By Pink Panther

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The bell sounded; their maths class was at an end.

“So have you known Tommy long?” Josh probed as he and Gary packed their things away.

“Since we started school,” Gary said. “We’ve played football together, all sorts of stuff.”

“So what’s he like?” Josh asked. “I don’t know him very well, except . . . , you know.”

“Tommy’s a great kid,” Gary said, smiling. “Best mate you could ever have. Got a bit of a temper on him, that’s all.”

“What d’you mean, a bit of a temper?” Josh queried.

“Oh, don’t worry, he’d never touch you,” Gary said, smiling reassuringly, “but remember the day Edwards was havin’ a go at you? If I hadn’t been there, Tommy’d have knocked five kinds of shit out of him.”

“Some of my kids from my old primary school say he gets in trouble for not doing his homework,” Josh confided. “They say his family’s really rough.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Gary said, looking uncomfortable. “That’s why he has problems gettin’ homework done. He’s got nowhere to work; the telly’s always blarin’, his mum’s shoutin’, his little brother’s runnin’ round, his step-brother’s dossin’ about bein’ a nuisance. I don’t go over there much; it’s like a madhouse.”

“So how old’s his step-brother?” Josh enquired.

“Fourteen, I think,” Gary told him. “Right dosser; Tommy has to share a bedroom with him.”

“Oh,” Josh said absently.

“Tommy used to do really well at school till Kevin and his dad moved in with them,” Gary said quietly. “Easter before last that was. Since then, he’s sort of got left behind. It’s not his fault.”

Josh found it hard to take it all in; it was so different from what he was used to. It all seemed so unfair. Tommy was a decent kid, that’s what everyone said, but he was being held back by the way things were at home. He was glad that he didn’t have to live like that.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Ashley led Ryan into his bedroom, closing the door behind them.

“You wanna?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah,” Ashley whispered, kicking his shoes off.

Suddenly the bedroom door flew open. Ashley’s younger brother was standing in the doorway.

“David!” Ashley protested, looking daggers at him. “I’ve told you not to come in here!”

“What are you doing?” David demanded.

“Nothing that concerns you!” Ashley snapped. “Out!”

“You were doing something naughty,” David said trenchantly. “That’s why you’d got the door closed.”

“David!” Ashley said firmly. “I told you to get out. Now go!”

“Are you going to make me?” David asked defiantly.

Ashley and Ryan moved towards him.

“Okay, I’m going,” David said. “But you were being naughty. I’m going to tell mum.”

He disappeared down the stairs. Ashley sat on his bed, visibly seething.

“It’s hopeless,” he said. “We can’t do anything when he’s around. I’ll kill the little brat one day.”

“Tomorrow,” Ryan suggested, “couldn’t you just drop your things off and come round to mine?”

I’m supposed to stay here to look after him!” Ashley said with exasperation. “I’ll have a word with mum; see if she can arrange for someone else to look after him. Maybe he could stay at Max’s house till she gets home.”

“Well, I guess I might as well be going,” Ryan said, disappointed.

“Yeah, sorry,” Ashley said quietly. “I’ll let you know what mum says.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh strolled across to the usual meeting place. Tommy and Gary were waiting for him. It had become part of their routine; two or three times a week they’d go up to the science block toilets where Josh would suck off his two new friends. Although he still enjoyed doing it, Josh disliked having to perform in such cramped conditions, always worried that one day someone would come in and find them.

“Hi lads,” he said brightly. “I’ve got an idea. Instead of doing it up there, why don’t you come back to mine? Mum and dad don’t get home till six at the earliest; we’d have loads of time!”

“Nah!” Gary said dismissively. “I have to go straight home. If I’m late, mum wants to know where I’ve been, who I’ve been with, what I’ve been doing. Sorry!”

“I guess I could,” Tommy countered. “Why don’t you go and do Gary now, then I’ll meet you afterwards, yeah? You know the newsagents on the corner of Newton Oaks; I’ll wait there, okay? Is that alright, Gaz?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Gary said, looking a little put out.

