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"Mmm... Don't let this be the last..." I whisper into his ear, with me still in him while we cool down from our climatic experience together. I'm still hard but I can feel that my dick wants to go down now. Looking at his, he's already half way to flaccid again but his hand is gently swinging his set back and forth.

"It won't." He quietly moans back, still feeling the micro-spasms flash through himself. "We can do it whenever my parents are out." He says, more composed this time.

Background... right, so I've had something for him for a few weeks now. Hadn't really interacted until the past two weeks, but that hasn't changed anything. I still feel my stick going up thinking of him and what I could do with him if he were mine.

Fuck, this boy does look amazing... He's 11, and I have no idea how I'd describe most of him. Shoulder length dark blonde hair that refuses to curl and deep blue eyes that could contain an ocean. Around maybe 5.15ft in height, and he's always smiling too! The most infectious smile... Just seeing it makes my day brighter. Seeing those lips wishing they were mine. It's impossible to describe angels without showing you.

Me though? I'm Hitoyu, and I'm 18. I think most people would frown upon my relationship with him. I guess I have the same sort of hair, but slightly longer and a few shades darker, and I'm reasonable thin too. I knew I was gay a only a few months ago, but I don't tell anyone. I think it's fear more than anything, stopping me telling people. What will they think? They'll treat me different for sure.

Good thing this boy is too. Wait I forgot to tell you the rest of him! Well, how do I describe it? Body to die for. Beautiful. Not too muscly but not a stick figure either, perfect proportions on everything from his neck down to his feet. Not a body hair in sight, and after tonight I know not a hair in his mid-section either. Perfect for me.

I don't even remember when I first seen him but I know that I looked at him and instantly started to feel movement lower down. Damn he really did hit the switch. Made me want to just take him up and give him everything a boy would ever want, make him feel pleasure like he never has before. Kiss him all over, taste him, smell him, feel the smoothness and warmth of his skin. You have no idea the control I needed to hold back from walking up to him and asking "hey, want to have sex tonight?"

Well you see, this boy had moved in just below me. I live in an apartment complex a way from Itorra's town centre, and he's just moved in from the country. From a town called Iffleton if I recall correctly. They didn't bring much, but they do certainly have money.

Can't say it's anything fancy. Bedroom, kitchen-diner, lounge, bathroom and a single cupboard inbuilt into the wall of the bedroom (however, a large one). Not furnished much, with a bed in the room and a three-seater sofa in the lounge. Blinds on the windows, which are pretty much always closed.

So anyway, his parents are both relatively active in their jobs. Sometimes, they ask me to watch him. Sure, he's around 12, but kids those ages are still quite immature so he could do a lot of stupid things that might hurt him or damage things in the house.

The first time, it was two weeks ago. They knocked, said their usual babysitter wasn't able to do it this week and knew I don't do out much. I said yes, and brought my laptop down with me in case something happened at work that needed my immediate attention (being a web developer is time consuming, and right now I'm waiting on people at a server hosting service to give me access to FTP so I can upload the website I've prepared).

You can say I tried to remain work orientated, but I was definitely having trouble with that seeing this boy so close. Clothed, but he looked beautiful. I had yet to know what he's like underneath, but I daydreamed for most of my stay, while he either watched TV or played games. Definitely managed to keep it together when he talked to me, asked me who I was and what the laptop is for.

He told me his name was Yansu, and that he's turning 12 in a month. Told me where he moved from, where his new school is, how he thinks of this place. He's a very open boy. Far more open than I'd expect.

That was only the first time though. Gradually, over the next two weeks, they asked me a few more times since he seemed to enjoy me (wow, surprise). I found a way to keeping my reaction hidden from him, and it became easier to talk soon. He told me he was gay about two days ago. His parents know, but besides me no one else does either. I, in return, told him I was gay too. That smile I love crept up on his face and he almost literally glowed with happiness.

Rather unfortunately, only last night did their boiler break. I can't say I'm surprised, these apartments aren't very well maintained. Their smoke alarm woke them all at 2 in the morning, the boiler insulation material had caught fire. Their house is soon being sealed up but for now, they're allowed into undamaged areas only quickly to grab essentials.

