The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 8


Since I would be waiting on Bennie to get his school supplies, my Tahoe was in line for the procession to Georgetown Exeter Academy. Johnny went out and held the door open on the limo then Ed and I brought Ben and Bennie out. Once they were in, Ed and Johnny got into the front seat and I got into my Tahoe. The motorcycles turned their lights on then we followed suit for the trip to the academy.


Traffic along the route was stopped and it only took 15 minutes to make the journey. When we pulled up, the agents took their position then Ed, Johnny and I took Ben and Bennie inside the school. The one thing we noticed was that the halls were remarkably quiet. We found the office and the man behind the counter lost his voice briefly then extended his hand. "Ah, good morning Mr. President, I'm Terry Franklin, the academy's registrar."


Ben shook his hand. "It's nice to meet you Mr. Franklin. This is my son Bennie and his body-guard Agent Rich Mason. We have an appointment with the headmaster to get my son registered."


Terry pulled a file out and glanced at the papers. "Yes Mr. President. We have your application ready along with some other forms you will need to sign. Just one minute and I'll call Mr. Robinson, the Headmaster."


Bennie was looking at an aerial photo of the campus. It wasn't all that big but the buildings were beautiful. They reminded me of old English style buildings. I put my hand on Bennie's shoulder and he looked up at me. "Man Ace, I'm worried. This place looks like something set back in time."


I ruffled his hair. "Relax Bennie, you'll be fine."


Just then a door opened and a young man came walking out and went right up to Ben. "Good morning Mr. President," James Robinson said in a rather thick Australian accent.


Ben shook his hand as I led Bennie over. James then extended his hand towards Bennie. "And you, young man, must be Benjamin."


Bennie shook his hand firmly. "Please Mr. Robinson, call me Bennie."


He looked at Ben then back to Bennie. "Alright, Bennie it is. Would you like to look around the campus while I talk with your father? I think it would be a might boring for you to have to sit and listen to adults talk."


Bennie looked at me. "Sir, Agent Mason is my body-guard. Would you have a map or something?"


"I understand about Agent Mason." James started. "See Mr. Franklin, he has your schedule and a layout of the campus. Agent Mason, I hope you enjoy walking around the campus too. There are 3 main buildings. This is the main building and it has Math, English, Foreign Languages, our library and cafeteria. Building two has our History and Science Department along with our Laboratories. The third building is the gymnasium and swimming pool. The last building is residences for some of our staff."


James stepped aside and showed Ben down to his office followed by Ed and Johnny. Bennie and I went over to where Terry was standing. He handed Bennie his schedule then showed us where we were then circled Bennie's classrooms. "Enjoy your walk around campus. You might meet some students changing classes. Some might recognize you so just be yourself."


Bennie looked up at me then I just winked at him. "Will there be a problem with me being here Mr. Franklin?"


"No Agent Mason," Terry started. "We had the son of a foreign dignitary here several years ago and he had a body-guard. In fact, his guard dressed out during his gym class and the other boys took to it. It seems a number of them tried to outdo the guard and they became better athletically."


"Thanks," I said as Bennie and I turned to begin walking around the campus.


Inside the Headmaster's office, Ben was talking with James. "If I might be so bold James, you seem rather young to be a headmaster. Might I also ask where you're from?"


James turned red. "I was born and raised in Queensland, Australia; Mr. President. I might be young but I hold a PhD in Mathematics. I'm 32 and have been here for 4 years. You might say I'm a child prodigy."


"I'm impressed and I apologize."


James smiled. "It's quite all right; I'm used to it. Now, I've looked over Bennie's transcripts and I too am impressed. He's making honors every semester."


"He's a very bright boy. The problem at his last school was they didn't challenge him so he got bored."


"We have several teachers here who know how to bring out the best in any student. As you know, the students are all sons of some very influential people. Now, don't think that because their parents carry a lot of weight, they get away with things; because they don't."


Ben smiled. "I'm glad to hear that. If Bennie get out of line, let Agent Mason know and then punish him as you feel necessary. Also, he will be Bennie's guardian when I am away on business. As soon as that document is drawn up, I'll see to it you have a copy for Bennie's records.


Bennie and I were walking outside admiring the campus. "Bennie, I did a little research on this school. Exeter Academy is a very prestigious school. There are several that carry this name. Every one of them has to meet and maintain Exeter's very high academic standards."


"Oh man Ace, now you tell me. Man, I'll be toast."


We headed back for building one. "Bennie, I've seen some of your report cards. You're an honor student but I've also read some comments a few of your teachers made and that said you get bored and when that happens, you get lazy."


