The President's Son


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The President's Son


Chapter 9


While Bennie got his boots, I went and got my snowmobile suit and boots. Ben nodded his approval. "OK boys, if you get cold let Ace know. There is plenty of hot chocolate."


"Let's go guys," I said as the elevator door opened.


We went to ground floor then headed for the door. I handed Jake the shovel. "There you go son."


Bennie came up behind Jake and took it. "No Bennie," Jake said. "This is my job. If you want you can talk with me."


The two boys went outside and Jake began removing the snow from the drive. Bennie watched how easy the snow was shoveled so he started moving it with his foot. I had to admire Bennie; he was there to help Jake even after the stunt he pulled in school. I watched them and they got the drive done in a little over an hour without stopping. The two boys came up to the door stomping the snow off their feet. I held the door open as Jake stepped back. "Ace, would you like to make sure it's done to your satisfaction?"


I shrugged my shoulders and walked outside. I started walking down one side of the circular drive then came back up the other. I saw something on the ground so I bent down to pick it up. No sooner had I stood up I was plummeted with snowballs. I managed to get a couple made and returned fire when one hit me in the back of my neck. "Time out."


Bennie and Jake were standing there laughing their heads off. I managed to get the slush off when I saw the guilty culprits give each other a high five. Bennie came up and had his devil grin on his face. "What's wrong man?"


I nodded my head. "Alright squirt, you'll get yours later."


Jake came up to us, "Don't blame him Ace; it was my idea."


I looked at Jake and could tell he was telling me the truth. "No problem Jake but Bennie will get his for following along."


"No fair," Bennie shouted looking at me with his puppy dog eyes.


He knows when he does that I'm sunk. "All right, I'll give you a reprieve.


We went up to the residence and I had the boys remove their wet shoes and we set them in the hall closet. "Bennie, show Jake to your shower then you can use mine to get warmed up. By the time you guys are done, lunch should be ready.


I hung my snowmobile suit up then got another pair of socks on and went to the dining room to see if there was some coffee left. I put a cup under the spout and got a cup of steaming liquid.


"Hi Ace, have you seen my grandson this morning?" Brenda asked getting herself another cup of coffee.


"He's getting a shower to warm up. A student from his school was working off a little punishment and Bennie decided to help him."


Inside Bennie's room Bennie was getting a clean towel for Jake. "Man Bennie, this room is great. What did Ace mean about you using his shower?"


Bennie handed him the towel. "Ace lives here."


"He lives here? You mean you have him smothering you all the time?" Jake asked.


Bennie waved his hand. "It's not like that man. Ace is cool."


"What about your privacy?"


"What about it?" Bennie answered.


"I mean when well you know," Jake asked moving his hand up and down in a jacking motion.


Bennie giggled. "He doesn't walk in unannounced. He knocks on the door."


"What if you wanted to say visit me? Would he be there or would he just drop you off?"


"He'd be there but if we were to go to your room, he'd talk with your Dad. It's not as bad as you think. Now go get into the shower before he comes looking for us. I'll be across the hall."


Bennie grabbed a change of clothes and went across the hall to my room. Bennie didn't stand on ceremony so he got in and out in a hurry. He went back to his room just as Jake came out of the bathroom. Jake reached for his bag when he saw Bennie. "God Bennie you should announce yourself."


Bennie turned around. "Geez Jake, I'm sorry."


Jake got his boxers on. "It's OK; we have to dress out for gym and shower afterwards."


Brenda and I had been talking for a long time and the boys weren't out yet. I went to Bennie's room and knocked on the door. "Come in," A voice on the other side said.


I went in and saw Jake putting his shoes on. "You guys alright?"


Bennie smiled at me. "Everything's fine Ace. What's for lunch, I'm starved."


"Bennie, before we go out can I ask you something?"


Bennie looked over at Jake. "Sure buddy, what's on your mind?"


"Why is it when I mention Ace's name or he comes around you, you light up like a Christmas tree?"


"I...I...d...don't...k...know...w...what you're talking about." Bennie stuttered.


Jake walked over and put his hands on his shoulders. "You know what I mean Bennie; I just saw it when he came in."


Bennie got a little defensive. "You're crazy."


I had a feeling I knew why Jake was asking this. "Bennie..."


Bennie interrupted me. "Jake there's nothing between Ace and me."


Jake smiled and shook his head. "If you say so."


"Now what's..." Bennie started.


