Reece's Pieces
Jim Carter

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Copyright 2006 Jim Carter

Snipet from Part 1

As we drove past a mall I got an idea. “I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but can I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure, you can ask me anything.”

“I was going to suggest we go by your old apartment and get your clothes, but I have a feeling that they all fit you like those you were wearing this morning. Are they all too short for you like that?”

“I notice you didn’t say and worn and torn, but yes they are all like that.”

“Great, that way we get to buy you a whole new wardrobe. Let’s see if we can put a dent in this visa card.”

“Jim you don’t have to spend a lot of money on me. I don’t need fancy clothes. I am a Wal-Mart kind of guy.”

“Bullshit! You are a gay boy and inside every gay boy is a born lover of nice clothes. We just have to wake him up and let him come out and join the party. Besides, I don’t want to see my beautiful boyfriend in anything less than the best.”

“Okay, I like that your boyfriend part. I want to look good for you.” We bought a ton of clothes and shoes. He was amazed that we had to keep taking loads out to the car.


Part 2

Reece had changed into one of his casual outfits we had purchased but I was still in my sports coat and tie. We ran into another kid that looked to be Reece’s age and he came up to Reece. “Hey Jacobson. Wow, you look nice dude. I have never seen you dressed so nice. Where have you been? Someone said you quit school.” Now this last statement disturbed me so I decided to help Reece out of this situation.

“Reece has had some family problems, but those are all but straightened out now. Everything should be back to normal soon.”

“Who the fuck are you dude? I was talking to Jacobson, butt out of our conversation.”

“Listen I am sorry I butted into your conversation, but I am watching out for Reece now and that is why I explained to you something that is still painful for him to discuss.” I turned to Reece and said. “Reece I am going to the creamery over there for some ice cream, you can join me when you are finished talking with your friend.” I walked over to the creamery and stood in line.

Reece was loud enough I could hear him, but he wasn’t shouting. “Robert you are my friend. I’m going to tell you something and then it is up to you how you act on it. That man that you were so rude to is a very good friend of mine and he has helped me when no one else would. If you don’t go over there and apologize to him I will assume that you don’t respect me or my friendship. The next step is up to you.” Reece walked up to me in line and said. “I am so sorry my friend was so rude to you, please accept my apology and I will try to choose my friends more carefully in the future.”

I guess Robert thought his friendship with Reece was worth salvaging because he came up and said. “I am sorry I was rude to you mister. I was just trying to be cool.”

“Apology accepted, the name is Jim, and would you like to join us for some ice cream?” He looked amazed that he was being forgiven and invited for ice cream.

“Thanks Jim, sure but I don’t have any money.”

“I will take care of it, what flavor would you like?” We all opted for strawberry for some reason.

Once we were served and eating our ice cream, Reece said. “Thanks Jim, I have never had ice cream this good before.”

“Yep it is fantastic and they make their own cones. This place is the best. Thank you for the ice cream Jim.”

“You are very welcome boys. Want to play a couple of video games?”

Reece had never played before but had watched some so he had an idea of how they worked. Robert wanted to play one of the games that another kid was holding, saying that you had to beat him to play anyone but him. Robert tried three times but didn’t come close to beating the kid. “Let me give it a shot and if I beat him you two can play each other.”

I beat the kid unmercifully. Reece was proud, but Robert was shocked. “How did you do that? That kid was the best I have ever seen.”

“I cheated.” I told him. I wouldn’t have, but that kid was hogging the game. You two play now.”

“How did you cheat and how did you know what to do?”

“Well, when you write the game software you build in cheats so that you can blast past levels and do things that take too long to test the features that you need to test.”

“Wow, I just noticed. You dirty dog, you did cheat. Robert, look at the title up there. Jim’s last name is Carter. I didn’t know you wrote video games.” From that moment on I had a number one fan in Robert. When they found two more of my games it got to be too much and I suggested we head for home. I asked Robert if he needed a ride but he said he was driving, and he had to take his little brother home when he got out of the movies. The movies were ending and so he was leaving too.

When we were carrying the first load of new clothes into the house and I put them in Reece’s bedroom. He looked disappointed and said. “I don’t think I can sleep in this room knowing you’re just down the hall. I want to be with you.” He put a very passionate kiss on me that melted all my willpower not that I had a lot to begin with.

“We still have to set up a room for you. Just in case that a judge or someone wants to check up on our living arrangements. I don’t want to be apart from you either, but your clothes and things will be in this room.”

“That is why you bought all that stuff to decorate a room. I was so afraid you were going to make me sleep here.”

I pulled him into a passionate kiss. We were both very hard. You know I think we can unload the rest of that stuff tomorrow, but right now I am feeling very presidential.” He was a couple of inches taller than me but I outweighed him by twenty or thirty pounds maybe more. I picked him up and cradled him in my arms and took him to our bed.

“Pinch my butt.”

I pinched his cute butt. “Why?”

“I just wanted to make sure I was not dreaming.”

“I am the one holding a dream come true in my arms.”

He giggled. “Maybe both of us have had our dreams fulfilled.” He started taking off his shirt.

I stopped him. “Let me unwrap my gift.”

He giggled again. “Okay, but I get to unwrap mine too.”

With a lot of kissing and licking we were soon down to our briefs. “We are quite a pair. We both like briefs, which is very uncommon these days.”

“I like having my pieces all bundled up and if I spring a boner it doesn’t stick out as bad.”

“I think I have a new favorite candy. I can’t wait to taste my Reece’s Pieces.” I said cupping his balls.

He giggled and said. “I think nothing could be better than being presidential with Jim’s gems.” He cupped my balls. He then hooked his fingers in the waistband of my briefs and pulled them down my legs. He took my cock in his mouth on the way down. We both gave a moan of pure pleasure. I pulled him off my cock and back up to standing so that I could have my turn at his beautiful cock.

I pulled his briefs down and took that beautiful cock into my drooling mouth. Oh man my pleasure center was going wild. It was very hard to do but I backed and kissed the head of his cock. “This has to be the most perfect shaped cock in the world. It is perfection.” I kissed his cock head again. “It won’t be long until I taste the honey from this beauty.” I stood up and kissed him our cocks grinding together. I broke the kiss and pecked a kiss on his nose. “Your mouth tastes wonderful, but mine probably doesn’t. Let’s go brush our teeth and get ready for bed, my prince.”

He took my hand and we went into the bathroom. We were much too hard to piss first so we went to the sink to brush our teeth. He noticed that the toiletries that we had bought for him were already in the medicine cabinet. “You sneaky dude, you had me believing I was going to have to use the other bathroom and bedroom.”

“That is why we bought two of everything. That bathroom does have your stuff in it, but this bathroom and bedroom is yours for as long as you want it to be. You always have a choice and I hope you never feel obligated to be with me.”

“I do feel obligated, obligated to my heart. I don’t think my happy heart wants me separated from you at all, but definitely not when he has a choice.”

We brushed our teeth and finally our cocks, though not soft, were pliable enough for us to piss. We dueled with our piss and giggled like little boys. Our cocks were almost identical in size. Neither one of us were porn star in size, but as I said My Reece’s cock was perfection. The head of his cock was shaped perfect and it was mine to enjoy. As soon as we finished, Reece bent down and took my cock into his mouth before I had a chance to shake it. “I just had to lick it clean. I hope you don’t think I am weird.”

“Not if you don’t think I am.” I did the same to his cock. I led us into the bedroom. “Which side of the bed do you like to sleep on?”

“I have never slept with anyone before, so I don’t think I have a side I like to sleep on.”

“I’ll take the left side then because of the alarm clock. I don’t have a favorite either so if you want to try that side we will.”

We snuggled in the middle of the bed. “This feels so awesome. Just being hugged and held feels so special. I can remember trying to hug my mother when I was little, but she always pushed me away and told me to leave her alone.”

“Wow, it is hard to believe you turned out to be such a loving person. I’m so glad that you did though.”

I pulled him on top of me and begin kissing him as my hands caressed his cute bubble butt. He broke our kiss and said. “I love you playing with my butt. That feels so awesome.”

“I love playing with your butt, but I have something else in store for that cute little bubble butt of yours too.” I scooted out from under him and he tried to roll on to his side, but I nudged him back on his stomach. I started kissing his shoulder blades and started to work my way down his back. He has a slight dusting of silky blonde hairs at the base of his spine. I skipped over his butt and started kissing down the backs of his legs. He has very little hair on his legs. I noticed that his legs were quit muscular and it was a very big contrast to his skinny upper body. I kissed his feet and suckled his toes. He was cooing and moaning and I knew he was enjoying what I was doing. I was in heaven pleasuring this beautiful boy. I went back to his bubble butt and started kissing each cheek. His butt was so smooth not a pimple or blemish did I find. His butt cheeks dimpled with his contracting muscles as I kissed those beautiful globes. I spread his legs and moved between them. His nut sack draped in the V formed by his legs was such a beautiful sight. I just had to suckle his balls one at a time. I loved pleasuring his nuts so much that I almost forgot my mission. I went back to his crack and slowly spread those wonderful cheeks to reveal his twitching little hole. I know I have overworked the term but perfection is the only way to describe that little pucker. He has a few silky hairs around his hole but so very few and so light colored they are hard to see. My tongue its way up and down his crack a few times then I started pleasuring his hot hole with my tongue. His hole seemed to suck my tongue in to its hot depths. I have never rimmed anyone before but this just seemed so natural for me to love his hole with my mouth and tongue.

