Health Class Assignment


         Once we turned in our homework, we had to pair up with our partner; I paired up with Todd. Our assignment was to read each other's descriptions of our bodies and compare it to the real thing. Then, we had to make suggestions for revisions.

         Coach Vester stood in the front of the room giving us the directions. "Okay, you're going to get with your partner and help them re-write their descriptions so they are as accurate as possible." We all stared at him and he knew exactly what we were thinking. "Yes, young men, you are going to have to undress." He paused. "Now, if you intend to get an A in this class, I suggest you describe every element of your partner's body."

         I turned toward Todd and saw something in his eyes I hadn't seen before. There was a sense of exploration in his eyes that I could tell we both shared. In unison, we smiled at each other and turned a little pink in the cheeks from embarrassment.

         "Okay, boys!" Pair up, undress, and re-write.

         Todd and I decided that I would go first. I stared down Todd as he held my description in his hand. He was reading it attentively; however, he couldn't help but look up every second to see me slowly undress. First, I began by pulling off my white cotton shirt. I looked down at myself and saw my smooth chest and tiny nipples that were poking out more than usual. Then, I let my eyes venture down to the waistband of my shorts where I could see the string tied and the very tip of my Hanes underwear. I looked over at Todd and tilted my head with a smile. Even though he was young, I found myself oddly attracted to his twiggy, smooth body and cute button face.

         I slowly pulled down the waistband of my shorts and my entire body shivered as the nylon rubbed up against the cotton of my briefs, which were barely guarding the head of my dick. I let my shorts slide down my legs to the floor before I grabbed onto the elastic of my underpants. Todd pulled his knees together as he watched me expose my rock hard penis and tight balls.

         For a moment I just stood there exposed and Todd stared at me. "Wow," he said. "I never seen another boy naked before."

         "Really?" I asked, moving closer so he could look at me.

         "Yeah." He paused and whispered the rest. "It's making me feel funny..." he pointed down at his crotch. "You know?"

         "Yeah," I said. For some reason, although I was nervous when Randy did this to me, I felt comfort in telling ten-year-old Todd, "It's natural. Besides, you make me feel all funny there too." Then, I smiled.

         "Okay boys," Coach Vester said, as he roamed around the room, "twirl so your partner can see your entire body." I did, but I couldn't help but look at all the naked boys around me. Some of them had pubic hair, some had a little peach fuzz, and some were as soon as could be. For some reason, I couldn't wait to see Todd's body. I knew he had to have the smoothest body of all.

         One of the things that the Coach pointed out was that everyone was erect. "Enjoy being aroused as you do this. It is a beautiful sensation." Then, when he ventured over to Todd and me, the Coach took his hands and explored my entire body. As he did so, he spoke to the young Todd. "Look at the curvature of his shoulders and the length of his arms." Going further down, "detail how his naval dips in and how smooth his skin is as it makes it's way down to his cock." Then, the Coach grabbed my hard cock and squeezed. "It is beautiful," he said. "Describe it. Look at how big and red the head is and describe the thick veins in the shaft. Look at the peach fuzz on his scrotum," he massaged my sack gently, "and write about the deep wrinkles and how they appear to hold both his balls together in a little tightly knit pouch." Then, Coach Vester turned me around. "Look at the V-shape the dimples in his butt make and look at how low his crack is." The Coach instructed me to bend over. "Look at how pink he is inside and look at the swirly pattern of his hole." He paused and ran his finger along the hole of my butt. "See the hairs that he is beginning to form there. Come in close," he said, as Todd stood up, exposing his tent and moved in closer. "Yes, it is so delicate and beautiful."

         Then, when the Coach left, I turned around and stood for a few more minutes as Todd finished the correction and revision of my paper. All I could think about was how wonderful it felt to have the Coach touch me the way he did and I wanted to touch Todd too.

         "No, young men!" the coach said, "Do not touch yet! We will get to that later. Today is about what you see. Get to know your partner's body and see all it has to offer."

         When it was Todd's turn he nervously undressed all at once. He stood there awkwardly covering his penis. I smiled at him and asked him to move his hands. When he did, I told him to just look at the ceiling and it would make him feel less nervous. Then, I started at the top. I looked at his short blonde hair and how it so perfectly fell against the top of his forehead. Then, I looked at his broad, bony shoulders that poked out from the sides. As I moved down, I noticed how perfectly round his pale nipples were and how smoothly they blended into his complexion. As I moved down his body more, I noticed how straight-lined his body was. There was no distinction of his pectorals or abdomen because he was so young, just a single belly button right in the middle of his stomach. When I got down to his crotch, I saw how it stood, curved up toward the ceiling. It was no longer than four inches, while I was six inches myself, but for some reason it was the most beautiful penis I had ever seen and I wanted to dip down on it and let it slide up into my mouth. I imagined it tasted salty and the texture was tight and smooth. I had never felt this way before. When I looked at his sack, I saw a tightly packed package with a pink seam down the middle like someone zipped it up. His butt was the only thing about him that wasn't skinny. In fact, it poked out like a bubble and I wanted to touch it. Instead, I finished my revision of his essay.

         At the end of class, Coach Vester went around and read our papers and examined us naked. Then, he stood in front of the room and congratulated us. "I know it is difficult," he said, "to share your body with someone else because our society tells us we should keep our nudeness secret; however," he continued, "in this class you will learn so much about your own body and others' bodies that you will feel more at home with yourself. The reason we have so many problems with our self esteem is because we do not enjoy our bodies for what they are." Then, he paused and looked out at the see of hairless boy bodies. "You are all so beautiful and we will all get to know each other and share our bodies with each other using all our senses. This," he said, "leads to true health."