Pro's and Con's Part II

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Since Tyler's arrival three weeks ago life with an athletic nephew has certainly changed for Eric and I, baseball and soccer and now Tyler wants to play basketball as well, we were at Tyler's soccer game sitting on the bleachers with all the other parents and siblings cheering on Tyler and his team.

Eric leaned into me and whispered "Dad their all cute but Tyler definitely makes the soccer uniform look good".

I wrapped my arm around him hugging him to me. I whispered back to him "I am proud of you son you have been great with Tyler making him feel at home and treating him like a brother".

Eric whispered "I like him he's cool I just wish he would let us" I squeezed his leg knowing what he wanted but a soccer game with other parents and kids around wasn't the place to air out our desires to have Tyler join us in our sexual endeavors. It was a good place to check out all the boys running around in soccer shorts and shirts. It's a good thing Eric had his baggie pants on because I knew he had a hard on which I planned on taking care of after the game.

Tyler's teammate and new friend Kyle kicked the ball to Tyler, Tyler scored a goal. Eric and I jumped up and cheered along with the other parents. Eric's hard on showed more when he stood up I hoped none of the parents noticed but if they had what else does a fifteen year old do other than get hard ons.

When the game ended Tyler and Kyle came over to the sideline to get hugs and congrats for scoring the winning goal.

Tyler said "Uncle Jack can we give Kyle a ride home his mom couldn't make the game".

I said "Sure you guys did great out there, great teamwork".

Kyle said "Thanks, now that Tyler is on the team we have a chance of winning".

Eric said "How about ice cream my treat for the victors".

Tyler smiled at him. I drove the boys to the DQ Kyle and Tyler in the back of the BMW 745 with Eric in the front seat. Kyle had his foot on the hump with his knee up giving me a nice view up the leg of his soccer shorts in the rear view mirror. After the ice cream sundaes on the way to Kyle's house both Tyler and Kyle had their feet on the hump banging their knees together all three boys singing `we are the champions' all I could do was smile and join in as the tenor.

Kyle said "I'm sorry Mr. Hayes but I don't have my house key".

Tyler said "Why don't you come to our house Uncle Jack can take you home later or your mom can pick you up".

I said "You are welcome to stay overnight if you want to you and Tyler are about the same size so you can wear his clothes".

Tyler and Kyle looked at each other Tyler said "Really Uncle Jack Kyle can sleep over?"

I passed my cell phone to the back seat "Sure, call your mom or dad and see if it's okay we will have a victory party for the daring duo that scored the winning goal". The smiles radiating from the back seat where blinding. The smile from the horny teen in the front seat wasn't bad either.

Kyle called his mother and got permission to stay over I had to put the call on the Bluetooth hands free to ensure her that it would be no problem staying over and I said it would be good for the boys since Tyler was new to the area and needed friends. I didn't go into the deaths of his family and he was appreciative that I left that out of the conversation but was thrilled his new friend could spend the night. As soon as the call was terminated the boys broke out in song again.

I pulled into the garage and I let Eric move the current `city slammer' into the driveway which was all of twenty feet of driving for him but would certainly get my cock sucked for letting the teen behind the wheel.

Eric said "Great game you guys, dad I'm going to Chuck's house for a while I'll be home for dinner".

Tyler showed Kyle every room of the townhouse the two of them chatting about everything and reliving the set play and goal over and over again so proud with themselves with their victory. The two boys settled down at the game console still in their soccer uniforms sitting Indian style on the floor. I went about my business until it got close to dinner time. I could tell from the laughter and the horseplay that Tyler was happy and Kyle was actually his friend.

Tyler said to Kyle "I know Uncle Jack is going to make me take a bath or shower after dinner do you want to take one too. You can wear my sweats or pajamas for tonight".

Kyle replied "You don't wear goofy pajamas with cartoon animals on them do you?"

Tyler said "No most of mine are baseball uniform replicas I like the Colorado Rockies or basketball uniforms like the Denver Nuggets when it's warm in Colorado that's where I'm from. Now that I live here with my uncle and cousin well I should warn you I still wear pajamas to bed but they don't. What do you wear to bed?"

Kyle looked around to see if I or Eric was within ear shot not knowing I was above them on the landing upstairs. He whispered "I usually sleep in my underwear but I have taken them off sometimes and slept naked it's kind of, ahh, I don't know its' different not to have anything on in bed, it feels funny and strange but it feels good at the same time. If I tell you something will you promise not to tell anyone at school?"

Tyler said "Okay I have promised not to tell other secrets so I promise I won't tell yours".

Kyle whispered "Sometimes my wiener gets hard when I'm naked and I rub it against my sheets I get this tingly feeling, I know I shouldn't do it but it just feels good. My mom caught me once and spanked me for it so I have to be extra careful now have you ever done what I have done?

Tyler started to giggle and said "You should see my cousin Eric doing it, he is fifteen but doesn't look it trust me Uncle Jack will not spank you or tell your mom".

Kyle said "You didn't answer my question".

Tyler said "Yes I have gotten the tingly feeling before but I think tonight is going to be special we can tell Uncle Jack that we will sleep down here on the couch. I won't tell secrets but do you think you and I could get the tingly feeling together later?"

Kyle whispered "Are you sure we won't get caught?"

Tyler said "Eric might want to hang with us but I think I can convince Uncle Jack to make sure he stays upstairs tonight. Uncle Jack will be coming down from the office soon and Eric will be home for dinner. If you want to have some fun with me at dinner let's take off our underwear and keep our shorts on, just spread your legs a little but not too much it will drive them nuts. They will both stay upstairs I promise. But now you have to promise you won't say anything either".

Kyle stood up and looked around again and lowered his soccer shorts and underwear giving Tyler a view of his package that I couldn't see. I could see his cute little ass though, if I had to pay for boy pussy anymore I would spend a thousand to have his ass but I don't have to pay for it anymore. Tyler stood and lowered his shorts and underwear as well. Both boys were checking each other out and smiling before the soccer shorts went back on.

I backtracked to the office and made enough noise that the boys below could hear, perfect timing from Eric as he walked in the front door for dinner.

I said "Hey guys anyone getting hungry, how does BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and baked beans sound?"

"Sounds Great!"

I said "Okay my Tony the Tigers everyone to the kitchen and wash up. Kyle everyone here helps out but if you need help just ask, there is a first time for everything".

Kyle smiled at Tyler then at Eric and me "I'm looking forward to it Mr. Hayes and thank you for inviting me over".

Kyle and Tyler sat at the breakfast bar on the stools as I made dinner Eric was sitting at the table every time I came around the breakfast bar Kyle and Tyler opened their legs then closed them again giving Eric and I a view to their soccer shorts. Eric didn't say anything he just enjoyed the show in front of him. I put the BBQ chicken and corn on the cob on the table.

I said "Are you boys going to join us or do you want to eat up there at the breakfast bar?"

Tyler said "We will eat up here Uncle Jack".

The boys continued to open and close their legs throughout dinner letting Eric and I look up their soccer shorts. Eric obviously had a hard on because he kept adjusting himself all through dinner. The boys cleaned up after dinner putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

I said "Okay boys its bath or shower time then you can play games for a while".

Tyler started laughing "See Kyle I told you he would make us take a bath".

Kyle smiled "Okay Tyler".

Eric's eyes lit up "Do you guys want help?"

Tyler giggled "No we will be okay".

The two ten year olds headed upstairs for a bath.

Eric said "Dad you know both of them didn't have underwear on right".

