Reece's Pieces
Jim Carter

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Copyright 2006 Jim Carter

Snipet from Part 3

“They are. They both got kicked out by their parents when they were about my age. They had to work two jobs and try to go to school. They are at the university now, but I think they are still struggling to make it. They never complained when we talked. They said they had each other and that was all they really needed.”

“I saw they were having cold cheese sandwiches for dinner and figured they were a little tight on cash. We should have them over for dinner next week. Didn’t he say he has Monday’s and Tuesday’s off?”

“Yep, I don’t know about David’s days though. It will be good to have them over. I gave them my phone number I hope they call, but if not we can go by the store.”

Reece parked the car and we went in to start dinner. He handed me the keys. “Those are yours.” He kissed me. “You go start your school work and I will call you when dinner is ready.”

“I can help.”

“No, you most certainly may not.” I swatted him on the butt.

He giggled and said. “Oh, so you want my butt now. I thought you wanted me to do my school work.” He scampered into the office. After dinner Reece said. “I got more done than I thought I would, I am ready to go to the gym when you are. I have some to do when we get back but not much. My teachers were great and stretched my makeup over several days.”

Part 4

I think Reece has gotten comfortable driving. When we headed to the gym he just made a bee-line to the driver’s side and started the engine. I am glad he is getting comfortable and that he has done so well. At the gym Margo said she would be happy to talk with Coach Davis. Just like yesterday, we gathered to watch Reece dive. He was just finishing up his swimming when we arrived and Margo was making him breath to a cadence.

When she told him to get on the three meter board, her final words on his swimming were praise. “I am proud of your improvement Reece. Now get up there and do a couple of warm up dives.” She had him working on getting more height and pushing off farther from the platform most of the night, but when she had him do a few ‘crowd pleasing’ dives he got applause just like last night. I was surprised at how many had gathered to watch him dive.

Jess came up to our little group and said. “Just how many calories do you old farts burn watching the kid?” He moved out of easy reach but not far enough and Blake caught him and threw him in the pool.

After we showered and Reece drove us home, he went back to his school work. I was watching the news and he came and straddled me and said. “I’m ready for bed when you are. I know I’m heavy, but can I watch the rest of the news in your lap?”

“You’re not heavy and besides I love having you in my lap.”

“I’m getting fat. I gained eight pounds since Blake weighed me Saturday.”

“You are just eating regularly. Speaking of eating regularly, what do you think about looking for a housekeeper? Grace went to live with her sister in New Mexico and I think it is time to replace her. I can cook a little, but I tend to make the same things over and over. We will definitely need someone at the new house, but I think we should start looking now. What do you think?”

“I can do it. I know how to clean and I can cook some things and will learn more.”

“I am sure you can do anything you set your mind to, but I want you to worry about school. We just have to find some old lady that wants to take care of us.”

“One that won’t freak when we kiss and cuddle.”

“It will be hard enough to find one that doesn’t mind working for gay men, but when they find one of us is over thirty and the other sixteen, then they freak. Even Grace would have freaked and she had been with me for ten years.”

“Why do you think she would freak?”

“Every time I got a drink out of the fridge to take to you when you were mowing the lawn, she would take it away from me and say. ‘You better quit ogling that boy. I will take it to him.’.”

Reece laughed. “I always appreciated the drink, but was disappointed that you didn’t bring it to me. I would always go home and jerk off thinking about you. A couple of times I couldn’t wait and I did it in your shed where the lawn mower is.” He blushed.

“I have to admit that I did my share of fantasizing over you. Once you left your shirt, well you put it down and I took it inside. I slept with it for two days before she found it and washed it. She wouldn’t speak to me for a couple of days.”

“I remember that. She scolded me about leaving my things lying around. So you did want me as much as I wanted you.”

“One whiff of that shirt and I was hard as a rock. My inter voice told me it was wrong and perverted to lust after you, I couldn’t help it.”

“Hey, I just thought of something. What about Sam and David? They are both clean freaks and they can cook too. They used to let me eat with them a lot. They didn’t have much, but it was very good. I didn’t realize it at the time, but they did that when they really couldn’t afford to. I think they knew I had even less.”

“Well, we can easily pay them more than they are making and I like the idea of helping someone that helped the one I love, but they might not like the idea of keeping someone else’s house. If they think we are looking down on them, it will really mess up your friendship with them.”

“You don’t look down on anyone.”

“They don’t know that and I would hate for something to come between you guys again.”

“It won’t hurt to feel them out about it. How much would we pay them?” It made me feel good that Reece was starting to accept the ‘WE’.”

“I don’t know, I would like to be flexible and pay them well enough that they enjoy their time together instead of worrying about money. I think maybe start with five thousand a month plus room and board. I assume you don’t mind giving up your room and the apartment in the new house.”

“I gave up my room the instant that I didn’t have to keep it. I hope they want to do this. Can we talk to them tomorrow?”

“Sure if you want to.”

“Cool, now let’s go get naked.” He hopped up and pulled me up.

We went through our bathroom routine and cuddled in the bed. He was on top me grinding our bodies and kissing me passionately. “It’s my turn to feel your hot cock in my ass.”

“I have never done it before, so you will have to tell me if I do something wrong.”

“It’s been a long time since I have had anything other than your tongue or finger up there so just go slow at first and let me get used to you and it will be great. He worked the lube into my hole like an expert. His two fingers were giving me I grabbed my ankles to signal him to enter me. He was very gentle and let me get used to him before continuing. When he as in, I wrapped my legs around him and we shared an awesome kiss. He was hitting my prostate on almost every stroke. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I soon felt him quicken his pace and knew he was ready to cum too. I could hold it any longer and I fired my first volley between us. I could tell he was cumming too. “Awesome babe, that was fantastic.”

“Your ass was so hot; I thought it was going to burn my dick. How do you squeeze my dick with your ass like that? You have to teach me so I can do it for you.”

“You did it too. It is a reaction from hitting the prostrate. You are an excellent lover.”

He grinned and went to get a wash cloth and towel to clean us up. “You didn’t fall asleep like I did.”

“It won’t be long, believe me.” We cuddled and shared a kiss goodnight. The next morning again I enjoyed Reece’s special wake up.

After we were finished our bathroom routine and were dressed for school and work. We were eating our cereal and I asked. “I love the way you wake me up, but how do you wake up every morning before the alarm clock goes off?”

He giggled. “I have never had an alarm clock, so I just have to wake up. If you get tired of it just tell me, because I plan to wake you everyday for the rest of our lives just like that. I can’t get enough of sucking you. I love that best of all.”

“I love it and I don’t think it will be possible for me to tire of anything we do together. I am very much an oral person too. Your cock is perfect in every way and I love having you in my mouth.”

