The President's Son


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Miguel Sanchez



Chapter 79


"STOP HIM." The Marshall yelled.


Pete had a score to settle with Peterson for getting shot and this time he had his weapon. Pete drew down on Peterson. "Freeze or I will shoot you."


Peterson hit the brakes and was quickly tackled by a US Marshall. Peterson was cuffed and let back inside. "Hey, I've been released. I have papers."


The Marshall got on his radio and said, "Peterson back in custody."


Captain Jones heard this and informed Cal. "We have him Your Honor. He's not going anywhere."


"Thank you so much Captain." Cal said then ended the call.


Bennie and I had just arrived at the residence when my cell rang. "Mason."


"Ace, it's Cal, Peterson is still in prison."


"Oh Cal, thank you, I don't need to know how you did it but you lifted ten tons off of my shoulders."


"Glad to help. Oh, I heard about what happened to Carl(?). I should let you know he has a trick shoulder that pops out almost at will."


"OH man, I wanted to pound that Officer when I heard the bones grind. Carl let out a scream and I saw blood that someone hurt my friend and your son."


"Relax Ace, his arm is in a sling and over the summer he's getting it operated on so it won't pop out."


"Let him know he'll have a visitor. By the way, how are he and Jake getting along?"


"They're fine. I rarely see him because the love birds are always together. I have a feeling wedding bells will be ringing soon."


"Bennie and I better get an invitation."


"Trust me Ace; the boys would disown me if I didn't invite you both. I have some work to finish so I'll talk with you later."


"Thanks for the call Cal," I said then ended the call.


Bennie had been standing beside me as I talked with Cal. "Don't worry love; Peterson is still where he belongs."


"The death chamber is where he belongs!" Bennie snapped then headed inside the residence.


As soon as we stepped off the elevator Bennie headed to his room. He was about half in when he whistled at me then wiggled his finger at me saying, `Come here lover.'


`Who me?' I asked pointing to my chest.


"Yes you now get in here." Bennie answered.


I joined him in his room then he was quickly stripping me. I took a quick look at my watch to be sure we had enough time to do what he had on his mind, `As if I didn't know.'


"Love you still have your stitches in so fun and games I don't think is appropriate until you see Dr. Phillips."


"Aw Ace," Bennie whined. "I have a massive case of blue balls."


Being the good husband, I couldn't let my lover stay like that so I stripped and joined him in bed. He tried to straddle my hips but I didn't let him. I put my body across his and took his sausage in my mouth. Soon he was moaning and his balls were tight against his body. "Hold on lover, I'm going to suck the cream out of you."


"Oh please baby, make me cum."


And cum he did. He wasn't kidding when he said he had blue balls because he almost drowned me with the amount of cum he shot. I swallowed every drop then held my lover in my arms. "Feel better now?" I asked.


"Oh yeah," Bennie sighed. "I really needed that."


Just then we heard a knock on the door. We scrambled to make ourselves presentable. Once we were, Bennie shouted, "Come in."


We thought it might be Ben but we got another surprise. "Did you two have fun?" Dr. Phillips asked.


Talk about being busted. I knew I had turned many shades of red and Bennie was as red as I was. "Ah, ah," I stammered.


Dr. Phillips was giggling at my loss for words. "Relax Ace, I'm not here to judge you. "Bennie can you remove your shorts please?"


Bennie turned even redder as he slipped his shorts off. I looked over and he was still semi-plumped.


Dr. Phillips came over and removed the dressing. "You're looking good Bennie."


Bennie's hands slid down to try to cover his jewels. "I didn't mean there Benjamin," Dr. Phillips scolded.


The doctor pulled out a pair of gloves and a suture removal kit. He quickly gloved then I opened the kit for him. He took out the instruments he needed and started to remove Bennie's stitches.


About two minutes later, the stitches were out. "Bennie, I would hold off a few days on major love making."


"Why Doc?" Bennie asked.


"The muscles haven't totally healed yet so intercourse could cause you some discomfort."


"Oh," Bennie answered.


"I want to see you in a couple of weeks."


"Like this?" Bennie gasped.


"Bennie, I removed your appendix."


"Please tell me you were the only one in the operating room."


"I was along with surgical nurses."


"OH MY GOD!!!" Bennie shouted. "I'll be the laughing stock of the hospital."


I had to step in then. "Love, you're not the first male body they've seen."


"Maybe not but they were the first to see the President's son naked."