Now it was my turn to interrupt as I put my hand on his shoulder. "Bennie relax.


His head snapped over and stared at me. "Jake what is it you sense?"


Bennie's head was going back and forth between Jake and me. Jake wasn't sure what to say. "OK guys, you see, I have someone."


My gaydar was right on. "Who is the lucky guy?"


Jake looked at me. "Guy, who said he was a guy."


I had to play his bluff. "Then why did you ask Bennie what you did?"


Jake turned red and Bennie smiled. "Jake does your dad know you're gay?"


"Oh God no, if he and my Step Mom found out would then there would really be hell to pay. Every person I mention that's a friend I have to tell her about in minute detail. Now get this, no matter who their parents are, they're never good enough and I don't know how much longer I can put up with this."


After telling us that he looked like he was going to cry. I really felt bad for him and I could tell Bennie did also so he went over and hugged him. "You're always welcome here Jake."


Jake started shaking his head. "I don't want to impose on you Bennie. Your father is a very busy man and I know you have things you'd much rather be doing that putting up with me."


That upset Bennie to the point he shook Jake. "You don't ever talk like that! I don't put up with my friends. I enjoy my friends company and I'm enjoying yours."


"Even though I'm gay?" Jake asked staring at the floor.


"Big hairy deal Jake, I am too, so what's your next excuse?" Bennie fired back smiling.


I loved their little bantering but it was about time for lunch. "Come on you two; let's get out to lunch before Gloria has our hides."


We went out to the hall and everyone was heading into the dining room. I was about to dive in to my soup when my cell phone went off. I was debating on whether or not to let it go to voicemail but decided against it. "Excuse me while I take this call."


I went over to the living room and answered the call. Before I could say a word I was blasted. "You mother fucking son of a bitch." The voice said.


"Well, good afternoon to you to Nate." I shot back as I decided to go into my room. "To what do I owe this uneducated conversation?"


That comment only served to piss him off even more. "You bastard, some fucking lowlife stole my car."


I couldn't help it but this made me laugh. "Your car was stolen?"


"Yeah damn it now what are you going to do about it?"


"Hehe, I'm a Secret Service agent Nate, not the local police. Did..."


"I know damn well who you are you jackass."


"My, my, such language from someone as highly educated as you claim to be. Did you call the locals?"


"No I didn't fucknut."


"Why not," I asked fighting an all out belly laugh. "You know protocol."


"God damn it Mason, are you going to help me or not?"


He was in such a lather I knew I could get him to play into my hand. "Alright, alright Nate calm down. You know it's against policy for me to do this but considering you're one of us, I'll help you but you've got to be honest with me; agreed?"


"That's better." He snapped.


"Now, give me a description of the vehicle and license plate number."


"It's a silver Mercury Grand Marquis license plate AFE831 VA."


"OK," I replied. "Where was it stolen from?"


"It was stolen from where I'm staying at you jerk. The address is 8040 13th Street in Silver Spring."


I ignored the snide comment. "That's Silver Spring, MD correct?"


"That's right, now when can I get it back?"


"We work fast Nate but you're still on the phone with me." I replied looking at the display on my phone. "If you'll give me your phone number I'll call you as soon as I find out something. That's the best I can do."


"Damn Mason, you're a real pain. The number is 301-555-9900."


"Is that number to you or where you're staying at?" I asked hoping he'd continue spilling the beans.


"That's to me. How soon do you think you'll know something?"


I had him hook, line and sinker. "I'll have this made a top priority. I'll inform the local agencies and all the local field agents that a Secret Service vehicle has been stolen. I should hear something within a couple hours."


"That's acceptable." He said then the line went dead.


I fired up my laptop connecting to the residence's wireless router. I ran the plate number and found the information Nate had given me wasn't false. I had the VIN number so that would make tracking it down even easier. I was about to log into the local police department's dispatch system when there was a knock on my door then Bennie came in, closing the door behind him. "Ace come on, your lunch is getting cold."


I closed the lid to my laptop. "OK love, I'm coming."


"Who was that on the phone?" He asked as I came towards him.


I thought for a moment then decided to tell him. "It was Nate baby."


He threw his arms around me hugging me tight. "Oh no, he's after you again."


I lifted his head up then leaned down kissing him gently as I drew him into me. "He's been after me since he got out love. The agents here know this and we're ready for him."


"I don't like this baby."


