Reece's Pieces
Jim Carter

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Snipet from Part 2

Once we got home and got naked Reece asked. “Since I didn’t get my enema this morning, will you give it to me now? I really missed that cleaned out feeling this morning.”

“Sure babe, I can do that.” He was already filling the bag when I got in the bathroom. As he hung the bag, I sat on the toilet and said. “Let me see that cute butt.” He stuck his bubble butt in my face and wiggled. I couldn’t resist, I kissed his cute pucker. I love to bury my face in his cute butt cheeks. I soon had him good and wet and started to work the nozzle into him. I released the clip and let the water flow into my man’s colon and bowels. I got up to let him sit when he was ready and filled the bag to rinse him out. One of first sounds out of him was one of the loudest farts I have ever heard. We both laughed and I said. “Someone blew up China.” That got him tickled.

“That must have been the two beers they let me drink last night in hopes that it would put me to sleep. They just made me silly and talk loud.” I gently put the rinse cycle into him and let him sit on the pot. I needed to piss so I thought I would to piss at the same time. It sounded like a good idea at the time. I sat on his lap facing him and put my dick beside his and started pissing. He heard me and started to piss too. We started kissing passionately. I am not sure either one of got complete finished pissing. I knew I had to be hurting his legs so I got up wet a warm wash cloth to clean Reece’s cute butt. We were both tired and ready for bed. With me on my back Reece crawled on top of me and started kissing me passionately. Neither of us having had any sexual relief in over twenty-four hours enhanced our passion, augmented by our rock hard cocks grinding between our bodies. I had one hand on each glob of Reece’s butt and gently caressing them. Our grinding became more urgent and when I felt the first shot of his hot cum, I was right behind him. We both had quit a load to unload and once we did we both just faded into sleep.

Part 3

Reece woke me up with sweet kisses. “We are glued together.” He laughed. “I think we shot a lot of glue too.” He giggled again.

“I have to piss like a race horse.”

“Me too that’s why I woke you up.”

“When I get my legs off the bed and stand, you lock your legs around me and hang on. We will let the hot water of the shower help us get unstuck.”

“Or we could just stay glued together forever. I like being close to you.”

“I agree, but it will sure fuck up our love life.”

“Oh yeah, I think the shower is a great idea.” He kissed me tightened his arms around my neck.” When I felt him lock his long legs behind me I stood and carried us to the shower. I stepped under the spray and he said. “I really needed to piss first.”

“Me too, just piss.”

“On us?”

“Hell we watch each other shit every morning what is a little piss among friends.” I kissed him.

He giggled and started pissing, which helped me start to pissing too. Knowing the warm liquid was our piss made me hard and I could feel he was too. He took a breath and said. “Wow, I love your hands on my ass. This is heaven.” I slipped my middle finger into his hot hole. “Oh shit, I can’t hold it. I’m cuming.”

I pushed him so he would unwrap his legs from me and as soon as his feet were on the floor, I dove for his cock. I kept working his hole with my finger and sucking his beautiful cock. I was soon rewarded with the nectar from his loins.

When his cock got too sensitive, he pushed me off his cock and pulled me up. “My turn.” He dove for my cock and worked his finger into my hole. In no time I was blasting his sweet mouth with my hot cum. When I couldn’t take anymore and moved him off my cock. We shared another kiss. The water was starting to get cold and we knew we had to hurry or have a cold water shower.

We made salad and baked potatoes for lunch or what ever you want to call eating between three and four in the afternoon. “Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday or Sunday is our regular workout day. Do you want to join us?”

“Can I? I really need to put on some muscle for baseball.” He looked excited.

“I was hoping you would join us. I was thinking we would give you another driving lesson and then end it at the gym with the guys.”

“Oh wow! Really? Cool beans. What should I take?”

“Well, nothing actually.”

“You guys workout naked?”

I laughed. “No, although you could put on a show. We buy the clothes from the gym and they launder them, so they are fresh and clean and waiting for us next time. It is all in the dues.”

“You know, I am feeling guilty again about money.”

“Please don’t. You are my partner and we are in this together. What is mine is yours and what is yours is mine.”

“But I don’t have anything so that isn’t giving anything.”