“Oh Jim, I’m going to cum. I can’t hold it.” I managed to get him turned over and his cock in my mouth in time to get all of his ball honey. He filled my mouth, and I had to swallow several times before I had the chance to hold his cum in my mouth and enjoy it fully. It truly is nectar from the gods. I suckled and kissed his cock until it was once again hard, oh the joys of youth. I moved up and kissed him tenderly. “I had no idea that could feel that good. You had me tingling all over. I never even thought about licking a butt, but I can’t wait to lick yours.”

He tried to turn me over. “Maybe tomorrow, but right now I can’t hold it long enough for you to do it. You, my beautiful one, have me so hot, I am about to bust a nut just holding you.” With that he dived for my nuts and gave them a quick suckle then took my cock into his loving mouth. In less than twenty seconds I was firing my load into his sweet mouth. He suckled me until I could take no more and I pulled him up for a sweet kiss. “I think I love being presidential.”

“I know I do. I really like being internal too.” We both laughed at that.

I turned out the light and kissed my man good night. “Good night my sweet prince, you and your happy heart have made me the happiest man on earth.”

“No I think you have made me the happiest man on earth. I dreamed so many times that you would be holding me like this, but this is so much better than my dreams. Now I know for sure I’m not dreaming. I love you so much.”

“I love you my sweet prince.” We squeezed and kissed once more. I soon felt his soft even breaths of contented sleep and I was quickly on my way to dreamland as well.

I woke up at a little after five needing to pee. I had rolled over on to my back and Reece was cuddled up half on top of me. His hard cock was poking me and adding pressure to my bladder. I loved the contact with his sweet boy and didn’t want to break it, but my bladder told me I better do something and quickly. I tried to gently slide out from under him without waking him and thought I had managed to do so, but as I was empting my full bladder I was joined by a grinning monkey with a cock so hard he couldn’t pee. “No fair, I am too hard to pee.”

“Maybe I can fix that.” I kneeled and took his hard cock into my mouth. I put my hands on his hips and started to move his hips. He soon was fucking my face with a frantic pace. I was soon rewarded with his wonderful cum once again. When he settled down after his hard cum, he pulled out of my mouth and started pissing like a race horse.

I stood and kissed him as he pissed. When he finished like he had done the night before I bent and licked his cock clean before he could shake it. He was starting to get hard again when I stood and led us back to bed. We didn’t say a word, just kissed and cuddled until we were once again asleep.

I awoke the next morning with the wonderful sensation of having my cock sucked. His knees were on either side of my head. In my face were Reece’s beautiful balls. His beautiful cock was there too, of course, but his balls were hanging just begging to be suckled. I couldn’t get enough, I love suckling his sweet nuts. My hands were gently playing with his beautiful butt. I was starting to feel myself getting so close that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from letting go, so I bent his perfect cock to my hot mouth and started to work on his cock. We were both moaning and I knew that I couldn’t last much longer. I wet my finger and gently entered his hot hole and found his hot button. I started to stimulate his prostrate as I was nearing my climax. I felt the first hot shot of boy cum as I released my load into his moaning mouth. We sucked and licked each other clean and quick as lightening he turned around and started to kiss me passionately. We broke our kiss. “Wow what a wonderful way to wake up. I’m not a morning person, but you could change all that.”

He giggled. “I want to wake up every day like this. As long as I wake up next to you I will be so very happy.”

We kissed and cuddled a bit. I looked over at the clock and saw it was almost nine. “Want to shower first or breakfast first?”

“Breakfast, I am starving. Then we can shower together. I have always wanted to try that. I love a hot shower and it has to be better with someone else to enjoy it with you.”

“I should have known a growing boy would be hungry.” He giggled as I licked the small tuft of hair under his arms. “How about pancakes this morning?”

“I have never had them, they sound good. Corn flakes are about all I have ever had for breakfast.”

“Well then we will do pancakes another day. I want to make something for you that I love.”

“Can I help and will you teach me how to make it so I can surprise you one of these mornings?” I got up and put on a pair of sweatpants. “Why did you do that? I was hoping we could stay naked all day.”

“I learned a long time ago that cooking and naked don’t go well together. Now go cover that beautiful dick so it doesn’t get burned.” I swatted him on his pert little butt. “Do you drink coffee?” I asked as he was coming into the kitchen.

“Yes, please.” He watched how I made the coffee. “That looks easy enough.” He grinned.

I kissed him on the nose. I got out the waffle maker. “We are having waffles this morning. The directions are on the box and the only thing we will do different is adding the blueberries.” I got down a bowl and the mix and said. “Think you can do this? Just read the directions for four waffles and have at it big boy.” He grinned and soon had the batter ready to go. “Now we are going to nuke the blueberries to defrost them because they are frozen.” I put a few in a small bowl and went to the microwave. “I use 40% power to defrost, but different people do it differently. It won’t take long so first I set the timer to 1:30 and then power to 4 and press start.” He was watching intently. When the microwave dinged, I said. “Take a fork and smash the berries.” When he had them good and smashed, I said. “Now add them to the batter and stir them in good.” Once he was finished he looked up and grinned. “You are a fine cook. I think I just might keep you around.” I kissed him on the cheek.

“You better.”

“The waffle iron is hot when that light is on. Open the iron like this and spray that Pam stuff lightly like this.” I moved aside. “Slowly poor some of the batter in the center. Go slow so you don’t have too much. Good, that is enough. Now close the lid.”

“Don’t I need to spread it out? It is all in the center and not much on the edges.”

“No, the iron will spread it to all the edges evenly.” He closed the lid. “Now lock it by latching that thing. Now turn it over.”

“It looks the same on this side.”

“Yep, the reason you flip it over like that is just a little extra step to make sure it is even. Both sides cook though. We didn’t have any this time, but if some leaks out the side, just scrape it off with a knife or something and they will come out perfectly round. When that light comes on the waffle is ready and we take it out and make the next one.” His first waffle came out perfect. I buttered it and put syrup on it for him and told him to sit and eat while it was hot. We didn’t do a lot of talking while eating.

“I must be a pig. I had three waffles and you only had one.”

“Well, for one thing you don’t have to worry about getting fat and for another you are a growing boy and need more fuel than I do.” He grinned.

“You don’t have any fat either.”

“I have to work to make sure I don’t though.”

We did the clean up and were about to take a shower when the phone rang. It was Bill and he said they have found Reece’s mother and she had told them to fuck off when they asked her to sign for Reece to be emancipated. Not that she wanted to take care of him, just that she didn’t want to be bothered. Once they mentioned the doctor bills, and her bad checks; the private investigator encouraged her to change her mind. We were to meet her at their old apartment at noon.

In the bathroom, Reece asked about the enema bag that I had hanging in the shower. “Let me see if I can explain it like this. For me anal sex gives me much more pleasure when I am clean inside. I have not had anal sex in a long time, but I still like to give myself an enema everyday just because I like that clean inside feeling.”

“Will you show me and can I do it everyday too?”

“Yes, I will show you. You might not like it as much as I do, but you can decide that for yourself.”

“Well, I know that I loved what your tongue did to my butt hole last night. I have never had anal sex, but I have used my finger and a candle up there and I love it. Besides I don’t want to eat shit when I suck you after you fuck me.” He giggled.

“Slow down bud, we still can’t do that and I hope you know it.”

“I know but couldn’t we just lie?”

“I have never been able to lie without giving myself away, so I just don’t lie. I just hope I have convinced my internal lie detector that being presidential is not sex.”

He grinned and said. “I am not a very good liar either. I love being presidential and internal.” He giggled.

I thought he would be a little self conscious and embarrassed while we were giving each other the enemas but he wasn’t and even kissed me as I voided myself. This is not your typical teenager.

Our time was running a little short and so we couldn’t fool around too much in the shower, but we had a fantastic time washing each other and when he was washing my hole he said. “Gotta get him kissing clean. I plan on making you feel as good tonight as you made me feel last night.”

We dried and quickly dressed. Reece used the hair dryer to make his hair look as perfect as it did last night. “You made it look just like Kurt did last night.” I said standing behind him looking into his eyes in the mirror.

He giggled. “Kurt showed me how to do it so it would look good. I always hated my curly hair until Kurt showed me how to make it look good. I am so glad you like it.”