He didn't have time to get dressed properly, so when I do see him at my door at 2 in the morning he's wearing a bath robe slightly too big for him. Heaven knows whether he's wearing anything under but I'd be in inescapable bliss if I caught sight of his little rod hanging down between his legs. Hell I'd feel my rod thrusting itself up in mere seconds.

The parents have somewhere to go, but the Yansu couldn't because of school. He suggested to stay in my place, and initially I thought it'd be bad because I have so little room and my place is really untidy. Yansu convinced me otherwise, before we pitched the idea to his parents. When we did, they gave me a wad of 200Cs and told me to use it for anything he needs. We thanked them, and then quickly got everything we needed from his place. Blanket, some cloths and underwear, towel, toothbrush, some other things of relative importance too. We headed back up to mine after that.

"Really does need a tidy in here." He says, only moments after entering while he stands looking around the main room.

"It's usually just me." I tell him as I walk in and close the door, locking it behind me for the night. Sometimes I have a friend or two around, but never a boy as beautiful and cute as he is.

"Even my bedroom is tidier than this." He states, sounding quite happy in himself for having a tidier room than I do a whole apartment.

"Lemme clear a space for you to sleep" I say, while I start moving things off the sofa to a desk nearby. He takes a pillow from my bed while I'm not looking (cheeky, but I'm fine with that) and when I'm done clearing the sofa he lies down on it with the pillow under his head.

Over the next day, we pretty much repeat what we do down in his own place. I had enough games to keep him entertained, and a far larger catalogue of TV even if I barely use it. His parents call to check he's OK, and to remind me that he has school tomorrow so I'll have to wash him too.

I may be confused here with why he isn't washing himself, but I'm certainly happy that I get to wash this beautiful angel. We wait until about 8pm before we take the towel, hair shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, sponge and flannel through to my bathroom.

The bathroom is a reasonable size, with a toilet and sink next to each other and a bathtub against the back wall, with a shower unit installed above the taps. There's enough space between it and the door for me to lie down and sleep if I wanted to.

It got real hard for me to contain my erection as I watched him strip off. He dropped his trousers first, revealing his hairless legs to me, followed by his shirt moments later. He kept his underwear on for a bit longer than I'd have expected. He turned around and gestured me in, indicating he was ready. I walk in and close the door behind me.

"My parents take turns washing me, and they wash themselves at the same time." He tells me, inciting something very arousing. "You have to be naked too." He says.

How do I hide my erection from him if I'm naked? I don't get time to think about it though, because he slips his hands on either side of his underwear and slides them down slowly, as if trying to arouse me more. Cute devil must know I want him. Slowly each side comes out, exposing his pubic mound before slowly it narrows to form his penis at its end. The flaccid rod hangs in them until the elastic rim drops from over it.

I slowly start to undress myself, now very aware that my erection is much harder than it was 5 minutes ago while I watched him stripping off to his underwear. My pile of clothes slowly builds besides his, and when I finally slip off my underwear he comments "damn that's like my fathers sometimes" with a slight whistle.

"Your father gets like this?" I say, gesturing to my dick. In my mind I'm losing the ability to concentrate, his own little dick is drawing me in so much that I'm resorting to staring at the floor for now.

"Yeah, but usually when my mother is dressed 'arousingly.'"

"Ah, I understand."

I move forward and turn the shower on, adjusting the heat on it to get it right for him. I tell him to put his hand in the stream of water falling from the shower head and soon he tells me it's fine.

Now, the fun begins.

"How do they usually do it?"

"Start with my hair and face, then do my neck and body. Legs after that, and then my mid."

"Sure thing." I reply, as I get the hair shampoo and squirt some of it on my hands. I rub it into his hair, enjoying how soft it feels in my hands. He keeps himself still, and uses the flannel to make sure none gets in his eyes.

Doesn't take long before his hair and face are both done. Fuck his skin is soft... So smooth... not a flaw along his surface. He gently sighs, almost silently, as I start to use the sponge and wash his beautiful body from front to back, going around his neck, down his chest and then back up before the arms and his back. He moves back into the stream to wash it all off, and that's where I notice he now has an erection too. Poking out at just around 3 inches.

