The Problem with Seth

Author's Note – This is my first story posting here at Nifty. My usual “creative” outlet is doing CGI 3D artwork – mostly all of it involving gay teens – with a few elves and devils and such popping up in some of it. I have a website - Morphians – where lots of my stuff is posted. Drop by anytime, it's free. I had been working on a series of scenes with a story line to them when I decided I wanted to try turning it into a full-blown illustrated story. Since this is a story site, what's posted here is just the “story” part of it. You can find the story and the illustrations on my website, at The Problem With Seth. To go directly to this chapter, click HERE. (Most of the chapters are split into A and B sections so the web pages with illustrations don't take forever to load.)

Oh, and by the way, this is a work of fiction that contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys and between teen boys and adult males.

Chapter 2B - The Orgy Problem

Sometime last summer Jesse and I had been invited to a pool party put on by a couple of gay professors I knew from school – how I got to know them is a whole ‘nother story for another time. Anyway, they promised us there’d be some other very hot and very sexy young guys there - - and that no swim wear would be allowed in the pool. We decided to give it a shot.

An interesting mix of guys came to the party – some around our age, or even younger, some in their late twenties and thirties, some older than that, and a few truly ancient. Some go-go boy types came dressed for action. Other guys looked like just your average straight dude at a neighborhood barbecue.

The professors live in a very posh place. It’s huge - especially for just two guys, although they do have lots of overnight guests. Its stucco walls and Spanish villa design go well with the landscape. A big pack patio and pool area, screened from public view by vegetation and a stucco wall, look out to open fields and hills. All in all, it’s a perfect place for a bunch of hot guys to get naked and party.

At first, most people had at least some clothes on and were just sitting around the pool having drinks and listening to music or talking. Things were mellow for awhile, but I could feel an undercurrent of sexual energy building up around the place. The alpha-male types had been on the prowl, scoping out their prey.  Now they were getting ready to sink their teeth, or more likely their cocks, into the juiciest of the chickens. Meanwhile, the chickens were playing coy, trying to get the saliva, and maybe some other bodily fluids, really flowing from their predators.

Some of us decided to pump up the energy some, so we stripped off and jumped into the pool. The warm clear water provided a perfect environment for getting in touch with other naked bodies. While there was beginning to be some action starting up around us, Jesse and I stayed pretty much focused on each other at first.

Soon, most of the guys in the pool had partnered up and were starting to get intense with each other. More clothes were coming off on the sidelines and a few more people got into the pool to find someone to play with. Before long, some of the couples in the pool began drifting off to various parts of the pool, or the patio, or the yard for more space. Jesse and I sat together watching as some guys started hooking up in 3’s and 4’s to play. We’d been in three-somes and four-somes before, but never anything like this. It was turning into an all out orgy, with pretty much everybody there either having sex or watching it. Jesse and I decided to join in.

At some point, I ended up on the diving board getting blown by some eager skater kid. He swore he was over 16, he sure didn’t look it though. Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. Either way, the way he worked his mouth and his tongue over my cock and balls sure proved he’d had lots of experience. Having sex outdoors is one of my biggest turn-ons. And having it in that setting - warm water, hot sun, hot boy hanging on the end of a diving board sucking me like there was no tomorrow - was about the ultimate in outdoor action.

What really sent it to the top, though, was Jesse. He sat on the side of the pool watching me get blown, while some older guy blew him. We looked at each other and were instantly able to communicate a whole host of feelings - how strongly and deeply we loved each other, how good we both felt having wet warm mouths swallowing our shafts, and how mega hot it was to watch each other being serviced.

After he’d sucked on me for what seemed like hours, the kid climbed up onto the board and pushed me down on my back. He looked at me with a question in his eyes and I nodded. I’m usually the bottom when Jesse and I fuck — it seems to give me more of a feeling of connection, and of both giving and receiving love. But this kid was so hot and being with him on that diving board while guys sat around jacking off while they watched us had me so turned on that my urge to fuck him was overwhelming. He was obviously eager for it too.

I’d thought from what he’d been doing with his mouth that he seemed experienced at the task. What he did with his ass pegged him as a real pro. His right hand reached around him and grabbed my cock, still wet and throbbing from the prepping he’d been doing with his mouth. He positioned the sensitized head right at his hole and then rubbed it slowly in one direction around his rim, while he barely raised and lowered himself above me. The sensation of pushing at the edges of his hole came and went in waves – it was electrifying. The tingling of my cock head grew more and more and intense. Just when I thought I’d reached the limit of coping with the intensity, he dropped himself down, ramming my shaft all the way up his ass.

