The Problem with Seth

by Evan H.

Author's Note – This is my first story posting here at Nifty. My usual “creative” outlet is doing CGI 3D artwork – mostly all of it involving gay teens – with a few elves and evils and such popping up in some of it. I have a website - Morphians – where lots of my stuff is posted. Drop by anytime, it's free. I had been working on a series of scenes with a story line to them when I decided I wanted to try turning it into a full-blown illustrated story. Since this is a story site, what's posted here is just the “story” part of it. You can find the story and the illustrations on my website, at The Problem With Seth. To go directly to this chapter, click HERE. (Most of the chapters are split into A and B sections so the web pages with illustrations don't take forever to load.)

Oh, and by the way, this is a work of fiction that contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys and between teen boys and adult males.

Chapter 2A - The Problem Gets Bigger

My coffee cup was empty, and I’d finished my cereal. But I stayed at the table, thinking some more about the problem with Seth and how I should deal with it. It wasn’t just that I kept getting turned on by him. Lots of signs the past few weeks, capped with him watching me and Jesse and then grabbing me last night, told me he had feelings for me. I thought I’d been dealing pretty well with my feelings, until last night.

Gazing blankly at a banana in the bowl in front of me, I re-lived the thrill I’d experienced from his hand holding me. It had turned me on to the max, and it left me, and probably Seth, wanting more.

It would be way wrong, though, for me to let anything more happen between us. Jesse could be hurt, Seth and Adam could be hurt,  I could even end up hurt. Plus it would be illegal. I couldn’t avoid the reality that Seth’s 15 and I’m 20. The law here says that he can’t validly agree to have sex with an adult until he’s 16.

I wonder how soon his birthday is?

No matter how much he wanted to do it, if he’s under 16 the law would presume that I forced him to. And I could get sent to jail and tagged as a sex offender for the rest of my life. That’s fucked up – teenage boys aren’t children. They’re young adults with minds and bodies of their own. A bunch of old farts sitting around in the Capitol building, most of them probably plugging their secretaries or something, shouldn’t have the right to tell Seth, or Adam, or any other 15 year old, what they can do with their bodies.

Shit, I had sex – lots of sex – with a guy three times my age when I was 14. And no way did he force me – in fact, I fucking seduced him. My time with him was the most important thing that ever happened for me, aside from finding Jesse, that is. I learned so much from it – and not just about sex, but about life, and fulfillment, and caring. I know what it meant for me and no moralistic meddler can tell me it was wrong or harmful.

And a 5 year age difference isn’t really all that big a thing. Hell, my dad is 5 years older than my mom. Not that they’re anywhere close to a model couple or anything, but I don’t think the age difference has anything to do with their problems. Despite all that, though, the law’s the law, and it played a big part in what could be a big problem. I had to do something about it.

Just as I was about to get up from the table, though, the problem got bigger. A very excited, and very naked, Adam suddenly came whooping down the hall and leaped into the dining area.

Neat trick, dude.” I half-way applauded him. “But you forgot your clothes.”

Adam grabbed the chair at the end of the table, spun it around, and sat down backwards on it facing me. “Clothes? Vee don’t need no steenking clothes,” he mimicked a line from some old western. “ We decided to shit-can the clothes rule. Right, Seth?”

He turned his head to where Seth leaned against the wall, equally naked.

Yeah, Adam told me you all have this “No Nude” rule for when I’m around. That sucks. I like being naked. I don’t mind you seeing me naked. And why shouldn’t I be able to see YOU naked, too?”

The way he intensified his look at me and put way too much emphasis on “you” made me gulp. “Uhhh, I guess we have the rule so’s as not to embarrass you, or make you think we’re a bunch of sicko’s or something.”

Seth laughed. “I already think you’re a bunch of sicko’s. That’s part of why I love you ALL. I guess I must be just as much of one. And I’ve already seen you all bare assed. There’s no way I was embarrassed by it.”

Adam leaned forward. “So, yeah, me and Seth decided we want to be naked. But you and Jesse can keep on wearing clothes if you want.”

But we don’t want you to,” piped Seth.

Yeah, whatever,” continued Adam. “Anyway, we’re not here right now to show off the New and Improved Nude Dudes. We want to know when your show’s gonna be and how much you’re gonna charge.”

Huh? What are you talking about? When what show is going to be?”

Well, duhhhh. Your sex show, of course. Seth just told me your gonna let us watch you and Jesse having sex, but we’ll have to pay for it. So we want to know when it’s gonna happen and how much it’s gonna cost.”

Whoa, wait a minute.” I glared at Seth. “I didn’t say that. That would be insane.”

