The President's Son

 by: Miguel Sanchez

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Chapter 80 

"Gloria made you some scrambled eggs and some toast to eat. We want to make sure you don't get sick and throw it up."


"Daddy Ace, can I call her gramma? She's just like my gramma before she died."


I nodded my head and smiled. "I think she'd really like that a lot."


"What would I like Señor Ace?"


"I asked daddy if I could call you gramma."


Gloria went over and picked her up. "Oh my precious niña, I would love to be your gramma. Now come on sweetie, Gramma has your dinner ready."


Ronnie washed her hands then took her seat at the table. She quickly ate her food then smiled, "Gramma, I'm still hungry."


"Can you hold on for a little and dinner will be served. I hope you like tacos."


"MMMMM, yummy, I love tacos."


She brought her plate into the kitchen then went down to our bedroom. "Daddy Ace, can we talk?"


I was sitting up in bed watching the evening news so I patted the bed. Ronnie took off her shoes and cuddled close to me. "What's on your mind?"


"I want to say I'm sorry for trying to run when you and Billy came to help me. I was just scared you were going to give me back to a man that would hurt me."


I held her close and I saw Bennie fighting tears. "Don't you worry baby, no one is sending you anywhere."


It hit me then that I hadn't called JR so I slipped out of bed and called him, "Agent Carl speaking."


"JR I need your magic fingers?"


"Is Bennie not taking care of you?" JR asked laughing.


"It's not like that buddy. I need you to check the Missing Children's Web Site."


"Who am I looking for?" JR asked.


"I need you to find out everything you can on a Victoria Leeds."


"Then it's true what I heard, you're a daddy now."


"OK rub it in but I wouldn't change it for the world."


"I'm happy for you. When can I meet the little darling?"


"Any time you'd like," I answered.


"Alright, I get started on that right away."


JR scoured the website and found something that almost made him puke. Marshall came over and saw JR looking green. "Hey bud, what's wrong?  Do you need to see the doctor?"


"JR had tears streaming down his cheeks as he turned the monitor towards Ellis. Marshall began reading, then he slammed his big fist on the table causing the other agents to jump. "That son of a bitch. Tell me you have something on him!"


JR shook his head. "I ran everything I could on him and I struck out."


He got up and headed for the door. "Where are you going?"


"I'm headed for the residence."


Marshall decided to tag along. A few minutes later, JR was knocking on the bedroom door. "Come in," Bennie shouted.


JR and Marshall came in and Ronnie screamed.


I shook the bells out of my ears and held her. "What's wrong sweetie?"


"L-L-Look at him, he's a giant."


I laughed then said, "That's not a giant, that's special agent Ellis.


"Oh, sorry I screamed."


JR came over and sat on the edge of the bed. "Well if you aren't the cutest thing."


"I'm not a thing, I'm a girl!" she retorted.


"Of course you are," JR said as he slid her onto his lap.


"Ace she's precious."


Marshall came over and picked her up. "Well, hello there."


She smiled and started giggling. "Please don't drop me, it's a long way down."


Marshall kissed her on the cheek, "I'd never drop you."


JR was laughing at the interaction between Ellis and Ronnie. "Don't you dare breathe a word of this."


"I wouldn't dream of it. Besides, she's a little young for you."


"Ace, here is what I found but nothing about the perp," JR said.


After dinner Pete and I took Ronnie shopping. I used Billy's sizes as a gage for her. We found a place to park and Ronnie was happy as a clam being carried by Pete. I spotted a children's store so we decided to see what they had. We were getting close to the store when Ronnie whispered, "Uncle Pete, why is that man following us?"


We entered the store and Pete and I slipped our credentials on our outer pockets. Pete went straight ahead and I took the first right. "Listen carefully sweetie," Pete whispered. "Whatever you do, please don't scream. Ace is here and is watching that guy."


"A-a-alright Uncle Pete. I'll try not to scream."


I found a place to hide within the racks of clothes. The man was about ten feet behind Pete and Ronnie. I slipped out and drew my weapon and followed quietly. I saw him slip his hand inside his jacket so I decided to make my move. I slipped up behind him and put my weapon against his back. "Hands up and don't make any sudden moves."


"Back off bud, I'm a federal agent."


"Is that so?" I said.


"Inside jacket pocket," he said so I reached into his jacket and removed his weapon.


