ATTENTION: This story may depict incidents that could be disturbing or offensive to some people, including sex-same attraction and inter-generational relations. Do not read further if it is illegal for you to do so in your jurisdiction or if this will offend you. The author of this work does not advocate or condone the violation of any laws and he does not condone sexual relations between adults and minors. This story is fiction. It is fantasy, which is not yet illegal in the United States.

Readers who wish to the paintings and illustrations by Maxfield Parrish alluded to in the story can Google “Maxfield Parrish Knave of Hearts” or “Maxfield Parrish Dinky Bird” and then click on the Images link to see the works that Christopher has fallen in love with and which he feels resemble his big brother so.

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The Prince of Knaves
by Eromenos

Chapter Two

My tummy no longer ached and my chest was no longer tight, but my wiener was still as stiff as a nail. I sat in the back seat of Mr. Haley’s Lincoln as we pulled into the parking lot of the motel where my brother was staying on the edge of town. The sign in front said, “The New Capri Motel, Kids Stay Free, free pool, free Color TV in every room!” It was the nicest motel in town and I wondered how Matt could afford to stay there.

My brother turned around and smiled at me over the seat. I felt a thrill go through me. I couldn’t believe that I had discovered I had a big brother, especially one as beautiful as Matt and one who was as nice as Matt.

Well, here we are, Chrissy,” he said sweetly in that soft, pretty voice. He turned to Mr. Haley and said, “Thank you so much for your help. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done.”

It was no problem,” the attorney replied. “I understand completely. In fact, I understand more than you realize.”

Their eyes met for a moment and Matt finally nodded. I wondered what all that meant, but Matt spoke before I could ask.

We meet in your office tomorrow at nine-thirty?”

Mr. Haley nodded and said, “It’s helps that this is a small town and that I play poker with the judge every Thursday night. We’ve expedited everything and you and Christopher can be on your way by noon.”

I looked at the two and asked, “Where are we going?”

Matt grinned at me and said, “I’ll tell you in a few minutes. Grab your bag and let’s go to the room. Then we can grab a bite to eat at the coffee shop.”

Okay,” I replied excitedly. Then, remembering my manners, I looked back over my shoulder as I opened the back door of the car and said, “It was nice to meet you, Mr. Haley.”

It was nice to meet you, too, Christopher,” the man replied with a twinkle in his eye. “You’re a fine boy and your father would be proud of you.”

I wasn’t so certain of that, but I didn’t say anything. I simply nodded and climbed out of the car, holding my overnight bag, and closed the door as Matt stood beside me and waved with that beautiful smile of his. I followed him up the walkway along the side of the motel, past the office and coffee shop toward the rooms. I looked across the parking lot with longing at the swimming pool. I hadn’t been in a pool since the last summer when we had gone to the Ozarks. It was my last vacation with Daddy and it had been wonderful fun. I felt a pang of longing and suddenly a tear formed in my eye. I quickly wiped it away, though it was not unnoticed by Matt.

Hey, are you okay?” he asked gently as we approached the last room in the first building. There was a red Mustang convertible parked in the front. I wondered if it was Matt’s car, but instead of asking, I replied, “I’m fine. I was just remembering the last time we stayed in a motel, last summer when we went to Table Rock Lake.”

Matt stopped and nodded. He placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “Dad really had fun with you. He wrote to me that the evening that you and he went out on the boat and just floated there, gazing up the stars, was one of the happiest nights of his life.”

He told you that?”                              

Matt nodded and I said, “The stars were so bright and there were so many. It was really cool.”

Matt simply looked at me with that amazing smile for several seconds before he finally said, “You were so lucky, Christopher. I would have given up all the money, the nice, big house, the private school, the Mustang, everything just to live with you and Dad.”

I saw a tear form in Matt’s eye and I was surprised. I had never seen a male his age cry or even have tears. I just assumed that boys stopped crying when they grew up.

Suddenly, he turned to the door, pulled the key from his tight jeans, and unlocked it. As we stepped inside, he took my bag and tossed it onto the first of the two beds, next to a larger suitcase, and closed the door behind him. There were a couple of cardboard boxes sitting on the floor in the corner as I watched him walk over to the nightstand between the two beds and turn on the light. He grinned and slipped off his loafers as he sat down on the bed cross-legged and patted the cover in front of him.

Have a seat, Little Brother, and let’s talk.”

I smiled and nodded as I slipped off my Buster Browns and sat down, cross-legged as well, facing him. I gazed at his face, the beautiful face. I just couldn’t think of another word to describe him. I couldn’t imagine that any boy or man could be pretty, but Matt definitely was.

So, what do you want to talk about?” I asked.

Well, we have a whole lifetime to catch up on,” Matt said, “but first, I need to ask you something.”

I nodded and said, “Okay. Shoot.”

Matt grinned and then became serious as he said, “I know and Mr. Haley told me that you know, also, that your stepmother has been trying to find someone to take custody of you. She doesn’t think that either of you will be happy with the current living arrangement.”

I frowned and looked down as I said, “She hates me. She always has. She calls me names.”

Matt frowned and reached across, taking my hand in his. His hand was soft and warm and I felt my thingy ache and throb in my pants, reminding me that I needed to go to the bathroom and rub. I hadn’t rubbed my thingy all day, not since I awoke that morning.

I know that she doesn’t want you and Dad knew that she wouldn’t want you if something happened to him. Anyway, I was hiking across France when I learned that Dad had died and I came home immediately and I’ve talked with Mr. Haley about this. He said that Dad had talked to him about me taking custody of you when I was older if something happened to him. Well, I’m only nineteen, but Mr. Haley thinks it’s a good idea and...”

Before he could even finish, I jumped forward and threw myself on my beautiful, big brother and cried, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Matt was surprised by my lunge, but laughed as we fell back against the pillow. We wrapped our arms around each other and hugged as Matt said, “Well, I guess that settles it.”