Being buried like that in him relieved the fire that was burning in my cock head. But the warmth and tightness of his tunnel made me buck my hips, trying to push even deeper into it. He pushed back, inviting my thrusts. We got into a steady rhythm of me raising my hips and him lowering himself to meet them and then moving apart to the point that my cock would almost slip out of him. His ring was tight enough to keep that from happening, though. Pretty soon it got even tighter. Each time our thrusts got me buried in him to the max, he would tighten his sphincter muscle, clamp it tightly around the base of my cock. Then he’d keep it tight as we moved apart, squeezing me along the whole length of my shaft as it pulled part way out of him.

The sensation of being milked spread from my cock down into the core of me. It didn’t take long until the milking turned to creaming. As I started one more thrust, he relaxed his rim and dropped down as far as he could to open himself to me. The pressure that had been building inside me suddenly found a way out and I shot load after load of creamy cum into the depths of his hot hole.

I collapsed back onto the diving board and just lay there for a few minutes, marveling at what an awesome fuck that had been.

I didn’t rest for long, though. Jesse decided to turn the diving board into our own little stage. He’d hooked up with a killer cute little black kid named Jamal who he knew from school. The two of them joined me on the board and we put on quite a performance.

It started out with Jesse and me standing on the board with Jamal bent over between us. Jesse pistoned his rod in and out of Jamal’s rear while Jamal pumped his head up and down, devouring my cock in his mouth. He want at it more forcefully than the other kid had. But what he lacked in subtlety he made up for in enthusiasm. He almost flung his head up and down as his mouth sucked hungrily on me. As it moved, his hair, which he’d dyed a wild red color, danced around like flames leaping from my burning groin.

As Jesse and I stood there, working Jamal from both ends, our eyes locked and enormous grins spread across our faces. Jess mouthed the word “HOT” and I shook my head up and down in agreement. Then I mouthed back at him, “Fuck me.” His grin got even wider.

So Jamal and I sort of traded places — I blew him while Jesse fucked me. The feel of his cock sliding into my ass had become familiar to me - we’d been doing it for almost three years by then. But every time he filled me up with it was a new thrill. This time was triply thrilling. I had all the feelings I’d become accustomed to whenever Jesse fucked me. I had the exciting, new taste of Jamal. And I had the exhilaration of doing it out in the open in front of dozens of other guys.

The skin of Jamal's cock was like velvet as it slid back and forth over my lips. The exotic, spicy taste of it tickled my tongue and the aroma I breathed in from his groin filled my nostrils and left me feeling dreamy and light headed. Soon, my mind stopped experiencing us as three separate people. Our movements, our lust, our joy all blended together. We became like one ecstatic organism, dancing gracefully, openly before the eyes of anyone who cared to watch, celebrating our beauty, our freedom, and our passion.

We remained locked together in synergy as the intensity of our connection grew. Finally, we all shuddered in unison and came powerfully together. Our hook up was probably the hottest three-way I’d ever done. It would have been hella hot no matter where it happened. But knowing that other guys were watching us up there was a big part of what made it such a total turn on for me..

When Jess and I eventually came down from our diving board high, we agreed it wasn’t likely that anything else that might happen at the party could match it. So we decided to leave.

On our way out, though, we bumped into a couple guys who talked us into one more round of sex. We shrugged “Why not” at each other and decided to go for it. This time we were on a platformy thing that had been set up between the house and the pool.

One of the guys was a muscly dude we’d watched getting it on earlier. Then he’d been coming across as muy macho. By the time he found us, though, he’d had enought to drink that the true queen in him had emerged. As soon as we’d agreed to stick around, he’d bent over like a sapling in a hurricane, offering up his ass to Jesse. Jess was happy to take it. The other guy was a cute chicano. He offered to go either way with me. I decided I wanted him to give me his hot sausage up my ass. So I lay back and spread for him.

I could tell right away he was a newbie at this. It took him a couple minutes just to get himself lined up and ready for the plunge. Then, even though I was still way wet and loosened up from my session with Jesse and Jamal, he was awkward and tentative getting into me. I figured it was going to be a pretty half assed fuck, but he seemed like such a sincere guy that I did my best to encourage him along and liven things up for him. My efforts seemed to relax him some and before too long he’d gotten a lot more into the fuck. He pumped me pretty well for a while and then came with a loud moan. The fuck didn’t do much for me sex-wise. But I did feel all warm and fuzzy for having done my good deed for the day by helping out the inexperienced dude.

When Jess was done with the muscle queen and the Noob had managed to finish with me, the guys wanted to switch off. Jesse and I decided we could handle one more for the road, but that we’d have to be the ones generating our own passion in it. So we got ourselves face to face, with Jess screwing the latino guy and me doing muscle boy. Jessie had the better end of the deal. The Noob did much better as a bottom than he had as a top. But, while my ride showed a lot of muscle on the outside, his sphicter muscle had turned to soft rubber. It was a loose and sloppy fuck. But being able to do it with my mouth pressed to Jesse’s made it all good.