“You have everything I want and it is right here.” I caressed his heart. “Actually, you have my heart, so I need you to live. Please just accept that what you have, money can’t buy or power control. I want to grow old with you, so unless you don’t want to grow old with me, everything we have we have together.”

“Oh Jim, yes, I want to grow old with you. I am trying and I think that is part of the problem. I don’t feel as guilty as I think I should, and I catch myself wanting to spend your money.”

“Our money. Some of the papers you signed today were more than just your emancipation documentation. You were given my power of attorney and made an equal partner in my business. We still have to sign the bank cards, but officially you have everything I have. Remember you gave me your power of attorney too so we are truly partners. So you see, you can’t spend my money only our money.”

“Holy fuck!”

“Language young man!” We both laughed. “Now come on, let’s see if you remember anything from Sunday. We will be going on that same back road and this time you are driving all the way. The gym is right there in the center with the pizza restaurant. It should take a couple of hours and we will be right on time.”

Reece backed the car out like a pro. He was really nervous driving in traffic with lights and people, but he did fantastic. Once we were to the highway. I rubbed his neck to let him know he was doing fine. “My butt hole was puckering again.” He grinned.

“You did fantastic. We are going to have to starting looking at trucks pretty soon.”

“Does that mean you are getting tired of driving me around?” He was grinning, so I knew he wasn’t worried about the answer.

“Yep, I just can’t stand having to go everywhere with you.” We both giggled and my obvious lie. He really was doing fantastic. He was starting to loosen up and talk more while he was driving too. I was enjoying just riding and chatting and letting him do all the work. He pulled into the gym parking lot and parked like he had been doing it all his life. “Man, maybe you should be giving me the driving lessons. You did fantastic.”

He giggled. “Thanks, my boyfriend must be an excellent teacher.”

We went in and I signed in. “Jess, I have brought us a new member. Meet Reece Jacobson. Reece this is Jess.”

“Nice to meet you Jess.” Reece shook his hand.

“Pete said you were a looker, but damn man.” Jess laughed. “You have to fill out this application. It won’t take but just a second.”

Reece filled out the application and were it said payment. He nudged me and pointed. “Put it on the corporate account. Just write Carter Electronics and sign it. You are one of the owners now.”

We took the application to Jess. “The locker next to me was still empty Thursday, if it still is, put him in that one.”

Jess checked. “It is available and assigned to Reece Jacobson. We should have his name on it in a day or two. Until then put this sticker on it. Jess started loading up Reece’s sweats and shorts. Reece grinned when he threw a jock strap on the pile. I noticed Reece had a Speedo in his stack.

“Not that I am complaining, but we have baggy swim trunks and he gets a Speedo. You are not trying to tell us something are you Jess?”

“Yes, I am. You didn’t sign up for diving. He did, so he needs a Speedo.” He came close and said. “Besides, who wants to see you old farts in Speedos?” He took off running. He came back giving us the peace sign. “Sorry guys, I just couldn’t resist. He has regular trunks too, just in case he wants to swim with you old folks.” He ducked again. “Reece you should try on shoes. Come with me. Jim you can come too and then show him around. I would but Debbie, John and Steven all called in sick today so we are short handed. Brad will do his initial evaluation once you give him the grand tour. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Your number will be sewn on and you will be issued a second set to match. Just let me know if something doesn’t fit.”

We got him fitted with shoes and took him to our lockers. “I guess I better see if the Speedo fits first.” He put on his Speedo and what a beautiful sight it was. “Fits perfect.”

“I’ll say it’s perfect, but I am not sure I want the world to see how perfect. Not much let to the imagination there.”

He giggled. “I guess, but you are the only one that gets what is inside.”

Blake and Pete walked by and Pete said. “Holy shit!”

“I think I just became a diving fan.” Blake added.

Reece blushed, but wasn’t going to let them get the best of him. He jerked off his Speedo and put it in the locker. He grabbed his strap and started to get dressed for his evaluation. “So far everything fits fine. Oh if you guys want to start diving training they will issue you a Speedo too.”

“He is starting to be a little smart ass just like you Jimbo.” Blake chided and took off before I could say anything.

“Was I too bad? I really like those guys I don’t want to piss them off.”

“Oh no, they loved it. You are fitting right in and they feel comfortable with you, so they will tease and jab at you like we all do each other.”