He rolled onto his side and looked down into my face. His eyes were full of love and I felt as if I were going to explode. I clutched him tightly and closed my eyes. Softly, Matt said, “We’re going to court in the morning to finalize the custody and then, well, we can do anything and go anywhere we want. We’ll be free. What do you think?”

I looked up at him and said, “I think I’m dreaming.”

Me, too,” Matt replied. “I was beginning to think that I’d never ever get to meet you, and now, I get to live with my sweet, little brother.”

I couldn’t breathe. I felt weird, a strange excitement different from anything I had ever known. I looked into his eyes, his ice-blue eyes and felt faint. His eyes gazed back and a serious look came over his face, as if he were realizing something all of a sudden. His forehead furrowed slightly as he stared down at me and, then, he slowly moved his face closer to mine. Was he going to kiss me? He closed his eyes and his lips gently touched my cheek. I closed my eyes and felt him kiss my cheek several times before he whispered, “I love you, Chrissy.”

I love you, Matt,” I replied, and I did. I had known him for barely an hour, but already, I knew, I loved my beautiful big brother.

We lay gazing at each other, smiling and holding each other, for several minutes until Matt finally said, “Well, maybe we should get something to eat. Would you like to eat at the coffee shop?”

I nodded silently and then he asked, “Well, you know Shelbyville better than I do. Is there someplace nicer that you and Dad and Betty used to go to?”

I thought and then replied, “Well, there’s the steak house on Main Street. We’d go there on special occasions.”

Well, I think this is a special occasion. Let’s go!”

Matt kissed me on the forehead and we rolled off the bed and stood. I looked up at him and felt a rush of emotion. Most guys were rough and gruff and unemotional and never kissed. I couldn’t imagine anyone’s big brother kissing them. Yet, Matt seemed just like the way I pictured the Knave of Hearts in Parrish’s paintings would be. How could this be?

What are you thinking?” he asked as I realized I had been standing there staring at him for a moment.

I blushed and looked away before walking toward the door to the room, replying, “Oh, nothing. Really. It was just...”

I stopped. How could I say what I wanted to say without it being like an insult, at least what most older guys would consider an insult?

What?” he asked, coming up behind me and putting his hands on my shoulder before I opened the door.

I turned and looked up at him, looking into those blue eyes and that pretty smile as I asked, “Do you promise you won’t get your feelings hurt?”

Of course, Chrissy,” he replied with a gentle voice and smile.

I took a deep breath and replied, “You’re not like most guys.”

Tell me about it,” Matt replied wryly.

But, I like the way you are. I mean, you aren’t like some big bully athlete guy.”

The corner of Matt’s mouth rose before he said, “Would it surprise you if I said I played quarterback on my high school football team?”

Really?” I replied in shock. “You?”

Hard to believe,” he commented as he opened the door. As we walked out into the warm air, he added, “ Well, I also studied dance and piano.

 “Oh, far out!” I replied fervently. “That’s way cool. You play football, you dance, you play the piano. What else do you do?”

As Matt walked over to the Mustang convertible, he added, “Well, I also paint and I write poetry and short stories.”

I stood with my eyes open in stunned silence as he jumped over the door of his car into the driver’s seat. I finally recovered enough to ask, “Is there anything you don’t  do?”

Matt grinned and said, “Yeah. I don’t date girls.”

I giggled, not knowing from the grin on his face whether he was teasing me or not. Matt winked and pointed to the empty passenger seat as he said, “Come on, man. Get in.”

This is yours?” I exclaimed as I opened the door and sat down in the car.

Oh, yeah,” Matt replied. “My Mom’s husband bought it for me in high school. It’s a sixty-five.”

He frowned and muttered, “It was payment for services rendered.”

What does that mean?” I asked. ‘

Matt shrugged and started the engine, replying, “I’ll tell you later.”

I felt that weird excitement again as he revved the powerful engine. I could feel the roar inside me, inside my wiener, even in that weird place up my butt where I would feel funny sometimes when I really needed to rub my wiener. I was still rock hard and this only made it harder!

He grinned as he put his aviator sunglasses on and backed out of the space. He looked so cool! I couldn’t believe that I was riding in a Mustang convertible with the coolest guy in the world!

We drove around the pool and pulled out onto the highway leading into town. Matt accelerated quickly, but remained within the speed limit. I looked around proudly, feeling as if I were the coolest guy in the world, next to Matt, as the wind tossed my hair around. We pulled up to a light and one of the boys who had been taunting me at school that afternoon was sitting in the car in the lane to my right. I smugly smiled at him in the back seat of the old Ford Fairlane and he simply looked back at me in wide-eyed disbelief. When the light changed, Matt raced the engine slightly and the tires squealed just enough to let everyone else know he could blow them all away if he wanted to. I almost had The Explosion I got when I rubbed my wiener!

We pulled into the parking lot of the steak house and pulled into a space near the door. As I climbed out, I asked, “Are you sure you can afford this, Matt?”

He smiled and said, “No problem. Money’s not going to be an issue for a while.”

Are you rich?” I asked breathlessly.

As we entered the door to the restaurant, Matt replied, “Well, my mother’s husband is and, I suppose, Mom and I were, too. But, Mom died a few years ago and Ken still helps out some,” adding in low voice, “when I help him out.”

The waitress looked at Matt’s hair for a second before taking us to a table by the kitchen. Matt frowned and asked if we could have one of the empty booths by the windows. The waitress frowned and Matt pulled out his wallet, handed her a couple of dollars, and she seemed a little more friendly. I couldn’t help noticing, however, that the other people in the restaurant were watching us, the men especially, with suspicious scowls. We sat down and the waitress handed us our menus. Matt ordered iced tea for both of us and the waitress departed.