"It is Ace," Bennie said exasperated. "The work was easy and I did it but the lectures would put anyone to sleep."


"I'm sure your dad will let them know about it. Now, let's find where your homeroom and first period classroom is."


We consulted the floor plan then went to find it. I let Bennie lead and he went right to it. He looked to the right and saw the main office. "This one wasn't hard to find. Where is the next one? The schedule says Math in room 202."


I remembered a staircase we passed back down the last hall we came down. We went to the second floor and found a room so we could get its number. "This room is 262."


After a quick look at the plan Bennie took the lead. The building was in a U shaped configuration. We went to the other wing and there was his classroom. Just then the bell rang and students were on the move. Bennie and I quickly made our way back to the first floor then waited until the next bell rang.


We made our way to Bennie's next class room then he looked at me. "Ace, I gotta use the bathroom bad."


"I saw a bathroom at the other end of the hall."


Bennie turned then started walking as fast as he could without actually running and I had to trot to catch up with him. I was about to go in first but he pulled on my arm. "I'll be OK Ace."


I waited outside while Bennie did his business. Bennie found an open urinal then quickly did his business. He fixed himself then turned to leave when he saw two boys standing there. "Hey Carl, we have a new kid here." The older boy said staring at Bennie.


"Jake, he's not a new kid; he's not wearing a blazer or anything." Carl said.


"Hey, you gonna be a new kid here?" Jake asked sarcastically. "Is your Dad some big wig or something?"


Bennie got cocky right back at him. "Yeah he is, or something."


Jake stepped closer. "Oh really? Well let me tell you a thing or two."


"Um Jake," Carl started.


"Shut up Carl." Jake interrupted. "I'm about to tell this new kid to be how things work here."


Bennie didn't seem impressed. "Oh and just how do things work here?"


I'd been waiting outside for longer than I thought was needed for Bennie to pee so I decided to go in. I eased the door open then slipped inside. I held the door as it closed making sure it didn't make a sound then I listened.


"Are you a wise ass or something?" Jake said with aggravation in his voice.


"Jake you better shut up man," Carl interjected.


Jake then started poking Bennie in the chest. "Answer me kid. Are you some wise ass because if you are I'll...?"


"You'll what?" I said stepping from around the patrician.


"Who the hell are you?" Jake asked with an arrogant tone.


"Jake that's what I've been trying to tell you." Carl said shaking a little.


"Carl, shut up you wuss," Jake started again. "Listen dude, I don't who you are but you obviously don't know who my dad is so why don't you just leave and let us go about our business."


Bennie then took the lead. "Listen Jake, you obviously don't know who my dad is either."


"Listen kid, my father is a federal court judge." Jake said and poked Bennie in the chest again.


Carl stepped in. "Jake shut up. Do you know who you poked in the chest?"


Jake turned around and got into Carl's face. "No I don't and I don't care either."


As this was going on, I eased my badge out and hung it on my jacket. Carl shook his head. "You better care because your dad has nothing on his."


"Oh yeah," Jake said turning around staring at Bennie and me.


"Yeah Jake," Carl shot back. "That is Ben Jacobs Jr., the President's son. It took me a minute to realize who he is."


Jake saw my badge then the color drained from him face. "It's true? You really are the President's son?"


Bennie nodded his head then I stepped in. "OK son, you better come with us."


Carl started shaking again. "What about me? Do I have to come too?"


I was about to speak when Bennie shook his head. "No way man, you were cool. Does he always act like a jerk?"


"Not all the time," Carl said smiling. "He tries to impress people but he's really OK."


"Carl, you better get to your class. You're late as it is."


"Yes Sir," Carl said extending his hand towards Bennie. "It's nice to meet you and I'm sorry about Jake."


It's alright Carl," Bennie said taking Carl's hand and shaking it.


On our way to the Headmaster's office Ed called me. "Ace, we're leaving. We'll see you back at the roost."


"Copy that," I replied as I leaned down to Bennie. "Your dad has gone back to the White House. As soon as you get your things, we'll head back too."


When entered the Headmaster's office, Terry and James were talking. As soon as they saw Jake with us they were surprised. James came over. "Is there a problem?"


I saw some chairs then I pointed to one. "Jake, take a seat and don't budge from there. Mr. Robinson, might I have a word with you please?"


"Certainly Agent Mason, this way please." He answered then I motioned for Bennie to come along too.


We went down to his office then he closed the door. "What's going on?"


Bennie and I took a seat then explained. "Well, it seems Jake likes to intimidate people."


