All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination.


[A Story by OUTLAW]


  I had just turned 15 and my summer vacation had also just begun... I was excited, not only did I feel great about getting the much needed break from school but also about our upcoming trip to my grandparents'.

  Every year it was a ritual for us, as soon as the school closed we set off for my grandparents'. They lived on a small farm way up in the northern mountains close to Dehradun and all their children, along with their kids descended for the annual family reunion and it was the only occasion we got to meet members of our extended family, renew family bonds and all that sentimental stuff.... But this year I also had another reason to feel excited, I was looking forward to meeting Akshay, my 19 year old cousin, my uncle's son.

  Ever since that summer three years back when I saw him, as if for the first time, I have been absolutely enflamed! Around then, at the age of 12, I had suddenly realized that older boys and young men fascinated me.... I didn't quiet understand why or for what reason, but was sure of my almost obsessive attraction towards them. And that summer I noticed that my cousin (seeing him after a gap of two years since he hadn't come the previous two summers for the routine 'reunion'), had suddenly grown up into a strapping youth of 16, large and simmering and most interestingly sporting a lush patch of silky dark underarm hair that he didn't have three years back! It fascinated me like nothing else and I found myself craning my neck to catch a glimpse of his underarms every opportunity I got.... I also noticed the large, mouthwatering bulge he sported between his legs and the stronger, more sinewy muscles.... a real sexy hunk. And each summer after that he just seemed to grow and grow, filling out in all the right places!

  His very sight filled me with a funny feeling, making my heart thump wildly and my tiny dick grow hard.... I waited patiently outside the bathroom door each morning and evening (we shared the same room at my grandparents'), to watch him walk out with the towel wrapped around his slim waist... hoping to catch a better glimpse of whatever I could.... and remained awake till late at night, tossing and turning in bed, staring at his sleeping silhouette, my hands lovingly fondling the young erection throbbing between my sweaty thighs. And finally at 14, with the recently enlarged genitals and the newly sprouted pubic and underarm hair I constantly dreamt of him, flogging my meat to exhaustion.

  I didn't know what I'd do or what I wanted to do... but just the fact that we would be together again, share the same room thrilled me, filled me with an awesome eroticism. Plus the fact that I was more his equal this year, having metamorphosed into a more masculine entity rather than the almost asexual creature that I was the previous summer, gave me ideas of all sorts of possibilities. I just wanted to be near him... see him again. Maybe now he would treat me more as an equal... rather than the almost dismissive attitude he had before. Maybe we would talk, talk about other things than just cricket and football... Maybe... maybe... maybe... It made me dizzy.

  But suddenly there seemed to be a tiny hitch.... Dad had some very urgent business to take care of and couldn't leave immediately and our plans had to be changed...

  "Maybe later," he said, "...maybe for just a few days."

  I was devastated, if that's not too strong a term to use, but for my 15-year-old mind it seemed most appropriate. And seeing my disappointment Dad suggested that I go ahead, on my own, "...and once I finish the work we can join you and return home together."

  Oh, my Dad is such a darling... I was happy again, laughing, but Mom was a bit apprehensive, about letting me go alone...

  "C'mon, let him go honey," he said. "It's just a night's journey. Let him grow up and be a man." he added reaching out and tousling my hair.

  She agreed, reluctantly... and it was arranged that they would put me on the train and one of my uncles would pick me up at the station. I was booked in a first class AC coach and mom packed my things. I was ready to leave on my first "adventure" (as I thought of it then) - traveling alone for the first time... and then my Akshay... Oooohhhh!


  As we entered the crowded station building I felt my heart thump with excitement and felt a shiver course down my spine.... It felt so exciting to be traveling alone.... and there was always the thought of meeting Akshay again.... I hurried along behind dad as he headed towards the inquiry booth.

  The train had already pulled in and pushing our way through the milling crowd Dad searched out the coach and checked the reservation chart put up at the entrance. Checking the ticket for the cabin number and berth he ushered me in. I was booked in one of the coupe cabin, one of those two berth affairs, and that meant I would have only one companion. I thankfully noted that my fellow traveler was a person named Vishal Gulati... aged 24. Well, I didn't need some dowdy old man, who snored and generally talked rubbish, as a companion... anything else was welcome!

  "Good, you have the upper berth. You can just climb in and sleep." Dad said with a smile, putting his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer to him.

  I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and gave a gentle squeeze, smiling back, very happy.

  As we climbed in and entered the cabin we noticed that it was empty, Mr. Gulati hadn't yet come... Putting down the single valise under the seat we sat down, relaxed.