I said "Yeah I overheard them planning this before dinner if we are lucky then Tyler and Kyle will be messing around with each other tonight then maybe Tyler will let us suck his dick afterwards".

Eric said "What about Kyle do you think he will let us suck him off?"

I said "Don't push it with Kyle at least not for a while we don't need him running home and telling mommy that we tried to suck his cock or fuck his cute little ass if Tyler gets it good for him. You and I will have to satisfy each other tonight".

Eric said "I'm horny as hell right now will you fuck me now".

I said "Make up the bed on the couch for Tyler and Kyle then come upstairs I am going to check on them".

I went upstairs the bathroom door was almost closed. I opened the door Tyler was laying in the tub water with Kyle on top of him with his two and a half inch uncut cock in the crack of Tyler's ass

Kyle looked panicked I said "Don't worry Kyle I am not going to get mad at you as long as you both agreed to what is going on. Enjoy yourselves I just needed to get the oil from the cabinet Eric is making up the sofa bed for you don't stay in the tub too long you guys will prune up".

Tyler said "I'm sorry Uncle Jack".

I said "There is nothing to be sorry about Tyler I was doing the same thing to my best friend when I was your age like I said as long as you both agree".

Tyler said "It does feel real good now I know why Eric likes it so much".

I grabbed the lube oil and left the two ten year olds in the bathroom. I went into the office and turned on the surveillance system. The camera was mounted in the corner of the vaulted ceiling aiming at the front door of the townhouse. It has a panoramic view of the entire downstairs.

I went into the master bedroom and turned on the TV which was connected to the surveillance system. I watched Eric making the sofa bed for the boys. He started up the stairs. He came into my room dropping his baggies on the floor along with his shirt I stripped myself and got on the bed. Eric joined me.

Eric said "Are they still in the tub?"

I said "Yes, Kyle has his little uncut cock in Tyler's ass crack I told them not to stay in the tub too long so they should be downstairs soon".

Eric said "Cool are you going to film us this time?"

I grabbed the remote control and put the plasma TV in split screen mode so half of the screen was showing the downstairs the other half was live recording us on my bed. Eric came between my legs and started to lick my six inch cut cock his head bobbing up and down.

Tyler and Kyle went downstairs neither of them aware of the surveillance system. They were in Tyler's pajamas. I turned Eric around in a 69 so I could suck his four inch still hairless fifteen year old circumcised cock. I sucked and licked his balls making him moan.

Eric said "There they go Kyle just took his pajamas off can you zoom in on them?"

I adjusted the view zooming in on the two boys Tyler the four foot four inch tall blond just took Kyle's two and a half inch uncut hairless cock into his mouth his head bobbing up and down.

Eric said "God this so hot dad I'm going to blow my load watching them are you sure we can't join them".

I said "Not tonight". I went back to sucking his cock he was right though watching two ten year olds was hot. Eric didn't last long cuming in my mouth with his drop or two of sweet boy cum.

Eric released my cock and lubed it up with the oil. He got on his knees and elbows with his face towards the camera I got on my knees behind him and pushed my cock into his ass.

Eric said "Fuck me hard daddy fuck me like I am a bad boy".

I grabbed his hips and pulled him back onto my cock my balls slapping his ass as I drilled his ass. Kyle and Tyler figured out the 69 position Tyler on top of Kyle both boys sucking away. A few minutes later you could tell the boys climaxed.

Eric flipped over on his back and lifted his legs in the air I pushed my cock back into his ass fucking him for the camera Eric said "Cum all over me daddy fuck me hard daddy". I pounded his ass my balls bouncing off him I pulled out of him and shot my load all over his smooth hairless chest and his hairless cock and balls.

Tyler and Kyle pulled the covers up over their naked bodies and started playing the game console Eric went into the bathroom to clean himself off I turned off the recording of us.

In the morning I made pancakes for the boys I said "Did you enjoy yourself Kyle?"

Kyle smiled "Yes sir very much you kind of freaked me out last night in the bathroom but like you said as long as we agreed it was okay then. Tyler we can't tell anyone at school okay, you know what the other kids would call us if they found out they would call us fag boys".

Tyler said "I won't tell anyone can you keep a secret Kyle?"

Kyle said "Yes what is it?"

Tyler said "I have been putting it off since I moved here but Eric and Uncle Jack have wanted to suck my wiener like we did last night I bet they would want to suck yours as well if you let them what do you say shall we let them suck our wieners?"

Kyle said "Really Mr. Hayes you would want to suck my wiener?"

I said "Yes Kyle I would so would Eric but I am an adult and could get in a lot of trouble if you told anyone. Two ten year olds or even with a fifteen year old boy like Eric you are all minors and no trouble would come of it but I am different do you understand that?"

Kyle said "Yes sir I promise I won't tell".

Eric said "Yes finally".

I said "Your choice Eric".

Eric said "Tyler lives here so why don't you take Kyle first".

Tyler said "You aren't going to try to stick your wiener in my butt are you Eric?"

Eric said "No I won't I will only do that if you let me".

I put my hand out for Kyle he slipped his hand into mine I led him upstairs Eric and Tyler were right behind us. Eric turned on the webcam in the master bedroom without the boys knowing about the recording we didn't turn on the plasma TV but the DVR was recording.

I said "I think you look very sexy in Tyler's pajamas".

Kyle squeaked "Thank you Mr. Hayes".

I said "Why don't you call me Uncle Jack like Tyler does".

"Okay Uncle Jack" giggling.

Eric moved Tyler next to Kyle I laid next to Kyle and put my hand on the cotton material and undid the snaps of the Colorado Rockies baseball uniform Eric was doing the same with Tyler I pulled the pajama top off of him then undid the two snaps and pulled the bottoms off Kyle's little two and a half inch uncut cock pointing at his chin Eric had Tyler undressed at the same time.

Eric said "Can dad and I get naked too?"

Both boys said "Yes".

Eric's shorts and tee hit the floor and so did mine.

Kyle looked at Eric and then at my cock. He said "I never saw a man naked before only boys Eric I would have guessed that you would have hair like Uncle Jack does".

Eric looked hurt but said "I'm just small for my age I will get hair someday"

I said "I like him without hair just like I like you and Tyler"

I started licking Kyle's nipples Eric mimicked me with Tyler. The two ten year olds cooed and purred as we sucked their flesh I hit a ticklish spot on Kyle near his belly button I licked and then sucked on his foreskin covered tool I rolled the foreskin back and bobbed on his tool his hands running through my hair.

Tyler said "Oh man their better than we were".

Kyle said "Yeah, I didn't know how".

Tyler said "Neither did I this is totally worth it"

I sucked Kyle's small nuggets into my mouth running my finger in the crack of his ass I returned to his little cocklet I could tell he was getting close to a climax. I said "Do you like it when I touch your butt Kyle or do you want me to leave your butt alone?"

Kyle said "What are you going to do?"

I put my finger in my mouth to get saliva on it and returned to his boy cock I put my finger to his boy hole and pushed a little on his anal ring Kyle lifted off the bed arching his back as the climax wave went through his body his little cock twitching like crazy in my mouth. Tyler saw his friend's reaction to what I did to Kyle.

Kyle dropped back to the bed panting "That was awesome Uncle Jack".

Tyler said "Okay Eric you can play with my butt too".

Eric smiled and took it one step further he released Tyler's boy cock for a second spit in his hand and wrapped his hand around the blonds cock pumping it and pushed his tongue into Tyler's boy hole driving the blond beyond control Tyler grabbed Eric's head as he climaxed as Eric put the cock back into mouth.