"Are you certain of this?" James asked looking at Bennie.


Bennie nodded his head. "Yes Sir."


"And you are too Agent Mason?"


"I'm quite certain." I started. "I listened very carefully. Jake saw Bennie was new then started taunting him. Bennie stood up to him then Jake poked him several times in the chest that I witnessed. When he saw that Bennie didn't flinch, he tossed his father's position as a federal court judge at him. It was if he was trying to send a message."


"Jake is rather high spirited."


I stared at him. "Are you condoning bullying?"


"Absolutely not Agent Mason," James replied. "Our code of conduct is spelled out clearly and both the student and his parents have to sign it and they get a copy of it too."


I thought for a moment. "Well, I think maybe his father should come here and hear this for himself."


James thought for a moment. "I'll get his number."


Outside Jake was now at the counter talking to Terry. "What did you do Jake?"


"Nothing really Mr. Franklin, I was just having some fun."


"You know this isn't the first time. So far I've managed to cover for you and keep you out of serious trouble."


"I know and this time I might have pushed it a little but I didn't hurt him." Jake said trying to sell it to Terry.


"You pushed it?" Terry asked not looking impressed.


Just them James went out to the other office. "Mr. Franklin, can you get me Mr. Wheeler's office number please? Jake, weren't you told to stay seated?"


Jake hung his head then returned to his seat as James returned to his office. When James came back I asked, "What books and supplies will Bennie need?"


"Bennie, while Agent Mason and I are taking care of this, go and see Mr. Franklin," James started. "He'll see to it you get everything you need."


James called Jake's father. While we were waiting, I helped Bennie store his books into his locker. When we returned to the office, I got the name of the store that carried the school's blazer and pull over sweater that was required wearing during the cold weather. Gray trousers with an appropriate button down shirt finished their attire.


Bennie and I were talking with Mr. Franklin when a tall man with salt and pepper hair came into the office. Terry caught a glimpse of him and said, "Judge Wheeler, Mr. Robinson is expecting you."


The jurist looked at his son and I could tell he wasn't pleased then he saw Bennie. "Excuse me young man, aren't you Ben Jacobs Jr.?"


Bennie looked up at the man. "Yes Sir, I am."


"I'm David Wheeler, Jake's father. Please don't tell me I'm here because he started in on you."


Jake's head snapped up. "Dad."


"That's right young man, I know of your stunts here." His father started in then stopped when James came into the room.


James shook David's hand. "Why don't we go down to my office?"


David looked at James then to his son. David, James and I went down to James' office and talked then we returned to where Bennie and Jake were. David looked sternly at his son. "Alright Jake, what happened?"


"Nothing much Dad," Jake started.


"Nothing much?" His father fired back. "Did you put your hands on this young man?"


Jake started shaking his head. "No Dad."


David looked at me then nodded his head. "I know better. Agent Mason, do your duty."


I pulled out my handcuffs. "Stand up young man and put your hands behind your back."


He stood up and did as instructed. As soon as I stepped behind him he started shaking. "Dad, please."


"Do you wish to amend your answer?" He asked his son.


"Alright, alright," Jake started. "I poked him in the chest."


"So, you're pleading guilty as charged?" His father asked.


Jake looked down at the floor. "Yes."


"Speak up, we can't hear you." David said in a stern voice.


Jake's head snapped up. "Yes Sir."


"Very well," David started. "You're sentenced to 6 hours service at the discretion of Special Agent Mason and Ben Jacobs Jr."


Jake looked at Bennie then walked over to him. "I know I acted like a total jerk and you don't have to accept this, but I want to say, I apologize."


Bennie looked up at him then I saw Bennie get that cocky grin. "Yeah, you acted like a jerk all right but I can be like that at times too, even though I usually get it when I do.


Bennie then stuck his hand out. "Apology accepted man. And I bet if you lose the jerk attitude, you're a nice guy."


Jake shook his hand and smiled. "I've heard that before too. Thanks Bennie, now what is it I have to do?"


I thought for a moment then pulled out one of my cards and wrote on the back of it. "OK Jake, I want you over at the White House tomorrow at 10 AM. Wear warm clothes and shoes that are water proof. Give this card to the uniformed secret service agent at the gate and he'll escort you to the residence."


Mr. Franklin got Jake's attention then held out a hall pass. "Mr. Wheeler, I think you should get to class."


Jake left then David looked at me. "If I might ask, what do you have planned for him tomorrow?"


I looked up as I smiled, "A little manual labor that won't hurt him. He'll be shoveling the drive way around the residence."


"That's a lot of work Agent Mason." David stated.