“There is not one thing about you that I would change. You are perfection, there is no other explanation needed.” He turned and kissed me then the doorbell rang.

It was Bill he came to walk us down to the apartment. “Wow Reece, you look fantastic in casual clothes too. If you get tired of Mr. Ugly here just let me know.”

Reece giggled. “I will never get tired of Mr. Beautiful here, but what about Tom? He doesn’t get a say?”

“I think we best not tell Tom what I said.” We all laughed. We were almost to the apartment when Reece’s mother’s old car sputtered and smoked into the parking lot. It was followed by another car.

She got out of the car with a cigarette hanging out of the corner of her mouth. “I’m here, you can tell that mother fucker to quit following me now.” I had never seen Reece’s mother before, but I could see some of Reece’s features in her. I am sure she was a very attractive woman before so many cigarettes and miles took their toll. “Don’t you look fancy smancy.” She said to Reece. “Which one of these cocksuckers is fucking the shit out of your faggot ass?”

“No one is fucking my faggot ass. You tried to sell my ass more than once and I told you it’s not for sell.”

“Don’t talk back to me or I will slap the shit out you!”

I stepped up to her. “You will not lay a hand on this young man. Don’t you think you have gotten yourself into enough trouble? Do you really want to go to jail for assault?”

“You must be his sugar daddy. How about a couple hundred and I will sign these god damn papers you want me to sign.”

“No. Reece is not for sale and you go straight to hell for suggesting he is.”

“Well, I need some money so I can get out of town. You seem to have plenty.”

“You didn’t ask for a loan, you tried to sell your son. You abandon him and try to sell him. What kind of a mother are you?”

“I never wanted a kid. I couldn’t get enough money for an abortion or I never would have had the little cocksucker.”

I have never wanted to hit a woman in my life, but this woman changed all that.

Bill spoke up. “I think we better get his done before someone ends up in jail tonight.” We went into the apartment and it was clean to my surprise. At least the living room and kitchen were. Her room was a mess.

“What did you say you needed besides me signing some papers?”

“We need his school, medical and any other papers you have that concern Reece.”

“That fucking school and social services make me keep all this shit.” She handed Bill a box. Now let me sign the papers and get the fuck out of here.” Just then there was a knock on the door. It was Mary, Bill’s secretary.

“You’re right on time Mary.” He turned to Reece’s mother. “This is Mary and she will notarize your signature. First I need you to show her your driver’s license so that she can verify who you are.”

“God damn you people are a pain in the ass.” She showed Mary her ID and signed where Bill asked her to.

“Do you understand you are giving up your parental rights to Reece Aaron Jacobson and agreeing that he should be an emancipated adult?”

“Yes, how many times do I have to do this? I told you I‘m not going to no fucking courtroom. Can I get out of here now before the fucking landlord catches me?”

“One more thing before you leave. This is three thousand dollars, and this is a loan agreement. This loan agreement says you will pay me twenty percent interest per year compounded monthly. Now I won’t come out of state to collect this, but if I catch you in this state I will see that you pay me in full or go to jail. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yeah, yeah you are clear. You should have just given me the two hundred, but what the fuck, I will take the extra.” She reached for the money. No, sign the loan agreement first. She did and Mary witnessed and notarized it.

She left and I went with Reece to get the things he wanted from his room. His room was neat except for the bed that had a lot of stuff piled on top of it. “I used everything I could to keep warm.” He said when I looked at the pile.

“You never have to worry about that again.”

As we were walking home, Bill asked. “Why did you decide to give her the money? You know she thinks she got the last laugh.”

“I don’t know exactly. I may not like her very much, but she brought the most wonderful man I have ever known into this world. She may not have done much to make him so wonderful except to carry him in her womb, but that she did, I am very grateful. If I thought it would make her a better person, I would support her for the rest of her life, but I sense too much bitterness for that to be the case. I may not like her very much, but I love her son dearly. It just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.”

“You must have thought about it, to have that loan agreement ready.”

“Well it is one of my standard forms on my computer and all I had to do was put her name and the percentage and print it. I did it while Reece was doing his hair.”

“Will you teach me about computers? I can do some stuff on the ones at school, but I want to be able to use them like you do.”

“Sure, I will love teaching you.” We had reached the house. “Want to come in for some coffee, Bill?”

“I would love a cup. It will give me a chance to go though these documents and see what I need to take to the office and copy.”

“Maybe we can talk Reece into making the coffee for us and I can copy as you find something that needs copied.”

“Yep, I can make the coffee. I will bring it to you when it’s done.” Reece said running into the kitchen eager to prove his ability to make the coffee.

We went through all the documents and found everything we expected. Sure enough Reece’s birth certificate had John Doe listed as the father, so we would not have to prove we made every effort to find the father. We drank our coffee and discussed our next steps with Bill. Bill wanted to file the documents with the court as soon as possible. Reece and I signed an agreement that basically said that I would pay him a salary as a tester, a room in my house and an apartment in my new house, but as part of the agreement he had to finish high school and then we would renegotiate our agreement.

“Okay what was that stuff that Robert said yesterday about you quitting school?”

“I couldn’t pay my fees and they wanted my mother to come in talk to them. I couldn’t tell them I didn’t know where my mother was or they would call social services so I told them I had to quit school and go to work. That really wasn’t a lie except no one would hire me until I was sixteen and I got sick on my birthday.”

“How much have you missed?”

“Just a week.”

“Okay I will go in with you tomorrow and see if we can get everything squared away.” We made a copy of the emancipation documents to give the school. “Next year we will get you into Richardson Academy. That school will prepare you for collage. I called this morning and they wouldn’t budge on late registration.”

“When did you do that?”


“While I was doing my hair? I didn’t think it took that long?”

“It really didn’t take you that long; I am just a quick old fart.”

He hugged and kissed me. “Do you really think I can get into that fancy place next year?”

“I don’t know how your grades are but I saw a few honor roll certificates in that box and I know you are much brighter than I was at sixteen so I am pretty sure you can. Besides Tom is the executive director, so you have a pretty good chance. That is why I knew when he said he couldn’t do it, it couldn’t be done.”

“Wow, do you know everyone in this town?” Reece giggled as he sat in my lap.

“Not everyone, but like I said last night. When you truly respect people and have quality friends, your circle of friends is a network that works for you. Someone who knows someone who knows someone that can help you with what you need. The key is quality. I know it is not an easy concept for high school because of all the groups and clicks, but those don’t mean much outside school.”

“I see what you mean though. I used to play sports but then the fees costs too much. Some of those people that I thought were my good friends were the first to dump me. I think I have been guilty of not respecting some people too. I have some work to do when I get back to school. I finally get it. If someone doesn’t like me simply because I am friendly and respect someone they don’t know or is not in their group, then they are not really a true friend anyway. I like this concept.”

“Are you sure you’re just sixteen? He is wise beyond his years Jim. Well, I need to head out. I will let you know if anything comes up. We should have a court date before too long.”

“Thanks Bill. I really appreciate what you are doing for me.”

“Thank ole Jimbo here. He’s footing the bill.”

“I will thank him, but I know you have done a lot more than anyone could expect. I hope one day I can do something for you.” Reece hugged Bill and I could tell it meant a lot to Bill that the kid recognized and appreciated his efforts.

Reece closed the door after walking Bill out to his car. He came to me and hugged me. “I told Bill I would thank you, but there is no possible way I can really thank you, but the weird thing is I don’t feel I need to. My insides just feel so perfect when I am hugging you or just sitting talking. I can’t explain it, but it’s like this is how it is supposed to be. I don’t know what I am saying. I just feel perfect.”

“And you are perfect in every way. I think I know what you were trying to say, and I feel it too. It is just that we are a team and belong as a team.” We kissed. Now before you get too comfortable go finish unloading the car from yesterday and we will go get something to eat. I know you are hungry. Oh and put some of that stuff up, you know that room needs to look lived in.”

I made a few calls and went to check on Reece. He had everything hung and in drawers. The place looked like it was his. “Hey this almost looks like someone uses this room.”

“Check out the bathroom.”

The bathroom looked like it had been used too. The soap, toothpaste, even his dirty clothes were there. I picked up his underwear out of the hamper and sniffed them. “Yep, nice and used.”

He giggled. “Why sniff them when you can sniff the real thing?”

“Good point.” I picked him up and carried him to the bed and dropped him. I took a big long sniff of his crotch. “Now that is a smell that is to die for.” I jumped up before he could grab me. “But we have things to do first. Put your shoes on big boy and let’s go.”

He quickly put his shoes on said. “Ready.”

I looked at his shabby frayed backpack that he got when we went to the apartment. “Does that backpack have some sentimental significance or is it special to you?”

“No, it is the one I have had for a few years.”

“Well, lets get you a new one while we are out. Okay?”

