By Pink Panther

Hi there everybody! After several months of planning and writing, I'm finally back with a new story. We've moved away from the rarefied world of boys' prep schools in the early 1970's back to contemporary Britain, so for those of you that have read `Warm April Saturday' or `Some Other Blues', we're on familiar territory. This time, the story is set on the outskirts of a large city in the English Midlands. I hope you like it.

This story is a work of erotic fiction. If, for any reason, it is illegal for you to read such material, you are advised not to do so. Neither I nor Nifty can accept any responsibility for any unfortunate consequences that might arise from your decision to read this story.

The story contains depictions of sexual interactions involving underage boys, both among themselves and with adult males. If this is not the type of material you wish to read, you have made a serious navigational error; please leave now.

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Josh let Ryan out through the front door and reset the alarm. It was Friday night; his parents had gone out. He wandered back into the lounge room and flopped down on the sofa. Ryan's mum was far too strict, he decided. She made him go to bed at nine o'clock every night. That was fair enough when they had school the next day, but on a Friday? That was just stupid.

Josh's parents went out a lot, especially his dad, to business meetings, receptions, dinner parties, all sorts of things; Josh found it hard to keep up. This time they'd gone to a reception, something to do with his dad's business; he wasn't exactly sure. Although he'd turned eleven only a couple of weeks previously, for the past year or more he'd been trusted to stay on his own when his parents weren't at home. He was quiet and sensible, not the sort of boy to cause a problem. He'd hated having babysitters; they'd never let him do what he wanted, and his parents disliked having to take them home afterwards, so the new arrangement seemed to suit everyone. That was another thing that was different with Ryan; when his mum went out, he always had a babysitter.

Josh had been friends with Ryan since they were in nursery school together at the age of three. Ryan was bigger than him, at four feet eleven he was around two inches taller and fifteen pounds heavier, but though bigger, he was actually the younger by almost three months. That sucked, Josh determined. Though the closest of friends, they'd never been in the same classes at school. In September, Josh would begin at Newton Valley High School, while Ryan would still have another year at Stainmoor Primary.

Josh got on well with his mum, who was a partner in a firm of solicitors a couple of miles from where they lived. She'd encouraged him to read, to draw and to write stories of his own, but most of all she'd encouraged him with his music. He'd begun learning the piano at the age of five and had already passed grade six with distinction.

He got on less well with his dad, the managing director of a large engineering company. Chris Banham had played both cricket and tennis and club level. He'd hoped that Josh would have followed in his footsteps and was disappointed by the boy's lack of interest. He would have liked to do something about it, but that would have provoked an argument with the boy's mother, and with all the other pressures he was under, that was the last thing he needed. Instead, he'd simply withdrawn to the sidelines, leaving Josh and his mum sort things out between them.

Josh flicked disconsolately through the numerous channels available on the television. There was nothing he wanted to watch. Quite often on Fridays there would be a music programme on BBC4, a concert, or a documentary about a great singer or musician with archive film of them performing; he loved shows like that, but there was nothing. He could have done some more piano practice, but he'd played for forty minutes before going to school and for well over an hour when he'd come home; he just didn't feel like doing any more. He turned off the television and headed upstairs to his bedroom.

It was the beginning of July; the weather was warm. He stripped down to his tee-shirt and underpants. He was supposed to be in bed by ten o'clock, but his parents wouldn't be home till after midnight, so as long as he was in bed before that they wouldn't know. He sat down at his computer, his heart racing. With a few deft keystrokes he signed in as `Josh Tiger' to the chat-room he'd joined just a few weeks earlier. He knew he really shouldn't be doing this, but in a strange way that made it even more exciting. His parents were pretty slack about things like that; there were parental controls on his computer, but they'd never bothered to activate them.

Josh checked eagerly to see who else was online. Since he first discovered the site, he'd chatted to quite a few people. Tim from Kent, screen name Tim Spitfire, was his favourite contact; Tim was twelve and another musician, just one of several things they had in common. He'd chatted to a couple of girls, who seemed far more interested in him that he was in them, and to a few older guys. There was one other boy too, who called himself Adam 1001, and said he was thirteen.

Josh wasn't too sure about him. He knew Tim was only twelve because they both had a webcam and a microphone, so they'd seen each other and heard each other talk. Adam didn't have a webcam or a microphone, but he'd sent a picture. But was it Adam? Josh would have liked to believe it, the boy in the picture looked great, but something about the photograph made him suspicious. He'd forwarded the picture to one of the older guys he'd been chatting to, who'd warned him that `Adam 1001' was probably a great deal older than he was claiming.

