Reese's Pisses

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Hi, my name is Reese, and I love piss. All things piss related. I love peeing in my own mouth, or all over my own body, I love it when other boys do the same to me, and I love doing it to them as well. But the thing I love most, is wearing it close to me for as long as I possibly can, which means I love to wear diapers as well.

I am ten now, and I think I never truly stopped loving diapers. My mom says I was impossible to potty train, and truth be told, I do not think she truly won that battle, and even though she does not seem to know, I am pretty certain she has to know. I mean, honestly, my sister cannot possibly go through that many diapers. She simply does not have the time needed to watch over me though, my sister is more than enough for her.

My sister is twelve years old, but she is mentally and physically handicapped, she and my dad were in a really bad car accident when she was three, so I was just about a year old. I was home with mom, they were out, my sister came home nearly a year later and totally handicapped, my dad did not get to come home. It was the other drivers fault, the cameras at the intersection caught that much, but, even though mom is being paid and whatnot, she says it certainly is not enough compared to the grief and suffering that we have to go through every day.

So, given that my sister is so handicapped, she wears diapers all day every day. Mom gets the diapers and all her medications and wheelchairs and all that for free, so there is no concern with me wearing them as well and her not being able to afford them. I never did stop wetting the bed, though, and mom does know that, and I told her when I was five that I would just use my sisters diapers for that, since she gets them for free and all that, and she was good with that, so she does see that I have diapers in my room, but she has never said anything to me about wearing them all day.

I have bought my own diaper shirts and a few diaper accessories since I was seven, using my allowance and prepaid credit cards over the internet. I just shipped it to the shipping store just down the road from my house, and they would just email me when it was in, so, it always worked out well. The only problem though, we just moved not that long ago, and now I have nothing like that close by any more.

The house that we had lived in since I was born was downtown, in a not so great area, it was three stories tall, steep narrow stair cases, and all the bedrooms were on the top floor. Well, my sister is twelve, and even though she is technically smaller than I am, she is certainly getting much too heavy for my mom to be carrying all the time, so, my mom sold our old house and bought a new one. The new house is much nicer, it is huge, only two floors but each floor is nearly as large as our old house was together. The reason mom bought it in particular, it was renovated by the previous owner to be handicapped accessible, so there is an elevator, all the floors are hardwood, all the doors are nice and large, and many of them have automatic openers on them even. The bathroom has a full wheelchair accessible shower, and there are lifts and whatnot all throughout the house. It is the perfect house, for sure, but we are as far from downtown as you can get and still be inside the city limits.

We moved during the summer, so, when grade five started, that meant that I had to start in a new school. It really sucks. My new school has only a quarter of the kids my old school had, everyone already has friends and have no interest in anyone else joining in, and even though I am certain there are other gay boys there, none seem to want anyone to know it. In case you have not already figured it out, I am totally gay, have known since I was six. So, no dirty fun has been had by me, other than by myself, since we moved, almost four months ago already.

As for does my mom know I am gay, she must know, how she could not I have no idea. I have had lots of friends come spend the night, and I know that we were not always as quiet as we should have been, and, I do not always wear the most boyish of clothes. I even have some downright girly clothes, especially jeans and whatnot. The last time I went and got my hair cut, I asked for one from the book, and the guy said, are you sure, that's more a girls style, and I said, yeah, I know, that's what I want. He was flaming gay though, I think he may have had an orgasm, and I so totally flirted with him the entire time. Got a damn good deal on that haircut though.

So yeah, my new school, tonnes of good times so far. Yeah right. Bored to fucking tears. And no, I do not swear around my mom. Did once accidentally last year, but I stubbed my toe hard and yelled out shit, that hurt, and she smacked me harder, and then washed my mouth out with soap. Talk about disgusting.

About the only kid who will even talk to me in my class is a girl, not my favorite of people in the first place. She is pretty nice though, and to tell you the truth, even though she wears dresses sometimes, I honestly think she is more boyish than me. She lives just a few houses away from the school, and I live just a few more away from her, so I walk right past her house every day. On my way home today, I happened to be walking with her. Her dad was in his shop working, which is where I usually see or hear him. I have never really stopped and looked before, but he is always fully covered in dust, and he always has something on the go.

“Wanna come in and play for a bit?” She asked me.

“You mean it, you don't think I'm too weird to play with, like all the others?”

“Of course you're weird, but I'm good with that, so am I, and if they don't play with you, just 'cause you're weird, then they're the ones who are truly weird. My dad tells me all the time that everyone's weird in their own special way.”

“Oh, um, okay, how are you weird.”

“Let's just say, I think you and I are a lot more alike than you know.” She grinned, and led the way into the shop.

“Hi Daddy, this is Reese, he's gonna come in and play for a bit.”

“Okay, hi Reese, good to meet you, I'm Carter.”

“Good to meet you too Carter.” I said.

“You'll only be able to play for about half an hour or so, Baby, when Marshall gets home, we haveta go out.”

“You know you're not supposed to call me Baby in front of friends.”

“I know, but considering what I always see him wearing, I don't think it's a problem, now is it.”

“No, you're right about that.” She laughed.

So, they both clearly know that I wear diapers, and I am guessing that so does Candice. Neither said anything further, and I was led into the house and clearly to Candice's room. Right on the floor as we entered, was a very soggy night time pullup diaper. I could not help but to notice this right away, it is the first thing I always look for when I enter a boys room, they are just not normally right there to be seen, and soaked. This is also the first time that I have ever been in a girls room, other than my mom and sisters of course.

“Ah, so you wear diapers too, hence the reason that I do doesn't bother you.”

“Yeah, I just don't wear all day every day like you, but I do liketa wear during the day sometimes. I wish I could get thick tape on ones like you wear though, they'd be so much better.”

“I'd be happy to give you some.”

“I'd like that, thanks.” She smiled brightly.

“You're welcome. You're honestly the first girl I've ever really liked.”

“Yeah, but you're gay, I knew instantly, but I am too. Kinda hard not to tell with you, you're such a pretty baby boy, you wear your hair more like a girls, you have purple jeans, and pink jeans, and all girls fit, but honestly, you're a very good looking boy when you dress more boyish too. Even though I don't like you like that.”

“Thanks, you're quite pretty for a girl too. So, you have a brother, and clearly your dad, any mom?”

“Nope, she left us when I was only three. I know it's just you and your mom and a sister I'm guessing, who seems to be handicapped?”

“Yeah, she and my dad were in a really bad accident, she survived, if you wish to call it that, he didn't.”

“That's horrible, I'd never want that for myself.”

“Me neither, and I told my mom that, that if I was gonna end up like my sister, to just pull the plug, I don't want that. I have no idea what she was thinking, letting her live, even when she was told there was no hope of getting better. I mean, I know that no parent ever wants that to happen, and she yelled at me when I told her that, that it wasn't my choice, and how dare I even say that what she chose was wrong, but, like I said, she's not really living, and I never want that for myself.”

“Wow, I mean, I have no idea how hard that'd be on her, but this hasta be way worse.”

“No shit. The only good thing, I always have diapers to use.”

“Ah, so she doesn't actually know, which means you're a diaper lover then.”

“Well, she's certainly never said anything, but she'd haveta be stupid to not know too. I mean, my sister certainly doesn't go through that many diapers. Of course, she does know I use them for bed wetting, she knows I'll never stop anyway, at least that's what I told her the doctor said, permanent and irreparable issues in my head, my bladder doesn't shut down at night like it's supposed to.”

“She doesn't go into the doctors office with you?”

“Oh hell no. No way I'd have her in there with me. No thanks.”

“My dad comes in with me, I don't mind.”

“Yeah, but you probably like your dad, I'm not exactly a huge fan of my mom. I know that somewhere deep inside, she loves me, but not only does she not have time for me, she also doesn't understand me, not to mention, I think she went a little crazy, and never got better after the accident. If and when my sister dies, she's either gonna follow very quickly after, or she'll go nuts.”

“Oh. That sucks. No, I love my dad, I'm certain he knows I'm a gay baby girl diaper lover, but then, I think he and my brother are both gay baby boy diaper lovers. If they know that about each other as well, I have no idea. I know my brother wears pretty much all day every day as well, and I'm also certain of the same from my dad.”

“Then why not tell him, so that you getta wear all day too, there's nothing better. God, I'm not even sure I'd be able to make it to a toilet to go pee any more. I'd totally haveta re potty train.” I had to laugh.

“Been too afraid to, what if he's insulted, what if he hates me?”

“Then so be it, but I bet he won't.”

We ended up talking the entire time, just getting to know each other kind of. It is probably the very first time I have ever called a girl a friend. I have known many since I started school, and even talked with them lots, but never have I actually liked one of them. I had three diapers in my backpack, and I gave them to Candice, who took them happily. As soon as her brother got home, they had to go, so I headed out. Her brother is hot though, so totally gay, and wearing, and he checked me out, looking to my crotch, and grinned brightly at me. Yep, he would totally do me, well, the feeling is mutual. Then again, Carter certainly checked me out when I headed out, and I checked him out just as much, and yep, he is absolutely wearing as well. He gave me the, 'I'd do you in a heartbeat' look, I am certain he could see that I would totally do him too. He is pretty hot looking.

He is pretty tall, at least to me, he feels like he is one and a half of me tall. I am about a hundred and forty centimeters tall, if I had to guess, I would say that he is nearly two hundred centimeters. He looks hugely strong, his arms are at least the same size around as my legs are, probably more, and his legs are huge, they each look one of my waist around. He is not skinny, but nor is he fat, just big and strong. He has sandy blonde hair that he has almost to his shoulders, that is wavy and wild looking, it looks really hot to me actually. His eyes are a really deep green, and his nose looks like it might have been broken a couple times, since it looks a little flattened and crooked. It makes him look even more rugged and handsome. He has a really nice smile, and one of his top teeth looks really crooked, almost like it was broken out, and then just rammed back in wrong. He has probably six or eight piercings in each ear, and at least one tattoo on his neck, it looks like the head of a dragon taking a bite of him.

Oh yeah, he is totally hot, he is totally gay, he is definitely wearing, and I want him. I hope the feeling is mutual.

Marshall looks shockingly like his dad, only about a head shorter, and while their hair is styled slightly different, it is almost dead on the same colour, and damn near as wild. The only real difference is in their eye colour. Marshall's are a brilliant blue colour, they look really good on him.

Over the next couple days, I went to Candice's every afternoon, I would give her whatever diapers I had left in my backpack, and she has been wearing them all day as well, especially to school, which she says is awesome. Of course I agree.

I had gone over on Monday for the first time, and today is Thursday of the same week. Candice and I are in her room again, talking, we had just arrived. When I walked in, Carter was in the shop again, and we stopped and talked for a few moments. Today I am wearing my pink jeans, and a camo hair band. Carter grinned at me, and told me I have bold tastes in clothes, he says he likes that in a boy. I grinned.