He sees me looking, and smiles at me. "Like it huh?" he jokes, and then he swings his hips left and right to make his penis swing either way. 'Fuck yes I like it, and I'd like to do so much with it you sexy angel' I think to myself.

"Come on, lets get on with this" I say, reluctantly.

"Sure" He replies, before moving his legs so I can start to soap them up. I use my one hand to hold his leg still while the other slides the sponge up and down the leg, and then I repeat the process with his other. Throughout I hear quiet sighing, and when I look up to see him he's staring up at the roof with his mouth slightly open, obviously in awe of the sensation he's experiencing. Can't see his eyes from here but I imagine them to be closed, however his penis is definitely still erect.

I nudge his leg, and he moves back into the shower to wash the suds off his legs. I watch him as he moves his head back to a normal position, over the course of a few seconds.

"Last part" he whispers playfully as he indicates to his stiffy and bum. As I move towards him, grabs my hand and pulls me down, before whispering into my ear "I know you want it" as he pushes himself into me.

I don't need telling twice, and I pick the boy up before we instantly lip lock for what could be an eternity. Incredibly soft, warm, with such an amazing taste to them. I feel his air on me as he quietly begins to moan, with our bodies against each other in the middle of the shower. 'don't let go' I keep thinking, but I know we won't get far standing here.

"Lets go someplace softer?" I suggest quietly, breaking the bond between us. He nods, and so I walk us out of the bathroom and do my bedroom, where my bed awaits. I couldn't care that we're both wet, I wanted to feel everything there is to feel on this boy, to taste every part of him from his head to his toes.

I put the boy down on my bed, and he shuffles back and gets himself comfy while I stand and watch as his dick moves so quickly with each movement, waving at me almost.

"Take me" he says, patting the bit of bed just beside him. I lie down next to him, and start feeling him properly for the first time, starting on his upper body. So warm... So soft... He moans gently as I caress him, stroke him, rub him. I glide my fingers across him, tickling his senses and causing his breathing to increase too. We look at each other, into each others eyes, reading into each other that we both want more.

I move in closer and start kissing him on his neck, and he instantly starts to moan again louder, and begins almost purring too. His head moving from side to side slowly with pleasure as he moans at each movement I make.

I begin to work my way down now, moving my kissing from his neck to his chest, finding his nipples and splitting attention evenly between them, with my hands feeling his stomach and holding his back to me. As of before now his hands were doing nothing, but suddenly he puts one of his hands on the back of my head and starts running it through my hair. It sends electric pulses through me, finding their way through me to my feet.

By this time, I'm at his belly. I adjust myself, so I can remain lying straight while I continue to kiss him while I move down towards an awaiting prize. It doesn't take long, and before he knows it I'm looking at his erection, silently praising it for existing and hoping I'll see it shoot too, or even feel it.

"Suck it" he whispers, still moaning as I use my hands to feel the inside of both of his legs. I take a mere few seconds to poke my tongue out and taste his penis, absorbing every part of it I can lick off. He instantly relaxes himself and starts breathing out loudly, beginning to moan louder as I manipulate his lower head.

I lick around it slowly, watching as his member moves with the force of my tongue. I slide it down slightly, and envelope the head with my lips. Another loud sigh comes from Yansu. I start kissing his hard rod with my lips while my tongue continues to feel it and make it wet (well, wetter).

Finally he's had enough of the teasing, and he pushes his hips upwards, forcing the boys erect stick into my mouth. He loudly moans again, as all of his member enters my mouth and then retreats from it. He repeats the motion, and does the same. He starts to have sex with my mouth, and I continue to satisfy him with my lips and tongue.

We do this for a while, and eventually he tries to let up before I apply a lot of suction and use my hands to keep his member inside my mouth. He instantly stops trying to take it out, and I keep pulling in as far as I can go. I slide my mouth down and find his ball sac, letting the bottom lip of my mouth envelop that. I start to feel it with my tongue with obvious pleasure and ecstasy emanating from him from his sighing and moaning. lets up and slips it out of me. I admit I'm disappointed, because I wanted him to cum in my mouth, however maybe this is a gateway to another sort of penetration.