“I have learned not to argue with you and I finally understand that you don’t need to worry about money. So a new backpack is okay with me.”

“We will be opening a bank account for you with your signing bonus for joining the firm tomorrow, but for now you need to have some money that is yours. You won’t be getting an allowance because you will be paid so you will soon have to manage your money, but for now put this in your wallet.” I handed him five twenties.

He pulled out this old worn wallet that was almost falling apart. “Oh, I forgot to pay you yesterday for shoveling the snow.” I handed him a hundred and said. “You might want fold and hide that for emergencies. I do that.”

“After all you have done and you want to pay me for shoveling snow. It’s a good thing I know how much you love me or I would think you are trying to get in my pants.”

“My secret is out.”

“Don’t worry; I want you in my pants.” He giggled and kissed me. “Just as much as I want in yours.” He cupped my crouch.

“Come on let’s go to the mall, we have plenty of time for that.”

We decided to not eat a lot at the mall and have pizza for dinner. We had a couple of soft pretzels. We found a nice soft leather backpack with matching wallet. He didn’t want to spend that much for a backpack but I got them anyway. He swapped the stuff from his old wallet and threw the old wallet in the trash. I noticed he has his learners permit. “I see you have a learner permit. When can you get your drivers license?”

“I don’t know how to drive. I got the booklet from the state police when they came to school. I read it and passed the written test to get the permit, but my mother was never around to teach me to drive.”

“I thought we would take in a movie this afternoon, but I see now we have more important things to do. One more stop then let’s see if we can teach you to drive.”

“You mean it! Oh wow! I am so excited.”

“I can tell. Why didn’t you say something?”

“I was going to talk to you about it, but you have done so much and it was not something that important.”

“I can remember when it came time for me to be able to drive, it was very important. I should have known better. It is a huge right of passage from boyhood to manhood. Don’t worry we will have you driving in no time.”

We got to the phone store and I told them I had called ahead for an additional phone. The clerk brought out the latest camera phone. It was sleek charged and ready to go. I asked him if he could copy all the phonebook entries from my phone to the new one and he did. I gave the phone to Reece and said. “All our friends are in the phone book so if you need them they are there. You have unlimited minutes, so you don’t have to worry about going over a limit. Do me a favor and keep this with you at all times so that I feel confident that you can contact someone if you need to.”

“Wow, a cell phone! Damn!” He giggled and covered his mouth.

I laughed at him. “Let’s go see how much you know about driving.”

I turned off the main highway on to a road just marked as private property. I pulled up to the guard hut and stopped. “Hi Mr. Carter. We don’t see you on a Sunday very often.”

“Jake, you know I try to say away from this place as much as possible. This is Reece Jacobson. He should be on the new hire list but he doesn’t have his badge yet. He is also learning to drive so we will be using the parking lot for a bit”

“We have some of those red cone things in the hut here if you need them.”

“I don’t know yet but I’ll put a few in the trunk.” I pulled forward so I could get out and popped the trunk.

“You don’t have to get out I will put them in the trunk for you.” He put some cones in the trunk and shut it.

“Thanks Jake.” I drove to the front of the building. It is mostly a warehouse with a few offices.

“Damn Jim, this place is huge. I have seen the name Carter Electronics all over the place but didn’t know it was you.”

We got out and the guard buzzed the door so we could enter. “Hi Jim, we don’t see you often on Sunday’s.”

“Hey Paul; you know me I am trying to stay away these days.” He laughed.

“Paul this is Reece Jacobson one of our new testers. I don’t suppose there is anyone from personnel in today that could make him a badge is there?”

“Yes, Mr. Griffin said he thought you would be bringing in a new hire and to tell you he was ready to get all the paperwork done.”

“Griffin here on a Sunday? You sure I have the right office building?” We both laughed.

“Yep, it shocked me too and he seemed to be happy to be here. Maybe the moon is full or something.”

We went up to the third floor and I swiped my card to open the door to the offices. “Hey Joe, someone told me Hell has frozen over.” A roaring laugh came from an office and a fat man came out and shook my hand.

“Don’t let him fool you. He is a slave driver. You must be Mr. Jacobson.”

“No but I am Reece Jacobson.” Reece shook Joe’s hand.

“I see we have more than one smart ass here today. You sound just like Jim.” Joe took Reece to the area set up for badge pictures. “Let’s start with the pictures. So I can be making your badge while you fill out all this paperwork.” He posed Reece in a couple of different poses.

“He gave Reece a stack of forms he had to fill out and sign.”

While Reece was doing the paperwork, Joe was making his badge. “Really Joe, why are you here on a Sunday?”

“Well, I need to finalize the budget projections and Adam said you might drop by today with the new hire and so I could kill two birds with one stone. Adam left one of the new laptops for him already configured with all the games in testing and also all the office software so he can use it for school too. Adam said he hid all the games so that the kids at school won’t be able to see them.”

“Wow, I get a computer?”

“Not just any computer, this is top of the line mobile technology with four gigs of main memory. This thing is way overpowered, but, the boss said make it scream, so Adam worked his magic.”

As Reece finished up the paperwork, Joe handed Reece the laptop. “The password is Bingo$123 and you will have to change it the first time you logon to something else. Your network ID is Reece with the same password that has to be changed the first time you logon also. Your network password will expire every sixty days and you can’t repeat passwords. You have to have a combination of letters numbers and at least one symbol. Here is a card with all the important numbers like the control room number. If you fail on your password three times in any twenty-four hour period your ID will be locked and you have to call the control room for them to reset it.”

We were ready to go for our driving lesson so we left. Reece tried his badge to see if it would open the doors and it did. That brought a big grin to his face. He swiped it to call the elevator and the doors opened. He clipped his badge on his collar like he saw Joe and I had ours.

He showed Paul his badge. “I am legal now.” We all laughed. We signed out and left.

Reece did pretty well driving in the parking lot. Since there are some back roads that are plenty wide enough to not make approaching cars a problem less than a mile down the highway, I decided to let Reece drive. I think this gave him a lot of confidence and he seemed to relax a bit. He pulled up to the guard house grinning like the cat that ate the mouse. “I see the lessons must have gone well.”

“Yep, I didn’t hit anything at least.” He laughed. I got out and put the cones back in the shed and climbed back into the passenger seat and buckled up.

“Turn left at the highway. Then take the first right.” He looked over and grinned. He was tense again. I rubbed his neck a little. “Relax, you are so tense your butt cheeks are going to be sore.” He laughed and relaxed a little. When we came up to the turn he put his blinker on, slowed and made the turn perfectly. “Perfect. A few more times to get you where you can relax and you will be driving us all over the place.”

“Cool. I didn’t think I was ever going to get to learn to drive.”

“Don’t they have drivers Ed at school?”

“Yes, but it costs money.”

“Well, we don’t have to worry about that anymore you are a working man now.”

“Yep and I have the ID to prove it.”

“You need to keep your badge in a safe place. I keep mine in the car. You can keep yours here too if you wish and when you get your own car, we can have an extra made so you can have one in each. You are not supposed to do that, but there are some advantages to being the big cheese.” We both laughed.

He didn’t say anything but I know he picked up on the when you get your own car comment. After about ten minutes he said. “That comment you made about my own car, you have spoiled me, I was just thinking, can I have a truck instead? I really like pickups. It sort of bothers me that I have so much now and thinking about wanting something else.”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about such things. Besides if I can’t spend money on my boyfriend then what good is it?”

We had driven close to a hundred miles and were back almost home. “We are almost back to civilization stop at that gas station and I will drive the rest of the way. You did fantastic. So what did you think of your first driving lesson.”

“It was fantastic, but it was nerve racking too when a car was coming. I loved it though. I will be ready to do it again when you are.” He pulled over and put it in park. We got out and he hugged me when we crossed. “Thank you for being patient with me and you were right about my butt cheeks. I think you may need to massage them for me tonight.” He grinned and kissed me quickly.

“You want to eat pizza at the restaurant or pick it up and take it home.”

“Take it home so we can kiss and cuddle.”

“You horny little fucker.” I groped him. The Pizza place should be programmed on your phone why don’t you call in our order?

“Okay what kind do you like?”

“I don’t care get what you want.”

“I don’t know anything except what we had at school.”

“Get meat lovers then.”

When they asked for his phone number he rattled it off without having to look. He had already memorized it. I had too, but it was the phone number of the man I loved. He gave them his name and his order.

We pulled up to the restaurant at the about the time they said it would be ready. I handed him some money for the pizza and he pushed my hand away. “I have money and if I can’t spend it on my boyfriend what good is it.” He fired back at me with a monster grin. He came bouncing back with the pizza. Because the box was hot he sat it in the back seat.

When we got home the message waiting light was flashing. We played the message. It was from Bill. Seems he was playing poker with Judge James and we have a hearing for Tuesday morning at 8:00. He said the judge made it an hour before any of his scheduled appointments.