  Dad fussed a bit, as usual, telling me all that I should be doing and all that I shouldn't.... and how to finish my dinner and not waste it.... and how I should be careful while going to the toilet... and while I climbed onto my berth... blah, blah, blah, irritating me slightly. But thankfully we were still alone and that saved me a lot of embarrassment.

  "Dad, you better get down now, the train is about to leave." I said, not very happy with all the fussing. "And don't worry I'll be OK. I'll call you in the morning as soon as I get there, OK?"

  "Well, let the other person come... you know, I'd like to talk to him..." he said, looking first at his watch and then towards the entrance of the cabin.

  "Relax Papa..." I said with a smile, "I can take care of myself and besides your NOT (I emphasized on the not), going to say anything to that person even if he walks in now!"

  Just then we heard the whistle blow and the people standing on the platform move slightly back. The guards must have shown the green flag and the train would now pull out.

  Reluctantly he stood up and gave me another hug before turning and walking out. I followed him and stood there as he got down.

  "Eat your food and then just go to sleep, OK?" he repeated once more.

  "Please, don't worry, I'll be OK." I smiled.

  "Then, see you son. We will get there as soon as I have the things sorted out and don't trouble your grandparents."

  I smiled and nodded, turning back towards my cabin as the train began to move. And as I settled down wondering if the elusive Mr. Gulati would ever make it now, a young man rushed in, panting and flopped down on the seat opposite me as the train pulled out of the platform.

  'This must be Vishal Gulati, finally...' I mused, looking at my new companion.

  The guy was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!!


  "Hi..." he said with a dazzling smile, "traveling alone?"

  "Yea." I replied, my voice a mere croak.

  "So, it's just the two of us for the night," he said, extending his right hand in greeting, "Vishal Gulati."

  "Karan... Karan Kapoor," I introduced myself in a soft voice.

  "Studying?" he asked.

  "Yes, just wrote the boards and will be joining junior college in May." I replied staring at my hands.

  "Traveling to Dehradun?"


  "Visiting home or relatives?"


  He worked for a large software corporation he said and was traveling to Dehradun to meet the company's clients. The place was full of Government Institutions, Academies and Research Facilities and his company provided software solutions and services to over half a dozen of those Institutions. He traveled there often but was based in New Delhi.

  He talked and I listened... avoiding looking into his eyes, afraid he would read into my mind... my feelings. He made me feel the same way that Akshay did... all funny inside yet I wasn't sure what it all was. But still my eyes did watch... the way his full lips curled as he spoke, I watched his strong hands as they gesticulated while he spoke...

  "You don't talk much, eh?" I heard him say suddenly, "Something on your mind?"

  "Huh... no nothing..." I mumbled.

  "Ok, relax." he said and fell silent, leaning back into the soft seat, his long, jeans clad legs stretched out, the ample crotch thrust forward proudly.

  The train was gathering speed now as I dug into the small bag I was carrying and got out my much read, well thumbed copy of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' and settled back opening to the first chapter of the book. But soon I realized that 'Dudley Demented' couldn't hold my attention any more... as I stared blankly at the printed pages, my eyes unseeing, my mind blank. I felt irresistibly drawn to look at my co-passenger... I forced my mind to concentrate on the words, my eyes to stay focused on the pages but they seemed to have a mind of their own... sneaking up to cast sly glances at the person opposite. Watching him as he sat there looking out at the speeding countryside... drinking in the sight before me. Watching the tall, lithe body, the rippling, sinewy muscles so obvious even under the T-shirt... the obscenely full crotch... I wanted to reach out and touch... be touched...

  He must have had some sort of sixth sense, for each time my eyes settled on his extremely handsome face he would turn and look at me... forcing me to quickly look away, embarrassed. The fourth time, as I quickly turned away, I saw him smile.


  "Your not reading that book..." came his voice as if across some great distant.

  "Huh..." I looked up at the source, suddenly seeming to wake up from my reverie.

  "I said, your not reading that book, so why not close it and put it away?" he said looking directly into my eyes.

  "No... uh, I'm reading..." I lied, defensive.

  "You haven't turned a single page in the past half hour..." he said with a broad smile, leaning forwards, moving closer.

  I didn't answer as I looked into the meaningless pages...

  Suddenly it felt suffocating inside the cabin... He was now watching me, I could sense it, but didn't dare to look up... I also had this urgent need to relieve myself. Getting up I went out, walking down the narrow passage towards the end of the carriage where the toilets were.