I looked around and noticed that people were still staring at us, or rather at Matt. He seemed completely unaware of it as he smiled serenely at me and asked, “So, this is where Dad brought you and Betty on special occasions?”

I nodded, but added, “Yeah, but he’d go to this really nice restaurant in the bank building downtown when they wanted a really expensive dinner.”

That’s cool,” Matt replied as he looked around. “I really wish I could have come to dinner here with you and dad. It would have been nice to be in a normal family.”

Well, it was a normal family before Mommy died,” I said. “Betty wasn’t a nice mother, but Daddy tried to make it normal.”

Matt looked sympathetically at me and remarked, “Your stepmother really wasn’t very nice, was she?”

I shrugged and said, “She was okay when Daddy was around.”

He nodded sourly and said, “Yeah, I know the routine. I’m familiar with adults pretending.”

At that moment an older couple whom I recognized from church stopped by the table and the man looked at me and said, “Christopher, how are you doing?”

I smiled and said, “Just fine, Mr. Campbell. How are you and Mrs. Campbell?”

We’re fine, thank you,” the man replied gruffly. “We’re real sorry about your dad.”

Thank you, Mr. Campbell,” I replied softly.

Who’s your friend here,” the man asked, pausing before the word “friend” and giving Matt a suspicious look.

This is my big brother!” I replied proudly. “His name’s Matt!”

Matt extended his hand as anyone normally would, but the man hesitated a moment before shaking it.

Hello, Matt Hughes,” he said firmly, though he voice still sounded high and boyish.

George Campbell,” the man replied coldly. “I wasn’t aware Robert had another son.”

As the two stared into each other’s eyes, I got the feeling they were in some kind of contest. I spoke up and explained, “Matt’s my big brother. He grew up in Oklahoma City, where I was born before we moved to Missouri.”

Mr. Campbell glanced at me and then back at Matt before saying in voice that seemed to say more, “Well, your father was a fine man, a fine, upstanding man. A good Christian man.”

I thought it strange that Mr. Campbell should feel the need to emphasize “Christian.” Daddy was a good Christian, but Mr. Campbell seemed to feel that he was telling Matt something my brother might not know.

Matt, however, seemed unfazed by Mr. Campbell’s attitude as he nodded and replied, “Dad was the finest man I ever knew.”

Well,” Mr. Campbell replied, “are you visiting or moving up here?”

Visiting,” Matt replied as he winked at me.

Mr. Campbell seemed satisfied and said to me, “It was good to see you again, Christopher.” The two then walked.

Did you notice,” Matt commented with a grin as he leaned over the table, “that his wife never said a word?”

I nodded and said, “A lot of people are like that in Shelbyville. A lot of the women here let the men do the talking.”

Matt shuddered and said, “God, and I thought Oklahoma City was backward.”

The waitress returned with our teas. Matt then ordered  junior sirloins for both of us with a baked potato for me and cottage cheese for him, plus salads (oil and vinegar dressing). As the waitress walked away, I looked at my brother and asked, “Why didn’t you get a big steak? I mean, you used to play football.”

I’ve got to watch my girlish figure,” Matt whispered with a grin.

I giggled and grinned. I knew somehow that this was a joke no one else would appreciate, but that Matt seemed to know was all right to make with me. He grinned more at my grin and then I grinned more at his and soon we were both giggling and then laughing.

I could tell from Dad’s letters that you and I would have a lot in common,” Matt said when we both regained control. I smiled, but then I remembered that there were some things about me that Matt didn’t know.  I decided to change the subject.

So, I guess you’re going to take me back to Oklahoma City?”

Oh, God, no!” Matt replied with a horrified look. “I could never go back to The City! I could never live anywhere in Oklahoma ever again.”

I smiled, but I raised a curious eyebrow and asked, “So, where are we going?”

Well, I’ve been giving that a lot of thought. Where would you like to move?”

I felt a sudden burst of joy at the thought of being free to move anywhere we wanted and asked, “Are you serious?”

Matt grinned and said, “Sure. What do you think?”

I couldn’t imagine having that freedom and I looked at with absolute bewilderment as I said, “I don’t know. Um, St. Louis? Kansas City?”

Oh, hell,” Matt replied. “I’m talking about a real move. I don’t want live in Missouri, either. Believe me. You know I was in the Navy for a few months after I graduated last year, then when I, um, well, when I left the Navy in December, I took a few months to bum my way across Europe. I went all over France and Italy and spent a couple of weeks in Britain, too. The whole last year has really opened my eyes to a lot of things in a lot of ways. I don’t give a sh... a darn what people think now. I’m going to do what I want to do and I was thinking of making a clean break with everything. What would you say about moving to California? Like LA?”

Really?” I asked in total shock. “Are you serious?”

Matt grinned and nodded and I yelped, “Far out, man! Yeah!”

Matt smiled even more and said, “My mom’s husband knows this guy in LA who runs a small publishing company. He called him and the guy’s almost guaranteed me a job there. So, I was thinking we can take off tomorrow after court and be there Sunday evening. What do you think?”

Oh, man, that is so neat! We can go to the beach and I can learn to surf and maybe we can be discovered by some producer and become famous movie stars and...”

I stopped and blushed. Matt grinned and cocked his head as he asked, “What?”

I shook my head and said, “I feel stupid. This afternoon at school, everyone had to say what our plans were for summer break and this dumb girl was bragging about how she was going to Hollywood and get discovered by a producer and become a movie star.”

Matt giggled and said, “I was stationed in San Diego for a bit and I got to go up to LA a couple of times. Yeah, everyone thinks when they go to LA, they’re going to see movie stars all over the place and they’re going to get discovered and become a movie star, but believe me, it isn’t really like that. I mean, LA’s fabulous. I love it, but you don’t see movie stars everyone. I mean, you can see one every once in a while trying to be normal and just go to the market or something, but not a lot. And, you have no idea how many thousands of people are trying to get discovered. I mean, it’s like, impossible to get a shot, and when you do, it’s like impossible to get through the auditions. But, LA is a fabulous place and I think you’d like it. You can be yourself in LA a lot easier than you can in some God-awful place like Oklahoma or Missouri!”