We ate about half the pizza and put the rest in the refrigerator. We worked on Reece’s laptop and set up his network access. The wireless network in the house covers the entire house and most of the yard. Since it does cover so much area and to make sure no one can steal our corporate secrets our network is encrypted so I had to make a key and load it on to the laptop. Once we had it all up and running, Reece learned how to use the email and bug submission reports for the games he would be testing. He soon had the office software down and was ready to let the laptop help him with his school work. It was getting close to 10:00 and a school night so we decided to turn in. Of course, neither of us expected to go to sleep right away.

Reece put his dirty clothes in the hamper in his bedroom but came back to our bathroom to brush his teeth and piss. I was pissing when he came in. He wrapped his arms around me and held my dick for me to finish pissing. Just like last night he licked the last few drops from my expanding cock. I held his dick while he pissed and performed the same cleanup on him. That meant we were both standing brushing our teeth with our hard cocks standing up and watching us. I set the alarm for 6:00 so that we would have plenty of time to talk to the principal go get Reece back in school. Reece turned me over on my stomach and started to work on my backside just as I had done the night before. I don’t have a lot of hair on my legs but more than Reece. He didn’t seem to mind having to stop to pull a loose hair out of his mouth now and then. “If I do something wrong, just tell me.”

“Oh no, you are doing everything just right. You are driving me nuts, you sexy animal.” He was starting to kiss my butt cheeks and he giggled while kissing and it came out sounding like a fart. That got him tickled and he was laughing up a storm but his delicate touches and wonderful kisses were quickly sending me to the brink of orgasm. He worked my butt crack like he had been eating ass his whole life. When he got to my hole he kissed it first and then started circular strokes of his tongue. The more my anal ring relaxed the more he drove his tongue in me. He had me to the brink and this time I wasn’t going to be able to hold off. “I’m cumming babe! I can’t hold it!” He rolled me over on my back and swallowed my cock before I shot the first volley. He swallowed two or three times to keep up with the volume his talented mouth had extracted from my hot nuts. I had to push him off when my cock became too sensitive.

He gave my cock a quick kiss before he crawled up and we shared a passionate kiss. “Suck me quick I am going to cum with just our cocks touching.” I managed to almost get my mouth on his cock before it erupted. His first shot hit me in the face but I got the rest. I love sucking that beautiful cock it is a shame that I didn’t get to suck more. His cock soon became too sensitive and he had to move me off his love tool.

We snuggled and cuddled and kissed a bit. No words were needed. We were content to be held. I think I heard him fall into a sleep breathing pattern, but I am not sure. I was so at peace that I was soon sound asleep. I awoke Monday morning the same as I did on Sunday with two strong thighs on each side of my face, two lovely balls touching my lips and a hot sucking mouth on my cock. I sucked one nut and then the other into my mouth. I made sure I kissed and licked every inch of that lovely ball sack.

I took his hot cock in my mouth and started to work on that perfect cock. He raised his head from my cock and uttered one work. “Finger.” I knew exactly what he wanted and I wet my finger and started to work it into his boy hole. He was trying to spread my legs so he could do the same for me. I raised my butt up to give him better access and I soon felt his long fingers exploring my hot hole. We were both almost to the edge and we both started stroking our pleasure buttons. We had such a powerful orgasm we were both completely out of breath. As soon as he got a little energy he came up and kissed me hard. “Damn it gets better every time we love each other. I wish I didn’t have to go to school today and I could stay wrapped in your arms all day.”

“I would like that too, but we both know we can’t.” The alarm went off and I shut it off. “The good news is we have plenty of time to get ready.” Reece was already filling the enema bag when I got back from putting on the coffee. I guess he wants to make that a habit too.

“I got Emmy ready for you.” He said as he put a little lube on the nozzle.

“You have named it now?”

“Yep, if he is going in my man’s ass, I thought I should be on first name basis with him.” We were both laughing as he pushed Emmy’s nose into my hot hole.

We talked and decided we needed to get another bag so that we could speed up the process. We discussed using separate bathrooms but neither of us really liked that idea so we decided to take turns when we got another bag. If one of us is voiding while the other is holding, it would go a little faster. I thought of asking the architect to change the bathroom in the new house to have two toilets, but inserting the nozzle for each other is part of our fun so decided not to talk to him. There is already a urinal in all but one bathroom already. It is definitely a boys house.

We got to the school in plenty of time. A few kids spoke to Reece and noticed how good he looked. One girl was all over him. Little did she know that her big boobs didn’t put lead in his pencil. As soon as the office door was unlocked we went in and talked with the school secretary.

“I am sorry Mr. Carter, but our rules are very specific. He can only be signed in by a parent or a legal guardian.”

“But you can see his mother did assign guardianship to me and this document that will be ruled on tomorrow will grant him emancipated adult status and he won’t need a parent or guardian.”

She went to get something on her desk. Reece whispered in my ear. “She doesn’t like gays and she knows I am gay.”

“See it says right here that it has to be a court appointed guardian.”

“Ms. Conway may we talk with you for a minute?” Reece ask a lady that walked in the door.

“Sure Reece come into my office. I have missed you young man. Are you coming back to school?”

“I hope so, but Ms. Bledsoe hates gays, or me anyway, and is trying to not let me in.” Reece looked down. “The true story is that my mother abandoned me. Jim, Mr. Carter here found out when I was starving and needing money to eat. Oh, I’m sorry Ms. Conway this is Jim Carter. Jim this is Ms. Conway our principal.” We exchanged pleasantries. “Anyway he has taken me in and had my mother tracked down. My mother agreed for me to be emancipated so that I won’t need her to survive. This is a copy of the document that we are presenting before the judge tomorrow morning. The lawyer says it is pretty much a done deal, but we still have to go to court so I will be late tomorrow. Ms. Bledsoe wouldn’t even look at the documents, she just said no.”

“These may not be legal yet, but they look to me like they should suffice until we do get something legal within a few days. I miss you Reece and I want to see you back in class.” She punched the intercom button. “Bernice, print out Reece Jacobson’s schedule and write him an excused absence stating that he is to be allowed to make up any work that he missed within a reasonable time. Make a copy for each of his teachers. Also note on the excuse that he will be out tomorrow morning and it also to be excused.”

“Ms. Conway, I just found out that Reece is sixteen and has not had drivers Ed. Is there anyway we can get him enrolled in a drivers Ed class at school or should I look for private instruction?”

“It just so happens that I am one of the drivers Ed instructors and I will be starting a class Saturday morning at 7:00. It is four hours and goes for five Saturdays. I will mark him on the list.”

She walked out with us and Ms. Bledsoe said that will be forty six dollars for fees. I took out my checkbook. “Oh and he is taking drivers Ed too, is that fee included?”

“He is too late to sign up for that.”

“Bernice I want him added to the roster for my drivers Ed class.” This had this old battle axe hoping mad.

“Ninety-six dollars then. Here.” She shoved the excuse slips and schedule to Reece.

“Thank you Ms. Bledsoe.” Reece said politely.

“Thank you Ms. Conway.” Reece and I said together.

I left to go home to an empty house. I decided to go to the office instead. I can do anything from home that I can at the office except go around and talk to people. I have found that just talking to people helps to create a team. It also lets me feel a little closer to the day to day operations than I have for the last few months. I never plan on putting in long hard hours anymore, but it will be nice to get back into a little more involvement. So many of our workers work from home most of the time that we don’t have a lot of the technical people here except for meetings that can’t be done easily on conference. With the meeting software these days the real need to be together is hardly ever a requirement.

One benefit of going into the office, I got a new toy to play with. We have developed a voice activated recorder not much bigger than a credit card that can be left on and put into a shirt pocket. While driving or anything else you can record notes without pushing a button or anything else. It is voice activated so unless it is specifically turned off it is on. Since it stops recording when there is ten seconds of silence it can hold about eight hours of actual sound. I put it in my pocket and went around talking to people to just see this little device in action.

At a little after nine, I got a call from Reece. “Jim we have a problem. That Bledsoe bitch called social services and that Gates bitch that tried to have me sent to the detention center is at school and looking for me. I got away and am hiding now, but from what Debbie said, she is going to have me taken into custody.”

“Okay bud, don’t worry. I just got a note that someone from social services was asking to talk to me too. Since I might not be a good one to pick you up, call Bill and let me know what he says. I am going to call the number on this note to see what’s up. Let me know what Bill says.”

“Okay, thanks Jim. Talk to you in a minute.”

I dialed the number given and it was answered quickly. “Ms. Gates.” Was all that was said.

“Hello, this is Mr. Carter you left a message for me to call this number?”

“Yes, I am trying to locate Reece Jacobson and I understand you have him.”

“Have him? What in the world do you mean by that?”

“He is a ward of the state and I need to take him into custody.”