"Actually love, I was," I injected as I leaned over and kissed him passionately.


Dr. Phillips coughed and caused us to break the kiss. "Alright Doc, I'll call you in a couple weeks."


"Thanks Ace," Dr. Phillips replied then left the room.


Bennie and I got comfortable in bed and cuddled close. Just then my cell rang. The tone told me something serious was happening. "Mason."


It was the crow's nest. "Ace, we have an intruder."


I threw my clothes on and holstered my weapon then headed for the east wing. Tonka was lying by the elevator. As I trotted past I whistled and he was on my heels. I stepped outside and saw a man heading for the doors. "Get him boy!" I said as my K9 took off.


Tonka tried to jump him and the man had tried to push my dog off him. Tonka got his hand in mouth and bit down causing the intruder stop in his tracks and let out a loud scream.


I came running up to them, "Tonka off."


Tonka released the suspect as I rolled the man onto his back and cuff him. "Call an ambulance."


A few minutes later an ambulance was on scene patching the man's injured hand. I walked over to him. "Man, what the hell got into you? Did you really think you could keep the dog from taking you down?"


"You fucking faggot, I'm going to sue you."


`Not that line again.' I thought.


"Good luck trying but it was you who jumped the fence and trespassed on the White House grounds. I could have easily had you shot and been done with it."


"Yeah, yeah faggot. You don't have the guts to face someone one on one."


The uniforms were waiting. "Get this jerk out of my sight; he's beginning to bore the hell out of me."


Tonka was sitting by my side so I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out his reward. I had taken an old hand towel and put a few knots in it so I could play tug of war with him. As soon as he saw it, Tonka started jumping and barking. I threw it and he took off to retrieve it. He came trotting back then sat holding the toy in his mouth. I went to take it but now it was play time. He held on to it tightly and wasn't about to give it up. He pulled back almost taking me to the ground. We played for almost thirty minutes until I was exhausted. I let go of the toy then held my hand out, "Off boy."


He released it then we returned to the residence. As we were walking, I started mulling over the words the jerk was spewing. I called Captain Langford and had him get the ID on the intruder. He told me he would then I entered the residence.


Bennie was waiting for me. "Is everything OK love?"


"It's fine baby," I answered as I petted Tonka.



I got comfortable then Bennie reached for his computer. "Oh, what do you have on your mind?"


He looked at me. "Not that baby. I'm going to try to catch up on my subjects from when I was in the hospital."


I leaned back and dozed off. The next thing I knew Bennie was shaking me. "Come on love, dinner's ready."


I quickly got dressed then we headed to the dining room. Gloria made her Mexican meat loaf along with mashed potatoes. After dinner Bennie and I returned to his room for some quality cuddle time. Bennie found a movie on the TV so we settled down and watched it. At 11, the movie ended then we slid down and cuddled close for a good night's sleep.


The next morning saw Bennie getting ready for classes. After breakfast we were out the door for the drive to Georgetown.


The day passed quickly and as soon as Bennie and I were home, he wanted me in bed. I greatly missed my lover's body but until he'd seen Dr. Phillips I wasn't about to push anything. Bennie was busy lubing his hole then he started working on my dick. He was about to mount when there was a knock on the door. Bennie froze and knew there was no way he could dress before they knocked again. He dove under the covers and pulled them up to his neck then said, "Come in."


"I hope I didn't interrupt anything," Dr. Phillips said with a big smile on his face.


"You have lousy timing Doc," Bennie replied.


"I'm sorry but I asked to see you. Can you lower the covers please?"


"Aww Doc please," Bennie begged.


"I am a physician so you don't have anything I haven't seen before."


Bennie was a bright shade of red then I reached over and lowered the covers. Bennie's once hard tool was now back to normal. "Lie still." Dr. Phillips said and began to examine him.


He started pushing around Bennie's surgical site then asked him to stand up while he put on a pair of rubber gloves. I saw this so I slipped over and kept Bennie's mind off Dr. Phillips. I reached my arms around him and patted his fleshy globes then reached behind and spread them a little. Bennie gave me a wicked smile then felt a finger slide up. Dr. Phillips bottomed out then I heard Bennie moan, "Ungh."


"Does this hurt Bennie?" Dr. Phillips asked.


"No but you took me by surprise."


The doctor removed his glove then we talked. "Is he good to go now Doc?" I asked.


"Just take it easy, he's still a little tender up there."