“So, I told my dad last night that I was pretty sure I knew about him and Marshall, and that I am as well. He grinned and said he'd hoped I'd finally decide soon and tell him, and that he and Carter most certainly are as well. Carter has a boyfriend, but my dad doesn't. I think he likes you. I think you like him too, don't you.”

“Fuck yeah, he's hot.”

“Other women seem to think so. Every time we go to the mall, he gets hit on all the time. He never pays attention to them though.”

“No kidding. So, if he's as gay as I think he is, how'd he have kids then?”

“Said he had no choice, he hadta hide who he was and pretend to be someone he wasn't, his family was huge against gays, so he did what he was supposed to do, hated every second of it, but is glad that he has kids. The second my mom left, he bought diapers, told his family he was gay, and then told them to (she peeked over her shoulder to make sure no one was there,) fuck off (she whispered, so clearly she would get in trouble for swearing as well), and he's been happy since. I asked him if he's had any boyfriends, and he said sadly no, that the right one hasn't come along, because he loves diapers and wants full on gay baby boy diaper loving sex. I asked him why he didn't just have fun with Marshall, and he said he wasn't who Marshall had wanted. He never said it was wrong, or that he wasn't like that, so that's maybe good for you. You wanna come spend the night tomorrow night?”

“You mean it?”

“Oh yeah, after we go to bed, you can go to my dads bedroom, and I won't expect you back, in fact, I'll be really disappointed if you do come back.” She grinned brightly.

Well fuck, I am so hard in my soggy baby diaper right now it is not even funny. I have been searching for a man to fill me up good and proper for quite some time now, now, it seems, I just might have found that man.

“Oh yeah.” I said, though it sounded like more of a groan, even to me.

“In fact, why not just spend the weekend. I'll ask my dad for the one night, you ask for the whole weekend. I want both of you to be so drained by Monday that you both haveta take the day off.” She grinned.

“What about you though?”

“What about me. Do I want a girlfriend or something?”


“Yeah, I do, and I think I know someone who might just be suitable. She asked me yesterday why I'm wearing a diaper, so I told her, and she didn't run away, just grinned. Maybe Saturday morning I'll invite her over, and she can spend the night.”

“That's good.”

We talked for a while longer, until I had to go, which was not until dinner time today. We did play as well though, so that was good. When I got home, I told my mom I was spending the weekend at a friends place. She just said okay. She never asks any questions, never asks for details. I could have said I was going for a sleepover at Manson's mansion and she would have been okay with it I am sure. I went to my bedroom, changed my diaper, but did not jack off this time, because I totally want to save it for tomorrow night now. This might just be the first time that I have not jacked off during a diaper change in forever.

I am stupidly hard though. I am not exactly gifted in the dinky department, but I was never the smallest amongst my friends either. I only ever played with six other boys, all of them pretty near the same age as me, so I do not have a huge amount of experience. I was the second longest though, and I was the thickest. The last time I measured myself when hard, I was damn near ten centimeters long, and almost nine around. I think I might just be bigger right now though, it hurts so much. As soon as I was into my nice thick baby diaper, I patted my little friend and told him that with any luck, he would be getting far more than he ever dreamed possible tomorrow night. God, I sure hope so. That little patting did damn near make me cum though.

I forced myself to concentrate and pee, because I do desperately need to go, and what is the point of wearing a nice thick diaper if it is not wet, right, so I made sure to peepee it right away. As soon as I did, and I sighed deeply once finished, I got dressed, putting on my diaper shirt and the rest of my clothes. As much as I know my mom would have to be stupid to not know, I also do not want to show it off to her either. There is only one person I currently wish to show myself off in only a baby diaper, and man oh man, I hope I get to tomorrow night.

I spent most of the evening in my own bedroom, on my computer, just playing. My mom never makes me join her, never asks me to do so, ever that I can remember. We sat and ate in dead silence as we usually do, the only sounds are the ones my sister makes, and she makes a lot of them. When I went to bed, oh boy did I dream of all the possibilities. I sure hope I did not have any baby boygasms, I want to save them all for who I want to be my man, my baby boyfriend.

Candice asked me as soon as she saw me if it was all arranged, and I happily said yes, that I could go to her place right after school. I told her I packed everything that I need into my backpack, and barely managed to fit as many diapers as I was going to need. She laughed and said her daddy would likely have me covered there, so no worries. God, I sure hope so. She said that it had also been no problem with her dad, so that is good. We arranged to go there straight after school. Now we just have like five hundred hours to wait for school to be done, so that we can go.

I know, I know, it is not five hundred hours, but it sure did feel like it too. Even Candice said it felt like that to her. Finally the day did end though, and we headed right to Candice's. Carter is in his shop once more, he always seems to be. I had asked Candice about that, and she said he is a custom wood worker, people hire him to do everything from making custom mouldings to nearly any sort of cabinet. She says he is always busy, works six days a week, and makes huge money doing it. Wow, he must be good. When we walked into the shop, he was working on the lathe, turning some sort of spindle, and from the pile behind him, he has to do a lot, it looks like he already has twenty or thirty of them made. Candice waited until he was ready, and then said hi.

“Oh, hi there Baby's, how was school today?” He asked.

He had taken to calling me baby too over the past couple days, I like it.

“Good.” We both answered. “Took too long though.” Candice added.

“Always seems to when you want it to go fast. Me, the day flew by, was having so much fun making all these custom spindles to match someone's existing staircase.” He grinned.

“Cool, how many more have you gotta make, and have you sanded them yet?”

“Let's see, I needed thirty five, I have twenty eight done, so seven more, and no, I'm gonna sand them all later.”

“We could sand them if you wanted?”

“We can?” I asked. I have never even touched sandpaper.

“Sure we can. My dad's taught me how to do lotsa woodworking, and we have a second lathe, just so that we can do that.”

“That's okay, you two can go and have fun.”

“But that is fun.”

“It is?” I asked.

“Yep, let's go get our soggy baby bums changed, and we'll haveta change our clothes too, you can wear some of my work clothes, they'll fit you just fine.”

“No changing each other, you naughty baby girl.” Carter grinned to us.

“Ew yuck, heck no. Just the thought of seeing you boys nakey is disgusting. No, Reese can change in yours or Marshall's bedroom.”

“Just show him mine.” He laughed.

“'Kay.” She said, and then grabbed my hand and led me into the house.

She showed me Carter's bedroom, and told me that I could change in there, but took me to her bedroom to get me some good work clothes first. She just gave me a pair of sweat pants that were the same colour purple that I love, and a tee shirt that looks a little old and worn, but has a big pink unicorn on the front. She grinned cheekily at me, I smiled brightly back, I love them. I took them happily and headed to the bedroom that will hopefully be mine every time I spend the night.

I could not help myself, I saw the diaper pail, and so I lifted the lid. There are a few in there, and so I felt the top one, and it is still warm, so it feels like Carter just came and changed very recently. I pulled it out, opened it up, and pressed my face into it and sniffed deeply. Fuck, I just came.

I have at least a dozen more dry baby boygasms in me, so I am not too terribly worried. I noticed that Carter's closet was open, and I can see his stacks of diapers on a shelf in there, so I went and checked them out. He has three different diapers in his size, one fairly thin, one that I would consider good and thick, and then the last is so thick it defies logic. Then he also has several stacks of diaper doublers, and one opened, and two unopened bags of Pampers size seven. I damn near came again. What I would not give to be able to wear those, but I am too big. I will certainly ask for one inside one of my diapers though, which I can only assume that Carter does the same, since they are there.

I decided, what the hell, and grabbed one. On the end table, I found a file that the point had been ground to extra sharp, and guessed that it was there for one purpose, and so I used it for that. I tore the tapes off the Pampers, poked a whole bunch of holes in it, grabbed one of my diapers, and stripped. I am stupid hard again, my dick looks more purple than I have ever seen it before, and I can damn near hear it begging me to jack it off. I ignored it, I had to flick myself in order to pull up my double thick baby diaper to tape myself up, it hurt like hell, and did no good at all. In the end, I had to leave myself pointing up. As soon as I stood up, I forced myself to pee, and even though I am pointing up, I am not so big that I peed out the top of my diaper, but damn near. Thankfully I am standing, and gravity pulled all my sweet gay baby pee down and into my double thick baby diaper.

This is not my first time double diapering myself, and certainly not with a Pampers. I have bought them for myself several times in the past to do just this, and I have always loved doing so. Now having one of Carter's Pampers diapers, and size seven at that, I feel especially naughty. I will confess my sins to him tonight though, beg him to punish me, because I am a naughty gay baby boy, who stole from him, and deserve to have him fuck me long and hard.

Oh boy do I deserve it. Desire it. Crave it.

I need it so deeply, I can barely contain myself, and not go and beg him to fuck me now. I want to be good and soggy before that glorious time though.

I pulled myself together, and then got dressed into the work clothes that Candice had given to me to wear. The pants are just tight enough to show off my baby diapered bum just a little, I like it, and the shirt just long enough to hide it just enough so that someone from the street could not look in and see it. I love the clothes though. I almost want to ask to keep them.

“Those fit perfect, you look good in them.” Candice said as soon as I came out of the bedroom.

She is wearing much the same thing, only far more boyish than what I am wearing. Funny that, she is the girl and I am the boy, yet we are wearing what would normally be each others clothes. I love it.

“Thanks. You look good in those clothes as well. Just a hint of a nice thick baby diaper exposed, just the way it should be.”

“Same on you, and I absolutely agree. Come on, let's go have some fun in the shop.”

I just shrugged. I have a feeling that there will be a hospital trip in my near future.

As soon as we made it to the shop, Candice grabbed a spindle from the stack of completed ones, put it into another lathe, turned it on, got it spinning, and then grabbed the sanding stuff, and began showing me what to do and how to do it, but to not go too heavy on it either. She took one side of the lathe, and I took the other. She has me on the back of the lathe, so that if the spindle grabs the sandpaper on me, it will just yank it out of my hands, not try and spin my arms around it as well. I appreciated that, and said so. Candice laughed, and said that if you are careful with it, the lathe is perfectly safe. Mind you, in the next sentence, she did say that if I screwed around in here, that the tools will be the least of my worries, because her dad would punish me severely. He is apparently very strict when it comes to shop safety.

We were able to work quite quickly and efficiently together, and managed to get each spindle done in only a few minutes each. By the time Carter was done carving his last spindle, we were just finishing our last, so, while his was still on his lathe, he also took care of sanding it.

“Thanks Babies, that's a great help. You didn't manage to lose a hand Reese, so that's a good start.”

“Thanks, and you're welcome.” I said, Candice just said, “you're welcome.”

Just then, Candice's brother came in with his boyfriend Paul, I had met the both of them a couple times now.

“Hey Dad, mind if Paul spends the weekend again, it's okay with his mom.”

“When isn't it. She's still not doing good with you two being baby boyfriends, so spending time together there isn't gonna happen. When I told her that Paul was welcome here any time, and that the two of you were perfectly normal, so she should just love him no matter what, it didn't really help. How has she been lately Paul?”