"Call me Ace, Your Honor." I replied. "I'll be watching him so he doesn't get too cold or exhausted. I also plan on giving him plenty of breaks so he can warm up. Just in case, have him bring several pairs of warm socks and a change of clothes. If he stays at it and doesn't complain, he won't have to do the whole thing."


Bennie stepped over. "Sir, Ace won't let anything happen to him."


"Alright, maybe this will manage to teach him a lesson about not shooting his mouth off." He said then turned and looked at James. "Mr. Robinson, I do not want anyone here covering for Jake any more. Are we clear about this?"


James swallowed hard. "Yes Sir; if he misbehaves again, we'll notify you right away."


"Thank you," David said as he stepped over to Bennie and me. "It's nice to meet you both and I know Jake will be in good hands tomorrow. I'll see to it he's on time and has some extra clothes."


"Mr. Robinson, Bennie will be here on Monday ready to go."


James came over and shook our hands. "I look forward to your being here Bennie. Have a good weekend and we'll see you on Monday."


Bennie and I went out to the Tahoe then I got the engine warm. "We should get your blazer, sweater and slacks considering tomorrow Jake will be here."


"Good idea Ace."


We headed off to the store on the list. When we went in, I handed the salesman the list on the school's stationary. He looked it over then went to work getting Bennie fitted. As we followed the man throughout the store, the other customers never batted an eyelash at Bennie. Once we had everything on the list, I went up to pay for it. It took just a couple minutes then we were out the door and on our way back to the White House.


I pulled up to a back gate and tooted my horn to get the guard's attention inside the guard shack. He looked out through the window then stuck his head out. "Just a minute, I'm on the phone."


This pissed me off so I blasted my siren then hit the grill's blue lights. When he came out I was holding my shield up so he could clearly see it. He hit the button to open the gate. A concrete barrier came up in back of the Tahoe then the gate opened. I drove up to him. "You don't ever tell anyone waiting at this gate to wait while you chit chat on the phone. Do I make myself clear?"


He looked at my ID card. "Yes Agent Mason."


I had a notion to chew Pete Morgan out but decided against it. I pulled up to the front door of the residence and the Marine on duty opened the door on Bennie's side while I got his school clothes out of the back seat. "Good afternoon Bennie."


"Afternoon Corporal," Bennie replied with a smile.


Bennie started to lean down and grab a handful of snow. "If you throw that you'll be out numbered." I said with a sly smile.


"Aw Ace," Bennie smiled. "Do you think I'd really throw this?"


I wrapped my arm around his shoulder as he smiled up at me. I couldn't resist when that devilish grin suddenly appeared on his face. I quickly reached my hand under his hand holding the snowball and brought it to his face. "Not now."


Bennie wiped his face and spit out the snow from his mouth. "I'll get even with you for this, you do know that."


I could almost see the horns sticking up. "I'm sure you'll try kiddo."


"Corporal you'll protect me won't you?" Bennie asked.


"Of course I will," He replied as Bennie gleamed looking at me.


"Let's go Bennie, I bet Gloria is holding lunch for us so let's not keep her and your Grandmother waiting."


We went inside and headed for the elevator when I heard a voice call me, "Ace, hold up for a minute."


I looked for the voice then saw Ed and Johnny walking towards me. I looked at Bennie. "Go on upstairs, I'll be there shortly."


"OK Ace, I'll tell Gloria you'll be right up."


Ed was holding something in his hand when he and Johnny came up to me. "This is from The President."


I wasn't sure what it could be as I took it from Ed's hand and read it. `Ace, I'll be in meetings the rest of the afternoon. Ed and Johnny can accompany you when you take Bennie and mother out.'


I looked at Ed and Johnny. "It looks like you guys have a free afternoon."


Johnny smiled, "Really?"


"Well, sort of," I started. "Ben said since he's in meeting all afternoon you both can come with me when I take Bennie and his grandmother out. I haven't a clue what she wants to do either."


We'd been talking for several minutes when the elevator door opened and there stood Gloria and I could tell she wasn't happy. "Señor Ace, lunch is waiting. Hello Señor Ed, would you and your friend like to join us?"


Ed seemed to smooth her ruffled feathers. "This is Special Agent Johnny Hawks and yes, we'd love to have lunch with you."


She smiled then motioned for us to get on the elevator. We rode up to the residence then Gloria led us into the dining room. "Come on boys, sit down and eat."


I fought the urge to giggle because she was acting like a mother hen, getting everyone to the table and food on our plates. I looked over at Brenda. "What would you like to do this afternoon ma'am?"