  Closing the door I looked into the mirror and saw a cute face stare back, all flushed and scared. I suddenly wanted to be back home... traveling alone suddenly didn't seem such a bright idea anymore. Splashing my face with the cool water I unzipped slowly pulling out my erect penis. It was hard to let go... but pushing down the head I managed and with the pressure relieved on the bladder it went partially soft. Tucking the still pulsating cock within I zipped up and washed my face once more. Drying my hands I opened the door and came out to find him standing there, looking at me.... I felt my heart miss a beat and my legs begin to shake....

  "Hi..." he said smiling, as if we were meeting for the first time.

  "Hi." I croaked, barely able to get the word out, my heart slamming against my rib cage, suddenly very nervous.

  "So, do you always stare that way when you see a man?" he asked casually, as if commenting about the weather or the services or lack of it, on the train, making no attempt to enter the loo nor move aside to let me pass.

  I tried to squeeze my way around him, avoiding looking at him or answering his question.

  He held my arm and stopped me, "You didn't answer," he said in a soft voice, his eyes twinkling.

  "No..." I mumbled and tried to push him away, my young cock again raging, twitching desperately in my cotton briefs, my pulse racing. I felt my ears buzz and my vision blur....

  "Then what were you staring at?" he asked again.

  "I... I was... uh, I don't know." I blurted out, my ears burning with shame.

  "Have you been with a man, ever?" he asked, pulling me closer, pressing me against him.

  I was scared.... I shook my head, looking away but no struggle left in me as I felt the heat of his manly cock against my belly.

  "You like men?" he asked, his other hand brushing my flushed cheek.

  I gasped and shuddered, completely aroused. But I had no answer.... I couldn't answer.

  He left my arm and his hand moved lower, sensuously, over my back and gripped my teen ass, pushing my pubes roughly against his solid thighs.

  "Please.... please let me go... I'm sorry.... I.... I...." I stammered.

  His hand that was caressing my cheeks gripped my jaws and turned my face up and he kissed me on the mouth. I moaned and trembled, my knees buckling as I slumped against him, gripping his broad shoulders for support. I was also terrified, not only was he doing things to me but also we were in the narrow corridor and anybody could come out at any moment and see us.

  "You want it, don't you...." he said pulling his mouth away and smiling, more a statement than a question. "We could do a lot once we're back in the cabin.... But only if you really want to..." he added after a brief pause!

  He left me and entered the toilet, closing the door behind him, and I remained standing there, totally flustered and shaking. My cock throbbed painfully in my jeans and my teeth chattered as my whole body shook uncontrollably.


  Dinner was served at the next stop and we ate silently. I totally avoided looking up or at him, my eyes glued to the tray. He too had been very silent since returning to the cabin. Once the trays were cleared and the Attendant had made the beds he got up and closed the cabin door, locking it. I felt my heart jump and hands start to shake... I was scared of the unknown, the unspoken... yet I was filled with anticipation.

  I watched him return to his seat and slowly pull off his t-shirt... revealing his smooth, taut torso to my hungry gaze.

  "I can never sleep dressed," he stated as he flung it aside. "What about you?" he asked looking towards me.

  I kept staring, my eyes glued to the smooth, totally hairless chest, the large, pink areoles and the tiny nubs, very erect, very fascinating. My heart beat wildly and my throat felt dry as the desert sand. No sound would have come out even if I wanted to answer his question.

  I heard the sound of the zipper and found my eyes move shamelessly lower... watching the strong fingers undoing the single brass button and then he stood up to roll down the hugging jeans, bending over to peel them off, his back turned towards me.

  I gasped softly as I saw those awesome buns come into view clad in the sheer cotton briefs, the soft material stretched over the ample flesh mounds, as if clinging desperately for life itself...

  "Didn't answer..." he said turning around as I quickly looked away, trying to look out into the dark exteriors. There was nothing to see out there but just the reflection of the brightly lit cabin and his awesome form clearly visible in that reflection.

  "Hey, you can look directly, why stare at the reflection," I heard him say as he returned to his seat and sat down, legs stretched out and spread wide, arms raised, hands behind his head... as if displaying... strutting his stuffs for my pleasure. There is just this much one can take and no more... I could hold back no longer... With slamming heart I turned and looked at him... staring openly now... my eyes traveling all over the naked form... noting every details, thirstily drinking in the sight... Transfixed... And as my eyes reached the large bulge between his legs he spread them wider, giving me a clearer view of the large stalk clearly marked out under the confines of the briefs.

  "How old are you?" he asked in a soft voice.