I smiled and said, “Okay. Let’s go to LA!”

With the decision made, we proceeded to eat our salads and, then, our steaks as Matt asked me questions about Shelbyville, about school, and about life with Daddy. The conversation took a pause after dinner when I was eating an ice cream sundae for dessert. Matt was sitting sideways in the booth and gazing around the restaurant. I was looking at his profile and marveling at how beautiful he was and how much he looked like The Knave of Hearts.

Take a picture, Little Brother. It’ll last longer.”

I suddenly realized that Matt was looking back at me and grinning. I blushed severely and looked down as I grinned in embarrassment. He chuckled, or rather giggled, and asked, “So, what were you thinking?”

I blushed some more and said, “You’d think I was silly or stupid or something if I told you.”

Matt turned to face me and he leaned forward over the table. In a serious voice, he softly said, “Chrissy, you never, ever, ever have to be embarrassed about any, and I mean anything with me. Okay? Let’s make a brother’s oath together, okay, that you and I will always be honest with each other, that you and I will always trust each other, and that you and I can tell each other anything, and I mean, anything. Okay?”

I looked into his eyes and saw how serious and sincere he was. I knew I could trust him. I knew it. I nodded and said, “Okay.”

Matt then spat in hand and held it out for me to shake. I spat in mine and we shook on it.

So, what were you thinking?” Matt asked.

I’ll tell you,” I replied, “but not here. When we get out to the car.”

Matt nodded and said, “Deal.”

Matt signaled the waitress and she brought our check. He placed a generous tip on the table and we stood up, walked to the register, and paid.

It was growing cool outside as we stepped out into the evening. The sun was approaching the western horizon and everything was cast in a familiar golden glow. As we walked to Matt’s car, I remarked, “This looks just like a Maxfield Parrish painting.”

Matt glanced at me with surprise as he stepped to the driver’s door of his car and asked, “You know about Maxfield Parrish?”

I nodded as I opened my door. As I climbed in, I said, “He’s my favorite artist.”

Really? I didn’t know you were familiar with art,” Matt replied as he climbed in and closed his door. As he started the car, I said, “Whenever we went to St. Louis or Kansas City or Tulsa, Daddy would like to go to the museums. So, I learned a lot about different artists. But, that’s not how I learned about Maxfield Parrish. Grandmom used to have a print of his hanging in her hobby room. It had this Greek temple and all these ladies in robes sitting around and the sun was setting and it was so cool because everything had this weird light and it looked so real and warm and everything. I loved it.”

That is so cool,” Matt remarked as we pulled out of the parking lot and back onto Main Street. “It’s so cool that you like art. You know how Parrish made that special quality that a lot his paintings had?”

I shook my head and he replied, “Because he would paint the picture and then varnish it and then paint it again and varnish again and he would do that several times until it seemed to glow.”

Wow, that’s cool,” I replied. “But, I don’t think he did that with the illustrations he painted for kid’s books.”

Matt shook his head and said, “Probably not.”

That’s what I was thinking about in the restaurant when I was looking at you,” I said as I blushed again. I knew that we had made a Brother’s Oath to be completely honest with each other and not to be embarrassed about anything, but I was still hesitant to tell Matt about why I was looking at him. However, I needed to test him and see if he was really serious.

Maxfield Parrish was why you were looking at me?” he asked with interest.

The high school kids were out cruising Main Street and this late fifties Chevy Bel-Air pulled up next to us full of guys with flat tops and smoking cigarettes. They looked scary to me and one of them yelled, “Hey, Pretty Boy! Are you a cocksucker?”

Matt simply chuckled as he continued driving with his right arm resting casually on the steering wheel and his left resting on the door.

Hey, I’m talking to you!” the guy repeated.

We stopped at a red light, but the jerk drove right on, paying more attention to us than to the lights. Suddenly, a cop car pulled out of the Dairy Queen parking lot with his light spinning and pulled the kid over. Matt chuckled as we watched and when the light changed, we drove on.

I’ll feel a lot better,” Matt remarked, “when we get to LA.”

Me, too!” I replied.

So, carry on. Tell me why Maxfield Parrish was why you were looking at me.”

I swallowed and said, “Well, there was a book he illustrated called The Knave of Hearts and there’s this really nice looking guy, the Knave of Hearts in it and he’s like so good looking that he’s almost, well, pretty, and, well, you look a lot like him.”

I pressed my lips together and gazed out to my right away from Matt, afraid of how he was going to react. I waited a moment and when I didn’t hear him say anything, I turned my head. He was looking at me with a sweet smile on his face and said, “You think I’m good-looking?”

I blushed fiercely and nodded.

You think I’m pretty?”

I nodded again, blushing even more.

I love you, Chrissy,” he said. “Thank you. That’s really sweet. That really makes me feel nice.”

My face went slack and, my eyes wide, I asked, “Really? You’re not, like, mad or anything?”

Why would I be mad?” he asked.

Because, most guys would think it’s a sissy thing to be pretty or to think some other guy’s pretty.”

Well, maybe I don’t mind being a sissy in some ways or that my little brother might be a sissy in some ways.”

I was speechless. I couldn’t respond. I looked at him in utter shock. He glanced back and forth between me and the street before I finally croaked, “You mean it?”

Yeah,” he replied. “In fact, if we weren’t driving down the Main Street in a little town in Missouri, I’d lean over and give you a big, wet kiss right now.”