Eric and I left the boys to rest Eric pushed me to my back and his lips and tongue were on my cock now instead of Tyler's. Eric wrapped one hand around my cock the other lightly squeezing and massaging my balls. He stroked my cock as his tongue flicked and danced around my cock head he sucked each of my balls into his mouth, he pushed his tongue into my ass crack sending bolts of electricity through me. He returned to sucking my cock and stroking me. Eric straddled me putting his cock to mine grinding our cocks together I grabbed his ass cheeks squeezing his globes.

Eric said "Tyler give me the lube oil from the night stand please".

Eric lubed our cocks as he continued to grind us together. Eric spread his ass cheeks and lowered himself onto my cock.

Kyle said "Doesn't that hurt Eric?"

Eric said "Not at all it feels great I love having dad's cock in my butt I have to admit it did hurt the first time a man put his cock in my butt but he wasn't gentle with me and I have been doing this for many years now".

Eric lifted himself up and lowered himself on my cock he had his hands on my knees creating a rhythm between us. I wrapped my hand around his four inch boner stroking his cock as we fucked. Kyle took over stroking Eric's dick with one hand and his own with the other hand.
Eric said "Oh yeah Kyle that's it stroke me until I cum I'm almost there". Eric shot his boy juice on my stomach Eric continued to ride my cock until my balls exploded my cum filling his ass. The four of us headed to the master shower to clean off. I started with the four foot four inch tall, seventy pound red head washing him from head to toe Tyler was next and finally the five foot tall eighty pound brunette Eric.

When we drove Kyle home before he got out of the car he said "Uhm I really had a good time would it be okay if I stayed over again sometime I would ask Tyler to stay over at my house but mom would never let us do what we did at your house".

I said "It would be a pleasure to have you stay over again Kyle".

Kyle said "Cool, see you at school Tyler bye Eric bye Uncle Jack". He closed the car door and was greeted at the door by a nice looking red head which had to be his mother no wonder his is a good looking boy.

When we got back to the townhouse Eric said "Dad can we show Tyler now?"

Tyler said "Show me what?"

I gave in and said "Yeah okay come upstairs boys".

Eric turned on the plasma TV and jumped the DVR back to the previous night with Tyler and Kyle 69ing on the couch and the recording of Eric and I and then the four of us from this morning.

Tyler's eyes were wide as he watched "You recorded the whole thing?"

Eric said "Dad put the surveillance system in not long after I moved in here for security purposes I was horny as hell last night when you and Kyle started to suck each other off".

Tyler said "I'm horny again now".

I said "Then I guess it's my turn to suck your wiener if you want".

Eric stripped the four foot four inch tall blond, then stripped me and his own clothes landed on the pile on the floor. Eric wasted no time with my cock again. I sucked Tyler's nipples then his two and a half inch circumcised boy cock and his balls.

Tyler was loving the attention he was getting he said "Are you going to do anything to my butt Uncle Jack?"

I said "I could lube up my finger and see if we can get it inside of you if you want to".

Eric said "We won't hurt you Tyler but once you get use to things being in your butt you will want to have something in there all the time I do".

Tyler said "Okay you can put your finger in my butt Uncle Jack".

I lubed up my first finger and lubed up his boy hole and kept sucking his little nail. I managed to get the first knuckle in him easy enough. I twisted the finger around a little sucking his cock and his balls Tyler was all over the bed from the feelings happening to his small body. A little more pressure on his hole and the finger went in to the second knuckle. I let him get use to it he was holding my hair as I continued to suck him off. Tyler started to push down on my finger so I pushed a little more and the finger went inside him completely. I sucked his cock and turned my finger I hit the magic spot inside of him and he had another orgasm for the day. I pulled my finger out of him and let him catch his breath.

Eric turned on top of me and we 69ed each other until we emptied our balls again in each other's mouths.

Doc came over for dinner Tyler said "Uncle Walt did you know Uncle Jack has the place under surveillance and can record whatever happens in the house?"

Doc said "Of course I helped install the system when Eric came here".

Tyler said "My friend Kyle and I didn't know about it we were on the couch well what can I say we sucked each other's wieners while Eric and Uncle Jack were messing around in the bedroom then they sucked our wieners too. When Uncle Jack sucked my wiener he put his finger in my butt it was awesome".

Doc said "I'm proud of you Tyler if you want I can fit you and your friend with butt plugs so you get use to the feeling of something in your butt, the more you use the butt plug the more you will want something there. In a little while you will be able to take Eric's or Jack's penis in you like Eric does now".

Eric said "Uncle Walt I have had this dream to make porno movies and have a chat room so men can text requests and Dad, you and I and maybe Tyler could act out the scenes. You know like `The Doctors' Visit' you have to give me a complete physical strip me naked bend me over to check my butt at the end of the scene you would have your cock in my ass and dad would have his in my mouth. You know I love it I bet guys on the internet would pay good money for it".

Doc said "What do you think about this Jack?"

I said "Honestly I have been thinking about it but we have to make sure the boys are safe and there is no way to trace the source or the feed back to us. Hiding the money is the easy part everything goes offshore bounce from bank to bank around the world dozens of times before it lands in Eric's trust fund".

Doc said "I may be able to help I know a couple of gentlemen that may be able to help us with the website and the staging. Jack we can setup a golf game with them so we can discuss how to pull this off".

I said "Eric has this all planned that you and I fuck him acting out the scenes but I want to make sure all our faces are not recognizable, masks or distorted images something like that".

Doc said "Latex masks our faces would be of someone else completely on camera we have stage names and different looks off camera the masks come off and we are ourselves again".

Eric said "Uncle Walt do you want to watch our latest home movie Tyler's friend Kyle is a hottie just like Tyler is. Maybe we can use both of them for the porno movies dress them up in baseball uniforms `Ball boy and Bat boy'".

I said "We can't use Tyler's pajamas with the Colorado Rockies on them or any other team that might give away where we are from we will buy generic uniforms for you guys and Kyle might be a problem getting his little dick sucked here is one thing you are talking about internet kiddy porn here".

Doc said "Like I said lets setup the golf meeting to work out details and yes Eric I would like to see your latest home movie".

Eric started to giggle "Do you and dad want to practice the `Doctors Visit'?"

Tyler said "What about me?"

Doc said "We will find something for you to do Tyler. Jack and Eric already sucked your wiener I would like to give it a try".

Tyler said "Oh, okay Uncle Walt".

Eric and Tyler cleaned up the dishes and the four of us went upstairs. I set up the webcam and the DVR.

Eric said "Tyler you can be the nurse just say `The Doctor will see you now' and I will come in for my checkup of course dad has to come in with me".

Tyler stood in front of the webcam "The doctor will see you now".

Eric and I came into view I said "Hi Doctor Jason is here for his physical and his checkup".

Doc looked at the webcam and said "Okay very well how have you been doing Jason? You know Mark you haven't had a checkup in a while why don't we take care of both of you on this visit Nurse Bradley will assist me so let's get those clothes off for your physicals".

Tyler said "Yes Doctor".

Tyler pulled down my sweats and tee shirt Doc undressed Eric then Tyler and Tyler undressed the Doc.

Doc said "Let's see those tonsils of yours" Doc stuck his finger into Eric's mouth Eric started to suck on the finger in his mouth. Doc grabbed Eric's cock and balls "You are developing very nicely Jason can you cough for me" Doc turned Eric around and spread his ass cheeks for the camera "My my Jason you have been busy haven't you" Doc pushed one finger in his ass then two and finally three fingers inside Eric's ass.