  "Fifteen" I replied, suddenly bold, feeling an amazing sense of wantonness.

  "The perfect age to start learning about the joys of life," he said.

  He slowly rose and drew the curtains across the windowpanes, leaning into me as he closed my side of the window.

  "Want me to switch off the lights?" he asked his fingers resting lightly on the switches.

  I just didn't know what to say as I sat there, staring blankly back at him.

  "Ok, we'll leave them on," he said with a soft laugh as he slowly came over and stood in front of me, his packed crotch inches from my gaping mouth and wildly staring eyes... the turgid phallus clearly marked out, the heavy balls pushing the thin material to the limits, exuding the heat and scent of man directly into my nostrils. His hand slowly reached out to caress my face as he bend down looking me in the eyes and smiled...

  "You really want this, don't you? You want to discover yourself, want me to pop your cheery," he whispered softly, his eyes constantly looking into mine, his language at once crude yet erotic.

  I was shivering in the cool interiors while sweat poured out of every pore, unable to answer, trying to swallow the lump in my throat.... My heart slammed wildly. It was so incredible.... and the idea of doing something like this and that too with other people around in the neighboring cabins, who could, maybe hear... maybe sense what was happening, thrilled and scared me...

  He lowered his face and again kissed me, but this time with more force, licking my parted lips before forcing his tongue within the moist cavern.

  Gripping my slender shoulders he raised me up to a standing position, our mouth still joined together as I sucked on his probing tongue while he ground his pubes into mine, making me whimper with the contact.

  Pulling back he began to undress me. First pulling off my t-shirt and then slowly undoing my jeans and sliding them, along with the tiny briefs, down past my knees. He then sat me down and dropped on his hunches pulling them off and flinging them to a corner, completing the act of disrobing me. And all this while he spoke no word, just kept looking directly into my eyes, a smile playing on those full, lusty lips.

  "Relax..." he said softly as his strong arms encircled me in a loving embrace, stopping the continuous tremor that shook me. Pulling me into him he planted another kiss on my open mouth, his hands roaming over my naked, tingling flesh, caressing.

  Saliva coated our chins as the lips worked ceaselessly, teeth nibbling away softly... tongue seeking out every crevice to explore... Leaving my mouth he began kissing me in all places... tiny licks and pecks and nibbles, making me growl with wild abandon, my slender fingers pulling at his hair, pushing his slobbering mouth even deeper into my enflamed teen body... My whole chest, neck and face was dripping with his saliva as the pliant tongue paid it's obeisance to the alter of Eros.

  Emboldened, with tentative fingers I too reached out with my free hand... touching his warm flesh, feeling him... running it over the smooth shoulders and arms, feeling it flex and ripple under my touch. We slid and shuddered, groaned and growled... legs stretched out, entwined... hands groping... And his moans of approval thrilled me, encouraging me to explore even further... search wider... Leaving the shoulders my hand moved lower now, to explore the wonders of the tantalizing bulge between his thighs, that only my eyes had devoured thus far... reaching down to first grab and then begin kneading the still encased, but by now, totally aroused column. I just didn't seem to get enough of it... grabbing the thick shaft one moment and cradling the large globular balls the next I panted into his mouth...

  He pulled back his hips, forcing my hands to relinquish it's worship of the phallus, and lay me down, without ever breaking the kiss, before climbing over me... covering me completely with his hulking form, his hot body pressing hard against mine. His pelvis ground into mine and I suddenly realized that it wasn't covered anymore! He must have worked off his briefs in that short period between my releasing his penis and his mounting me! And as I felt the heat and pressure of his aroused genitals against my own, my thighs parted and lifted, as if by some silent command, forming a soft cradle for his raging manhood. He rotated his hips, sliding and thrusting... and his cock moved too, grating against my own throbbing hardness, dragging and pulling, our two members making friends, the silky pubes mingling in joyous union...

  The silent cabin was suddenly resonating with animal groans, harsh gasps as if from a hundred dying souls... but the sound was not of death but of exultation... of joy, of need, of want...

  Reaching down he lifted my legs higher, over his shoulders, opening up my sweaty cheeks, exposing the tender orifice to the cool cabin air... He shifted slightly and I felt the heat and hardness of his huge penis slide into the valley of my parted ass cheeks. It moved slowly, sliding sideways and then along the length of the ass cleft, making me acutely aware of the awesome girth of the thing... and every few seconds I felt the broad head nudge at my tiny ass mouth, sending shivers up and down my spine, making me moan into his mouth.