When I took him around to see all the areas and facilities, he was most impressed with the diving and swimming pools. I could tell he really loved diving. I made a mental note to call the architect in the morning to put a diving area in the indoor pool building. I am glad construction hasn’t begun on that yet so, it should create very little problem if at all.

We were finished with our workout when Brad was finished with Reece. “Brad says he will have a workout plan for me tomorrow and that I am in really good shape. He said I should change into my Speedo and let Margo get some swim times and do a few evaluation dives.”

“We are finished with our workout, do you mind if I watch?”

“Nope I don’t mind. I like showing off for you.” He giggled. “I really like that everyone knows we are together. Almost everyone spoke to me and ask or said something about you. You sure have a lot of friends.”

Margo wasn’t impressed with his swimming. She said his breathing needed work, his transitions sloppy and he was lazy with his kick. When he started to dive though, all she had was praise. When she had him do some backward twisting, flipping thingy, she said she didn’t see a flaw at all. I was impressed that he looked so smooth and elegant going into the water. He made almost no splash at all entering the water. There were about twenty people watching and they applauded for every dive.

Brad came over and said. “Jimbo, I think you just brought the city diving championship to this gym for the first time in our history. With a little work, I think his high school team will have a great pitcher too. You lucky devil, he looks like an angel and a sports star to boot. Besides he seems like a fantastic person and not full of himself at all. It’s good to have my buddy Jim back too.”

“Thanks Brad. That wonderful young man loves me for some reason and to quote him. I have a happy heart.”

“He does love you there’s no doubt about that. I don’t believe in that mystic stuff, but I swear when you two are together it’s almost like you only see the couple and it takes a second or two to see the individuals. I have never noticed that before with anyone and if you tell anyone I said that mumbo jumbo, I’ll have you running for weeks.” He laughed.

We showered and Reece drove home. I think he almost asked me to pull the car into the garage, but he didn’t. He was a little tentative, but did perfectly. He grinned and I ruffled his hair.

We pissed and started brushing our teeth. “I finally get to feel this in my butt.” He squeezed my cock.

“Oh crap, I forgot to call Jacob about changing the pool for you a diving area.”

“I am talking sex and you are talking pools. Oh, wait, you mean it? We can have a diving area at home?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“When can I see it?”

“With school and it still getting dark early, probably won’t be able to until this weekend, but you can see the plans and architect’s rendering now if you want.”

“Let’s see it.” He kissed me hard. My office in the house is always on and ready to go, so in just a few seconds we were viewing the plans and renderings. “Damn this is huge and beautiful. Two pools?”

“Well, one for the summer outside and one inside for year round. I figured the inside would get the most rework for a complete diving area and then you could decide what you want outside.”

“It doesn’t look like we need to do much except at the platforms, boards and make it deeper. Oh and add sprayers.”


“Little jets of water to break the surface tension. It makes the water easier to see and also less impact when you enter the water from the high platform. The gym setup is perfect if we can just show the guy that he will be all set.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, but I want you to promise me that you will never dive alone without someone to watch. I know you are good and all, but I never want anything to happen to my baby.”

“I promise. I don’t want anything to happen to me either. My life is perfect now and I want to enjoy it.” He kissed me hard and we were soon hard again. “Now let’s go celebrate me being legal.” He squeezed my dick.

I noticed a tube of lube on the nightstand. “Where did that come from and it looks to me like someone is planning ahead?”

“I bought it Monday when I was hiding and waiting on Blake. I figured you would have some, but I didn’t want to take a chance that you didn’t.” He grinned. I started licking his silky tuft of pubic hair. His hard cock was pointing straight as an arrow to his belly button. I kissed a drop of pearly pre cum from his head and started to lick down and around his hard shaft. I took each of his balls in my mouth and gave them plenty of attention. I sucked and licked his ball sack. I lifted his knees and he grabbed them and pulled them toward his chest giving me full access to his beautiful rosebud. I have never even given thought to rimming, and it seemed revolting to me until I met this boy. I loved pleasuring him with my mouth and tongue. I love the feel of my tongue in his hot ass. “Oh god Jim, stop. I am going to cum before you ever get inside me.”

“It’s okay, you will recover quickly and it will make the next one last longer.”