"Turn around," I commanded.


"What the hell gives here?" he asked. "Why is the Secret Service holding that child?"


I held my hand out and the man handed me his credentials. I looked them over then asked, "What the hell is the FBI doing stalking a child?"


"That's need to know."


"Unless you want to be sleeping until the next millennium, you better start talking and NOW!" I shot back.


"She's wanted," he claimed.


"Oh, and for what?"


"Ace, he's right," a voice said over my com set.


"Spill it JR," I replied.


"I can't," JR exclaimed.


"What do you mean, you can't?" I asked amazed.


"Everything on it is blacked out," JR answered.


"Thanks buddy."


"Sorry I wasn't more help."


"Not to worry my friend," I answered.


I glared at the man. "Alright Agent, SPILL IT, AND DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING OUT."


He started shaking his head. Just then I heard a blood curdling scream. This startled me and the agent tried to throw a punch but Pete had set Ronnie on her feet and was standing behind him. He spun him around and let fly with a straight right hand and knocked him out. Pete quickly cuffed him as Ronnie came running towards me. I picked her up and soothed her. "It's alright darling."


"Daddy, that man fucked me," Ronnie said through her tears.


"It's alright baby, it's going to be alright."


Just then Dylan and his team came into the store. Dylan had his mask down and I brought Ronnie over. "Baby, this is Dylan Masters and his team. They protect the President and they'll protect you too."


"They look like ninjas."


"They're the good guys," I said as I ran my finger down her nose. "Get him back to our office and keep him cuffed."


"Right boss," Dylan said as his men picked up the agent."


I saw Francine pushing a shopping basket with a seat on it. "Oh look, she's a ninja too." Ronnie said giggling.


"Ronnie, this is Francine, she is on Dylan's team."


"OH Ace, she's adorable."


"Hey," she said then punched me in the arm.


I had to shake my arm to get the feeling back in it. "For a little girl, she packs a wallop. Now, you better get with Dylan and keep a close eye on that agent."


"Yes, Agent Mason," she said, then turned to leave the store.


The three of us went around the store buying clothes for Ronnie. Pete spotted some really nice dresses and when Ronnie spotted them she put her finger in her mouth. "Ugh Daddy, do I have to?"


"Do you remember what we talked about darling? You promised I could get you a couple of dresses?"


She held up one finger but Pete came in and held up two. "A couple is two," he said.


"For you Uncle Pete, we can get two."


I put my hand on his shoulder. "Thanks guy, she really loves you."


"Ace, she is the sweetest child I've ever met."


"Well, let's find her a dress or two." I said and started looking through the many racks of dresses. Pete spotted a pink dress with several rows of ruffles and I spotted one in a light blue. I thought she'd be adorable in either one so we settled on those two. Pete led her over to the dressing room then she surprised us. "Daddy, can you help me please?"


I went in and Pete stood guard. Ronnie slipped off her tee shirt then I slipped the dress on her and buttoned all the buttons. I opened the door and Pete saw her. Pete bowed at the waist and said, "Good evening, young lady."


She turned red then she closed the door so she could try on the other dress. She looked cute in the light blue one but she was a knockout in the pink dress.


She took the dress off and put her tee shirt back on then we headed for the checkout. Ronnie was carefully watching the woman scan the items. I handed her my debit card and paid for the items. When all the bags were put into the Hummer we headed back to the residence. "Daddy can we stop by where you found me please?


"Sure sweetie but why, if I might ask?"


"I left something that's really important to me."


"Alright darling," I said as I pulled behind the shops. It was dark and quiet as we drove slowly down the alley.


"Can you stop by that dumpster?"


"I did then we all got out. She headed for the back of the dumpster then started to roll it away from the wall. She got down on her hands and knees then started feeling around. "Daddy, can you and Uncle Pete help push this out a little further?"


We pushed it out then we saw her pull out what was a twelve pack of soda. She reached back under and pulled out a second one. "OK, that's it."


We got back to the residence and Ronnie carried those boxes like they were a life line. We went into Bennie's room and had to model her dresses for us. She took the dresses into the bathroom then she asked me to come in so I could button the buttons. I held a towel up then opened the door. "May I present, Miss Veronica Leeds?"


I moved the towel and she made an entrance. "Oh my God!" Bennie gasped. "You're adorable!"