Josh's initial check was a disappointment; none of the guys he usually chatted with was there. He was just about to move on when another name flashed up. He grinned; Fantastic Mr. Fox had just signed in. Mr. Fox was thirty two and lived in London; he was very good looking, Josh thought. He also had a webcam, though not a microphone. Josh loved chatting to him; they always had a real laugh. There was another thing too; the last couple of times they'd chatted, they'd switched over to Windows Live so they could talk about sex.

Josh knew he wasn't supposed to talk to strangers about things like that, but on the other hand who could he talk to? He never talked to his dad about anything, and talking to his mum would have been far too embarrassing. The teachers at his primary school were out of the question too. Apart from the headmaster they were all women; he couldn't have talked to any of them.

And he certainly needed to talk to someone. Over the past few months his penis had begun to get hard for no reason; it seemed to be getting bigger too. But that wasn't the worst problem. Although neither he nor Ryan was interested in sport, they could both swim reasonably well and enjoyed going to the pool on Saturdays to play on the floating mats and tubes. Ryan never bothered to cover up when he got changed and so he hadn't either.

It had never seemed a big deal before, but a few weeks previously, he'd suddenly found himself checking out Ryan's boy-parts while his friend was naked. His penis had jumped instantly to attention. He'd covered up as quickly as he could, knowing instinctively that he didn't want Ryan to see him in that state, though wasn't at all sure why. Because Ryan would have thought he was gay? Possibly, but he really didn't know.

The next time they went to the pool he'd avoided looking at Ryan while they got changed. He hadn't meant to check out the older guys showering naked either, but they were so blatant he just couldn't help it. Most were of no interest, but one guy looked to be in his early twenties and definitely fit. Once again Josh had felt the stirring in his groin.

Their most recent visit had been the most embarrassing of all. Josh would have liked to take a cubicle on his own, but he and Ryan always got changed together; Ryan wouldn't have understood if he'd have done that. That left two options; either they used one of the family cubicles, or they changed in the communal area.

Using one of the family cubicles would have meant being so close together that it would have been impossible for him not to look at Ryan; more to the point it would have been very difficult to prevent Ryan from seeing him. So instead, as soon as they went into the changing area he put his things on one of the benches and began to get undressed, with Ryan happily following suit.

After their swim, they'd spent five minutes in the shower before returning to the changing area to get dressed. When Ryan had begun pulling his shorts off, Josh had turned away, only to be confronted by a boy whom he judged to be thirteen or fourteen, stark naked just a couple of feet in front of him.

The boy in question was tall and slim, with collar length fair hair and near-perfect features. At the top of the lad's long slim legs, his flaccid penis curved down some four and a half inches, the pointed foreskin just covering the tip, a pair of large, well-formed balls hanging pendulously behind. Immediately above the boy's penis was a small crop of wiry brown hair, but that apart, the boy's body was as smooth as Josh's own.

For several seconds Josh had stood there transfixed, his penis straining desperately against the confines of his swimming shorts, unable to take his eyes of the boy, who was, in short, the most beautiful specimen of humanity he'd ever seen. Eventually he'd turned his back, quickly changing into his underpants before he was even dry. It was so confusing. Boys weren't supposed to be beautiful, but this one was. Josh didn't know why he thought that; he just did. He did know he wasn't supposed to think like that about other boys; that was gay, wasn't it?

He'd have liked to talk to Tim about it. Josh felt sure he was bound to know more about that sort of thing than he did, but he simply had no idea how to go about it. He was worried that if Tim thought he was gay, he might not want to be friends with him any more. So he'd asked Mr. Fox. It seemed to have been a good decision. Fantastic Mr. Fox had suggested that they should switch to Windows Live so that they could talk more freely, and when they had he'd been really helpful, telling him that it was something lots of boys went through and that he shouldn't worry about it.

Josh had hoped that their little chats would have put his mind at rest, but they hadn't. For one thing, he couldn't get the boy at the pool out of his mind, and for another, their discussions had raised other questions. Although Fantastic Mr. Fox hadn't said anything untoward, Josh couldn't help wondering about him. Was he gay? If so, was he looking for something? The thought was both scary and exciting in equal measure.

Mr. Fox sent Josh a message. "Hi Josh! How are things in tiger country?"

"Not bad thanks," Josh typed back. "So what have you been up to?"

"Oh, just the usual, working and that," Mr Fox responded, "So I'm looking forward to a nice sunny weekend!"

"Me too!" Josh agreed.

"Will you be going to the pool again?" Mr Fox enquired.

"Not sure," Josh responded. "I guess we probably will though; it's going to be too hot to do anything else. Mum won't let me stay indoors playing on the computer when the weather's good; she says I need to get some fresh air."

"Quite right too!" Mr. Fox opined. "So do you have any more questions you want to ask?"

Josh thought for a moment. "Yes, if you don't mind," he answered.

"Okay, let's switch to Windows Live," Mr. Fox instructed. "I'll be with you in a couple of minutes."