Seth glared back. “Yes you did. You said it was okay that I was watching you and Jesse last night but I’d have to pay an admission charge for the next time. Besides, it’s not insane. It’d be totally epic.”

Adam, ever the rationalist, joined in. “Yeah, and it’d be helpful and, like, educational for us. You know we’re just starting to get into sex with each other.” Adam stopped to look over at Seth. They both blushed slightly and then grinned wickedly at each other. Looking at me again, Adam pressed on with his spiel. “Think how much valuable stuff we could learn from being up close and personal, while a couple of pro’s show us how it’s done.”

Seth nodded his agreement. “Sure, it’d be like a science class at school or something. Yeah, that’s it – like a demo. And we could maybe have like a question and answer thing afterwards.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or scream. I settled on trying to treat the whole thing as a joke. “Now you want a sex show and a Q and A ? No way. Nice try, guys. But the kidding’s over. I’ve got things to do.”

I started to get up, but Seth moved next to me and put his hand on my shoulder, holding me gently down in my chair. He looked straight at me with wide open, innocent eyes.

We’re not kidding with you, Ethan. We mega want to watch you guys. It was way hot for me watching you last night, and I want Adam to be able to share in that.”

I had to admit the boys made a great sales team. But. “But, Seth. You probably shouldn’t have been watching, and we probably would have stopped it if we’d known.”

Actually, that was bullshit. Jesse did know and he decided it would be a turn on to let Seth keep watching. To be honest, something told me that if I’d known Seth was watching when I started blowing Jesse I’d have been even more turned on doing him. In fact, the “something” telling me that was my cock, which had been getting harder and harder during the whole Sex Show discussion. Despite that, I knew I had to say no to the idea. “I’m sorry, Seth. But something like that would be just way too weird.”

Seth moved a little closer to me and stretched like a nonchalant cat.  As he ran his tongue lightly along his upper lip, the look of innocence faded from his eyes,

Weird? Hmmm. I wouldn’t think it was weird for someone to be watching me have sex – at least not if it was someone I liked. In fact, the last time I knew someone special was watching it felt awesome. Especially since a magic mirror told me he was getting really turned on by it.”

Holy Shit!! He knows. He fuckin’ knows I watched them. Idiot!! If I could see them in the fucking mirror, then of course they could’ve seen me. I am so fucking trapped. Focus!!

I met his eyes straight on. “Really? Maybe so, but he probably shouldn’t have watched you, anyway. I imagine he felt really bad about it afterwards.”

Seth went right along with my code-speak. “I’d be sad if he felt bad.” He moved his hand a little back and forth on my shoulder and squeezed it gently. “But, I’ll bet he wouldn’t have felt weird or guilty or anything if he knew that the people he was watching wanted him to be doing it. He might feel better if he knew how much they were turned on by it. Don’t you think so Ethan?”

Jesus. There’s no way this boy is just 15. He’s like a seduction pro. What do I say to that?

Then Adam decided to play the game too. Yeah, in fact I bet if the dude knew that the people he’d watched would really like for him to watch again, he’d be way up for it” He glanced down at my crotch, looked up and grinned at me, and then turned towards Seth, nodding his head.

Seth moved over behind Adam and started rubbing his hands across Adam’s chest. Adam continued with the tag-teaming.

Maybe he’d even feel soooo good about it that he’d want those people to have the same good feeling. Who knows, he might even invite them to watch him doing it with someone.”

Seth shook his head and then settled sat down behind Adam on the chair. It’s not a very big chair, so even though Adam scooted forward a little to make room, Seth’s groin pressed firmly up against his butt.

I dunno, Adam. That might only be if the guy was the kind of person who thinks it’s hot when people watch him having sex. Maybe you and I are the only one’s who’ve ever gotten turned on by something like that.” He grinned and wiggled his hips a few times – enough to give me a glimpse of his hardening cock as it rubded back and forth across Adam’s right cheek. His hands, which had been softly massaging Adam’s shoulders and chest, moved down to Adam’s belly and pulled the two of them even closer together.

I started to think maybe they had rehearsed this whole scene. Now it was Adam’s turn. He shook his head and leaned back against Seth so that when he turned his head to talk to him their faces were only inches apart.

Nope, Seth. I’m sure we’re not the only ones. I even know people who’ve told me how hot it was for them to be part of a whole group of guys taking turns fucking while other guys watched them fuck.”

He turned his head quickly back to look at me. “Do you know anyone like that, Ethan?”

I slumped back into my chair. They’d won. They’d worked me over big time and then Adam had totally nailed me. And it was all because of one stupid phone call.