Bennie held out his arms and she took a flying leap into his arms. "Come on sweetie, you have to show dad and Gloria."


Bennie took her by the hand and she didn't walk, she strutted like a prize peacock. I had to take the other hand as I walked like a proud papa. Ben was reading the newspaper and we made our entrance quietly. We stood in front of Ben then he lowered the paper. Ben broke out into a huge grin. "My, my, we have a real lady in the house."


"Oh Grampa, it's just me," Ronnie said in that sweet voice of hers.


"You're totally captivating," Ben said.


Bennie led her out the door and down to Gloria's room. We knocked on the door then waited. "Come in," she said.


We let her go in on her own then Gloria fussed over her. We stepped in then Gloria said, "Oh Ace, she is beautiful."


"Oh gramma, I'm nothing."


"Mija, you are a real angel," Gloria said.


At that, she ran into Bennie arms and broke down in tears. "I'm no angel, Mommy and Daddy are angels now. They're in heaven watching down on me."


Gloria picked her up and cuddled her closely. "Mija, God puts angels here on Earth and he put you here."


"Noooooooooo, I'm not gramma."


I remembered what she said in the store so I thought it best to take her back to our room.


She opened the door and saw the boxes on the bed. She jumped up and started looking inside. "What is it darling?" Bennie asked as he came in and sat on the bed.


"It's mine daddy."


I walked over and sat down beside her. "Of course it's your baby. Daddy Bennie just asked what it was."


She reached over and dumped it out. My eyes almost bugged out of their sockets. "Where did you get that?"


"I earned it," she said as I patted my lap.


She came over and sat down and tears began to fall. Bennie saw the change in her demeanor. "What is it baby?" He asked softly.


She started shaking her head. "No daddy, please don't ask me.


I kissed her cheek softly and looked her in the eyes. She buried her head in my shoulder and just cried. "Does this have anything to do with what you said in the store?"


She nodded her head then let out a big yawn. I reached into the shopping bag and took out her nightgown. I clipped the tags off then helped Ronnie get undressed. As soon as I'd slipped her tee shirt off, she raised her arms so I could slide the gown on over her head. I buttoned the back for her then she slid under the covers beside Bennie. I sat up in bed beside her then she joined me on my lap. "Daddy, do you love me?"


I pulled her into a gentle hug and kissed her cheek. "Baby doll, you've stolen my heart and I love you dearly."


I have something to tell you about my boxes. She got up and dumped the contents out on the bed. "Holy schnikey, there has to be several thousand dollars there."


"Twenty five thousand to be exact," she answered.


"Where did you get that?" I asked softly so not to frighten her.


She looked down. "Daddy I wasn't a nice little girl. That man in the store, fucked me."


Bennie sat up. "Sweetie, ladies don't use that word."


"Daddy Bennie, that's the only word I know for it. Every time that man showed up he'd take me by the arm and lead me to my bedroom. He'd tell me to strip and he was gonna fuck my pussy or he'd tell me he was gonna fuck my butt."


By now she was in tears and I was too. "Daddy it would hurt so bad, I'd scream in pain. Look at what he did to me."


She took her panties off and got on her hands and knees and spread her cheeks apart. "Did you tell Dr. Phillips when he examined you?" I asked.


She shook her head. "Daddy Ace, I was too ashamed. I didn't want him to think I was a little slut."


I raised her panties and cuddled my little girl. "Sweetie, you didn't ask for that to happen, you were raped, and that's a crime."


"Daddy, the Social Worker knew what was happening to me. One evening, she was there when he did my butt and she did too."


I was furious when I heard this news. I had to think of how we can arrest her and get a conviction. Since today is Friday, Bennie didn't have class on Saturday so I'd be free to call Adam. I got up and went into my room and got my laptop. On my way back, I saw Ben coming down the hall. "Ace, may I kiss my girl good night?"


I held up a finger then stuck my head in the room. I held the door open and Ben came in with me. "Sweetie, someone wants to tuck you in bed."


"Grampa!" Ronnie squealed with delight."


Ben went over and pulled the covers up then tucked her in then he leaned over and gently kissed her good night. "Are you going to sleep with your daddies?"


She nodded her head. "If that's alright, may I?"


"I don't think that will hurt National Security," Ben answered.


I escorted Ben out to the living room. "Ace, you can't sleep with her like you do with Bennie."