I wrapped my arms around my lover then planted one on him."


While we were locked in our passion Dr. Phillips said, "I'll just show myself out."


Just then, my call phone rang. "This better be good lover." Bennie said breaking the kiss.


"Mason." I said as I answered the call.


"Uncle Ace! Uncle Ace!" The voice said.


"Hi Billy, what's got you so excited?" I asked.


"Uncle Ace, one of my friends from school really, really, really needs your help," Billy said quickly.


"Alright, if he's a friend of yours from school and he really, really, really needs my help then I guess I will have to help him. Now what can you tell me?"


"Please Uncle Ace, can you come over?" Billy said almost pleading.


"Alright son, I'll come over," I relented.


"Cool and please bring Tonka too."


"Alright, I'll bring Tonka."


"Yay!" Billy said then ended the call.


I got my clothes on and looked at Bennie. "I couldn't refuse him now love."


Bennie came over and wrapped his arms around my neck. "I know love. Go find out what is going on. We'll have fun tonight."


I kissed my lover then went out into the living area. I rang for the elevator and Tonka was right by my side. We rode down to the ground floor and then headed for the Hummer. We got inside then headed over to the Matthews. Afternoon traffic wasn't that bad so we arrived quickly. As soon as I shut off the engine and got Tonka out, Billy was running towards me. "Come on Uncle Ace, we gotta help him."


Now I wasn't about to take off with Billy and not say anything to Cal or Judy. "Alright son but I have to let your parents know where you are."


Billy ran to the house and disappeared inside. I quickly followed and Billy was going on and on about his friend when I stepped into the living room. "Calm down son," Cal said. "We will do everything we can to help your friend."


Cal and Judy looked over to me and I nodded my head. Billy grabbed my hand and pulled. "Come on, please."


The adults nodded their heads so I gave in and let Billy lead me back to the Hummer. He opened the back door. "Come on Tonka."


He hopped onto his seat as I got in on the driver's side and soon we were off. "Where does your friend live?" I asked.


"Uh, well," Billy started. "It's sorta hard to explain."


"I'm all ears dude," I said.


"Well, I don't think he has a home."


"You mean he's homeless and lives on the street?"


"Yeah and I followed him today so I would know where he stays."


"Ok how far away is it?" I asked.


"Next block, there is a row of stores and he stays behind one."


"Should I drive down or should we walk?" I asked.


"Let's drive down, that way I can look for him."


We turn down behind the row of shops and I drive slowly. "Stop, I see him. He's behind that dumpster."


I stop and Billy jumps out. I put the Hummer in park and quickly catch up with him. "Hey Ronnie, what cha doin'?"


The boy freezes. "Billy, what are you doing here? You weren't supposed to know."


"That you were homeless and your mommy and daddy died?"


Ronnie tried to run but I reached out and picked him up. "Please, lemme go. They'll get me and put me in a bad orphanage."


"Ronnie, Uncle Ace here is going to help you. Just please don't run away."


"You won't hurt me will you?" Ronnie asked softly.


"Uncle Ace is a good man. He won't hurt you, I know it."


Ronnie looked me in the eyes and held out his little finger, "Swear it."


I took his little finger and wrapped my little finger around it and said, "Pinky promise."


Ronnie smiled and said, "I trust him, he pinky promised with me."


"Alright, are you ready for a new home?" I asked.


"With you?" Ronnie asked.


I nodded my head and carried him over to the Hummer. I set him in the back seat as Billy hopped up in the passenger seat. "Wow, nice Hummer Ace," Ronnie said in awe. "You must be super rich."


"Not rich Ronnie, this is my work vehicle."


"Oh? What do you do?"


"I work for the Secret Service."


"What's that?"


Billy answered. "They protect the President."


"Wow, you work at the White House?"


"He sure does. I've even slept there."


"UN un," Ronnie says. "Don't fib Billy."


I looked back at him and answered. "He has, I live there too."


"So cool," Ronnie said as Tonka leaned over and licked him. "Hi puppy."


"That's Tonka, he's Bennie's dog and he also works for the Service."


"He catches bad guys?"


I nodded my head as we made our way to the residence. I parked the Hummer then called Cal and let him know I had Billy and Ronnie with me. He said he'd come over and pick him up.


Tonka needed to pee so he ran over to a tree then ran back and sat at my side. I took the boys inside and we took the elevator to the residence.


