Part I


     It’s odd, me just lying in my bed staring into space thinking of this raven haired boy. He was beautiful in so many ways. The way he smiled. The kind that showed little dimples on the side of his mouth, it makes my heart beat slightly faster each time I see it. In a way it was kind of sad. I would spend hours just looking out my window at his home that was across the street from mine. I don’t even know his name … All I knew was that he was is the loveliest boy I’ve ever set eyes on.

     Is it wrong for me to be like this, like voyeurism? Sometimes I believe so, but at this moment as I stare at this masterpiece through my window into his, I think not. My body began to tense up slightly as I realized what he was doing.

     Slowly he removed his shirt, now I was drawn to my window as I look up and down his nicely toned chest. My fingertips begin to slightly trail along my pants as I watch him I can feel myself becoming more aroused by the second. I let out a slight grunt as I feel my bulge wanting to become free from its stretched confinement, but I wait and continue to watch the raven haired boy.

     My eyes widen slightly as I noticed that he was messing with his belt buckle. Is today the day I actually get to see his prideful length that I only dreamed about!? I hope so. I swallowed hard as I continue to stare almost hypnotically out my window; slowly he began to run the belt it gracefully out of his tight jean’s loops.

     My heart raced faster and faster as I watch his thin fingertips undo his pants and lowering his zipper. I mimic him self-cautiously and slide my hips out of my jeans kicking them to the side. Then I realize something … He was throbbing as much as I was. Blushing brightly I bite down on my lower lip whimpering as I notice him rubbing at his shaft through his boxers. I begin to do the same just as he was, it was as if we were clones, us both in out room beginning to do a secret magic.

     Just before he reached into his boxers he turns over to his window with eyes as wide as a deer in front of headlights. I was discovers and I was soon paralyzed in embarrassment, and then something totally surprisingly happened. He opened up his window and called something outside winking over at me with that wonderful smile what made my heart flutter.

     I blush brightly trying to read his lips then notice him turning around and heading out of his room. I pant and as my body is still paralyze looking away from the window plopping my head in my hands trying to decode his lips. Then I heard a tap on my window maybe a pebble or a rock. Slowly I turn and look downward at my front yard and there he was under the moonlight still in nothing but his boxers grinning from ear to ear, and me with my face as red as a strawberry. Waiting to see what he was going to do next.