“Okay but you too. Let’s do it together.” He moved around so that we could sixty-nine. He licked my balls and around my cock head before taking me into his hot mouth. I felt his finger circling my hole as I wet my finger to enter him. I love his smell. Although the soap smell was strong, I could smell enough of him to arouse my senses. We were both getting close and we both started to stimulate or prostrates. We were soon enjoying the taste of our mate. When we were rested and just caressing our genitals with our lips; as if on queue, we broke and came together for a wonderful and loving kiss. “I love sucking you. I wish I could just keep my head in your crotch all day.”

“Me too, I was just thinking that I wished I could bottle your smell so that I could smell you all the time.” We were looking into each other’s eyes and just gently caressing one another. “A penny for them.”

“Huh? A penny for what?” He asked.

“Your thoughts. You look deep in thought.” He grinned.

“I was thinking that this is so perfect I don’t want to spoil it, but yet I want you to fuck me. I couldn’t break the mood until you asked; now I want you. Fuck me.” He raised his butt off the bed and grabbed his ankles leaving his beautiful hole exposed for my pleasure.

I reached for the lube and kissed his sweet hole. “I am not going to fuck you; I will make love to you.”

“I know you always love me. I feel it when you look at me. Call it yankee doodle if you want but get your cock in me and make me a virgin no more.” He was grinning like the cat that ate the canary. He seemed to be enjoying my three fingers in his hole so I knew it was time. I wanted his first time to be as painless as possible. I just rubbed my cock head around his hole until his hole just let it in naturally. I had to push a little harder on his sphincter mussel, but I tried to give it plenty of time to relax and welcome me in. When I felt my crown pop through, I stopped to let him get used to the fullness. He wrapped his legs around me and used his legs to start me pumping. “Oh god, that’s awesome. It feels even better than I imagined.” He kissed me passionately. My cock was about ready to explode from rubbing on his prostrate in his body oven. “Oh god, oh god, I’m cumming!” He moaned. I felt his hot cum hit my chest as I filled his hot bowels with my offering. Once we recovered, I started to roll off him. He held tighter, his legs still locked behind me. “Just a little while longer.” I supported more of my weight on my arms so that I wouldn’t be too heavy on him. My cock slipped out of him on its own, and he released his leg lock.

I went to get a wash cloth and towel to clean us up. When I got back to bed Reece was sound asleep with a contented smile on his face. I cleaned him and he stirred a little but never woke up. Even when I raised his legs to wash his leaking hole the most he did was moan. I put the towel under him to catch any of my cum that might leak out later. When I got in bed, he must have sensed my presence and snuggled up to me. It didn’t take me long to join him in blissful sleep.

When I awoke the next morning I was greeted with the wonderful wake up I was quickly becoming accustomed to. Reece was working on my cock with his hot mouth and his lovely balls were in my face. I raised my head so I could check his boy hole and it looked no worse for wear. I kissed it and gave it a few licks before I maneuvered to take his cock in my mouth. It didn’t take us long to grab a lovely shot of protein to start our day. Reece drove us to school and as he pulled up to the front said. “I am going to try to get back on the swim team today, so I will be late. Do you want me to try to catch a ride?”

“No, I will pick you up, just call when you are about ready.”

“Cool, I was hoping you would.”

I went to the office for awhile, but the office runs so well without me, I almost feel like a fifth wheel. I did tell the other executives that Reece was now an equal partner. I think they were truly happy that I had someone in my life, but I sensed they thought I was making a mistake giving half the company to Reece. I also had them request a company credit card for Reece. My stop at the bank took a little longer. I had Reece added to my current main account and then I set up an individual account for him and also a new account for me. I opened a new account for household expenses. I had Reece and I on the household account but told them I would be adding a housekeeper when I found one. They said everything would be ready for Reece to sign as soon as he could come in.

When Reece called for me to pick it up, it was a little earlier than I expected. He told me where to park and asked me to come inside and talk to his swimming coach. This had me a little concerned, but Reece didn’t seem upset or anything, so I wasn’t too worried that something was wrong. Reece met me at the door, with his hair still wet. He hugged me and I could smell the bland smell of school soap. I couldn’t help but notice. He led me to an office. “Coach Davis, this is Jim Carter the man that saved my life. Jim this is my swimming coach.”

“Hi coach Davis, nice meeting you.”

“Call me Bill please.”