She swallowed her mouthful of soup. "Is there a nice mall close?"


Bennie's head snapped over. "Gramma what are you planning?"


"I heard someone's computer is getting out dated."


Bennie gasped. "Gramma, are you serious? You better talk to Dad before you do that."


"Nonsense," She said smiling. "If I want to get my Grandson a new computer, I will. Now, what kind do you want?"


I looked at Bennie and watched carefully. "Well, the PC I have is still good but I could use a laptop for school, Gramma, I still think you should talk to Dad before you do this."


The elder woman just smiled. "Benjamin, what makes you think I haven't already?"


His eyes got big then he looked at me. "Ace, when Gramma calls me Benjamin, that means drop it."


"A wise decision," She said. "Your father has finally learned that also."


We finished our lunch then Ed called down and had a Suburban brought to the front door. "Do you know a good computer store?" I asked.


"You need to get out more and familiarize yourself with the area."


I nodded. "I know; it's been a number of years. Maybe after Brenda returns home, Bennie and I will go out and just ride around."


"That sounds like a good idea. I'll drive; Johnny will sit in front with you, Brenda and Bennie in the back. The windows are tinted so no one can see in."


Brenda and Bennie got ready to leave then we took the elevator down to the ground floor. Johnny went out and opened the back door then Brenda, Bennie and I got in. As soon as Ed and Johnny got in we were on our way. After several stops, we found a store that had a great selection.


Bennie and Brenda walked around looking at several laptops while Johnny, Ed and I kept our distance but keeping tabs on our surroundings. After several minutes a young man came up to them. "How can I help you today?"


Bennie got startled because he was engrossed looking at a nice laptop. Brenda smiled at the young salesman. "I'm looking to get a laptop for my grandson."


The young man nodded. "Is there a particular brand you're interested in?


Brenda giggled. "Oh heavens, I wouldn't know one brand from another but my Grandson certainly does."


I got into a position so I could see the three of them. The salesman stepped by Bennie then put his hand on his shoulder. "What brand of computer do you have in mind?"


Bennie stepped down to another model. "I like this Toshiba. It's got a good size hard drive, plenty of RAM, wifi, CD/DVD burner, MSOffice and lots of other things."


"That is a good computer but let's take a look at this one. It has just about everything the Toshiba does."


Bennie looked at the card. "The hard drive is half the size of the Toshiba. It doesn't have a CD/DVD burner, just a CD burner. It doesn't have MSOffice and only has 1 gig of RAM. What's so special about this one?"


"Well, it is less expensive." The man said causing Brenda to go over to them as I began to come down the aisle also.


She looked at the salesman. "Look, I want you to help him find the computer he wants. Do we understand each other?"


The man was taken aback. "Yes ma'am."


Bennie finally settled on the Toshiba. "Is MSOffice already installed?"


"I'll have to check." He said heading into the back.


The man was gone quite a while then he returned carrying a box with a new Toshiba in it. "Was it installed?"


He nodded his head. "Yes it is."


Brenda paid for the computer then we were on our way. On the way home, Ed drove around the city and showed Brenda a number of different attractions. When we returned to the White House, Ed went to the same gate I did earlier. The guy in the shack was the same one I encountered earlier. The guy saw Ed and immediately started raising the concrete barrier behind us. Brenda heard the noise and looked out the back window. "Good Lord, what's that?"


I had to giggle at how she'd said it. "That's a protection barrier in case someone tries to force their way in by pushing a vehicle out of the way or even worse, tries to detonate an explosive device."


Once the barrier was up the gate slid open then Ed eased in. The guard motioned for Ed to drop his window. "Hi Agent Miller, I'm glad it's you and not that impatient ass Mason."


I made sure I was back against my seat in the back so he couldn't see me. "Agent Mason an ass? That's not like him."


"Oh?" The uniformed agent asked. "He sure was when he came through earlier. He let go with his siren before I had a chance to get out."


"Was he alone at the time?" Ed asked knowing the answer.


He shook his head. "He had the kid with him."


I couldn't see Ed's face but I knew him well enough to know he wasn't pleased. "First, don't EVER refer to the President's son as the kid. Agent Mason is his guard and as such, he's responsible for him at all times. Next, it's your job to be alert at all times. Were you when he came up?"


He dropped his eyes, "No, that I wasn't really but I saw him and asked him to hold on."


"He doesn't hold on for you when he has the President's son in his care. I don't care what you were doing but it Sobviously wasn't minding the gate. I hope I don't hear of this happening again.


