Pros and Cons

*** Standard disclaimers apply, if you shouldn’t read it then don’t, if you don’t like it go elsewhere, otherwise enjoy. Oh yeah its fiction. RJ***

Part 1 – Eric.

My name is Jack Hayes; I am thirty-eight, five foot ten, short brown hair, hazel eyes, and one hundred fifty pounds. I went into the city to find a little service action. By service action I mean I was looking for at least a blow job, so I drove around the area that the ‘pros’ work the corners and the streets, I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I wanted someone else’s lips on my dick. I had the window down on my old slammer city car, a 1990 Chevy Caprice if the taxi’s hit it who cares I never bring my BMW 745 into the city.

Some of the ‘pros’ would lean in the passenger window and ask what I was looking for. I didn’t really know but ugly whores were not what I had in mind. I kept moving going around the corners they had to know I was a mark because I went around the block a couple of times.

After about the third time around the block I was going to just give up. I was waiting at the traffic light and a big black guy leaned into the window.

He said “You have been around the block three times, can’t you find something you like or are you looking for something special?  If you want something that you don’t see on the street I can accommodate you”.

I said “What do you mean?”

He said “Come on man, your cruising, just let me know what you are cruising for, do you want a little girl, maybe a little boy is your thing, teenagers, whatever you want, White, Black, Asian, Latino, this is the city anything is available”.

I knew he was a pimp but I did want something different so I thought fuck it and said “A young white boy”. 

The pimp said “Give me fifteen minutes and fifty dollars gets you an hour. Be back here in fifteen minutes”.

I said “I want to see him before the purchase”.  I pulled away going a couple of extra blocks to give the pimp the fifteen minutes. I pulled back to the corner at the correct time and a white boy maybe ten years old was standing on the corner. The pimp was leaning against the wall behind the boy.

The boy leaned in the passenger window “What do you want a hand job, a blow job or my ass?”

I said “A blow job, maybe more”. The boy looked back at the pimp.

The pimp walked up to the window “You like what you see, like I said fifty for an hour”.

I did like what I saw the boy was cute; I handed over a hundred dollar bill and said “Two hours, get in.”

He got into my car and was checking me out I was doing the same to him. I said “How old are you and do you have a name?”

He said “I am small for my age, I’m thirteen and does a name really matter?”

I said “Not really, but if a cop stops us I don’t want to call you boy. My name is John but everyone calls me Jack”.

He laughed “Yeah everyone is John around here, my name is Eric, do you have a place to go or are you just going to park somewhere?”

I didn’t want to get arrested with a thirteen, so he said, year old boy prostitute in my car and I didn’t want to run into anyone I may know or do business with. I am a stock trader on Wall Street but most of the time I work from home just outside the city. I thought about one of the no tell motels just across the bridge. I drove looking for a good place to go. I said “Can we talk or are you strictly business professional?”

Eric said “You paid for two hours, how you use that time is up to you. Lionel had to have written your license plate number down. He owns everyone in the area. If you want to use one of the flop rooms it costs extra but it is close by. There is a cheap parking garage around the corner; you don’t look like you can afford much else”.

I laughed “If your pimp tries to run the plates on this thing then he will find himself in the middle of Wrigley Field in Chicago, the plates are a fake and the car is a city slammer, I buy an old piece of shit and drive it in the city only. If a cabbie hits it then I just hit them back.  If it gets totaled by a bus or someone tries to jack it then I just get another one the next day. No big deal for me. Same thing if it gets towed, bogus plates, registration and insurance card the cops can keep the car filling up the impound lot. If I get stopped then I just borrowed the car from my cousin. All the paperwork stands up to minimum background checks and I go out of my way so I don’t get stopped in the first place. If the cops go for finger prints they will be tied up for months, there has to be a thousand sets of prints in and on this thing, when I bought it I brought it into the city and paid a handful of less unfortunate people to sit in it and press their hands all over it. They got a cheap bottle of wine out of it and I got a car that is practically untraceable. I have never washed it and I never will”.

Eric said “Are you trying to abduct me?”

I said “No but would you like me to? How long have you been on the streets?”

Eric said “Nine months, I ran away from a foster home, they abused me and everyone else. They are just in it for the money, more mouths to feed more money for them. We just never got any of the food, not much anyway”.

I said “So you ran away to New York City to get away from that. What does Lionel provide for you, I gave him a hundred dollars for you are you going to see any of that money? Or is he taking it as service and protection fees?”

Eric said “What are you offering me?”

I said “For the moment nothing but for what I paid for. You are a cute boy and obviously I am into that. If you can slide over here I would like to find out what I paid for. I would like to put my hand in your pants. If you want to get away from the street life I can offer you a nice place to live, clothes, a new life. Instead of Johns’ it will just become Jack”.

The boy slide over on the bench seat and undid his button on his dirty jeans and the zipper. I slid my hand into his stained underwear. No hair at all. His semi-hard dick felt to be two to two and a half inches; I could feel his crown with my thumb including the piss slit. He was circumcised, even better. His head went back and his cock continued to grow in my hand.

Eric said “Are you sure Lionel can’t find me, he will beat me to a pulp if he does”.

I said “He has beaten you before?”

He said “Yeah, all of us, if he doesn’t do it then he has three guys as protection detail for his property, they keep the Johns’ in line but us as well. One wrong move not making enough, stealing his money which he doesn’t do much for, being late, turning down a john even if the guy is disgusting and the biggest offence is getting caught by the cops. He uses our money to bail us out and then charges us triple until he is paid off for lack of revenue”.

I said “So you have been caught and you are in the police system. The cops have your fingerprints?”

He said “No, I got nailed on a raid but I was still on the street and I started to cry and said my daddy was in the store getting a pack of cigarettes and the place smelled so I stayed outside. Two of Lionel’s ladies backed up my story and when my so called daddy came out I said daddy they are trying to arrest me. He just said come on son it’s time to go home your mom needs her smokes. We really need to move to a new apartment so we don’t get caught in these things. The guy talked the cops out of taking me. He got a free blow job for it and I ran away before the fat slob could do anything else. Ever since then I stay in the shadows or in the bunk room”.

I said “The bunk room? I can only guess; cots if you’re lucky and all the kids that Lionel has to offer so you’re not on the street with the others”.

He said “More like old stinking mattresses on the floor and eight of us, sometimes with a john or two at the same time. The women get pissed at us because of guys like you want something younger to play with. I have to say that you are one of the smarter ones except you circled the area a few times so the cops might have you tagged as well or at least the car but it sounds like you have that angle covered”.

I kept fondling his hairless cock and balls. I said “So what is it going to be, if you don’t steal from me and do as I say, you can live in a townhouse, have your own room, I will keep you well fed, medical checkups, school, some money of your own or just a quick blow job and you can live on the streets”.

He said “Take me with you, I won’t steal from you, just don’t beat on me”.

I turned the car and headed for the tunnel and for home. As soon as the car was in the tunnel Eric undid my pants and pulled my cock out and started to rub it sitting next to me. I said “Eric I am going to ask you to take a shower when we get home. Tomorrow I will take you clothes shopping and for other things. I have a doctor friend that I would like to have him examine you to make sure you are okay, have you had unprotected sex with men before?”

Eric said “I will do anything you ask, and yes I have had sex with men that would not wear a condom, most do but not all men will”.

We talked the twenty-five minute drive until I pulled into my driveway. I was not worried about my neighbors seeing us because each townhouse has privacy walls between the units and the townhouses are on a cliff facing the Hudson River and the NYC skyline. I figured that Eric and I would come up with a story to tell the neighbors that we both could remember and live by.

He said “This is where you live?”

I said “No this is where we live, come on I’ll show you around and we will get that shower, it is still early enough so I am going to call the doc, then I want to find out what a hundred dollar boy looks like out of those dirty clothes”.

Eric said “Yeah, I want to find out what the million dollar man looks like, if you live here you have to be loaded”.

I made the call “Doc its Jack, hey I need a favor off the record, I picked a boy up in the city that I want you to check out. He has been on the streets for nine months…”  “Yeah thanks doc, see you in a few”.

I led Eric around the townhouse and upstairs to the master bedroom and bathroom and pulled the dirty t-shirt over his head revealing his smooth chest and nipples.  His ratty shoes, socks and his dirty jeans and wholly underwear became a pile to be disposed of. I started the shower and looked at my hundred dollar boy.

Four feet six inches tall, on the skinny side but that is to be expected and will be corrected soon, about sixty-five pounds. Brown hair that needs a trim, amber-brown eyes, completely hairless body and a three inch hard circumcised boy cock sticking straight out from his body and small balls still close to his body. Not bad for a hundred bucks and a pissed off pimp when he doesn’t get the boy back.

I tossed my clothes out of the bathroom and opened the shower door so we could get in. Eric stood still waiting for me to make the first move.

I said “Let’s see if we can’t get some of that dirt off of you, make you more attractive”. I took a handful of liquid soap and started to soap up the boy from head to toe and front to back including his dirty brown hair. Satisfied that I got enough layers of NYC grime off the boy I rinsed him off and brushed his hair away from his eyes. I said “That’s better, now you’re a good looking boy”.

Eric said “Thank you Jack, I don’t know why you are doing this for me even if it doesn’t last it does feel good to be clean again”.

