The Next Big Assignment

         Coach Vester spoke to us firmly during the next class. He made sure we understood that we to do all of the assignments in order. I knew that Randy must have spoken to him.
         "Look," the coach said, "you are here to learn about yourself and about your male development." He weaved around the room as he spoke. "This means that we have to learn about our own pleasures and desires before we can share these things with others." He paused and stood by me. I could feel his presence and I wanted to shrink away. "As we develop and learn in this class, we will open up to our mentors and our class partners." Before you complete this class, you should not be sharing your body with anyone else, okay?" Then, he actually rested his palm on my shoulder. "Don't give in to others' temptations because this is all about you, not about them!"

         "With that said," Coach Vester began, "get with your partner and pull out your video cameras. You will share your videos with each other and your reflections. Tell your partner how it felt when you explored your body; tell him what physical reactions you had and the emotional reactions you had. Then, your partner will do the same. After that, we will be sharing with the entire class before we start our next project."

         I wanted to disappear into the walls when I showed Todd my video, but he enjoyed it. I told him how I felt about my body once I discovered it with my hands. Todd looked at me seriously and said, "you are beautiful. You're body is great. I wish my body was as great as yours."

         When I watched Todd's video, I saw his skinny body lying on the bed and as he began to massage his body. He hummed underneath his breath as his hands ventured from his head to his chest to his stomach. As I looked, I was mesmerized. Although he would have seemed like the kind of skinny little nerdy kid to anyone else at any other time, right then, he was the most beautiful specimen I had ever seen. When he reached his scrotum, his penis grew exponentially. In fact, his penis was larger than mine and the head was large and red. I was engorged as he ran his fingers down his inner thighs. I could feel myself growing in my shorts and it was obvious. Todd looked over at me and saw my physical reaction.

         "Todd," I began. "You're gorgeous and sexy." I paused. "I'm surprised because I saw you so differently before. You're not just some scrawny ten year old, you have such a smooth, tiny body..." I stopped because I felt like I was going to cross over a line, but then I decided I didn't care. "I want to touch it. I want to massage you and taste you."

         When Coach Vester came by, he asked us to share something with the class. He had heard my comments about Todd I think because, when he was standing talking to us, he told me to share what I thought about what I saw.

         Todd and I presented thirdly. The first pairs of boys both talked about the experience I had. Coach Vester talked about it being called an "orgasm" and that it is a beautiful, loving thing we can bring to ourselves and to each other, when we get there. I was afraid to admit it when I stood up there in front of everyone, but I realized that I had my first orgasm on film and shared it with the entire class.

         "This is me." I began. "I felt a lot of pleasure touching myself and feeling the tingling sensations in my body." When the film got to that point, I showed the class where I had my orgasm. All the boys moaned. Many of the boys had erections in their shorts, which I could see. Todd was rock hard and his shorts couldn't hide it as he stood next to me. He reached down and touched himself as he watched me having an orgasm on the video.

         When I shared my reaction to Todd's video, I shared exactly what I said. I wanted to touch him and taste his beautiful body. The class giggled a little, but Coach Vester backed me up.

         "Listen boys! It is important that we begin to share our bodies with others, but we have to fully understand how to pleasure ourselves." Then, once all the presentations were finished, Coach Vester had everyone take their seats. "This is the lesson for your next series of projects." He undressed and we could see his entire naked body. He was moderately hairy and his penis was rock hard and seemed a foot long. He propped himself up on the front table.

         We stared at him for a while because he asked us to. Then, he began touching his body, working his hand from the top of his chest to his abs and then to his penis. "Watch very closely boys because this is your assignment. You are going to do what I do in front of your mentor so they can see you pleasure yourself." Then, he held his penis tightly and began to stroke his shaft up and down slowly. He liked his palm and returned to it, more speedily stroking. All of us boys were hard and began holding our crotches. Although we didn't imitate him right away, the faster Coach Vester went, the more he encouraged us to take out our own penises and do what he was doing.

         Twelve boys stared at Coach Vester's shiny, red cock as he stroked it faster and faster while they stroked their own awkwardly. Most of the boys just sat mesmerized and just tickled their penises while they watched the coach as he crunched his face, pinched his nipples, and yanked on his rock-hard dick. As he continued, he would stop momentarily and say something very out-of-breath like, "boys – this is what masturbating is. You are pleasuring yourself and giving yourself sexual relief." Then, he sped up even more; his entire body was either red or flush as his hand stroked his cock like lightning. Behind me I heard Bryan, a thirteen-year-old boy in the class moan loudly and I assumed he must have had what Coach Vester called an "orgasm."

         When the coach got closer, he stopped, caught his breath, and told us: "Boys, I am going to have an orgasm and you are going to see me shoot a lot of white stuff. This is something most of you will not experience for at least a year, but it is completely normal."

         Then, as the rest of us tinkled with our own shanks, the Coach yanked harder and harder and faster and faster until finally he let out a huge yell as his body pulsated and he pulled his head back and loads of what looked like cream spewed from his penis into his hand, which he held out in front of his pee hole. Some shot beyond that and a glob of it landed on Brandon's hand. As he milked the rest of his juice, his breathing slowed as the rest of us simply watched more mesmerized than ever. Brandon looked at the white glob on the back of his hand. Coach Vester reached out his hand and invited everyone to come up and look.

         Every single one of us ran up there and crowded around. I could feel the heat of what the coach called "cum" on my face as I leaned over his hand. It was probably a ¼ of a cup of pure semen. It was the most interesting sight I had seen at that point in my life. Some of the boys asked if they could touch it and the coach laughed. "Alright, boys, go ahead, dip your finger in there. Brandon got some on his hand already." Then, we all turned around toward Brandon to see the blonde-haired, blue-eyed model of a boy lick the white substance off his hand.

         "Ew!" One boy yelled but Coach Vester shut him up immediately.

         "No! It is not gross, okay? In fact, it tastes good. Many people consume cum during sex." Then, looking at about six boys who had dipped their fingers in (I was afraid and had abstained; Todd did not abstain) he invited them all to take a taste as the coach himself slopped up the rest of his juice into his mouth.

         At the end of class, we all left trying to hide our erections and wanted to get home as soon as possible, hoping we too could "cum" like the Coach. Some of the boys liked the taste of the cum and others thought it tasted too salty. Todd pulled me aside and told me that it was like candy. I wasn't sure whose opinion to accept, but it seemed fair to take my best friend's opinion over some strangers.'

         I decided to read by the pool to take my mind off of the image of Coach Vester's gorgeous, hairy, hard body and the beautiful cream that came shooting out of his dick onto Brandon's hand. I wanted to forget how Todd had tasted it and said it tasted like candy. I started reading one paragraph but I couldn't get past it. Instead, I pulled out my writing notepad and wrote a letter to my dad.


Dear Dad

I have a lot of weird feelings going through my mind. I have met many other people here and a couple boys who I really enjoy hanging out with. Coach Vester showed us something really cool today, but all I could wonder was – why did you send me here to see these things. Couldn't you have shown me yourself? Do you cum too? Do you drink it? Daddy, there are so many things I want to try now because all these people have shared things with me. I wish it had been you, dad, who showed me how to masturbate and had me videotape myself touching my body. I wish you were the first person who would have known I had my first orgasm.


I miss you, Dad.