Ten minutes later, Josh made his way out of the school gate and turned towards home, the bitter-sweet taste of Gary’s spunk still on his tongue. Tommy was standing outside the newsagents.

“Alright?” he said grinning.

“Yeah,” Josh said guardedly, “but Gary seemed a bit disappointed that you weren’t there.”

“Oh, it’s cause we always walk home together,” Tommy said, smiling. “He’ll be okay.”

“So are his mum and dad very strict with him?” Josh asked.

“Very,” Tommy confirmed, “specially his mum.”

“So doesn’t she work then?” Josh persisted.

“Yeah, but she finishes at half past two, so she’s always there when Gary and Louise come in from school.”

“Oh, I see,” Josh said vacantly.

Then an idea struck him.

“Tommy, I don’t want to be nosey, but Gary said you haven’t got anywhere to do your homework. You could do it at mine if you want. I’ve got a desk and everything.”

“So what will you be doing?” Tommy queried, eyeing him suspiciously.

“Oh, I’ll be downstairs, doing my piano practice,” Josh said, smiling. “It’s what I always do when I get in from school. Then afterwards we could . . . , you know!”

“Well if you’re sure it’s all right,” Tommy said.

“Yeah, course it is!” Josh said, smiling.

They walked up Lancaster Avenue. Josh let them in and led the way to his bedroom.

“Man, this is some place you’ve got!” Tommy commented, looking round in wonderment.

“Yeah, I guess I’m pretty lucky,” Josh said. “Well, here it is. There are pencils and stuff in the desk-tidy. If you need Tippex or highlighters they’re in the drawer. Okay, I’ll leave you to it.”

“Aren’t you worried I’ll nick your stuff?” Tommy asked.

“No, don’t be silly, of course not!” Josh said. “You’re safe. You wouldn’t have been made football captain if you were a thief.”

“Thanks,” Tommy said, easing himself into Josh’s chair.

Josh made his way downstairs and settled into his piano practice. After around half an hour, Tommy appeared in the music room, holding his maths exercise book. He waited till Josh had finished the piece he was playing.

“Sorry, but could you show me how to do this?” he asked nervously.

Josh quickly explained what to do.

“Thanks!” Tommy said, smiling. “I understand it now. Gary says you always help him when he gets stuck.”

“Oh, he doesn’t get stuck very often,” Josh said. “He’s doing really well.”

Tommy made his way back upstairs. Fifteen minutes later, he reappeared in the music room, this time without any books. He sat in the armchair, waiting patiently for Josh to finish playing.

“Man, you’re really good,” he commented.

“Thanks,” Josh said, smiling. “Finished?”

“Yeah, all done, thanks!” Tommy confirmed.

“Great, shall we . . . ?”

Josh led the way up to his bedroom. He sat on the bed, indicating for Tommy to sit next to him.

“I was just wondering,” Josh said quietly. “Couldn’t you and Gary work together sometimes?”

“His mum won’t let me in the house,” Tommy said, obvious hurt and resentment in his voice.

“Why?” Josh queried.

“D’you really want to know?” Tommy asked pointedly.

“Yes.” Josh said.

“My dad’s in jail for murder an’ armed robbery,” Tommy said baldly. “My sister’s a prostitute and uses drugs, my big brother’s in one of these Youth Offenders’ places for dealin’ an’ carryin’ a knife, an’ most of the people on the estate think my mum’s a tart. She ain’t, but that’s what they think.”

Josh was stunned into silence. He didn’t know what he’d expected Tommy to say, but it certainly wasn’t that. Tommy got to his feet.

“I’d better go now,” he said, clearly very upset. “I knew you wouldn’t understand. I shouldn’t have come.”

“Don’t go, please,” Josh said, grabbing at Tommy’s sleeve. “I’m sorry; it was just a bit of a shock. You’re all right. I want you to stay. Please.

Tommy turned towards Josh, the younger boy’s large blue eyes pleading with him not to leave. He sank down on the bed.