“Bitchy as ever. At least she's stopped calling me a disgrace every time she sees me, but nothing I do is good enough for her. I got ninety five percent on a math test, and she told me that I should've done better. I got one question wrong, but I could've done better.” He said bitterly.

Wow, no wonder he spends so much time here. Then again, I want to as well.

“Wow, if my mom were like that to me, I'd probably already have moved out.” I said.

“Um, you're not in much better situation. Your mom barely knows you're alive.” Candice pointed out.

“Fair enough, but at least she doesn't treat me like shit. Oops, sorry Carter.”

“I'm glad she doesn't.” Carter said.

“Some days I wish I could move out.” Paul said sadly.

“I told you last year, when your mom caught you two baby boys being especially naughty, that if it gets too bad, that you're to come here. That offer's always open. And remember, I told you that I told your mom that if she even thought of harming you, that she'd better pray that the cops made it there before I do, because I'd take her out like a bag of trash. You know absolutely that she'd have no qualms about giving you up in a heartbeat. You can feel it, you know she doesn't love you. Why you've stayed this long, I don't know.”

“As much as she hates me, I don't hate her. She's still my mom, and she's all I have, I just keep hoping that some day she'll realize that I'm not so horrible.”

“A leopard doesn't change its spots Paul, I've told you this already.” Carter said softly.

“I know. It's just, well, I don't wanna abandon her.”

“But you already know that she's abandoned not only you, but also herself. She's not good for you, she's poison to you. Do you remember when you baby boys were ten and I caught you playing, and made you spill your secrets?”

“Yeah, a bit.”

“Remember how I told you to be especially careful around your mom, to never show who and what you are to her, that it might very well be the worst thing that could happen to you. If it hadn't been for the fact that I had to go away that weekend, there's no way I would've allowed you boys to spend the weekend there. I warned Marshall not to play there at all, but you boys are just too insatiable, you couldn't help yourselves, and she caught you. Thankfully I was already on my way home, and when Marshall called, I told you to come here. It took you several days to get over that episode, and only after I went and had a very stern talk with your mom. She almost didn't survive it.”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Think back on that day, remember how she made you feel. You still feel the same way, you've just kept on burying it, pretending it's not hurting you. I know you well enough to know that that's not really true. She may not have known, but I knew about you boys by the time you were seven, eight for sure. And yes, like I said that night I caught you, it really was an accident.”

“I know, I remember. What would you have me do though.”

“Move in here. I know Marshall would be more than happy to share his bed with you. I mean his bedroom.”

“Nope, you were right the first time.” Marshall giggled.

I cannot blame him. Paul may not be the most gorgeous boy on the planet, but he is good looking, even if a bit on the nerdy side. Then again, I kind of like that look. He is tall, taller than Marshall by quite a bit, almost as tall as Carter actually, he is skinny and looks it very much so. He has dark brown hair, with a dark brown fuzzy upper lip, and big bushy eyebrows. He has dark brown eyes covered by cheap looking glasses, on a slightly upturned and sort of shorter nose. I bet he looks hot in nothing but a super soggy double diaper, because he does look good when dressed, with a soggy single diaper underneath.

“Yeah, I know.” Carter snorted.

“How would we do it though. I'm sure she's not about to just give me up. It's my trust fund that allows her to live here and not haveta work.”

“You have a trust fund?” I asked curiously.

“Yeah, apparently my dad died when I was just a baby, but he and my mom had already split, she said he was a raving lunatic, and so she broke up with him. Not so sure I believe that it was him. I think it was her. Anyway, when I was born, he bought her the house, gave her some money to raise me, but that he was to get equal parental rights, and wanted me in his life as well. Unfortunately that didn't happen. He died shortly after, and all his money, and even the house we live in, was left to me. I have no idea how much money I actually have, but my mom doesn't work, and she always seems to have more than enough money. Thankfully it's also my money, and I know it, because she can't complain about buying me diapers, and the good ones. Granted, she does know I need them, the doctors did tell her so. I'll be able to go for surgery any time now to fix it, but like hell I am.”

“Oh, well, at least you have some money then. Wonder if anything was left to me when my dad died. My mom never said anything, but I'm sure he musta left me something.”

So, I ended up telling my basic tale as well.

“Well Babies, why don't you all head in and find something to do, while I continue working in here, and then I'll clean up. If you big baby boys could go ahead and get something going for dinner soon, that'd be great.” Carter said.

“Okay.” We all said.

“So, what are the rules about stripping down to just our soggy baby diapers?” I asked as soon as we were inside. I would love to be able to do so.

“Since Candice is finally ready to be who and what she is, then it's all good. So, let's strip Babies.” Marshall said.

We all stripped right in the living room, and only Candice has any clothes at all on, and just a little halter top at that. I know what it is, only because I have a couple of my own. No, I never actually want to be a girl, I like being a boy too much to actually want to do that, but I do like dressing up. It depends on the day though. Some days I feel all boy, some days all girl, but most days, I feel both. I was right, Marshall and Paul look really good.

To any who are brave enough to ask if I am a boy or a girl, I always tell them the same thing. I am boy, I am girl, I am both, I am neither. When they ask, and most do, why, I tell them I am like the weather, it is always changeable, never the same, some days a light breeze, some days a heavy storm. I am weather. And yes, I am perfectly comfortable with who and what I am, even though the kids at school have teased me mercilessly since I started. I just smile at them and tell them that they tease because they fail to understand. I have made good friends though because of that, I have made others more than comfortable enough to see who they themselves are. Of course, I helped them to realize that too, and that is always fun.

“Wow, Marshall and Paul, you're fucking hot in your soggy baby diapers.”

“Thanks, so are you, my god, you're a stunningly beautiful baby boy when dressed, but wow, you're amazing in nothing but just a diaper.” Marshall said.

“No shit.” Paul said.

“Meh, he's okay, I guess.” Candice giggled.

“Thanks, you're not so bad yourself.” I stuck my tongue out at her.

“No sticking your tongue out at me, unless you plan to use it, and I'll never let you, no matter how girly you sometimes are.”

“Oh puke.” I said.

Marshall and Paul nearly swallowed their tongues they choked and laughed so hard.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly.” Candice giggled.

“And Candice tells me that you're not exactly naive about who and what you are, as well as what you like?” Marshall said.

“Nope. Love sucking and getting sucked, fucking and getting fucked, and I love piss so much it's not even funny, my own or others, it doesn't matter. On me, or in me, or wrapped around me, it doesn't matter.”

“Same with us. When did you start then?”

“Was still in kindergarten, near the end of the year mind you, when I talked a friend into letting me suck his dick and letting him pee in my mouth. I'd done it to myself countless times by then, so I knew I loved it, and I wanted to suck another boy so bad, it wasn't even funny. He admitted to me that he sometimes liked to peepee on himself in the bath, and that made me so hard. I asked him if he sometimes liked to let the pee go into his mouth, like I do, 'cause I do the same thing. He blushed and said yes. That's when I asked him if he'd let me suck his peepee and drink his pee down, and he said yes instantly, and asked if I'd let him do the same. We've sucked each other hundreds of times. He was also the first boy I fucked, and who fucked me, and we piss fucked each other too. I think we were seven then. We'd found Nifty and learned a lot. That was a good year, and I found a few more friends, and have found a couple more since as well. How about you two?”

“Certainly a lot slower than you, but still, I think we always knew we shared something special. Every time Paul spent the night here, we diapered each other, and we never sped through lotioning and creaming each other up. I'd gotten Pullups by the time I was six, but Paul had always had tape on diapers, and every time he spent the night, that's what I wore too. My dad said he'd always known, even though I never told him. He'd always been okay with Paul having to wear diapers. I think I was six and a half or so, when Paul first asked me to wear all day with him for the whole weekend, and I said yes, he said I blushed a lot, but I really wanted to. I'd worn my Pullups during the day a few times, and I'd even told Paul that, so he knew I'd wanted to. So, yeah, every diaper change, we made each other always feel really good.

“The first time we sucked each other, we were almost eight, and Paul accidentally peed in my mouth. He was so ashamed, said sorry so many times it wasn't funny, and made me swear to pee in his mouth as well in payback, only it wasn't the last. We both admitted that we liked it, a lot, and so we did so a lot from then on. We were damn near nine when we learned the joys of anal sex together, and once more, we peed in each other, and that was amazing.

“We both started cumming within a couple weeks of each other, shortly after we turned twelve, and now we love that every bit as much, and share it, a lot. We also love the fact that we've both got much bigger baby peepees now, so it makes it so much more enjoyable.”

“Very nice. I guess knowing that I was almost certainly gay from a young age helped a lot. I also started to crave it really early. Hell, most everyone's called me Reese's Pieces since I started school, except my close friends, they'd call me Reese's Pisses instead. I think it's more suitable actually.”

“That's too funny.” Paul snorted and giggled.

“Thanks.” I grinned.

We all ended up helping to make dinner, having fun, talking and laughing as we did so. It was really nice actually. I have never gotten to do anything of this nature before. I could be free with my friends, but we had all had to all be so careful in our homes, because none of our parents would have taken it too kindly. I am certain most of them had to know something, but we still could not be free. Here we can be, which is awesome.

Shortly before dinner was ready, Candice went down and told Carter that it was almost ready and to get cleaned up, so he did, and then came and sat with us just as we sat down to eat. He took one look at us all in our diapers, and grinned.

“After dinner, why don't you strip down to your soggy baby diaper as well.” I suggested.

“I will, don't worry. I gotta say though, Reese, you sure are stunning in your soggy baby diaper. And doubled from the looks of it.”

“Ah, you noticed, did you?”

“Yep. One of my special collection I'm guessing?”



“Thanks, I hoped you wouldn't mind.”

“For that, never, as long as I get to see you in it, then we be all good.” He smiled brightly.

“What are you wearing?” Candice asked.

“A Pampers size seven baby diaper with a whole bunch of holes in it.”

“What, and you never shared?” Marshall said.

“If you had've wanted them, you would've asked. You never did, so that's your problem, not mine.” Carter grinned evilly.

“Oh, I'm so raiding your stash.”

“Me too.” Candice said.

“And I bet you'll probably steal some of my ultra thick diaper doublers too, won't you.”

“Um, heck yeah.” Marshall said, and Candice nodded her head.

“Thought as much. Honestly figured you would've asked for something like that a long time ago Marshall.”

“I always wanted to, but I didn't wanna make you buy even more than you already were.”

“Trust me, buying diapers and accessories is never a bad thing in my books.”

“Good to know. What if I wanted something else?”

“Such as?”

“Butt plugs, dildos, things like that?”

“I honestly thought I'd haveta buy those for you boys by the time you were ten. Had you've asked, I would've bought 'em though.”

“Well, now you tell me.”