The guard nodded and Ed took off for the residence then we got Brenda and Bennie back inside. While Johnny parked the Suburban, Ed took me aside. "What happened earlier?"


I shrugged my shoulders. "Just what he said except for the one minor item he left out. He was yakking on the phone and that's why he wasn't paying attention. I chewed him out and that was that."


Ed nodded. "Alright but if this should happen again when Bennie's with you, I have to be informed right away. Even though the Tahoe is armored, that was a breach of security protocol."


"There better not be a next time but if there is, I'll let you know right away."


I went up and joined the others in the living room. Bennie was sitting on the sofa unpacking his new toy while Brenda and I talked over coffee. Several times Bennie needed a little help getting a program to work the way he wanted it to. "Ace, I need to get hooked up to the net."


"Your PC is dude, why can't you use that Ethernet cable?"


He was shaking his head. "I know about that but I mean for wireless."


"Let's talk with your dad. This place is loaded with computers so there has to be someone here or on call at a moment's notice if there is a problem."


Bennie beamed at my suggestion. "Do you think someone will be able to do it today?"


I had a thought. "I'll call your Dad's Chief of Staff, he'll know if anyone will."


I made the phone call and Isaac told me he would have a technician come up as soon as he was free. When I told Bennie that he started getting antsy. Brenda was trying to watch television and she couldn't handle my nervous lover any longer. "Benjamin, please go find something to do. You're worse than your Father was the day you were born."


I looked at him. "Go get the tags off your new clothes and have Gloria get your pants washed so they'll be softer when you wear them."


Bennie seemed upset with me I sent him to do something but I knew he would take his time with his new clothes. For a boy, he was meticulous in the way he kept his room. I wish I had had a tenth of his ambition in that respect. I saw Bennie carrying an arm full of slacks towards the dining room when the phone rang. It was the White House computer technician and I told him what we needed. When Bennie came out of the kitchen, the tech stepped off the elevator. "Are you going to get a wireless internet connection here?"


"Yes I am Sir," The tech replied looking at Bennie.


"I'm no sir, please call me Bennie."


"Yes Bennie," He replied as I came out of the living room.


"Do you know where the main connection comes into the residence?" I asked.


The man nodded. "The modem is in the President's office connected to his computer. There is a router connected that supplies the other computers. I can't understand why a wireless router was never installed even though many of the White House computers are networked."


I led the technician in to Ben's office then sat down while the man worked. Bennie came in so I motioned for him to come over and sit beside me. "This can take some time kiddo so let him work."


It took the man about 20 minutes to get the new wireless router connected to the modem. "Bennie, can you being me your computer now?"


He brought the tech his new laptop so he could get it connected. He pulled out a CD and Bennie was quick to ask a question. "Is that more software?"


"That it is. Would you like to do the installation?"


"Thanks," Bennie replied hopping into his father's chair.


Bennie installed the program then he started doing the setup. I could see the technician was quite impressed. "You seem to know your way around a computer Bennie."


"Yes Sir," Bennie answered as he continued typing on the keyboard. "I did a lot of this at my old house."


The tech stayed there then set a piece of paper down. "Take this code and enter it into the authentication bar. Be sure you do it correct because you'll have to enter it in a second time. If they don't match, you'll be locked out for 5 minutes; then you'll be able to try again."


Bennie typed the code in very carefully then let out a loud whoop. "I'm connected."


I looked at the tech. "This is a secure connection, isn't it?"


"Absolutely," The tech replied. "All the wireless connections here are both secured and encrypted. If you need to connect your computer to this router, Bennie has the disk and authentication code. Do you have any questions or any problems with your machines?"


Bennie shook his head then stood up and extended his hand. "Thanks for everything."


The tech shook Bennie's hand then patted him on the shoulder. "You seem interested in computers."


"I am; I'd like to get into computer sciences and technology."


The tech headed for the door with Bennie on his heels. "I hear Georgetown has an excellent program including a post graduate degree."


I was about to call for the elevator when Ben stepped off. "Good evening Mr. President." The tech said as he stepped off.


He looked up at us. "Good evening gentlemen."


I saw the tech start to speak but that was until Bennie came out giving Ben a hug. The tech then headed downstairs as Bennie was now bending Ben's ear. They talked for a few minutes then Ben changed and relaxed until dinner was served.


After dinner I spoke with Ben about the incident at school. When I told him about the way Judge Wheeler handled it with Jake, Ben smiled. "I've met him a couple of times. I must say, he's a no nonsense judge. Are you going to switch back to Air Force mode?"