Ben was in the living room and heard us as we came in. "Hello Billy and who do we have here?"


"This is my friend Ronnie. He's homel..." Billy started then Ronnie slapped his shoulder.


"No Billy."


"But that is the President."


"He's not gonna want some homeless kid here with him and his family."


Ben walked over and knelt down. "Little man, can you let me decide who I have here? Children shouldn't be homeless and if I can keep it from happening, then I will. Ace, you have a phone call to make."


Ben headed for his office and I was right behind him. "Sir, if it's alright with you, I'd like for Bennie and me to foster him."


"Are you sure about this Ace?" Ben asked.


"As sure as I am about anything Sir. Bennie and I fell in love with Devon when we were in Bermuda so I think we're ready to become parents. I bet he'd jump at the chance."


"You bet I'd what love?" Bennie said standing in the door.


"How'd you like to be a foster parent?"


"For that little cutie out there?"


"That's right." I answered.


"Sure, sign me up." Bennie answered.


"What did Social Services say?" Ben asked.


"They'll have a worker on their way over."


Just then my call rang. "Mason."


"Agent Mason, there is a Ms. Davenport here from Social Services."


"Please escort her to the residence."


"Right away Agent Mason," he said then ended the call.


We all left Ben's office and returned to the living room. Billy and Ronnie were playing a video game and didn't see us come in until I sat beside Ronnie. I gave him the news that Social services would be here and he almost jumped out of his skin until Ben calmed him down. Bennie went over to him and said, "She's not going to do anything with the President and a Secret Service agent in the room."


The elevator door opened and a middle aged woman came in. She took a few steps off the elevator and Tonka sounded. Bennie hurried out and said, "Tonka heel."


"Ma'am, if you'll follow me please."


Bennie led the social worker into the living room. She was surprised when she saw Ben sitting in his easy chair. "Good afternoon Mr. President. I thought there was some mistake when I was told to come to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave."


"No ma'am, that was no mistake. If you'd care to follow me, I can fill you in on everything."


Ben and Ms. Davenport retired to Ben's office and closed the door. I looked at Bennie, "That was a bold move sticking your head in there when the door was closed. I don't advise ever doing that again. I ripped Pete for doing that."


"Sorry love," Bennie said then kissed me on the lips.


"Oooooo, you two must really like each other to kiss like that," Ronnie said smiling.


"They do," Billy said. "They're married."


"Cool, I could have a couple of gay daddies."


Inside Ben's office Ben was having his eyes opened. "Ms. Davenport, if you have been watching Ronnie all this time, how come he's still homeless?"


"Mr. President, we're doing the very best we can."


Ben kept his cool. "Ma'am, I am sorry but your best is not good enough. A child has no business being on the streets alone with no adult supervision. Now, there are 2 people willing to foster Ronnie."


"Who might that be?"


"My son and Special Agent Rich Mason," Ben answered.


"You mean a couple of..." she started.


"Watch your words madam," Ben warned.


"I apologize Mr. President," she said contritely.


She set her briefcase on Ben's desk and pulled out her laptop and two stacks of papers. "They'll need to fill these out."


Ben stood up and went to the door. I saw him so I trotted over. "Fill these out Ace," Ben said.


"Yes Sir."


I went over to Bennie. "Time to get writer's cramp love."


We sat down and went to work. It took us about fifteen minutes to fill out the forms. Once they were complete and we signed them, I took them back to Ben. I knocked on the door then stuck my head in. "Here you go Sir."


"Thank you Ace."


I looked at the woman and tried to judge her. "Agent Mason, what is your annual salary?"


"Let me think," I started. "$75,000 a year."


"Will Ronnie have his own room?" she asked.


I smiled. "That he will. I will have to take him out and get him some clothes. Can I get him into a bath? He really needs one."


"Certainly. I have a few forms to print out for you to sign then I'll be done here."


I went out into the living room and took Bennie aside. "Love, can you get him into a bath? He'll be staying in the queen's bedroom."


Bennie turned around and said, "Come on Ronnie, let's get you settled into your room and into a bath."


"A b-bath?" He asked.


"Yeah, I don't mean to be rude but you're rank little guy."


"O-O-OK," Ronnie stammered as he took Bennie's hand.


Bennie showed Ronnie his new bedroom. He went in and started filling the bath tub up with warm water.


Bennie went over and lifted his dirty tee shirt off. He raised his hands and Bennie lifted the shirt off his body.