We stood facing each other, the water running down our bodies, our hands started roaming each other’s bodies, Eric put his lips on my nipples alternating from one side to the other, licking and sucking sending shivers down my spine. My hands moved down his back to massage his small globes of his ass, his three inch circumcised hairless cock pointing straight out from his body. My six inch circumcised cock pointing right back at him. My hands came to the front of him to cup his small balls and to touch his boy cock. Eric moved down my body with his lips taking the tip of my cock into his mouth. He licked the piss slit and all around the crown before he took the entire thing into his mouth. The tip of my dick hitting the back of his throat, as he sucked me he reached around grabbing my ass pulling me forward further into his mouth, I was fucking his face my dick going further and further down his throat. He never gagged or choked, he just took all of me my wet pubic hairs touching his nose as his lips worked my shaft. He removed his right hand from my ass, reached between my legs, cupping my balls then his left middle finger went to my asshole. I continued to fuck his face, his finger started to push into me, I warned him, he just kept sucking so I shot my cum down his throat. I sat down on the shower bench catching my breath he is a great cock sucker. He sat next to me and we just let the shower run over us. I turned off the water.

I said “That was fantastic Eric the doc should be here any time. Let’s get dried off”.

He looked around the huge shower stall smiled at me and said “This sure beats sucking a john behind a garbage dumpster, I think I’m going to like it here”.

I said “I hope so, once the doc gives you the checkup I would like to return the favor, the doc might want too as well”.

We dried each other off I gave him a new tooth brush to use and a smaller robe to wear that use to belong to former lover boy that grew up on me. We went downstairs and I made him something to eat while we waited for Doc.

The door bell rang I opened the door. Since I have handled Doc’s portfolio I have invested his initial funds into multi millions of dollars. He doesn’t have to work anymore unless he wants to. He is forty years old and also is a boy lover. I said “Thanks for coming over Doc this is Eric, Eric this is my friend Doctor Martins”.

Doc said “Nice to meet you Eric, this won’t take long. Jack can we use the coffee table?”

I nodded. Doc said “Let’s open up that robe and have you lie down on your back for me Eric”. Doc checked him over, checked his throat, felt his glands, his arms, hands, legs and feet. Doc grabbed Eric’s hard little cock and balls and made him turn his head and cough. He did a complete physical on Eric, I should say we did. Doc used the marble topped coffee table as an exam table. “Okay Eric, now turn over and get on your hands and knees for me”. Eric obeyed. 

Doc spread his ass apart it was the first time I saw how big his asshole had opened Doc put two then three gloved fingers in the boy’s ass, checking for any damage or possible diseases that could be there from being on the street.

Doc said “Eric your doing fine, you have obviously had anal sex, and from the size of your anus I would say for longer than nine months do your customers use condoms?”

Eric said “As I told Jack before, not all johns will wear one. When I was at the foster home Bill my foster parent forced me to have sex with him when I was eleven. He would never wear a condom and he fucked everyone, girls and boys”.

Doc said “Eric I am going to give you a prescription to take care of any possible social diseases that you may have contracted, I want you to take these pills three times a day with meals, and if you are going to have anal sex with multiple partners then you should make them wear condoms for your protection. Jack that goes for you as well if you are going to be Eric’s only partner than wait for a month so the pills have time to work, is that alright with you Eric?”

“Yes sir”.

I said “Thanks Doc, Eric maybe you can repay the good doctor like you did for me”.

Eric said “I can do you both if you like”.

I said “Heads or tails Doc, he is a great cocksucker, no gag reflex my cock was in his throat when I shot my load down it thirty minutes ago. I take it his cock and balls are safe to suck?”

Doc said “Oh yeah, he is perfectly clean and disease free, no nasty critters, rashes or any other signs of street wear, he has a perfectly suckable boy cock. I would stay away from tonguing his boy hole for a while though, we can work on cleaning him out properly the only question is does he cum yet?”

 I said “I think I will find out for myself that is if it is alright with you Eric? You do have a say in what happens now”.

Eric said “I am definitely going to like it here Jack, the answer is no I can’t but I like when someone tries to make me”.

He rolled over on his back and spread his legs giving the doc the option of the opening. I knelt down between his legs making doc’s mind up for him. I sucked and licked the three inch boy cock and balls. Doc straddled Eric’s face; Eric reached above him to squeeze his balls as the cock was inserted into his mouth.

Doc said “God you are right Jack he is a great cocksucker, that’s it Eric milk my cock and balls for me”.

Eric continued to suck and slurp on the five inch uncut cock and squeezed doc’s balls until Doc and Eric both climaxed together. Eric’s three inch cut cock twitched like mad in my mouth. Eric released doc and pushed my head away from his sensitive boy cock. Doc and I smiled at each other as the little cocklet pulsed in the air from his dry climax.

I rolled a lubed condom on my dick and grabbed Eric’s ankles, doc took the ankles from me and held them up and apart so my six inch cock could get to his boy pussy. I pushed into his soft, warm, flexible ass until my balls were touching his soft skin.

Boys and their hard ons are like the weather in Denver, wait ten minutes and it will change. Give a boy ten minutes and they are ready to go again.

Doc waited for Eric to regain himself then took the boys cock again while I continued to fuck his soft boy pussy. Doc’s fetishes are little more extreme than my own, well at least in available age limits, doc alternated between Eric’s dick and balls, licking and sucking with no concern of my condom covered dick entering the boy only an inch or so away. Doc also would come around me and squeeze or lick my balls and my asshole as I continued to fuck my new boy lover.  Eric just moaned and rolled his head from side to side taking everything we could give him.

Eric said “You can fuck me as hard as you want Jack”.

Doc made Eric climax again, then he finished me off with his tongue in my ass as I climaxed. Doc put on a condom and took my place in Eric’s ass pumping away.

As doc left he also wanted to see Eric on a regular basis to make sure he stayed healthy and clean. I agreed to use a condom for the thirty days that the boy was on the antibiotics. Eric and I shared and touched each other all night long until we both fell asleep in my bed.


I said “Good Morning” to my new boy love. We showered and I gave him some sweats to wear that should fit him.

I took Eric shopping and let him pick anything he wanted out. He went for the baggie pants look that I really don’t like, the pants two or three sizes too big and the boxers barely cover the crack of your ass, the t-shirts he picked also over sized for his small frame. Everything he picked out took away from his natural beauty as a boy, but Eric was determined to be a teenager rather than a pre teen boy that he so much looked like. I let him do as he wanted because I wanted him to trust me.

After the clothes and shoe stores, the next stop was furniture for his new room. I planned on him spending most of his time in my bed but he needed space of his own in my large four bedroom townhouse. I had converted one of the bedrooms into an office for me, that still left the master bedroom and two other bedrooms as spares.

When we got home I let Eric decide which of the bedrooms he wanted and we put all his new clothes into the closet. He asked if he could change the color, so we made a trip to the Home Depot to pick up supplies before the bedroom furniture got delivered. We laughed and joked and ended up getting paint on us as we painted the room blue.

I led Eric to my bathroom and pulled the now paint stained t-shirt over his head revealing his smooth chest and nipples again. Eric pulled my t-shirt over my head, his hands went right to my nipples pinching them and laughing before his lips replaced his hands, his tongue flicking my tit first then his lips sealed over each nipple once again driving me crazy. Eric undid the button and the zipper on my jeans and forced the jeans and my underwear to the floor. His new baggie shorts and boxers ended up on top of mine on the bathroom floor, followed by our socks.

I pulled him to me wrapping my arms around his thin frame and pressed my lips to his, he opened his mouth willingly allowing my tongue to enter and to touch his tongue.  I made love to his sweaty small cock and balls while he sat on the sink counter legs spread apart, my finger buried in his ass until he had his first dry orgasm of the newest day of his new life.

Eric pulled a condom out of the cabinet and rolled it down my dick. He turned around and bent forward. I came up behind him grabbing his hips and pulling him to my cock, thrusting my hips forward and pulling him back at the same time, our love dance lasted twenty minutes before I had my first orgasm for the new day.

We showered together washing, paint, dirt and cum off our bodies. We toweled off, him standing in front of me looking at the mirror, his shaggy hair covered his eyes again so I brushed his hair away from his forehead with my hand so I could see his eyes.

Eric looked at me “Jack who’s were the clothes you gave me to wear this morning and the robe last night, they are too small to be yours?”

I said “I boy I use to know, his name was Robby, he grew up on me and moved on. I kept some of his stuff around for memory sake I guess. Besides it was better than the rags you were wearing”.

He said “You only like boys of a certain age don’t you, so if I grow up on you then you will replace me with a younger boy won’t you?”

I said “I told you I will take care of you and I will keep my promise, I will not throw you out to the curb like trash but there might become a time that I will no longer be sexually attracted to you. I am not attracted to men only boys, last night I didn’t think I would find a boy I got lucky. Now we have other things to do, I need to get rid of the Caprice for another car, we have to figure out who you are, are you my nephew, my little cousin. Besides we are on day one and you’re thinking about something that is years away”.

Eric said “I’m sorry you’re right, I should be thankful and I am. I am just used to being abused”.

I said “Not here you won’t unless you do something stupid like bring drugs into the house or I find out you are doing drugs out somewhere else. I do have a sister who is married and they have a son who is eight. I don’t see them often, they live out west. But that kind of rules out the nephew/cousin angle at least for them. I don’t see the neighbors often but some of them are my clients so we have to come up with something credible that neither of us will screw up. I need to get some information from you Eric for starters where were you at the foster house?”

I put my hands on his shoulders and he backed up against my chest. I brushed the hair away from his eyes again. He said “You don’t like my hair do you?”

I said “I like your eyes better, they have an interesting color. If you like your hair then keep it, just keep it clean along with the rest of you”.