"Let me" he whispers, looking at my rod. I've not had it pleasured yet, and most definitely not yet by someone else. New experiences. I nod, and we swap places. He looks at it. "Looks bigger than I thought" he says.

"Think you can do it?" I tease. I want it in him. Sooner rather than later. I want to feel the motion of him on me, of my rod in his mouth while he tickles and tastes it with his tongue.

He looks at me and says "sure can" before opening his mouth and placing it right over my rod. His breath alone causes immense pleasure to ring through from its tip to the far corners of my body. He closes his mouth and instantly starts moving his head up and down, using his tongue for extra stimulation as I was doing. I feel myself moaning as waves of ecstasy run through me, and as my heart rate and breathing both intensify while he gives me a blowjob, his hot breath making it almost impossible to resist shooting there and then.

I don't know how long he sucks me but after a while he lets off. I don't try keep my dick in him, because I know too much longer and I'd have came in his mouth, and there's somewhere else I want to cum in first.

"Lets go back to the shower" he says almost whispering, before he lifts himself up. Standing on the bed he uses his hands to jack himself a few times, keeping the motion going however much slower as he jumps off and walks into the bathroom again, using his spare hand to pull me with him. Before he grabs my hand I grab a bottle of lube which I keep hidden underneath the far end of the bed, and take it with us into the shower.

We get in the bathroom, close the door behind us, and let the heat of the room into us as we quickly bond back together and start kissing again underneath the stream of the shower (which I should've turned off when we walked out but you see I was more focused on having sex with Yansu than running water too long). Since we're now standing, both of our hands are more free. Yansu removed his hand from his shaft as we walked in, and I'd dropped anything I was holding only moments after he grabbed my arm and pulled me down.

He grabs my head and pulls it towards him, keeping the bond between our mouths strong as I use my hand and grab his bum. I squeeze it gently at first because I start rubbing it and pressing it, letting his reaction overtake him as he breaks off the kisses to lean his head back and close his eyes.

"Don't stop..." he moans slowly and loudly to me as he feels the pleasure of my hand on his bum cheek. He puts his hand on my back now, and then another on the back of my leg. He knows where he's putting them, because it's only making me want so much more so much quicker. He leans his head forward into my chest and breaths heavily onto me with his eyes still closed.

I don't stop, I use my second hand to softly pull his cheeks apart, followed by a spare finger of mine going into the crack and rubbing up and down it. I put emphasis on the join between each cheek before I slide it a bit more forward and rub his hole rapidly for a few short seconds. I feel his reaction, as the muscle ring around his opening tightens itself. His body jumps slightly, and relaxes itself again quickly after.

"You like that?" I ask, looking at him and his boy stick erect as ever. He's resting it against my leg, with a hand still wrapped around it however not moving.

"Yesss..." He replies, breathing out slowly. I tease him some more, poking it gently provoking a response from him. He tries to push into my finger but forgets that my hands are holding his cheeks, so as he pushes back so do my hands. "Put it in." He manages, while I keep tickling it.

"Open up then" I tell him, and with that I let go and allow him to lean against on the wall so that his hole is exposed and more open. I lower my position, to almost sitting on the floor, so I can still see his face and his rod while.

I look up at him and smile, and he smiles back at me, before I move my hand up to his cheeks. I stroke them, teasing them and making them tense up and release ever so quickly before I let up and put my hand inbetween the two of them, up again into his crack.

It's much easier to get in there now that he's positioned himself well, and that he's a bit more opened up. I place my finger against his hole again, and slowly begin to push. "Don't try keep it out" I tell him, feeling slight resistance as I go. The resistance lets up slightly within a minute and I finally get my finger past the outer ring. He lets out a large sigh, and I begin the motion of moving my finger up and down inside him.

He understands the motion, and is soon pushing back into my finger when I push it into him, and pulling forward when I pull to the edge of his rim. He's in heaven, and soon I may be too. I use my spare hand to grab his penis for what appears to be the first time, letting the heat from his warm rod penetrate my hand before noting the rapid pulse running through it as his heart beats.