I had to laugh at that then I rolled my eyes. "Now that's a thought but I won't go hard on him. If he stays steady and doesn't complain, he'll work just a couple of hours."


"Did Jake have an attitude?"


"Not really," I started. "Once the judge put him in his place in front of Bennie, James Robinson and Terry Franklin he was OK. He apologized to Bennie and there sure wasn't an attitude there. I think deep down, he's a good kid."


"Based on what you just described, I believe it. What time is he due here tomorrow?"


I had to think for a second. "He'll be here at 10am. I'm sure Bennie would want to ask him to stay for lunch."


Ben smiled. "That'll be fine. I'll let Gloria know so she can have plenty made."


We talked for a few more minutes then went into the living room to watch some television with Brenda. Bennie was in his room on his new computer.


After an hour I went to see what my horn dog was up to. I tapped on his door but didn't get an answer so I went in. I saw him at his desk with his back to me wearing headphones. I went up to him then got an eyeful. It seems my little horn dog found a gay porn site and was checking out a video. I looked down and there was a major tent in his sweatpants. I put my hands on his shoulders and he almost jumped off his chair. He took his headphones off then fixed his hard tool. "If you're going to watch these, don't wear those headphones. You can't hear if someone knocks on the door."


"Sorry baby," He said as I saw him glance back to the computer screen. "This looks hot, when can we do this?"


Bennie was watching two guys have a hot 69 then the older looking guy let his lover have at his hot looking ass. "Bennie, I'm in no hurry to penetrate you. You know how I feel about you and you don't need to give yourself to me in that respect."


He reached down and cut the video off. "I know that love. You also know I love having my ass played with and having something inside it."


I smiled as he stood up then I took his place on the chair. He sat on my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck. I knew he wanted to move to the next level. I thought I could appease him with a compromise. I lifted his chin up and looked him into the eyes. "You really want to make love don't you baby?"


He smiled from ear to ear. "You know I do love."


"Alright," I started. "Tomorrow we have to be up at a decent hour because Jake Wheeler is coming over. Tomorrow night, however, is a different story."


I was about to go on when Bennie started kissing me. I felt his tongue part my lips so I obliged then we had a little oral wrestling match. After several minutes of this, Bennie finally broke the kiss. "You mean you'll make love to me?"


I kissed him on the nose. "Would you mind if it was the other way around?"


"You want me to do it to you?" Bennie asked with a surprised look on his face.


I started looking around the room as Bennie got a quizzical look on his face. "Well, you don't see anyone else in here do you?"


Bennie broke into a huge smile. "I'd love to. But just remember, I want my turn for you to make love to me."


I smiled and ruffled his hair as he stood up, "Patience my young padawon."


He hugged me again then we went out and joined the others to be social. By 11pm, Ben was ready to get some sleep. We all said our goodnights then retired to our respective rooms. I was ready to get some sleep. I went into my bathroom and did my nightly duties. When I came out, Bennie was under the covers waiting for me. We spooned together then I wrapped my arms around him as we drifted off to sleep.


Once again my internal alarm clock had me up at 6:30. I wish there was some way I could reach inside me and reset it but I guess with 20 years in the Air Force, old habits die hard. I eased out of my bed and went into the bathroom and relieved myself. I went ahead and got a shower while my little lover was still sawing logs.


I looked out the window and we'd had another dusting of snow so there would be some work for Jake to do. I dressed casually then went to get my first cup of coffee. I went to the large pot and got a cup then poked my head into the kitchen. Gloria looked up and saw me. "Good morning Señor Ace. We're doing omelets to order this morning."


"Wow, I guess you are getting used to having help here."


"Sí, Señor Ace. I get to cook and plan meals Ben and Bennie enjoy. I'm not tired by the end of the day as I was before."


I finished my coffee and got a refill then returned to talk with Gloria. "Are you taking care of yourself Gloria? The White House has a physician here."


She waved her hand at me. "I'm fine Ace. You don't need to fuss over me."


"Nonsense Gloria," A voice said. "You're a part of my family and I want to know if something is wrong."


"I'm fine Ben," Gloria said staring at him.


Ben set his coffee on the island. "Good, then the White House doctor won't find anything wrong with you. You're getting scheduled for a full physical and I'll not take no for an answer."


"Señor Ben," Gloria started.


"You better not argue with him Gloria, you'll lose." Bennie said walking into the kitchen.


She sighed, "All right, all right. I'll see the doctor if it will stop you men from picking on a poor woman."


Bennie went over and hugged her. "You're not a poor woman Gloria. You've been with us for a long time and we want you around even longer."