He opened the cabinet again and found a rubber band he pulled his hair back tight and put his raggedy brown hair into a pony tail “Better?”

I sighed “Well I can see your eyes now and maybe you can see where you are going”.


We spent our first day as a new couple, man and boy, taking care of business the last stop one of the car dealers I use to get rid of the Caprice and replaced it with a Buick with a couple of extra dollars to my friend a new set of phony plates registration and insurance card.

I kept asking Eric questions of his past, the last place he lived in foster care was Newburgh NY, he was in three other foster homes before that, his mother died and he never knew who his father was.  Eric continued to regale his past through dinner and into the evening even though it pained him to do so. I made notes and opened a file on the computer so we could start a new life together. I knew I would need help from Doc so I gathered all the information I could. I asked him his birthday and he didn’t know.

I asked “If you don’t know when your birthday is; how do you know you’re thirteen?”

He shrugged his shoulders at me. He said “I think I am thirteen, if I am not then I want to be thirteen”.

I said “Okay Eric, since today is the first day of your new life then today will become your birthday, happy thirteenth birthday”. I kissed his forehead and then his lips. I typed his new date of birth into the personal portfolio file.

He smiled and said “Thanks Jack, I guess I got a lot of cool stuff for my birthday including you”.

After a physically and mentally exhausting day our first day of a new life ended in my bed, Eric on top of me grinding his three inch boy cock onto my six inch cock our balls touching as he continued to grind our cocks together. The rubbing of our cocks he gave himself an orgasm, he finished me off with my cock in his mouth swallowing my cum.

He curled up to my chest and arm, his leg over mine his fingers playing with the hair on my chest and tracing around my nipples. I wrapped my arm down his back and massaged his small ass cheeks until we both drifted off to sleep.

The hours we spent together became days and soon it was one week since Eric joined me. Doc wanted to see Eric for a checkup so we made an appointment in his office, instead of the house call he made earlier.

Doc only has morning hours in the office so we agreed to the last appointment on the schedule. I told Doc that I have a video conference in the afternoon with a very large client firm of mine. Eric and I sat in the waiting room. The nurse handed me a clipboard for new patient information. We filled it out as slowly as we could stalling for time. She asked if we had completed the form and I said we were still filling it out. She said I could finish it in the exam room the doctor could see us now. She led us to the exam room, started a new patient chart, took his blood pressure and his temperature, his height and weight and said the doctor will be right in and we could give the forms to him.

Doc came in and closed the door. “Nurse Williams will be leaving in a few moments. How are you doing Eric?”

Eric said “I’m doing fine Doc”.

I handed Doc a thumb drive, I said “This is what I have so far”. He took the drive and plugged it into the computer. Read the file and started typing on the keyboard.

Doc said “I am going to vaccinate you Eric; this is a quick and painless process and takes care of all childhood diseases plus some others that are common in your previous business. I also want to take blood from both of you for a simple test. Please remove your clothes and get up on the table. You too Jack you haven’t had a physical in quite some time”.

After an hour of being poked and prodded including a full prostate exam for me, Doc massaging my prostate with a gloved finger his other hand on my hard on milking my cock. Eric offered to help but Doc wanted a sample of my sperm for some other test he had in mind, my cum ended up in a test tube, the rest dripping from my dick onto the cold stainless steel table. Doc used an enema bag on both of us cleaning us out completely. I think he was enjoying himself. I looked at the clock and said “Doc I am running out of time, I need to get home for my appointment”.

Doc said “Let Eric stay with me, I will bring him home later. I can work on his profile and finish the exam”.

I said “Is that alright Eric?”

Eric said “Yeah okay, I like the Doc”.

I said “Okay, but remember your own rules Doc”.

Doc said “Don’t worry, besides his enema treatment has just begun, he definitely needs another dose before he goes home. I will bring supplies with me so you can continue the treatments at home. Oh before you go the good news is you both have the same blood type so in theory Jack you could be Eric’s natural father, a son that you didn’t know you had but is possible if you want to go that angle. Another possibility could be you are his godfather. You knew his parents when he was born but they didn’t live close. We know Eric’s mother has passed away and he didn’t know his father, but we can spin that angle as well”.

Doc said “Eric do you remember what your mother’s name was?”

“Not really. Claire something. Wilson maybe”.

Doc said “Okay how does this story line work. Claire Wilson had sex with multiple partners and the father of the child could be one of two men that she was engaged with. To hide the affair with you Jack, she named you the godfather and never told the other partner. Eric your father left you at a very young age so you don’t know him. Before Claire’s demise she reached out to you Jack to care for her son. She never told you that you are or are not the father of the child. She knew that you are successful and can support the child with love and care. Jack went to pick up the boy to bring him here. Claire did not have much means financially so a birth certificate and a signed and witnessed letter was all she could provide as proof of her wishes for the care of her son. Foster care Eric and Eric the prostitute never existed. Eric Wilson, soon to be Eric Wilson-Hayes or Eric Hayes has come into the life of a very surprised but willing and capable man to raise and care for the boy”.

I looked at Eric for his reaction. I think the smile from ear to ear was a good enough answer. “Thanks doc. I have a feeling your portfolio will do very well this year”.

Doc said “I will work the profile and get you the papers you need”.

I dressed, kissed Eric on the lips and the tip of his dick and left the office to get ready for my afternoon.

When the front door opened Doc I recognized, the boy standing next to him I didn’t. Instead of a raggedy mop of hair on his head, his brown hair was cut short over his ears showing off his bright amber-brown eyes and instead of the baggie pants, oversized t-shirt and multi-colored sneakers he was wearing a blue-grey blazer with a light blue oxford button down shirt, khaki pressed Dockers and beige loafers on his feet with no socks. If he was hot in rags, or baggies then he was smoking hot cleaned and dressed to the nines. Eric came to me on the couch stood in front of me, unbuttoned the blazer opened it for show and turned around showing off his tight ass in the new pants that fit his frame. I could smell the barber gel in his hair.

All I could say was “Wow you are beautiful Eric, what is all this Doc?” Eric smiled at my compliment.

Doc said “Eric asked me what really gets you motivated. I also explained that living here a different level of status is the norm. Not crusty snob style, well at least not that much but a boy should look good and act with proper manners. The hair cut was actually his idea, and well the clothes, let’s just say we had fun trying on different outfits”.

I started to laugh “Where and how much did I spend on the outfits?”

Doc laughed “Julio’s. Wait until you see him in the three piece suit, it will be ready in a couple of days. The rest is in the car. As for the price I had Julio split the balance between your account and mine. Nothing outrageous Jack, just some nicer clothes for your son or godson and a gift from me, now his second godfather, not to mention his family physician”.

I took the blazer off of Eric and held his ribs and turned him around again. The oxford was the perfect size and tucked neatly into the Dockers with a brown leather belt and the pants showed off his little package and the globes of his ass filled the material out perfectly.

Eric started to giggle “So what do you think dad or do I have to call you Godfather Jack?”

Tears started to pour down my face, I pulled the boy to me and hugged him and kissed him. I said “You can call me whatever you are comfortable with son, you didn’t have to do this, I have tried to let you choose what and who you are, do not worry about what someone else on the hills might think. We have our story and we will carry out the story no matter if you’re in your baggies with a haircut that I can’t see those sparking eyes of yours or you are dressed like you have lived on the cliffs all your life and go to one of the snobby prep schools in the area. I want you to be happy and us to be happy together”.

Eric said “I am happy. I am happy with you, I am happy that I have a family, someone that cares for me, I am happy with Uncle Walt as well. If this is the way you want me to look then I will do it. I want to please you. I want to be your son. I never had a father, and only abusive foster homes. You are like an angel that pulled me out of hell. Now I get to watch the lights of hell from the other side of the river”.

I said “Uncle Walt?”

Eric said “Doctor Martins, he is my new family too. So I started calling him Uncle Walt, he left his wallet on the console so I peeked at his license and no I didn’t steal any money, but Doc you shouldn’t carry around that much cash on you, I have to admit it was tempting”.

I said “Staying for dinner Uncle Walt?”

Doc said “I thought you would never ask, here is all the paperwork you should need”.

Eric brought in the rest of his new clothes and showed the Doc to his new room, his new furniture, his new life. We spent the evening cooking, cleaning, laughing, telling stories having a good time. Eric was willing to give his body to both of us again.

Doc said “I am using a solution in the enema treatment that not only will cure you Eric, but if you do not have anal sex for a few days then your muscles will relax to normal rather than be stretched, they will tighten and reform to a smaller size. It is up to you two but you might enjoy the feeling more as a single partner relationship. I have to go, thanks for the dinner Jack”.

I took my time undressing Eric for bed. One button of the oxford shirt at a time, removing his loafers then the belt and his khaki’s he didn’t have boxers on, he had nice bright white briefs on. Eric knew I was pleased. When we crawled into bed I asked him if Doc had his way after I left the office. Eric said “No, only another enema treatment but I think he gets his rocks off by it anyway”. Eric put his head on my shoulder and chest, his leg draped over mine until we both drifted to sleep.

Two days later we heard the court decision. The clerk read off ‘Signed by a county judge, with a signed affidavit and medical reviews of both the minor boy and adult single heterosexual male by one Dr. Walter Martins, and with a legal (as legal as my license plates are on the slammer) copy of a birth certificate and a signed and witnessed last will and testament of a dying woman trying to take care of her son, and with a financial review of the last five years of income taxes, one John James (Jack) Hayes now has legal guardianship, responsibility and full power of attorney over one Eric Wilson, age thirteen, mother deceased, father status unknown, the appointed legal guardian could be a direct relationship to the minor so the adoption process will not be delayed unless someone else challenges the ruling of this court and further testing may be required such as paternity and or DNA matching but it seems like a waste of the courts time’.