I rubbed his back as I continued to hold him. "I know sweetie but we have to get him off the streets and back in jail where he belongs. Try not to worry baby, I'm trained for this plus I have a load of other agents out there looking for him not counting the ones here at the White House too. Now, let's get back to lunch."


We rejoined the others in the dining room and Gloria set a hot bowl of soup in front of me. I quickly devoured it along with a second bowl and 2 huge sandwiches.


After lunch, I called Ed and Johnny and set up a meeting about Nate's phone call. I'd just gotten a call on my cell phone when there was a knock on my door. "Hold on Ed."


I answered it and there stood Brenda. "Ace, I'm going to need a ride to the airport. I have a 3:30 flight back home."


I covered the mouth piece on my phone. "What airport are you flying out of, Brenda?"


She looked at her ticket, "Reagan International."


I raised a finger up. "Ed, we're going to need to the Presidential limo. Brenda has a 3:30 PM flight out of Reagan."


"It's almost 2 now so we better get ready now buddy."


I looked at my watch and he was right. My call with Nate took more time than I'd realized. "You're right buddy; I'll tell her and let the President and Bennie know.


I closed my phone then looked at Brenda. "We're going to have to leave right away. You have to check in and go through security."


She nodded her head. "I'm just about packed. I'll be ready in a few minutes."


She left then it hit me that Jake was still here. I went over to Bennie's room and knocked on it. "Come in."


I went inside and the two of them were sitting on the bed. "What's up Ace," Jake asked.


"Bennie grandmother's flight home leaves at 3:30 son and I'm sure Bennie is going to want to ride with her and his Dad."


I could see Jake's expression change. "No problem Ace, I'll call my Dad to come and get me."


Bennie started shaking his head. "No Jake I have an idea. Ace, can you call his dad and see if he can come with us?"


It was a good idea. "Before I do son, I'll have to ask your dad."


As soon as I said that, Bennie was out the door. "Did you have a good time Jake?" I asked hoping he would cheer up.


His face lit up again. "Oh man did I ever. Do you think I'd be able to come back?"


"I don't think that'll be a problem. You and Bennie sure hit it off."


Jake frowned. "Yeah we did and just think; I almost blew it acting like a real jackass in the bathroom."


I was about to speak when Bennie came back into the room. "You can go Jake. My Dad called your Dad and he said it was cool. On the way home we have to drop you off at your house."


Jake went over and hugged Bennie. "Oh thank you Bennie and man, I'm really sorry about the way I treated you yesterday in the bathroom."


I looked at Bennie and he needed to change if he was going out in public. "Bennie, you need to put on something a little more suitable."


Bennie was in such a hurry he started pulling off his sweatpants as he headed for his closet. Jake let out a whistle. "Whoa dude, nice view."


Bennie giggled. "I bet you do that to all the boys."


"Only to Carl," He replied then slapped his hand over his mouth.


I was able to put two and two then Bennie turned around. "Carl is your boyfriend?"


Jake looked at the ground. "Yeah."


Bennie ran over and hugged his friend. "Don't look down man, hold your head up. You got yourself one hot looking boy, Carl is cute."


"You really think so?" Jake asked smiling.


He pulled the back of his undies up then headed back to the closet. "Hell yeah buddy; if I wasn't spoken for I'd make a play for him."


"OK Bennie, who is it that's taken your heart?"


Bennie came flying out of the closet in just his boxer briefs holding a pair of jeans. "What makes you think someone has my heart?"


"You did," Jake said smiling.


Bennie and I were staring at each other not knowing what to say. Jake had seen the way Bennie looks at me so trying to beat around the bush probably wouldn't work. I went over to the closet and stepped inside. "OK love, what do we do? We can't lie to him but my career and everything is on the line."




We looked and there was Jake standing in the doorway. My stomach started turning into a million knots. I was watching my life as I now knew it slowly disappearing. Bennie put his hands on his hips and walked towards him. "Alright, you spied on us and now you know; so what are you going to do?"


Jake looked down for a moment because he was caught spying then he came in and wrapped his arms around us. I looked at him and I couldn't tell what he was thinking. "Answer me this Ace since you're the older one here. Do you love him or is he just a boy toy you'll have fun with then move on to another at your next assignment?"


"Now wait..." Bennie started to say until Jake put his hand over his mouth.


Jake was glaring at me now. "Well Ace what's your answer."


I reached up and gently removed Jake's hand from Bennie's mouth then leaned down and gently kissed him. "I love him Jake with all my heart."