  My hands meanwhile had left his shoulders and now roamed the smooth back... feeling the sinewy muscles ripple under my fingers with every movement of his... it traveled lower and felt the rise of those awesome buns, so firm and taut yet so smooth and soft... now coated with a thin layer of perspiration, the muscles dancing to the tune of his hunching... Leaving my mouth he moved down my throat once more... back to my chest... First to my left and then to the right nipples, sucking them in, biting them lightly... and up again...

  Like the babble of a young brook as it dances over the rocky surface, a plea rose from my gulping throat, urging him on, asking him to please, fuck me... Surprising myself with the bold plea! All my unknown desires, my suppressed dreams were being released now and given voice in words I never thought I'd be using with a total stranger.

  He slowly lifted up and off me going back to his seat, leaving me lying there wondering as to what happened, at once perplexed and horrified. I watched silently as he opened his small night bag and got out a jar before turning around and coming over to me.

  He saw the look on my face and laughed. "What's the matter?" he asked dropping down on his haunches in front of me as I looked away totally ashamed of my own shameless desire.

  "Hey, this is for your benefit, sweets," he said softly turning my face towards him, looking deep into my eyes as he held up the jar containing some clear looking liquid. "Don't worry Karan, I'll make it real good for you. Your first time will be the best, you'll never forget it," he added before planting a kiss on my parted lips.

  Lifting my legs high he crawled between them kissing my scrotum, licking the tight balls. It made me jerk uncontrollably, making me groan with naked lust. Gripping my knees I pulled them higher and wider and heard him say 'Good boy', as his strong fingers reached into the folds of my ass cheeks, moving slowly along the cleft, parting them... I groaned louder and pushed back, lifting my ass off the seat.

  I felt his palms spread the cheeks wider, kneading them, as a thumb slowly pressed against the tiny orifice... whispering sweet endearments, marveling at my smoothness, the softness... commenting on the tender pinkness of my anus... The thought that someone would want to see me up close in such an intimate way... all opened up and bare, thrilled me... And to have such a handsome young man, as him, doing it, between my spread thighs, made me feel very special!

  Suddenly something moist stabbed me at the very center and I cried out... It traveled up and down the cleft, tickling the tiny opening, jabbing it, each time it crossed over... Then sensing the hot breath washing over the wetted surface I realized that it was his tongue that was licking me down there. It made me wild and I started bucking, my head thrashing from side to side, my eyes tightly shut, as if afraid to open and confront the reality of what was happening... of what I was letting happen... Or maybe, scared that I'd 'wake' up and find that all this was just a dream and wasn't really happening.

  In the distant I heard the lid of a jar being opened and in a moment a rigid finger touched the ass mouth as the tongue withdrew, replacing it, nudging at the tight opening... wet with cold grease, smooth and soothing.

  Up and down the crack it moved, spreading the soothing lube and then back again at the tiny opening... More gel was added and slowly the finger slid in, smooth, taking my breath away for an instant as it probed deep within the virgin passage. It rotated and tugged inside, opening me, loosening me... and then another finger entered, more ferocious this time... the movements faster, stretching me, forcing all resistance out of the way. The fingers tore in mercilessly... stretching, opening up the gripping entrance... sending my stomach into a flutter.

  I heard a gurgle and realized it was me that was wailing, my hands still clutching my knees and holding them high as my spread ass was being probed deep, stroking the fire of desire even higher... making me crazy with lust. My just awakened sexuality being given a free hand to soar unhindered and unfettered. It was mind-numbing... my whole being now centered on that tiny little opening between my thighs and nothing else existed... My cock, which had relented a bit in the initial period of probing, was now engorged with passion once more, as if something from within was inflating it beyond all human control.

  He slowly pulled out the fingers and moved away making me wail - 'Noooo....', my ass reaching out in search of those awesome fingers.

  I felt him climb in beside me, pushing me towards the wall as he lay by my side. He rolled me over on my side, facing away from him and pulled me into him, slowly whispering into my ears, "Just relax and open up... don't resist... push out."

  He lifted my leg high holding it at the knee, opening my ass wide in the process. Telling me to hold my leg that way he released it and I felt him take his fat cock and place it at the tiny opening of my rectum... His other hand, which he had passed under me, held my chin and turned my face up, towards him and opening his mouth wide covered mine completely... I didn't understand it then but soon realized why he was taking such precautions...