Walking to the car Eric said “What did she just say?”

I said “It would be easier without the gum in her mouth and the Brooklyn accent but what she said is that now I am legally responsible for your well being, care and education. Unless your father can prove different that one he is your biological father and can provide for you better than I can we are on our way to a wonderful life together”.

Eric said “You keep throwing the education word around you might think I look good in the stuffed shirts and jacket but I don’t want to go to school. Not like that anyway”.

I said “Two days ago you were pleased as a clam with your new clothes. I will not put you in one of the prep schools but you will go to school. I have a feeling I know the answer already but I will ask the question anyhow. When was the last time you were in a school classroom?”

Eric hung his head low.

I said “Eric remember our deal, I will take care of you, feed you, etc. One of the deals is you have to obey me and not steal from me or our friends. Another is you have to be truthful with me. When was the last time you were in a school system? I know that you do not have computer skills, but what else are you lacking. I am trying to help you. You say you are thirteen, you want to be thirteen, you look like you are ten, if I have to put you into a grade level of a ten year old then you are ten years old with the rest of your class. No shame, no embarrassment. With this piece of paper in my hand I can help you to become something you want to be, not something that someone else wants you to be”.

Eric said “I know this is going to come out wrong but I’m glad you own me instead of Lionel. The last time I was in school was three years ago and they put me in with the third grade. How come the social workers that are supposed to take care of me don’t know anything and make me sit in a corner while the adults talk about what is in my best interests”.

I said “Well it is my job to take care of you now and look out for your best interests, but I will not make you sit in a corner and make decisions for you without you having a say in the matter other than you will go to school. I know you have street smarts and common sense so let’s build on that and add the three ‘R’s’ to that cute little head of yours. And for the record I don’t own you”.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and giggled “You did pay a hundred dollars for me”.

I wrapped my arm around his shoulder and said “No you little clothes horse, it is four grand and counting but worth every penny”.

We got in the BMW 745, I opened the windows and the sunroof and I drove up the Palisades Parkway to Bear Mountain to enjoy the rest of our day. Eric just smiled and looked out the window as everything was in spring bloom. His arm out the window his hand floating in the breeze moving his hand up and down in the air flow. I smiled at him remembering my childhood doing the same thing. I think every happy kid does the exact same thing, enjoying the sunshine and lost in their own imaginations. We had lunch at the restaurant and I drove back through Harriman State Park taking the curves as tight as I could in the BMW. Eric put his hand on the shifter, I put my hand over his, downshifting and shifting again through the hair pin curves of the park, Eric was giggling and squealing at every turn. When we ran out of park to drive through I turned south to head for home.

We stopped at Julio’s to pick up Eric’s suit before driving up the cliffs for the house. I started to get out of the car but Eric said “No I want to surprise you” so I waited in the car calling my clients.

Oh my god I thought he was sexy in the blazer, oxford and khaki’s. He came out of the shop, Julio behind him, charcoal grey three piece suit tailored perfectly, pink shirt with a red, blue and grey tie, black loafer style dress shoes and black and grey argyle socks. All I could think about was how much fun I was going to have getting him out of the outfit. Julio held up a navy blue two piece suit for my approval. Eric approached with another huge smile on his face. I got out of the car to look at him. He was wearing cologne as well, not overpowering just a light scent of musk.

Eric said “I think you like it”.

I said “Yes I do, since you are all dressed up why don’t we go home so I can get spiffed up as well and then we will go out to dinner, I know a nice restaurant right on the water”.

Julio and Eric loaded the clothes in the car. I made reservations and dressed also in a three piece suit to match my young lover and took him to the Waterfront which is a high class restaurant, all the staff in tuxedos and just short of chewing the steak for you everything was done for you. Eric had the surf and turf and shared my bottle of wine with me. You could tell from the first sip that he was not use to a dry red wine, but after a couple of sips he was determined to drink the glass of wine with me. We sat on the patio watching the ferry’s come in and out to New York.

I drove us home, went into Eric’s room first to get him out of his suit. He was tipsy and giggling from the wine so I undid his jacket and vest, removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, removed his shoes and socks and finally his trousers. Eric tried to unbutton my jacket and vest but his fingers wouldn’t work so he just gave up and waited for me to undress myself. I took the time to hang up his suit and mine.

Eric lay on his bed holding his arms out to me when I went back into his room. I kissed him on the lips, he parted his lips for me so our tongues could mate, I moved down his body kissing his neck and his smooth chest, sucking each of his nipples causing him to giggle even more. I licked his belly button driving him wild, he begged me to stop tickling him but I couldn’t. I continued down his body, I avoided his three inch nail for the moment and continued to lick his inner thighs and behind his knees making him kick at me for tickling him, by the time I got all the way to his toes he was hysterical with fits of laughter. I made my way back up his body to his boy cock and sucked and licked it, taking his small nuggets into my mouth as well. Eric rolled around on his bed, head rolling side to side, arms and legs waving around until he held my head so he could have his dry climax in my mouth.

Eric was giggling too much from the wine to give a halfway decent blow job, and since we were following doc’s orders about leaving his ass alone for a little while to tighten it back to normal size, I kissed his forehead and tucked him into his own bed for the night.


I set the alarm for the morning so I could register him for school. Eric crawled into my bed at some point during the night. When the alarm went off Eric had lost his wine buzz so he turned around on his side so we could suck each other’s cocks and balls before we had to shower and get dressed. I gave Eric another enema treatment, before the shower, we made breakfast then headed to the junior high school to meet with the principal.

I said “Remember Eric, we will put you in the grade that is best for you, not about what grade you should be in because of your age”.

He said “I know, and I understand”.

When we met with Principal Cavanaugh his first question was how old Eric is. I told him to test him for his ability and make a decision from there as to what grade to put him in.

I said to Principal Cavanaugh “Eric is small so he can go into a younger grade and no one has to know. If we put him in a younger class then tell everyone he is ten, not thirteen”.  

Principal Cavanaugh said “I agree, we will do what is best for Eric. If you can fill all this paperwork out and give it to the school secretary I will take Eric and get him started on the testing. I will have him sit in on classes until the test results are completed. Do you want to pick him up afterschool or should we put him on a bus?”

I said “What do you want Eric?”

Eric said “I’ll go with the bus I guess”.

The test results came back and the school decided to put him in the sixth grade. Two grades lower than a thirteen year old would be but Eric did not complain he told his class mates that he was eleven.

Doc came over for Eric’s final checkup it was two weeks since any anal sex with the boy. Doc was extremely pleased with Eric’s health and recovery. Doc said “You both have done very well. Eric your anus is smaller and there are no signs of any STD’s so it is your choice but I see no reason for Jack to wear a condom any longer that is of course if you want him to cum in your ass from now on”.

Eric said “I won’t mind either way. But right now I have a question of my own I want answered, first have either of you dropped a nut today?”

I said “No”

Doc said “Me neither what do you have in mind Eric?”

Eric said “I want to find out who can cum the most, not in me this time on me, cum on my face and my body”.

Eric was already naked for his exam. Doc and I soon joined him. Eric knelt in between us and went from my cock in his mouth to Doc’s alternating sucking each of us, as one of us was getting sucked the other had his cock pumped by Eric’s fist. Eric’s tongue danced around my crown and then to Doc’s, Eric rolled Doc’s foreskin back, both of our cocks glistened with saliva.

Doc said “I’m getting close Eric”.

Eric said “Cum together for me dad, you and doc”. Eric jerked us both off, the cocks aimed at his face.

I said “I’m almost there too Eric”. Eric pulled harder on our cocks we both started to shoot our loads on his face and down his chest. Eric continued to pull and milk our cocks dripping our cum all over his body. Doc ran out of ammunition before I did but it was close enough to call it a tie. Eric rubbed the cum into his face and chest, he rubbed the rest of the cum onto his cock and balls.

Eric started to giggle “Any takers want to lick your cum off of me?”

Doc knows that I am not into men so doc said “I’ll do it”. Doc licked every spot and drop of cum off of Eric and sucked him to a climax in the process. Eric was in a fit of giggles as Doc’s tongue went every inch of the boy’s body, he licked his face, his neck each arm then the boys chest, belly each of his legs and sucked each one of Eric’s toes, before taking the boy cock and balls. When Eric climaxed Doc rolled him over and licked every inch of the boys back, the back of his legs, his ass cheeks and finally he spread Eric’s ass apart and buried his tongue into the asshole.

Doc had enough saliva in the boy’s ass that I didn’t need any lubrication to get my dick in his ass. Eric moaned with pleasure as I took him for the first time without a condom on. His ass was tight and warm as my six inches disappeared into his boy hole. Doc squeezed and licked my balls driving me mad.  Whatever I had left in my balls now got emptied into Eric’s ass. I pulled out of Eric spent. Doc’s tongue replaced my cock in Eric’s ass cleaning up and licking any remnants of my cum from the boy’s cavity.

I was breathing heavy. I said “Eric you are fantastic, Doc you are disgusting”.

Doc said “To each his own Jack, to each his own”.

We all headed upstairs to shower, Doc used Eric’s shower and Eric showered with me.

I adopted Eric six months after I became his legal guardian. For two years we have had a perfect relationship. I pay for Eric’s needs and his smooth hairless body is mine for the asking. Eric was fourteen when he had his first droplet of watery cum from his dick. By the time he was fifteen Eric was still completely hairless although he had grown. He stands five feet tall, eighty pounds and his cock has grown an inch to four inches sticking straight out from his body. His balls are still smooth his left nugget hangs just below the right one. Even at fifteen he still looks he is twelve.