I was looking into Bennie's brown eyes and he was looking deep into mine. Bennie smiled then gave me a quick peck on the lips. "That's right Jake and I love him too."


Jake was looking at us both then he gave us each a kiss on the cheek. "I won't breathe a word of this, guys."


I hated to break up this Hallmark moment but we had to get going. "Come on Bennie, shake a leg or your grandmother is going to be late."


Bennie quickly got his jeans on then stuffed his feet into his sneakers. As soon as that was done we headed for the door. I made a quick stop in my room to get my weapon then all of us went down to the ground floor. Two agents were putting Brenda's bags into the back of the limo then Johnny, Ed and I led the others to the back seat. Once inside, we took off for Regan International. Jake was in awe of everything inside the limo. Bennie tapped him on the leg as he reached inside a drawer. He pulled out two sets of headphones then plugged them in. "What's that Bennie?"


"It's an MP3 player. Dad gave me a whole gigabyte of space so I could listen to my own music. Not that old guy stuff."


Ben was in a conversation with Brenda but caught the old guy comment. "Is that so son? Don't let him fool you Jake. If you look through there, you'll find some real classic bands on his list."


"Really Mr. President?" Jake asked.


"That's right Jake. He's got a load of songs by groups like Queen, the Moody Blues, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles."


"Man, I love those groups too. You just can't beat good music."


Bennie elbowed Jake on the arm then handed his a set of headphones. "Come on traitor, put those on."


Brenda watched the sparring. "You know Ben, he seems like a pretty lonely boy and Bennie's managed to really make a friend there."


"It does seem that way Mom." Ben said as we pulled into the departing flights terminal.


We parked in front of the Delta Airlines concourse then the agents took their positions. Johnny opened the back door then we all quickly exited and made our way into the terminal. Bennie stayed with Ed while I took Brenda and got her checked in. The ticket agent saw the group she was with and quietly upgraded her to first class.


Next stop was the security check point. "Brenda, let that agent have your carryon bag and your purse; he'll get that x-rayed for you. I'll escort you through the security area."


Ed, Johnny and his team were getting Ben, Bennie and Jake around the check point so they could meet up with us to see Brenda off.


I went up to the TSA agent and was reaching for my ID when he held up his hand. "Hold on there, do you two think you're special?"


I pulled the case out but didn't open it. "If you'd have waited five seconds I would have..."


"You would have what bud?" He said in a flippant tone.


I didn't have time for this pissing contest so I just open my badge case. "Shown you my credentials, I'm Special Agent Rich Mason. Now where is your supervisor?"


"You can pass through right here Agent Mason." He said trying to save face.


I still didn't want to get into a pissing contest so I just led Brenda through and waited for our other agent. Once Brenda got her carry on and purse, we were off to meet up with Ed and the others. "What time is your flight again?"


"We have plenty of time now Ace, thanks to the red carpet treatment."


Bennie spotted us then started waving. When we were just a couple of feet from then I heard Jake yell. "Let me go you clown."


"Go join the others Brenda." I said as I took off towards Jake.


Before I could reach him Johnny had the unknown man up against a wall and in handcuffs. Just as I got there Johnny spun him around. "We all had our credentials out and they were in plain view so you better start talking. Who are you and who are you to grab a child like that?


The rear agent was a foot ahead of us after bringing Brenda's carry on through screening and hadn't totally caught up with the others but the perimeter was still intact. The man couldn't see Johnny because his head was flat against the wall but he did manage to see me and I wasn't looking happy. "He fit..."


"He fit some mundane description you had even though he was in a group of people surrounded by the Secret Service, is that what you're trying to say?"


He started stammering but Johnny got his attention again. "What's your name and who do you work for?"


"Oscar Douglas and I work for TSA." He managed to get out.


I was ready to slap him upside his head. "You work for TSA? Not even those goofballs would step in where the Secret Service is concerned. Where are your credentials?"


"Inside my right rear pant's pocket."


Johnny reached inside and removed a badge case. He opened it and looked at the ID card then the badge. He motioned to me then turned the case around so I could see it. I shook my head. "You've got be kidding?"


I spun him around and opened his jacket. I looked at his ID again and then at his shirt. Johnny held up his case in from of him. "I guess you are one of those goofballs. Why did you interfere?"


This time Johnny had lost his patience. He reached up and slapped him upside the back of his head. "Answer him."