I couldn’t believe what he had just said. I continued to stare at him in utter amazement until we pulled into the motel parking lot. I said nothing more until we pulled up to the room and stopped. As he turned off the engine, he turned to me and smiled. I could hear the sound of tractor trailers down shifting on the bypass nearby, crickets chirping in the field past the motel, and a hound dog wailing in the distance as we looked at each other. I saw a look of absolute love on his face as he looked at me.

You know,” he said softly, “Dad told me a lot about you, but I also read a lot between the lines. I knew there were some things he wasn’t telling me, but I figured them out and I knew that you and I are so much alike it’s scary.”

I didn’t know what to say. Matt touched my face for the briefest moment and then said, “Let’s go inside. We need to talk about things.”

Was this really happening? Had I really just met the big brother I didn’t know I had and discovered that he was beautiful and... just like me? When he said we had a lot in common, did he mean that he liked to look at boys and men, that he did The Bad Thing and that he thought about boys and men when he did it? Was he saying that he had the same wicked, evil, nasty, sinful thoughts inside him that I had?

I hadn’t moved. Matt nodded at me and said, “Come on.”

He climbed over his door. I tried to do the same, though with more difficulty, determined that I was going to be just like my cool-as-hell brother. We walked to the door and after he opened it, entered the room. However, as soon as he closed the door behind us and locked it, he turned to face me and put his arms around me. I wasn’t tall enough for him to kiss me without leaning down, but he held me tightly and kissed the top of my head.

I love you, Chrissy,” he whispered to me. “I’ve loved you ever since Dad sent me my first picture of you, ever since Dad told me about you. I have always loved you and now, I have my sweet little brother here with me and I love you even more than before. I’m never going to let you go, Chrissy. Never. I’m going to love you and protect you and take care of you and do everything I can to make sure that you’re happy and healthy and safe and free to be whatever you want to be. I promise you.”

I was hugging Matt as tightly as he was hugging me. I couldn’t believe this moment was happening. Tears were flowing down my cheeks and I sniffed as I was on the verge of crying with joy.

He shifted his weight slightly and I felt a hardness in the front of his jeans against my tummy. I looked down as we pulled away from each other and clearly saw the rise in the front of his jeans. Matt’s wiener was hard and stiff! My brother was hard!

I looked up in shock at him, amazed that I could still be shocked after all I had already had this afternoon and evening. Matt smiled down at me and nodded as he said, “That’s because of you, Chrissy. You make me hard.”

I do?” I whispered.

Matt nodded and then stepped toward the far bed, holding my hand and gently pulling me along. As he pulled the cover back on his bed, he softly said, “Let’s talk. I have some things to tell you and I’m sure you have some things you’d like to tell me. You know, with our Brother Oath.”

I nodded as I watched him slip his loafers off again. As he sat on the edge of the bed and removed his socks, I slipped off my shoes and sat down beside him, wondering how far we were going to go as I pulled off my socks. Matt turned around at that point, however and sat cross-legged again. I did the same in front of him and my big brother took my hand.

Chrissy,” Matt said as he looked into my eyes with a love I had never seen in anyone else’s eyes before, “this is the moment when we open our hearts up to each other and tell each other the most intimate secrets we have, the secrets we wouldn’t tell anyone else on earth.”

I was breathless as he said, “Do you understand?”

I nodded and he said, “Well, I’ll make this easier for you and tell you that I know part of your secrets all ready and that I don’t care. I love you and I don’t care. I love you. Do you understand?’

I nodded as I felt the tears flow anew.

Chrissy, I think I have the same secrets,” Matt explained softly. “You see, when my mom had to get married after she seduced Dad, she married a homosexual. Do you know what a homosexual is?”

I shook my head and he explained, “A homosexual is a man who prefers to be sexual with other men instead of women. Now, you know how babies are made?”

I nodded and Matt explained, “Well, that’s one way to have sex and feel good. There are lots of other ways and some of them are between two men or between two boys or between a man and a boy. Well, most people hate homosexuals, as you can probably guess. A lot of people think it’s the worst thing in the world to be a homosexual, or at least close to the worst thing in the world. Well, anyway Ken was a rich guy who didn’t want people to think he was a homo, even though he was, so he offered to marry Mom so she would give him the respectability of a wife and he would let her be rich. Understand, so far?”

I nodded, wondering what this had to do with his secrets.

Well, Ken liked to have sex with men. However, he also liked to have sex with boys and one night, when I was five, when my Mom was out for the evening, he came into the bathroom while I was taking a bath and he started playing with my pee-pee and making it hard and stiff and feel good. It felt so good and I loved what he was doing. You know what I mean?”

I nodded silently, my heart beating so hard I could feel it in my chest and in my wiener.

Well, he started doing that a lot, almost every night. He’d come into the bathroom or he’d come into my room at night and play with my pee-pee. Mom didn’t know at first because she and Ken slept in separate bedrooms, but I know that she eventually figured it out and didn’t really give a damn, as long as she had her money and her fancy clothes. Well, anyway, eventually, he started sucking my dick and that felt even better and he did it so much that I just had to have it. It felt so good to me that I became addicted to it. If Ken couldn’t play with my dick or suck it, I rubbed it myself. It got to the point that I was rubbing my dick a dozen times a day. I just had to have that good feeling in my dick.”

My God! This was my story, except it wasn’t my father, it was my grandfather who did it to me.

So, when I got older, like your age or older, Ken started introducing me to friends of his and I started having sex with them. And, I was having sex with friends at school. I felt guilty about it and ashamed, so I tried to make up for being what I thought of as a pervert or a dirty boy by making good grades and doing all these other things, like playing football and studying dance and learning to play the piano and such.”

Did Daddy know you were doing, you know?” I asked breathlessly.

