A New Direction


       Before I knew it, I was in a health class with the older boys – 13 and 14 year olds. To my surprise, they all seemed really stoked that I was there and welcomed me. In fact, my new class partner, David, was particularly welcoming to me. He had been without a partner for a while and was glad to have me to partner up with. I was excited too because he was the epitome of what I would later learn was my type: shaggy light brown hair falling over big almond-shaped green eyes with a tiny nubby nose and long, outstretched lips that curled up at the ends, making it look like he was constantly smiling. He was about half a foot taller than me but without all the developed muscles of some of his peers. His body was fuchsia in color and smooth with slight definition in his shoulders, biceps, pectorals, abdomen, and butt. I knew immediately what his body looked like because, on my first day there, the class was in the middle of a big project and David was intent on catching me up.

       In this class, Coach Vester had a syllabus with a list of different assignments and projects and we all had to keep detailed journals in a notebook on a daily basis. It was somewhat more structured but also more free in terms of how we used our time in class. The class had 10 projects and David informed me that they were on their third project. He said it was quite detailed and it was the first one that required having a dependable partner, so he was extremely glad I was there.

       The fact of the matter was that every pair was at some different point in their assignment, so everyone was doing something different. In this particular instance, David was trying to catch me up by letting me know that the first part of the assignment involved exploring each other's bodies with our hands. He gave me the checklist which laid it all out: we had to explore each other with our hands, then we had to learn each others' areas of pleasure and focus on them by doing the same thing again. After that, we would be exploring each other's bodies with our mouths and then the assignment just grew from there. Essentially, there were things on that list that I hadn't even fathomed of doing with anyone, not even Randy or Todd, but I knew that I wanted to – I just felt a knot in my stomach as I watched the pairs of boys, all at different points in their assignments, kissing each other, massaging shoulders and legs, and some even licking each others' nipples. I had an erection watching them, but I felt like I needed more time to just watch and understand what this whole thing would look like.

       "If you're not ready," he said, as he slowly lifted his shirt exposing his beautifully smooth, pale torso, "we can wait until later." He tried to gauge my comfort. I had to admit I was nervous. If this was Todd or Randy, I would have felt completely comfortable with it, but with David (who was basically a beautiful stranger) I was anxious about delving right into it.

       I stood staring at his body, but I was unconfident and it showed. He looked at me and smiled. At that moment, I felt a strange sensation going through me. What was even more beautiful than his upturned lips was his full-on smile, showing his pearl-white teeth and a special twinkle in his eye.

       "I have an idea," he began. "We both having mentoring class tomorrow evening," he said. That had reminded me: not only had my life changed with my health class, but since I was mentoring Todd, I was required to drop Dr. Cody's class and take part in the mentoring training class in the evenings.

       "Oh, yeah. Right," I said, beginning to become nervous about that too.

       "Well, why don't we wait until after that class and you can come over to my suite and I can fill you in on everything." Then, he paused. I must have shown some reaction because he switched his tune. "I mean..." he spoke nervously. "I just mean that I can show you the video that Coach Vester showed us – they're samples from previous students and they'll help you understand the project, you know?" I shook my head. "We don't have to start the project then either, I mean, the video isn't due for presentation for another three weeks and I'm sure the coach would give us an extension, considering you came in late." He paused and smiled at me again with that twinkle in his eye that made me feel a strange sense of calm arousal. He put his palm against my face and stroked it. "Don't worry, okay?"