I signed the form the Social Worker printed out then took Bennie's to him. I went into the Queen's Bedroom and saw Ronnie standing there without a shirt. Bennie came over and signed the form then leaned close to my ear. "Babes, his chest doesn't look like a boy's."


"Do you think Ronnie might be Veronica?" I asked.


"Could be," Bennie said. "I'll know when `Ronnie' takes the jeans off."


"OK, go get him out of them." I said.


Bennie went over and unsnapped his jeans. Ronnie slid the zipper down and removed them. I had the shock of my life. Ronnie was Veronica. Bennie went to slide her undies down but I stopped him then picked the child up and sat on the bed. I looked at the child and asked, "Is there something you need to tell us?"


Ronnie looked down and the tears started to fall. I wrapped my arms around her and started to speak softly. "It's alright buddy."


"I-I'm a girl but I like wearing jeans and tee shirts."


"It's OK, if you like to wear jeans. Bennie likes to wear jeans too."


There was a knock on the door and Gloria was standing there. "Ahh, it's true. We have a niño.


Bennie shook his head. "Gloria, we have a little niña."


Gloria come over and began to mother her. What is your name sweetie?" Gloria asked.


"Veronica but I like Ronnie."


Bennie disappeared into the bathroom and cut the water off. "Would you like some bubble bath?"


"Yuk, that's for sissies!" she said.


Bennie led her into the bathroom and she slid her briefs down then hopped up on the toilet. After she did her business, she jumped down and flushed then raised her arms up to Bennie. He picked her up and set her in the water. "Ace come here."


I went into the bathroom and he pointed at her little girl parts. "Love, she's really red there."


"Alright love, I'll call Dr. Phillips."


I turned to leave when I saw Ronnie sit down in the tub and spread her legs. "Bennie, can you wash me?"


Bennie looked over his shoulder at me and he was bright red. I stepped out and pulled the door closed but before I did, I stuck my head in and said, "Go ahead daddy, give your little girl a bath."


Bennie turned around and gave me the finger along with a long raspberry. I went into the living room and sat down on the sofa and called Dr. Phillips. "Ah, Dr. Phillips; I was hoping I'd catch you before you left the office."


"Is there a problem with Bennie?" He asked.


"He's fine Doc but we've just become foster parents."


"Oh my, well congratulations to the both of you," Dr. Phillips replied.


"Doc, this is something I never dreamed I'd see."


Doctor Phillips heard the concern in my voice.


"What is it Ace?"


"Doc, our foster child is a little girl and it seems she's been sexually abused."


"Oh no, how can you be sure," Dr. Phillips asked concerned. "Did you examine her?"


"Oh no Doc. When she got off the toilet, she turned around for Bennie to pick her up and set her in the bath tub I noticed the area around the outside of her vagina was quite red."


"That doesn't always mean she's been abused but I'll be right over and give her a check up."


"Thank you so much Doctor," I said then ended the call.


I saw Bennie and Ronnie walk past so I knew where they were going. "Ben if she's been abused and Social Services knew about this and did nothing, I'll throw the book at her."


"Calm down Ace, you'll need to see the file they have to be sure of what they knew and didn't know."


"They're not going to welcome me with open arms and give me Cart Blanche to their file cabinet."


"I agree so you'll need a subpoena."


I started thinking of who I could call. "I can give Cal Matthews a call."


"Call me for what?" A voice asked.


"Well, speak of the devil," I said just as a little boy came running out.


"DADDY," Billy screamed then he jumped into Cal's arms.


Cal caught the incoming missile then playfully paddled him. "Son, haven't you been told not to run in the house?"


"Sorry daddy. Uncle Ace helped one of my friends."


I came out of the bedroom and saw Billy in Cal's arms. Billy reached out for me so I took the little imp. I lifted his tee shirt and looked at the label in his undies. They were a size 6 so I felt they might fit Ronnie. "Cal can I borrow Billy's undies and tee shirt?"


Cal gave me a strange look. "What on earth for?"


"They're for a deserving child whose only clothes are filthy and in need of a good washing."


Billy wiggled down. "Does Ronnie need these?" Billy asked as he started to take off his jeans.


I put my arms around him to prevent him from stripping in the lounge. "Yes son she does."


He caught the gender reference. "Uncle Ace, Ronnie is a boy."


I shook my head. "No son, I'm afraid Ronnie is a little girl."


"Are you sure?" Billy asked.