Part 2 - Tyler

Eric walked in the front door from school.

I said “Eric we need to talk”.

He said “Okay dad what is up?”

I said “Eric, I got a phone call from the Colorado State Police. My sister and her husband were killed in a plane crash. The two were flying in a private piper cub and crashed into a mountain side. Their ten year old son Tyler was not with them. I am his only living relative. I have not seen Tyler since he was a baby, we need to fly out to Colorado to arrange for a funeral and to get my nephew Tyler and bring him back here to live with us”.

I didn’t get the response I expected. Eric said “Someone else is going to live with us? Another boy is going to live here?”

I said “Yes Tyler is going to live with us, what is wrong with you?”

He said “I’m getting too old for you aren’t I? You are going to replace me with him aren’t you?”

I said “Eric I have loved you as my son for over two years now, nothing is going to change; don’t you want to have a little brother or friend here with you?”

He said “I don’t want to share you with anyone”.

I said “Eric, my son, my love, I just lost my sister Diane, Tyler just lost his parents, you and I are the only family the boy has, you will treat him with respect and like a brother, as far as sharing I am surprised at you. Now we have to get packed. If you don’t want to go to Colorado with me than I can ask the Doc if you can stay with him until I get back with Tyler, it shouldn’t take anymore than a week to finalize the arrangements. We will fly in the morning; I will call your school to get a week’s worth of assignments for you”.

Eric said “I’m sorry dad I shouldn’t have said what I did I just get jealous sometimes”.

I said “Jealous, you haven’t even met him yet and you are starting with sibling rivalry, what’s next, fighting over who gets to ride in the front seat?”

Eric said “I’m more concerned about riding you in our bed”.

I said “We will take things one day at a time okay”.


Eric stayed behind with the Doc.

I landed in Denver and drove to meet Tyler; I met the social worker that had Tyler. Tyler stands about four foot three inches tall, seventy pounds, sandy blond hair with a crew cut haircut, hazel eyes, a small nose, rosy lips, straight white teeth. Maybe Eric was right; Tyler could be trouble for us, because my dick was hard the entire time I was signing my life away again to be his legal guardian. My eyes kept roaming his body and looking at his crotch as he sat next to me with the social worker. I wonder if my eyes gave my hopes and intensions away.

We finalized the funeral arrangements, very small viewing with a few of Diane and Ken’s friends in the morning with the funeral immediately following the services, the funeral home would send a limo to the house or a hotel for us.

I said “Tyler why don’t we pick some things up for you from the house for tonight, we can stay in a hotel tonight I don’t think you want to stay in the house tonight do you?”

Tyler said “Not really Uncle Jack. What’s going to happen to everything and to me?”

I said “Tyler you will come live with me and my son Eric. He is fifteen but looks more like he is twelve; I hope you two get along. As for the house it will be sold and put into a trust fund for you. If you want things then the movers will take what you want, everything else will be sold as part of the estate. Whatever is sold the money will be yours when you grow up, use it for college or buy a house.  For now let’s get your clothes packed, once we get past tomorrow then we will worry about other things”.

I drove to the house and opened the front door. Tyler hung to my arm as we entered. “My room is this way”. He led me down the hallway we were looking at all the pictures of Diane and Ken in their airplane, and all the photos of them with Tyler as the boy grew up.

Tyler burst into tears and dropped himself on his bed crying his little heart out. I sat next to him and pulled his sobbing body to mine so we could cry together, I wrapped my arms around him, he put his head to my neck and we cried, and cried and cried. Tyler finally cried himself out; the poor blond Adonis cried so much his eyes were puffy and red.

He said “I’m going to miss them”.

I said “I know Tyler, so am I. Let’s get your stuff we are going to have a busy day tomorrow”.

Tyler started to pack I went into the den/office to see what was there. Thank god Diane and Ken were organized I found everything I needed, papers, deed to the house, titles for the cars everything was there including life insurance policies. I went back to Tyler’s room to see how he was doing.  I helped him finish packing and found a suit in his closet so we packed his dress up clothes for the funeral.

At the hotel I said “Tyler I need a shower it has been a long day, would you like to get a shower as well?” I had no intension of doing anything with him the first day but I thought I might get a peak anyway. Tyler shrugged his shoulders so I lifted the polo shirt over his head showing his creamy white chest with dime sized titties that were just slightly darker than his chest. He kicked of his sneakers.

I said “Come on you can shower first, I need to shave anyway”. I led the shirtless boy to the bathroom and turned the shower on. His emotions must have been maxed out and made him numb because I undid the button on his jeans and lowered the zipper, I hooked his white briefs at the same time and lowered them off his slender legs. Tyler put his hand on my shoulder to steady himself as his pants, underwear and socks were removed. I smiled and admired his soft circumcised dick resting on his hairless small balls, his flaccid dick less than an inch long. I wondered how long it will get when I suck it for the first time. I put my hand on his tight cute little ass, I said “Go on get in the shower or do you need help?”

Tyler said “No I can do it”. He stepped into the shower and closed the curtain. Lucky for me it was a clear plastic shower curtain. I undressed and started to shave in the mirror keeping one eye on the razor the other on the small form behind me. I tried to keep my dick at bay but the thing has a mind of its own when it comes to cute boys. Soon I will have two cute boys living under my roof. Tyler opened the curtain and left the water running for me, I turned from the mirror my dick not at its full six inches but close. Tyler looked at my cock but didn’t say anything, he grabbed a towel and started to dry off, his small cock stayed soft the entire time. I finished my shower, my cock slowly deflating. Tyler let me help him with his pajamas when we were done in the bathroom. I wasn’t going to push anything so I put on a pair of shorts. Tyler fell asleep on the edge of the bed with his back to me. I took the other side of the king bed and crashed myself after a long day.

The limo picked us up after breakfast, both clean and in dark suits. Tyler wearing a navy blue suit, me in a dark grey suit. Tyler’s suit fit him well and reminded me of Eric showing off his suits. What can I say, boys in suits is a turn on for me like boys in pajamas is for others I know. Tyler cried over the closed caskets there was no way to have them open from the plane crash. Friends of Diane and Ken came to the viewing and the eulogy services all offering condolences to both of us. By two o’clock the caskets were at the grave sites. Tyler hung on to my arm as the minister said a final prayer and everyone put a rose or carnation on the caskets. Tyler and I were the last to go.

Tyler wiped the tears from his eyes, put two roses down and said “I love you mom and dad. I will miss you”.

I put the roses on the caskets and said “Goodbye Diane, Ken. I will take good care of your boy. I will treat him like he was my own son”.

The funeral director came to us and said “It’s time to go” and led us back to the limo. Tyler slid over to me in the back seat I wrapped my arm around him. He didn’t cry but tears ran down his face as the limo pulled away.

I kissed his forehead and said “It is going to hurt Tyler but we will get through this together. I promise you that I will take care of you”.

The limo dropped us off at the hotel, I drove to the house. I took Tyler’s suit jacket off and hung it in the closet, then undid his tie. He still looked sexy with the light blue button down shirt and the navy blue pants of the suit on his thin frame.  I said “I am going to get comfortable then I need to make some phone calls. Is there something you would like to do Tyler?”

Tyler said “No can I help you Uncle Jack?”

I said “Sure why don’t you get changed then start going through things that you want to take with you. Here take these sticky notes and mark anything that you want. That way when the movers come they will pack everything. I am going to donate your parent’s clothes to charity. The furniture and the cars will be sold in the estate auction, so make sure you tag everything with your name so it comes with us.  Here give me your suit pants I will hang them with the jacket”.

Tyler undid the belt and pulled the pants off showing me his tightie whities. I folded the pants along the crease and put them with the jacket. He took off the button down shirt now just standing there in front of me with only his underwear and his black socks on. My cock started to swell again. I took my jacket, tie and pants off and hung them on a hanger as well. The button down came off and I tossed his and my shirt into the laundry hamper in his room. Tyler just stood there looking at me in my white boxers and my black socks. I took my socks off and tossed them into the laundry. Tyler took his socks off and added them to the laundry.

I pulled a pair of shorts and a tee shirt out of my bag. I pushed my boxers to the floor and put them in with the rest of the laundry. Tyler didn’t say anything, just hooked his briefs and pushed them to the floor and into the laundry as well giving me another perfect display of his young blond headed body. My dick continued to grow in front of him.

Tyler said “Uncle Jack why does your dickie get hard, it was hard last night in the shower too”.

I said “Well Tyler that may take some time to explain, let me ask you does your dickie ever get hard?”

He giggled “Yeah sometimes, mom always yelled at me for it though”.

I said “Tyler I promise you that I will never yell at you or get mad at you if your dickie gets hard. As a matter of fact your cousin Eric his dickie is always hard, well I guess for the record so is mine”. I tossed my t-shirt and shorts on his bed. I said “Tyler does it upset or bother you that I am naked in front of you?” He shook his head ‘No’. I said “Good, Eric and I usually stay naked around the house”.

Tyler said “Okay Uncle Jack”.

Tyler never bothered to put anything on he just followed me around the house with his marker and sticky notes, his soft little dick and cute little ass driving me crazy. I wanted to ravage his little body starting with the top of his blond head and nibble on his cute little ears down his neck, his nose and his rosy lips, sucking his nipples and continuing down his body until I got to his toes and work my way back up to his prize. Hopefully by the time I got there it would be standing at attention waiting to be saluted.