Matt shook his head and said, “I never told Dad about any of this until last winter, and I’ll tell you about that in a minute. Anyway, I got kicked off the football my junior year when I got caught doing it with several of the other players. They didn’t get punished of course, because I was the one doing the homo stuff and they were just sitting back feeling good. Then, Mom died and Ken started blackmailing me into having sex with him or he’d cut off the money. Of course, that was always the threat that he hinted at all this time, but now he was open about it. I hated him, but the sex with him was so good that I just went along”

I nodded. I knew exactly what he meant.

Then, when I graduated, I decided that I wanted to wait to go to college, so I joined the Navy, but my sex drive was just so strong that I got caught doing it with an officer and they kicked me out of the Navy with a dishonorable discharge. That’s when I had to tell Dad what happened. Well, I decided to bum around for a while. Mom had left me some money, so I flew to Paris and spent the next five months bumming around Europe and having lots and lots of sex with lots and lots of really sexy guys. So, now you know my secrets. What do you think about this?”

I simply shook my head, unable to be shocked any more. I simply said, “Wow. Wow.”

Matt grinned and nodded as he said, “I tried to be a good guy and follow all the rules, do what everyone wanted me to do, but Ken turned me into a sex maniac and the football team ignored how good of a quarterback I was and the Navy ignored how good I was and, well, screw it all. I’m going to be me now and be myself and be happy. And, part of me is that I like sex and lots of it and I love my little brother more than I can ever say.”

Wow,” I repeated again. My wiener was too hard to ignore. I don’t know at what point it had happened, but at some time, while Matt was telling me his story, I had grabbed the front of my pants and started squeezing my wiener, or “dick” as Matt had called it. It was feeling so good that I was almost ready to pull it out, even in front of my big brother, and rub it. Then, I realized that he probably wouldn’t mind, since he was a pervert, too!

So, why don’t you tell me your secret?” Matt asked softly as he took my left hand and held it softly. He smiled at me as I continued to squeeze myself through my pants. I was breathing hard and I wanted to rub my dick so badly I didn’t think I could wait much longer.

Well,” I replied breathlessly, “um, well, when I was, I guess, four or five, one night when we had driven to The City, I was sleeping on the couch in the den and I woke up when Granddad was rubbing my thingy and it felt so good and I loved it. But, the next time he did it, he was really mean to me. I was trying to get him to stop and he made me let him. So, I was always afraid and sometimes he said hateful things to me and called me names like sissy. But, it felt so good. I mean, I would have let him do it when it was safe, but he was so mean so much. And, sometimes he made me, well, he made me kiss his thing. It was so much bigger than mine and it was shaped different than mine and had this skin over the end that I don’t have and, well, anyway, I like to rub my thing now and I can’t help it. I guess I’m like you. I have to do it all the time and everyone at school always makes fun of me. They’re always calling names like sissy and fairy and today they were calling me pervert and I don’t know why. I’m never mean to them, but I guess they know about my secrets because I don’t know why else they’d be so mean to me.”

Suddenly, I started crying and I whimpered, “I can’t help it. I just can’t help it!”

Matt reached up and took my face in his hands as he whispered, “I know, sweetheart. I know you can’t help it. Don’t worry. I understand. I really do.”

He pulled me to him and held me as I sniffled. Then, he did something that shocked me, as if I could still be shocked. He kissed me on the lips. Softly, gently, he brought his lips to mine and kissed me. I fell madly, head-over-heals in love with my beautiful big brother at that moment.

Chrissy,” he whispered, “I want to love you tonight. I want you to sleep with me tonight and we can cuddle and love each other all night long. I want to sleep naked with you. I want us both to be naked. Would you like that?”

I looked up into his pretty blue eyes and I could only nod.

I want to touch you and make you feel good. I want to make you feel so much better than your Granddad did. I want you to know what it’s supposed to feel like.”

He kissed again and whispered against my lips, “I want to show my sweet little brother how much I love you.”

I had resumed squeezing my thingy through my pants and Matt grinned down at me as he said, “Maybe, before we start cuddling and loving, we should have a little fun first.”

What do you mean?” I asked breathlessly.

With a bigger grin, he replied, “Maybe we should get naked and play with each other’s dicks and make them feel good. Would you like that? Would you like to feel my dick? Would you like me to feel your dick?”

Yes,” I mouthed, unable to even whisper.

Matt smiled and sat up. He climbed off the bed and stood beside it. I could see a long, thin rise in his jeans pointing downward and to the side from behind his zipper. He held his hand out and I took it. He pulled me up and I stood in front of him. With him grinning broadly at me, Matt pulled his green knit shirt up and over his head before tossing it on the other bed. He stared at him in awe. His skin was so smooth and creamy white. He didn’t have any hair on his chest, like Granddad did, or even Daddy. It was smooth and creamy white. His titties were large and round and a darker copper, like older pennies, instead of the lighter copper, like newer pennies, as mine were. And, they were hard, too! He had some black hair under his arms, but not a lot. It looked so exciting! And, there was a thin trail of hair from his belly button down below his jeans. The thick, dark curls around his head were riotously out of place from his pulling his shirt over his head and looked so beautiful and wild. His chest and arms were slender and he looked so pretty. I just couldn’t think of another way to describe him. He was just so pretty.

Take off your shirt,” he urged with that incredible grin.

My hands were shaking as I tried to unbutton my plaid sport shirt, but Matt reached over and simply pulled it over my head, tossing it over by his. We were both shirtless and barefoot now. Matt reached over and started unfastening my belt. I did the same, unfastening his. When both our belts were undone, he unsnapped my jeans and I almost cried out as I felt his fingers lower my zipper. I could feel the pressure of his fingers against my pee-pee and the feeling was almost enough to make me make The Big Feeling. I unzipped his jeans and then, feeling bold, feeling like I should take a chance, I placed my hand over the rise in his jeans and felt his hard wiener.

Matt moaned softly as I felt my brother’s wiener and whispered, “Oh, Chrissy, that feels so good. Pull my jeans off.”