  For no amount of lubricants and no amount of finger stretching can ever prepare a virgin hole for that first entry! And as the broad head of his rigid cock pressed against my twitching anal opening and slowly applied pressure I felt the stretching of my tight sphincter... First dull, numbing... and then, as it persisted with the assault, repeatedly battering the tender mouth with slow but powerful hunches and the virgin opening relented, with painful protestations, my mouth automatically opened wide and let out a scream... But his tongue buried deep in my throat and his mouth covering mine stifled it sufficiently so as to remain a muffled cry stopped well within the confines of the cabin...

  My ass hole throbbed and ached as I felt the mushroom head penetrate me... the tight ass ring snapping over the flared rim of his penis, holding it in a vice. He waited, letting me adjust as the sphincter remained stretched wide, held open, painfully, by the thick shaft....

  He moved again, slowly, pulling back a little, tugging at the stretched ass lips and then nudging forwards, sliding in more of that turgid flesh into my ass, making my stomach dance and my rectum contract, convulsing furiously... trying to force its way out one moment and then folding back on itself... squeezing the invading shaft with an amazing force. I retched a couple of times, my stomach flexing violently... And with each retch I noted that my ass opened even wider and felt him slid more of that throbbing hardness deeper into me with heavy grunts.

  After the initial pain of entry, once the cock-head had broken down the resistance and penetrated the colon, it wasn't as painful... just a peculiar discomfort... and as more and more of the shaft was inserted into me and my ass adjusted to the new entrant, to the fullness, it started to feel better...

  Murmuring soothing words into my ear he began to shove his rock hard dick deeper into the tight, fluttering hole. Very slowly, cautiously, he drilled one tiny inch of his huge organ into my spasming bottom, pausing after each shove, giving me time to adjust and then driving forward again... Another inch and another wait, taking his time, shoving deeper still and then waiting. While inch after thick inch of his hot poker slowly slid into my ass, going further and further up, my head spun. My breathing became irregular spasms, harsh, as I struggled to accommodate the massive flesh spear into my churning rectum... it was a monster cock! I hadn't seen or held it yet but now as it slowly gored into me I became acutely aware of its immense proportions, could really feel its girth and length... I could hardly believe how long and thick and hot it was, so rigid and unbending... yet so soothing and smooth in its journey up my colon. There seemed to be no end to it. I suddenly longed to see the dick, to touch it with my hands but at the same time I didn't want it out of me, wanted it to be right there, in my ass, up to the very hilt. I knew even more strongly than before that it belonged there, that what I had waited so very long was exactly this. My ass was meant for fucking, to be fucked by a man, a real man with strong arms that would hold me in place while he worked the huge pole of man-meat into me. The man's chest crushed into my silky smooth back and I gasped, moaning into his mouth, my hands gripping his strong arms tighter, nails digging in.

  "Ohhh yea, baby, this is terrific!" Vishal grunted, pulling his mouth away for a brief moment, "So hot!! I'm... I'm almost... almost in and this is one of the hottest assholes I've ever had... ever dipped into. Ooh... here it comes, baby! This is it... the last fucking inch... of my fuck pole.... and then you'll have the whole fucking thing!!"

  My heart fluttered with joy and I felt myself surrender completely, with all my heart, with every inch of my body, opening up totally to accept his manhood deep inside me...

  And with a final, massive shove of his pelvis he impaled me completely onto his manhood! I felt the thick bush tickle my smooth cheeks and groaned with satisfaction - satisfaction at having finally found my true place in life... in having finally taken a cock up my butt...

  It throbbing inside me as it paused, as if to catch a breath. It felt like it was something that belonged there and had finally returned to its rightful place... But there was no time to reflect then for his hips moved again... and in moving forced my hips to move too... He began to fuck me, really fuck me... His thick bolt pulling back, tugging at my very vitals, before slowing down to pause and then reverse the action, riveting up my butt, straightening out all the folds in my convoluted colon, making me cry out in joy, a joy that was laced with a tinge of pain too.

  Each powerful shove seemed to be sending everything up to my throat and each withdrawal pulled at my very being... I was out of my mind as my head rolled from side to side, my arms flailing, reaching out for something to hold... I gripped the cold metal rail at the side of the seat, over my head with one hand while the other dug into his gyrating hips, trying to pull him in deeper. Again he brought his mouth close and kissed me, covering my whole mouth with his, the tongue licking my parted lips before entering my salivating orifice....