“You don't work up the courage to ask, and you'll never know. I told you boys, both, that anything that you wanted or needed to be who and what you are, ask me, and if it's within my power, I'd get it for you. I thought for sure you'd ask right then and there, but you didn't.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess so.”

“Exactly. This is good, by the way, thanks. I skipped lunch again, so I'm starving.”

“You skip lunch nearly every day.” Candice giggled.

“Yeah, I know. I was having fun though.”

“Yeah, same as every other day.”

“At least I love my job. Granted, I do only what I wanna do, when I wanna do it, but I truly love creating things.”

“And you're great at it.” Marshall said. “God, I remember when you usedta work for a living, you were always so miserable. You hated doing that.”

“Tell me about it. Deciding to just say fuck it, and do woodworking full time was the scariest and best thing I ever did.”

“I don't remember that, I was too young.” Candice said.

“Why, how long have you been doing woodworking professionally?” I asked curiously.

“Only six years. Used to work in an office, at a desk, chained to a computer and a phone. It was hell on Earth. I hated every miserable second in that god forsaken place. The day I quit was probably the happiest I'd been since I was told I'd be a dad.”

“Wow. Do you advertise or something then, you don't have a sign up?”

“Don't haveta. I give out my cards when I do craft shows and whatnot, because I make all sorts of things to sell, and people are always calling. I average probably five or six custom jobs a week, I am always busy, and I turn down the ones I just don't feel, because then I'd never be able to make it perfect.”

“Only five or six a week?” I asked.

“Yeah, but a typical job is a thousand dollars.”


“Those spindles you kids helped me with today, they're fifty buck a piece, times thirty five pieces, that's damn near eighteen hundred. Took me one day to complete. No, averaging six thousand a week is pretty damn good.”

“Oh, that is good.”

“Yes. I've nearly paid off this house, I do so well, and I only built this one five years ago. We used to live just around the corner. I still own that house, just rent it out now, but built this one to suit our needs. Hence the abnormally large attached workshop garage.”

“I thought it looked a lot newer than all the others around.”

“Yeah. Knocked down the old house that was here, it was a wreck anyway, and built this. That too was some scary. I really didn't have the money to spare, but I needed a bigger shop. My old shop was a small one car garage, I could barely move with less than a quarter of the tools I have now. Now I have what would be a four car garage for width, but it's more than twice as deep, damn near triple in fact. Even still, some days I wish it was larger, and I'm thinking of adding onto it soon. Mind you, it'll be easy to do, I made the garage so that it could be added on to easily, so it won't take stupid amounts of work to do.”

“Wow, that's cool. The shop looks huge though, why would you need more space?”

“Room to maneuver larger pieces, and I do need more storage space as well. I have a large shed in the back, that houses a lot of wood, but still more is needed.”

“Oh. You must have a heck of a lot larger yard than we have then.”

“This is technically a double lot, I have damn near half an acre, in an area where most are a quarter acre at best. That's why I bought this one, even though the house was a tear down. Mind you, the property right in town is pitiful, the same size yard in total as we have for a front yard. By the time they put a house on it, there's like three or four square meters of yard left. It's gross.”

“Yeah, that's what I useta have. I could lay across my back yard and touch the back door and the fence at the same time. It was pretty pitiful.” I had to admit.

“I couldn't live like that. Press your face to the glass, stick out your tongue while your neighbor does the same thing, and nine months later, you're having a baby. No personal space whatsoever.”

I think every one of us kids retched at that. Carter just laughed.

We continued talking and laughing, having a good time, getting to know each other. When we were done eating, we all helped to clean up, still talking and laughing. It was decided to go to the basement and watch a movie. I had no idea they even had a basement. Then again, I have not really looked around. It is a nice house, to be certain, the main level has the living room, dining room, and kitchen, as well as a small powder room, and then the entrance to the garage. Upstairs are four bedrooms and a bathroom, and I know that Carter's has an ensuite. I have been in Candice and Carter's bedrooms, and that is it. I wear my bathroom for the most part, so I have never been in their bathrooms.

I was led downstairs, and wow, very nice. They have a huge games and toy room, I guess that explains why Candice has next to no toys in her room, they are all down here. There is an awesome Lego table, and then all sorts of games and whatnot. A pool table, an air hockey table, a few arcade games and pinball machines, and lots of other toys and whatnot scattered around. It is clean, in a hectic sort of way. I like it.

There is another small bathroom down there, and then a full theatre that can seat twelve people in nice comfortable chairs. All the woodwork must be Carter's, because it is really nice looking. I was told to go ahead and look through the movie selection to see if I found anything I like, and I did, and everyone approved of my choice, so that is good. We sat down and watched it, and enjoyed it a great deal. We paused half way through to make popcorn, they have a kick ass popcorn maker in the games room, and then finished the movie. After that, we played for a little bit, until it was called bedtime. None of us complained.

At no point had my sleeping over been questioned, I am a boy, Candice is a girl, no one asked where I planned to sleep, no one mentioned that. Then again, we all know that Candice and I are gay, and I am so much so that I will never see a girl naked if I have my way. I have less than zero desire to see any girl naked. Believe it or not, I have never even seen my sister naked. My mom always keeps her clothed at all times, and never allows me to see her in anything less. Not that that bothers me, far from it in fact, I am thankful to tell you the truth.

“Well, it's time to go reel in my daddy and get your gay baby boy pussy fucked.” Candice giggled when we got to her bedroom.

“Oh god, I want that so bad.”

“Then what are you waiting for, a written invitation?” She said.

“No. What if he doesn't want me though?”

“Then he doesn't, so be it. But I think I know him well enough to know that he wants you as bad. Maybe more. Like I told you before, you'll likely be his very first, and I think he needs it a great deal.”

“Okay then.”

I grabbed a couple of my diapers, and headed out and over to Carter's bedroom. I can already hear soft sighing and moaning sounds coming from Marshall's bedroom, and it sounds hot. Carter's bedroom door was wide open, and Carter was just sitting there in his hot soggy diaper, reading. I knocked on the door, and he set his book down.

“Hi there Reese, what's up.”

“Me, and I need you to help me with it please. I know that Candice has told you all about me and what I need and desire. One thing she won't have told you though, is how much I've desired it with a man for a long time. I want you. I want you to make hot gay baby diaper love to me, fill me up as full as you possibly can, and then keep on fucking me 'til you can't possibly fuck me any more. I want every drop of cum and piss you can possibly give to me, and I have a load of piss that I'd be more than happy to share with you as well, if you want it. Candice says that you've never had a boyfriend, well, I'd really like to be your first.”

“You know how insanely illegal what we both want is though, don't you?”

I like how he put that, it bodes well for me.

“Yes, and how careful we must be. None of us here will tell, Candice was the one to suggest this, and I know that Marshall and Paul will have no problems with it.”

“You're a truly stunningly beautiful baby boy. I made sure to position myself before and after school every day since you started, to try and catch a glimpse of you. The first time I saw you, you were dressed as all boy, but the next time I saw you, you were dressed almost all girl. You confused me, and made me so fucking hot. I knew you were a boy where it counted, and I certainly knew you just had to be gay. No boy could dress the way you do and not know it. I do want you and all that we can share with each other. I know what you're into and how much you crave it, and I do too. I've never had a boyfriend, I wanted someone just like you, someone who's just like me. Now, I know I'm a boylover, but I know I'm gay too. The reason I'm telling you this though, is because I simply have no idea what'll happen when you grow up. You haveta know this though, because it'd kill me if it happens that you grow up and I lose sexual interest in you, but you still want me. I truly hope that I'm fully gay as well, and that that won't happen, but you're truly the very first person that I've ever felt that connection with. The first day we met, I felt it when we shook hands. I want you so bad it hurts, but I won't do it if you can't promise me that should that day come that it'll harm you. I should say no outright, just because no matter what you say, if it happens, I know it'll hurt, both of us, but if you can promise that you won't hate me because of it, then that's all I can ask for.”

“I know all about boy lovers, no worries there, and I knew that if I got a man, that that sorta thing might eventually happen. I felt the same thing the first time we met, and I knew we just hadta do this. I can't promise how I'll feel then if that happens, but I do promise that I'll remember this, and try not to feel crushed. I don't think it'll happen, I think that you're more than gay enough as well that we can stay together for a very long time.”

“That's good enough for me. Close the door Baby and come here. I wanna kiss you so bad, and then I wanna suck that hot hard little gay baby boy cocklett of yours 'til you cum and piss, all while I finger you to prepare you. I know we should start with weeks worth of foreplay and learning each other, but, I think that we both know each other more than we could ever know anyone else. Everything that Candice has told me about you and your desires and what you've done, it's exactly what I've dreamed of, craved for years. From the way it sounds, you'll be more than capable of taking me anyway.”

I closed the door and went and climbed on the bed with my man. I knelt in front of him, poised to kiss him deeply.

“I've wanted to do this all week. And yes, I can take you, unless you're bigger than a couple of my friends' fists.”

“Not likely.” He said, and then I pressed our lips together, and showed him that I am no beginner in kissing.

It feels like I might actually have to teach Carter a thing or two about kissing though, something I am only more than willing to do. I guess he really is not very experienced, well, I am, and I am more than happy to share my knowledge with this gorgeous hunk of hot gay baby man. For easily five minutes we just kissed, Carter was holding me, I was holding him, neither of us moved our hands at all. When I started moving my hands, so did Carter, and before too long, he was holding me in the way that I have dreamed of all week, his big hands are cupping my small baby bum.

I broke the kiss only enough to whisper to him to poke a hole in my diaper and to prepare me, and then reattached. He did so, though he reached to his bedside table to grab something, I am assuming lube. I know that my hole will already be gaping open a little, I can feel it. Just the thought of having wild sex and my body seems to prepare itself, my friends have been able to just talk dirty to me for a few minutes, and then slip in easily, I was always so perfectly ready.

Of course, Carter is much larger than all of them, many of them put together, like I am talking probably three or four. He is going to fill me and make me feel so amazing. It will not hurt though, I was not lying, I have taken friends' whole hands inside me in the past. That always takes lots of patience and preparation, and there was still always a little pain, but it just felt so fucking good.

Carter tested the waters, as it were, with just one finger to start, but that slipped inside me as deep as he could possibly go, and so easily that I just sighed into our deep and intimate kiss. He fingered me gently with just one finger for only a minute, before extracting and adding more lube.

When he pressed two fingers into me, and they too slipped all in with ease, I sighed into our kiss even deeper. For only another minute, Carter two finger fucked me, and even though he is near on a virgin, he certainly seems to know what to do. Then again, he had admitted to me that he has played, a lot, for years, dreaming. He pulled out once more, and added more lube, this time to three fingers I hope. I have my eyes closed, enjoying everything, so I cannot see.