He giggled. “That Gates bitch was right, we are a couple of cocksuckers. Difference is she thought it was vile and we think it is fantastic. I love being your cocksucker.”

“Me too.” We shared another kiss, and Reece drove us to school. I spent the whole day at the office something I have not done in a very long time. I had to hustle when Reece called so he wouldn’t have to wait long. I got out and went to the passenger’s side so he could drive. “How was your day today?”

“It was great. Margo called Coach Davis and she is going to help coach the other divers on Friday’s. We had a substitute teacher today, so I got an extra study hall. I am almost caught up. I think I should finish up my makeup work tonight. So you spent all day at the office, how was your day?”

“It was good. I can’t complain.” Reece drove us to All Sports and we went in. Sam had a customer but he spoke and told us he would be right with us. When the customer left he gave us both a hug. I wasn’t surprised that he hugged Reece, but a little surprised that I got one too. “Thanks Sam, that was nice.”

He chuckled. “I can’t help myself. Unless I know someone is uncomfortable with it, I always hug hello. David says I am the touchy feely one, but I know he likes hugs too. I think part of it is, neither of us got much love or affection when we were young. I don’t know if Reece told you or not, but our families disowned us and kicked us out when we were sixteen. We were lucky we had each other and after school jobs so we managed. We have trouble keeping our hands off each other. I don’t know; it’s like as long as we can touch, we know we are loved of something. Anyway, we like to hug our friends.”

David came in with their sandwiches again and gave us both a hug as well. Of course, he didn’t know why we were all laughing at him for hugging us all. Reece couldn’t wait to ask them about the housekeeper job, and he didn’t beat around the bush. “Guys, we wanted to ask you if you would like to be our housekeeper and cook.”

“You want us to be your maids?”

“No, don’t get the wrong idea. When Reece is excited about something he can get a little ahead of himself.”

“Yep, we know that. Squirt has always been that way.”

“Anyway, we were talking last night about hiring someone to help run the house and cook better than we do for ourselves. My last housekeeper moved to New Mexico to be with her sister and I really miss having someone to make sure good healthy food is in the fridge. As Reece and I were discussing how it might be hard find someone that could deal with our relationship, he thought of you two. He said that you were fantastic cooks and that your place was always spotless, so you must like to keep it that way. I know that doesn’t mean that you would want take on helping us, but we wanted to make the offer and let you think about it. We are prepared to double what you are making now and, room and board, of course.”

“We don’t want charity. We have taken care of ourselves for a long time.” David spoke up

“I know and it’s not charity. We will be hiring a housekeeper even if you don’t take the job and wanted to at least make the offer to our friends. I understand fully if you are not interested.”

“Oh, we are interested.” Sam interjected. “We struggle to pay our rent and utilities. That alone would be nice, but it might be hard working for friends.”

“Yes, it is usually not a good idea to work with or for your friends, but we thought it might be a win, win situation for us all. Do you guys have anytime free this weekend that you could come by and see the place and discuss it? It will give you time to talk it over and think about it at least.”

“We are both free Saturday after five, but Sunday we work different shifts.”

“Okay how about dinner at 6:30. You can come anytime.” I wrote our address for them.

“Can we make that 7:00 so we have time to shower?”

“Sure, sounds to me like they plan to do more than shower.” I teased. “What do you think Reece?”

“Yep, sounds to me like they have a whole lot of hot water or they are going to play hide the wiener.” We all laughed.

“Okay you caught us, but with our schedules, sometimes we have to make a date to have sex and this is one of our special dates. It is 7:00 take it or leave it.” David said laughing his ass off.

“Okay 7:00 but if you’re late we are going to check to see which one of you is walking funny.” Reece giggled. “Besides, if you come to live with us, you will have a lot more time for loving.”

Reece was finishing up his homework and I was putting the finishing touches on dinner. I was putting our dinner on the table when a naked Reece came in and pulled my sweatpants down. “Now dinner will be much better with beautiful scenery.” The boy had a point. His body was perfection, and I couldn’t get enough of him.

“I can’t argue that. I have the best view in the world.”

“I think my view is better.” We finished dinner and cleared the table with a lot of hugging and touching. “I just thought of something. If we get a housekeeper we can’t be naked all the time can we?”

“No, they don’t usually expect to work around a nudist colony unless they are in a nudist colony.” We laughed.

“I guess I can live with not eating naked, but when we cuddle in front of the TV, I would hate to have to wear clothes.”

“In the new house, it shouldn’t be a problem we will make it clear that other than the cleaning times certain parts of the house might have naked men in it and they would have to deal.”

“I hope Sam and David take the job. They have trouble keeping their hands off each other, so they will understand that we do too. Besides, they deserve to have it a little better than they do now.” Reece kissed me gently. “This is when I feel the most loved. When we are just holding each other and talking. I love our sex and all, but this is when I know that I am the center of your universe and you are the center of mine. I know that sounds dumb, but it’s how I feel.”

“I agree with you. I don’t know how I ever existed without these moments. I love you, my sweet prince.”

“I love you too.” Reece looked over at the clock. “Oh shit, we are going to be late. I would say let’s blow the gym off tonight and stay here and cuddle but if I don’t get my laps in, Coach Davis will make me stay with the rest of the swim team. Since he will see Margo tomorrow he will find out if I skip out.”

“Okay then, get your pretty butt in gear.” I gave him a playful tap on the butt.

We made it to the gym before any others of our crew did, so we were early after all. The rest of the week sailed by. Saturday was a big day for us. We had to get up early for Reece’s drivers Ed class. I don’t know how he does it, but even that early I got my special wake up. If I wasn’t already in love with this boy, I would fall in love just for that special treatment. Reece pulled up in front of the school, but we didn’t see any cars or activity, so we decided to go to the back and see if that parking lot looked any more promising. Sure enough they had cones and a couple of cars that had student driver on them in that lot. We saw Shelby at one of the doors opening it as students arrived. Reece hugged me and took off toward his principal. When I got out, getting in the drivers side I waved at Shelby and she waved back. She opened the door and shouted. “I will talk to you when you come to pick Reece up.”

“Okay, I’ll see you at eleven.” I don’t know why I started to worry; there is something about a principal wanting to talk to you that strikes fear in the student in us all. She was bright and cheery, so why am I sweating what she wants to talk to me about. I made it back to the school a little before eleven. I didn’t see Reece or Shelby anywhere. There were several cars in the lot, but not the two people I wanted to see. Soon a car pulled up to the curb and Shelby got out of the passenger’s side. A girl about Reece’s age got out from the drivers side. Reece and another girl got out of the back seat. Shelby dismissed the three students and came toward me. “Hi, Shelby.”

“Hi Jim, I just wanted to give you this.” She gave me a good hard hug. “Thank you so much for bringing our Reece back to us. He is a good driver too, by the way.”

