First Impressions

         After Dad left, I walked into the administration offices with the man in the suit. He pulled me into his office and we both sat down.

         "Nick Manheim." He leaned back in his big shiny leather chair like he worked for the mafia or something and stared me down with a phony smile. "Welcome to Prosperity. I'm sure you will love it here. As you can see," he said, as he turned my attention to the window behind him, "we have a beautiful campus. Over 140 acres of land. On the left are the dormitories. We house students based on age, so you will be in building number 1 for all 12 and 13-year-olds. You will share a suite with four other boys and one of our mentors. We have an opening in suite 145, which is where you will be staying. Your mentor will be Randy." As he spoke, he pulled out a welcome folder with a lot of information and pamphlets like the one my Dad showed me. I remembered Randy and I felt comfortable knowing he would be my mentor because he seemed to be sincere.

         "Now, Nicholas," he said.

         "Nick, sir."

         "Of course." He paused and took a breath. "Nick. We run a very tight ship and have a number of rules here. First, students are required to attend classes three days a week and work two days a week. We have a lot of different jobs that we offer our students; you'll sign up for a job through your mentor. Here is your schedule. You will choose your electives through your mentor as well." The suit man handed me my schedule and I skimmed it quickly. "Everyday we have breakfast fro 6-7 am, lunch from 11am – 12pm, and dinner from 5-6pm. You will have classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Your work days will be Tuesday and Thursday." He paused and let me look at the schedule.

         When I looked at the schedule, it was a very different type of school, I could tell. On Mondays I had World Culture Studies, Health, and an elective. On Wednesdays I had Greek, Writing, and an elective. On Fridays I had Algebra, Physical Education, and an elective. The schedule looked great to me since I hated a lot of academic subjects. I loved the idea of having electives.

         "What type of electives do you offer?" I asked.

         "That is something you will speak to your mentor about. Randy will be interviewing you and helping you decide what electives you would like."

         There was silence leading up the part that became the downer of the entire meeting. "In a moment, I will have one of our student office assistants give you a tour and get you acquainted. He will be going over some rules with you. We reward you here for your work, good behavior, and grades with tickets which will buy you items from our store, free time, visits to the movie theatre, game tokens in the arcade room, days off of work, and field trips. If you break a rule, you will lose tickets and spend time in detention." He paused. "Do you understand, Nick?"

         As I looked out the window I noticed that all the students were dressed in nylon shorts and camp tee shirts. "Yeah. Why is everyone dressed the same?"

         "One of our student office assistants will assist you." He said, rolling his eyes. "I need an office assistant please!" Then, to my amazement, I saw a taller, much older and much better looking Alex. I stood up and smiled. It felt good to at least know one person.

         "Oh, my God!" Alex said, as he jabbed me in the shoulder, "how are you doing, Nicky?"

         "It's Nick." I smiled and he apologized. A sense of ease came over me and I forgot, for a moment, that I would not be allowed to see my father for two years and that I was stuck here whether I liked it or not.

         "Well, come on, Nick. I'll show you around and get you acquainted."

         Alex went over a lot of rules and told me that I shouldn't be worried if I don't remember all of them at once. "You get used to it, but if you have questions, ask your mentor, uhÉ" he paused while he looked at my packet, "Randy." Then, he smiled.

         "What?" I asked, feeling more at ease as we headed down the hall and into a clear white room.

         "Oh, he was my mentor too. You'll like him. He's very good at his job." I was sure Alex winked at me but I didn't pay it much attention since the empty room distracted me.

         "What's this?"

         "This is the uniform." As we walked in, I set down my bag and Alex picked it up. I protested, but he shut me down.

         "Look. We lock everything up in a locker; you'll get it all back when you graduate. Everyone wears the same clothes and all other supplies are given to you or earned through tickets."

         "Even underwear?"

         "Yep. Take everything off. The doctor will come in and examine you. Then, when you're finished and dressed, I'll take you to your dorm." He started to leave, but I grabbed the arm Alex was carrying my duffle bag in.

         "Can't I keep one little thing?" I gave him a pathetic look and he stopped, put the bag on the examining table, and opened it.

         "What do you want to keep?" he asked.

         "My blanket. Please? I can't sleep without it." I begged and started to tear up a bit, which I think helped because he pulled out the blanket and handed it to me, folded up.

         "Here," he said, handing me a bag. "Put it in the bag with all the supplies the doctor gives you so no one will see."

         "Thanks" I said, smiling as my cousin left the examining room.


When the doctor came in he smiled. He was probably in his twenties with a soft, round face. His curly hair was impeccable and his smile was addictive. At the point that he stood in front of me, leaning down with his bare hands seated on my thighs, I realized something about this place – every person here was young and good looking.

"Hey Nick. How are you?" His smile made me bashful for some reason, and my body shivered when he touched me with his soft, cool hands.

"Good, I guess."

"I know you're nervous," he rubbed my thighs, "so just stay calm. I promise that this won't hurt a bit, okay?"

"OhÉkay." My voice cracked a bit and I was immediately embarrassed.

"Okay, this exam will just take a moment and it's just to ensure that you're healthy enough to take part in the physical activities we have here, okay?" I shook my head.

Then, the doctor instructed me to stand up. I did. Then, he pulled my shirt up over my head. He smiled and shook his head in an approving way as he ran his bare hands over my neck, chest, shoulders, and arms. Then, he instructed me to lie down. As I lied there, he ran his palms along my stomach and pressed in hard at the lowest point.

Unbuttoning and removing my jeans, I shot up in embarrassment. His touch had caused me to have an erection and I immediately wanted to hide it. I covered it and stopped the doctor.

"Nick. It's okay," he said calmly. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact, I am glad that you are hard. It's important that your whole body works, okay?" He gently removed my hands and pulled my jeans and underwear down, exposing my rock hard penis.

"Stand up for me, okay?" I did and the doctor stood back, folded his arms, and smiled. "You know Nick, I see a lot of these things in my job and I'll tell ya, your is definitely one of the best looking I've seen."

Bashfully, I thanked him while he ran his hands down my butt my crotch, and my thighs. I moaned and jerked in response. I was shocked but really excited. "Just enjoy how it feels, okay? It's natural." The doctor's tame voice made me feel like I could melt. I lied back down and the doctor ran his hands all over my body and breathed heavily as he did so. Through his scrubs I could see that he was enjoying as much as I did.

When he sat me up and handed me the uniform, he assured me there would be many more experiences like that in this school and he excused himself.

Once my erection subsided, I put on the uniform and met Alex at the end of the hall.

"Dr. Cody is great, isn't he?" Alex asked, winking again.

"Yeah. I think I might actually like it here."