A New Best Friend

         I truly began to get acclimated after I met with Randy. Our suite included three rooms with a king size bed in each room. Communal sleeping was part of the program, was what I was told. Either way, it didn't matter because I got to share a bed with Randy since his bedmate left. Randy was so excited to see me and we got right to work on selecting my elective classes and work. Unfortunately, the only job that was available for me was cleaning bedrooms for building 4, which was where all the elder students stayed. I didn't like the cleaning part, but I thought it was cool that I might see Alex from time to time.

         "What electives do you think you'd like? They have swimming, boating, art, music, film, creative writing, romance literature, medical services, web design, baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, film...well...they have a lot. What kinds of things do you like to do?"

         "I like to read and since I don't have any books anymore, I would like to take the literature class." I paused, examining the list. Thinking of the doctor, I pointed to the "Medical Services" elective.

         "You like Dr. Cody, huh?" He smiled warmly. "Everyone does, though, so no guarantees. Let's try choosing four so you have an alternate."

         By the end of the initial interview, I had chosen medical services, swimming, film, and romance literature. When we were finished, Randy talked to me about the routines -- when breakfast, lunch, and dinner were, how to earn tickets, and how to write to my Dad as he showed me around the campus and introduced me to some of the other mentors and elder students. When Randy found out Alex was my cousin, he was pleased. "Alex is a great guy," he said. "He started off scared too, you know?"

         Randy had a class to teach after dinner, so he left me in the room alone for a while. "Hey," he said, "you're lucky, you know? Normally, bedmates have to work together to get enough tickets to get a television, but I already have one and you're welcome to use it as much as you want." Randy spoke from the bathroom as he headed into the shower. I peeked through the crack in the door and saw his reflection standing in the uniform tighty whiteys we all wore. His eye caught mine and he opened the door.

         "Look, Nick. We're all guys here. You don't have to be embarrassed and you don't have to peek to look. You're welcome to look at me any time you want, okay?" He smiled and stroked my hair gently. I could feel myself growing down below. "As your mentor, I'm going to be the one who answers any questions you have about feelings and your body." I was totally embarrassed and aroused. "I took the job because I like mentoring kids like you who are entering into puberty and are curious."

         Then, he dropped his underwear revealing his fat uncut penis and low-hanging balls. His body hair was as light as the hair on his head and revealed all elements of his incredible physique. I sprouted an erection standing there, so I excused myself immediately.

         I had one more day of freedom before I had to start my classes, so Randy took me around to meet some specific people he thought I ought to know. First and foremost, he introduced me to my teachers. The first teacher Randy introduced me to was Mr. Thatcher because he taught three of the classes I would be taking -- English, Romance Literature, and Film. I was surprised when Randy walked me over to where, I soon discovered, was Mr. Thatcher's residence suite because I assumed that he would have an office or a classroom.

         Randy knocked lightly on Mr. Thatcher's door but did not hesitate to push open the door and walk right on in. I stood at the doorway unsure of what to do, but Randy just motioned me inside when he called out for Mr. Thatcher. Then, as I shut the door behind me and turned slowly around, I saw this tall, lanky man wearing nothing but a towel standing before us drying his hair. I stood suspended in disbelief as I watched this beautiful specimen of a man smiling at me. Randy motioned for me to come closer and was saying his greetings to Mr. Thatcher, but I just couldn't focus on anything else but the man with the jet black messy hair, long dark eye lashes surrounding royal blue eyes that were gazing into me. Our eyes were locked, even as I moved in closer. His stare seemed to permeate me and made me feel like I was the only one in the room. And no, he didn't make an attempt to excuse himself to get dressed or to cover himself anymore than he already was. In fact, his hand fidgeted with the tied end of the towel that pushed it down further until I could see where the jet black trail of hair that funneled from his chest past his navel.

         As Randy finished with his small talk, he stepped aside, excusing himself to the rest room and left me standing with my hands folded in front of my crotch, head staring at the floor, and awkwardly crossed legs.

         "Good morning, Nick." Mr. Thatcher moved up closer to me and I felt like I could feel the cool from the water still on his naked body. "It's nice to meet you..." he paused, holding out his hand.

         "Nice to meet you to," I said, reaching out and meeting Mr. Thatcher's hand in a strong yet gentle shake.

         Mr. Thatcher sat me down in the overstuffed chairs of his living quarters while he ran to the other room to dress. By the time he returned, he was wearing the uniform dark nylon shorts everyone wore here but neglected to put on a shirt. Then, he walked up to the bookshelf and grabbed a thin hardcover novel without a title. Positioning his own chair to face me, Mr. Thatcher grabbed some thin-rimmed reading glasses from the end table.

I was more nervous as he handed me the book and leaned in towards me. The glasses accentuated his bright blue eyes and dark goatee in a way that made him look sophisticated and sexy.

Randy came back from the restroom and found a chair off to the side, pulling out his I-Phone and working on it while Mr. Thatcher and I spoke. We talked about everything and Mr. Thatcher gave me a headstart for the course by giving me the novel, "Without Contempt" to start reading as soon as possible. I was surprised; however, how little he focused on the content of the classes and how much he focused on my interests and background. He asked a lot about my home life, if I had a girlfriend, and what types of books and films I liked. I was surprised by the girlfriend question because I hated girls; they were so catty and self-involved. Guys were much more fun to be around.