“I hate the way we live,” he said, fighting back the tears. “I hate the way people treat us. I don’t want to be like that. I want to get out, do something with my life.”

You can do it.” Josh said, looking at him intently. “I know you can. I’ll help you. You can come here every day to do your homework if you want.”

“D’you mean that?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah, of course,” Josh assured him. “Well, apart from Thursdays when I have my piano lesson.”

“Couldn’t come Thursdays anyway,” Tommy said. “We’ve got football after school.”

“D’you get homework on Thursday for the next day?” Josh asked.

“Yeah, a bit,” Tommy said. “I’ll just have to manage.”

“We could work together in the library at lunchtime,” Josh suggested.

“Dunno,” Tommy said hesitantly. “Me and Gary . . .”

“We could ask Gary too,” Josh interrupted.

“I’m not sure he’d want to,” Tommy said.

“He’s your mate, isn’t he?” Josh queried.

“Yeah, course,” Tommy said.

“Then he’ll do it,” Josh said firmly. “Don’t worry; I’ll ask him.”

Tommy paused for a second. “You’re not as soft as you look,” he said, giving Josh a wry grin.

“Maybe,” Josh said, grinning back. “Now why did we come up here? Oh yes, I remember!”

He gently eased Tommy’s school blazer off his shoulders. Slowly and sensuously they helped each other undress until they were down to their underwear.

“Come here,” Tommy whispered, seating himself on the bed.

Josh moved across to stand in front of the bigger boy. Tommy reached out with both hands, gently skinning Josh’s briefs down his legs. He licked his lips.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks,” he continued.

He leaned forwards, taking Josh’s penis into his mouth. He sucked it steadily, working his tongue all over it. Josh ran his fingers through Tommy’s short spiky hair, thrilled by the sensations the bigger lad was giving him, a bonus he hadn’t expected. After a minute or so, Tommy let him go.

“Mmmmm!!” he purred, licking his lips.

He quickly discarded his boxer shorts. They snuggled up on the bed.

“Don’t say anything to Gaz about me suckin’ your dick,” Tommy whispered. “He thinks I’m . . . you know.”

“Straight, like he is,” Josh offered.

“Yeah,” Tommy confirmed.

“But you’re not?” Josh questioned.

“No,” Tommy said. “Well, I don’t think I am.”

“That’s okay,” Josh said smiling. “I won’t say a word.”

He snuggled closer. Almost accidentally their lips met. At first, Tommy was hesitant, as though unsure what do do, or maybe whether he should even be doing it at all. Suddenly all his inhibitions disappeared, the aroma of hot, sexy boy flooding his nostrils. He responded instinctively, his tongue engaging Josh’s in a full-scale wrestling match. Finally they pulled apart, looking directly into each other’s eyes.

“Fuck!” Tommy breathed. “I’ve tried kissin’ a few girls. It weren’t nothin’ like that!”

Josh grinned. “And now I want some of this!” he said, reaching down to fondle Tommy’s erect penis.

He scooted around, resting his head on Tommy’s stomach. He eased back the boy’s foreskin, flicking his tongue out to lick the small purple head. Finally he closed his lips over it, pushing steadily down until his nose was rubbing against Tommy’s sparse pubic hair. He sucked it steadily, slipping his hand between Tommy’s legs to stroke the boy’s perineum.

Tommy lay almost motionless, his fingers idly running through Josh’s hair, hardly able to believe it was all happening. Being in this beautiful house, lying naked on a nice, comfortable bed with the most gorgeous boy he’d ever seen; getting sucked off in the toilets just didn’t compare. This was what he wanted; what he’d wanted since he’d spotted Josh on their very first day at the High School.

Sensing that Tommy’s orgasm was getting close, Josh let him go. They snuggled up again.

“Was that good?” Josh enquired, licking Tommy’ nose.

“Man, that was wicked!” Tommy breathed. “I was almost ready to cum!” He drew Josh closer, looking right into his eyes. “You’re somethin’ else,” he said. “I never knew anyone like you before.”