Josh quickly signed in to Windows Live Messenger; half a minute later Mr. Fox had signed in too. Almost immediately, Josh received an invitation to join in a video call. He quickly activated the webcam and a few seconds later they could both see each other. Mr Fox was wearing a white polo shirt. It suited him perfectly, Josh thought, highlighting his summer tan and short dark hair. A message appeared in Josh's window.

"That's better!" it read. "So what can I do for you?"

"I just wanted to ask about you know," Josh replied.

"Still thinking about the boy at the pool?" Mr. Fox queried.

"Yeah, I just can't stop!" Josh told him.

In his Limehouse apartment, Simon Warner was becoming seriously aroused. He chatted quite frequently to boys of around Josh's age. Although he was eager to find a boy to have sex with, nothing had ever materialised. Whenever he'd tried to steer conversation towards sex, it was as though the boy didn't know what he was talking about. Josh was different; none of the other boys had asked the sort of questions that he had. Not wishing to take any undue risks, initially he'd played it very low-key, but the boy just kept coming back for more.

"And what happens when you think about him?" he typed.

"Can't you guess?" Josh replied, grinning at the screen.

Mr. Fox took a deep breath. "I'd guess that your cock gets very stiff," he suggested.

"Yeah!" Josh agreed.

"Like now, for example?" the man probed.

"Yeah! It's really tingling!" Josh told him.

"You have got it bad!" Mr. Fox said, his penis now almost painfully hard.

"D'you mind if I ask you something?" Josh typed.

"No, of course not," Mr. Fox assured him.

"Are you gay?" Josh enquired.

"Yes," the man answered promptly. "Why d'you ask?"

Josh had suspected as much, but seeing the answer there on the screen still came as something of a shock.

"I just wondered, that's all," Josh countered. "So does that mean you like me?"

"I think you're a good kid," Mr. Fox said guardedly, still being careful about what he said; he didn't want the boy freaking out and telling his parents.

"I meant d'you like me, you know, like that?" Josh persisted.

"I think you're a very cute boy, if that's what you mean," Mr Fox responded. "But you don't have to worry; nothing's going to happen, is it? From what you've told me, you live more than a hundred miles from here. I haven't asked for your address and I wouldn't expect you to give it to me."

All that was true enough, Josh concluded. There was nothing to worry about; the man couldn't turn up and grab him or anything.

"Yeah, I guess, "Josh typed, reassured but somehow disappointed. "So don't you want to do anything then?"

Simon took a deep breath. He'd fantasised endlessly about meeting a boy like Josh though he hadn't really expected it to happen. But now it had; it was the opportunity he'd dreamed about. So what was he going to do about it? He couldn't pass it up, could he?

"Well, you might like to take your tee-shirt off for me."

Josh knew he shouldn't, but he was so aroused he couldn't stop himself. He quickly pulled it off and threw it onto the bed.

"Move your chair back a couple of feet so I can get a better look at you," Mr. Fox requested.

Josh readily complied, Simon gently stroking his penis as he got a full view of the boy's face and torso. He could hardly believe it; Josh was wonderfully cute, slim though not skinny, with sparkling blue eyes, a perfect nose, a warm, friendly smile and golden hair that fell in soft waves over his ears and onto his neck. And best of all, the boy seemed ready for almost anything.

"Stand up," Simon typed excitedly.

Josh got to his feet. Simon licked his lips. On the monitor, Josh's face disappeared, his midriff and the top half of his thighs coming into view, all perfectly in focus, the boy's erection trapped inside his briefs simply unmissable.

"Cute little underpants!" he commented. "Very sexy! May I see your cock?"

Josh swallowed hard, his heart pounding, his throat as dry as sandpaper. He'd known this was coming, but reading the request on the screen was still very unnerving. This was it, the thing he knew he simply should not do. All he had to do was to say no and put an end to it; after all, there was nothing Fantastic Mr. Fox could do about it, was there? He knew that's what he ought to do, but he couldn't. Instinctively he played for time.

"Only if I can see yours first," he typed nervously, his fingers shaking on the keys.

"Cool!" Mr. Fox responded nervously. He stood up, moving a foot or so back from the camera, then turning at forty five degrees to his right the give the boy the best possible view of his thick seven-inch erection, the fingers of his right hand, now furthest from the camera, gently running up and down his shaft.

Josh's eyes widened. Apart from his own, he'd never seen an erect penis before, and this one was a beauty; he couldn't take his eyes off it.

"Wow!" he typed. "I've never seen a guy with a hard-on before! That's amazing! D'you think mine will get that big?"

"It's hard to tell at your age," Mr. Fox advised. "But you've seen guys' cocks before, yeah?"

"Yeah," Josh confirmed. "In the showers at the swimming pool, but they weren't hard."

"Cool!" the man repeated, resuming his seat.