We didn't have time to mess around. I got on my radio and had Airport police come and get this jerk while we went to see Brenda off. Before we left I started wagging my finger at him. "We'll be back and for your sake, you better hope I'm in a better mood."


Johnny removed his handcuffs and the Airport Police Officer put his on the jerk then escorted him to a holding area. We all then went to a secured room and waited for Brenda's flight to be called.


We heard the call for first class passengers and an Escort arrived at the lounge door. "If you will follow me I'll get you onboard and situated."


I stood up. She had a confused look on her face. "Ace, that's not my call. I'm back in coach."


I slid the boarding pass out from her ticket then showed it to her. "Well Brenda, it looks like you've been upgraded."


This time she had to take a page out of her own book and not argue. Bennie went over and gave his grandmother a huge hug as he lost the battle with tears. "Gramma, I'm going to miss you. I hope you'll come back out when you can stay longer."


"Bennie, you know I'm not one for the cold weather so I guess you'll have to come out and see me."


Bennie's eyes lit up. "Sure, Dad and I would love to come out."


"You're both welcome anytime."


Bennie kissed her on the cheek before letting Ben say goodbye. "Thanks so much for the new computer."


"You're quite welcome Bennie." She replied the reached her arm out towards Jake.


He didn't know this woman so he was a little confused as to why he was being included in the family farewell. "Jake, it was nice to meet you and you've made a loyal friend in Bennie. Ben told me that he felt deep down, you're a good boy and from watching you and Bennie together today, I can see he was right. I hope you two continue to be friends."


Brenda saw the boy fighting back the tears so she pulled him into a motherly hug. "Thank you Ma'am. Bennie has become a good friend in the short time I've had to know him and I sure would like to continue being his friend."


Bennie saw Jake shaking so he came up and put his arm around Jake's waist. Brenda leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. Bennie stayed with Jake then I was next on the goodbye list. She gave me a big hug then whispered into my ear. "Take care of my grandson Ace. I can tell he loves you and you him."


I kissed her on the cheek. "You can count on that, Brenda."


I went over and joined Bennie and Jake while Ben said his goodbyes. Ben hugged his mother-in-law tightly. "I'm so glad you could make it out Mom. Bennie was so glad you were here."


"I just wish I had had more time here but with school in session, I wouldn't have been able to spend the time I really wanted to with him."


"I know," Ben said "Well, there is always summer vacation. Now, you do know Ace is going to have to come too don't you?"


"Oh I know that Ben." She said smiling then leaned in close to his ear. "Bennie has a good catch there."


Ben's head snapped up so fast he almost hit Brenda in the jaw. "What..."


Brenda put her finger on Ben's lips. "I'm not blind and neither are you, Benjamin."


"I just didn't think it showed that much at home."


She gave him that mother look. "Where else do you think they would let it show? The two of them can light up a room when they walk in, son."


The Escort was by Brenda's side.  "Ma'am, if you'll follow me I'll get you on board then we can begin to board the other passengers."


"Oh, my!  I didn't realize that everyone was waiting for me."


"Get used to it, Grandma", Bennie chuckled.


We followed Brenda and the Escort to the First Class Jet Way and watched as she was escorted on board.


Just then we heard the second first class call and the first five rows in tourist. We waited until they closed the door and started pushing the plane back before we left.


As we were heading for the front door, I stopped at the Airport Police office. The desk officer got up when I came in. "May I help you sir?"


I showed him my credentials. "One of your officers brought a TSA worker in here. By chance, are they both still here?"


Just then I heard what sounded like nothing short of a riot. I covered my mouth so I wouldn't burst out laughing. "The two you're referring to are in there. The Captain and his supervisor aren't real happy."


`I wonder why,' I thought.


"I told the officer I'd stop by before I left."


The desk officer went to the door and knocked gently on it. I saw him stick his head in the then he turned and motioned for me to come over. "The Captain will see you."


I went inside and saw the Airport Police captain and the TSA Supervisor nose to nose. As soon as I stepped inside the TSA Supervisor started in on me. "Would you like to explain to me just why in the hell you had my man arrested?"


This pissed me off. "Would you like to tell ME just why in the hell your man, wearing a suit jacket so it would hide his uniform shirt, took it upon himself to grab and assault a minor? A minor, I might add, who was in our perimeter?"


"That minor was..." He started but I interrupted.