“I’ve never really know anyone like you either,” Josh said, meeting Tommy’s gaze. “And I meant what I said earlier. I stick at things; I don’t give up easily. And I’ll stick with you, too. As long as you need me, I’ll be here.”

Their lips met in another wonderful, sensuous kiss, Tommy’s hand sliding along the Josh’s thigh and onto his bottom. Josh pulled back slightly. He knew what he wanted. Now all he had to do was say it.

“Tommy,” he asked quietly, looking him right in the eyes. “Do you want to fuck me?”

Tommy didn’t answer immediately, taking his time to digest the question. Never in his wildest fantasies had he envisaged getting an invitation like that. He swallowed hard.

“Is that what you want?” he asked nervously.

“Yeah,” Josh confirmed.

“So have you done it before then?” Tommy continued.

Josh grinned and nodded.

“With the kid from junior school?” Tommy probed.

“Yeah,” Josh said casually. “I’ve done it with another kid too, during the summer when we went to Italy. He was nearly thirteen, like Year Eight. His family owned the place we were staying in. We hung out together every day. He did me first.”

“So you like it?” Tommy queried.

“Yeah!” Josh said, grinning from ear to ear.

“Okay,” Tommy whispered.

Josh handed him the KY.

“You’ll need to lube me up,” he said, smiling. “Put some on your dick too.”

Josh wondered for a moment about what position they should use. Then he remembered his first time with Romano; that’s the way they’d do it. He got onto all fours, knees apart, his bottom pushed well back, his head and shoulders resting on the pillow. A greasy finger touched his anus and pushed inside, slowly advancing into him.

“Use two fingers,” Josh instructed. “Just take it slow, yeah?”

Tommy did as he was asked, working his fingers around to loosen Josh’s ring.

“I want your cock now,” Josh said.

Tommy allowed his fingers to slide out. He paused for a moment, remembering how often he’d been where Josh was. That was his secret; nobody knew, not even Gary. He’d fantasized about fucking another boy, but had never imagined doing it with anyone as beautiful as Josh. He moved in close, his stiff penis nuzzling Josh’s sphincter. He held it round the base, pushing hard.

“Aaaahhhhh!” Josh gasped, Tommy’s large cock spearing into him.

“You okay?” Tommy asked. “Want me to take it out?”

“No,” Josh said breathlessly. “Just hold still, yeah? Let me get used to it. You’re pretty big.”

As Tommy held his position, Josh pushed out steadily, the way Simon had told him to. Within half a minute his muscles began to relax.

“Okay,” he breathed. “You can put it in now.”

Tommy pushed forwards, steadily driving his penis into Josh’s rectum. It thrust over his prostate.

“Oooh!” Josh groaned. “Oh, yeah!”

Tommy grinned; he knew all about that feeling. A moment later Josh was fully impaled, Tommy’s firm, taut body pressed tight against his bottom.

“Ohhhh!” Josh moaned. “That feels so good! Do me, Tommy!”

Tommy began to fuck, moving quite steadily at first, spellbound by the warm, tight sheath that was gripping his cock. Gradually, inexorably he built it up, fucking harder, faster; driven on by sheer animal lust, Josh’s quiet moans and whimpers simply adding fuel to the flames. Josh scarcely knew where he was, Tommy’s thrusting cock stretching his anus and driving repeatedly over his prostate, the magical combination of pain and pleasure transporting him to levels he’d never even dreamed of.

“Play with my dick!” he whimpered.

Tommy reached down, fondling Josh’s throbbing prong.

“Uhhh! Uhhh! Nnnnngg!!” Josh gasped, shuddering violently, his anus clamping tight around Tommy’s cock.

A moment later, Josh’s penis sprang into action, swelling and jerking between Tommy’s fingers. A couple more thrusts and Tommy’s world exploded, stars flashing in front of his eyes, the whole room seeming the shake. Instinctively, he gripped Josh firmly around the thighs, slamming in one final time, his boy-spunk spurting over and over into his smaller friend’s rectum. After several seconds he withdrew, slowly and carefully, his penis so sensitive he couldn’t bear to touch it. He collapsed onto the bed, his chest on fire. Josh snuggled up next to him.

