The Problem with Seth

Author's Note – This is my first story posting here at Nifty. My usual “creative” outlet is doing CGI 3D artwork – mostly all of it involving gay teens – with a few elves and evils and such popping up in some of it. I have a website - Morphians – where lots of my stuff is posted. Drop by anytime, it's free. I had been working on a series of scenes with a story line to them when I decided I wanted to try turning it into a full-blown illustrated story. Since this is a story site, what's posted here is just the “story” part of it. You can find the story and the illustrations on my website, at The Problem With Seth. To go directly to this chapter, click HERE. (Most of the chapters are split into A and B sections so the web pages with illustrations don't take forever to load.)

Oh, and by the way, this is a work of fiction that contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys and between teen boys and adult males.

Chapter 1A – Here's the Problem

I’ve got a problem – several problems, actually. They start with my little brother, Adam, who lives with me and my boyfriend, Jesse. But it’s not Adam himself that’s the problem – at least not the problem I’m dealing with right now. The problem is with Seth, a classmate of Adam’s.

The two of them started exploring sex with each other a couple months ago, which means that Seth’s been hanging out at our place a lot lately.

At first, that wasn’t a problem. In fact, I’d gotten to where I really liked having Seth around and looked forward to weekends, when he’d usually spend at least one of the nights staying overnight. He’s bright and upbeat and interesting to talk with. I’ve always thought Adam comes across as very mature for being just 15 – Seth seems even more so at times. Other times, just like Adam, he can be a goofy, but fun, little kid. Either way, he’s a treat for the eyes. He’s not like drop-dead gorgeous or anything, but he has this sort of classical aura about him that I have to admit turns me on, some. But that, by itself, isn’t really the problem, either.

Lots of guys turn me on, but it’s something I usually can deal with. The problem is that I think Seth has intentionally started coming on to me and flirting with me – and it’s driving me crazy.

For instance, Seth’s the touchy-feely sort. He touches everybody a lot, in friendly, more or less casual ways – but he seems to touch me more rather than less, and sometimes not very casually.

Maybe it’s because of that, or maybe something else, but lately I catch myself looking at him a lot. There are times when he’s here that my eyes, all on their own, latch on to him, and stay locked there until I realize what’s going on and shake myself out of it. I guess that’s not really a problem, though - as long as I’m just looking. He always seems happy when he notices that I’ve been watching him. And he’s delicious to look at, so I certainly enjoy doing it. At times, though, I think he may be making an extra effort to be so eye-catching.

Like when he stays overnight, he and Adam somehow usually end up playing around the apartment in just their underwear. At first he wore boxers. Now it’s tight little briefs.

I guess that’s partly my fault, though. Jesse and I made a pact, when we moved in here together almost two years ago, not to wear any clothes in the apartment, unless something made it absolutely necessary. It got to where we really enjoyed having our own little nudist colony. But then, when Adam fled from our parents’ ongoing marital strife and moved in here with us last summer, we assumed we’d have to give that up. Adam had other ideas.

Somehow he’d found out about the way we’d been hanging loose here, and he kept haranguing us that we all should keep on doing it. I didn’t put up too much of a fight and we became one happy little nudist family. The only condition I attached to the whole deal was that we had to wear something anytime Adam had other people over. Then, after ha and Seth became an item, Adam badgered me into agreeing that underwear was “something” and would be enough to satisfy the rule. So now Adam and Seth spend most of their time here in just underwear - well, when they’re out of Adam’s room, that is - I know they don’t wear much in there.

I think it was good to insist on the clothing rule. But I do have to admit, there’s times when I’m watching them rolling around on a sofa in their briefs, playing nut grab or something, that I think maybe Seth’s close enough to family that we could waive the rule when he’s here.

Then I come to my senses and realize the kinds of problems there might be if Seth were running around here naked.

For instance, there have been times that Seth and Adam are wrestling around in the living room when Seth will find a way to suddenly bounce into my lap, or flop down on the sofa next to me, wanting to wrestle - or something.

That’s hard enough to handle with him wearing briefs. It would probably push me way over the edge of self control if he didn’t at least have those on.

Another problem is that lately, when I happen to look at him, I often notice that Seth’s looking back at me, with a sort of suggestive gleam in his eye. In fact, things went way beyond the “looking at me” stage a couple weekends ago.

Jesse and I were still up about midnight playing a video game. Adam and Seth had disappeared into Adam’s room hours earlier, and we figured the Munchkins had probably fallen asleep after a long romp in bed.

I finally beat a boss we’d been struggling with, and Jesse decided to reward me with a kiss - he’s so good to me.

Surprise, surprise – the kiss went on for a while, and then got us into something a little more intense.

At some point while Jesse and I were getting more into things, Seth apparently had wandered from Adam’s room toward the kitchen and happened to catch sight of us. Jesse saw him standing in the hallway watching, but decided to let him have his thrill.

So he ignored Seth and went back to enjoying me licking his cock - good boy.

Seth wanted to do more than just watch the show, though.

I had started going all the way down on Jesse when I felt a hand caressing my ass and then another one wrap around my cock. Thinking about how lucky I am to have a lover like Jesse, I let out a happy moan.

But then I realized there was no way Jesse could reach those parts of me from the position he was in.

I looked around and there was Seth, kneeling by the sofa and looking happily at the prize he had grabbed.

What the Fuck?” I shouted at him. Seth’s hand flew away from my cock, almost as if he suddenly discovered he’d accidentally wrapped his fist around a poker fresh from the fire.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was doing,” he gasped. Like hell he didn’t.

Seth let go and backed away like he was expecting a bomb to go off in front of him. But nothing exploded. For some reason I decided not to make a big deal out of it, so I just yelled at him to leave us alone and go back to bed. He poured “I’m sorry” out about a dozen times as he made a quick retreat.

Jesse and I shook our heads and made some comments about the size of the horns on the kid. Then we headed to our room for a more private continuation of what we had started on the sofa.

Soon, Jesse had his burning hot shaft buried in me, sending me into ecstasy each time he pushed it to the hilt. Then, when he reached past my leg and took hold of my cock, I had a brief flash on the feeling of Seth’s hand there instead.

I came instantly, like the blast from a fire hose.

It was hot.


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