“Where are you? I think there has been some misunderstanding we need to talk.”

“Fine I will meet you at your home. I am on my way over there now.”

“I should be there in ten to fifteen minutes.”

I told my secretary where I was going and headed to the car. Reece called as I reached the car. “Hey babe, how you doing?”

“Okay now. Bill said that he would come get me and take me to Blake’s just in case this overzealous social worker came to his office or house. He said that since he was attorney of record he would be a likely place they looked. Blake called before I could call you and said that Pete was on his way to pick me up because he could get here faster than Bill. He said to stay out of sight until I saw Pete so no one can see me.”

“Okay that sounds good. I am on my way now to meet that Ms. Gates at our house.”

“Don’t let her in because she can search anything she wants to if you invite her in. That is what she did at our apartment.”

“Thanks bud, I won’t.”

They were already there when I got there so I didn’t open the garage and just parked in the driveway. This big bottomed woman came up to me and said. “We need to search your house for that little fag.”

“Lady you are not searching anything and I don’t want to hear you use that word again or I will be forced to have a chat with your boss.”

“Do you think he will believe you over me?”

“Are you telling me you would lie to your boss?”

“Listen mister goody two shoes, I am not letting a cocksucker like you have any teenage boy, even if he is a cocksucker too.”

“Lady, I am loosing my patience with you. I am gay, that is a fact that has been published in several magazines and publications, but I will not be belittled by a rude, hostile bureaucrat. Now will you kindly and without the rude crude remarks tell me what this is all about?”

“I received information this morning that a minor was living with a known homosexual. That known homosexual is you and the minor is Reece Jacobson.”

“Okay all of that is true. His mother has agreed that he should be emancipated so that she doesn’t have to be responsible for him any longer. She gave me temporary guardianship until the emancipation is official, just in case of emergencies.”

“If you don’t have a court order giving you guardianship, then we don’t honor it and we are taking that boy into custody.”

“Exactly what gives you the right to do that? Have you some reason to intervene in this matter?”

“I am with social services I can intervene anytime I see fit?”

“Oh, so you make the rules and enforce them too?”

“Look either you let us search the house for the boy or we will get a search warrant and search for anything.”

“Bullshit. I am not a lawyer but I know good and well that you have to have some probable cause to get a search warrant, so go ahead and get your search warrant that is the only way you will set foot on my property now get off of it immediately.”

She stormed off but the police officers stayed. I started to go in the house and one of them came up to me. “Mr. Carter we are in the middle of this and don’t know a way out. We can’t legally stop you from going into the house, but she told us to make up something like resisting a police officer you if you did. I know it is hard to believe but that woman has a lot of power, and she will make our lives hell if we don’t keep you outside.”

“Okay guys, I understand. Do you mind if I make a call on my cell?”

“No, go ahead. Again, I am sorry Mr. Carter.”

I dialed a number. “Hi Robert, its Jim. I’m in a bit of a fix and I could sure use your help.” I smiled at the officers. “Yes, I am at home.” I shifted my weight. “Thanks pal, I owe you one.” I didn’t close the phone but dialed Bill. “Hi Bill, I think I need a lawyer. This social services woman has gone to get a search warrant and I think I need you here. Okay I won’t let them in until you get here.”

“That’s smart. Again, I wish there was something we could do, but that woman is mean and powerful.”

“Those type people usually get what they deserve in the end. It is just a shame they can mess up so many lives before they get their just rewards.”

I will say one thing for the woman she must have a judge at her beckon call because she was back with a search warrant a lot quicker than I thought possible. I wouldn’t even take it and that made her furious.

“I am sorry Ms. Gates, but my attorney is on his way and he told me to not take the warrant and to not allow you to enter until he checked to be sure it was legal.”

“I don’t give a fuck what your attorney says, we are searching even if we have to break the door down.”

“No you are not. I know that you cannot legally do that.”

“I think I hear a kid screaming for help. Now you two go break down that door.”

Just then Robert drove up. He came up to me and shook my hand. “Hi Jim, what seems to be the problem here?”

“Well this LADY is making up the law as she goes and forcing your officers to break the law for her. She evidently has some power in your department.” I regretted stressing the word lady but it was too late, I had already done it.

“Her brother is one of our captains, but that shouldn’t give her any leverage on my force, and if it does I will make sure that it never happens again.” He turned to his officers and asked. “Is that true boys?”

“Well chief, when Mr. Carter refused to take the warrant and said his attorney was on his way she said she heard a child scream and we should break down the door.”

“Did you hear a child scream?”

“No sir.” They both said.

“Well I sure as hell did.” She said.

“Where exactly where you when you heard this scream?”

“By the door.”

“You have been no closer to that house than you are right now. That is a bold face lie.”

“Was she by the door?” The chief asks his officers.

“No sir she was right there.”

“I have a signed search warrant and I want this place searched.”

“His attorney is on the way, you will wait until he has a chance to review that document.”

Bill arrived and reviewed the search warrant. “Jim you should stay out here with one of the officers so that he can witness that you were not in the house for the search. I will be watching to make sure nothing is touched without me knowing about it. Robert, will you come in with us for this?”

“Sure, I have already had some disturbing revelations today.”

Once they went inside the officer outside said. “Man when the chief drove up I almost crapped my pants. I have a feeling Captain Gates is in for an ass chewing if not more. He isn’t any better than she is and I wouldn’t mind if he got the boot, but he has been there too long. Most he will get is asked to retire. That whole family is a bunch of bigots.”

Almost an hour later they came out with several bags of stuff. “Did you find him?” I asked the woman.

It was just the woman and me with no one else in close ear shot. She said softly. “Mark my word faggot. I will find this little faggot, and he is going to the hall where they will make his little white asshole big enough to drive a truck through it. At least you won’t be able to fuck his little ass.”

“Lady you are vile, mean and I feel sorry for you. No one that bitter can be happy.”

“Fuck you cocksucker, we will see who has the last laugh.”

When they left Bill said. “That woman is a piece of work. She is supposed to help people but she appears to hate almost everyone.”

“Yes, you don’t know the half of it. She feely lies and almost doesn’t care who knows it. How does someone like that have power over the helpless that she is supposed to protect and help?”

“I don’t know, but if she shows her ass in Harry’s courtroom he will plop her fat ass in jail so quick her head will swim. That judge she got to sign the search warrant is worthless and a joke to the legal community, unfortunately though he hears a lot of family court cases.”

“What did they take?”

“Nothing really. Reece’s old shoes and clothes that you guys were throwing out and his dirty clothes from his bathroom. She almost wet herself that she found two pair of boy’s underwear. She got pissed when I made sure the officer wrote on the evidence bag that is was found in plain view in a dirty clothes hamper and make sure you note that it was the boy’s bathroom.”

Robert came over and said. “Jim I apologize for any problems my officers caused. I have some work to do, but I promise you that I will clean up my department.”

“Really your officers were nice and friendly, but said she would cause their life hell if they didn’t do what she wanted. The one that stayed out here with me said the whole family is a bunch of bigots and that your captain is just as bad as she is. If that is the case you have one vile and mean captain on the force.”

“That is what I am starting to figure out. We can’t afford to have bigots on the force. If we don’t protect and serve everyone, then we are useless. I don’t know what comes of it, but I can promise this problem will not be ignored.”

After everyone else had left Bill said. “Reece is with Blake and Pete. They will take him home with them tonight and bring him into court tomorrow. Don’t worry we will make sure that bitch doesn’t get him. Get his sport coat and clothes for tomorrow and I will make sure it gets to Blake. I know you won’t sleep much tonight but try to anyway. Don’t try to call him because they can dump your phone records and find him. He has already been told not to contact you. He said he would send you an email. I think that is safe enough. Tomorrow don’t look for him until time for court. Don’t worry we will have him there on time.”

School had been out for an hour or so, but I decided to go see if perhaps Ms. Conway was still there. Ms. Bledsoe wasn’t so that was good news. The security guard watched me like a hawk. I knocked on the principal’s door. “Come in.”

“Hi Ms. Conway I am really sorry to bother you, but I need to talk to you about a situation with Reece. It seems your secretary called social services, and an overzealous bigot at that. Reece found out and ran. He is safe and will make his court date tomorrow as planned, but my house has been searched and I am being watched, so I can’t contact Reece. What I want to talk with you about is your secretary being a bigot and having to deal with kids she literally hates.”

“Mr. Carter, I take full responsibility.”

“Jim please.”

“Okay if you will call me Shelby. I suspected Bernice had some problems, but I didn’t witness them or have real evidence until today. I am the one that sent word to Reece to run when I overheard part of her conversation with that Gates woman. Believe it or not I cannot fire the woman. All I can do is recommend termination and ban her from my school, both of which have been done. I want that woman out of the school system, but I am told that she is related to the superintendent of schools. I am so sorry this has happened. I love Reece to death. He is one of the sweetest kids at this school. I am so glad he has someone supporting and helping him now. That boy has taken care of himself, with very minimal support from his mother, for as long as I have known him. He worked for the art teacher to pay for his art supplies. He went through the trash at the copy machine for paper. He is a child to be admired not penalized. I just wish there was something I could do to help him.” I could see tears forming in her eyes.