I was right though, Carter slipped three fingers into me this time, and I took them just as easily, though this time I sighed and moaned lowly, even deeper still. I have four finger fucked myself every night this week, dreaming of Carter, his three fingers are just slightly larger than my four, and so he is filling me very nicely. He feels so incredibly good inside me, I really cannot even begin to describe it. Think of the thing that makes you feel like you are whole, the one thing that makes you feel fully at peace, and try and describe that in such a way to do it justice. Yeah, neither can I, because that is exactly what Carter is giving to me right now. Peace and contentment are flowing through me, pure pleasure the likes of which truly must not be allowed by nature are coursing through me. And then I came.

So few have ever made me cum from just fingering me, but Carter's fingers are much longer and bigger, and just seem to be able to do so much more inside me. It was an insanely powerful baby boygasm too, I think I may have even blacked out for a few seconds as my brain tried to take in too much pleasure to process that fast.

“Wow, you're amazing with your fingers. Now, let me find out if you're as good with your big gay baby diapered dick.” I pulled away and whispered huskily, like way more husky than I have ever heard my voice being.

“Wow, you're amazing. You came so fucking hard you nearly ripped my fingers off. And my god, you're so fucking soft and hot inside, yet you opened up so well.”

“I've had lotsa practice. I wasn't kidding when I said I've been fist fucked, and most nights I four finger fuck my gay baby boy pussy before bed.”

“That's really fucking hot.”

“Not as hot as having a hot gay baby diaper loving man fucking and filling me as full as he possibly can. I don't want you to stop 'til you can't fuck me any more. I want every drop of cum and piss you can give me.”

“Okay Baby.”

I practically threw myself to the side and onto my back, landing in prime position to get fucked good and deep. I am laying on my back, my knees are practically touching my ears, and if I were just a touch more flexible, I would be able to suck my own dick, and believe you me, I have tried.

Carter got up onto his knees, and got into place. The bulge in the front of his soggy diaper is oh so very promising. He poked a hole in the front of his diaper, and then worked to poke his dick out it, and grunted in pain as he finally managed to. Oh my, yep, that is so going to fucking fill me as full as I need, and then some. He must be packing damn near twenty centimeters long, and a good sixteen around at his widest. Carter is still fortunate enough to have his foreskin, though at the moment it looks almost as if he is uncircumcised, and it looks painfully tight. Oh yeah, this is what I need.

“Are you certain Baby?” Carter asks one final time.

“More certain than I've ever been about anything else. I just knew you were gonna have a massive dick, but my god, you're huge. You're gonna fill me so gloriously full, and I can't wait. And I don't wanna, so do it, do me, fuck me, fill me, make wonderful gay baby diaper love to me.”

“Oh god, this is so wrong, but it's gonna feel so right.”

“Mmmhmm.” I said, because as I said so, Carter pressed his dick to my ass, through my soggy diaper, and tickled my baby bum lips with his big dick lips.

Carter looked to me, looked me in the eye, holding himself up by one hand, his other guiding himself into my depths. He is laying over top of me now, just the way I like it. I gave him just a tiny nod, and held his gaze as he took that permission, and slipped all in me. Once he started, Carter slipped in all the way in one long slow push. Fuck, I damn near came from just that.

“Oh my god, you took it all, and you're not even in any pain, are you?”

“Oh fuck no, just gloriously full. Our baby diapers are pressed together so perfectly, you fit in me so perfectly. No one's ever been able to truly fill me how I deserve, though they've certainly tried their hardest. You do though, and you feel so good inside me. Now do it, make gay baby diaper love to me.”

Carter just nodded. Even though we are of considerable size difference, Carter still managed to fuck me good and deep, and reach down and give me kisses every so often. He would pull nearly all the way out, and then slip all the way back in, but on some of his out strokes, he would lean in the extra few centimeters and kiss me deeply for several seconds, sometimes for as long as a minute, not moving, just inside me, but kissing me. My god, never before have I been made love to, but this absolutely has to be it, because this is at least a trillion times better than any ten other times I have been fucked.

There is a lot that can be said about being fucked hard and fast by another hot gay baby boy, but there is far more that can be said about being made love to long and slow by the man you love. And yes, I do love Carter, I think I fell in love with him the first day we met.

I just wish I could truly say how I feel, but there simply are no words available to describe just what Carter is doing to me right now.

I have rarely, if ever, lasted more than just a couple minutes before cumming while being fucked. But after five minutes of being made love to, I am still nowhere near ready to cum. I am building up, but far slower. I think I might have another five or more glorious minutes before I have to worry about that, which you better believe I am not complaining about. This feels so utterly amazing, that I do not wish for it to end too soon.

It took damn near every bit of five or six more minutes for me to cum for my first time, and though it was possibly one of my longest cums, it was far more gentle as well. Most of the time I explode so violently, that I have been known to either black out for a few moments, or make far too much noise, most of the time both. This time the orgasm took far longer to end, and all I did was sigh deeply, contentedly the entire time I was cumming.

Half that, though, may have been because Carter too was cumming, and he is filling me up so wonderfully. Even as he came, Carter never stopped slipping in and out of me. When he was done cumming, which took a little longer than I myself took, he did not stop, he just kept on going, making slow tender love to me.

Then he started peeing inside me, I had seen the look of concentration in his gorgeous face, and I knew what he was trying to do, yet, as he peed, he still made slow passionate love to me. No one has ever been able to keep on fucking as they peed, and it has always felt spectacular, but feeling Carter truly piss fuck me, yet make slow gay baby diaper piss love to me is far better. So much so that there is simply no comparison.

I think we were damn near half way to our second orgasms by the time that Carter finally finished peeing inside me. Carter had had one hell of a good sized load of piss for my gay baby boy pussy, but given what all he is doing, it must have taken a massive amount of control to be able to do both at the same time, which is likely why it took so long for him to pee. Trust me, I am not complaining, in fact, from now on, that is exactly how I want it. What Carter just did to me made me feel far better than anything in this entire life ever has, and I have been made to feel very good so many times. Those were just warm ups to this.

Another five minutes later, and we had another long, yet massive, but still gentle orgasm, and Carter filled me up even more. I am now so gloriously sloppy, I am in heaven. Ever since my first time of being piss fucked, I have craved it like nothing else. I would give up food and water, permanently, to get this at least two to three times a day. This is what I could and would happily survive on.

And still Carter did not stop all throughout his orgasm. He must have came for a full minute, a little longer than myself again, and he still pumped slowly and gently into and out of me, and when he was done cumming, once more, he did not stop.

Oh yeah, three times in a row, I can definitely go for that. This time he pulled almost all the way out, reached in and kissed me deeply and tenderly, but held this kiss for damn near five minutes. I think I may have forgotten to breathe for the entire time, and what breath I had, he sucked out of me, because as soon as he let go, I gasped deeply. No kiss has ever been so wondrously powerful before, so loving, so perfect.

This time our orgasm took damn near ten minutes to achieve, and that is after the long five minute kiss, and once more, Carter made love to me all throughout the entire orgasm.

And still he did not stop. As soon as Carter finished cumming, he once more took all my breath away, and kissed me long and slow for damn near ten minutes, his rock hard erection still just inside me. I can feel his pulse, and just that is driving me mad with lust. When he pulled away from the kiss, though, and started slipping all in again, I think I felt what comes after heaven, something even bigger, something even better. I sighed so long and deep it sounded like it came from someone else. Never before have I felt anything so perfect in my life.

I have no idea how long it took this time to cum, it must have been easily fifteen minutes, but maybe an hour. All I know is pure pleasure. When we came, it was the longest, most gently powerful cum I have ever experienced, I know that that does not make sense, but it really did not make sense how it could take two minutes or more to have one orgasm, to feel just how powerful it was, yet to only sigh deeply as it flowed through me. Something that powerful should have knocked me out totally, I should have slipped into a coma and died, but I did not, I just had my best ever orgasm.

Then my dick went soft. Never before have I ever managed to be fucked enough to actually make me totally satisfied, to the point where I just went soft. I am now at that point. I am so totally at peace with the entire world. My body relaxed fully, and the softest most satisfied sigh I have ever let escape just did. I am still awake, too, which is a shock. I am still looking into Carter's beautiful eyes. As he saw me fully relax, he smiled deeply. He pressed his lips to mine once again, and kissed me even softer and more tenderly than before. His dick is still in me, yet I can feel that he too is no longer fully hard. He feels so amazing in me like that though.

“Are you finally satisfied?” Carter whispered softly to me as he broke our kiss, which, sadly, happened to be the same time my body fully expelled my lover.

“Far more than just merely satisfied.”

“Good. I've been dreaming a long time about making long tender love to a gorgeous baby boy like you, I hope that I did it right.”

“Oh no, that wasn't right, that was perfect. No one's ever made me feel the way you just made me feel.”

“Good, I'm glad. Now, we both need soggy baby bum changes and then sleep. I hope you're gonna stay in here with me.”

“Oh yeah, the devil himself would have to drag me away.”


Carter slipped out of bed and went and grabbed all the diaper supplies that we would now be needing, two for each of us, the second a nice Pampers baby diaper. He grabbed his file and took care of the two Pampers first, and then proceeded to very lovingly change me. Many of my friends have changed my diapers for me in the past, and I always loved that, but the feel of Carter doing so for me was far nicer. He is so loving and gentle, shocking considering how big and tough he looks.

We traded places and I got to change Carter's diaper as well, and he looks truly spectacular fully naked as well, though I do think he looks best in just a soggy diaper. He has no hair anywhere, he says he went and got laser hair removal done, which had been embarrassing, but awesome. His balls are huge, larger than my fist, and oh so very soft. I absolutely loved rubbing the baby lotion and diaper rash cream into them. Finally I pulled up and taped closed his double thick baby diaper.

“Thanks Baby, that was real nice. No one's ever changed me before, and it was far better than I ever dreamed.”

“You're very welcome. My friends often changed me, but you made it so much better than any of them ever managed. Then again, making love to each other, every last one of the times with my friends, together, didn't even equal what you just did to and for me. I love you so much, I hope you can feel it, because I can't possible say enough to show it.”

“I'm glad, and I love you that much as well. From the first time I saw you, I knew you were special, and I wanted to get to know you so bad. This last week has been great though, getting to actually see and talk to you. I think I fell in love with you the first time I saw you a few months ago now.”

“I know I fell in love with you the first time we met on Monday.”

“Well Baby, shall we lay down and go to sleep?”

“Oh yes.”

Carter shut off the light, and then pulled me into him, hugging me tightly, my back pressed into his front. He kissed my ear tenderly, whispered goodnight, I love you, I whispered it back, and then I must have fallen asleep pretty much instantly, because I remember nothing else.

I had possibly one of the longest and most deeply satisfying sleeps that I have ever had. I have never actually been held as I slept, and while I have certainly slept with friends in the past, and it was most certainly nice, being held by my big strong man all night long was absolutely nicer. When I woke up, I could tell that Carter was already awake, his arms are still embracing me so perfectly, and he is softly stroking my stomach and chest, one hand gets each, damn near totally, and I sighed deeply.

“Mmm, good morning.” I said.

“And good morning to you too Baby. I hope you had a good sleep.”