"I know Sir. It's just her first night here."


"I understand completely," Ben acknowledged.


"Sir, there are some things you don't know. She's been violently raped anally."


He quickly covered his mouth. "Oh my God, how bad is it?"


"She's been torn. Now I don't know if Dr. Phillips saw it or not. Judging on the damage, there is no way he could have missed it. I'll call him in the morning and speak to him about it. I don't know if she'll need surgery to repair the damage but Ronnie told me one thing. The social worker was present one evening when she was sodomized and even participated."


"My God, how far up does this go?"


"I have an FBI agent down in our office who was the rapist. My only hope is that the doc can get some DNA but I don't know the last time he raped her. I also don't know how many other agent's are in on this. It seems the agent treated her like a prostitute."


"How so?" Ben asked.


"He paid her for her services," I replied.


"You're kidding?"


"No sir, I'm not. Ronnie has twenty five thousand dollars from the agent. I did notice the bills are in sequential order so tracking them down will be easy. I'm just going to need a court order."


"That money is going to have to go into evidence."


"Damn, you're right. But she deserves to keep that money for all she went through."


"We need to find out who killed her parents. Ben, Bennie and I love her dearly but I'm wondering if we're doing well by her."


"What do you mean?"


"Sir, she needs a woman and I know the perfect woman."


"Judy Matthews?" Ben asked.


"The one and only. I think the two of them would hit it off."


"I'll invite them to dinner tomorrow night."


"Excellent idea," I said smiling.


"Did you have a talk with her about Billy?" Ben asked.


"I did and she promised me it would never happen again."


I started thinking of how best to get a warrant for the Social Worker. The only way is going to be to have Ronnie tell her tale in front of the judge.


I went into my room and clipped on some shorts then went and joined my two angels in bed. When I went in, Ronnie was cuddled around Bennie so I slipped in a quietly as I could so I wouldn't disturb her. As soon as I slid in she rolled over and put her head on my arm. That's the last I remembered until I felt her crawling back into bed. "Morning sweetie," I said kissing her nose.


"I'm sorry daddy, I didn't mean to wake you. I had to go potty."


I reached over and drew her close to me. I was almost asleep when it was my turn to scoot to the toilet. On my way back to bed I noticed the time and Gloria would be serving breakfast soon. I woke Bennie up and he got dressed then joined us in the dining room.


After breakfast, I went to my room and called Adam. I explained everything and he suggested we meet him at the courthouse. Bennie took Ronnie to the bathroom and washed her face and hands then took out her light blue dress to wear when we met Adam at the courthouse. "Aw Daddy why do I have to wear a dress? People are gonna think I'm a sissy."


"No they won't darling, they're going to think you're a beautiful young lady," Bennie answered as he buttoned the back of her dress and helped her on with her new shoes.


They went out to the dining room and JR had come up to bring me a file containing the interview they conducted with the FBI agent. I sat down and had a cup of coffee while I read it. "Are you sure about this?" I asked.


"Absolutely Ace," JR answered. "I even had him repeat it."


I thumbed through the papers. "Where is the signed Miranda form?"


"Isn't it in there?" He asked.


I handed him the folder. "It has to be on my desk."


He called down and had an agent bring it up to us. Ronnie came in and tapped JR on the leg. He turned around and smiled. "Well, hello there Ronnie, don't you look enchanting."


"I look like a sissy," she recanted.


"No you don't darling," Ben said as he sat her on his lap.


"I do too Grampa," She said as she buried her face in his shoulder. "I wish I was born a boy."


`Oh boy,' I thought. `I hope this is just a phase she's going through.'


Just then I heard the elevator ding as the doors open and Adam Graham walked into the dining room. "Good morning Adam, I thought we were meeting you at the court house."


"Well, I wanted to interview the child before we talked to Judge Stein."


Bennie went into instant protective mode. "Adam, no one talks to Ronnie unless either Ace or I are present."


"Bennie, you know I don't work like that," Adam countered.


"Adam, you need to understand she's a minor and Ace and I are her foster parents."


"I can ask her a few questions."


Ben stepped in. "Counselor, you know the law, now drop it."


"Yes Mr. President," Adam relented.


"Ace may we talk in private?" Adam asked.


"Use my office." Ben said.


I took Ronnie off Ben's lap then we went into his office.


