Letter from Dad


       The afternoon before my first session in mentoring training and my first homework session with David, I got a letter taped to the door of my suite. I could see the handwriting was my dad's immediately and I was excited. He must have received my letter and written back. I was anxious to see what he would say yet it also reminded me of his absence and I felt sad.

       Instead of opening it, I shoved it in my pocket and went inside. Todd was in the bedroom already watching cartoons naked on the bed. I stopped and smiled at him. I jumped in next to him and gave him a hug. Immediately, his little peter stood up for action and he drew my attention to it.

       "I've been practicing. Wanna watch?" he smiled at me and my heart melted. There was something more to this boy than his smooth, boyish body and his beautiful blonde hair. He had come around from being the weird kid who was younger than everyone in the class with a book basically glued to his face to a kid who was proud of his accomplishments. As I sat there, I watched attentively as he stroked his two inch penis, wetting it with some lube that he borrowed from Randy. I could see all the little purple veins in his shaft poking out just past his little belly and the head was big and red as he made circles around it with his index finger.

       "Did you learn that in class?" I asked.

       "Yeah, Nick. It feels really good. Coach Vester's my partner now for everything, so he showed me. It kinda feels like it hurts at first, but later it makes you feel really, really good" his voice was breaking up. I wasn't sure if his voice was in the midst of changing, something a little too early for him, or if he was just in that much pleasure as his head expanded and became so engorged it mitigated the length of his cock immediately.

       Although I was enjoying watching the kid I considered to be my brother stroke his cock and watching as his entire body reacted in jolts and spasms, I couldn't help but think of the letter that was in my pocket and it haunted me.

       "I'm gonna cum, Nick!" He announced it so loud and proud that I smiled deeply. "You gonna watch?" Then, as he yanked and pulled on the rest of his dick, his body went into a full-blown spasm and he groaned like a dog trying to keep trespassers away.

       "UGH! UGH! UGH!" For a kid who was so little and seemed so innocent, when he came he sounded violent. I could only imagine what he would be like if he were my partner in my new class – how would he react when it came that time for me to put my mouth around his penis? Would he be able to cum the same way? Would he hurt me when he did? When he was finished with his dry climax, I reached over and gave him a kiss on the lips.

       "You're so beautiful, you know that?"

       Out of breath, he shook his head and I ran my hands down his chest and stomach to calm him a bit. Then, I excused myself so I could read the letter from Dad.

       Once I realized that Randy wasn't back yet, I took advantage of the opportunity to use his room to open and read the letter. As I sat there, I glued my eyes to the hand-written pages of writing.


Dear Nicky

My son I am so very proud of you. I know you are learning so much about what life as a boy should be and I know the people there will mold you into a loving, caring, gentle man who can understand the depth of love and sex.

You see, Nicky, that is why I sent you there. My entire life I have never had any male influences in my life I felt I could share anything with. Men in our society are so reserved and they don't allow the type of bonding to happen between men and boys that needs to happen in order to grow up well. From Uncle Max, I learned a lot about the school and what they believed in and I knew it was the best thing for you.


I know you are wondering why it is that I couldn't have kept you at home and helped mold you into this well-rounded, confident male that I want you to be, but you have to understand that since your mom died I have felt lost. I never knew how to connect with you because the way my father shoved me to the side and didn't hardly acknowledge my existence. I didn't want you to grow up that way, but before I realized it, I had become my father – something I detest.