“Oh yeah, the best I think I've ever had. After last night, wow. I feel so loved.”

“That's good, that's how I was hoping you'd feel, because I love you a great deal.”

“Mmmm, and I love you that much and more.”


“Very possible.” I giggled.

“Yeah. Wanna suck this morning, and save you making love to me 'til tonight?”

“Oh hell yeah. We're too different in size to do it at the same time I'm guessing, so can I suck you first?”

“I suppose so, but I was hoping to suck you first.”

“Well, I guess, since you asked first, you could suck me first this morning, and tomorrow morning I'll suck you first, how's that sound?”

“Sounds like heaven to me. Do you haveta go peepee Baby?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Good, I want it all then.”

“Excellent, and I definitely want yours as well.”

Carter pulled away from our hug, we had not moved as we talked, rolled me onto my back, and then pressed his lips to mine and kissed me tenderly for nearly ten minutes. He broke the kiss, and then kissed his way down my body, making me feel even more than I ever have before. None of my friends ever kissed me in the way that Carter does. We had practiced a huge amount, clearly we needed more. It took Carter damn near a further ten minutes of kissing all over my body for him to make it to my very soggy and slightly tented diaper.

When he arrived to his desired destination, Carter pressed his face into my diaper, and sniffed long and deep. The sigh he let out says just how much he loves this. I know how he feels. I used to love doing this to my friends, and I cannot wait until it is my turn to do so to Carter as well. Probably two minutes of just having Carter maul my hot little gay baby bone through my diaper the way he is is damn near making me cum already, and though I desperately want for him to lower my soggy baby diaper and suck me in fully, what he is doing now certainly feels amazing.

Finally he pulled down my diaper enough in the front for him to take care of everything that I have nicely. He is more than large enough, and I am sadly still small enough, that he was able to suck me in entirely, balls and all, and started sucking me wondrously.

That is when I exploded for my first time this morning.

Barely three seconds of actual sucking, and that was it. I was done. Carter made me feel so absolutely incredible, and long before I was ready for it, I was cumming, and strong too. He did not stop though, and just kept right on going.

My second and third orgasms at least took considerably longer to achieve than my first had, but still only two or three minutes each, and they were both damn near as powerful. This is when my bladder had had enough, I was simply too full, and starting to relax too much, and I let it all flow, and Carter happily drank it all down.

Still Carter did not stop sucking me and making me feel like a god. Orgasms four and five took close to five and ten minutes each I figure, and I feel better than most other times I have ever experienced, with the exception of last night of course.

That was it though, after cum number five, I went soft in Carter's exceptionally excellent, incredible sucking mouth. I could keep on going, saying what I feel about Carter's sucking abilities, but I think you get the picture. None of my friends had ever sucked me so well, funny considering the amount of practice we all got, yet this is essentially Carter's first time. He must be a natural, but then, all my friends claimed that I was absolutely the best as well, and that I too must have been a natural born cock sucker. Well, I was not exactly aghast at that.

“Wow.” I moaned out lowly, “That was fucking fantastic.”

“Glad you liked. Fuck, you taste like pure heaven. Just the taste of you, but then you peepeed in my gay baby cock sucking mouth, and mmmm, so fucking good.” Carter said.

“Know how you feel. There was only one time I didn't like the pee one of my friends gave to me, he'd been on medications for something, and it tasted gross, every other time, I loved it so much when my friends peepeed in my gay baby cock sucking mouth. Most of them loved mine too, but I also loved my own almost as much as theirs. I'd still rather it from someone else, mind you, but my own was always a good second place.”

“I bet that'd be nasty, but I'd still happily accept it from you.”

“I was too. No worries there. I still drank it all down like a good gay baby boy cock sucker should.”

“Good baby. Now, I'm nearly bursting here, would you like my gay baby cum and piss?”

“Fuck yeah. Lay back Baby, I want it all.”

We traded places, and I started by kissing Carter deeply, I can taste me in his mouth, and I like it. I only kissed for just a couple minutes, Carter had said that he was bursting, and I do not want him to waste one single drop, I want it all in my mouth. I moved down, and started kissing my way down, until I too have my face buried in his wondrously soggy baby diaper. Fuck he smells good, and I sighed so insanely deep from it. I can hear Carter panting and gasping though, so I know that I have very little time. As such, I nuzzle him for only a few seconds.

I decided that since I cannot possibly take Carter all in like he still can to me, and since he is certainly far large enough for me to do so, as well I have always wanted to do so, but none of my friends were large enough to do so with, I poked a hole in the front of Carter's super soggy baby diaper, and pulled his delicious diapered dick out the front.

Fuck that looks sexy.

Now, Carter may have the largest dick that I have ever sucked, but you had better believe that I have practiced hard for this day. All emphasis on hard of course. I am a pro banana eater, if you catch my meaning. I have absolutely no gag reflex, and can take almost anything I want into my throat.

All I heard from him as I swallowed Carter all the way was, 'fuck me, he took the entire fucking thing.'

Oh yeah, I sure did, I have Carter buried so far, that I am pressed into his diaper as much as I can be. I can feel Carter coiling up like a snake about to strike, so I know he is in desperate need of cumming. To further enhance how he feels, I swallowed several times, massaging him with my throat. He hissed and gasped, clawed at his sheets, and then held his breath. I know he is close, but is trying to hold off.

I backed off, so that only his head is in my mouth, and then tortured Carter's nice big dick head with my tongue for just one second, and then he exploded. And such an explosion it is too. Feeling how full he filled me last night, this should not cum as so much of a shock, but he damn near filled my mouth to higher than capacity, and fired it so fast that I am certain my head had to have blown up a little like a balloon. Well, if your head is going to explode, this is a damn good reason for it, and an even better way to go.

I savoured Carter's creamy cum for several moments before swallowing it all down, and it was absolutely deliciously divine.

Once I finished swallowing down all of Carter's copious cum load, I truly showed him that I am a master cock sucker, or at least I sure hope I am. I sunk down as far as I possibly could, used my throat muscles and my tongue together to excite every part of his erection in my mouth and throat. I would stay down for just a few seconds, then pull off, lavish just his dick head with ample attention from my tongue, take a good breath of course, and then slowly swallow him all in again.

Carter is moaning and sighing, gasping and panting, he is still clawing at the sheets on the bed. He is rising shockingly fast to yet another cum, but I am not worried about that, I plan to absolutely fucking drain him. He may be mummified by the time I am done. He will certainly be softer than he has ever felt before if I have my way.

Two minutes was all Carter was able to last before he exploded in another incredible orgasm. One minute, though, was how long he had been holding his breath, and he had been practically hovering on the bed, only his head, shoulders, and ankles were still touching at all I am sure. Maybe his hands too. This time the force of his explosion was harder and stronger, but the quantity of amazing cum that he fed me was slightly less.

After this cum, though, Carter's bladder had also had enough, and it let go in a torrent, flooding my mouth with the most amazing tasting piss that I have ever had the pleasure to suck down. I admit, I greedily sucked it out of him, I am pretty sure I sucked his bladder slightly inside out, and Carter almost wailed in pain from it.

I laughed with Carter still in my mouth, and he groaned from the sensations, but then, I did swallow him all in again just as he started groaning, and it went on for several seconds.

Cums three and four took close to five minutes each I figure, and Carter fed me just a little less cum on his third, and then only just a few drops on his fourth. It had to have been close to ten minutes after his fourth cum that Carter came again, but I can already tell that he is fading fast. His erection has started to lose some of its rigidity, and he is not so coiled up any more. When finally he did manage to cum, there were no more treats for me, and half way through his orgasm, he went totally soft in my mouth.

“Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” Carter groaned when he came down.

“Did I do good?”

“Fuck, did you ever. My god, I've never felt anything so amazing in my life. Except last night, of course. I can't believe how well you took me. Fuck.” He sighed deeply, sounding incredibly content to me.

Well, my work here is done. I feel good.

“Good, I'm glad. Now, we both need seriously soggy baby bum changes, so let's get us baby boys all changed, shall we.”

“Okay. Would you hop up and grab everything please.”

“Okay, sure.”

I went to the closet, and grabbed everything that we will be needing, and a couple things we certainly do not need, but I sure as hell want. I grabbed each of us one of our thick diapers, then I grabbed a Pampers baby diaper, as well a super thick diaper doubler. I have dreamed of doing this for quite some time, and today I think feels like a damn good day to do so.

When Carter saw all that I grabbed, he grinned brightly. It seems he likes the way my mind is working right now.

I grabbed the file, baby lotion, diaper rash cream, and a roll of tape and climbed onto the bed. Carter was already ready and waiting for me in diaper change position by the time I made it back. If I did not know any better, I would honestly think he was looking forward to this almost as much as I am. Nah, not possible.

Carter's dick is still poked out the front of his soggy diaper, and it looks super hot, only now he is so soft that he is just barely sticking out. I tickled the tip and Carter smacked my hand. I laughed. I untaped him and pulled down his diaper, trying to catch as much of the diaper gel as I could, so as not to make a mess, but when his dick pulled back out, it did pull some out with it. Oh well, I do not mind cleaning up that mess at all.

Once I got Carter all cleaned up, I slipped underneath him his triple thick diaper, it had taken a few moments to prepare, but once more, that is perfectly okay by me. I pulled it up, taped it on with just the diaper tapes to start, but we will come back with the roll of tape once we are done and standing, to really tape them up good and strong. Our diapers are certainly going to need the extra tape boost we will add.

Carter is now gloriously, thickly diapered, and it is my turn, and I can barely contain myself. As soon as Carter moved out of the way, I threw myself into position.

Carter just chuckled.

He did not waste time though, he pulled off my soggy baby diaper, and cleaned me up, which was easier because I did not have exploded diaper gel sticking to me. He then prepared my triple thick baby diaper, slipped it underneath me, lotioned and creamed me up, and then taped me up good and proper as well. Fuck, it really is every bit as amazing as I had dreamed.

Once we hopped out of bed, we truly taped each others triple thick baby diapers on good and proper. We made sure to add more than enough so that they cannot slide down our hips too far once they are good and soggy.

“Wow, this is every bit as amazing as I dreamed it'd be. A super thick baby diaper, filled with a nice thirsty baby diaper, and an even more thirsty diaper doubler.” I sighed.

“Ah, so this is your first time triple diapering yourself huh?”

“Yeah, I've double diapered a few times, but triple would've been really hard to hide. I'd almost done it before bed a few times, but there's no way I'd fill it enough during the night to make it worthwhile, and my thoughts on triple diapering are simple. Wear it 'til it's fucking leaking, enjoy it 'til you can't possibly enjoy it any more. Like I said, that'd be super hard to hide around my mom.”

“Yeah, know how you feel. Still, I've done it a few times, more recently than ever before. Finally having my babies know who and what we all are has helped a great deal.”

“I bet. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm getting super hungry here, and I need lots more to drink.”

“Me too, so let's go Baby.”