“Are you okay?” Tommy asked, his chest visibly rising and falling.

“Yeah!” Josh breathed, his eyes sparkling. “That was wicked! Nobody ever fucked me like that!”

“That was fuckin’ awesome!” Tommy gasped, still struggling for breath. “I never thought we’d do that! Fuck!”

They kissed and cuddled, totally relaxed, just enjoying their closeness.

“I saw you the first day at High School,” Tommy said. “I looked at you an’ the kids you were with. I thought, “Oh, I bet he’s a right little snob;” thought I’d have no chance. Then a couple of days later we were comin’ out of science and you were talkin’ to Gary. When I asked him, he said you were alright, not snobby at all; never dreamed we’d be here like this though.”

“Well I’m glad you are,” Josh said, smiling.

“Better not say anything to Gaz about what we just did,” Tommy said quietly. “He might go off on one, say it’s too gay or somethin’.”

“Yeah, no problem,” Josh soothed. “I’m not going to say anything.”

He checked the time. “It’s five past five,” he said. “Sorry, but I’m going to have to throw you out. Mum will be home soon and she’ll expect to find me doing my homework.” He paused for a moment. “Like a good little boy,” he added, giving Tommy a mischievous grin.

“Man, you’re somethin’ else,” Tommy said, shaking his head in disbelief.

After they’d climbed quickly back into their clothes, Josh followed Tommy to the front door.

“Come again tomorrow, yeah?” he said insistently. “Don’t worry about Gary. He’ll be okay with it; you’ll see.”

“Yeah, okay,” Tommy said, smiling. “See you, then.”

He set off on the walk home. He felt different, strangely at peace with the world. He’d turned an important corner. The teachers were okay; they encouraged him, told him he could do well, but they didn’t understand, not really. But Josh had understood; he’d spelt it out to him. And Josh had said, “Okay, this is what you’re going to do, and I’m going to help you.” And he had; nobody had ever done that before.

It was like a fairy story, he reflected. On the surface, Josh was so soft and gentle, but underneath there was a toughness, a determination. He’d talked about ‘sticking at things’, ‘not giving up’. Tommy could see it; Josh would get to where he wanted to go because he’d plug away at it till he did. That’s what he’d have to do, Tommy told himself. Josh would help him and he’d get there too.

He walked up Acacia Road and into the house, the tatty furniture and threadbare carpets such a contrast with Josh’s place. He popped his head into the lounge room. His younger brother was sitting in front of the television, eating.

“Hi Daniel,” Tommy said brightly.

“Hi Tommy,” Daniel answered. “Where’ve you been? Mum’s been goin’ on about you disappearin’ without sayin’ nothin’.”

“Well, I’m here now,” Tommy said.

Daniel turned back to the cartoon he was watching. Tommy closed the door and headed up to his bedroom. Kevin, his step-brother was there, lying on his bed.

“Oh, look who we’ve got here,” he sneered. “Finally come home, have you?”

“What d’you care?” Tommy retorted, taking off his school clothes.

He put on shorts and a tee-shirt and stretched out on the bed a couple of feet away from Kevin’s.

“Not botherin’ about doin’ your homework?” Kevin taunted.

Tommy didn’t answer, resisting the temptation to tell Kevin he’d already done it.

“Oh, finally got the message, then?” Kevin continued. “Given up? Might as well; keep tellin’ yer, nobody wants kids like us.”

Still Tommy didn’t answer, happy to let Kevin think what he wanted.

“Your mum’s done some spaghetti Bolognese,” Kevin said, getting up off the bed. “You’d better go and get some before Frank gets back. I’ve had mine. Right, I’m off. Gotta see someone.”

Tommy followed him downstairs and wandered into the kitchen.

“What time d’you call this?” his mum demanded.

“Sorry,” Tommy muttered. “Went to a friend’s house.”