But a sense of reality struck me and told me to wait. I also got a flash back of Eric and what he said before I left. ‘I’m getting too old for you aren’t I? You are going to replace me with him aren’t you?’; ‘I don’t want to share you’. Well Eric is going to have to figure out a way to cope with Tyler.

I sat down at the desk in the office and turned on the computer but it was password protected. I said “Tyler do you know the password for the computer?”

He said “I have my password but mom and dad have the parents control on”.

I laughed “You mean parental controls”.

He said “That’s what I said”. He climbed on my lap avoiding sitting on my semi-hard dick. He sat on my thigh my cock touching his creamy white smooth thigh. He typed in his password, it was a start but I needed to get into their financial records so his password wasn’t going to work for me. I had my arms around him with my hands on the keyboard and mouse. Tyler watched me as I worked the computer.

I said “When is your birthday Tyler?”

Tyler said “March 31st”.

I typed ‘Tyler03312002’ into the keyboard, nope, ‘Tyler0331’ yes I got the right password on the second try. I searched the computer for the files I was looking for. Tyler stayed on my lap but started to slide down so he reached down to scoot back up he had his left hand on my knee his right hand ended up on my cock. He pulled his hand away “Oops, sorry Uncle Jack”.

I said “You don’t have to be sorry Tyler”. I didn’t say out loud is ‘I wish you would keep you small hand wrapped around my dick for a while’. I also resisted the urge to take my hand to his little dick while he sat on my lap. “Are you getting hungry Tyler, how about pizza?”

“Okay Uncle Jack”.

I said “If there a place you normally order from go get the number, and then you should get some clothes on, please bring me my shorts and t-shirt, I left them in your room”. He slid off my lap his hand went down the length of my shaft before he walked around the desk to head for the kitchen and his bedroom. Watching his tight ass as he left the office I was teeming with lust for my nephew. I returned my attention to the computer and created lists of things that would be sold, donated or shipped back to New Jersey. I got up and walked around to see what Tyler had marked.

He marked all the photos in the hallway, his bedroom furniture, his bike in the garage, baseball glove, bat and ball, which gave me an image and chill of him dressed in a baseball uniform, something I never could get Eric interested in. I kept looking around, a kite, and model airplanes, posters of fighter jets, a fishing rod and reel with a small tackle box.

I thought of Eric’s room, posters of rock bands, rappers, his electric guitar and amp, his baggie pants and oversized tie-die t-shirts, granted he does clean up nice too, but I let him be who he wants to be. I just hope Eric takes to Tyler and vice versa otherwise my life is about to be turned upside down.

Tyler caught up to me carrying my shorts, shirt and the phone, I was in his parents’ room doing inventory of clothes and furniture. He sat down on the bed and the tears started to pour again as he looked around. I picked him up and he wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist, he put his head on my shoulder and bawled another session of loss, fear, uncertainty, and maybe even anger. He cried and his whole body shook, I had to sit down so I turned around and sat on the bed, still cradling him to my chest so he could cry himself out. My dick went into the opening of his shorts and touched his balls and rubbed against his little dick. It should have been wrong we just buried his parents and my sister this afternoon but it was a bolt of lightning going through me, my dick just grew more to its full extent inside the leg opening of the shorts he had on.

Tyler finally exhausted himself out from crying. He said “I’m sorry Uncle Jack, look what I have done you’re soaked”.

I said “its okay Tyler, you are going to cry for a while, as for getting me wet I will dry, what do you want on your pizza?”

Tyler looked down and giggled “Your dickie is in my shorts, it feels funny”.

I said “It feels pretty good to me Tyler”. I picked up the boy to free my cock from his shorts I put him down on the floor, the front of his shorts were tented out. I leaned forward, looked into his eyes then reached for the waistband of his shorts to take a look at what he had. He pulled his shirt up as I pulled the waistband out from his body. He was sporting a two and a half inch circumcised boy boner about as thick as a ring finger. I said “Very nice Tyler, I like that if you let me I would like to touch it, but first what do you want on your pizza or do you want something else?”

He said “Can we have McDonalds instead?”

I said “Sure but we have to go through the drive thru we can’t go inside looking like this”.  I put my shorts and shirt on covering enough of our hard ons at the drive thru window to pickup cheeseburgers for him and a Big Mac and fries plus a couple of sodas then returned to the house to eat and continue to get things done and get to know each other more.

After dinner I went back to the computer to continue to work. Tyler joined me on my lap again. He still had his shorts and t-shirt on and so did I. I ran my hand up the inside of his thigh going further and further closer to the leg hole of the shorts.  “Hey that tickles”. I was at the middle of his inner thigh.

I said “Are you ticklish all over or just certain spots?”

He giggled “All over, are we going to stay here tonight or are we going back to the hotel?”

I said “The hotel is paid for but that doesn’t matter, so if you want to stay here we can, or we can go back to the hotel. I have to contact a lawyer in the morning”. My hand continued up his thigh towards his prize he fidgeted in my lap.

Before I got too carried away with him the words of Eric rang in my head again. ‘I don’t want to share you’ what was I going to do about that I am surely attracted to Tyler.  I said “Go get my cell phone please”. I looked at the clock on the computer it’s late but why not.

I dialed the speed dial number “Hello”

I said “Hi kiddo everything alright?”

“Yeah dad, everything is cool, how about you, how are you doing?”

I said “The funeral was today. I know it’s late so don’t stay on the phone to long say hi to your cousin Tyler”. I handed the phone to Tyler “It’s Eric talk to him but don’t stay on too long he has school tomorrow”.

Tyler said “What should I say?”

I shooed him away out of the office “Uhm hi Eric”.

After the meeting with the estate lawyer who was going to take care of everything for a fee of course, donating all the clothing to the Goodwill, moving everything that was to be shipped that Tyler wanted into his room so the movers only had one room to worry about packing, getting Tyler’s medical records and school records together, plus all of the paperwork from the house, and the computer I decided to drive home with one of the cars instead of fly. I turned in the rental and packed up the SUV with as much as we could pack. I could sell the SUV when we got home, or maybe keep it for Eric, although I will give him a slammer car as his first car when he turns seventeen. 

I said “Are you ready to go Tyler?”

He walked through the house that he grew up in one more time. I held out my hand for him, he took my hand and said “I guess. I am going to miss this place, my friends are here and so is mom and dad”.

I said “I know Tyler we will stop by the cemetery on the way out to say our goodbyes. You will start a new life just like Eric did some two years ago”.

Tyler said “How did Eric start a new life?”

I said “I will let him tell that story if he wants to, he may not want to tell you, we have kept it a secret and until recently it would stay that way, come on we have a long trip ahead of us, your stuff should get there about the same time we do, the lawyer and the movers will be here in an hour or so”.

We drove to the cemetery, the headstone was in place, we put flowers on the graves and I left Tyler alone for as long as he wanted to say goodbye. He came to me with tears in his eyes and down his cheeks. “I’m ready Uncle Jack”. I got on the interstate heading east. I made it across most of Kansas before I had to call it quits for the night. Damn that is a big state to drive across with nothing to look at except miles and miles of wheat and corn with an occasional barn or house.

The motel had a restaurant next door so we ate first then took showers. Both of us had hard ons and I so much wanted to touch and take him but I did not touch him. I made him put his pajamas on and sleep in the other bed. So close yet so far away. The only physical contact with his smooth body was maybe grabbing his waist to move him out of the way a little in the small bathroom.

I figured a way to solve my dilemma with Eric well I hoped I did anyway. For the entire week I resisted my urges for the boy. I kept my mind on the things that had to get done and my hands off of Tyler. My grand scheme was to let Eric have him first if they both agreed to a little fooling around. I did not want ‘The Clash of the Cousins’ as act one of this new play in our lives. I was hoping for ‘The Kissing Cousins’ as act one, or act two who knows, I wanted them to be friends at least. The rest time would tell.

It was Saturday night so I tossed my cell phone to Tyler on the other bed and said “Call Eric he is speed dial 1, and before you ask what to say you figure it out, don’t open the door for anyone I will be back in a little while so you can talk about anything you want”. I wanted to know, I wanted to ease drop on the conversation but I also wanted them to get to know each other on their terms. I walked back to the restaurant to have a couple of beers at the bar wondering what was going on between them on the phone. I wanted to know what they talked about the night of the funeral but I squelched that desire to ask Tyler just as I have the desire to touch his body in a sensual and sexual way. When I see Eric in two days I am going to fuck the living shit out of him.

Mental note to self, text Doc and make sure Eric is cleaned out and ready to go for Monday after school, that is when I expect to be home. Additional note to self, Doc can do a physical on Tyler and review his medical records. I am sure Ken and Diane took good care of the boy but it doesn’t hurt to have a second opinion after all Doc does seem to specialize in the care and well being of young boys, teenagers and young men, you rarely see a female patient at his office.

Sunday was another day of driving, I might have made it all the way home but I was getting tired and Tyler was bored and fidgety in the car so I stopped for the night. The rest of the trip home all I could think of was Eric’s warm tight ass and me not dropping a nut in over a week. I have to admit that the thought of Tyler watching me fuck his cousin was also turning me on but I was going to wait on that angle.