"Honest injun," I said raising my right hand.


"Well, if she needs them, she can have them, I have more at home."


I took Billy by the hand and took him down to my room. As soon as the door closed Billy started taking his jeans off as soon as his feet were out, down came the undies. What Billy didn't know was Tonka slipped into the room. He decided to check Billy out and his nose touched his little boy tool "Hey, that's mine Tonka. Keep your nose away."


I had to giggle at him for scolding Tonka. "Can I see Ronnie Uncle Ace?"


In a minute buddy, I need to bring her these clothes."


Billy got his jeans back on while I went over to Bennie's room. When I went in, Bennie and Ronnie were cuddled in bed. Ronnie was sound asleep beside her foster daddy. "My, don't you two look precious."


I thought I was quiet but I saw Ronnie's eyes open and a smile came to her face. "Hi Daddy Ace. I feel better after my bath but I don't have any clean clothes."


I held out the undies and tee shirt. She quickly came out from under the covers and I could see the redness around her vagina. I had to look down or else I'd break out crying.


I held out the undies and she looked at them funny. "Those are a little small to be yours or Daddy Bennie's."


"Billy lent them to you. Tonight I'll go shopping for you so you'll have some clothes just for you."


"You don't have to do that, the clothes I have are good enough."


"But you need more than one set darling."


"I'm nothing special," she said.


Bennie sat up. "Ronnie, don't talk about yourself like that. YOU ARE SPECIAL! YOU'RE SPECIAL TO US!"


She turned around and buried her face into Bennie's shoulder and started crying. "No one has ever said that to me before."


Billy was waiting so I helped her get her undies on. They were a perfect fit. She put the tee shirt on then she jumped into my arms. "Thank you Daddy Ace."


"Billy wants to see you."


"Alright." She answered so I opened the door and Billy came running in.


"Are you alright Ronnie?"


"I'm fine but I fibbed to you, I'm really a girl."


"So what? I still like you and you're my cousin now."


Billy went over and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. Ronnie blushed then I heard a knock on the door. Billy opened it and there stood Dr. Phillips."


"Hi Doc, I'd like you to meet Veronica Leeds."


"Ronnie, this is Dr. Phillips. He's the President's and Bennie's doctor and he needs to give you a check up. Will you let him examine you?"


"Can my daddies stay with me please Sir?"


Dr. Phillips smiled. "Of course they can. Bennie, you'll have to move."


Bennie slid out of the bed and he was wearing his shorts.


Dr. Phillips lifted the tee shirt over her head then I remembered Billy was still in the room. I brought him out to Cal then decided to ask him about the subpoena. "How did they fit her?" Cal asked.


"Perfectly," I answered. "Dr. Phillips is in with her now.


"Where is Bennie?" Ben asked.


"Ronnie wanted him to stay with her and Dr. Phillips said it was alright."


"Bennie is being the doting daddy."


"Ace, I'm so glad you decided to foster her. I miss raising children."


"Well, I know what it means when they say, `Daddy's little girl.'"


About that time, Dr. Phillips came out. "Ace, can you come here please?"


I walked over and started shaking inside. "What is it?"


"I'm sad to say your thoughts are correct."


I turned and walked back to Ben. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO." I wailed. "I want the bastard who did this."


Ben reached out and pulled me into his chest. "Calm down Ace, let Dr. Phillips take care of her. She can't see you like this."


I fought to get my emotions under control then went into my room and put some eye drops in so she couldn't tell I'd been crying.


We were about to open the bedroom door when Bennie came out and fell into my arms. I held him and told him what Ben had said to me. I took Bennie into my room and gave him the eye drops.


We quietly entered the room and Dr. Phillips was examining her most intimate of places. I turned around and went back out because I did not want to intrude or see my little girl like that.


We stayed out then Dr. Phillips called us back in. He explained everything to us and finally I couldn't hold the tears back. I sat down on the cedar chest and cried then I had a little girl on my lap. "Don't cry daddy, I'm OK."


"Ace, I've taken some swabs and will have them tested."


"See if you can pull off some DNA."


He nodded his head. "I'll call you if there are any issues."


"Thank you so much Doctor," I said as he went over to the elevator.


Just then Ronnie came walking out. I was sitting on a love seat and soon I had a lap full of little girl. She cuddled close then I saw Gloria. She smiled and said, "She is so precious Señor Ace."