“I’ve told you before,” his mum barked. “You don’t go nowhere without tellin’ me first!”

“Sorry,” Tommy said, helping himself to a plate of minced beef and spaghetti. “I’ll be goin’ there again tomorrow, so I’ll be back about the same time, yeah?”

His mum eyed him suspiciously. She knew it couldn’t have been Gary’s house he’d gone to, and it didn’t sound like he’d been at Peter’s either. Peter, Peewee as the kids called him, was her cousin Leanne’s boy; if Tommy had been there, Leanne would have called her. In any case, Tommy had said ‘house’; Leanne lived in a flat.

As far as she knew, Tommy wasn’t that close to anyone else; most of the other kids he knew shied away from inviting him back. So it looked like he’d made a new friend, she concluded, obviously some kid who didn’t know the score. That wouldn’t last, she told herself.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Tommy was already in bed when Kevin returned. He could hear the older boy moving about, getting ready for bed. He wondered if Kevin would want anything, guessing that he probably would. He was right. A couple of minutes later the bed cover was pulled back and Kevin got in with him.

Tommy couldn’t just hear Kevin now, he could smell him. Cigarettes, they were always there; the kid smoked like a chimney. There was beer too, not overpowering but definitely there, and was that a hint of weed? Yeah, no question, it was weed alright.

“You ready for me?” Kevin said in a low growl, tugging at Tommy’s boxer shorts. “Frank and Karen are down the pub an’ Daniel’s fast asleep so it’s just you an’ me, yeah?”

There was nothing unusual about their respective parents being down at the local pub; they were there almost every night. Tommy has never quite worked out how his mum got up before 5.00 a.m. to go to her office cleaning job when she never got to bed till half past eleven.

Tommy didn’t resist. He could have done; although more than two years older, Kevin wasn’t that much bigger than him and nowhere like as fit. Tommy could have kicked him out of bed if he’d wanted to, but that would have caused a problem with Frank, Kevin’s dad, and at six feet two and well over two hundred pounds, Frank wasn’t a man any twelve year old was going to mess with.

In any case, he didn’t mind Kevin having sex with him; he was used to it. It was just another part of his life; he hardly thought about it any more. It had started almost as soon as Kevin and his dad had moved in. He was ten, Kevin just turned thirteen. Kevin had been nice to him, seduced him, kidded him along, showing him ‘things that older kids do’. He’d found it very exciting at first.

He’d been less excited barely two weeks later when Kevin had flipped him onto his tummy and stuffed his stiff cock into him. That had hurt. He’d begged Kevin to stop, but Kevin had kept right on going until his creamy juice had squirted into Tommy’s bum. After that, Kevin had kept right on doing it, night after night. Back then the size difference had been huge; resistance would have been futile.

And he couldn’t tell anyone; all his mum ever said was “Do what Frank tells you,” and what Frank said was “Do what Kevin tells you.” So he’d got used to it; pretty soon he’d got to like it. Then Frank started on him, in the early mornings after his mum had gone to work. The pain the first time the man had penetrated him had been excruciating. But it wasn’t long before he’d got used to that too, and as his boy-parts had grown, he’d even begun to enjoy it.

Tommy got onto all fours, just as Josh had done just a few hours earlier. Kevin inserted a finger into his anus. He was using baby oil, Tommy decided; at least it was better than Vaseline. The finger slid out. A moment later, Kevin was inside him fucking him remorselessly. There had been no foreplay, no show of affection, none of the build up that he and Josh had enjoyed.

Almost in spite of himself, Tommy’s penis began to throb; Kevin’s cock thrusting over his sex-button was making him hornier by the second. Staying power, however, was not Kevin’s strong suit. After barely a minute he ejaculated in Tommy’s rectum then summarily withdrew. Tommy flipped onto his back, grabbing his cock. His orgasm was almost instantaneous, three little jets of watery spunk squirting over his chest and tummy.

Tommy quickly cleaned himself up then returned to the bedroom.