“Okay Bill, you wanted to see me?”

“First I want to thank you for helping Reece. He is a good student and a great diver, but most of all he is just a good person. I know that he makes all his own decisions and that is not why I asked to talk with you. Reece asked to be exempt from most of practice on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s so that he can catch up on his schoolwork and also get his homework done. He told me about the going to West Side Gym on those days and he would get his full workout and all his laps in. I am going to agree to this request as long as he does what he says he will do. I have no doubt that he will. Reece is already skilled in diving beyond my abilities to help him. He said one of the trainers at the gym was a diving instructor. I asked if I could talk with her about his training and said he didn’t see why not, but would like for me to talk to you about it before I called and talked to her.”

“I don’t think Margo would mind talking with you about Reece’s training. I don’t know what her qualifications are, but all the trainers at the gym are very good and respected, so I am sure she is too. Do you have a card with your number on it? We will give it to her tonight and ask her to give you a call.”

He gave me one of his cards. “Thanks for coming in and thanks for bringing our Reece back to us.”

I gave Reece the keys and he beamed. “We need to stop by the bank on the way home.”

“I need to stop by All Sports and pick up a school Speedo too.”

“That’s right at the bank, so that makes it easy.”

At the bank after all the signatures were done. Reece had to have his picture made for his debit cards. The manager told him he needed to go to the ATM machine outside and use each card once to activate it and come back in to change his password. Before he left I asked. “How is your pocket money holding out?

“I still have plenty.”

“Well, you might want to get a couple of hundred while you are out there so that you won’t run out and to make sure you have enough to buy that Speedo.”

“Two hundred dollars? Why so much?”

“Mainly so that you will be accustomed to having plenty and you won’t think so much about spending it.”

He came back in and came over to me. “You put ten thousand dollars in my personal account?”

“No, that is your signing bonus from the company.”

“Holy shit. I bet I could live a couple of years on that.”

“Not anymore, and I damn sure don’t want you trying.”

We went to All Sports and before we went in the door, Reece grabbed my arm. “Wait a second. That guy with the customer is a friend of mine and I want to surprise him. I used to live close to the Downtown Rec Center and he and David used to work there. I have known him since I was about ten. His name is Sam and he and David taught me it was okay to be gay and I shouldn’t feel inferior to anyone. Sam and David have been together ever since I have known them. I will tell you about them when we have more time. That customer is leaving, let’s go in.”


“Squirt is that you?” He came from behind the counter and hugged Reece. “Man, you have grown. Look at you. You are as tall as David now.”

“Sam, this is my friend, Jim Carter. Jim this is my friend Sam Jolly.”

“Hi Sam, nice to meet you.”

“Hi Jim. Squirt did I hear a special emphasis on friend when you introduced Jim?”

“Yes, you did. Jim and I are partners like you and David.”

“Congratulations, you sure look good and very happy. I always knew you were much too mature to be with someone your own age, I am glad you have found someone that you care about.”

“Do you work here everyday? I have to buy a Speedo and get going. I have a lot of stuff to makeup, but I want to catch up if you will be around.”

“Monday and Tuesday are my usual days off. David works just a few doors down at Bobbitt’s. I’m sure he would like to see you too.”

Reece grabbed a Speedo. “Where are the dressing rooms so I can try this on?”

“Those curtains in the back. I am supposed to tell you that you have to try them on over your underwear, but you can’t check fit of a Speedo that way, so you don’t have to. Don’t worry, I have never let anyone else try them on without underwear.”

“Thanks dude.” He took off to try on the suit.

“Jim, you can go help him if you want. I will watch and make sure you are not disturbed, if you know what I mean.”

“Thanks for the offer, but if I go back there we might be awhile and that won’t help Reece get his school work done.”

He just grinned. A tall dark headed young man came in and said. “Hiya babe.” He kissed Sam and dropped two sandwiches on the desk. He started eating his. “I brought our dinner in. Oh, we have twenty-three dollars in the account so we will be able to get gas.” Their dinner was a cheese sandwich.

“David, I have a customer, and you will never guess who is in the dressing room.”

Out popped Reece in his Speedo. “Hey David, how goes it man?”

“Squirt? I can’t believe it. Well, I don’t guess you are squirt anymore.”