"That she is Gloria. I hope you fixed something light for her. I don't know when she had her last solid meal.


"I'll fix her some scrambled eggs."


"Thank you Gloria."


I noticed she'd fallen fast asleep and I was in heaven. Cal and Billy were standing there and I needed to speak with Cal. I stood up with her in my arms then Ben came over. "Here, let me have her."


Ben took her and went into the living room with Billy hot on his heels. I brought Cal into the dining room and started explaining everything I needed. While I was talking, Ben came in. "Ronnie is on Billy's lap. Cal there was something she said that disturbed me."


"What was that Ben?" Cal asked.


"She told me they'd been watching her for some time."


"So why the hell wasn't she in foster care before now?"


"Cal, I have to get JR to check the Missing Children's Web Site."


"Do it please Ace. You'll have your subpoena. I saw Bennie walk past then Billy came in. "Ronnie wanted her daddy."


Billy reached up and took me by the hand. "Can we talk Uncle Ace?"


Billy had a very serious look on his face so I knew this had to be important. "Sure buddy, let's go."


He led me by the hand down to my bedroom. We went in and I sat on the edge of the bed then Billy hoped up on my lap. "Uncle Ace, I don't mean to be a tattle tale but Ronnie unzipped my jeans and started to play with my pee pee."


"What did she do when you asked her to stop?"


"Oh, she stopped but I think someone did bad things to her."


"What makes you think that?"


"I saw her with her hand in her undies. I think he was playing with her foo foo."


"Her foo foo? I asked.


"Yeah, it's where she goes pee pee."


"Oh, ok son," I answered.


Billy and I returned to the dining room while Billy headed for the living room. Ronnie was busy playing a video game and Bennie set it up for two players so they both could have some run.


Cal looked at me. "What was the problem Ace?"


I wasn't sure how to explain it. "Well, Ronnie's abuse is coming out."


"How so?" He asked.


I told him what had happened and how Billy handled it. I explained to Cal that Bennie and I would have a talk with her and explain that it's not right to touch someone in their private areas.


"Cal, do you think Bennie and I will catch much grief over the fact 2 guys are fostering a girl?"


"Ace, I don't see a problem with it. In fact, you have our support."


I set out a large sigh. "Thanks man, coming from you, that really means a lot."


"Billy, come on son."


"Aww daddy, do I really have to?"


"Yes son." Cal answered.


Ben looked at Cal and said, "He's more than welcome to stay."


"Ben, he doesn't have any clean clothes with him."


"That's not a problem."


"Are you sure sir?" Cal asked.


"If it wasn't, I wouldn't have said anything." Ben countered.


"Well son, Ben said you could stay."


"Yipee!!!" Billy squealed with delight.


Ronnie came padding in. "What was all the yelling about?"


Just then Pete came in. He saw Ronnie then knelt down and picked the child up.


She started getting scared. "Don't hurt me please don't hurt me."


Billy patted her back. "Relax, that's Uncle Pete, he won't hurt you. He's like Daddy Ace."


I walked over. "Pete, please say hello to Veronica Leeds."


Pete put a huge smile on his face then gave her a gentle cuddle. Ronnie snuggled against the agent and closed her eyes.


"So how does it feel to be a daddy?" Pete asked.


I smiled and took my girl. "It's the greatest feeling in the world."


I heard a ding which told me laundry was done. Pete followed me as I went to get Ronnie's clean clothes. I brought them into the living room then held them out. She quickly got into her jeans then I helped her get into her tee shirt. I slid her onto my lap then kissed her cheek. "Sweetie, daddy needs to get you some new clothes. What would you like me to get?"


"Jeans and tee shirts please daddy Ace."


"How about if I get you a couple of nice dresses?"

I could see her mulling it over in her mind. "Alright daddy, do I have to wear them to school?"


"Not all the time but once in a while won't hurt. Would you like to come shopping with me?


She smiled at me. "I'd like that." Ronnie said smiling. "Sweetie, when was the last time you had a good meal to eat?"


"I had lunch at school."


"Gloria made you some scrambled eggs and some toast to eat. We want to make sure you don't get sick and throw it up."


"Daddy Ace, can I call her gramma? She is just like my gramma before she died."


I nodded my head and smiled. "I think she'd really like that a lot."


"What would I like Señor Ace?"


"I asked daddy if I could call you gramma."


Gloria went over and picked her up. "Oh my precious niña, I would love to be your gramma."


To be continued


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