The kisses Jess and I exchanged while we fucked those two guys were pure magic — the perfect way to end and amazing party. We’d each done it with 3 or 4 other guys, we’d watched each other doing it, we’d watched other guys doing it, and we’d been watched doing it with each other. And all of it had been totally awesome – for both of us.

The next day I was talking on the phone with a friend who’d been invited to go to the party with us, but bailed at the last minute because he thought it might be too “dull.” Since it turned out to be a long way from dull, I was teasing him about what he missed out on. I gave him all the details of the heavy action we had. I went on and on about how hot it was having so many guys getting turned on by watching me fuck and get fucked.

Unfortunately, while I was talking on the phone, I’d forgotten about Adam. He’d moved in with me and Jesse just a few weeks before. So I still wasn’t used to taking account of his presence sometimes when I was doing things or talking about things that maybe he shouldn’t have been hearing. This was one of those times. I’d been zoned out on the sofa while I was on the phone. When I finished, I got up and turned to go to the kitchen. There was Adam, sitting at the dining table, mouth open, gaping at me.

Jeeeez, Ethan! You guys really did all that shit?”

Uhhh … how much of the call did you hear?” I didn’t know how much the whole orgy thing might have freaked Adam. Of course he’s known for years that Jesse and I are gay. And for the past year or so he had been getting in touch with and exploring his gay side with a few of his friends. In fact, he and I had talked a good bit about it all – the feelings of being more turned on by guys than by girls, the in and outs of gay sex, the pain of being looked at as a freak and being discriminated against. But I worried that maybe he’d think a night of group sex was way over the top. Silly me.

I heard enough to know the whole thing sounded totally awesome. Can I go with you the next time you get invited to one?”

Whoa, dude. I’m glad you think it was awesome. So do I. But I don’t think it’d be a good thing for you just yet. You might get pretty overwhelmed.”

What? You said you weren’t having sex the whole time; sometimes you were getting turned on by just watching. I’m in as good a shape as you are. If you could handle it, there’s no reason I couldn’t.”

Maybe, except there’s one important “shape” that I’m pretty sure is different.”

Adam looked defiant. “What? Just cuz my cock’s not as big as yours? You’ve always told me that size isn’t really all that big a thing.”

I chuckled at his wording. “I wasn’t talking about your gun, cowboy. I’m talking about the holster. I’m pretty sure your asshole isn’t anywhere near as stretched out as mine. Plus, you’d for sure be the hottest boy there. People would be fighting each other to get in the line that would be waiting for a turn to do it with you. You’d never get a chance to kick back and just watch.”

Those ego strokes seemed to settle him down some. “Really? You’re not just saying that?”

That’s for real, Adam. Your way hot. I think so. Jesse thinks so. Seth obviously thinks so. And all the boys that have let you get into their pants the past year must think so, too. But I still think you need to wait a few years before you get into a scene like last night”

Three of the words I said seemed to really light him up. “Jesse thinks I’m hot!! That is so epic! And I guess you may be right about the orgy thing. I’ll ask Jesse what he thinks and if he agrees with you I’ll put it off for awhile.”

Good decision, little bro.” I wasn’t so sure I liked that Adam seemed so excited hearing that Jesse thinks he’s hot. But I figured that if it helped get him off the orgy train, why the fuck not.

I congratulated myself on how well I’d handled the orgy problem and went on with my day. There was no way I would have expected it to sneak up, bite me in the ass, and become part of a bigger problem.


Yep, I knew that, with Adam clued in on how I’d felt after that little orgy scene, they’d pretty much won. But maybe they didn’t quite know that yet. I tried just sitting there, staring them down. Impossible. Seth slid his hands a little bit lower in front of Adam, to where his fingers brushed by the sides and over the top of Adam’s cock as he moved his hands back and forth massaging Adam’s belly. Watching their hypnotic movement, the thought suddenly came to me.

Wait. This could actually solve my problems. It’d give me another shot of vicarious sex with Seth. And that might help me keep pushing thoughts of actual sex with him outta my head. Same goes for him too. Maybe giving him a chance to watch to his little heart’s content will be enough to get him off of flirting with me. Plus, doing it with him watching would be mega hot. So why not? It couldn’t do any harm and it might make things better.

Boy, was I an idiot. I really hadn’t been smoking crack or anything when I decided that. But I might as well have been. Looking back at it now, I should have realized that you can’t put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it. But, maybe I didn’t really want to put it out.


Thanks for reading. And thanks to all the people who've dropped by my website. Hope you've enjoyed the illustrated version of the story. The first section of Chapter 3 will be posted in about a week.

Evan H.