“You’d better get to sleep,” Kevin said casually. “Frank’s gonna want you in the morning.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Tommy blinked and shook himself awake. Frank was getting into bed with him.

“Time these came off, Tommy boy,” the man whispered, sliding his hand down the back of Tommy’s boxers.

Tommy knew what to do. He lifted his hips, allowing Frank to pull his shorts right off. He placed his pillow in the middle of the bed, putting his discarded shorts on top, then lay down, the pillow under his hips, his legs spread apart. The man’s well-lubed finger pushed through his sphincter, working more baby oil into him. Within seconds, Frank was down on top of him, the man’s thick eight inch cock thrusting relentlessly into his anus.

“You like havin’ daddy’s cock up your bum, don’t you Tommy?” Frank breathed.

Tommy didn’t respond. In one way he resented it; Frank and Kevin treated him like a sex-toy, there to be fucked whenever they wanted. But at least by going along with it, his life was reasonably peaceful. In any case, his penis had totally different ideas.

“Give him a good hard fucking, dad,” Kevin hissed. “You know he wants it.”

The encouragement was unnecessary, Frank was already doing exactly that; it was what he always did. Tommy lay completely still, trying to hold himself back, but it was a lost cause. Frank’s cock stimulating his prostate and the friction between his penis and the pillow were taking him inexorably beyond the point of no return.

“Uhhh!” he groaned, his toes twitching uncontrollably.

His anus tightened sharply, his boy-spunk soaking into his boxers.

Good boy, Tommy!” Frank growled. “You’ve cum for daddy! You know you like it, so why not stop pretendin’ you don’t?”

He buried his cock deep inside Tommy’s rectum, rope after rope of thick, creamy semen filling the boy’s bowels.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh and Gary sat in their tutor group room, waiting for Mr. Bennett to arrive to take morning registration.

“When Tommy came round to mine,” Josh whispered, making sure nobody else could hear. “I told him he could do his homework if he wanted, so he did.”

Really?” Gary said, clearly surprised. “So what were you doing?”

“Doing my piano practice,” Josh told him. “It’s what I always do when I get in from school. Anyway, I’ve told him he can do his homework at mine every day if he wants to; it’ll help him catch up again, yeah?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Gary acknowledged.

“Well yesterday,” Josh continued, “you weren’t too happy that he wasn’t there walking home with you like he usually does.”

“You don’t miss much, do you?” Gary conceded, giving Josh a wry smile.

“You’re Tommy’s best mate,” Josh said, looking at him intently. “He needs to know you’re alright with him coming round to mine to do his homework. You need to tell him, yeah?”

“You’ve really taken to him, haven’t you?” Gary temporized.

“Yeah,” Josh said firmly. “He’s great. I think he deserves a chance. He does, doesn’t he?”

“Yeah, okay,” Gary agreed. “I’ll tell him.”

“There’s a problem about Thursdays though,” Josh continued, determined to press home his advantage while he’d got Gary on the back foot. “I’ve got my piano lesson and you’ve got football. I’ve told Tommy we could do our homework in the library at lunchtime, but it’d be much better if you were there too.”

Gary thought for a moment. “That’s not a bad idea, actually,” he admitted. “I hate havin’ to do homework after we’ve played football; I’m always too knackered.”

He paused for a few seconds, the wheels almost visibly turning in his head.

“Actually, it’s a bloody good idea,” he continued, his sudden enthusiasm taking Josh by surprise. “We usually play football on the playground at lunchtimes, yeah? But up till half term, we’re playin’ matches after school on Thursdays. By the end of the match I’ve been really feeling it; last week I was that tired I could hardly walk. I know I’d do better if I rested up on the lunchtime.” He grinned. “Nice idea, man! You’re on!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Ashley walked up the short front path and rang the bell. A few seconds later Ryan appeared, like him already in his playing out clothes. They went inside.

“So your mum fixed something up, yeah?” Ryan enquired.

“Yeah,” Ashley confirmed. “David’s staying at Max’s house. She’s arranged for him to go there once a week. It’s better than nothing.”

