The Problem with Seth

Author's Note – This is my first story posting here at Nifty. My usual “creative” outlet is doing CGI 3D artwork – mostly all of it involving gay teens – with a few elves and devils and such popping up in some of it. I have a website - Morphians – where lots of my stuff is posted. Drop by anytime, it's free. I had been working on a series of scenes with a story line to them when I decided I wanted to try turning it into a full-blown illustrated story. Since this is a story site, what's posted here is just the “story” part of it. You can find the story and the illustrations on my website, at The Problem With Seth. To go directly to this chapter, click HERE. (Most of the chapters are split into A and B sections so the web pages with illustrations don't take forever to load.)

Oh, and by the way, this is a work of fiction that contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys and between teen boys and adult males.

Chapter 1B - The Start of the Problem

When Seth saw me the next morning, he suddenly got interested in studying the patterns on the floor. Then he managed to look up and mumble out a few words.

I’m really sorry, Ethan. Please don’t hate me or make me leave.”

I gave him a playful punch on the shoulder. “It’s no problem,dude. I couldn’t hate you if I tried, and none of us would want you to leave. But next time you want to see a show you gotta pay the price of admission.”

I think that really messed with Seth’s head. He gave me a weird, “What You Say?” look, stammered “Uhh … okay … I … umm … I will,” and scampered back to Adam’s room.

I have no idea why I said that. I for sure wasn’t planning on putting on another sex show for him. And I hadn’t paid for admission when I’d watched Seth and Adam put on a little 69 show a few weeks before that. Yeah. I admit that part of the reason I couldn’t go too ballistic with Seth was that I’d done some spying on them, too Of course, mine didn’t involve reaching in to be part of the action – but I couldn’t say that made it a whole lot different. I sat down at our table with my coffee and a bowl of cereal and thought back to that little episode.


I for sure hadn’t meant for any of it to happen. I’d ditched a class and gone home early one evening to chill for awhile before Jesse got there. When I opened the door to our apartment, the sound almost blew me back down the hall. J-Rock, at mega decibels, bounced off the walls, blasted my ears and vibrated through my brain. When I’d adjusted some to the bombardment, I figured out the source — Adam’s room, of course. He hadn’t started back to school yet after Christmas break, so he’d probably spent the day here rocking out.  I knew any shouts to turn it down would drown almost before they left my lips, so I went to communicate in person. As I turned to go down the hallway, I noticed a pair of jeans and a shirt abandoned on the floor. I figured Adam must have had the music cranked up while he went to take a shower or something and hadn’t turned it down when he got back to his room. He also hadn’t shut his door, which was part of why the music was so loud all over the house.

I figured the open door and the loud music might give me a chance to sneak in without being heard and scare the shit of Adam. So I leaned in part way through the door to scope out the possibilities for a surprise attack. But I’m the one who got the surprise – my brain tuned out the sound of J-Rock while my eyes focusedon a symphony of skin. I glanced at the familiar poster of a shirtless Yamada Ryosuke, the current J-Pop idol that Adam drools over, gave a quick look at the twinks doing it on the TV screen, and then my eyes locked onto the mirror. The reflection gave me a view of Adam’s bed, where a very naked Adam and a very naked Seth were very heavily involved in blowing each other. I started to just back away out the door and leave them to their fun. But as I pulled my eyes away from the scene on the mirror, I realized I could see past the corner of a wall and have a direct view of the bed.

Seeing first hand the sexiness of the scene kept me hooked. My eyes lingered on them – a beautiful display of the exuberance and intensity of teen sexuality. They looked so cute together – and way hot, which my hardening cock was proving. Their skin, still wet from the shower, or from a sweat they had worked up, stretched smoothly over the graceful curves and angles of their lithe bodies. Locked in a timeless embrace, their attention focused ardently on each other, it would have been impossible for them to notice my presence.

So I stayed at the doorway to catch a bit more of the action. Adam lay on his back, with his hands cupped around Seth’s perfectly round butt while Seth’s cock plunged in and out of his wide-open mouth. Above him, Seth stretched out in the opposite direction, supporting himself on his knees and one arm. As his hips rocked back and forth pumping his meat in and out of Adam’s mouth, the muscles of his ass flexed and unflexed – poetry in motion. Seth’s free hand held Adam’s cock while he ran his tongue up and down the sides and swirled it over the glistening head. His mouth remained open enough for me to barely hear above the music the grunts coming from him. They built in urgency as the up and down thrusts of his hips became more erratic.

Adam must have sensed Seth getting close — he started sucking faster and even more strongly. Seth did one more powerful push, his body tensed, and then he spasmed a few times. He let out a sound somewhere between a delighted squeal and a wounded wail. As soon as the sound passed his lips, he wrapped them around Adam’s cock. Once his mouth took hold, his hand let go and buried itself between Adam’s legs. Adam’s mouth relaxed its grip on Seth’s cock enough to release a startled cry into the music filled room, and a dribble of Seth’s cum onto his jaw.

Now it was Adam’s turn to spasm. His back arched up off the bed enough to press his chest against Seth’s above him and his hips bucked a few times. Then he slumped back onto the mattress. Seth, still sliding two fingers in and out of Adam’s asshole and milking fluids from Adam’s pulsating tube, collapsed down on top of him. A tiny rivulet of Adam’s cum trickled from the corner of Seth’s mouth and slipped slowly down Adam’s shaft toward his still nearly hairless groin. I watched, still totally mesmerized, imagining the silky, sticky feel of it on my skin.