Doc said "Why don't you lie down on the table Jason" Eric got on the pillows on the bed giving him some clearance from the mattress Doc listened to his chest with his ear then sucked the boys nipples then sucked his cock "Nurse Bradley can you help me with this?"

Tyler said "I've only done it once Doctor".

Doc said "That's okay Bradley give it a try if you can and remember don't use your teeth".

Doc rolled a condom on his cock and put some lube in Eric's ass and aimed his cock at Eric's ass. I moved to Eric's head where he guided my cock into his mouth Tyler knelt down and took Eric's four inch circumcised hairless cock in his mouth.

I said "Very good Nurse Bradley I think my son enjoys that I'm sure he would tell you himself except he seems to be busy right now and can't talk".

Eric was truly a pro my cock down his throat and Doc's cock fucking his ass Tyler sucking his dick me rubbing his nipples as his body was assaulted from every possible direction all for the pleasure of the camera and the who knows how many boy lover pervs out there that would be paying to watch this service if we could pull it off.

Doc made the introductions at the golf course Vince a porn movie producer and Alex a website designer. On the sixth tee we got down to business, by the eighteenth hole the deal was done. Alex would setup the website for a onetime fee of ten grand Vince would let us use his studios and camera equipment for ten percent of the gross earnings of the site. I would handle the money transfers and Doc wrote fifty prescriptions for Viagra for Vince and his porn stars and was going to take care of the latex masks and wigs. I also had two new clients that expected me to make a ton of money for them.

Eric was a royal pain in the ass waiting for the website to be posted so he could be a porno star but we kept busy practicing his scenes. Friday came and we went to the soccer game again. Kyle kicked two goals and Tyler got one along with another boy final score four – two. The blond and the red head couldn't have been more pleased with themselves along with everyone else at victory party.

Two weeks passed until the site was up and operational and it was time to go live. Tyler gave away our little secret of recording the actions of the two boys on the couch at the house to Kyle. Tyler didn't tell him about the recorder in my room though. It only took Kyle a split second to make up his mind that he was in regardless of the possible consequences and a sworn promise never to tell anyone. After all he was certainly enjoying the fact that he could get his cute little cock sucked at anytime by anyone in the house.

With the green screen behind us for visual effects Eric, Tyler and Kyle all wearing the latex masks along with Doc and I the three boys now looked like Aaron Carter in baseball uniforms. Tyler and Kyle wore the uniform to perfection tight uniform legs the baseball socks on the outside of the pants. The uniform shirts tucked into the pants showing off both boys cute little asses to form perfect pre-teen boys in baseball uniforms. Eric wore his uniform more on the looser style since he wasn't really into the jock thing but he did like Tyler and Kyle in their uniforms. Eric's shirt was not tucked in to his pants.

Eric looked at the monitor and said "Hi and Welcome to our sneak preview you can turn on your web camera if you want or just type your wishes on the keyboard. Oh hello to you newcomer we are planning a sneak preview for you gentlemen. I am glad you made it through the secret keyway to our site trust me you are safe here if you gentlemen wish to turn on your webcams or just type on your keyboards".

`R U going to get naked?'

Eric looked to the monitor "Sir this is the sneak preview of the `Bad Boys of Baseball' but the boys might give you a private peak for a minimal fee. Of course all charges to a credit card are strictly confidential and will only be billed once".

`Show something'

Eric smiled "In good time gentlemen, in good time there are few more joining us as we speak. A few more have joined so let me introduce myself and my friends here we are the `Bad Boys of Baseball' I am Travis and my specialty for the team is physical therapy rub downs and to take care of any really sore muscles that need special attention. Jimmy and Timmy (Tyler and Kyle) here are players on the young team and sort of the team mascots on the older team. They are assistant base coaches working with the coach and assistant coach. Here come the coaches now".

The monitors flipped to a baseball diamond and Doc and I entered the view. We took spots that would be the coaches' boxes only a couple of feet away from each other but the special effects would give the impression of us standing on the corners of the infield. Tyler jogged to Doc and Kyle came to me each boy standing in front of us facing the cameras. The game on the monitors played out with Tyler and Kyle cheering on the invisible players in the green screen room. Tyler gave a high five as the batter rounded third; Doc slid his hand inside Tyler's uniform top playing with his nipples and started to kiss his neck.

A ghost runner came to first base and led off for a steal. Kyle spread his legs in front of me pointing his tight little ass at me and his crotch at the camera which when it for a zoom then back out to catch me rubbing his ass through the uniform. I put my hips around his waist and pulled his ass to my crotch grinding him into me. Doc had Tyler's uniform top unbuttoned revealing the soft smooth skin of his chest.

Eric said to the monitors "As you can see gentlemen the boys are very good luck charms to be on the team".

I started to grind my crotch into Kyle's ass and reached around him to fondle his hidden treasure. Doc mimicked me and even advanced further sliding his hand down the front of Tyler's uniform pants.

`Get them naked'

Eric continued "I would be happy to but you will have to follow the padlock on the screen and we will meet you on the other side. Meanwhile I need to get ready for the rubdowns, especially for the coaches they work harder than anyone else on the team. Just follow me through the padlock and I will meet you in the rub down room".

Doc and I stripped off the baseball socks, then the uniform tops and finally the bottoms leaving Tyler and Kyle jumping around on a mattress on the floor with only a string thong covering their pride and the prize to be of all the hits on the website. All the ghost players headed for the dugout. The music in the free room changed so Tyler and Kyle gave quite a wrestling performance on the mattress flipping each other, fake kicking at each other each time they lifted a leg the camera would catch the side of their smooth ball sac but the thong stayed in place to keep the prize hidden from the free preview.

Doc said "Great game coach the other players should be gone why don't we go find Travis and get a rub down of our own. I want his lips around my shaft unless you want him first after all you are the coach".

Eric typed a message to the website `Follow the padlock or the bat and ball boy will have to do for your entertainment'.

We looped enough of Tyler and Kyle wrestling to fill the preview room with music that also looped around, about five minutes worth good enough for anyone at home watching to blow a load at least once, we all knew the cheap bastards would sit in front of the computer screen over and over again hoping and praying just by a strange chance to get a glimpse of Tyler's and Kyle's hidden treasure.

We moved two rub down tables into the studio the green screen monitors changed scene to that of a professional rubdown area. Doc and I walked in wearing only a towel around our waists Eric only had a towel around his waist. Doc and I both popped a Viagra pill so our cocks were growing to full staff by the time we lay on the rub down tables. The tables were angled with a camera aimed at each one and a third overhead roaming camera to catch the entire action going.

I said "Travis are you going to take good care of us today we want to take good care of you today as well".

Eric said "Oh yes sir one of my best for you today would you like for me to start with your shoulders or should I start with your chest?"

"Shoulders I think and bring Timmy and Jimmy in we can play with them for warm-ups while you massage our backs".

Eric started the rub down on me oiling my back and opened the towel showing my ass and my hard cock pointing down my legs at the camera. Tyler came to the head of the rub down table in view of the camera and stepped up on the step around the table he put his hands on my shoulders and rubbed where Eric had already put oil down. I reached out to his waist and undid the thong string dropping it to the floor releasing his two and a half inch circumcised cock from the restraints of the cloth. We had monitors on the floor out of view of the cameras so we could see what was going on with the website. Eric got between my legs and oiled my ass and my cock and balls before moving down my legs.

Doc had the thong off of Kyle waiting his turn to be oiled. Eric returned to the top of the table and I flipped over on my back so he could do my chest I reached out and removed the towel away from his waist his four inch circumcised hairless cock and balls came into view of the camera.