She kissed Bennie on the cheek. "Bennie, I'm not planning on going anywhere any time soon. Now, will all of you get out of here so I can get breakfast cooking?"


"Never get in the way of a woman in her kitchen guys," I said as I headed to the door.


In the dining room, Bennie got himself a glass of orange juice while Ben and I got another cup of coffee. After breakfast I had a meeting with Ed and Johnny. Capital police had spotted Nate Hill's rental but couldn't affect a traffic stop. I was steamed. "Ed, why is everyone trying to stop him? Why not put a loose tail on him and just follow him?"


"There is a warrant out Ace." Ed said.


"Ace is right," Johnny started. "Every time we've tried to stop him, he gets away. We need to know where he's staying. I don't think he's living in his car so he got a park it somewhere."


Ed sighed. "You're right guys. I've been too preoccupied on having him arrested."


I patted him on the shoulder. "Look, I don't believe he's going to try to do anything to draw attention to himself so unless they have a clear shot to stop him and affect an arrest, follow only and contact us; then we'll call the shots."


Ed looked at Johnny and he nodded his head in agreement. "OK, I'll notify the police agencies."


"What about the Marshall's Service?" Johnny asked.


I shook my head. "No, we don't need another Federal Agency involved."


Ed shook his head. "This is what they do Ace. They're specialists at bring in fugitives."


"That's right and they have more than enough to keep them busy without looking for a former Secret Service agent."


"I have to agree with Ace." Johnny said. "We don't need them trying to take over on our case."


"You know we're not in the business of chasing down fugitives." Ed said.


"I know that Ed." I cut in. "But he poses a threat to this administration and he might try getting Bennie to get to me."


"That could be," Johnny stepped in saying. "But I don't see him being that bold."


Ed smiled. "Yeah you're both right. I'd settle for someone bringing in his car so he has to walk everywhere."


Johnny nodded his head in agreement. "Let's hope someone spots his car without him in it."


The three of us had been talking for so long the time got away from me. I caught a car pull under the canopy out of the corner of my eye and realized Jake was here. I went out and met Jake. "Go on inside and I'll take you upstairs."


He did as instructed then I talked with his Dad. "Oh, take this Ace; he has a change of clothes in there."


I took Jake's bag. "The snow isn't that deep so this should only take him about an hour but I know Bennie would like to have him stay a while after he's done if that's alright with you."


David nodded his head. "That would be fine. Jake's a good boy but he has a funny way to make friends."


"David, I don't mean to meddle but does Jake get out much?"


He shook his head. "Not as much as I'd like."


"Why, if I might ask?"


He looked down shaking his head. "It's the wife Ace. I want Jake to meet some of the boys from Exeter but she says none of them are good enough."


My mouth dropped. "Not good enough? She must have standards Bennie wouldn't meet then. Carl is a great boy and someone who stood up to Jake yesterday. I don't want to interfere but you might have to put your foot down or Jake will be lost when he goes off to college."


I could tell he was mulling over what I'd said. "You've given me a lot to think about. When you've grown tired of Jake, give me a call and I'll come get him."


I laughed at his statement. "I don't think we'll grow tired of him but when he's ready to leave, we'll call. Do you still have the card I gave you?"


He nodded his head as he raised the window then pulled off. I went inside and Bennie and Jake were chattering like long lost friends. Bennie saw me come in then I handed Jake his bag. "Ace, Jake's into computers too."


I swiped my card and the elevator door opened. We got in and rode up to the residence. Jake and Bennie were still chattering when the door opened and Bennie walked into his Dad. "Careful tiger, don't bowl your dad down."


Bennie's face turned several shades of red. "Uh, sorry Dad. I'd like you to meet my friend Jake Wheeler."


Jake stood there not knowing what to do. Ben patted him on the back. "It's nice to meet you Jake."


"It's nice to meet you too Mr. President." Jake managed to stutter out.


"Bennie, take Jake down to your room so he can get ready to work." I said winking at Ben.


"Yes Ace," Bennie said smiling. "Come on Jake, follow me."


"The snow out there is really light. It's more fresh powder so clearing it won't be hard at all. I could clear the drive with a broom."


Ben was about to speak when the boys came out and Bennie was dressed in warm clothes too. Ben walked over and looked at Bennie's shoes. "Where are your boots, son?"


Bennie hurried back into his room and came back holding them. "Here they are Dad."


While Bennie got his boots on, I went and got my snowmobile suit and boots. Ben nodded his approval. "OK boys, if you get cold let Ace know. There is plenty of hot chocolate."


"Let's go guys," I said as the elevator door opened.


To be continued