Josh took a deep breath; he'd have to do it now, keep his side of the bargain. He knew it was very naughty but he'd given his word; there was no other choice.

He moved back to his position. He put his fingers into the waistband of his briefs; very gingerly he lowered them until they were halfway down his thighs. He stood up to face the camera, his genitals completely exposed.

Back in London, Simon let out a low whistle; Josh had actually done it. Better than that, the now naked boy was absolute perfection, his balls the size of large marbles, his uncut penis not far short of four inches long, and a little thicker than he'd expected. It stood proudly against the lad's tummy, hard the way only a young boy's can be. He was stunning!

"Turn side-on to the camera," Simon instructed, trying desperately to keep his hormones in check.

Josh leaned towards the monitor to read the new message then did as he was asked. Simon swallowed hard. He was perilously close to ejaculating, the view from side-on even more stimulating than the full-frontal, Josh slowly running his fingers along his rigid shaft, just as he's seen the man do.

"Beautiful cock!" Simon typed enthusiastically. "You've nothing to be ashamed of there!"

Simon had already got further than he'd ever dreamed of; he could have quit at this point, but he was on a roll.

"Turn your back to the camera and bend over the chair," he demanded.

Josh complied without a murmur. Simon drank in the sight of the boy's perfect little bottom. He decided to push the envelope just once more.

"Beautiful!" he typed. "Now turn the chair round sideways. Stand with your feet apart, bend over so your chest's resting on the arm of the chair and pull your cheeks apart."

Josh read the instruction and giggled. That was dirty! Mr. Fox wanted to see his bum-hole! But why not? He'd showed him everything else, and it wasn't like the guy could touch it. He re-positioned the chair and did as he was told. Simon's eyes widened, looking directly at the boy's puckered pink anus. There was nothing he wouldn't have given to have inserted his penis into the boy's anal orifice. It was time to call a halt; they'd go further another day, he felt sure of that. He typed another message.

"Fantastic! You're gorgeous! I need to get off now after the show you've given me! Thanks!"

Josh pulled up his briefs and sat down at the computer.

"What d'you mean, `get off'?" he asked.

"I'll show you," Mr. Fox informed him. "Watch!"

Josh watched the screen intently as the man got to his feet, standing exactly as he had before, and began to masturbate, his hand expertly massaging his penis. After Josh's webcam display, Simon was so aroused that his orgasm was swift and powerful; after barely thirty seconds his semen spurted all over the place.

"Wow!" Josh typed. "What was that? It looked like your dick exploded!"

"It did!" Simon responded. "That was semen, usually called spunk. D'you know what that is?"

"Sort of," Josh informed him. "I'd no idea it looked like that though! You shot loads! Does that feel good?"

"Fantastic!" Simon enthused. "That was brilliant!"

"Cool!" Josh replied. "Will I be able to do that?"

"You won't be able to cum yet," Simon advised. "You know, make the spunk squirt out; you're not old enough. It'll be a year or two before you can do that. It still feels good though!"

"So is that wanking?" Josh enquired.

"Yeah, that's right!" Simon confirmed.

"Cool!" Josh reiterated.

"I'm going to log off now," Simon advised. "Sleep well!"

"Thanks!" Josh responded. "Will you be here tomorrow night? Mum and dad are going out again."

"I can be," Simon informed him. "Don't bother with the chat room though; go straight to Windows Live. Make it the same sort of time; I'll be here. Okay?"

"Yeah cool!" Josh typed. "Byeeeee!!!"

They both signed out. Josh closed down his computer and began to get ready for bed. His head was spinning; never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined himself doing anything like that! But it had been so exciting, like a whole new world opening up in front of him. He'd do it again; there was no doubt about it. He hadn't got hurt; there was never any chance that he would get hurt, so what was the problem?

He got onto his bed and checked his watch; it was twenty past ten. He took a deep breath. Before getting under the covers he pulled his underpants down. He took hold of his penis and began to rub it in the way Fantastic Mr. Fox had done. The man was right; it felt amazing; his penis was tingling like crazy! Gradually he increased his pace, the intensity building with every stroke.

After a couple of minutes he became aware of his muscles beginning to tighten, his breathing becoming short and raspy. Suddenly he felt like he was going to pee. Had he not watched Mr. Fox, he would have stopped, afraid that something bad was going to happen, but Mr. Fox hadn't stopped and neither would he. An instant later his penis swelled and jerked between his fingers, the tingling so intense he could hardly breathe.

As his orgasm subsided he removed his hand, his cock now so sensitive he couldn't bear to touch it. He flopped back on his bed gasping for breath, a completely spent force. It had been the most exciting experience of his life. Slowly he began to recover. He wiggled his briefs back up and crawled under the duvet, flicking off the bedside light. He turned onto his side, pulling his knees up into the foetal position just as he always did. Moments later he was fast asleep.