Pulling into the driveway I expected Eric to be home but he wasn’t so I led Tyler around the townhouse showing him his room. He started to unpack his belongings from the car. I pulled Tyler’s bike off the roof rack and put it in the garage, I heard kids laughing at the bottom of the road, then three teen boys on bikes started up the incline, Eric was in the middle with his friends Chuck and Toby. Neither of the boys are bad kids, Chuck always thinks he is a bad ass and too cool for everyone else around him, Toby is just a fat porker that has no class at all and is a human vacuum cleaner when it comes to a refrigerator but Eric found friendship in the two so who am I to complain. Eric is the oldest of the three but you would never know it because of his size, Chuck is the youngest at thirteen but the tallest and even has a thin line of hair on his upper lip that he is always combing like he is a man.

Eric dumped his bike on the front yard and came running over to me. I hugged his small frame his friends were not close to him so I whispered in his ear. “I want your ass tonight”.

Tyler came out of the garage for another load of stuff to take to his new room. The boys all said hi and helped unload the rest of the SUV. The four boys hung out in Eric’s room for the afternoon. I kicked Toby and Chuck out before dinner so Eric and Tyler could get to know each other.

At the dinner table I said “Eric, Tyler I want you both to listen to me, I want you two to be friends, not jealous of each other. Hopefully you have talked over the last couple of days I have not pried into what you have talked about. Eric I have not told Tyler how you came to be with me I figure that is your choice to tell him if you choose to”.

Eric said “We talked about things we like to do, I told Tyler that I like my guitar, he likes baseball and soccer”.

I said “Eric you had me concerned with your attitude before I left”.

Eric said “I know dad, and I am sorry. Tyler I said I didn’t want to share dad’s affection with anyone else. But that is not fair to you. Doc set me straight that I really am a lucky kid, so I guess I will share dad’s love with you Tyler”.

I said “Tyler there is something you need to know, the choice is yours to make but Eric and I are lovers. And for the record Eric as tempting as Tyler is I have not touched him at all in a sexual way I figured as long as you both agree then I will let the younger generation have first dibs. Tyler tomorrow I want the Doc to give you a physical then we will get you into school. Tyler you must promise never to tell anyone”.

“Okay Uncle Jack, I promise”.

Eric said “Tyler have you ever fooled around with another boy before?”

Tyler said “What do you mean?”

Eric said “I mean if you let us dad and I would really like to play with your dick and even suck it”.

Tyler said “You’re kidding right?” He looked at our faces, we weren’t kidding.

I said “Maybe not tonight, and only when and if you are ready. Why don’t you sleep in Eric’s bed tonight, your furniture and the rest of your stuff should be here tomorrow. Tomorrow is a school day for both of you, so let’s get this mess cleaned up. Eric do you still have homework to do?”


I said “Then my original plans will have to wait. Do your homework and sleep in your bed. Tyler we will set you up on the couch for tonight unless you want to sleep with me with pajamas on, I want you to be comfortable around us, I did explain to you that Eric and I usually are naked around the house”.

Tyler said “I know, but I think I want my pajamas on tonight”.

Eric said “Any chance that you will let me get a peak before the pajamas go on?”


Eric said “I’m sorry Tyler, I shouldn’t have said that”.

Tyler said “It’s alright but we just met today, Uncle Jack I will sleep on the couch tonight”.

The boys helped clean up the dishes and Eric started on his homework at the kitchen table while Tyler took a shower and I put sheets and a blanket on the couch. Tyler came downstairs in a pair of Colorado Rockies baseball uniform pajamas, with the button down short sleeve top and the bottoms looking like a perfect replica of a baseball uniform including the pocket on the back, his short crew cut blond hair still a little damp and smelled clean with herbal fragrances of the shampoo. Tyler yawned covering his mouth.

Eric came out of the kitchen and looked at Tyler in the pajamas. He said “Hey Tyler you look great in those, maybe someday you will get to put on the real thing when you make the major leagues. Imagine that, my little cousin who I never knew until today will be a great major league baseball player. What is it going to be, outfield, infield, pitcher or the most stolen bases ever?”

Eric’s comment earned a smile from the tired ten year old. It also earned a prize; Tyler pulled up the pajama top with one hand and pulled down the bottom with the other showing Eric what he had hidden away, which put a smile on Eric’s face. Not to be outdone Eric unbuttoned his baggy jeans and pushed everything down and lifted his baggy shirt to reveal his still hairless semi-hard dick and balls to Tyler, both boys now smiling at each other.

Eric said “Goodnight Tyler, dad I will finish my homework upstairs, I need the computer anyway for history”.

Tyler said “Goodnight Eric”.

I tucked Tyler to bed on the couch. I waited until he was asleep and went upstairs to the office for a while then to bed. As I passed Eric’s room the door was mostly closed but not all the way, I opened the door slightly to see Eric working on his computer with a map of the globe and zooming in on areas to finish his homework. I started to close the door and then went on a hunch. I opened the door and came behind him and kissed the top of his head and then hit the Alt-Tab key on his computer to see what else he had open.


I said “Don’t dad me, it is a parent’s right to check on what a child may be looking at on the internet, or even worse chatting with. Do you know how many nut jobs are out there just waiting to temp a boy into doing something wrong not to mention illegal”.

Eric busted up laughing “Dad I was a boy prostitute and you were the john that abducted me, that gives me an idea, we can start a website for dirty old men to log onto and pay a fortune to live chat with a boy that can describe every imaginable position, we can use the webcam setup so the johns can see me undress and I can stick things in my ass and the john would cum allover himself wishing it was his cock going into my ass instead of a dildo. Maybe if we block out our faces or distort the image of our faces anyway then when a john logged on and paid for a sex act you could act out the johns’ fantasy”.

I said “You are not a prostitute anymore you are my son who needs to finish his homework and go to bed”.

Eric said “Dad I wouldn’t be a prostitute, the only one that would fuck me would be you or Uncle Walt. You know I love it why not make money from it”.

I said “Eric stop it and finish your homework, I would get arrested and then both of you will end up in foster care again”.

He was on a roll “Dad you could do what you do with other people’s money, move it around so much it is untraceable, we wouldn’t get caught, we could setup a few basic fantasies on the website, maybe one ‘A Doctors Visit’ I bet Uncle Walt would go for it, another could be ‘Leathers’. Tyler’s pajamas just gave me another idea how about ‘Bat Boy and Ball Boy’ believe me the johns won’t be looking at our faces just our dicks and your dick and Doc’s dick in every hole we have to offer. We could wear masks as well”.

I had to admit his idea was getting me hard as hell, I felt his forehead. I said it seems that you have a slight fever Eric I might have to keep you out of school tomorrow and have the Doc check you out when he sees Tyler in the morning. You can go to school after the Doc when I take Tyler to his new school”.

I pulled his shirt over his head and started to caress his smooth chest and nipples from behind him. Eric undid his pants and lifted himself off the chair and removed everything but his socks. His four inch cut cock pointing straight up and hard as a nail. I spun his computer chair around and dropped to my knees taking his boy cock into my mouth. Eric closed his eyes and put his head back as I sucked his wonderful dick and licked his balls. Eric spread his legs for me I licked below his balls and smelled a fragrance that I did not recognize but I liked the smell. I licked his ass and tasted oranges I went back to sucking his boy cock. Eric held my head signaling that he was getting close; I sucked his hairless balls and tongued his asshole again then returned to his dick to finish him off. I looked up and his eyes were still closed.  I went for the finishing moment sucking his dick I put a finger in his ass and he climaxed with everything he had which for him was still just a drop or two of sweet watery boy jizz.

I released his twitching cock from my mouth. From behind me a soft voice said “What is a prostitute?”

Eric’s eyes popped open and I spun around to see Tyler standing at the doorway. I said “Tyler what is the matter I thought you were asleep?”

Tyler said “I was but then I decided to sleep in your bed so I came upstairs”.

Eric said “I was a prostitute, I got money by having sex with men like dad but he rescued me from the streets and now I only have sex with him and one other man, Uncle Walt or Doc. Since I don’t have to go to school until you do, do you want to watch how I use to make money? Well money for my pimp actually I never got much money at all”.

I said “Tyler go get into my bed, I will be there in a little while”.

I got up and Eric undid my belt, pants button and zipper. The rest of my clothes soon hit the floor of Eric’s bedroom my lust overpowered the father and uncle that I should be. Eric started sucking and licking my cock as he pushed me back towards his bed. I fell on the bed and Eric continued to suck my cock and balls.

Eric said “Uncle Walt used orange blossom oil in my butt, please fuck me dad, Tyler if you don’t want to watch then go to dads bed, if you do will you take your pajamas off for us just so we can see you naked”.

My desire and lust to have a boy’s ass got the best of me so Eric lay on the bed with his legs in the air, socks still on his feet, and I aimed my cock at his asshole. Tyler never moved but stayed in the pajamas. I held Eric’s ankles as my cock went in and out of his ass my balls slapping his ass on every stroke inside my boy lover.

Eric moaned and cried out “Yes daddy, please fuck me, I am sorry daddy I should have come with you, please fuck me, yes, yes, yes”.

I kept talking and moaning about how much I missed him and his warm boy pussy. I blew my pent up load deep inside Eric’s ass. I fell forward on top of him, my cock still buried in his ass, our lips met for a split second before our mouths were open and our tongues doing the dance of love. Eric wrapped his arms around me begging me for more; my cock was still hard so I continued to fuck him in his cum filled ass until I blew another much needed load in his ass. Eric climaxed again with his cock between our bellies. I rolled over bringing Eric with me to relieve him of my weight; he rode my shaft for one more cum while stroking his own cock to bring us both to a third and final climax for the night. Whatever had built up in my balls for over a week was now dripping down Eric’s legs once he released my cock from his ass and stood up. Eric’s bed was also a mess.