Randy had me meet all my teachers and, before I knew it, I found myself quite fond of every one of them. They all seemed quite young, interested in who I was as a person, and willing to help me become acclimated. I began to feel a lot more comfortable and found myself thinking of my dad much less than before. Perhaps that was what Randy was trying to do -- keep me busy so I wouldn't dwell on the fact that I was stuck here whether I liked it or not.

Then, after lunch, Randy set me loose. He said he had an appointment with another of his mentees back in the suite and that I should go check out all the common areas. He encouraged me to introduce myself to some of the other students, which I was nervous about. I knew; however, that I had to do something because before I knew it, Randy was gone.

I stood there in the midst of all the movement of kids and adults, some were walking with their arms around each other brotherly, some were playing catch, some where splashing water at each other with squirt guns, but I found myself naturally moving away from the common areas towards the woods.

I found a beaten path and decided to explore it. Randy said I didn't have to check in until dinner, so I knew if I got lost I could find my way back before then. As I managed through the trees and brush, I heard voices from far off and decided that I would be like an American spy in Russia and get the scoop by sneaking up on them.

The only problem I found was that following the path only seemed to lead me to fire pits and camping sites -- no signs of people at all. Then, just when I was about to give up, I heard a voice.

"Are you lost?" I turned quickly to find a small boy sitting against a fallen tree reading. I was surprised to see someone as young as he was -- he couldn't have been any older than nine or ten.

"No!"  I shot back, acting as though I knew exactly where I was.

"Oh, okay." Looking back down at his book, the blond, fair-skinned dweeby-looking kid shrugged. I started to retreat when the boy spoke to me without any emotion in his voice or breaking his concentration. "My name's Todd.

"Oh, well..." I paused, unsure. "Hi Todd, I'm Nick." I stood for a second unsure of what to say. Then, I realized, here we were, both alone without anyone to hang out with, so I decided to make a new best friend. "So..." I sat down next to him, "what are you reading?"

"Harry Potter.'"

         "Ah, man! I love those books!" What I really meant was that I loved those books when I was in elementary school too, but I didn't say it. Instead, I inquired. "So, do you go here?" I asked.

         "Of course I do."
         "But you're too young, aren't you?"

"I'm not that young," he said rolling his eyes. "I'm 10!" He exalted. "Sorry, I just meant that I thought you had to be 12 to go here."

"You do. It's just that my dad is the director of Prosperity, so I got in early."

         We spent three hours talking. As strange as it seemed at first, it was Todd who was teaching me about the school. He told me that he was in the same English class as I was and that he was also taking film, which was cool. He talked about how different things were here and how this school was a way of life, but never went further in depth. All he said was that everyone seems to find someone they like and, if you aren't cool enough, then people ignore you and you get left alone.

         Later, when I got back to the room, I reflected on everything I had seen and all the conversations I had. I thought about Mr. Thatcher's wet chest, Randy's thick penis, Dr. Cody's gentle touch, and Alex's winks; mostly though, I thought about what Todd had said. After all, he was a pipsqueak; a dweeb; a skinny pale kid who was younger than everyone else. As I lie there, watching The Simpsons playing quietly on Randy's TV, I wondered if my father sent me here for a reason -- did he think I was gay? Did he know about my peeking at the farmhands with their shirts off? Did he know I thought girls were entirely gross? Did he know that Brent and I had touched penises when we were little? A ton of questions swirled around my brain and I felt ill at ease, so I pulled out the pad of paper they gave me in my welcome bag and began writing:


Dear Daddy

I miss you. I know you sent me here because you needed to, but I still miss you. I have met a lot of people and made a new friend -- he doesn't seem to know anybody either and he likes books too.

I can't get over that you sold the farm to send me here and it makes me think that there must be a good reason...did you know I'd fit in well here? Did you think these people could raise me better than you?


         I paused, staring up at the ceiling wondering how to phrase it just right so that I wasn't accusing but that I was asking the right question. Then, just as I started to put pencil back to paper, the door flung open and Randy came barging in, shedding each and every piece of his muddy clothing on the way to the bathroom.

         "Hey Nick!" he smiled and stopped next to the bed, his shorts still on and kissed me on the forehead. "How was your day?"

         "Great," I said, meaning it and glowing from the gentle kiss.

         "I'm glad," he said, bending down to pull off his shorts and cotton briefs. I unabashedly stared at Randy's dirty and yet gorgeous body just as I realized what to write to my dad.


Dear Dad

Thanks for sending me here. I know you sacrificed a lot to put me in a place where I would find others who would truly understand me and who could show me all everything you couldn't.

Randy is my bedmate and my mentor -- he was Alex's too. He's a great guy. I already feel comfortable with him. Mr. Thatcher, my English and Film teacher, already gave me a book to read that looks really interesting -- I'm going to start reading it before class on Wednesday. I am working in the older boys's dorms, cleaning -- my boss says I will have an entire floor to clean every day, so it's a lot of work.

The best part is I made a new friend who likes to read and is in some of my classes with me. I think Todd and I will end up being really good friends.

I miss you, Dad.

Love, Nicky.