We headed to the kitchen, and all three of the others were already there.

“Holy crap, what'd you do, put pillows in your diapers?” Candice asked.

“Nope, triple diapered each other. A Pampers baby diaper with holes in it, then a diaper doubler in between the two baby diapers. It's so awesomely thick, and feels so nice.” I answered happily.

“Can I go get some of those Daddy?” Candice asked.

“Us too?” Marshall asked as well.

“Sure, go ahead. We'll get breakfast started while you're getting yourselves all taken care of.” Carter said.

All three of them took off as if their diapers were on fire. Which would have been shocking, considering how wet all three of them were.

“Wonder why they were all still in their soggy night diapers, they all looked as if they were gonna start leaking?” I said. “Granted, I consider that not to be a bad thing.” I laughed.

“They're the same. Wear it 'til you can't any more.”

“Good. So, what's for breakfast then?”

“Pancakes and sausages I think sounds good to me.”


We started making breakfast, and this is the first time I have ever made pancakes from scratch before. My mom always has pancake mix, but then, her idea of home cooking is putting a frozen dinner in the microwave at home. Not even sure she knows how to cook. I certainly know more than she does. Maybe she used to cook, I do not know, but she sure as hell does not any more.

We made a double batch of pancakes, and one sausage each, but they are so huge, a spicy Italian sausage, Carter says they are the best. They sure do smell good, and I like spicy, so I am all good with that. Granted, you eat what my mom cooks, and putting extra spice and or hot sauce on is damn near mandatory. It is usually pretty bland at best, and downright gross some of the time. Hence the reason I taught myself how to cook.

As soon as the pancakes were done, we also did up a whole bunch of scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, and Parmesan cheese in them. They really smelled good.

The others had all come out in their tripe thick baby diapers shortly after we had started, and other than the fact that Candice is in fact a girl, they all look really good like that. Marshall and Paul are both super sexy like that though. I for one cannot wait until we are all super saturated, and our baby diapers are nearly knocking our knees.

When breakfast was done, we all sat down and dug in, and I am not the only once who seems to be starving this morning, because we all ate a lot. The pancakes were amazing, nothing like the mix my mom buys, they have nice flavour, and are light and fluffy, and they were not even much harder to make than the mix, which is funny. I am so taking that recipe home. The sausages were amazing, nice and spicy, and each one damn near a meal unto themselves. The eggs were also amazing, I have never had them done like that, but I certainly will in the future. Of course, I will not have this too often, I would likely die, but it would be a good way to go, certainly a tasty way to go.

Once we were all done filling our faces, and then cleaning up what little mess was left over, we all headed downstairs, where we pretty much played for the entire day. We had a tonne of fun, between movies, games, and just having fun. At one point Candice asked Carter to have her friend spend the night as well, and he said okay, so she went and called. A little after lunch, Candice disappeared for well over two hours once her friend arrived. We all knew that they were in Candice's bedroom, getting to know each other on a much more personal level. I still do not even know what friend it is, I am sure that I know her, but Candice never said, and I never asked, to tell the truth, I do not care all that much.

When Candice did finally arrive, she was still in her triple thick, and getting nice and soggy diaper, and her very new girlfriend, for we can all very clearly see that they are, is in a much fresher, yet still already wet triple thick diaper as well.

Her name is Sonja, she is in our class, she is tall and has very light brown and very long hair. I guess she is pretty, for a girl and all, but I really do not even know her at all.

For well over an hour after the two of them came down, we sat around the games table, playing card games, talking, getting to know each other. She was certainly not shocked that I am gay, said she had pretty much suspected it from the day I started in our school. I admit that the fact that so is she does not shock me all that much. We were all told that she has been a bed wetter her whole life, and though she probably could be dry if she wanted, she certainly has no plans to ever be, at least as far as she is concerned, however her mom does have different opinions on that.

Sonja is the single child of a single woman, she says she has no idea who her dad is, and is certain that neither does her mom. She has never heard mention of a father, and she knows her birth certificate has no father listed. Her mom is a partier though, so she would not be surprised if she was at a party and simply has no idea which one of up to a hundred men could be the father. It does not sound as if Sonja or her mom really care all that much.

Sonja says that her mom drinks too much, stays out late every night, and rarely has time for her. All she hears when her mom is home is the near constant nagging about everything Sonja related.

She says that she has known since kindergarten that she was a diaper lover, and that she has wished since then that she could wear all day every day, and while she has worn during the day, she has been too afraid to do so all that much. It was not long after that that she realized that she was a lesbian as well, and the day she realized that Candice was wearing a diaper, she nearly asked to be her girlfriend right then and there. We did not ask for details, but it was very well hinted that they got to know each other very well this afternoon.

I am happy for them.

We all helped to make dinner, sat down and ate that while laughing and talking, then went and continued our fun and games for the rest of the evening. During the day, we had drank lots, peed lots, and by the time it is very nearly bed time, we are all seriously soggy babies. Our diapers are now so wet and heavy, that they are well hanging off our hips, and when we sit down, pee squishes out. We are now as wet as we had wanted to be, so it is time for bed. I for one also have to go pee very bad, and I think so do all the others.

It is also my turn to make hot gay baby diaper love to my man tonight, but, because I am not exactly huge yet, we cannot possibly go through our diapers. This just so happens to work out perfectly, and the reason for us being so heavily diapered in the first place, well, maybe second. We will need to be pretty much bare anyway in order for me to fill up Carter, so our diapers will have to come off, or at least mostly.

We started out our evening session just by kissing deeply and tenderly for a good solid ten minutes, maybe more, but hey, who's counting. I then started working my way down, kissing Carter anywhere and everywhere. I am making him moan and sigh, so I guess I am doing it right, but it sure feels right to me. I finally make it to his gloriously soggy diaper, and press my face right into it. It is so thick, so soggy, so hot (in more ways than one), and even though so thick, I can still easily feel Carter pulsing through it all.

I decided that since I do not wish for Carter to waste all of his sweet cum into the front of his diaper, or onto the bed, that I wanted to suck his first main load from him. The rest I am sure I can catch from his dick as I am making love to him. I pulled down the front of his diaper, exposed his hot glistening hardness, and then swallowed as much of it down as I was able to in this position. Carter gasped, and then sighed, then started panting, and about twenty seconds or so is all he lasted before I knew he was going to cum. I pulled off mostly, so that I could savour his cum, and when he exploded, he damn near overflowed my mouth once more, but I kept it all, and truly enjoyed it.

Carter tapped me in the head, and from that, I am guessing that he needs to go pee, and was just warning me. I looked him in the eyes and nodded, he got the hint, and let go that load as well, and just as I swallowed his cum down, he started filling me back up again. Fuck, he tastes so amazing. His cum is sweet, salty, and a little tangy, his piss is bold with a hint of sweetness, but not too strong. A gay baby boy diaper loving slut sure could get used to this.

“Wow, you taste so amazing. I could let you fill me up a hundred times a day.” I said happily when I finally pulled off, after savouring his flavours for at least a good solid two minutes.

“Thanks, and I could let you do the same to me just as much.”

“Good. Well, as much as I'd truly love to make hot gay baby diaper love to you, I'm just not big enough yet, so I think if you're up on your hands and knees would work best. That way we can still wear our super soggy baby diapers that we love so much, and all I haveta do is pull them down.”

“Okay Baby, that's what I thought we'd haveta do as well. You're a good size for a ten year old gay baby boy to be sure, and you're gonna grow to be just as big as me soon, maybe even bigger, 'cause you're bigger than I was at your age, but you're just not there yet. I love you just the way and size you are though, so I'm not worried.”

“Thanks, but you think I'll really be bigger 'an you?”

“Maybe, hard to say. You've already got a pretty respectable size for your age, you said you were pretty much the biggest of your friends, yet you were one of the youngest, so that says lots. Now, I want that hot hard gay baby cocklett of yours buried as far inside me as it can go, make gay baby diaper love to me Baby.”

As he said this, Carter got up onto his hands and knees, pulling up the front of his diaper as he did so. Well, who am I to argue. I got up onto my knees, pushed down the front of my super soggy baby diaper, to expose my hot hard little gay baby boy dinky, grabbed the lube and slathered more than enough on, and then pulled down the back of Carter's sexy soggy baby diaper, exposing his hole very nicely. The way he is kneeling, Carter has himself well opened, with his knees spread just right, and his hips pushed back to open himself up for me.

I lubed up Carter's hole just a little, he is already open more than enough for me to just slip right in, his little eye winking at me. I always giggled when my friends did this to me, but I almost never saw it, because we preferred to stay diapered as much as possible, though we too were not always able to make diaper love to each other, we were still too small most of the time, though it had been getting better near the end of school, and I was bigger, so I could almost all the time for the last year anyway.

Once ready, I pulled my hand away, and guided myself to where I needed to be, and sank in fully into my mans glorious ass. Carter has an amazingly hard ass, I have felt that as I petted it, but his hole is so soft, and hot, and slick inside, and he works his muscles perfectly. Even though we are of considerably different sizes, and I am certain that he could easily take my whole foot inside him, he is more than capable of tightening himself up real good, and is in the process of gripping me so perfectly.

I had gotten seriously close to cumming as I was sucking Carter, and when he came, it took every ounce of willpower I had to not cum at the same time. I know myself better than that. I have to go pee so bad, that the only thing holding it in is the fact that I have been so fucking hard for the past two hours or so that it is not even funny, but the second I cum, it will all try and escape. I do not wish to waste it. I know that Carter wants my piss as deep inside himself as I can inject it, almost as much as I want to give it to him.

Unfortunately, this means that I hardly lasted any time at all, making love to my baby, thirty, maybe forty seconds at best, was all I was able to hold on for, before I just exploded. It felt like literally. The power of the orgasm that just ripped through my body was like nothing I have ever experienced before, and yesterday had been a wicked day for that. I have also almost always preferred being fucked, I always cum hardest with a dick in my ass, and a boy mauling my soggy diapered dick, I enjoy fucking, sure, but I love being fucked far more. Never before have I cum so forcefully while fucking, but then, I know I am not fucking either.

I had forced myself to not jack rabbit fuck Carter, like my friends and I always did with each other, it was always fast and fun, but I wanted it to be more like what Carter did to me last night, slow and loving, far more tender and enjoyable. I was hoping to be able to make slow tender love to my baby for several minutes before cumming for my first time. Sadly, that is not what happened though.

As soon as the force of my orgasm escaped me, so did my bladder control, and I started peeing inside Carter instantly, and without trying. I decided that I wanted to truly piss fuck him, and so slowed my stream down, and slowly made love to my baby, all while peeing inside him. I have to admit, concentrating on both at the same time was even harder than my dick currently is, but, the great thing about it, is that it made it feel so fucking amazing. I very slowly peed inside Carter while making love to him, that it took me well over two minutes I figure to actually finish peeing, and, even then, after every few strokes, another small jet would escape me, since I guess I was not fully empty yet. I did try and force all the rest of my pee out of me though, so that did help.