“You’re welcome and just so you know. The principal wanting to see me after class brought out the little boy in me and I was scared to death for the whole four hours.” She and Reece both laughed.

We chatted for a bit longer. Reece started the car and said. “Let’s go, I want to see the new house.” Shelby and I said our goodbyes and I got in the car. “You looked like you needed saving. You owe me.”

“Oh I did, did I?”

“Yep and if we are lucky, we will find a spot in our new house quiet and secluded, and you will have to let me suck your dick to christen it.” He was gave me one of his sly looks. When we got to the house Reece said. “Holy shit, this is a palace.” It was a long way from being complete, but it was far enough along that it impressed Reece.

The architect met us there and said that he had been to the gym to see the pool and diving area. He said he had to have another geological core sample and survey too because of the changes, added weight the extended height of the building and deeper pool presented. He said unless the geologist found some problems it would probably cost an additional eighty to ninety thousand to make the changes. He said the geologist thought all would be fine. Since it was Saturday, the normal crews were not working, but enough people were milling around that we didn’t find a place for the christening.

We stayed there for almost three hours. Reece was fascinated by the tongue and grove joist and beams that made some of the huge rooms with two and three story ceilings. I guess I did go a little overboard. “Jim, this place must cost tons. It just doesn’t seem like something you would do. You never act rich, but this place screams rich. I don’t know, it just surprises me.”

“I know, that is one of the reasons, I don’t mind when they miss a deadline. I am not sure I can really live here. I hate to admit it, but I did it on a whim. Right after I threw Larry out, I decided to build this house. I’m glad you feel odd in here too. I’ve been thinking all week that this house just wasn’t right for us. What do you think? Should we bulldoze it and start over?”

“No but maybe we can leave off the pool stuff and sell it to some rich bitch. Then we can build another one that isn’t so over the top. This place is for people that want to show off. I don’t think we would be happy living here.”

“You are so right. I have known it ever since they started construction, but would never tell myself that. Thanks to my smart partner, we don’t have to be miserable trying to live here.” We told the architect to hold off on the pool area and that we would complete at the current design, but that we would be selling it before construction was complete, so the new owners might have some changes they wanted.

He laughed. “Every time you have been here for the last three months I expected you to say that. This is the one meeting that I didn’t and you hit me with it. It is good to have you back, Jim. This place would have made you miserable. It is beautiful, but only in a material way. I think I might know someone that this would be perfect for. I’ll let you know if it pans out.”

We were in a chipper mood on the way home. We stopped at the market for what we needed for dinner. We were just having chicken pasta and a salad. We did buy a yummy looking cheesecake. We had time to kill and we decided to cuddle and see what came up. Since we were naked and in bed, you can imagine for yourselves what came up. While we were just starting to get passionate the phone rang. Reece answered it. Of course I was only hearing one side of the conversation. “Hello, you have reached the Carter Jacobson abode. Reece speaking.” He was laughing so hard, I could barely understand him. “Just wear anything you are comfortable in, we are not planning on going anywhere. Jeans and a shirt are fine or we like to hang around in sweats. Well, sometimes mostly we like to be NEKKID.” He was laughing so hard I have no idea what going on. “Sure that will be fine. Okay see you in a bit.”

“What was that all about?”

“That was Sam wanting to know what to wear. They decided to pass on the naked. They said they would wear jeans in case the car broke down and change into sweats if it was okay with us.” He pushed me back on the bed and go into our morning wakeup special stance. We were soon enjoying our special morning pleasure in the middle of the afternoon.

I had dinner ready and warming when we took our shower. We had our fun earlier so that we wouldn’t be so long in the shower but it didn’t work. When we are together and naked things just happen. I heard the doorbell. I quickly dried and threw on some sweats. I let the boys in with them giving me a hard time about sex in the shower. They hugged me and each one kissed me on the cheek. When Reece came in with sweats and wet hair they gave him the business too. He also got a hug and kiss. At least he had brushed his hair. I still needed to do mine. “I will be right back; I need to brush my hair.”

Reece showed them where they could change and that would be their bedroom if they took the job. Reece came to where I was brushing my hair and putting on deodorant and said he thought the boys were going to take the job. He said they really liked the bedroom and said it was better than their whole apartment.

Reece and I had dinner on the table when the boys returned from changing. “Damn you guys were quick; you might need to learn some control. I am just a kid and I can last longer than that.” Reece was giving them a hard time.

“We have control. We can even change clothes without having sex. You are just a little squirt that needs to squirt constantly.” They shut the boy up for a second.

“Jim, are you going to let them talk to your boyfriend like that?”

“Hey you got yourself into this; don’t try to get me into it. Besides, they seem to know you quite well. I know for a fact you have squirted twice in the last hour and a half.”

“Don’t tell them that. They will never quit calling me squirt.”

“Well, it was a lot closer to a gusher than a squirt anyway.”

“Jim, stop.” He covered my mouth in kisses so that I would shut up. The only problem was that we both started to get hard. We tried to sit to hide our erections but it was too late.

David turned to Sam, “Don’t you just love sweats. The show never ends.” Sam just blushed.

Reece got suspicious and went to their side of the table. He laughed and pointed. “I figured as much. They are pitching a tent too.”

We all laughed. “They are very comfortable, but have their drawbacks too.” I added. “Okay let’s eat. Maybe dinner will help settle us down.” When we finished and went into the den, I asked them. “Have you guys given some thought to what we talked about?”

“We have thought and talked about little else since then. We do have a question though, well a couple actually. Will sex be part of the job?”

“Hell no, I am not letting either one of those monsters you have between your legs near me or my man. You just keep the anacondas in the zoo.” Reece laughed.

“Reece first of all, we are not that big. You saw us when you were a little kid and I am sure they looked monstrous, but they are only about eight and a half inches. Second, I don’t know if I am relieved or disappointed. We talked about it and at first said no way, but then the offer was so good that we decided that we care about you two and we would at least discuss it.” David was doing the talking.

“Guys you are both very handsome and I am sure you are awesome in bed, but I got over having sex for fun a long time ago. I can’t speak for Reece, but I only want one man.” I kissed Reece.

“Me too, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, but I have a one track mind and it’s on Jim’s track.”

“Actually we are glad, neither of us have ever had anyone other than each other, and the idea seems foreign. This makes it real easy for us to say we accept and when can we start?” We all hugged.

“You can start anytime. We have a check for your first months wages made out. We used five thousand a month as a working number, is that close or are we way off of what you were expecting?”

“You are way off; we were expecting about a thousand a month.”

“Okay, here are the checks. We need you to fill out that tax and social security crap, but we can do that later. We didn’t take anything out of these checks and we will call it a bonus. We have something else for you to help with your university studies. Want to go get them, Reece.”

