The Job

         My first few days on the job challenged me. Juan, a fifteen-year-old Hispanic boy with a jet-black Mohawk and beautiful mahogany showed me around. He was no taller than me but his smooth, dark muscular body told me he was more mature than most the boys I had encountered so far. When he saw me, he handed me a bucket of supplies. I looked into it to see rubber gloves, cleaners of all kinds, a broom, mop, and rags.

         "Mira!" He began, to get my attention. Then, he thought for a moment and continued, knowing I probably didn't speak Spanish. "Come along with me and I will show you your job, okay?"

         I followed him, watching him as I followed behind. He was wearing modern pattern-stitched jeans lightly suspended from the bump of his bubble butt. I could see the pattern of his grey and navy striped boxers and I couldn't take my eyes off. As though he could sense my staring, he swooped around quickly and looked at me puzzled. Then, he smiled slyly before he pointed up the stairs. As he walked, I watched how his belted shorts so delicately covered his rears and I almost wished they would fall.

         "This will be your job," he said as we reached the top of the stairs. All I saw was a long hall of dormitory rooms and a common room.

         "What do you mean?"

         "I mean, this is your floor. You'll be responsible for keeping it clean and for monitoring, okay?" Then, he turned, his shirt lifting ever so much that I could get a better glimpse of the elastic band of his underwear.

         "Hold on!" I said, confused. "What do you mean, monitor?"

         "I mean this." He pulled me to the side. He actually looked younger than me when I looked into his beautiful eyes and jagged smile. I found myself somewhat attracted to him in the way I was attracted to Todd, but for a completely different reason; Todd was small and meek, Juan was small and debonair. "You are here not only to make sure that the kids keep their rooms clean but that they aren't doing anything against the rules."  He paused and handed me a master key. "This opens all the rooms – the trash room, the common areas, and the dorms. You'll use this to get into everything and clean it up and check up on them."

         "What should I look for, I mean, like breaking the rules?"  He looked at me and his smile permeated me. I wanted to kiss his thick brown lips, but I resisted and tried to concentrate on his words and on how his shirt was opening even more exposing his soft, bronze chest.

         "You'll see a lot of things here, I promise. These are the older boys, so they think they own the world. You have to report alcohol, smoking, drugs, or any items that are from the outside." He put his hand on my shoulder and I could feel the strength in his arms. "You'll know it if you see it, but I will tell you, most of the things that go on here are perfectly okay and most of these guys are very appreciative of the work you do here."

         Then, he was gone. I had six hours of work to get every area clean. It seemed all too difficult to do. I knew from Randy that the job was really just sweeping, mopping, sanitizing, and throwing trash, but I hadn't anticipated all I saw that day.

         I cleaned in the common area first, working diligently on making sure the refrigerator and sink were spotless and that the floor was mopped and swept. A few of the 18-year-old kids were there reading or studying. Some of them just napping on the sofas or cushy chairs, but there was one that struck up a conversation with me just in time to distract me.

         "So, you're the new boy, huh?" He was tall with a strict face and stubble on his chin. He was the type of guy I would have been afraid of because he didn't really seem friendly underneath his exterior. I felt about an inch tall and part of it was his macho personality.

         "Yeah, but man, I'm busy." I tried to detract him and get him off my back so I could work.

         "You'll do" he said. I kept my back to him the entire time working my but off in ultra speed mode so that he would just veer off at some point and disappear. I ignored his comment and, for a second, he walked away. When he returned, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. He blew the smoke towards me.

         "Yeah." He started, propping himself against one of the chairs, "we had another kid here...can't remember his name." he paused. "Doesn't matter anyway, you're more delectable that he was."

         "Huh?" I couldn't avoid him. He was in front of me, blowing into my face.

         "You got a cute little ass." Then, he reached around and cupped me butt. I felt shivers go through my body, but I felt more afraid than aroused. The look in his eyes was scary.


         "You gonna put it to good use?" he was massaging my butt with both hands as he balanced his cigarette in between his lips.

         "Yeah." I said, trying to be forceful. "I'm working my butt off to clean this floor."

         "Why don't you clean my room first? I can show you where it is." He emerged from behind me and stood in front of me, his hard dick, at least seven inches, was throbbing in his shorts. He grabbed it and winked at me. I stood up and looked up into his eyes. They were black.

         "Naw. I'll get to it later."

         "Oh, come on, man!" He pleaded, removing his hand. "You're fuckin' hot! Don't tell me no one's fucked you yet?"

         I shook my head and looked at him in a confused way. It was at that point that the doorway to the stairs opened up and he smashed his cigarette in the sink I had just cleaned. I cringed but was glad that whomever had shown up.

         "Nicky?" Alex's voice was the greatest thing to hear at that point and I turned around and ran to him.
         "Hey Alex!" I must have looked like a retard the way I just dropped everything and ran to hug my long lost cousin, but it was evident that Alex knew the guy. As I had my hands around my cousin's waist, the two made eye contact and Alex gently pushed me away.

         "Wait here." Then, he walked over to the big lug whose name I never learned. "Listen here, dickhead!" Alex began. "You're not getting your hands on my little cousin. Got it?" Then, Alex stared him down until the big hairy lug of a guy caved and walked away.

         Alex took me to his room. He said he'd help me get my work done for the day. I got to meet Sanjay, his roommate. Sanjay was Indian with a thick accent that made him seem innocent and confused. The entire time he kept asking, "how you say?"

         We sat down and talked about the big lug. Apparently, he was on thin ice and was about to be kicked out of the school. I told Alex about some of my experiences with Randy and with Todd and Alex said that all the things the idiot guy proposed to me were things I would experience with Randy and Todd and maybe even him, but that they are intended to be beautiful, not something violent or angry. He said that was the only thing that guy had in him – anger and hostility. I thought I got it then, but I still had to ask.

         "So, it's okay to kiss a boy?"

         "Well, sure, Nicky. As long as it is something you both want." He turned to Sanjay and summoned him over. Sanjay smiled as he wrapped his arms around my cousin and kissed Alex on the mouth. "Sanjay and I do all those things together because we both want to." They smiled at each other and then pulled me into a group hug. I felt comfort. "Someday you'll do the same. You'll have a relationship or have relationships with guys your age or younger or older and that's okay as long as you both want it. Got it?"

         I shook my head and smiled as I felt their gentle caresses. They kissed again and, instead of feeling weird about it, I felt comfort from it. I also took comfort in knowing that I had a key to my cousin's room just in case that big lug came after me again. The easiest part of the day was cleaning the rest of the floor before I went back to my dorm.