"Ace, why the argument over me talking with her?"


"Adam, she's been through hell and back, again at the hand of those who were supposed to protect her."


I closed the door and Ronnie was glued to me. "No daddy, hold me please."


I kissed the back of her head and leaned back on the sofa. "All right Adam, be gentle."


Adam asked his questions and was very gentle with Ronnie. He asked one question that I had to answer. "Adam, Dr. Phillips examined her and he hasn't called back with the results of the tests he ran. I do know one swab was sent to our lab to see if there were any traces of DNA but the results aren't back yet."


Adam turned his recorder off then we got ready to see Judge Stein. "What are you looking to get?"


"Based on what Ronnie told us, I want a search warrant to go through that social worker's house and I'd love to see her financials."


I had JR find her address. "Cal Matthews issued a subpoena so I can see the file social services have on Ronnie."


When we got into the Hummer, Adam went to work on the two search warrants. Saturday traffic was dismal with all the tourists in town. It took us twenty minutes to make the drive and with its being Saturday, the parking lot was empty.


Ronnie had a hold onto Adam's and my hand as we climbed the steps to the courthouse. Adam and I showed our credentials and Ronnie had to walk through the metal detector. I watched as the light stayed green yet the rent-a-cop wanted to pat her down. He ran his hands down her chest and had her take her shoes off. He then slipped his hand under her dress causing Ronnie to shout, "Hey hands off."


He slapped her on the back of the head then said, "Shut up I'm a federal officer."


"Daddy, he's trying to feel me up!"


Adam was standing there watching the goings on. "Buddy, if I were you I'd cut my losses and let her go."


"Buddy, if I were you, I'd stand there and keep my mouth shut before I have you arrested."


About that time, reinforcements arrived. Dylan and his team came walking into the courthouse.


"Uncle Dylan, this man is being nasty. He's feeling my coochie."


"Why you little bitch," the rent-a-cop yelled then he drew back as if he was going to strike Ronnie but Francine was standing behind him.


She nailed him in the back of his head with the butt of her rifle. He went sprawling out on the floor. "Arrest him," Adam said and Francine quickly had him in her pink bracelets.


"What are the charges?" Francine asked as she took her notebook out of her pocket.


"Sexual assault of a child under ten, battery on a minor, cursing and abusing a minor. Those are just for starters.



We made our way to Judge Stein's court room. The bailiff was sitting at his desk and Ronnie walked up to him and smiled. "May we please see Judge Stein?"


"Well hello there little lady, let me see if the judge is free."


He picked up his phone and called him. He got up and opened the door to his chambers. "The judge will see you now."


We went in and Ronnie had the jurist totally enamored. She sat on my lap and told the judge her story. It took her over forty-five minutes to completely answer his questions and there wasn't a dry eye in the room by the time she was finished. The judge signed the search warrants, then we were on our way back to the residence. I gave Ronnie a big kiss on the cheek then we made the trip back home. "Did I do good daddy?"


"You were perfect sweetheart," I answered.


When we were arriving, I saw the US Marshall's transport vehicle leaving with the FBI agent. Ronnie spotted the armored car and asked, "What's that for daddy?"


Adam gave her a hug then answered saying, "That's for taking the bad people to jail."


"They're not getting out of that thing."


"Nope, they're not sweetie," I answered.


I got Ronnie out of her dress and she went back into her favorite clothes. She went out back and gave Tonka a good workout while I got ready to serve the search warrant.


I met up with the CAT team then we all took off for Ms. Davenport's residence. I was coming out of my bedroom after changing into my black BDU's and Ronnie came out of Bennie's at the same time and I startled her. She let out a loud scream. "Easy sweetie, it's daddy." I said as I pulled my face mask down.


"Daddy, you scared me."


I leaned down and picked her up. She snuggled against my chest. I carried her to the elevator then set her on her feet. "Daddy has to go to work now baby." I said as I stepped into the elevator.


Just as the doors were about to close, I heard Tonka bark so I held the doors for him. Tonka hopped into the back of the Hummer as the rest of the team piled in. JR was monitoring us from our office. "Guys, there is a six foot chain link fence around her property and there is an alley where she could make a quick exit so you might want to have that alley guarded to prevent that from happening."


"Copy that JR, thanks," I said. "Who can be the ramp for Tonka?"


"I will," Francine said.