They made there way upstairs.

“Dad went mad at David when he found out what he’d done, you know, barging in and accusing us of stuff,” Ashley continued, “sent him straight to bed after dinner. It didn’t make any difference though. Mum and dad try really hard to get him to behave properly, but he just won’t. He’s the same at school, always in trouble for not doing as he’s told.”

“Sounds a bit like me,” Ryan said, grinning.

Not really,” Ashley said, following Ryan into his bedroom. “Yeah, you’ve been in trouble a few times, but you always get your work done. David doesn’t. Mum and dad are really worried about him.” He paused for a moment. “Anyway, I didn’t come here to talk about him,” he added, giving Ryan a knowing grin. “You wanna?”

“Why d’you think I’ve closed the curtains?” Ryan asked, grinning back.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

When Josh arrived at the school gate, Tommy and Gary were waiting for him. They seemed excited to see him.

“How did the match go?” Josh enquired.

“It was wicked, man!” Gary said quietly. “Great game; Wansford Park have got a really strong team so we knew we’d have to play well. About three minutes to go the score was two-all. I got the ball just inside their half, yeah? Their centre-backs were back coverin’ so they shouldn’t have had a problem. Anyway, I took it past one of ‘em, but instead of closing me down the other kid backed off, so I cut the other way, went past him as well, picked my spot, that was it; probably the best goal I’ve ever scored.”

“You should have seen him, man!” Tommy added, bubbling with enthusiasm. “He must’ve run forty yards. They’re defenders never got near ‘im!” And when he went past their last defender, he just fuckin’ buried it. Their goalie had no chance!”

“Well done, Gaz!” Josh enthused. That’s wicked!”

“Yeah! Mr. Saunders was well chuffed, weren’t he Gaz!”

Gary nodded, looking a bit embarrassed.

“But you haven’t heard the best bit,” Tommy went on. “Before the game a couple of the kids were havin’ a dig at us; Jermaine, Stephen Woolf, you know sayin’ “Oh you’re swots now, doin’ your homework instead of playin’ football.”

“It was Woolfie mainly,” Gary interrupted. “I weren’t bothered about him; he’s an arsehole, you know, not a bad player but thinks he’s better than he is. His mum and dad let him do as he likes. I just told him he should ‘ave my mum to deal with.”

“Yeah, well after we’d won,” Tommy continued. “Gaz went up to Woolfie and said “The other reason I didn’t play football at lunchtime was so I’d still be able to run at the end of the game,” so all the other kids could hear. Nothin’ else, just that; walked off and left him standin’ there. Made him look a right idiot! Mr. Saunders loved it, didn’t he, Gaz?”

Gary grinned and nodded. They split up to head to the tutor group rooms.

“I owe you one, man!” Gary said quietly. “I’d never have been able to do it if I’d played at lunchtime like we usually do.”

“Thanks,” Josh said, glowing inside, sensing that he’d won a level of respect that he hadn’t had before. “So what did your mum and dad think?”

“Mum was a bit funny about me doin’ my homework at school, but I showed her my books an’ my homework diary. She could see I’d done it all so she couldn’t say much. Anyway, dad put her straight. He was well pleased, specially when I told him about the goal. He went on about ‘showing initiative’ and ‘takin’ responsibility’; told mum they should be encouragin’ that. I never said it was you that suggested it.”

“So d’you get on well with your dad?” Josh asked.

“Yeah, most of the time,” Gary said. “He don’t let me get away with nothin’ but he’s okay; comes to watch me play whenever he can, talks to me a lot, encouragin’ me an’ stuff, you know, makin’ sure I do things right?”

“So what does he do?” Josh enquired.

“Telecoms engineer,” Gary said. “Never did that well at school; that’s what he says. Had to go to night school for years after. He does okay, yeah?”

Josh nodded; it had explained a lot.

“I wish my dad was like that,” he said quietly. “He never talks to me about anything.”

Mr. Bennett entered the classroom and the school day began.