As if to encourage me, he hooked his thumbs inside the waist of my jeans and pushed them down my hips. Eventually, they fell to my feet and I stepped out of them, leaving me in only why tight, white Fruit-of-the-Looms. My pee-pee was pointing stiffly outward and to the right. Matt left my underwear where it was as he whispered, “Pull my pants off.”

I looked up at him with my lips parted as I practically panted. Matt grinned and whispered, “Do it.”

I nodded and pulled them down over his hips, revealing his own briefs and the long outline of his own wiener. The head of my wiener was outlined perfectly under my briefs, but Matt’s looked like just a long tube without as obvious a flaring outward where his helmet was. As he jeans dropped to the floor, we both stepped out of ours. His legs weren’t very hairy, at all, though there was some on his calves. But, it looked so silky, so pretty.

Matt was grinning at me and he looked almost like a little boy (or even a girl) when he said, “Let’s drop our shorts at the same time. Okay?”

I grinned and nodded. We both hooked our thumbs under the elastic bands of our underwear and as Matt counted, “One, two, three,” we both pushed our underwear down, letting it fall to the floor. My wiener popped up stiffly, pointing almost upward from between my legs and the smooth skin of my lower abdomen. It was maybe two and a half inches, possibly three inches long, with a creamy white shaft and  a wide pink circle behind the purple, flared helmet. Matt gasped as he whispered, “Oh, Chrissy, your dick is so beautiful.”

Matt’s however, was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen! Whereas Granddad’s dick was fat and maybe five or six inches long, with that covering of skin over part of the helmet, Matt’s was longer than Granddad’s, but thinner. He, too, had the extra skin over the end of his dick, but it was pulled back almost to the edge of the helmet. His balls were bigger than mine, but not as fat as Granddad’s had been and they hung just slightly down from the nest of silky, black hair at the base of his dick. His hair there did not cover as much skin as Granddad’s did, either. I couldn’t take my eyes off Matt’s dick.

My brother whispered, “Feel me.” He sounded so nasty, so dirty, so excited, so wonderful. “Feel me.”

I nodded and reached forward with both hands, grasping his hard dick. It was like a bolt of lightning shot through me when the skin of my hands touched him there. I held his hard dick and I could feel it throbbing with his heartbeat. Matt was gasping and he whispered, “Feel me, yeah, feel my dick, Chrissy.”

He reached forward and I thought I was going to pass out. Matt touched my own wiener with just the tips of his fingers, sending chills through me. Gently, he simply fondled my dick, running his fingers up and down it and over my tight, tiny balls. I trembled and whimpered, losing control as my own hands started wildly feeling Matt’s dick all over, running up and down his dick, fondling his balls, even running my fingers through the silky hair over his dick.

Matt trembled and moaned, “God,” as we both felt each other.

I was fascinated by the extra skin on his dick and pulled it back and forth over the head, bringing it up almost to the tip and then pushing it back behind the helmet. Matt was moaning more, now, and whispered, “Fuck, Chrissy, that feels so good. God, I love your soft hands on my dick.”

This was so intense. I was trembling so hard all over that I could barely stand as I looked at him. My eyes roamed freely up and down his stunning body, up his slender legs, past his beautiful dick, up his slim torso, and to his pretty face and the thick, dark curls that tumbled down over his ears and forehead and along his neck. His eyes were barely open and his face was contorted in a rictus of ecstatic agony as he kept whispering over and over, “Oh, God, Chrissy! Oh, God!:

I was losing control. I was babbling something, but I don’t remember what, or perhaps I was just whimpering, but finally, it hit. The Big Feeling came like a fantastic explosion, the likes of which I had never felt, not when I was lying in bed at night dreaming about my Knave of Hearts and rubbing my wiener, not when I was hiding in the bathroom thinking some cute boy I had seen, not ever. I threw my head back and started bucking and twisting as I felt my dick, my wiener, my thingy pulsing and throbbing madly.

Gasping for breath, I fell over to the side atop the bed and stared up at my brother, as he frantically grabbed his dick with his right hand and began pumping it himself. He turned to face me as I half-lay on the edge of the bed, my wiener still stiff as a nail. He thrust his hips outward toward me and pumped up and down, moving the skin over the head of his dick back and forth, rapidly hiding it from me and then revealing it, as he moaned and struggled for his own breath.

Oh, God, Chrissy! Chrissy! Chrissy! CHRISSY!”

He pushed his hips out toward me and pumped his dick as his face looked like he was dying as he cried out, “Gyauhhhhh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh, God! God! God! Oh, my God!”

Long ropes of his white sperm stuff shot out of his dick and landed all over me. I knew what it was from having seen it come out of my Granddad’s dick, though then it had only sort of oozed out. It hadn’t shot out the way it was from Matt’s dick.

As the last spurts dribbled out from the end of his dick and dropped onto the carpet below, Matt looked down at me in utter amazement as he struggled to regain his breath. He was so beautiful, so pale and slim and naked and pretty as he gazed down at me, lying before him.

Oh, Chrissy, that was the most incredible moment of my life,” he exclaimed softly. “God, I love you.”

Matt,” was all I could utter.

He smiled and said, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jacked off over the last few years looking at your picture and dreaming about being with you. I love you so much.”

All I could do was breath hard and smile up at him.

Lie down straight,” he said as he gestured with his hand.

I crawled up and lay my head on the pillow and pushed the covers back. Matt sat down beside me and the crawled atop me, his knees on either side as he sat back over my legs. His dick still hard and pointing up and out above me, he smiled again and leaned over before doing the most extraordinary thing: he began licking his sperm stuff off my chest and tummy. Some had even landed near my dick, and he licked that, as well. His tongue on my skin tickled, but still felt incredible. Matt was licking me! My beautiful brother was licking me!