"OK, just grab hold of the rail then lean over and Tonka will come running up and launch off your back. Make sure you scan the area so you know where he'll land is safe."


"Right Ace," Francine replied. We pulled up a few houses up from her house and let the team unload then make our way to the house. "Tonka's over the fence and all of us are over too. She's not going anywhere."


"Copy that," I replied.


I parked the Hummer then walked up to the front door and rang the bell. She opened the door and smiled. "Agent Mason, what can I do for you and your men?"


"May we come in so we can talk?"


She opened the door and let us in. Across the street an elderly woman was coming out to get her morning newspaper when she saw the agents coming around to the front door and she let out a shriek. "RAPE, RAPE, HELP ME, RAPE."


Everyone froze to see what she was screaming about but they just shrugged it off and went back to the work at hand. Francine came in from the kitchen and stood behind the bitch.


"How is Veronica doing? Is she causing any problems?" She asked.


I smiled and said, "Oh not at all. She's a real angel. I had her examined by Dr. Phillips and while she was being examined she told us everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING."


I stood there and watched her demeanor change. "WHY THAT LITTLE BITCH AFTER EVERYTHING I DID FOR HER."


"Do you mean `everything you did TO her?'" I shot back.


"WHY YOU FUCKING BASTARD," she shouted and raised her hand."


Francine quickly had her under control then the witch tried to get dirty and kick her in her vagina but before she could, Tonka had hold of her foot by the ankle. Tonka held on but didn't bite. Once she was cuffed she was led over to the sofa and told to sit there and behave herself. "Listen fag, you don't have shit on me, the only thing you think you have is the word of a little slut who sold her ass on the street."


"Is that so?" I asked. "Agent Miller would you go out to the Hummer and bring me Ronnie's jacket please?"


"What's what for?" the social worker asked.


"I bet we can find all kinds of things if we just look."


"No fucking way faggot," she spat.


"Watch your mouth cunt," Francine said, pushing her back down on the sofa.


"Well look at you all dressed up like a guy in those clothes. I bet you're a bull dyke who loves to take it up the ass with a rubber dick."


I thought Francine was going to lose it on the spot so I quickly grabbed her and pulled her away from the witch.


"See, I was right. A fag can spot a dyke and they have to protect each other."


"Listen `lady,' and I use the term loosely, I had to protect you so sit there and shut it."


"I'm not giving you squat so you can just carry your asses the hell out of here."


I reached into my pocket and pulled out the search warrant and wanted to stick in her mouth but decided against it so I set it on the coffee table. "What the hell is that?"


"It's called a search warrant and I can look for anything."


"Oh yeah fag, good fucking luck!" she shouted.


"We'll just see about that." I said holding the jacket. "Here Tonka, here boy."


Tonka came trotting in then sat. I held the jacket out for him to smell. He did then I said, "Seek."


She tried to stand up but Francine kept pushing her back onto the sofa. "Now, stay there or I'll tie you down."


Tonka took off for the back of the house and came to a closed door which happened to be locked. "Open it," I commanded.


"I can't."


I looked at Francine and she helped her to her feet. She escorted the social worker to the door. "Now, open it."


She just stood there and shook her head. I stepped back and raised my foot like I was going to kick it open. She didn't think I would have, so I had given her all the chances I cared to, and I put my foot right on the door handle and it flew open.


"You fucking bastard, you ruined my door."


"We'll fix it for you," I said.


Tonka went in and started sniffing around. He went right to the bed and began to paw at the covers. I had two agents come in and remove the covers. They lifted the corner of the comforter and I saw what appeared to be blood. "Hold it." I said then went over and looked at it closer.


I sent an agent out to the Hummer to bring in some evidence bags and bagged the comforter. "You can't take that, it belongs to me."


"You'll get it back when we're through with it," I said then an agent got my attention.


"Agent Mason, look at this."


There under the comforter was a large pool of blood. "Shit guys, whoever was in here had to have been murdered. Bag it and tag it."


"No way fag. You can just put all that stuff back where you found it."


"If I hear that word come out of your mouth again, I'll gag you so shut it now."


"Yeah, yeah, yeah ... faggot,"


Francine got a sock and wrapped it around her head but she wouldn't open her mouth so it would go in that was until Tonka came up behind her and barked. That startled her and the gag went into her mouth."