Reece came back with two laptop bags and handed one to each boy. “I don’t know which is which, so you will have to put something on the bag to tell them apart.”

They opened the bags. “Wow, it has your name engraved into the case David.”

“This one has your name. I guess we have to change our names.” David tried to laugh, but he was crying too hard. He and Sam both sat the computers down and came and hugged Reece and I. They both kissed us on the lips this time. “Neither of us have ever had anything so nice. Hey how did you know we would say yes?”

“We didn’t; we just hopped you would. We make those and we were going to give them to you even if you said no.” Reece told them.

“Holy fuck! I just looked at this check. You gave us five thousand each. And Reece signed them.”

“Well, yes. We couldn’t very well give one more than the other.”

“We don’t know what to do with this much money. We can use one of them to buy a decent car.”

“We will buy you a car. Since Reece will soon have a truck in the other half of the garage, your car will have to be in the driveway and we want it to look nice for our neighbors. Besides, you will have to buy groceries and so it stands to reason.”

“Jim we can’t let you do that. You have done so much already. Besides, we have more money right now that we made in the last year total.”

“You can and will. We want to pay for your university fees too. We don’t intend to listen to any crap either. Money is useless if you can’t spend it to make the world a better place or someone happy.” Reece said and proceeded to give the boys a hug.

I handed them each a key on a nice key ring. “This key works in any door. Welcome to the family. When do you want to start moving your stuff here?”

“We were hoping you would say we can start now. We both gave two weeks notice this morning. We both asked for tomorrow off too. We have some stuff in the car. We only have a couple more loads to move.”

“Let’s go unload your car. If you two start banging the headboards too loud we might have to soundproof the room.”

“You worry about your own animalistic noises, squirt.” David teased back.

“I don’t make animalistic noises. I make sweet angel sounds when I cum.” He chided back.

“I call bullshit on that one.” Sam countered.

“Sorry guys, I have to side with Reece on this one. It is music to my ears when he moans with pleasure.”

“Oh shit, Sam. We are working for the newlyweds.”

“Don’t worry David they are paying us enough for ear plugs.” Sam laughed.

We got their clothes and stuff unloaded. Reece put one of the boxes on the bed. “Jim, look what we have here. The boys must be pussies. They have a douche bag.” Reece kidded as he held up an enema bag. We were all laughing so hard it hurt. Sam and David grabbed Reece and started tickling him. “Help me Jim. Don’t let them do this to your boyfriend.”

“My boyfriend is a tough hombre. He wouldn’t let a couple of pussies get the best of him.” That caused them to start on me. I am extremely ticklish. Before I knew it Reece was helping them. “Damn how quickly they can turn on you.” I shouted.

When we finally settled down, we helped them hang and put their things in the drawers. Their clothes were clean but very faded and some were a little threadbare. We decided to go back to the den and watch some TV. Reece and I went to get drinks and snacks. “Reece did you see their clothes are all faded and worn. Let’s buy them some new things, but you need to suggest it. I don’t want them to think I am butting in too much.”

“Gotcha, and I did notice.”

We took the snacks and drinks in and put them on the coffee table. Reece and I started to cuddle and we gave the remote to Sam and David. “You find something to watch. I think I am going to have my hands busy. Just don’t look at Jim’s pants and you won’t be shocked.” He laughed.

“I would say you can’t shock us squirt, but I learned a long time ago not to make those kinds of challenges.”

“Since you guys have tomorrow off, you can spend the day with us tomorrow. Are you down with that?” Reece asked.

“Sure I guess, what did you guys have planned to do?” Sam asked.

“First off, we are going to visit the mall and get you two some nice new threads, then we will play it by ear.” They started to protest when Reece shut them up. “We won’t take no for an answer. I couldn’t convince Jim, with all my charms, there is no way you two have a chance against the two if us. Just admit that you are gay boys and gay boys have a desire to look hot. Clothes are a cheap way for two lookers like you two to look hot. Just shut up and say ‘let’s go shopping.’”

Both boys were crying and they came over and hugged us. David was the first to speak. “We have always been proud and wouldn’t ever consider taking charity. We said if we could survive being sixteen with nothing, we would never take charity. You guys are giving us material things, but with it your love. I can’t speak for Sam, but I feel very loved, something only Sam has ever given me. I don’t feel like a charity case, I just feel loved.” He kissed Reece and me both. Not an open mouth kiss, but a very loving kiss on the lips.”

“I can’t say it any better than David. Thanks for loving us.” Sam kissed us too.

“You are not charity cases by any means. You are loved. Reece loves you dearly, and that means I love you dearly, because we all know I’m whipped.” They laughed. “I know very little of you first hand, but what I know, I care about deeply. The old saying what goes around comes around, is something that I have always believed. You fed Reece when he was hungry; you supported him when struggled with being gay. You made a great impression on him and helped to make him into the young man he is today. I will always love you for that, if nothing else. I believe in karma good and bad. I believe, you have earned the place you have in our hearts. Yes you are loved.” I had three boys on me all kissing and hugging me.

“God, I love you Jim Carter.” Reece breathed.

“I like you a little too.” I teased him. That got a laugh. We also all noticed that we all had erections.

Sam and David went to the other couch. David said. “Sorry, but Mr. Happy got excited.” We all laughed.

“I don’t think he was by himself.” Reece gave me a quick kiss, and rose on his elbow. “Guys, I know you love each other, and Jim and I can’t keep our hands off each other. We like to cuddle a lot, and we like to be naked. Are you guys going to be uncomfortable with us waking around the house naked?”

They looked at each other and laughed. “That was one of our cons when we listed pros and cons. In fact it was the only real con we could list.”

“ It is not that big a deal, we can keep sweats or shorts in the summer. I just like looking at my Jim naked.”

“Oh, Sam didn’t mean it that way. He meant that we couldn’t be naked.”

“Cool, well no time like the present.” Reece pulled my sweats down and pulled my shirt off. I kicked the sweats the rest of the way off and started to undress Reece. “Make me naked.” He grinned at me. “What are you two waiting on, an invitation?”

They laughed and started undressing each other. “See Reece, we are not much bigger. You were just a little kid and they looked huge.”

“Okay, so they don’t scare me anymore, but I still don’t plan on sharing my man.” We all laughed. After about thirty minutes it all seemed natural and we didn’t think a thing about the other couple being naked. We joked and had a good talk.

We heard Sam and David whispering. Dave looked at us and said. “I know it is only 10:30, but that bed felt so wonderful when we tried it earlier, do you mind if we go to bed?”

Reece laughed. “I knew they tried it out. Okay go to bed, but leave the door open. There isn’t any good porn on TV.”

“Okay we will leave the door open if you leave yours open.”