`OMG their beautiful'

Eric oiled my cock and pumped it a few times before his lips wrapped around my cock and he licked my balls. I pulled Tyler to me to take his boy cock into my mouth sucking on him as his small hands rubbed the massage oil into my chest further.

The chat on the website was overwhelming but we just kept giving a show. Eric pulled off my cock and went to Doc to oil him up while he sucked Kyle's two and a half uncut boy cock while Eric flipped him and took his cock into his mouth as well.

Eric pulled off and looked at the camera and said "See gentlemen I told you it would be worth coming through the padlock".

`R they going to suck your dick?'

Eric smiled "Not only are the coaches going to suck my dick but so will bat boy and ball boy along with each other's then I have a real surprise for you".

Doc said "I'm feeling pretty relaxed coach how about you? Are you ready to give Travis some attention?"

I said "Timmy is only a minute away from a climax if Jimmy already climaxed go ahead and start on Travis".

The camera zoomed in on Kyle's twitching boy cock indicating he indeed did climax the other camera zoomed in on Tyler as he fucked my face holding my hair my hands on his ass cheeks pulling him in for his climax. Tyler let out a guttural `Aahh' as he had his dry climax in my mouth.

Doc got off his rub down table and led the two ten year olds to it so they could come down from the climax and do whatever they wanted. When I got up Doc put Eric down on my rub down table "Which end do you want?"

Eric said "Just do me coaches, just do me".

I walked to the head of the table and aimed my cock at his face Eric reached up to take my cock into his mouth and started to gently squeeze my balls as my cock slid down his throat. Doc knelt on the step up and took Eric's four inch circumcised still hairless cock in his mouth going around the crown multiple times with his tongue before taking all of it in one motion. Eric had one hand on my shaft pumping me into his mouth the other on my balls trying to milk me. I was fucking Eric's face my cock going down his throat.

Doc spread Eric's legs into the air the camera focusing on the rosebud hole, Doc's tongue plunged into Eric's ass rimming him out then returned to sucking his balls and back to his cock. Every time Doc pulled off Eric's cock he left a glimmering shimmer of saliva behind. I grabbed both of Eric's boy tits and rolled them and pinched them between my fingers driving the boy wild as Doc assaulted his boy hood as I assaulted his mouth with my cock.

The text messages coming in were being jumbled together but at this point it didn't matter. Doc rolled a condom down his uncut cock added a little of the rub down oil to it and aimed his cock at Eric's boy hole. Eric sucked me harder and Doc and I got into rhythm fucking my son and his nephew for every boy lover that made it through the keyhole to see live. Eric was moaning as his body was assaulted from both ends. Doc added some oil to his hand and stroked Eric off at the same time. Doc pushing his cock in and out of his ass and jerking Eric off, me pushing my cock down his throat pinching his nipples driving him crazy on the rubdown table.

Kyle had climbed on top of Tyler on the other rubdown table and the two ten year olds were 69ing each other.

I caught one of the monitors in the corner of my eye someone had switched the webcam on. I said "Travis one of your fans has turned on the webcam".

Eric rolled his head to the other side with my cock still down his throat. The guy on the monitor had his cock out pounding away and a second later his jizz shot all over himself and the keyboard in front of him. Eric rolled his head back to the camera side and even with a cock in his mouth he was smiling.

After about twenty minutes of pounding Eric I could tell he was tiring. Tyler and Kyle switched positions on the other table one behind the other grinding a boy dick into a boy crack with the latex masks and wigs on I couldn't tell who was pitching or catching but it did appear to have more penetration than the boys have done before.

Eric finally pulled my cock out of his mouth. "You cheated coach both of you did".

Eric led coach out of his ass so he could sit up. Eric rolled the condom off of Doc and tossed it to the floor he said "I'll finish both of you off up here".

Eric led us to his face by our cocks so we both stood on the step around the table our cocks now at his face level I was on Eric's right, Doc to his left both at angles so the camera could see his face as he managed to get both of our cock heads into his mouth then he went from my cock to Doc's cock sucking and stroking us running his tongue along one shaft and around the crown then to the other coach's cock.

Tyler and Kyle got down from the other table and got between Eric's legs one boy put Eric's four inch cock in his mouth, it was Kyle, I could tell by the red freckles on his arms. Tyler got behind Kyle and pushed his two and a half inch boy cock into the ass of his best friend. Eric pumped us and sucked us and Eric knew he had us close so he went for broke sucking us and pumping us until Doc started to cum all over his face and I was only as second behind my best friend both blowing a huge load all over Eric and every part of his body. Eric arched his back and shot his boy juice into the mouth of Kyle who did not flinch away from it.

After Eric had milked Doc and I he released our cocks and turned us to sit next to him on the table. Tyler pulled out of Kyle and moved in front of Doc; Kyle released Eric and came to my lap all five of us facing the camera.

Eric said "I hope you have enjoyed our `Bad Boys of Baseball' episode see you next time and tell your friends to look for the keyhole and the padlock. Later". Eric gave a hand signal to fade to black.

As soon as the cameras went dark the two camera men pulled their cocks out and within seconds blew loads on the floor.

The mix-master and operating the remote camera said "Jesus I have never really been into kiddy porn before, mind you I get paid well to film it just not into it, but that was the hottest thing I have ever seen in all the years I have been doing this my cock is rock hard". The other two cameramen concurred with their technical leader.

Eric jumped down from the rubdown table and went to the mixing board and knelt between the mix-master's legs. He fished the man's cock out and said "This one is on the house". Eric took the man's cock into his mouth and within a minute Eric had another load of cum on him.

After everyone showered to clean up we went back to the mix-master station to review the work and to see how many made it through the padlock. I hadn't noticed but Tyler and Kyle both used the rubdown oil on each other's butts and dicks and changed places both going for gold with each other fucking like best friends. We also looked at the entry count out of four hundred sixty something on the preview page three hundred eighty-two came into the `Bad Boys of Baseball' page. Thirty-five bucks a pop gross sales over thirteen thousand dollars in forty-five minutes. Best thing about it was it was all taped and response triggered so if someone hit the page in the middle of the night they still could get through the padlock to see the whole show just like it was live.

On the way home I said "Kyle what did you tell your mom you were doing this evening?"

Kyle smiled from the back seat of the Beamer "I told her we were going to the movies so technically I didn't lie. I just didn't tell her I was going to be in the movie. Oh by the way Uncle Jack the next time we do this either at your house or on the website I want your dick in my butt".

I said "I know you and Tyler put your dicks into each other but wouldn't you rather have Eric as the next size in your butt so you get use to it?"

Kyle said "No I want you and Tyler wants Uncle Walt".

Eric looked a little hurt at the comment but Tyler said "Eric can have me first then Uncle Walt can have me I'm ready for it now".

Doc and I shot each other a look. Doc said "Kyle are you planning on spending the weekend or do we have to take you home?"

The red headed ten year old said "Give me a cell phone and I will call my mom". Kyle made the call and put his hand over the microphone and said "I'm allowed to stay Uncle Jack but mom would like to talk to you sometime. She said if it's alright with you she will drive up tomorrow with my clothes for Sunday and for school on Monday. I am to get on the bus with Tyler and Eric. Of course if it is only okay with you".

I said "That is fine Kyle we can take care of you for the weekend and your mom and I can talk tomorrow".

Kyle relayed the message to his mother and hung up the cell phone. "I'm all yours Uncle Jack". My cock swelled at the thought of the red head sharing my bed at least for the night.