“Oh yes, he still squirts and a lot.” He buried his head in my shoulder. “Hi David, I am Jim Carter. I’m pleased to meet you.”

“Pleased to meet you; Aren’t you a little old for Reece?” One thing was clear about David; he didn’t beat around the bush.

“Yes, I’m probably too old for Reece, but my heart didn’t pay attention to my head when I tried to be rational about him and our relationship.” I was feeling very guilty because I knew he was verbalizing what some others wouldn’t. The old saying ‘The truth hurts.’ Was not lost in translation.

“David, you have hurt me. I love this man with all my heart and soul. My heart doesn’t know or care how old he is. I was in love with him long before he knew it. I thought you were my friend and you would be happy for me, but instead you are judgmental and are making something wonderful sound cheap and dirty. We will be gone as soon as I change.”

“I’m sorry squirt. It just came out before I thought.”

“I need to cool off before I can even think about accepting your apology. I thought our friendship was special, but I’m not so sure now.” Reece went to change and it didn’t take him long.

“I’m sorry Jim, if Reece never forgives me, it will hurt me greatly. I am truly happy for Reece and I can see that you love him very much and he has made it very clear that he loves you. My big mouth is always getting me in trouble.” Reece was back with the Speedo in his hand and ready to check out. “I know I can’t take it back, but please believe me, I didn’t mean it as bad as it sounded. Reece you look happier than I have ever seen you, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I am so sorry. I wish I could make it up to you both.”

“It’s okay; you didn’t say anything that I haven’t thought a thousand times these last few days.” I told him.

“We need to go.” Reece pulled out his debit/credit card to pay.

“Reece, I can’t take that, an adult has to sign for credit card purchases.”

“I am an adult.” Reece showed him the card from the court granting him adult status. “But don’t worry about it here is the cash.” Reece walked out.

Sam and David both looked like they had lost a friend were feeling pretty low. “Guys, give him awhile to cool off. I know from the way he talked about you that you two mean too much to him for this incident to ruin your friendship, but right now he is hurt and disappointed.”

They hugged me and both said they hoped to see me again soon.

Reece was at the car and I saw a tear roll down his cheek. “Those two love you and I believe David when he said he wasn’t intending to be hurtful. I think he was truly concerned about our ages and let his mouth say something before he considered it might hurt either of us.”

“I know. I shouldn’t have gotten so mad, but it hurt when he made our love sound cheap.”

I hugged him. I could tell he was calming down. “Are you feeling a little better?”

“Yes, I know neither of them would intentionally hurt me or anyone that I love for that matter. I think I better go back in there and talk this out, or I won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

“I’ll wait for you in the car. I am proud of you.” He came out about ten minutes later smiling and in a good mood. I guess they worked everything out. He got in and started the car. “That smile tells me you guys worked everything out okay.”

“Yep, we did. They both think you are hot by the way. They wanted to know if you had a big dick. I have heard them call each other size queens, so I guess they like them big. They both have huge dicks. When I was about ten or eleven, I hid and saw them in the showers once. All I could think was I don’t want anything that big anywhere near my ass.” He giggled. “I told them we were a perfect match in the dick department and that is all I was telling. I am glad you helped me see I needed to go make things better between us.”

‘They really do seem like nice guys.”

“They are. They both got kicked out by their parents when they were about my age. They had to work two jobs and try to go to school. They are at the university now, but I think they are still struggling to make it. They never complained when we talked. They said they had each other and that was all they really needed.”

“I saw they were having cold cheese sandwiches for dinner and figured they were a little tight on cash. We should have them over for dinner next week. Didn’t he say he has Monday’s and Tuesday’s off?”

“Yep, I don’t know about David’s days though. It will be good to have them over. I gave them my phone number I hope they call, but if not we can go by the store.”

Reece parked the car and we went in to start dinner. He handed me the keys. “Those are yours.” He kissed me. “You go start your school work and I will call you when dinner is ready.”

“I can help.”

“No, you most certainly may not.” I swatted him on the butt.

He giggled and said. “Oh, so you want my butt now. I thought you wanted me to do my school work.” He scampered into the office. After dinner Reece said. “I got more done than I thought I would, I am ready to go to the gym when you are. I have some to do when we get back but not much. My teachers were great and stretched my makeup over several days.”

The End of part 3. Part 4 should follow shortly.
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