“Never mind.” I answered. That got a laugh from everyone. “Guys this is your home now, so make yourselves at home. There are plenty of clean sheets if those on the bed get too sticky. We hope you sleep well and everything else is good too.” They both kissed us good night and told us they loved us.

We went to sleep just cuddling, very unusual for us kiss and cuddle and it not turn into hot passion. We were just content, that is the only way to describe it. I awoke the next morning to another of Reece’s special wakeups. Even a non morning person, like me, loves the morning with this treatment. After we finished our lovemaking, I took a leak and went to put the coffee on. Sam was already up had the coffee made. I kissed him on the cheek and said. “Good morning Sam, I hope you slept well.” I poured myself a cup of coffee and took my first sip.

“Oh man, I slept fantastic. That is the best nights sleep I have ever had. I didn’t know beds could be so comfortable.” He giggled. “I heard a lot of moaning coming from your bedroom this morning. I think you have had a good morning already.”

“Yep, a Reece wake up special. My mornings have been fantastic since they included Reece.” We both smiled.

Reece came in naked and stuck his genitals in my face. “You don’t have time for coffee yet, your soapy water will get cold.” He pulled me out of the chair. I kissed him.

“It sounds to me like David and I are not the only pussies, Mr. Douche bag.” Sam tried to sound tough.

“Yep, you are. We admit ours is an enema bag and we never said we didn’t like to keep OUR pussies clean.” Reece chided as he took off for our bathroom.

“I’ll get you for that.” Sam called after him.

We did our morning routine and Reece said. “Let’s get dressed.”

“Why not wait until after breakfast.”

“I want to give them a hard time about being horn dogs.”

“You know this is liable to come back to bite you in the butt.”

“As long as you do the biting, I love your mouth on my butt.” He giggled. Of course, with me being whipped, I did as he wished.

He didn’t say anything at first just sat down to his breakfast. When everyone started to eat he said. “Damn, are you horn dogs going to keep those nasty things uncovered when we are trying to eat?” He tried his best to keep a straight face.

“Eat up, Reece. I put some special sauce on your eggs.” Sam chided.

“Oh crap, now I can’t eat.” He looked through his eggs.

Sam laughed and said. “Gotcha.”

“Asshole.” Reece shot back, but he was laughing up a storm.

David looked at me. “And you went along with his little scheme.”

“What can I say? I’m whipped.”

Everyone laughed.

After breakfast we all put our dishes in the dishwasher. Sam said. “Hey that’s our job.”

“Look, let’s get something straight. We are not helpless and you are not our servants. Now put that dish towel away and go put on some clothes.”

“Yes master.” He bowed and ducked away before I could swat his bare butt.

“You too, Mr. Smartass’ side kick. And get a move on; we have a lot to do today.” I tapped David on the butt.

He beamed his fantastic smile. “I’ll go check on Mr. Smartass.” He scooted away.

Reece was sitting in my lap kissing me when they came back in. “They tell us to hurry and they are the ones making out at the table.” Sam chided.

“You know Mr. Smartass really does fit him, doesn’t it Jim?” He started after Reece to tickle him, but Reece was too fast. “Come on let’s hit it guys.” Reece ran out the door.

“Let’s take your car. Hopefully, we will be leaving it at the dealership shortly.” I wasn’t sure we were going to make it to the dealership. The car was clean, but it smelled of oil and old car.

When we pulled up to the dealership and parked in a customer parking spot. A balding man of around forty came over and said. “Sir you can’t park that here.”

I got out of the backseat and he started to stammer. I don’t think he recognized me, but Reece and I were both dressed nice and I think he knew he made a mistake. “Is Bill here today?” I asked of the owner.

“No, sir, I don’t think so. He usually doesn’t come in on Sunday’s”

“Then I need to talk to the fleet manager on duty. This is a fleet sale.” I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that he knew he had no chance at a sale or that the hulk was going to be in his parking lot for some time, he huffed away.

Soon we were joined by Frank Sims. “Hi Jim, how are you today? It’s been a long time since I have talked to you. Now, Fred, that is a different story.” We laughed.

“Frank, this is Reece, my partner.” They exchanged pleasantries, but Reece was beaming at being introduced as my partner. To Frank’s credit, he didn’t looked shocked at our age difference. “This is Sam and David, they are working with us now and I want them to have a new car. Anything on the lot.” Sam and David shook hands with Frank. They kept looking at small compact cars and I kept signaling Frank bigger. I decided to move things along a bit. “Look boys, get your asses out of the compacts and into something bigger and nicer. After all, you might have some precious cargo riding with you at times and I don’t want him in a compact.” I tried to steer them to looking at sports models but neither of them seem enthused by them. “Reece, do you want to go look at the trucks?”

“Cool, let’s go. They are right over there.” He raced to the truck lot and was busy checking them out when we caught up to him.

I noticed the boys followed us; maybe they were more interested in trucks than cars. I think Reece checked every truck in the lot. I noticed the boys kept mentioning one truck in particular. Reece didn’t seem interested in it, but the boys were. It had the crew cab so it would have plenty of room. “You boys like that dark green one over there? A truck works just as good as a car for me.”

“It’s way too expensive.” David said.

I called Frank on my cell and told him the lot number and to bring the keys so the boys could take a test drive. Unless they didn’t like the feel of it, I think the boys found their truck. Reece kept coming back to look at the same demonstrator. He kept pointing out the features it had. I didn’t see another truck anything like it on the lot. It was a little taller than most of the trucks had a sun roof, CD changer, satellite radio, navigation system and all the comforts of home. When Frank got back and the boys said they liked the truck, I told him to get the paperwork ready. We would take it.

“Jim, I can only give you five hundred for their trade in. That is the scrap value.” The boys laughed.

“We only gave eight hundred for it three years ago. We got our monies worth out of it.”

“I know he has to put the trade in on the paperwork, so I will give you a check for the five hundred later.”

“No, don’t do that. That is the least we can contribute. Please, let us do that much.”

I gave in to them. I asked Frank about the demonstrator. He said. “That was Bill’s demo. He didn’t drive it much. It only has five hundred miles on it. We have been trying to sell it for three months now. No one wants to pay for all those bells and whistles. The price it is marked is our break even price. Since it is a demo, it doesn’t qualify for fleet. I can’t make you a deal on it, but take twenty percent off that price and offer it to the floor sales manage. I bet he takes it.”

Sure enough he took the offer. The boy’s truck had to go through the new truck sales check up and preparation, but Reece’s demonstrator was ready to drive off the lot. We could pick their truck up after five this afternoon. “Are you sure you can handle this big boy, Reece?” I think the cab has more room than my Cadillac. The four doors make it just as easy to get into, as well.