He doesn't stop me, and now he's both being penetrated by my finger and having a handjob from me, with only my one hand moving. His body movement moves his shaft in and out of my hand, pleasuring him just as much as masturbating himself with his own hand would (if not more). I work a second finger into his hole, widening it slightly and making it tighter on my fingers too, keeping them inside and offering resistance as they try to exit.

We let this carry on for a bit, and then he reaches down and removes my hand from his 3 inch stick. He must be close by now, but I have one thing left to do and I'm sure he wants it. I remove my fingers from his hole and gently push against it from the outside again, but this time with three fingers just to tease.

"Put them back." Yansu almost demands.

"What about this?" I suggest, pointing down to my dick, which has been waiting for this since I seen him strip off.

He looks between it and his own for a few moments, seemingly trying to gauge its size, before using a hand of his to feel his own hole. He must be in heaven, complete bliss. He looks back at me, and nods.

I grab the bottle of lube which I'd dropped nearby and squirt some of it onto my hands. I waste no time applying it to his hole in plentiful amounts, making sure it goes into his hole and not just around it. I follow this quickly by applying some to my rod, in just about the same amounts.

I start to think of the ecstasy awaiting when I get in him and begin to actually have sex with him. The pressure of his small boy hole and its wall against my dick as I move in and out.

"Ready?" I ask, waiting for his final approval before I take both his and my virginity. No turning back once I'm in. I'm letting him decide whether today is the day we have sex or just cum on each other.

He nods, and I move myself into position behind him. I have to bend down a bit to compensate for the height difference, but not by much. I push my hips forward slowly until the tip touches his skin. We both take a sharp breath in. I use my hand to move my rod up and down, trying to find my desired entry point, while using my other hand to hold his hips still.

Finally I find it, and he sighs as he feels my tip running over his hole ever so softly. Once I position myself with my tip against his waiting tunnel, I begin to push forward. He feels it, and pushes himself into me at about the same strength, obviously craving the feeling of having me in him. I start to pull him in until finally I feel a sudden wave of ecstasy wash through me. I'm in, finally.

It's definitely tighter than I would expect, but for this boy I'll make it fit. So hot too. I want to just push all my effort in now and cum on the spot, but there's no fun in that. I start to pull him back more, sliding further in with the assistance of the lube I used (in generous amounts). He takes over, and pushes himself into me and before either of us know it he can feel my skin against his cheeks.

We both let out a moan simultaneously. I think we're both more than aware that there's only one way this is going to end. We'll keep like this until we've both spilled our loads. This is how we're going to be until we've both had our orgasms.

He starts the motion of having sex, pulling himself forward slightly and then pushing back far quicker. I join him, syncing my inward thrusts to his pushes and my backwards movements to his pulling. We operate in sync, as if connected, with wave after wave of indescribable pleasure washing over us every movement we make. I'm in heaven, burning with desire and the need to make this boy feel exactly the same. The bliss I stand in firing through me with each thrust. The warmth as my front mashes against his bum cheeks, and how I can see him.

I reach forward with both hands and pull his body towards me, taking him from the wall and inevitably tightening his hole as he moves his legs closer together for balance. He knows what I want, and we open our mouths only to have them joined together moments later, with tongue battles and such raging in our mouths while our other pleasure machines are in overdrive. I use one of my hands on his shaft again, placing it there and absorbing its warmth before jacking him, while the fucking motion we're both in keeps its pace.

With each push I feel myself getting closer to that final point, and he must be sitting on an edge by now. I can tell I'm in far deeper than he may have ever been able to get with his fingers alone. His energy is barely matched, he could go at this with me for hours if we'd last that long.

We both quicken our paces, sensing each others desire to release getting far closer by each minute. I feel his mouth to mouth action with me cease, as he pulls his head back and lets out a moan. Just as well, because at the same moment the edge I'm now at is about to be crossed.

The explosion of release that follows is huge, for us both. I start, with a strong build-up followed by a huge wave of pleasure searing through every single fibre of me before the first spasm of my penis signals that my load has started to be emptied. This first spasm triggers him, as I feel his shaft stiffen in my hand before it has it shoots cum up onto the wall in front of us, timed perfectly with my second shot into his rectum. I let go moments after, allowing him full control of his orgasm with any means that he wants.