  Still totally unbelieving and equally curious I slowly reached down... over my hunched and heaving torso... lower still, past my flopping cock, between my parted thighs to the juncture of the male-male union... And I gasped into his mouth as my shaking fingers touched our point of union... In a daze I felt my stretched ass mouth, the tender skin pulled taut by the girth his sliding shaft, wet and slippery... and as I ran my fingers around the widely spread slit of my tiny ass I felt a shiver pass through my slender form and felt an awesome tingle engulf me. I moaned once more and pushed down on his strutting pelvis...

  I was irresistibly drawn towards feeling his sliding cock... and as he pulled out of the clutching hole my fingers reached out for his flesh spear... the trembling fingers feeling the throbbing, big veined shaft, curling around it and he grunted his approval into my mouth, his tongue probing deep and deeper still....

  The hand under me, holding me close to him, now pulled me even closer while his free hand, which had been roaming all over my teen body - caressing, tweaking the erect nipples and kneading the ass, now snaked between my spread thighs, over my own hand holding his plunging dick and gripped my rigid penis... beginning to jerk it, in rhythm to his hunching...

  I was already hanging perilously close to the brink, without even having to touch myself or be touched, close enough for my hips to give rapid, involuntary jerks every few moments in an effort to spill out the contents of my overflowing balls. The urge seemed to come from deep within... triggered by the sliding cock in my ravaged ass... And with him now taking me in his warm, strong hands made me growl and before I could even begin to enjoy the new sensation my whole being exploded!

  Shutting my eyes I grabbed the steel rail even tighter and my hand feeling his cock rushed out to grip the pillow for support as a torrent of hot jism jetted out of the twitching tip of my engorged cock, splashing the sheets with it's liquid passion, making my whole, slender body convulse with the power of the explosive orgasm.

  "Yea..." he whispered huskily into my ears, "Let it go baby... yea... work those muscles... yes... ah... yes... work that ass..." and slamming harder and faster into me he ground his raging pubes deep into my parted butt, the cock seeming to grow even larger. And then with a loud growl he went berserk... lunging into me with least care for my well-being... tearing into me as his hunches became shot, jerky and nearly brutal... Caught up in the dying throes of my own orgasm I realized that he too was coming... shooting copious cream deep into my convulsing bowel... It was searing hot and thick, filling me with its richness as it coated the ravaged walls with its sweet profusion...

  We lay that way for a long while, catching our breath... totally exhausted, yet very satisfied. His cock seemed so good inside me, now much softer but still pulsing as it lay buried, the broad base clamped in place by the tight mouth of my anal opening. My ass ached and twitched, but resting against his sated pubes and filled to the brim with his semen it felt incredibly soothing.

  After a long while, as he pulled out I groaned at the incredible feeling of being emptied... and immediately I felt the rush of his cum, spurting out with each pulse of my twitching rectum, coating the deep cleft of my buttocks. And that too felt so beautiful, so fulfilling...

  He rolled me over, facing him now, and crushed me in a hot embrace, our mouth joining for another passionate kiss...

  "You ok?" he asked me in a low voice as he broke the kiss.

  I nodded, snuggling closer. We lay quietly for a long while, me happy just to be there, have him by my side... holding me in his protective embrace... stroking my hair, drawing his fingers across my face and shoulders, stroking my ass and thighs.

  After a while he asked me to get up, himself shifting to lie flat on his back and slowly pulled me over him, turning me around. My knees settling on either side of his head, his groin staring me in the face... That's when I saw his naked cock for the first time and gasped, unbelieving, totally overawed, wondering as to how in the heavens could I have possibly taken such a thing up my ass! How could it have ever entered that tiny little slit between my buttocks!!!

  But the wonder was soon swept aside as I felt him take me in his hot, wet mouth and shuddered... my face burying itself in his steaming groin, the already hardened cock pulsing against my cheek... My hips bucked as I felt him suck me deeper, into his welcome throat, the tongue swishing over the glans and shaft. My mouth opened wide, as if by reflex, and I too took the fat cock head in, surrendering my virgin mouth to Vishal.

  In my rush to please and experience new pleasures I lunged too deep and immediately gagged, pulling back reluctantly, coughing and spluttering...

  He paused in his masterful act of oral gratification and pushed my hips up... "Slow Karan, no need to rush... " I heard his concerned voice, "We have the whole night and I'll teach you a lot more." he said before pulling me back into his hot mouth.

  More slow this time, I licked around and along the rigid shaft, licking the glistening head before taking it back into my mouth, inch after cautious inch... feeling my lips stretch wide and jaws strain to accommodate the girth. His hips jerked with pleasure in response, filling my mouth with a salty ooze.