Eric said "Dad, Uncle Walt please don't use the Viagra again my jaw still hurts and it won't be fair to Tyler or Kyle".

Everyone started to laugh and Eric broke out in song `We're In the Money We're In the Money...' The five of us sang all the way back to the cliffs the boys' arms in the air doing the wave.

After a late supper and the boys cleaned up the dishes the five of us headed to the basement recreation room to shoot some pool Kyle clung to me all the time. If it was his shot he wanted help from me, if it was my shot then he wanted to be in front of me to help me or to learn how to make the shot. Tyler and Eric were getting plenty of attention from Doc also showing Tyler how to make the shots. Eric had become good enough on his own and shooting pool with his friends that he didn't need help but was sucking up the attention that he could get.

Kyle yawned so I said "Okay boys it's been a busy afternoon let's call it quits for tonight".

Kyle said "You are going to put your dick in my butt tonight right? And Tyler is going to get Eric and or Uncle Walt".

Doc said "Well if you two want to be together then we will all stay here. If Kyle wants to be alone with Uncle Jack then Tyler and Eric can come down to my townhouse and we can meet up in the morning for breakfast it's up to Kyle and Tyler to decide".

Tyler said "Let's go to your house Uncle Walt the three of us will be more comfortable in your big bed rather than Eric's or the pull out sofa".

We ascended the basement stairs turning off the lights. Doc packed up the boys Kyle giving each one a hug before Doc closed the front door leading the other two down the townhouses seven units to his townhouse that he recently purchased.

Kyle turned and jumped into my arms wrapping his arms around my neck and putting his head on my shoulder. I put my hands on his tight little ass squeezing his flesh through the sweats he had on. I turned on the alarm system and dimmed the lights and carried him up to the master bedroom.

I said "Are you ready for this kiddo?"

He smiled at me "Yes Uncle Jack I love you and I am ready for this. I know you won't hurt me".

I said "Tyler told you about the video monitoring system downstairs there is one in here as well do you want me to turn it on or leave it off. Actually Doc has one installed as well in his place we can sync them if you want to watch Tyler and they can watch us but only if you want to".

He started to giggle "Go ahead and sync them together it will be more fun that way".

I turned on the plasma and set it for dual mode and typed the IP address of Doc's recorder to sync the two systems together. Doc accepted the sync request and soon the two way feeds were going between the townhouses seven units apart. Tyler was sitting on the edge of Doc's bed naked his two and a half inch circumcised cock pointing to the ceiling. Doc was adjusting the focus for the recorder.

Tyler said "Hi Kyle. I guess Uncle Jack told you about the recorder. I didn't know Uncle Walt installed one too".

Kyle said "This ought to be cool we can watch each other".

I hit the mute button and said "Watch each other yes talk to each other no, you can compare notes in the morning".

I tossed Kyle on the bed and pulled his t-shirt over his head then lowered his sweats, underwear and socks in on motion dropping them to the floor. My sweats and tee landed on his. Kyle spread out in the middle of the bed arms stretched out as far as he could go and his legs spread wide as well. I started to nibble on his ears first and his neck getting intoxicated from the boy smell of the red head. Kyle picked up his head to look at the monitor I glimpsed up to see Tyler laying as Kyle was but he had Doc and Eric attending his small blond frame each with a nipple in their mouths.

I moved down his lightly freckled torso the tip of my tongue circling his left nipple then his right. Kyle cooed and ran his hands through my hair, I closed my lips around the tiny pink dot that would someday develop into a man nipple but I savored the softness of his flesh. I moved to his right nipple to give it the same treatment before I put my tongue into his little inny bellybutton causing squeaks and squeals along with his legs kicking out and away. I ran my tongue down his pelvic `V' on one side to the base of his two and a half inch uncut boy cock then up the other side of the `V'. Kyle was trying to push my face into his crotch but I was just warming up to the four feet three inch red head that was willing to give himself to me for tonight and I suspected he would do so again.

I ran my tongue down the insides of his thigh and behind his knee on my way to his foot before I switched sided and ascended the other limb that he was holding in the air for me. Just before I got back to his hairless boy cock and his balls still snug and tight to his body I flipped him over on his stomach and sat on my knees over his ass crack my cock resting on his crack and rubbed his back and shoulders then down each arm then followed his spine with my hands down to his soft white globes that make up his cute little ass.

I leaned forward to his ear and whispered "How am I doing so far Kyle?"

He moaned out "My god Uncle Jack this is incredible please make love to me I love you so much I wish you were my daddy please make love to me daddy, please".

I'm glad the recorder was on mute. I flipped him over again and looked up at the monitor Eric and Doc were wasting no time with Tyler Eric was lubing up Tyler's hole and his own four inch hairless circumcised cock with Doc ready to assist both boys.

I started to suck Kyle's boy tool and his balls pushing his foreskin down his shaft with my tongue leaving a glistening trail of saliva along the way. I looked at the plasma and the thought occurred to me so I grabbed the controller and un-muted the sound.

"Hey Doc you are going to practice safe sex over there aren't you?"

Doc said "Jack I know our rules about unprotected sex with only one partner who in your case is Eric and yourself all other partners must agree to use condoms and I still support that. From my medical professional perspective none of the boys are at risk, you and I are not at risk so as long as this group does not stray outside of the five of us then we should be safe. It is up to Kyle and Tyler but I do have condoms over here for all of us including Tyler do you want one for Kyle as well?"

I said "In the morning I have a condom for me".

Doc said "Jack as long as there is no bruising or signs of blood we all should be safe. Any signs of rupturing and you must stop immediately".

I said "Alright boys the choice is yours to make".

Tyler said "No condom".

Kyle smiled at me "No condom".

Doc said "I'll check the boys in the morning just be sure".

I didn't hit the mute button and neither did they. Eric lined his boy cock at Tyler's asshole I returned to sucking Kyle off and pushing my tongue as deep into his ass as it would go. Doc got his face into Tyler's crotch to suck his dick and to lick the shaft of Eric's cock as it slid into Tyler for the first time.

I returned to Kyle's cock and within a few minutes of sucking his cock and balls I had him bouncing all over the bed with a dry climax.

I heard Tyler calling out "Yes Eric that feels so good I should have let you do this sooner".

Doc said "Try this position Tyler".

I grabbed the controller and hit the mute again. Kyle said "Please daddy, please make love to me push your dick inside me please".

I pushed my tongue into his ass one more time then grabbed the K-Y from the night stand and pushed one, then two and finally three fingers inside of him.

I said "Kyle you must tell me to stop if I am hurting you okay".

"Okay daddy I will tell you to stop but I am ready for you. I want you to do to me what you do to Eric".

I pulled him on top of me as I rolled over onto my back. Kyle got the idea right away that he was to be on top to control the process. He spread his ass cheeks and lowered himself onto my six inch cut cock pushing out like he was pooping as my cock slid inside of him. When he bottomed out his ass touching my balls he pushed himself off of my and lowered himself back down.

"That's it Kyle your doing great, just do it at your own pace, you're doing great".

"Thanks daddy I love you".

I said "Uhm Kyle about this daddy thing it might upset Eric and Tyler if you keep calling me daddy. I love the sound of you calling me daddy but I don't want to upset the other boys either".

Kyle continued to ride my shaft. "I'm sorry Uncle Jack I just wish you where my daddy. I don't want to upset Tyler or Eric either they are like my brothers".