How do I describe the immense pleasure experienced during this dual-orgasm? His own orgasm intensifies my own. I feel his stiff rod move from underneath his ball sac with each contraction of his orgasm. The effect is instant, as I can feel it in my own rod through however much skin is between my rod and his. Each one sends electric fire through my nerves faster than anything else ever could. This is what I exist for, the ecstasy and pleasure of having an orgasm inside this boy. This beautiful amazing boy who knows exactly how to turn me on and excite me.

I can only imagine how powerful it feels for him. His skin must be on fire, burning with the passion and pleasure from our orgasms, from being penetrated by me. His loud moaning during the orgasm tells me he definitely enjoyed this as much as I did if not more. They drag out and echo around the room with each shot onto the wall, amplifying the volume.

Unfortunately every experience has to come to an end, and now I feel my ejaculation has finished. The strength of each muscle spasm in my dick slowly goes down and I can feel nothing else is coming out of my tip. Yansu must also be done now, because his moaning returns to heavy panting as he was while we were fucking. His rod has a small line of translucent white on its top. The wall has a visible wet looking patch where he sprayed his juices.

He sees it too, and uses his hand to scoop a bit off the wall before offering it me. I need no convincing and only a short moment later do I have my tongue licking his semen from his hand, sucking it from the surface of his skin. It tastes godly to me, like nothing I've ever had. Perfect mixture of unknown ingredients producing the best juice I've consumed. If this stuff was bottled I'd be buying it all from the shop before the shelves are stocked.

"Mmm... Don't let this be the last..." I whisper into his ear, with me still in him while we cool down from our climatic experience together. I'm still hard but I can feel that my dick wants to go down now. Looking at his, he's already half way to flaccid again but his hand is gently swinging his set back and forth.

"It won't." He quietly moans back, still feeling the micro-spasms flash through himself. "We can do it whenever my parents are out." He says, more composed this time.

We take a moment to catch out breaths, and I finally slip myself out from him. He tries to resist, but lets me remove myself from him moments later. We both stand up and face each other, before he jumps up and embraces me in his arms.

"I love you" he whispers in my ear, before giving me the most enlightening and powerful kiss I've ever had. One I can never describe, because there won't ever be the right words to say. It felt incredible, and so much more, to hear those words and feel him kissing me. Especially after what we've just done together, what we both achieved.

"I love you too" I whisper back, after a few moments realising he just gave me the best kiss I'm ever going to have while he's only an 11 year old boy. I don't want him to grow up because he's perfect the way he is, beautiful like an angel and amazing like every boy should be. I think quickly for a moment before I say "Lets clean all this up and get dressed then."

He agrees, and we start to clean things up. We play with each other, throwing sponges and such. I lick off the remaining semen from his orgasm which was left on the wall, before washing it down along with the floor and shower. He helps, with small drips of my own semen escaping from him periodically.

"Better catch that" I say, seeing another drop moments from falling while he bends down to pick up something he dropped. I bet he planned it, knowing how much it'll arouse me. Can't get another erection yet but I'm certain he'll have recovered.

He takes one of his hands and wipes it along the edge, before bringing it up to his face. He sees the white fluid on it, and looking back at me licks it off from his finger. "Mmm... nice" he says, making both of us smile and causing a little bit of a giggle from us too. Yansu takes a few pieces of toilet roll and pushes them into his hole before removing it and dropping them into the toilet, drying up any of my juices that are still trying to escape.

I'm already dying for the next time I get to do this with him. Maybe next time he can cum inside me, or maybe in my mouth. Wondering what it'll feel like with him pushing his dick into me. Would he think it's really loose because I'm bigger? He did say this isn't the last time.

Cleaning up finishes off relatively playfully, and soon after we get dressed. In a day, my relationship with this boy went from "just friends" to sex buddies or lovers, yet to determine. I would like it to be lovers, because I can't imagine losing this angel to anyone else. My angel, fight me for him. I'll defend him until I die. He is my beautiful angel, and I'm his whatever-he-calls-me.