Someone Who Can Understand


         After writing, I felt compelled to run to my cousin Alex. I ran across the campus, looking at my watch to make sure I wouldn't be late for curfew, and ran up the stairs until I reached Alex's floor. When I got there, I saw at least twenty of the older boys walking out of the mass shower room. Some of them donned white cotton towels covering their gentles and others walked around without shame, their hairy cocks bouncing back and forth in the wind. I tried not to stare but instead run straight to Alex's room and knock on the door.

         At first I heard nothing but some growling coming from inside the room. In a scared fury, I knocked harder and I heard an "ugh!" which sounded like my cousin. Then, Alex opened the door wearing nothing. I turned shamefully as my cousin immediately turned around and grabbed his underwear. "Sorry, Nicky" he said, as he slapped on his white briefs. I could see the dimples in his butt cheeks and they appealed to me. Then, I felt even weirder than I had been feeling lately, which felt out-of-control. Alex turned around as Sanjay also covered himself with the bed sheet. Before he had the chance to cover himself, I saw everything. Sanjay wasn't muscular at all but covered in dark hair. His penis had no head, it looked like some kind of an earthworm and it was weird. Both the guys invited me in and, as out-of-breath as they seemed, they tried to relax and listen to my crisis as they tried to fight their erections.

         "I'm sorry." I began to speak and then I turned back around, "I shouldn't have come."

         "No, Nicky, it's okay," Alex began, but Sanjay, in his Indian accent disagreed.

         "Eef he wants to come back later, he should." Sanjay was awkwardly trying to put on under pants and keep himself covered with the sheet.

         "Oh, please Sanjay!" He grabbed my shoulder and invited me to sit down. Then, he turned toward Sanjay, who was trying to reach for his underwear that was hanging from the bedpost and Alex interrupted. "Cut it out! Just drop the sheet. Nicky needs to know."

         Alex sat me down on his bed; I could feel heat on the mattress and I could see a strange bottle of liquid marked "KY" lying there on the mattress next to me.
         "Nicky, I'm sorry." He paused and removed his hand from covering his erection. "I shouldn't try and hide myself from you. Sanjay shouldn't either. I guess we're still struggling with the values of the outside world." He instructed Sanjay to sit nude, his dark elephant trunk still hanging down in a jungle of nappy black hair.

         "What do you mean?" I felt so confused, so aroused, so perplexed. I even had forgotten what I was there for.

         "Nicky, the whole purpose of this place is for us to lose our inhibitions and to not be afraid of male sexuality." Then, Alex removed his underwear, showing me his rock hard penis. It looked a lot like Randy's; light in color but red at the top. I looked at it at first but soon shielded my eyes. "Stop!" Alex physically turned me towards him and Sanjay's naked bodies. "Look at us and enjoy what you see. I know you are feeling a lot of different emotions but the last thing I want you to feel is shame. You should feel a lot of pleasure from seeing yourself and us naked."

         Sanjay came and sat next to Alex and they kissed on the lips. "See," Alex continued, "when you knocked, Sanjay and I were having sex and, well, we felt embarrassed ourselves, but we shouldn't. I should feel proud to tell you that Sanjay and I make love.

         I looked at them both. They held hands and smiled at each other. I could tell they were both happy and I knew that sex was something that was enjoyable, something pleasurable, but I wasn't sure how I fit into the equation. Then, I remembered why I had come.

         "Alex, can I ask you a question?" He nodded his head, as did Sanjay who seemed more comfortable now. "Today in class we learned about masturbation and cum and all pleasuring ourselvesÉ"
         "Was that the class where Coach Vester demonstrates how to do it?"

         "Yeah. How did you know?" I asked.

         "We've all had that class, Nicky. Sanjay and I. He is teaching you how to love and enjoy your body. That is a good thing." He smiled and lay his hand on my hand.

         "But, there's something that bothers me." Then, I pulled out the letter I had written to dad that I wasn't sure if I intended to mail or not. Alex took a moment to read it and shared it with Sanjay. They both looked at each other and then looked at me seriously.

         "Nicky, our dads sent us here so we could experience what they never had the chance to experience." He paused, looking for the right words. "Your Uncle Max, my dad, he explained it to me one day when he came to visit. He said that women had always disappointed him and that he was brought up with all these fears about loving men and how it was wrong. He said he didn't want me to end up like him – in a loveless marriage. So, when he heard about this place, he sent me here." Alex took a moment as he began to rub Sanjay's torso and legs with his left hand, his right hand still holding mine. "Just like your dad. He needed to send you here so you could experience how true men love each other and pleasure each other and themselves." I began to sprout an erection watching my cousin stroke Sanjay's body.