Once the boys had both shot, they lay there together, peacefully enjoying the afterglow. I snapped out of the trance I’d been in and became aware of the throbbing going on in my groin. While I’d been watching the whole Seth and Adam Show, I’d managed to slip my left hand down into my jeans and wrap my palm around my own stiff cock. I guess holding my hardness gave me a feeling of erotic connection with the action on the bed.

Now that they’d shot their loads, I felt a sudden need to go drain my own balls.  So I backed hurriedly away from the door before the boys could return to their senses and spot me there. Standing in a hot shower is always a good jack-off spot for me. So I headed straight across the hall to the bathroom. When I shed my jeans and underwear, I noticed that my whole body was tingling, and that there was a sizable damp spot at the front of my briefs.

Amazing. I got damn close to totally jacking myself off while I secretly watched my little brother and his suck buddy swallow each other. How the fuck did I let that happen?

I stopped beating on myself with that question as soon as I got into the shower and the water started to heat up. A hot shower always seems to shift me into mellow mode.

I guess it wasn’t all that weird. I mean, I’ve seen them kissing and hugging before. That’s almost like seeing them have sex — Isn’t it? This time they were just a little further into the whole thing, that’s all. Besides, it’s not like they’re kids or anything. Seth’s a very sexy fifteen year old. And I’m a very sexual boy who’s just a year past being a teen. Why shouldn’t I get turned on watching Seth. I’ve watched porn clips online with guys who didn’t look any older than him – and weren’t anywhere near as hot.

Plus, Seth was doing it in MY house — he and Adam have been doing it here for weeks, and they’ve made damn sure that Jesse and I know they’re doing it. In fact, they’re the ones who left the bedroom door open, practically inviting me to come in and watch. Maybe they actually were hoping Jesse or I would get home early and the loud music would lure us to Adam’s room.

That rationalization turned my brain chatter off and relaxed me enough that I could actually pay attention to the shower. The combination of hot water and warm, steamy air always seems sensual for me. Adding the feel of my soapy hands moving across my body to that had me totally turned on again.

The picture of Seth’s perfect body stretched out above Adam, slurping at his cock, came back into my head. Sometimes Adam looks a lot like a slightly younger version of me. This was one of those times. That made it easy for me to imagine myself there underneath Seth, arms around his body and our lips around each others cocks. As the picture intensified, my hand sort of all on its own wrapped itself more tightly around my cock. It started moving back and forth along the soaped-up shaft, keeping time with the movement in my mental replay of Seth’s lips sliding up and down hungrily on myI mean, Adam’s meat.

Then it hit me — This was all about Seth. The whole time watching them, I’d been almost totally focused on Seth. I for sure didn’t care all that much about seeing Adam 69′ing. He’s my brother for God sake and while I admit he’s a hottie, he’s definitely not a turn on for me. Watching Seth was what had my cock drooling.

That got my attention – it meant I might be getting dangerously ensnared in Seth’s web of good-looks and charm – and that was not a good thing for me, or for him. Seeing how much of a problem that could be made the solution real simple. I just had to get the image of Seth as juicy morsel out of my head and replace it with reality — he’s my brother’s boyfriend – a nice, and definitely hot, kid, but he’s too young and definitely off limits for me.

If I just keep telling myself that, I for sure can keep whatever these feelings are about him under control. I’m a grown up, right? I just need to be cool for awhile and eventually I’ll get over whatever allure he has for me.

So I stopped beating my meat and resolved to just let go of any feelings for Seth.

At least I can be grateful for the shot of vicarious sex I had with him. Vicarious sex - I guess that’s as good a name as any for what I’m doing – Jacking off while my mind replays the whole scene of watching them having sex. That was soooo hot!

All it took was that quick thought about it and, as if by magic, my hand went back to pumping my cock.

I should stop. Right now. But … but I won’t really have done the whole vicarious sex thing until I finish this. And I need to do that as part of the whole “get over him” program. If I just go ahead and jack off this once while I’m thinking about him, then I’ll be able to let my feelings for him wash away at the same time as I watch my cum washing down the drain.

Mesmerized by my metaphor, I closed my eyes and went at it. That familiar feeling started to build inside me. My other hand reached in to help finish me off. Then just before the wave crested something started tapping on the shower door. The vision of Seth I’d been watching on the back of my closed eyelids vanished as I heard the shower door slide along its track. My eyes popped open and there stood …

Seth -– and Adam - wearing silly grins on their faces, but otherwise every bit as naked and sexy as they’d been while I was watching them in bed a few minutes ago.

Hey, hurry up already. You’ve been in there like forever.” Adam said with a smirk. “And we need to … err … clean up some.”

Seth grinned at me. “Yeah, so get out – or better yet let us come in and help you.”

Then he curled his hand into a loose fist and waggled it up and down a few times. Holy shit!! Was he really asking to get in the shower with me? Naked? And to get wet? And soapy? And help me finish jacking off? No fucking way could I handle that. I slid the door the rest of the way open and almost knocked Adam over as I bolted from the shower.

Sorry, dudes. I … uhh … lost track of … err … how long I was in there. It’s all yours now.” I grabbed a towel and streaked toward the door to my bedroom. “Have a blast.”


I sat at the table drinking the last of my coffee. I guess that afternoon of vouyerism was when I first realized there might be a problem with Seth. But, I’d managed to do well at controlling my feelings for him. In the 3 weeks … well almost 3 weeks, since then I’d only jacked off fantasizing about him once. Now, though, I knew from his little grab session last night that I obviously wasn’t finished with my Seth problem yet.


Thanks for reading. And thanks to all the people who've dropped by my website. Hope you've enjoyed the illustrated version of the story. The first section of Chapter 2 will be posted in the next few days.

Evan H.