“Well, I don’t exactly know the procedure but the hearing for his emancipation is at 8:00 in courtroom 306. If the judge wants character witnesses, I think you would make a wonderful one for Reece. I am sure it would mean a lot to him too. He likes you a lot, so I know you are a very good person. As I said, I don’t know if the judge will even allow it, but it couldn’t hurt.”

“My vice principal needs to get his feet wet anyway, I will be there and thank you for what you have done for Reece. The sparkle is back in his eyes and he looked truly happy this morning. He also looked very sharp. You have dressed him well.”

“I will let you get back to your work. I am glad we had this little chat. And thank you for the wonderful words you said about Reece. I care deeply for that boy, and I am proud of him. I hope he continues to deserve your respect and trust.”

“I am sure he will.”

“Thanks again for your time.”

“My door is always open to my students and those that love them.” She just grinned. I decided it was a good time to leave.

When I got home, I checked my email. Sure enough I had eight messages from Reece. Most I could quickly answer. The one that told me, Blake had sent him to a friend of his for a psychological examination. I got concerned at first that this event was causing Reece some sort of psychological damage. Then the email said the doctor had given him a letter saying he was a very well adjusted sixteen year old that has the ability and judgment to function in an adult world. I have to give Blake credit he is one smart cookie.

His last email said that both Blake and Pete were drooling on his laptop and wanted one. I got an idea. I grabbed my phone. “Hey Adam, I figured you would still be there. I have a favor to ask. Can you put together a couple of those special laptops like you gave Reece sans the games, of course?” He told me he had a couple in reserves. “This must be my lucky day. Can you have them couriered over to me please? Thanks pal and just charge them to my personal account.”

Bill called and suggested we meet for dinner at Dino’s. I know how Bill thinks and going to dinner at Dino’s will mean our shadows won’t be able to follow us into the restaurant because of the reservation policy and dress code. Their badges won’t get them in without a search warrant, so it is just to frustrate our bitch of a social worker. He knows that she will be fuming when they tell her they couldn’t follow us. Sure enough my shadow followed me to the restaurant.

When I got out of the car with the two laptops and started into the restaurant they stopped me flashed their social services investigator badges and wanted to know what was in the cases. “These are laptops. My company makes them. I am in the electronics business. Here have one of my cards. I am just mixing a little business with pleasure.”

They opened both cases and laptops and were satisfied that they were computers. When I went in they attempted to follow me inside. They even demanded to see the manager who politely told them that they would be arrested for criminal trespass if they didn’t leave the restaurant immediately. He convinced them when he asked if they would like for him to call the chief so that they could request clarification of their orders. Although they don’t work for the police department, they backed down quickly.

When I got to the private dinning room I was met by Bill and Tom. Inside I saw Blake, Pete, and Reece. Of course, he ran to me and smothered me with kisses. “I didn’t think the boy could take it without seeing you, so I asked Bill to get you here. We came in the back thirty minutes early and will leave thirty minutes after you two.”

“Thanks guys, I don’t know that I could handle it without seeing him either.” I gave Blake and Pete their laptops and said. “I heard you were trying to ruin Reece’s computer by drooling on it so maybe these will keep his safe.

“How did you know we would be here? We thought it would be a surprise.”

“I would have been pissed at Bill if he had hatched this dinner plan and not scammed a way for Reece to be here, so it was logical that you guys would be here.”

“Damn computer people are just too logical.” Blake joked.

I told Reece about his principal wanting to be a character witness and he was pleased. Bill said he would set it up with Judge James. I also gave him the recorder and the times of the most incriminating conversations with Ms. Gates. I told him our conversations today were on there as well and he said that was fine and would add to the creditability of the recording. I showed him how to work the recorder and he said he would ask Harry to listen to it before the trial so that the judge himself could see the abuse of power from this woman.

Reece had his long leg wrapped around mine for the whole dinner. I needed that physical contact as well. When dinner was over we kissed and both of us were hard as rocks. I squeezed his cute little bubble butt and said “We have to stop or both of us will be waking out of here with cum stains on our slacks.” We all laughed.

“Even those idiots they have following us might put two and two together on that one.” Bill added.

I kissed Reece again and said. “I love you and hopefully this will all be behind us soon.”

“I love you too and I hope I never have to be away from you again. This has to be what hell is like.”

“Yep, I agree pal.” I gave him another quick kiss and we left the dinning room.

Bill and I walked out of the restaurant talking and laughing. We paused and shook hands for effect. I couldn’t help but walk over to my shadows and say. “Did you have a nice dinner, boys? I hope you ordered the prime rib it is to die for.” They were so mad they were gritting their teeth. I couldn’t help but take a little satisfaction in knowing that I rubbed salt in their wounds.

My night was very restless and the hours and minutes seemed like days and weeks. Finally at about 5:00 I gave up and got up to put the coffee on. Just for something to do I checked my email. There in my inbox was a message from Reece with a timestamp of ten minutes ago. His message read:

I hope you slept better than I did. I finally gave up and wanted to send you a good morning email. Too bad it can’t be a wake up special. I love you, Reece.

I thought for a minute and then wrote back:

I guess we both slept about the same. I did make my coffee first though. You know I have to have my coffee first unless I get a wake up special. I love you, Jim.

We emailed back and forth about ten times before we decided that this was not helping and only making us more horny for each other. When he said Blake and Pete had started to stir, we said goodbye until court this morning.

When I got to the courtroom at 7:30 Ms. Gates and her henchmen were already there. The bailiff said we should wait out in the hall until the judge said to open the doors. I saw Ms. Conway come out of one of the side doors. I walked up to her and said. “Hi Shelby, I am glad you came this morning.”

“Oh, I have been here awhile. Judge James and I are old friends and when he learned that I wanted to speak for Reece he sent for me early so that I could get back to school.”

“Thank you so much for your help.”

“Reece is one of those special students that I would walk through fire for. Believe me, he has earned my respect and love. I think Harry got the message, so I feel confident that all will be well. By the way, I am sure neither of you got much sleep last night so don’t send Reece to school today. Let him have a day to celebrate.”

As she was leaving I had to control my emotions. From the way she talked it sounded like a done deal, but I knew that this impression could easily be me reading exactly what I wanted to hear into her statements.

The bailiff opened the doors promptly at 8:00. I went in and took a seat. That Gates woman was sitting at one of the tables on the other side of the rail with two men. At 8:15 the bailiff said. “All rise.” Then he gave the opening session speech that said it was to rule on the emancipation of one Reece Aaron Jacobson. Reece was still not in the courtroom. The judge asked us to be seated. Once we were seated he began. “This hearing to rule on the emancipation of Reece Aaron Jacobson is being contested by the state department of social services. Under what grounds are you contesting this ruling?” He looked right at the people at the table.

“Your honor, we contend that Mr. James Eldon Carter, a known homosexual, has used his influence and money to sexually abuse the minor Reece Aaron Jacobson and intends to use this emancipation process to legally assist him to continue his abuse.”

“What grounds to you base these allegations?”

“The findings of department of social services supervisor Gates has uncovered indications of this abuse and until we can investigate further this man should not be allowed continued contact with the minor.”

“I don’t want your innuendos or indications. What do you have that would support your allegations?”

“Your honor may I let Ms. Gates present her findings?”

“By all means someone better do something other than waste my time with allegations.”

“Your honor when I went to Mr. Carter’s home I was treated rudely and refused access to the home.”

“Before you continue Ms. Gates, I remind you that you are under oath. Do you understand that, and that you can and will be prosecuted for prudery if you don’t tell the truth and nothing but the truth?”

“My integrity is beyond question. I am an officer of the court and I am insulted by you reminding me of my oath and duty.”

“Lady, your integrity nor anyone else’s integrity is beyond question in a court of law. It is my duty to remind you of the law and that you are expected to uphold the law. Now do you understand that if you do not tell the truth and nothing but the truth, I will have you prosecuted for prudery?”

“Yes, your honor I understand.”

“Okay continue.”

“As I said, after being rudely refused access to search for the minor I was forced to obtain a search warrant for the search. He made us wait outside in the cold until his attorney arrived.”

“Was he outside with you while you obtained the search warrant and while waiting on his attorney?”

“Yes, I had officers hold him outside while I got the warrant. I couldn’t let him destroy evidence.”

“Did your search produce any evidence?”

“Yes your honor it did. We found two pairs of soiled boy’s underwear size 24 in the home.”

“Anything else?”

“A pair of worn out tennis shoes and some other of the boy’s clothes in the trash.”