Carter had not cum when I did, he had just cum moments before, so he had not been ready to yet, but, by the time that I was getting close to my next cum, I could feel that he was too. Carter ended up going off first, and that set me off. Even if I had not been close, the feel of Carter cumming would have been more than enough to do it. He squeezed me so tightly, and the pulsing from his insides was like nothing I have ever experienced. Most of my friends did not cum from me fucking them. A couple here and there, and usually only if I was rubbing their soggy diapered dinkies at the same time. Carter did though, because I never even touched his big baby peepee.

It just barely registered in time for me to slip my hand inside Carter's diaper, to catch his cum, and when I pulled my hand out, I had just finished cumming myself, still making love to my baby, and I slurped up all that Carter had offered to me.

Through three more cums, we made love to each other, and every time one of us came, so did the other, and very nearly at the exact same time. It was by far the longest fuck session that I have ever experienced, though we truly did make love to each other. It lasted even just a little longer than we had the night before.

After my fourth cum of the night, even I was so satisfied that my little gay baby bone just shriveled right up and went to sleep. I had been all the way inside Carter, or at least as far in as I could be at any rate, just basking in the glow of an amazing lovemaking, I knew I was nowhere near hard enough to continue, but then suddenly, I lost all hardness and pulled from Carter. We both sighed in deep loss.

“Wow, that was amazing.” Carter said softly.

“Thank you, it was. My god, what you did with your ass muscles just drove me wild. None of my friends ever made it feel like that.”

“Glad you enjoyed. Now, we both need seriously soggy baby bum changes, and then sleep.”


I managed to slip out of bed, though even my legs are quaking as I walk, and I went and grabbed the diaper change supplies that we want, even need. By the time I made it back with the two diapers and the two diaper doublers, as well the lotion and cream, Carter was already in diaper change position. When I pulled off his soggy diaper, I was impressed with the weight of it, I would guess about four or maybe even five kilograms. That is what I call a perfect diaper.

I lotioned and creamed Carter up real well, as lovingly as I could, and then pulled up and taped onto him a nice thick diaper. We then traded places, and I got just as thick a diaper, applied just as lovingly, and it is absolutely perfect.

We curled up, kissed tenderly for a few minutes, whispered goodnight, I love you to each other, and then passed into blissful sleep.

When we woke up, we continued the kiss that we had started before going to sleep. We had not even said anything to each other, I just opened my eyes to find Carter looking at me lovingly, and I reached in and pressed our lips together and kissed my baby deeply. We kissed for easily ten minutes, but it was my bladder that told me that time was running out. I need to pee, my diaper is too wet to hold it, and I know that Carter wants it anyway. It is also my turn to suck my baby first this morning.

I broke the kiss, pushed Carter gently onto his back, and then started kissing, licking, and sucking my way down his body. He growls so sexily as I suck his nipples, that I spent just a few extra seconds there doing that. Finally I have my face pressed into Carter's soggy night diaper, and I breath in heavily his heavenly scent, as well as massage his erection with my nose.

I pulled down Carter's diaper and exposed his amazing erection once more, and could not help myself, so engulfed him instantly. I had wanted to lick, and tease, and worship, but clearly my body had other ideas. It just happened. I sucked Carter in fully, massaged his big baby bone with my tongue and throat at the same time, and did that for maybe ten seconds, before I heard the signs of imminent eruption. I pulled off, teased his dick head with my tongue for only one more second, and then Carter exploded.

I savoured his entire load, not swallowing it down for several seconds, but then, once I was ready for it, I massaged Carter's tummy, right where his bladder is, and he took the hint and gave it all to me. Once more, I savoured it as much as I possibly could, and drank down every glorious drop of it.

As soon as he was done, I continued sucking him, taking my time, enjoying myself fully, and considering how he fills my throat, I do mean that literally as well. So gloriously full. Carter only lasted for two more orgasms before he started to soften up, and he sighed deeply when he was done. I pulled his diaper back up, crawled my way back up his body, kissing, licking and sucking the same way I had on my way down, just in reverse, and finished with kissing him deeply and lovingly once more.

After several minutes of kissing, Carter rolled us so that I am on my back now, broke the kiss with my lips, and started kissing, licking, and sucking his way down as well. He too spent several seconds at my nipples, as well as every other place he knows makes me feel good, before finally making it to my soggy diaper.

Carter buried his face into my soggy diaper, and sniffed deeply while massaging me with his nose. He did this for only a few moments before pulling away slightly, pulling down the front of my diaper, and engulfing me fully as well.

I am much too close though, and two seconds at most is all I lasted before exploding. Had I have actually cum, I may have drowned Carter. Had I have actually exploded, it may have been a super nova worthy event. It felt so amazing. Then the urge to pee, that was already strong, slammed into me, and without warning or trying, exploded out of me so forcefully that it actually hurt my dick head a little. From the sound that Carter made as I started peeing, I am guessing I surprised him as well.

As soon as I finished peeing, Carter started sucking me wondrously slow and tender. The things he did to me are beyond description, and he is making me feel even more so. Through three more cums I managed to last, and after my fourth, once more I just shrank right down to my tiny little soft baby dinky.

“Holy shit Baby, that was some powerful baby boygasm you had for your first, and then how forcefully you peed, you actually surprised me.” Carter grinned and said when he pulled off.

“Wow, that was amazing. I'd hadta go pee real bad before we even started, I'd hadta force myself not to peepee my baby diaper as I sucked you. Probably the only reason I didn't was because of how hard I was. Of course, I also hadta force myself not to hump my diapered dinky and make myself cum. I damn near came very time you did though, but I forced myself not to. Holding off for that long, though, was even harder than I was.”

“I'll just bet. Well, I need a seriously soggy baby bum change, and then breakfast.”


We kissed for a few seconds, like a few hundred or so, then changed each other. We went with a night time diaper and doubler again, since I have no plans to go home until around dinner time, when my mom told me to be home, so I can certainly make good use of a double thick diaper in that amount of time. Carter never complained about this either.

Finally we headed out to get breakfast, and this time we are the second set to arrive, the other baby boys had already made it, and are already in the process of making breakfast.

“I hope you're making lots.” Carter said in way of greeting, but did go and give Marshall hugs and kisses good morning, which included patting his cute double diapered baby bum. He too is dry, so far.

“Oh yeah. For some strange reason, Paul and I are really hungry this morning.” He grinned cheekily.

“Same here. No clue why.” Carter laughed.

We helped to finish making breakfast, and sat down to eat before Candice and Sonja even came down, Carter saying that they will join us when they are good and ready, and there is no point in interrupting them. They came down seconds before we finished. They too are in fresh double diapers. They dug in and ate, we stayed at the table, talking happily.

We spent the day together, just playing and having fun. Just before it was time for me, Paul, and Sonja to go home, we headed to our bedrooms with our babies to get our diapers changed, and they all took every bit as long as Carter and I did, we sucked each other three times, before diapering into only one regular thickness diaper. Believe you me, I do not want to go, but go I must, and so, I kissed my baby goodbye, and headed home.

From that very first weekend, there was not one weekend that I did not spend with my baby. Long weekends were especially awesome, because we got to spend more time together of course, but it also meant that I did not have to spend as much time with my mom. When Christmas break came, I spent a little better than an entire week there, and my mom barely even noticed. Once more, though, she forgot about gifts for me, but my sister sure had a lot. Funny, considering that she cannot use even one of the gifts my mom bought for her.

Both are getting worse, though, and it was on Christmas day that I confronted my mom, asked her if she had ever wanted me, so on and so forth. Sadly, it did not come as a surprise to me that I was nothing more than a horrible surprise. She said it so emotionlessly that it did shock me. I really am nothing more than a freeloader to her, someone that she has to support, but does not care about. On that day, I asked her if she had any provisions for me should she become incapable of supporting me, and she said no, so I made her sign some papers that would give me to Carter.

My sister finally died just before spring break, and as I suspected, my mom went absolutely insane, she was hospitalized and everything, I had to call the ambulance, and less than a week later, she managed to kill herself. I was already in Carter's care temporarily, but it became permanent after that obviously.

I wish I could say that the death of my sister or my mom saddened me, but unfortunately it just did not. I had always felt that my sister was already dead, and she was, just her body did not know it. My mom too, she died that day as well I always knew. I have no idea if she loved me before the accident or not, but she sure did not after. Shortly before the end, just before my sister died, my mom told me what I had suspected for a long time, that she has wished every day that it had been me instead. I admit, I told her that I had wished it were her too.

So, now I get to live with my baby boyfriend, and several others who are the same, and it's great.

Paul moved in just before summer break started, he had finally had enough, admitted that he deserved better, deserved family who loved him for who and what he is, and so now, we are all family.

Seeing the rest of us so happy, did cause Sonja to want what we all have, and Candice really wanted her baby living with her too, and Sonja ended up moving in shortly before the end of summer. She had spent nearly every day anyway, so she was practically living with us already, but when it came time for her to go home, she broke down and admitted that she simply cannot do it, and arranged to move in with us.

Carter says that he does not care about the extra mouths to feed or baby bums to diaper, that he is just happy that we all have what we need, but we all help in the shop as much as we can to help him out as much as he is helping us. We ended up adding onto his shop just before summer, so that he has the extra space that he needed, which makes it easier when we are all working in there together, and it is simply massive now.

Then Carter found another place a few months later, a little ways into the country. It is almost twenty minutes drive to town, but it has a simply massive barn that will be an easy convert to a massive workshop, and so he bought it, and we moved. Us kids were all pulled from school, and we do our schoolwork at home now, and most days we never get dressed unless we are in the shop.

Life is finally what I have dreamed of my whole life, the others all agree with me, and we are all happy beyond belief. Given his happiness, and his new huge shop, Carter is now doing even more and better work than he ever has before.

It was almost exactly a year ago that I found love and happiness, and all I can do is hope that it continues on for forever more. Who is to say what the future will bring, but we all have more than any one of us ever dreamed we could possibly have now, and really, in the end, that is all that truly matters.

The end.

****Thanks for reading. This story was inspired by the young boy that I described. I saw him, his mom, and his older sister. He looked downtrodden to be honest. He was asking his mom if he could go to a friends place for the weekend, and she said, no, of course not, you have to help with your sister, how many times do I have to tell you that. That boiled my blood instantly, how dare she disallow her son spending time with friends, just to help care for his sister, that is not his job. He was so beautiful, so sad, I just wanted to go pick him up and hug him, something I dare say he probably needed. The story came to me as I was going to sleep that night, and the next morning before work, I started it. It is a fairly short story this time, but I have been so busy, that I simply have not had the time needed to do much for writing. I am working on getting my own shop up and running, trying to produce a bit more money myself. Trust me, if I could, I would build my shop, quit work, and do that full time, sadly a difficult thing to do, no one wants to pay for real stuff these days. Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and as always, should you wish to do so, feel free to email me at erich5748 at****