“Yep, buckle up and let’s go to the mall. I am parking at the end though. I don’t want anyone dinging my truck.” We all laughed. When we got to the mall, the boys were in a passionate lip lock. “Okay, you two, this isn’t a whore house on wheels, we are at the mall.”

“Oh sorry guys, it’s just that we have never felt so. I don’t know how do you describe it Dave?”

“Free, unburdened, loved. I don’t know, exactly what I feel, but it is the first time I can remember when I didn’t have something to worry about. I mean, all I have to think about is being happy. I feel free, I guess.”

“Me too, but we have a little problem. We can’t get out just now.” He looked down at David’s erection.

“Well, they don’t scare me anymore, but I sure wouldn’t call them little.” Reece teased. “Think about old Ms. Chapman at the Rec center, naked. That should deflate those boners in two seconds.”

I couldn’t conjure up a mental image that justified how quickly their erections deflated. “That must be one ugly woman. You must have used that trick before. It worked like a charm.”

“Yep, we called her the dick deflator. It was a well known trick us gay boys used.” We decided to eat at the food court before we went shopping. When lunch was almost finished, Reece asked. “Can I ask you two a personal question?”

“Well, we have no secrets from you guys and we trust and love you guys, so sure you can ask.”

“Which do you guys like best fucking or sucking?”

“Reece, you shouldn’t ask them things like that? It could embarrass them.”

They laughed. David said. “We don’t mind. We are much more oral than anal. It is not always, but I am the natural bottom and Sam is the natural top. We have oral sex ten to one over anal sex.”

“How about anal oral?” Reece asked.

They laughed. “We have been known to partake. When we are really passionate, we will kiss and lick everywhere that gives our partner pleasure. There is nothing about Sam that isn’t a turn on for me.”

“Me too with Dave, we have been together for a long time, but nothing we do seems to get old. I think we both want to please our partner more than get pleasure ourselves, so it is fun to try and make every time special. Now you, Mr. Nosey. Which do you two like best?”

“We are definitely more oral than anal. Oral anal is fun too, Jim likes it especially, he can’t get enough of my cute little bubble butt.” Reece stood and wiggled his butt at us. “Anal sex is good and I like it every once in awhile. I guess I am a bottom too, I like to be the fuckee more than fuckor, but both are good. I really love our wake up specials.”

“What are wake up specials?” Reece explained it to them in graphic detail. We were all hard from his detailed explanation. “Time for another Ms. Chapman moment.” They all laughed.

It worked for them, but I was still pitching a tent. “I know what will work for you. Picture Ms. Gates naked.” Sure enough in twenty seconds I was back to normal. “Do you guys really want to know when we make the strongest and best love?”

“When?” I asked. The boys did too.

“When we are holding each other. We are usually kissing, maybe gently and loving or sometimes passionately, but not like foreplay passionate. When we look into each other’s eyes, I know he worships me and I worship him. I almost feel like we are in the same skin. I am him and he is me. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s nothing exists but us.”

“Wow, I don’t think I could have ever expressed it so well, but that is exactly how I feel holding you. I love you.”

Reece didn’t care who saw us. He came over and kissed me. “I love you so much.”

“That was beautiful Reece. I think David and I have that too. It has been a long time since I thought about how special our time just holding each other means to us. It has not diminished at all, just my awareness of how special it makes me feel.”

“Me too, babe. I wish we could just forget about shopping and go home and make love all afternoon.”

“Not on your life. I can’t wait to see you two looking like well dressed studs. Now get your butts in gear and let’s go shopping.” Reece took off leading the way.

Reece gave the sales clerk his debit card from our joint account and said. “Ring and bag as we go. We will be here all day if we wait and ring all at once.” The clerk was happy to do so. Reece shuttled the keepers to the register as the boys tried on the clothes. They both choose boxers for underwear. Reece held up a pair. “Now tell me what is sexy about boxers? Not only do they let you sit on your balls, they scream. ‘I am not sexy.’ So why do you two wear boxers?”

“I don’t know, I guess when I saw older kids had them, I wanted them and wore them ever since.”

“I guess it’s your choice, get what you want, but I really like seeing my man in his briefs.”

“I think I want to get briefs, but only if you do Sam. I think I want to see my man in briefs.”

“You horn dog. I love briefs. I only wear boxers because you do.” Reece loaded them up with sexy briefs.

I was close to the dressing room when David whispered. “Jim come here for a second.” I went over to the door and he pulled me inside. The thong he was wearing barely covered his ample package. “Reece told me to wear this home. What do you think? Think these will turn Sam on?”

“If it doesn’t, we will revoke his gay boy card. I don’t know how that little thing is covering all of you.” He turned to show me his bare butt. It is a very nice butt indeed. “Yep, he will be turned on alright.”

I had just gotten back outside when Sam opened his door and whispered. “Jim.” He motioned for me to come over and pulled me inside. “Reece told me to wear this home. Think David will be turned on when he sees it.” He turned to show me his cute butt. Damn I love cute boy butts.

“If that doesn’t turn him on, we will have to revoke his gay boy card. I better get back outside before I get anymore turned on. I think I need to get one of those for Reece.” He laughed and I went back outside, needing to adjust my jeans a bit.

I went up to Reece. “You sneaky little devil. We need to get you a pair of those.”

“Way ahead of you. This is our sack. I got us both one.” He held up a small sack. “I saw them both call you in. Did it hold their dicks?”

“I don’t know how, but it did.”

“I bet it can’t when they’re hard.” He gave a mischievous giggle. “If it does, I bet they have one hell of a weggie.” We both laughed.

When we had everything we had to make a trip out to the truck to drop off the packages so we would have room for shoes and the phone store. “We should make Reece go bring the truck around since he parked in BFE.”

“BFE?” David questioned.

“Must be an old farts saying. Bum Fuck Egypt.” I laughed.

“Come on and keep up all you old farts.” Reece took off before any of us could get to him. He is a fast little fucker.

The locking deck lid made the truck bed secure just like a trunk on a car. I got an idea and called Frank back. He said the dealership could install it in a couple of days, or I could go to the people that make them and get it cheaper and get it in a day. He gave me the name and number. When I called them they said since it was a new truck, they could paint the lid in advance and could install it in thirty minutes or less. They said they would paint it and it should be dry and ready for installation anytime tomorrow. I told the boys and they were tickled and said it was close to the university so they would stop on the way home.

After shoes we headed to the phone store. The boys were looking fine in their new clothes and with the shoes it was complete. You could see it in the way they walked. They felt good looking fine. Sam spoke up. “You know, I will have a lot of trouble deciding what to wear. I have never had so many choices, and shoes, its wear my shoes or not. I can’t remember ever having two pair. Can you David?”

“Nope, we were both with holes in the sides of our shoes most of the time.”