“Did you find any other boy’s clothes in the home?”

“Oh yes sir, a whole closet full and several drawers full of underwear, socks and the like. But Mr. Carter’s attorney wouldn’t let us take those.”

“Any other evidence besides the two pair of soiled underwear that you are using to make the abuse allegation?”

“No your honor, but with the fact that Mr. Carter is a well known homosexual. It is a clear indication of sexual abuse.”

“Exactly where did you find the soiled underwear?”

“In a clothes hamper.”

“Where was the hamper?”

“In a bathroom.”

“Did you find more than one bathroom in the home?”

“Yes there were three I think.”

“Was the bathroom off the boy’s bedroom or somewhere else in the house?”

“It was off the bedroom where the boy’s clothes were.”

“Did you find any of Mr. Carter’s clothes or underwear in that bathroom hamper?”

“Well no but that doesn’t prove anything.”

“Okay, back to the soiled underwear. I assume in your exhaustive search that you had the underwear analyzed?”

“Yes your honor, the lab found semen, urine and sweat on both pair of underwear.” She handed the judge a copy of the lab report smugly.

“It looks to me like they found sweat and very slight traces of urine and semen. Much like any normal sixteen year old might produce through out the course of a day.”

“Your honor do I need to remind you that this is a known homosexual with a teenager in his home.”

“First of all if you searched my home you would find some dirty underwear in my son’s bathroom hamper. That doesn’t mean I abuse my son, it means I make him put his dirty clothes in a hamper.”

“Now let’s get back to your visit to Mr. Carter’s home. I want to remind you that you are under oath. Did you call him a faggot and a cocksucker?”

“No, I never. I can’t believe you would even think of believing his lies.”

He rattled off several statements taken directly from the recorder and she lied on every one of them.

“Mr. Lowery, do you stand behind what Ms. Gates just said?”

Her eyes got as big as saucers when she saw the director of social services behind her in the courtroom.

“No judge after listening to that recording in your chambers, I can’t do anything other than tell you that dismissal papers are being processed as we speak. We cannot allow behavior such as this in our department. I will also support the filing of criminal prudery charges for Ms. Gates.”

“You can’t do this? What recording? You can’t record me without my knowledge!”

“Bailiff, take Ms. Gates into custody.” The bailiff put her arms behind her back and put a twist tie around her wrists. “Yes, Ms. Gates this recording is admissible evidence. Mr. Carter was not recording you, he was recording himself and you just happened to be on the tape. He has every right in the world to record himself.”

“You black bastard!”

“We will be adding contempt to those charges. Take her to the sheriffs waiting outside please Don.” He waited while she was being removed. “Mr. Lowery, that woman more than likely has abused her power and position and made selective judgments in many other cases she has worked. I am issuing a bench warrant for your department to make a through review of every case she has been involved in for the last three years. This review is to be done by a manager or above and I expect a copy of each review delivered to my office. I also expect immediate restitution where she has overreached or abused her position. Am I understood?”

“Yes sir, I understand, but we don’t have the manpower for such a review.”

“I am going to put this as plainly as I can. I don’t give a rat’s ass about what manpower you do or don’t have. I don’t care if you have to work twenty-four hours a day seven days a week for ten years. I want this done and I expect an estimate and schedule on my desk by Friday at noon. If I don’t have it, you will be joining Ms. Gates with contempt charges. Now, is my ruling clear?”

“Yes your honor.” He left with his tail between his legs.

He whispered something to his clerk and she left and returned with Bill and Reece. They sat at one of the tables at the front of the courtroom. “Jim, you can come join Reece and Bill.” Reece couldn’t help himself he jumped up and hugged me. “I really hate such unpleasantness like we had this morning, but it was clear that it had to be handled before we could continue. “I talked at length with Reece this morning to help me make this ruling. All the documentation in the world doesn’t outweigh a personal man to man chat. Before I talked with Reece I talked to his principal, Ms. Conway, and she had nothing but glowing praise for this young man. I have known Jim Carter for several years and find him to be an upstanding, forthright and respected citizen of this community. And for the record, yes, I know he is gay, but also has his sad days.” We all got a chuckle out of the judges attempt to lighten the mood. “I am impressed with all the documentation, but I want to know. Jim, will you insure that this young man has shelter and food and the ability to go to school even if he is an adult and you are not legally responsible to do so?”

“Yes your honor by all means.”

“Reece even if you are not legally bound to do so, will you listen to Jim and seek his guidance in making adult decisions?”

“Yes, your honor I will.”

“Reece, do you understand that if I grant this emancipation order, you will be an adult for all legal matters? That includes sexual matters.”

“Yes, your honor, I understand.”

“I want to make sure you fully understand. You understand that you will be considered an adult and it will against the law for you to have sex with a minor. Even some that may be older than you. Eighteen is the legal age of consent in this state.”

“Yes, your honor, I understand that if I have sex with anyone under the age of eighteen I will be breaking the law.”

“I am affixing my signature to this document. Let it be known that Reece Aaron Jacobson shall be granted all the rights, restrictions and privileges of adulthood with the exception of the right to vote, consumption of alcohol, and smoking cigarettes. Take this to the clerk to be filed and you can get copies from him.” Reece hugged me tightly. The judge shook our hands and said. “Well Reece, what is the first thing you are going to do as an adult?”

“Get something to eat and take a nap.” We all laughed.

We stopped at IHOP for a big breakfast. Neither one of us could eat this morning, so we were both hungry. We kept our feet touching under the table. Nothing obvious, but just some contact. “Jim, I told the judge about us.”

“You did what?”

“I had to tell him. I told him the truth. I told him about being sick and you caring for me and my happy heart. He asked about sex and I told him that I wanted it and kept pressuring you. I told him that you were not just worried about the law, but some real fear that you might be taking advantage of me and the situation. I told him you were hard headed as hell and he agreed with me. I told him that you were adamant about being able to look him in the eye and telling him that we had not had sex. He came back with a question I couldn’t answer without lying or spill the beans. He said ‘Before you answer this question, know that it will greatly influence my decision to declare you able to shoulder the responsibilities and rights of an adult. How did you convince him to be intimate without having anal sex?’ He didn’t ask me IF I did, but HOW I did. I said. ‘Let’s just say if it is good enough for a president its good enough for me.’ He laughed and said after today you will be free to express your love anyway you wish. I asked him how he knew and he said. ‘Two gay men with your personalities and good looks could not possibly keep their hands off of each other unless one or both of you were in a relationship. The way you say his name, and his mention, lights up your eyes and your whole being. You couldn’t hide your love for him from a blind man. Don’t worry son, I think the world of Jim too, and I want him happy again. I very seldom grant emancipation and I wouldn’t for you if I thought for a second this was only about sex. I think you two belong together and I think with Jim’s help you will be a fine adult.’ I couldn’t help it; I had to tell him, and I don’t think I had a choice.”

“Wow, he had us pegged didn’t he?”

“I think he knew you couldn’t resist my charms, and I couldn’t resist your hot bod.” He giggled.

“Just wait until I get you home.”

“Promises, promises, promises, but I do need a nap.”

“Me too babe. I am having to prop my eyelids open as it is.”

Once we got home and got naked Reece asked. “Since I didn’t get my enema this morning, will you give it to me now? I really missed that cleaned out feeling this morning.”

“Sure babe, I can do that.” He was already filling the bag when I got in the bathroom. As he hung the bag, I sat on the toilet and said. “Let me see that cute butt.” He stuck his bubble butt in my face and wiggled. I couldn’t resist, I kissed his cute pucker. I love to bury my face in his cute butt cheeks. I soon had him good and wet and started to work the nozzle into him. I released the clip and let the water flow into my man’s colon and bowels. I got up to let him sit when he was ready and filled the bag to rinse him out. One of first sounds out of him was one of the loudest farts I have ever heard. We both laughed and I said. “Someone blew up China.” That got him tickled.

“That must have been the two beers they let me drink last night in hopes that it would put me to sleep. They just made me silly and talk loud.” I gently put the rinse cycle into him and let him sit on the pot. I needed to piss so I thought I would to piss at the same time. It sounded like a good idea at the time. I sat on his lap facing him and put my dick beside his and started pissing. He heard me and started to piss too. We started kissing passionately. I am not sure either one of got complete finished pissing. I knew I had to be hurting his legs so I got up wet a warm wash cloth to clean Reece’s cute butt. We were both tired and ready for bed. With me on my back Reece crawled on top of me and started kissing me passionately. Neither of us having had any sexual relief in over twenty-four hours enhanced our passion, augmented by our rock hard cocks grinding between our bodies. I had one hand on each glob of Reece’s butt and gently caressing them. Our grinding became more urgent and when I felt the first shot of his hot cum, I was right behind him. We both had quit a load to unload and once we did we both just faded into sleep.


The End of part 2. Part 3 should follow shortly.
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