         "But how do I fit into all this? I feel left out."

         "I know you do, Nicky. Don't worry, though. It won't be long and you'll be experiencing the same pleasure with someone like ToddÉ" he didn't get a chance to finish his sentence before I interrupted.

         "How did you know about Todd?"

         "I work for his dad, remember?" He smirked as his right hands began to touch Sanjay's shaft and scrotum. "You don't think that he knows you and Todd are partners in class? He is glad you are his son's partner and he is excited that you two are going to be like Sanjay and I are soon."

         "Really?" Somehow I felt better.
         "Yeah." Sanjay moved in closer to Alex and kissed him again. Then, Sanjay leaned in towards me, putting his right hand on my face.

         "You er very cute, you know it?" His accent made me smile.

         There was a moment where we were all touching each other and I began to see how Sanjay's elephant trunk opened up and he had a pointy penis head that protruded. I stared at it and Sanjay laughed. "I am uncut, you see?" he pulled it back more. "You will learn more about this," he said, but there are many people with cocks like mine." He paused, looking at Alex, "you like?"
         I felt aroused and it showed through my nylon shorts. Alex rubbed my hand and moved toward my thigh. "It's not time for you to share what Sanjay and I share, but I hope that you feel the love that we are sharing with you now, even though we aren't physically stimulating you."

         I shook my head and watched as Alex and Sanjay kissed again. Alex removed his hand and let it explore Sanjay's inner thigh and cup his balls as they kissed with their mouths open. They stopped for a second and looked at me. I could hear them debating something, but in the end, they turned to me and Alex reached out his hand.

         "Nicky. Come, sit down over here." They led me to a chair in the corner of their bedroom. Then, before I sat, Sanjay removed my white uniform shirt and Alex yanked down my nylon shorts until I was in my white briefs. They both smiled at me. Their penises were rock hard and emanating tense sexuality. Sanjay bent down and grabbed the sides of the elastic waist-band of my underpants. He slowly pulled until they were all the way removed save from the part that was stuck on my erection, which he quickly maneuvered around. When my briefs came all the way off, the head of my dick slapped Sanjay in the face and we all laughed.

         "Sit down, Nicky and watch. Watch how Sanjay and I enjoy each other's bodies." Then, they both moved over to the bed. "You can practice your homework while you watch too" Alex said, winking at me before he pushed Sanjay face-down onto the mattress.

         I watched as my cousin grabbed the mysterious bottle of liquid and applied it to his penis. I had chills all over my body and I couldn't help but grab my penis and tickle it. I scratched at my scrotum too as I saw Sanjay, looking dead at me with a devilish smile on his face as my cousin spread his partner's butt cheeks apart and slid slapped his dick against the crack of Sanjay's dark, hairy butt. At that point I remembered how pink and tight Todd's butthole was and I remember wanting to touch it. Or perhaps I didn't remember wanting to as much as I wanted to at that moment. I wanted so bad to touch it the way my cousin was.

         As Alex used the KY liquid to stroke his penis and use his finger to play with Sanjay's hole, I felt my body spasm and my penis bobbed up and down out-of-control. I let out a big yelp and both Sanjay and Alex stopped to look. They smiled at me as my whole body jerked. They both got up and went over to me. Alex massaged my inner thighs and Sanjay grabbed my scrotum as my body began to go back to normal with only little aftershocks.

         "Man, that was beautiful, wasn't it babe?" Alex looked at Sanjay and Sanjay returned the same satisfied look to my cousin and me. Turning his attention toward me, Alex asked me if that was my first time and I shook my head "no." As surprised as he seemed, he took one finger and lightly touched the tip of my head. I jerked from the pain (or pleasure) it brought and Alex held up what he saw to my face. "It's my baby cousin's first cum."

         I was so proud to see a little bit of clear liquid at the tip of Alex's finger. I smiled widely as Alex licked his finger and told me that it tasted good. "Now, cousin," he began. "You have seen the intimacy two men can have with each other and you have experienced what it is like to get pleasure from seeing their intimacy, haven't you?" I shook my head.

         Then, before Alex and Sanjay continued having sex, something I wasn't privy to see yet, I got dressed and went back to my suite. But there was no mistaking that I felt good about why Dad had sent me here. Dad was giving me what he never had – pleasure.