The phone store had already charged their phones and had them ready. “You know Jim, if you will let us upgrade your phone to the sleek new model that Reece, Sam and David have, that you can page and intercom each other and not have to dial the phone. We will also transfer all of your information and your old number. Just so happens I took the liberty of charging another one just in case.”

“One Reece Jacobson didn’t happen to suggest that when he called did he?”

“He might have mentioned something about it.” Reece started to defend himself and explain the benefits of upgrading.

“I’m convinced. Here is my old phone, do your magic.” He pushed a few buttons on each phone and put them pointing at each other for a few seconds. He handed me the new phone. “Is that all there is to it?”

“Well, since everything had already been programmed all I had to do was transfer the information.” Reece just grinned and shrugged his shoulders. “He said it wouldn’t be a problem and that he would make sure it wasn’t.”

I couldn’t help but laugh and under my breath I said. “Whipped.” I guess the boys heard because they both broke up laughing.

On the way out to the truck, we played with the intercom and got used to its quirks. David said. “We have always had to use the pay phone; we have never had a phone and look at us now.”

“Yep, and we look hot too. You guys have changed our lives so much, so very quickly. Thank you for loving us so much. Not only the material things you have given freely, but you have given us such an emotional boost. For the first time in our lives, we feel like we belong and are loved.” Once in the truck both boys kissed us lovingly. “We love feeling like a family.

We kissed them back. “We love feeling like a family too. I hope you never feel obligated to stay with us, but I do hope we are a family for a long time.” Both boys beamed. I also notice both had tears on their cheeks.

The boys were ecstatic when we picked up their truck. They were actually arguing over who was going to drive. “Maybe we need to buy another one.” Reece said.

“No, we will be fine. We used to argue over who was driving too, but it was who had to drive.” Sam chuckled.

We had planned to take the boys to the gym, but Reece has whispered to me that maybe we should skip that for today. He didn’t want to spoil his thong surprise and I think mostly he didn’t want to take a chance that it might embarrass the boys for someone at the gym to see them in thongs. Well, knowing Reece, it was probably mostly he didn’t want to ruin his surprise. “Follow us to the market and we will introduce you to the manager. Since you will be buying most of the groceries you will get to know everyone soon enough. Why don’t you surprise us for dinner tonight.” Before we went inside I held out the checkbook for the household account. “I don’t know who wants to keep the checkbook, you are both on the account. After you go sign the cards tomorrow, they will give you both a debit card so that you don’t have to actually write checks unless you want to.”

Sam took the checkbook. “I guess I am the chief cook, so I will take it.” He opened it. “Holy shit. Our names are already on the checks. How did you do that? You must have had these printed before we said we would take the job.”

Reece laughed and spoke up. “We don’t take no easily. Luckily you didn’t give us any problems, but just so you know, we would have one way or another won you over.” Reece beamed. “Besides, who can resist my charms?”

We all laughed. David ruffled Reece’s hair. “No one in this group, that’s for sure. We love you to death and we all know Jim is whipped.” That got another laugh.

I told the boys they should probably get the rest of their things and then come back to do the shopping. They said it made sense and we both left the parking lot. We headed home and Reece was tickled to pull his side mirrors into the truck with the power switch. The door was plenty wide enough without doing the power mirrors, but it gave Reece a kick. “Oh crap, I have to go open the door.” He started to get out.

“Wait, I happened to be sneaky myself.” I showed him the garage door opener that I had brought with us. I put it in one of his little console nooks when he wasn’t looking.

“Cool beans.” He pushed the button and pulled into the garage. We unloaded the boys stuff and put it in their room.

We took off our clothes and went to the couch to cuddle. Our kisses became more and more passionate. Reece moved around for our morning special position and we began to pleasure our partner. We knew we had plenty of time, so we were not in any hurry to actually cum. We just licked, kissed and sucked everywhere. I think we both knew it was time and we both started working a wet finger into our partner’s hot hole. We were both getting really close to our peak and neither of us heard the boys come in. David came in to where we were on the couch before he realized what exactly we were doing. He said. “Oops.” And high tailed it out of there.

From being so close to orgasm and the fear of having someone scare you. We both clamped down on our partner’s finger and we both had a major orgasm. Reece must have filled my mouth to overflowing two or three times. We both had cum so hard that we just clasped as we were.

Sam and David came into the den and with a tone of concern, Sam said. “Are you guys okay? Move or something if you can. We are getting really scared here.” We both laughed and cleaned up the last from our partner’s cock.

“We’re fine, you boys got back before we expected you.”

“We figured that much out for ourselves, but when you weren’t moving we were afraid you guys had a heart attack or something. David said you both convulsed hard when he scared you.”

We laughed. “Reece almost pinched my finger off with ass muscles, but somehow he didn’t bite me.”

“Me too. I thought my finger was caught in a vice. If Jim had bit my cock, I would have made you pay big time Dave. As it was, I don’t think Jim has ever cum that much before, and he usually shoots a lot of cum.”

“I am so sorry, I wasn’t thinking. I was so happy about the nice steaks we found for dinner. I won’t do that again. I am so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it Dave, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Unless we make a rule that sex and play that might lead to sex has to be in the bedroom, someone is eventually going to come in unexpected and see a little loving going on. I don’t think we need any rules. If you are making love not behind a closed bedroom door, you make your love and take your changes about getting caught.”

“That sounds good to me. Besides, we don’t have the embarrassment of being first to be caught.”

Reece said. “I don’t think I would recommend the fear factor, but that was the most powerful cum, I have ever had.”

When all settled down and the boys had the groceries put away, they went outside to check on the grill. They came back in laughing. “We bought charcoal but it’s a gas grill. We will take it back tomorrow.”

“Just keep the charcoal. There is another grill in the shed out back, for the summer. Winter time, I use this one on the patio so I don’t freeze my nuts off.”

“With low hangers like you and Reece have, I can see how that might be a problem.” Sam smirked.

“Reece, I can’t figure out which of them is the biggest smart ass. Which do you think?” We were all laughing.

“I’m not sure, but they fit right in with us and our friends.” We laughed again.

“How do you like your steaks cooked?”

“I never had steak until Jim and I became a couple. I got mine the same as his and it was fantastic. We like them medium rare please.”

“We haven’t had steak much either and never anything as quality as these steaks. The manager stopped us and made us take what we had back and he brought these out to us. He said you would not be pleased with him if he let us take the ones we had home.”

“He’s right. The quality of the meat makes a big difference in how steak tastes.”

“I want to try my steak medium rare too, please Sam.” David instructed.

“Okay I will make them all medium rare. They can always be cooked more if needed.”

“In our apartment complex we had a community grill. Sam used to cook for everyone. He is a wiz with veggies on the grill too. My man can cook.”

They turned on the grill to let it get hot and went to change out of their clothes. “Reece you little shit!” They both yelled. “We love you.” They said kissing as we went to see them in their thongs.