"Thank you," I said as Francine tied it in place. We'd bagged the comforter and sheets. Dusty tapped me on the shoulder. "Ace, what about the mattress? There is a huge amount of blood on it."


"You're right buddy. But there isn't enough room in the hummer. I'll give Ed a call and have him send a truck over."


"Tell them to bring a large piece of plastic so we can wrap it in it."


I placed the call then had Tonka go back to searching the room. His next stop was a closet. He started scratching at the door so I went to open it but it seemed to be locked. I reached into my pocket and took out my pocket knife and jimmied the hasp. When we got the door opened, I was in shock at what I was looking at.


Hanging neatly on coat hangers were girls clothes. Apparently Ronnie had spent some time with Ms. Davenport. Tonka went right in and started searching. He found a box on the very top shelf and I needed a ladder to reach it. I put Francine on my shoulders and had her get the box. On the way down I told her not to open it I had no idea what was in it so everyone was at the ready. I lifted the cover and almost fainted.


"Holy shit Ace, and she called me a dyke."


I got an evidence bag and dropped the large plastic toy into it. I carried it out to put in the Hummer. While we were all in the bedroom the witch had managed to work the gag out of her mouth. "What have you got in there fag-boy?"


"Boy, if you aren't the pot calling the kettle black," I said heading outside.


I added the bag with the evidence tag number onto the list. I locked the Hummer and returned to the house. As soon as I let the screen door close behind me I heard a horn blow so I stopped and looked to see who it was. I saw Marshall Ellis's big body step out and head towards the house. "Hiya Ace," Marshall said in a whisper voice.


I knew he wouldn't let the witch get away with the name calling so I was glad he'd come. "What do you need the truck for?"


I led him to the bedroom and the bitch started in. "What have we here? Did you bring out another fag?"


"Look bitch," Marshall growled. "I don't take that shit from anyone much less a suspect. I don't make it a habit to hit females but in your case I'll gladly make an exception."


He walked over and put the gag back in her mouth and tied it very tight so she wouldn't be working it out.


As we entered the bedroom, I filled Marshall in on what we were doing there and why.


I thought he was going to go postal when he learned she was behind raping Ronnie. "I'll kill her Ace," Marshall growled.


I reached up and patted him on the shoulder. "Calm down buddy. She's not worth a long prison sentence."


I had forgotten to bring the bags with the sheets in them out to the Hummer so Marshall took them. "Ace, come here quick."


I ran into the living room and the witch was trying to get the screen door open so she could escape. Marshall had his weapon drawn pointing it at her. "On the ground or in your grave, doesn't matter to me."


She continued trying to get the door unlocked as she tried to speak through the gag. Marshall raised his voice and once again said, "On the ground or in your grave."


She continued to ignore him then I heard the lock open and she started to step out onto the porch. I was about to run over and grab her when I heard a voice yell, "Taser, taser, taser."


I waited to see if Francine's shot hit its mark and sure enough there she was writhing out there with the electrodes coming out of her shoulder and side. I reached down and removed the gag. "I told you to stop -- but did you?" I asked as Marshall and I helped Shamu to her feet.


We brought her to a straight back chair then tied her into it. Marshall and I carried the mattress out to the truck and wrapped it in the heavy plastic then we shifted the bags of evidence over to the cab of the truck so it could be logged in at headquarters.


I went over to the witch and stood her up and removed the gag. "Now, stand there and keep your mouth shut and your ears open," I said as I reached into my pocket and took out a card.


"You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. If you choose to answer questions without an attorney, you can stop at anytime and an attorney will be appointed for you. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?"


"Listen fag, you don't have shit on me."


"Is that so? I asked. "Now I wonder what the lab will find on those blood stains."


"Shit you fags are dumber than I thought. That's my blood."


Francine stepped over. "Don't stand there and try to tell us that you were menstruating and you left all that blood on the sheets."


"That's exactly what happened. I just haven't got around to washing them."


"Sure you did," Francine said "No woman would let her menstrual blood stay on sheets and smell up a bedroom."


"Get it to the lab and we'll check it for DNA."


"Ain't no way in hell I'm giving you a sample of my DNA."


I held up the gag. "We already have it."


"I forbid you to test it!" she screamed.


"I don't need your permission," I replied smiling.


Just then there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there were two US Marshalls.
"We're here for a prisoner."


To be continued...


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