I grabbed his ass cheeks to help lift him and lower him on my shaft. Kyle started to pick up the pace his head tilted back and he was looking at the ceiling. I still had K-Y on my hand so I started to play with his cock and balls again as he brought himself closer to another orgasm.

Kyle cried out "Here it is again". He pounded my cock taking all of it the first time he an adult's cock in his ass. He was bringing me close to the edge.

I said "Kyle do you want me to cum inside you or not. If not you have get off of me right now".

Kyle's smile lit up the room as he pounded even harder on my cock. I took that to be an inside answer so I lifted him and lowered him until I emptied my balls deep inside his ass. Kyle slid down me with my cock still in his ass and he turned to see the plasma. "Uncle Walt is inside Tyler now".

Kyle let me slide out of him I pulled myself up to the pillows. Kyle spread my knees apart and turned to face the plasma putting my cock back inside of his ass he used my knees as elbow rests as we watched Tyler getting fucked by Doc.

Kyle yawned again "I'm tired".

I grabbed the remote and turned the power off. I rolled him with me to our side and pulled the covers over us in one motion me spooning him with my cock still in his ass. He pulled a pillow under his head and his breathing changed to that of sleep in a matter of moments.

When we woke we were still in the same position only my cock got soft enough to fall out of him sometime during the night.

I got up to relieve my morning piss Kyle yawned and rubbed the sandman from his eyes and came into the bathroom behind me. As soon as I finished at the toilet he took his position to relieve himself. I pulled a new toothbrush out of the medicine cabinet for him and started the water in the shower going to warm up. Kyle took the toothbrush and started to brush his teeth at the sink.

I said "Do you want to shower with me or would you prefer a bath?"

He spit the toothpaste in the sink and said "I'll shower with you Uncle Jack".

I opened the glass slider and we both stepped into the shower. I rinsed him off then started to soap his body with the liquid soap. I had him bend forward so I could clean out his asshole of the crusted cum and whatever else had deposited there. I flushed him out as much as I could then rinsed him off then finally washed his short red hair and rinsed him again. Kyle stayed in the shower while I washed myself clean. My cock was semi-hard but that changed as soon as Kyle wrapped his small hand around my shaft and he dropped to his knees and aimed my cock at his mouth. He didn't use his teeth or scrape me he just licked my crown and my shaft and sucked as much as he could into his mouth without going too far to gag.

I put my hands on the shower wall behind him and closed my eyes. The feelings where fantastic and it felt like Eric had my cock in his mouth giving me one of his special blowjobs. Kyle continued to suck my cock and using his hands on my shaft and my balls.

I said "Kyle that feels great but if you don't pull off soon I am going to cum again".

He never let go of my cock and just mumbled "uh huh" as he continued to suck me off. I opened my eyes to see the wet red hair bobbing on my cock as I let my balls go and shot my load into his mouth. Kyle wasn't ready for the taste of cum yet so he stood up with the cum dripping from his mouth and opened his mouth to the shower stream to spit out and rinse out his mouth of my cum. After three or four rinses he smiled and said "It's salty".

I picked the red head up he wrapped his arms around my neck my forearm supporting his ass and his weight. I turned off the shower and grabbed an oversized towel and dried us off together him still clinging to my neck. I finally put him down on the floor to dry and comb his hair then carried him back to the bed to suck his cock and balls once more bringing him to another dry climax before I dressed him in a pair of Tyler's pajama bottoms and a t-shirt and I put on a pair of comfy pajama style pants and a tee.

I plopped him down on the couch in the living room handing him the TV remote. Kyle found Saturday morning cartoons to keep himself busy until the others came up from Doc's place.

Eric came in the house and said "Hi Dad. Uncle Walt wants to check out Kyle and Tyler for any bruising last night so I am suppose to walk Kyle over. Uncle Walt said he wants his eggs over easy with a side of crisp bacon and don't burn the toast this time. Tyler wants French toast with sausage links. I think I will have my eggs scrambled with some cheese mixed in and the sausage links sound good to me but I want an English muffin with butter and strawberry jam. Kyle do you have any special breakfast requests since dad is volunteering?"

Kyle's jaw was hanging open in shock and awe. Eric couldn't hold out any longer and busted up laughing. "Come on Kyle grab your shoes and a coat its chilly this morning. Love you dad we will be back soon".

I started to retort about what I felt about the breakfast orders and them yanking my chain but the front door closed with Eric dragging Kyle down the hill to Doc's place. I stepped into the kitchen to start breakfast then I had a better idea. I called the Sunshine diner at the bottom of the hill, placed the order for delivery and put a rush on it. Breakfast was on the table as everyone requested I improvised for Kyle and doubled Tyler's order for Kyle and I got a western omelet and home fries for myself. To get back at the imps and my friend I made them wash not only the plates and silverware by hand but I made them wash every pot and pan that I would have used if I cooked all there breakfasts to order.

The boys kept themselves busy watching TV or playing in the rec room for the rest of the day.

­­­­­­­­­About 4:00 in the afternoon the doorbell rang.

I knew the red headed female in front of me was Kyle's mother.

"Mr. Jack Hayes?"

I said "Yes I'm Jack Hayes you must be Kyle's mom".

She said "Yes, Hi I'm Maria Simms".

I said "Come in the boys are downstairs playing. Can I get you anything?" I went the top of the stairs "Kyle your mom is here. Eric, Tyler come up here please".

We had our pleasantries back and forth the boys being good little hosts showing Maria around the townhouse, Eric took her coat and hung it in the closet. We settled at the kitchen table chatting about this and that with nothing in particular except how good it is for the boys to be friends and on the soccer team and looking forward to baseball season along with how grateful she was that we let Kyle stay over...

Maria finally broke down and said "Jack is there a place we can speak privately?"

I said "If you want to take a quick ride there is a bus turnaround just above us on the cliff. It has a nice view of the Hudson and the city skyline. If you would like some wine we can stay warm in the BMW and talk for as long as you want".

Maria said "Wine and parked on the cliff overlooking the city. I haven't done something like that since I was a teenager".

I said "Only a suggestion and I don't plan on getting either of us intoxicated. If we do then we will have to walk the hundred yards back to the townhouse. The boys will be fine and Dr. Martins lives seven doors down. He is my friend and Eric's God Father. The boys call him Uncle Walt".

Maria said "A Doctor that's convenient to have as a neighbor and friend. I accept your offer".

I said "Doc specializes in pediatrics so he is handy to have as a friend".

I held up a bottle of white and red wine. She pointed to the red so I opened it and grabbed two glasses and led her to the BMW and drove the hundred yards and parked. I poured two glasses, handed her one and left the engine running for the warmth. "So what can I do for you Maria?

"First I want to thank you again for taking care of Kyle. He is always talking about you, Tyler and Eric. How great they are, how much fun he has here, he never stops".

I said "I think Kyle is a great kid. I know Tyler is happy that they became friends. Tyler has only been here a few weeks but Kyle is really helping him to adjust".

She looked at me "Tyler isn't from around here?"

I shook my head "No. Tyler's parents, my sister and her husband were killed in a plane crash in Colorado. I am Tyler's only living relative".

She asked "Excuse me to be so bold but is there a Mrs. Hayes? Eric's mother?"

I shook my head again. "No Eric came to me in a strange manner. His natural mother was terminally ill and named me the boy's god father and possibly the paternal father of the boy. With help from Doc and his Lawyer friends we managed to arrange a court hearing to see if a paternity suit would be necessary to challenge the well being of the boy. No one else showed up to claim paternal rights to Eric so I adopted him a little over two years ago now. So it was just Eric and I until Tyler came along. Throw Kyle in the mix and the boys are having a blast with each other. Even Eric's friends Chuck and Toby don't mind being around the younger boys".