"I might also add that we were in a secured area, an area that required a keycard to gain access. So your man better have a god damn good explanation for his actions."


"As I was saying," The supervisor started again with a definite attitude. "I was informed he fit the description of a Muslim kid traveling in the company..."


"Hold it!" I said looking at the TSA worker. "If you spotted the boy, did you see who else was in the group we were escorting?"


He just sat there looking stupid so I looked at the supervisor. "Did YOU know who we were escorting?"


The man shook his head then the Airport Police captain jumped in. "Like I was trying to tell you, they were escorting the President and his party."


"You jackass," The supervisor shouted. "You came in here and outright lied to me and put this entire agency at risk."


"That kid fit the description of a fucking terrorist. He could have been walking with the Pope for all I cared and I would have done the same thing." The jerk spouted then started pointing at me. "Look at him. He's a candy ass who's more worried about being politically correct than getting these towel heads off our streets and in detention centers where they belong."


"What about children who are with their parents?" I asked trying to get my blood pressure back to normal.


"If they fit the description of a terrorist, grab them."


"What about their parents?"


"What about them," He said smugly. "Remember, we ARE at war."


"You're some piece of work," I said as I turned my attention back to the supervisor. "What do you intend to do with this employee of yours."


I could tell he was totally pissed off. "Might I ask as to who the person in question is?"


"Sure," I replied smiling as I looked at the soon to be ex-TSA worker. "That is the son of a Federal Court judge."


The supervisor turned pale. "You're fired Douglas and if that young man decides to tell his father what happened, you're on your own. Agent Mason, I wish to apologize for his actions. They aren't those of the TSA."


It was getting late and I didn't want Ed to have to wait on me any longer than was necessary. I shook the supervisor's hand then headed for the door. "Apology accepted."


I jogged through the terminal then saw Ed and Johnny standing outside the limo. "Sorry guys but that matter has been sorted."


I got in the back then we took off for Jake's house. I had Jake call home to let his dad know that we were on our way. After a minute or two I could tell he wasn't talking with his father. Ben and Bennie noticed this too and as soon as he closed his cell phone, Bennie was right there. "What's wrong man?"


He hung his head and shook it. Ben leaned over and patted his leg. "It's OK Jake, please tell us."


I could see tears rolling down his cheeks. "It's my stepmother. She's mad because I'm not at home to help her lug her shopping for her."


I looked at him. "What do you mean Jake?"


"She goes off and spends hours on end at the mall and she drags me along to be her private pack horse. Every time I go to Dad and ask if I have to he'll try and cover for me and say no but if he gets called out, there's hell to pay. She's the reason I have no friends who can come over."


I'd talked with him this morning when he dropped Jake off so I knew he was fine with the fact he was at the White House. "Don't worry son, your Dad knows where you are. Didn't he tell your stepmom?"


He shook his head. "I don't know about that."


I had Jake give Ed the address to where he lived and I had to say, it was a very nice upscale Georgetown neighborhood. There was a large circular driveway that made it easy for us to get back onto the street. I exited the limo but before Jake could get out, Bennie gave him a big hug. "It was great having you over today. You're welcome anytime."


Jake smiled then Ben patted him on the back. "Bennie's right son, you're welcome here anytime. If you need a ride, call Bennie and we'll come get you.


Jake was really moved by the friendship he was showed. "Thank you Mr. President; thanks Bennie. I had a great time today. I'll talk with my Dad about coming over or maybe even having Bennie over."


Jake got out then I escorted him to the front door. I was about to knock when a man in a dark suit opened the door. The man was taken aback by my presence. "Is Master Jake in some sort of trouble?"


I waved my hand. "Not at all, he's been our guest today."


He seemed to ignore my statement. "You're late Master Jake. Your Mother said you were due home several hours ago."


"Where's Dad," Jake asked. "He was called out sir. Now you better come on, your Mother is waiting."


Before Jake went inside, I slipped one of my cards into his hand. He glanced down at it and smiled. "I had a wonderful time today. Please convey my thanks to everyone."


"I will Jake and remember, you're welcome anytime."


He went inside then the door closed. I really felt for him but all I could do was hope David could handle things. We returned to the White House and Isaac was standing outside under the canopy. "Dad, you don't have to work, do you?"


"I don't know son," Ben replied as I got out and held the door for them.


As soon as I was out of the way, Isaac was standing in front of the back door, almost to the point Bennie would not be able to get out. I finally had to put my hand on Isaac's arm and lead him away from the door. As I did this, he glared at me. "Could you stay out of the way so they can get out please?"