I reached down and wound my fingers through his thick curly hair and caressed his face. I wanted to feel his face, his pretty face. He looked up at me and held his right hand toward my face. There was lots of his sperm stuff on it and he whispered, “Eat it, Little Brother. Eat my cum.”

It sounded so dirty and nasty and wicked... and exciting. My little dick throbbed and pulsed as it stood up stiffly above my abdomen. It had never occurred to me that one might do that. I had never seen Granddad do something like that and the thought seemed so dirty that I couldn’t imagine actually doing something like that, but I did. I parted my lips and as his hand grew close to my mouth, I extended my tongue and then tentatively licked a bit of the white, creamy stuff on his finger.

It tasted funny, kind of bitter and sour, yet creamy and... nice. As I licked a second time, I told myself, “This is Matt’s sperm stuff. This is Matt’s,” and the thought impelled me to lick more. I held it in my mouth and swallowed several times before I had completely licked his hand clean. Matt smiled down at me and I couldn’t believe how happy he looked or how happy I felt. I grinned up at him, my eyes moist as he lowered himself down beside me. As he pulled the covers up over us, he whispered, “I love you, Little Brother. I love you, Chrissy.”

I love you, too,” I replied gazing into his eyes. He kissed me on the lips and wrapped his arms around me. I was naked and cuddling with my big brother, with the Knave of Hearts. I could have died at that moment and been perfectly satisfied that I had achieved the most wonderful moment of my life.

Matt’s dick was still hard and I could feel it throbbing against my thigh as he lay half-stop me. His left arm had slipped under my neck and his right hand was gently cradling my face as his hovered over me. As his hand slipped down along my throat and over my shoulder, sending chills through me and causing me to jerk slightly at his touch, Matt leaned down and covered my face with butterfly kisses, my cheeks first, then my nose, both eyes, my forehead and back down my cheek to my throat. His tongue on my throat caused me to cry out and jerk my head over to my shoulder to guard my sensitive throat from his invading tongue. He giggled and said, “Are you ticklish there?”

I blushed and grinned, but said nothing. I had learned over the years never to admit I was tickling anywhere, though I wouldn’t mind if Matt wanted to tickle me. He didn’t. He just smiled down at me and then kissed my chin before returning to my lips as his hand caressed up and down over my chest.

His fingers stopped on my left nipple and cried out in shock as he began rubbing his index finger over it, making it stiff and hard and erect. The feelings seemed to shoot down from my nipple to my still throbbing dick and it almost became too much, too intense for me to stand. Then, I was about to beg him to stop, his hand resumed its journey down my chest and tummy.

I was kissing him back now, thrilled beyond words that my beautiful brother was loving me, when I felt something pushing against my lips. It took only a fraction of a second for me to realize that it was Matt’s tongue. Was my big brother trying to put his tongue in my mouth? What a gross... no, what a delightful, wonderful thought! Matt’s tongue inside me! Part of Matt, my wonderful, pretty brother inside me!

I opened my lips and he pushed in with a groan, deep and almost animal-like. I felt as if Matt were in charge, as if he was doing to me what he wanted and I was happy to let him do whatever he wanted.

His tongue slid across my own and I felt my hips suddenly buck upward against his hip as his hand slid down my left hip. It moved on down the outside of my thigh as his tongue pushed on down my own tongue. It felt as if it were invading my mouth as it slid back and forth across my tongue and then up along the inside of my upper teeth and the top of my mouth. I could feel his saliva inside my mouth, his tongue forcing its way all over the inside of my mouth, his mouth pressing down against mine. I could barely breathe, but it didn’t matter. Matt was atop me. Matt was inside me. Matt was loving me.

Suddenly, his hand slipped across my hip and I cried out into his mouth as I felt his wrist slide across my steel-hard dick. He grasped it again and held it tightly as moaned and writhed against him. I had this amazing feeling in my dick that extended deep inside me, even to a place way up inside my butt! I wanted more of this feeling, this feeling of Matt making me feel good, of Matt doing things to me, of Matt being in charge!

Then he began to rub me again, though this time his hand was wrapped completely around the spike of my rigid boyhood. Slowly, he pumped up and down, maintaining a slow and even rate as his tongue continued to rampage through my mouth. I was writhing and whimpering underneath him as he slowly and steadily pumped my dick. I could feel the feelings building again as he suddenly sped up his pumping. He was pumping faster and I knew I was going to make the Big Feeling again.

Matt was moaning into my mouth and I felt as if he might make the Big Feeling, himself, as he rubbed and pumped and stroked my wiener. Then, all of a sudden, he slowed down again and cried out into his mouth with frustration. I couldn’t speak to beg him to make me Do It, but I hoped my whimpering got the message across. Then, he tightened his grip on me slightly and I knew he was speeding up again. The feelings were building again and started thrusting my hips up again.

This time, he wasn’t stopping. He kept rubbing, kept pumping my stiff boyhood, as the feeling rose more and more, so intense, so good, so beyond anything I had ever felt. Was he going to stop again, or was he going to Do It?

I whimpered and moaned and whined into Matt’s dominating mouth as his tongue plunged toward my throat when, suddenly, it hit again. As the feeling felt as if it couldn’t get any better and then, impossibly did, it suddenly grew so great, so intense, so mind-blowing that I made a Big Feeling that made me almost pass out. I was practically screaming into Matt’s mouth as he pushed me over the edge, twisting and squirming beneath him, crying out in ecstasy, as his hand pumped me and pumped me and pumped me.

And, then, it was over. I stopped throbbing and spasming and lay motionless beneath my incredible brother. He lifted his lips off mine and smiled down at me as I gasped for breath and gazed up at him through narrow, sleepy eyes.

I love you, my sweet little Chrissy,” he whispered.

I love you, too,” I whispered as Matt, the Knave of Hearts, my big brother faded away and I drifted off into a deliriously happy sleep.