Reece was laughing so hard I thought he was going to cry. “I told you those things couldn’t hold those donkey dicks when they were hard.” He said pointing.

“I guess you both get to keep your gay boy cards. I see you are both very turned on.” I added.

“Will you do us a favor and turn off the grill? Dinner will be a few minutes late. Oh and you can close the door too please.” They didn’t even wait for an answer or for us to leave. Sam was on his knees in a flash and had David moaning with pleasure before we could shut the door.

We sat and talked for a bit. I told Reece that the grill was natural gas and it wouldn’t hurt to let it stay on for awhile. I didn’t want either of us to have to put on clothes. “I hope they bought more frozen juice, so we can make that fantastic juice.” Reece jumped up to make a pitcher of juice. He made a pitcher and brought us a couple of glasses of juice to the den and sat them on the coffee table. He wiggled his cute butt at me and I became hard instantly.

Seeing my hard cock, Reece keeled and started sucking my cock. Man this kid has a talented mouth. I was fondling his awesome butt. “Bring that beautiful butt up here.” I love kissing and licking his hot hole. “I can’t get enough of this gorgeous butt.” I was doing my best to drive him crazy with my tongue.

Reece raised his head and said. “Suck me! Oh god, suck me!” Neither of us could hold off any longer. I filled his hot mouth and he filled mine. God, I love the taste of my Reece.

We were still in the afterglow, kissing and cuddling, when the boys came out of their bedroom. “Sorry we took so long, we came so quickly that once was not enough.”

“We thought we were going to starve, but we waited for you, like the good friends we are.” Reece kidded.

“What was that we heard, Sam? ‘Suck me! Oh god, suck me!’ That must have been his stomach growling.”

We all laughed including Reece. “You heard that?”

“The whole neighborhood probably heard you.” Sam laughed.

“I can’t help it. Jim’s tongue on my ass just drives me nuts. I really am hungry though.” Reece grinned his sweetest grin.

We had a nice dinner and the boys got their computers configured and worked on some of their homework. We all settled into a routine and everything seemed to be going great for all concerned. We started working on designing a new house. We developed into a nice family of four. With the four of us working on the design, we wanted to make it almost like two separate families could live there if they wanted. We found a fantastic piece of land that wasn’t too far from the university or the academy that Reece started attending at the start of term. David put together the landscape for the property and it looked fantastic on the computer. Now we just had to build it.

Reece was noticed by some national scouts and was recruited for the Olympic team. He turned them down. When I asked him why he didn’t pursue his diving to the Olympics he said. “I love to dive, but I love my life more. Diving is a sport and fun, but if I took it serious, like I would have to for the Olympics, I wouldn’t enjoy it. If you want me to do it, I will for you.”

“No Reece, this has to be your decision. You know we will all support you no matter what you decide.”

“I have though about it a lot. I would do it if I could do it here and it just be a part of my workout schedule and training, but when they said I would have to move to their training facility, it was an easy decision. Being an Olympic diver has never been one of my goals. In fact, I don’t really care for competitive diving at all. I hope you guys are not disappointed in me.”

“We could never be disappointed in you for doing what’s best for you.”

“Thanks, I tried to tell them that I couldn’t dive very well if I was away from you. My happy heart would not be happy. They said you could come with me as my coach and I had to tell them the real reason. I just didn’t want to take my diving that serious. I tried to decide exactly what I did want to do with my life. I didn’t make any definite decisions other than being with you. I just know in my heart that I don’t want to make diving a priority.”

He cuddled up in my arms and kissed me. “I am here for you, and will support you in anything you want to do.”

He put my hand on his crotch. “How about we go to the bedroom and suck some cock?” He jumped up and pulled me up and led me to the bedroom.

The house was finally finished and we got everything moved in. Once the boys graduated, they started their own decorating business. Their business took off quickly and they were soon one of the most sought after decorating firms in the business. We enjoyed our little family, but with the boys so busy, we all decided to hire a housekeeper, a cook and a full time gardener. You could still catch David working on the grounds and Sam still loved to cook, but the cook didn’t let him in the kitchen much.

Once Reece graduated high school and started at the university, he started hanging around with a guy named Aaron. Aaron was very handsome and he was built like the proverbial brick shithouse. Aaron was constantly over, or Reece was with him somewhere. No matter how late Reece was out the night before he still managed our special wake up. Reece gave me no reason to suspect that he was having sex with Aaron, but couldn’t help wondering. I thought he would tell me if they were sexual, but the more I let it stew the more worried I became.

One morning he crawled into bed at two-thirty and he could tell I was awake and hadn’t been asleep. He kissed me. “What’s wrong Jim?”

“I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Something is bothering you and it’s more than you couldn’t sleep. I can tell. What is it? Please talk to me.”

“You would tell me if you were having sex with someone else wouldn’t you?”

“You are the only man I want. Do you think I am having sex with someone else?”

“I guess I am being insecure, but I couldn’t help but wonder since you are Aaron are so close.”

“I am helping him with his computer science and his statistics, so I have been studying with him a lot. They like to go out for a beer almost every night. Since I don’t drink, I get stuck being the designated driver. But I don’t want anyone in my bed but you. I love you Jim.”

“I love you too Reece, I guess I am just feeling old and insecure.”

“You are my man, and I love being with you. You and I are special. We need each other to make our happy hearts. I have missed being home a lot too, but that is about to change. Aaron’s girlfriend is pregnant and he is going to have to drop out after this semester, so I won’t need to tutor him anymore. I have been trying to get out of them talking me into driving for them, but I always give in. Since I won’t have to tutor Aaron after another three weeks, I can get my routine back. I have missed working out with our friends and our time together. I was getting to the point that I hated tutoring Aaron, but I don’t think it was that, I think I am missing our cuddle time.” He climbed on me and started grind our cocks together. He kissed me passionately. “I love you Jim.”

“I love you too Reece. You do give me a happy heart.” We stopped grinding and just enjoyed our full body contact. We were both soon asleep.

When Aaron dropped out of school and was married, we got him a job with Carter Electronics as a management trainee. This allowed him to have good job with potential and also made him eligible for our tuition reimbursement. He could continue his education at night and still support his family.

After Reece graduated from college, we bought a travel home. The cockpit has more gadgets than a space ship and all the latest features. We have a mini in the belly of the beast so we have more convenient transportation when we need it. We are big poker tournament players and that keeps us busy. We don’t like being at the same table because we know each other too well. I have won one major tournament and Reece has won two. We don’t like to put each other out, but it happens sometimes. It is weird to be at the final table together in major tournaments. It has happened twice so far.

We are still very much in love and have a wonderful sex life. It is nice to be able to be together constantly and still be best friends.

The End
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