Maria said "I'm pleased to hear that". She took a large swig of her wine. "I shouldn't be telling you this but Kyle is a handful. He is on the brink of hyperactive all the time. Unfortunately he is also a latch key kid. I work hard to support him and try to make his games but it is tough". She took another large swallow of wine and handed me the glass to refill.

"Jack I'm going to be honest with you Kyle has chosen you as his father figure and I hope to god he is right about you. I haven't done well for him. I don't think I am a bad mother but my taste in men isn't very good. Anyone that I try to get interested in they don't want any ten year old baggage around. Honestly Kyle was a mistake. I was eighteen when I got pregnant. The father dropped me the second he found out I was pregnant. Me being Catholic abortion was out of the question so I planned on adopting him when he was born. Well I couldn't give him up as a baby and poof ten years later here we are. He's unhappy, I'm unhappy we are stuck with no way out".

I took a sip of my wine "What are you asking of me or proposing Maria?"

Another large sip of wine, I took the glass away and put it in the cup holder on the console. "Kyle loves staying with you and the boys. I think he is in love with you. If you can handle watching him more often than just the weekends I would be ever so grateful. He can ride the bus with Tyler and stay over or he can catch his regular bus and come home".

Now I needed some wine. I said "Kyle can stay with us during the week. You will need to give me limited power of attorney and limited guardianship over him for any emergencies and also to act on his behalf at school if the school cannot contact you first. I need to get Tyler a cell phone so I will add one for Kyle. I am sure there is a new feature out there now that Eric doesn't have so his will get upgraded in the process. Kyle will have to call you to tell you that he is coming here and he will have to call me to tell me that he is going home to you. That way we know where he is and what bus he is supposed to be on".

"Thank you Jack I will sign anything you need as guardian of Kyle. If he stays with you then I can try to advance my career. I haven't been able to do anything to improve my job situation because of Kyle. I know it's not his fault but being a single mom that has crappy luck with men it's been tough to advance my career or even a social life for that matter".

She reached for more wine. I said "If you keep drinking wine like that I am going to have to insist that you stay as a guest or I can drive you home I can't in good conscious let you drive home".

Maria said "You started the wine idea besides I'm Italian I can handle my wine. However, I will call a friend of mine to come pick me up I will come back tomorrow for my car. I brought half of Kyle's clothes with me they are in the trunk. I know Kyle would be the happiest boy in the world if his father figure fell in love with his mother and the fairy tale ended happily ever after. Like I said I haven't had much luck with men. You are an attractive man Jack but I have pretty much decided that one son is enough to handle or too much to handle and I wouldn't want a relationship that would mean three sons no matter how well behaved they are".

I poured more wine for both of us finishing the bottle. I said "We need to talk to the boys. I can get bunk beds for Tyler's room assuming that the boys would like to share a room or I will have to move my office downstairs so Kyle has a room of his own. Either way is not a problem. Kyle will be treated as Eric and Tyler are. Things are expected of them including cooking, dishes, homework, housework, baths or showers and regular bedtimes. In return the boys get love and attention and just about anything they want".

Maria said "I will pay you what I can for Kyle's support".

I held up my hand cutting her off. "Marie I make a lot of people a lot of money. It is what I do for a living. What I will do for Kyle is setup a trust fund for him so he makes money and doesn't even know it's there. I have done the same for Eric and Tyler. I will do the same for you. I will even wave my startup fees and start investing that money in your behalf. Whatever you can contribute to your own fund and/or if you can add to Kyle's fund then you both will make money faster. Shall we go talk to the boys now? It is getting late could I interest you in staying for supper, and by all means call and invite your friend over. Doc will be coming over as well. Maybe we can convince you that not all of the male species are creeps and we can prove that we can cook too".

Maria said "I accept your offer if you will open another bottle of wine".

I backed away from the cliff and pulled in the garage. Maria called her friend and invited her to dinner. I opened another bottle of wine and called Doc.

Maria sat at the kitchen table I handed her a glass "Do you want to talk to Kyle alone first?"

She shook her head "No we should do this together it's okay if Eric and Tyler are here as well".

I went to the stairs. "Kyle please come up here Eric and Tyler you too".

The three boys came up goofing around. I said "Eric and Tyler please get the leaf in for the table we are having company for dinner. Kyle please sit down".

Kyle got a look of fear across his face "What is it Uncle Jack?"

Maria looked at me "Uncle Jack? I was right wasn't I he has found his father figure and he is in love with you. Kyle I have been talking to Jack or I guess Uncle Jack as you call him. What would you say if we decided that you would spend more time here during the school week including spending the night or nights and get on the bus from here with Tyler and Eric. You can come home anytime you want to but you have to call Uncle Jack and tell him you are coming home instead of here and you have to call me either to tell me you are coming here or more likely that you are not coming here and want to come home. I will arrange for Uncle Jack to have partial legal guardianship over you so he can take care of you if anything happens. You must obey him and his rules at all times would that be alright with you Kyle?"

The tears started running down his face Kyle got up from the table and jumped into my arms wrapping his arms around my neck, his legs around my waist and his face into my neck. He finally pulled his face out of my neck and turned to his mother. "Mommy I will be the happiest boy in the world if you let me live here with Uncle Jack, Eric and Tyler. I promise I will obey all the rules and I will help around the house".

I put him down and he went to his mother and gave her a great big hug as well.

Eric and Tyler were carrying the leaf into the kitchen. Eric said "Dad?"

I said "Kyle will be staying with us more often so the three of you listen up I am only going to say this once. Adopted son, cousin, nephew, soccer team best friends I expect you to treat each other and protect each other like brothers. Nothing more nothing less, I shall treat each of you as if you are my own son and all of you as my sons. Now we have some decisions to make but they can wait. Kyle your mom brought some of your clothes Tyler help him bring them in and put them in your room for now. Eric and Maria can get the leaf in and I will start on dinner".

After a fantastic dinner and enjoyable adult conversations and three more bottles of wine I tucked Tyler into his bed, Kyle into Eric's bed Maria and her friend Angela accepted my offer to spend the night on the pull out couch because of too much wine and Doc retired to his own townhouse for the evening. I closed the master bedroom door with Eric joining me in my bed.

Eric turned on the surveillance system on the plasma as we watched Maria and Angela intertwine their bodies into a lesbian love fest completely unaware that they were not only being watched but recorded as well. Eric lay out on the bed facing the plasma as I lowered my cock into his asshole fucking him from behind. The plasma chirped for two way request. Eric hit the button to accept Doc's request and put the plasma in dual mode so Doc could see the red headed and the blond woman sucking each other's tits and licking pussy.

Doc said "I kind of figured they were lesbians".

I kept fucking Eric and said "Yeah I got that feeling when we were up on the cliff talking".

Eric said "It's alright now we get to play with Kyle and Tyler. Oh I almost forgot Uncle Walt Chuck has been complaining that his dick hurts all the time and he doesn't know why. I told him it's because he jerks off all the time and won't give it a rest. He of course says he doesn't jerk off but we all know better so I told him to talk to you and maybe you could help him with his problem. I think he needs one of your famous milking sessions".

Doc said "Chuck is that cocky friend of yours right? Of course I would do anything for the well being of an adolescent young male have him stop by the office or the townhouse anytime. Good night Jack, Good Night Eric".

"Night Doc".

Pro's and Con's Part II.

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