He turned and stared at me. "I have important business for the President."


By now, Ben and Bennie were out of the limo. "Isaac, don't speak to Agent Mason like that. He's doing his job and whatever it is, I'm' sure it can wait until I'm back in the residence"


"But Mr. President," He started.


Ben gave him a look that would have frozen me in my tracks. "Do I need to say that again, Isaac?"


He got the message loud and clear. "No Mr. President."


Ben and Isaac went into the ground floor then he swiped his key to call the elevator. Bennie started to head inside but I put my hand on his shoulder. I saw Ben and Isaac having a discussion that I took were for their ears only. Once they entered the elevator, Bennie and I went in. "What was that all about Ace?


I had an idea but Bennie didn't need to know what I was thinking. "Adult talk and I wouldn't want to be in there either."


"What do you want to do since it looks like Dad is tied up?"


Bennie gave me a quick but very passionate kiss. "Well, we could disappear into my room, get into something much less restrictive and watch some movies."


"Now I wonder what's really on your mind horn dog?"


He put his most angelic face on he could muster. "Now Ace, I want to cuddle with my lover and watch some movies. Is that too much to ask?"


"And what kind of movies do you have in mind, as if I didn't know."


Once again I saw that devilish look on his face. "Umm well, I found this hot movie."


I rolled my eyes, "As if I expected anything less."


He wrapped his arms around me. "Hey, I'm a horny dude, what do you expect?"


I kissed him on the lips. "I expect you to be just like you are now my lover."


He leaned up and started searching for my tonsils when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly adjusted the tent in my pants then said, "Come in."


Bennie gasped as I said that but I knew who it would be. The door opened and Ben stepped inside. "What's up Dad?


He stood there for a minute looking like he was trying to find the words. "Dad, do you have to work tonight?"


He nodded his head and I could see Bennie getting upset. I put my hand on his shoulder. "Love, this comes with the job. It's not a set time schedule."


Bennie looked up at me. "You're right baby but Gloria was fixing one of our favorite dinners and she likes everything fresh."


I patted him on the back. "You talk with your Dad and I'll see if I can smooth some feathers if Gloria gets upset."


Bennie went over and hugged Ben. "I'm sorry Dad. I know you can't help getting hit with a meeting."


Ben kissed his boy on the head. "I don't like missing time away from you either son. Now think back to our talk when I came to you about running for President. Do you remember what you said?"


Bennie hugged Ben a little tighter. "Yeah Dad, I do. I told you I was totally behind you."


Ben and Bennie continued to talk while I eased into the kitchen. Fortunately I didn't see anything on the stove yet. "Gloria, where are you?"


"Yes Señor Ace, what is it? Is something wrong?"


"Yes and no," I replied. "No one is hurt so nothing is wrong there. Have you started cooking dinner yet?"


She shook her head. "No not yet. I take it Señor Ben has been called out?"


I nodded. "Yes he has and Bennie said you were planning one of their favorite dinners and you liked things fresh."


"I did Ace but you're lucky you told me in time. I can fix that tomorrow. What about you and Bennie, what will you guys eat?"


I knew we had another option so I didn't want her worrying about us. "I have that covered Gloria. You just worry about yourself."


Just then my cell rang. I looked and saw it was Ed. "Yes Ed?"


"I just got a call from Metro PD."


Just then I remembered Nate's call. "What did they need?"


"They got a call from Silver Spring about a car they towed."


"I got a call during breakfast this morning from Nate." I started.


"You what," Ed shouted.


"Yeah, he called. In all the things that happened today, I forgot to follow up with a call to Silver Spring."


"Well, the motel where they towed his car was a dead end." Ed continued. "Metro faxed his photo to them. Officers went to the motel and showed it to the desk clerks and no one remembered renting him a room and they even checked their records and nothing."


I went over to my room and booted up my laptop. I tried to run a log on my cell but I must have been doing something wrong. "I managed to get Nate to give me a number where he was calling from because it wasn't showing on my display."


"Chances are he was on trac phone and he's trashed it."


I closed the lid on my laptop. "He's good Ed. We're back to square one. Hey wait a minute. Can we look at his bank records?"


"That will require looking into Nate's personnel file and the Director is the only one who can authorize that."