I led Eric and Tyler to my bed. Eric was on my left with cum still oozing from his anal cavity and Tyler on my right still in his baseball uniform pajamas. Each boy had their head on a pillow and my shoulder at the same time, each had an arm across my chest and touching each other. Eric draped his leg over mine then Tyler did the same.

Tyler asked “Uncle Jack are you going to do what you did to Eric to me?”

I kissed the top of each boy’s head and said “Not if you don’t want me to Tyler, not if you don’t want me to”. Both boys were sound asleep in a matter of a minute and I was right behind them.

In the morning I called the high school and told them Eric was running a fever and I had to take my nephew to see the doctor so I would take Eric as well and that if the doctor said its okay then Eric would be in school later in the day. Doc did a complete checkup on Tyler including one of his favorite exams a greased, gloved finger inside the boy’s ass. Doc asked Tyler what he normally eats and after the answer of McDonalds and other fast food chain stuff Doc determined that the boy needed a complete flushing to get his intestines working properly. Doc knew what I did to Eric so both boys were taken to the wash room with enema bags with solution stuffed up their asses. Eric coached Tyler through the entire process and when Tyler let loose the first time his bowels looked like all the junk food I fed him for the last week. I had to promise Doc that I would feed him more nutritious and healthier foods for a growing boy.

I took Eric to school first with a note from me and the Doc that he could resume normal school activities. Tyler was next at the elementary school where I handed over his school records and a copy of the court order to Mrs. Harper the principal. She showed us around the school for a few minutes, Tyler kept picking at his butt she questioned him about it.

Tyler said “The doctor said I should eat better and not as much junk food so I don’t have to go through the cleaning process again”.

Mrs. Harper took charge of her new pupil and dismissed me. I said I would pick him up after school but she strongly suggested that Tyler jump right into his new environment and learn the bus system starting today. I had to wonder if she was a warden in a woman’s prison or maybe a drill instructor in the military before she became a principal. As I walked away from the school I texted Eric and told him to miss his bus so he could take the later bus with Tyler so he at least had a familiar face on the bus to ride home with.

I went home to work and wait for the movers to show with Tyler’s belongings and wondered how Tyler would fair for his first day of school.

The movers showed up around 11:00 and took care of setting up Tyler’s room and unpacking his things.

I watched the bus stop for Tyler and Eric the group of boys got off the bus laughing and joking Eric with his friends Chuck, Toby and Tyler right with them the boys shoving each other playfully, kicking the other boy’s ass or running away not to get kicked next in the game the boys split up each heading to their own townhouses.

I said “How was school?”

Tyler said “It was okay I think I even made new friends at lunch time. I was nice of Eric and his friends to ride on my bus home we had fun”.

Eric smiled at Tyler and at me. He said “Chuck got detention again so we all took the later bus”.

I said “The movers came your room is all setup Tyler”.

Both boys took off upstairs to check it out I was pleased with my boys.

The week went by as normal, me making money with other people’s money, the boys at school and becoming friends and playing, Eric trying to teach Tyler the guitar Tyler teaching Eric about baseball.

Since Tyler’s arrival three weeks ago life with an athletic nephew has certainly changed for Eric and I, baseball and soccer and now Tyler wants to play basketball as well, we were at Tyler’s soccer game sitting on the bleachers with all the other parents and siblings cheering on Tyler and his team.

Eric leaned into me and whispered “Dad their all cute but Tyler definitely makes the soccer uniform look good”.

I wrapped my arm around him hugging him to me. I whispered back to him “I am proud of you son you have been great with Tyler making him feel at home and treating him like a brother”.

Eric whispered “I like him he’s cool I just wish he would let us”  I squeezed his leg knowing what he wanted but a soccer game with other parents and kids around wasn’t the place to air out our desires to have Tyler join us in our sexual endeavors. It was a good place to check out all the boys running around in soccer shorts and shirts. It’s a good thing Eric had his baggie pants on because I knew he had a hard on which I planned on taking care of after the game.

Tyler’s teammate and new friend Kyle kicked the ball to Tyler, Tyler scored a goal. Eric and I jumped up and cheered along with the other parents. Eric’s hard on showed more when he stood up I hoped none of the parents noticed but if they had what else does a fifteen year old do other than get hard ons.

When the game ended Tyler and Kyle came over to the sideline to get hugs and congrats for scoring the winning goal.

Tyler said “Uncle Jack can we give Kyle a ride home his mom couldn’t make the game”.

I said “Sure you guys did great out there, great teamwork”.

Kyle said “Thanks, now that Tyler is on the team we have a chance of winning”.

Eric said “How about ice cream my treat for the victors”.

Tyler smiled at him. I drove the boys to the DQ Kyle and Tyler in the back of the BMW 745 with Eric in the front seat. Kyle had his foot on the hump with his knee up giving me a nice view up the leg of his soccer shorts in the rear view mirror. After the ice cream sundaes on the way to Kyle’s house both Tyler and Kyle had their feet on the hump banging their knees together all three boys singing ‘we are the champions’ all I could do was smile and join in as the tenor.

Kyle said “I’m sorry Mr. Hayes but I don’t have my house key”.

Tyler said “Why don’t you come to our house Uncle Jack can take you home later or your mom can pick you up”.

I said “You are welcome to stay overnight if you want to you and Tyler are about the same size so you can wear his clothes”.

Tyler and Kyle looked at each other Tyler said “Really Uncle Jack Kyle can sleep over?”

I passed my cell phone to the back seat “Sure, call your mom or dad and see if it’s okay we will have a victory party for the daring duo that scored the winning goal”. The smiles radiating from the back seat where blinding. The smile from the horny teen in the front seat wasn’t bad either.

Kyle called his mother and got permission to stay over I had to put the call on the Bluetooth hands free to ensure her that it would be no problem staying over and I said it would be good for the boys since Tyler was new to the area and needed friends. I didn’t go into the deaths of his family and he was appreciative that I left that out of the conversation but was thrilled his new friend could spend the night. As soon as the call was terminated the boys broke out in song again.

I pulled into the garage and I let Eric move the current ‘city slammer’ into the driveway which was all of twenty feet of driving for him but would certainly get my cock sucked for letting the teen behind the wheel.

Eric said “Great game you guys, dad I’m going to Chuck’s house for a while I’ll be home for dinner”.

Tyler showed Kyle every room of the townhouse the two of them chatting about everything and reliving the set play and goal over and over again so proud with themselves with their victory. The two boys settled down at the game console still in their soccer uniforms sitting Indian style on the floor. I went about my business until it got close to dinner time. I could tell from the laughter and the horseplay that Tyler was happy and Kyle was actually his friend.

Tyler said to Kyle “I know Uncle Jack is going to make me take a bath or shower after dinner do you want to take one too. You can wear my sweats or pajamas for tonight”.

Kyle replied “You don’t wear goofy pajamas with cartoon animals on them do you?”

Tyler said “No most of mine are baseball uniform replicas I like the Colorado Rockies or basketball uniforms like the Denver Nuggets when it’s warm in Colorado that’s where I’m from. Now that I live here with my uncle and cousin well I should warn you I still wear pajamas to bed but they don’t. What do you wear to bed?”

Kyle looked around to see if I or Eric was within ear shot not knowing I was above them on the landing upstairs. He whispered “I usually sleep in my underwear but I have taken them off sometimes and slept naked it’s kind of, ahh, I don’t know its’ different not to have anything on in bed, it feels funny and strange but it feels good at the same time. If I tell you something will you promise not to tell anyone at school?”

Tyler said “Okay I have promised not to tell other secrets so I promise I won’t tell yours”.

Kyle whispered “Sometimes my wiener gets hard when I’m naked and I rub it against my sheets I get this tingly feeling, I know I shouldn’t do it but it just feels good. My mom caught me once and spanked me for it so I have to be extra careful now have you ever done what I have done?

Tyler started to giggle and said “You should see my cousin Eric doing it, he is fifteen but doesn’t look it trust me Uncle Jack will not spank you or tell your mom”.

Kyle said “You didn’t answer my question”.

Tyler said “Yes I have gotten the tingly feeling before but I think tonight is going to be special we can tell Uncle Jack that we will sleep down here on the couch. I won’t tell secrets but do you think you and I could get the tingly feeling together later?”

Kyle whispered “Are you sure we won’t get caught?”

Tyler said “Eric might want to hang with us but I think I can convince Uncle Jack to make sure he stays upstairs tonight. Uncle Jack will be coming down from the office soon and Eric will be home for dinner. If you want to have some fun with me at dinner let’s take off our underwear and keep our shorts on, just spread your legs a little but not too much it will drive them nuts. They will both stay upstairs I promise. But now you have to promise you won’t say anything either”.

Kyle stood up and looked around again and lowered his soccer shorts and underwear giving Tyler a view of his package that I couldn’t see. I could see his cute little ass though, if I had to pay for boy pussy anymore I would spend a thousand to have his ass but I don’t have to pay for it anymore. Tyler stood and lowered his shorts and underwear as well. Both boys were checking each other out and smiling before the soccer shorts went back on.

I backtracked to the office and made enough noise that the boys below could hear, perfect timing from Eric as he walked in the front door for dinner.

I said “Hey guys anyone getting hungry, how does BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and baked beans sound?”

“Sounds Great!”

I said “Okay my Tony the Tigers everyone to the kitchen and wash up. Kyle everyone here helps out but if you need help just ask, there is a first time for everything”.

Kyle smiled at Tyler then at Eric and me “I’m looking forward to it Mr. Hayes and thank you for inviting me over”.


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