WHAT?" I screamed.


"You heard me right Ace," Adam replied.


"This sucks! Have you told the President yet?"


"Not yet, you're my second call, the President is my next call."


"You might want to use his cell phone."


"Alright Ace, I'll do that. I bought you an hour and asked Peterson be held an hour so I could make some phone calls.


"Thanks Adam, call me if you need me." I said.


"I will. Keep Bennie safe."


"You know I will," I said then ended the call.


Bennie and I reached his car and I went around to the driver's side. "Hey, I drive, remember?" Bennie said.


I opened the door with my keys then got in. "Come on love, we have to talk."


Bennie got in then I started the engine and backed out then headed for the residence. "Baby, I don't know how to say this so I'm just going to say it."


"This doesn't sound good love, what is it?"


"Harold Peterson is getting released from prison."


"What? How?" Bennie asked.


I don't know but I would guess it has something to do with his appeal. As we were driving, an idea hit me. I handed Bennie my cell phone then put my Bluetooth in my ear and turned it on, "Call Judge Matthew's court room."


I heard the phone ringing. "Judge Matthew's court room."


"This is Special Agent Rich Mason; may I please speak to Judge Matthews?"


"One moment Agent Mason," the bailiff answered.


I made my way through the DC traffic then a voice came on. "Ace, what may I do for you?"


"Cal, I hope you're sitting down." I started.


"This doesn't sound like a social call."


"I wish it was my friend. I'm going to cut to the chase. Some Judge signed release papers for Harold Peterson. Adam Graham called me with this information."


"No way, Peterson still has two convictions. I'll write an order setting aside his release."


"Thanks Cal. Oh Adam asked that Peterson's release be delayed an hour."


"Thanks Ace, I better get to work."


Cal was livid. He was the presiding judge of Peterson's trial. He did some digging and quickly found out who the judge was that ordered his release. "Judge Molenari please, this is Judge Matthews."


"Yes Cal what may I do for you?"


"For starters you can rescind the order you wrote releasing Harold Peterson."


"Now why should I do that?" Molenari asked.


"Because you've over stepped your bounds."


"He's sitting in prison waiting for his appeal to work its way through the judicial system."


"So what, he's also serving a prison sentence for two convictions for attempted murder of a Federal Officer."


"That's fine but he has right to be free while his appeal comes to trial."


"Not on my watch. Have you forgotten I was the trial judge?"


"Not at all but your case is now on appeal."


"I know that but his two other convictions aren't. If you release a felon serving a prison sentence you'll be committing judicial suicide."


Just then Cal heard the door to Judge Molenari's chambers open. "I'll be with you in a minute."


"I don't have a minute." The voice said very curtly.


Cal knew the voice of Judge Isaac Stein. He listened to what the Senior Jurist had to say.


"Listen man, rescind that order or I will."


"And if I don't?"


"You're forgetting I am the Senior Judge and as such, I also have the power to suspend you from the bench and right now I have grounds to do so."


"Might I ask who you are speaking with?"


"Judge Matthews."


Isaac went over and held out his hand. Molenari handed him the phone. "Cal, Isaac Stein, I need you to call the detention center and stop the release of Harold Peterson.


"I'll do that now Isaac," Cal said and ended the call.


He hit the speed dial button for the jail. "Federal Detention Center, Captain Jones speaking."


"Captain, this is Judge Calvin Matthews speaking."


"Yes Your Honor, what may I do for you?"


"Do not release Harold Peterson for any reason. That is an illegal court order."


"Yes Your Honor. I couldn't believe them when I read them. Please hold on."


Cal held on while Captain Jones made a call to his officers. Peterson had just been released but he hadn't made it out of the building. When a Marshall told him to stop he tried to bolt but he ran right into Pete Morgan. "Out of my way," Peterson yelled as he ran for the door.


"STOP HIM!" the Marshall yelled.


Pete had a score to settle with Peterson for getting shot and this time he had his weapon. Pete drew down on Peterson. "Freeze or I will shoot you."


Peterson hit the brakes and was quickly tackled by a US Marshall. Peterson was cuffed and let back inside. "Hey, I've been released. I have papers."


The Marshall got on his radio and said, "Peterson is back in custody."


Captain Jones heard this and informed Cal. "We have him Your Honor. He's not going anywhere."


"Thank you so much Captain," Cal said then ended the call.


Bennie and I had just arrived at the residence when my cell rang. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Cal, Peterson is still in prison."


To be continued


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