I was mad at myself for not remembering this earlier. "OK, then call her and see what she says. He's got to be leaving a paper trail out there. I don't know why I didn't think of this before."


"Alright Ace," Ed said trying to calm me down. "I don't think she'll object. As soon as I talk to her, I'll let you know what she says."


I hung up and saw Bennie standing there, "More about Nate?"


"Yeah love it is. Now, let's get some dinner."


I stood up and went walked towards the door when Bennie put his hand on my crotch. "I think this would make a good dinner."


I felt him squeeze my dick so I eased his hand away. "Down boy this more a desert rather than a main course; besides, it's not all that filling."


Bennie frowned at me. "Party pooper."


I was about to get him back with my cell rang. "Mason."


"Ace, did you smooth Gloria's feathers?"


"Yes I did Ben," I replied.


"Good, how about you and Bennie join me for dinner in my private dining room."


"I think he'd like that." I replied. "What time?"


"In about twenty minutes."


"We'll be there." I said then closed my phone and looked at Bennie. "We're having dinner with your Dad in his dining room."


He looked at me wide eyed. "I can't go looking like this."


I went over to his closet. "Come here love."


Bennie came into the closet and I handed him a pair of his gray school slacks then looked through his shirts. I found a light blue one and held it against the slacks. "That looks great love, thanks."


While Bennie was changing, I found a belt for his slacks. He put on his socks and shoes then we were ready to go. We walked over to the West Wing and I was blown away. I'd never been past the front door before so trying to figure out where to go was next to impossible. Just then I heard, "Can I help you sir?"


I turned around and there was a uniformed secret service agent. I removed my credentials. "I'm Special Agent Rich Mason and this is Ben Jacobs Jr. President Jacobs is expecting us."


"Come with me Agent Mason, I'll call his Chief of Staff."


We followed him over to his desk then he made a phone call. A few minutes later I saw Isaac appear. "Good evening Bennie, good evening Agent Mason."


Bennie stood up and extended his hand. "Good evening Isaac, Dad asked us to join him for dinner."


He nodded his head. "Yes and he's expecting you. If you'll follow me we'll get your credentials Bennie."


We went to the Secret Service's office down on the ground floor. "Why do I need credentials Ace, don't people know who I am?"


I ruffled his hair. "How could they not know but it is SOP. If you look, even Isaac has one."


A uniformed agent took Bennie's photo then entered some information into a computer then printed out his ID card. "Why don't you need one?"


I pulled my credentials out of my pocket and hung it on my jacket. "This one gets me any where I need to go."


Once his card was laminated, we left and were on our way back to the first floor and then to the Oval Office. As we passed the Uniformed Agent's desk I saw Johnnie. He stopped and waved to us. "Ace, I need to talk with you."


I looked down then raised my head up so I could look him in the eyes. "We're expected at the Oval Office for dinner."


Johnny looked a little shaken, "Can you stop by the Secret Service office before you leave?


"Are you alright buddy?" I asked putting my hand on his shoulder


He nodded his head weakly but I could tell something was bothering him. "I'm fine Ace, but you better not keep The President waiting."


I saw look on Isaac's face and he was getting impatient. Johnny left and returned to his office as Bennie and I followed Isaac to The Oval Office. "You know The President is on a schedule."


I didn't like his tone. "A Secret Service Agent is always on duty."


We went into an office and Isaac looked at the man sitting behind the deck. "The President is expecting them."


The man nodded his head then Isaac knocked on a door. A moment later, he opened the door and we entered The President's domain. "Bennie, Ace, you made it and on time too."


Bennie scooted over and hugged his Dad. "Is this where everything is done?"


Ben returned the hug. "Well son, let's just say a good part of it is done in this office. Let's go, dinner is about to be served."


We followed Ben out a door then into a small room with a dining room table. "This is quite a nice dining room Ben."


We all sat down then Bennie looked around the room. "So Dad, will you be doing any big deals over dinner in here?"


"I don't know son. Right now, things are coming at me kind of fast."


I patted his arm. "Ben, you'll do fine. It'll take a couple of days to get up to speed then you'll be fine."


A few minutes later a man rolled a tray in then set our covered plates in front of us. Bennie didn't wait and lifted his. "Wow, fried chicken and fries."


Ben smiled at him. "Since I ruined dinner upstairs I figured I'd make it up to you here."


We ate our dinner then Ben had to return to The Oval Office. Bennie gave his Dad a hug then we went down to the Secret Service office.


To be continued