  My pelvis was doing it's own dance at his oral adoration of my teen penis... Pursing his lips he created a suction that seemed to just pull my cock deep into his mouth and then his tongue was all over the place, licking my groin, the balls, the perineum... back to the shaft and in again! It was amazing, mind blowing!

  Holding the thick base I sucked away at his immense cock, like some giant pacifier, totally happy, gurgling with pleasure... The unbelievably large balls rolling right in front of my eyes, making it all the more erotic, more exciting... awakening a maddening desire in me, a desire to force those balls to relent and pour out it's treasured nectar into my adoring mouth, fill my belly with the seed of life!

  Through a haze I felt him take me deeper as his fingers played in the cleft of my ass... tickling my still grotesquely open ass mouth, massaging the sensitive perinium... Sucking hard Vishal tightened his throat muscle around the head of my plunging cock and it was irreversible.... It was all over... I lunged forward, deeper into his magic mouth and grunted as my cock jerked and melted away. My balls just seemed to have turned liquid and was gushing into his mouth.... my whole groin went numb, I nearly passed out, it was so intense. I released the cock and wailed out loud, throwing my head back before pushing my head into his groin as my body shuddered with the intensity of the ejaculation.

  He fucked me once more before we finally fell into a deep slumber wrapped in each other's arms, his spent cock nestled between my milky thighs.


  There were voices all around as I opened my eyes and found myself cradled in his protective arms.

  "Slept well?" he asked me, kissing my forehead.

  "Yes..." I replied snuggling closer, relishing his masculine scent and the warmth of his body.

  "Mmmmmm... you were great. My first virgin and the best in the whole world I'm sure," he said giving me a squeeze.

  I reached lower and grasped his sleeping giant... even in its flaccid state it was immense, bigger than my own erect cock. He spread his thighs affording me better access to his pride.

  I looked up at him with desire writ large on my face and a silent request for him to fuck me once more in the morning light.

  He laughed a soft laugh and kissed me on the nose, "We will be reaching Dehradun within about half an hour... You want it again?"

  I nodded burying my face in his musky armpit.

  "Ok, but we gotta make this quick this time."

  He sat up and pulled me out of the bunk. In the morning light he looked even more handsome and his body seemed more gorgeous. The skin glowed in the early light and as he pushed me down between his spread thighs I glanced at his quickly awakening giant and swallowed. Gripping the thick base he pushed my face into him, feeding me his cock. Opening wide I sucked him in, gagging and spluttering but never once giving up and soon I got him hard. Bending forwards he lifted me off the floor as if I was some tiny plaything and sat me on his lap. And before I realized it he had it aligned and was entering me... I gulp at the sudden entry and buried my face in his broad shoulder with a heavy groan, my hands holding his arms tightly as we rocked with the swaying train.


  I could hardly sit as I got off him and reached for my jeans to pull them on. My ass throbbed and ached like nobody's business... the tiny slit still grossly open and twitching.... the profuse cum oozing out with each pulse of the tormented opening, adding another layer of sticky ooze to the already caked deposit of the previous night... I slowly got up and could hardly walk as I made my way to the toilet, limping slowly....

  The train pulled in at the platform on schedule and as the train slowed and finally stopped I walked out into the narrow passage my legs barely able to support me.... But it also felt tremendous... the dull ache, the soft fluttering, the amazing numbness.... I seem to float.

  As I was about to get down he passed me a tiny slip of paper with a number on it, asking me to call him once I got back home... With shaking fingers and a thumping heart I put it in my pocket and got off.

  My uncle stood right there in front and he took me in his arms with a broad smile.

  "So, how was the trip? Slept well?"

  I nodded silently as I slowly disengaged myself from his embrace and picking up my small suitcase followed him outside, never once looking back.


  It was a nice vacation; the weather was great and so was everything else... Akshay was there too, all hunky and sexy, but he didn't fascinate me anymore... he seemed so puny, so immature... even silly! I missed Vishal each moment of my waking hours, especially at nights, as I lay awake, tossing and turning, my body tingling with memories of that one night on the train and my ass mouth twitched with desire... with the need to be entered, be stretched... it was Vishal that I wanted!

  Dad and Mom came exactly four days before our scheduled date of departure and I was happy to see them. I didn't want to travel back alone this time... one never gets lucky every time and besides, I didn't want my first and only travel alone to be anything but unique!

  Once I returned home, needless to say, the first thing I did was to call Vishal and set up a date. Now I visit him regularly and each time it is a wondrous experience, a joy beyond imagination.... I love him, his cock and the way he fucks my ass - EVERYTHING!!!

THE END ...or is it?

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