By Pink Panther

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The front door slammed shut. Josh turned over and checked his watch; it was Tuesday morning, ten to eight. He slipped out of bed and began to prepare for the day. Being on holiday from school had allowed him to lie in a little longer than normal, but now that his parents were safely out of the way, it was time to make a move.

His first half term at the High School had gone better than he’d expected. Apart from games, he was doing well in all his classes and he’d started to make friends. It was strange the way things had worked out, he reflected. Before he started, he would never have imagined that his two closest friends at school would be boys like Gary and Tommy, but that was how it was. He was getting to know Asif too; quiet, hard-working and an excellent student, the two of them vying for top spot in almost everything. The only disappointment had been music. Up to that point, all he’d done was to join the junior choir, which rehearsed two lunchtimes per week. Opportunities to do more would come, but he’d have to be patient.

They’d had to shower after games on one further occasion. He’d got through it without incident; he hadn’t peeked at the other boys and hadn’t got an erection. Gary had told him that’s what he needed to do so he’d done it. He’d felt much better afterwards, partly because he’d avoided making himself conspicuous again, but more because he’d succeeded in controlling his hormones; it was a sense of achievement, like mastering a really tricky piano piece.

He’d spent most of the previous day at Ryan’s house. They’d jammed, they’d talked and they’d had sex. They hadn’t fucked; instead they’d settled quite spontaneously into a wonderful sixty-nine; Ryan did that better than anyone and, it seemed, thoroughly enjoyed it.

After breakfast, Josh settled down to his morning piano practice. His grade seven exam was only three weeks away; he couldn’t afford to slacken off. For almost an hour he worked on exercises before breezing through a couple of randomly-selected sight reading tests. That was it, job done. He’d come back in the afternoon and work on his examination pieces.

He gathered his swimming things together and set off for Ashley’s house. Along with Ryan and Darren, they’d arranged to meet there before going to the pool. There was a Kids’ Splash Session scheduled for eleven o’clock and they were keen to take full advantage. Gary and Tommy had said that they might be there, but had stopped short of saying that they definitely would. Josh hoped they’d show up; he missed having Tommy around.

He walked up the drive and rang the bell. Ashley answered almost immediately.

“Hi Josh!” he said brightly. “Come in!”

“Anyone else here?” Josh enquired.

“Not yet,” Ashley said. “It’s only ten past ten. Squeak’s just round the corner; he won’t be long. Don’t know about Ryan. You never know what time he’s going to show up.”

Josh grinned; he knew only too well how true that was.

By ten thirty they were all assembled. They left the house and strolled steadily towards the pool, chatting about this and that. When they arrived, Josh looked round, hoping to see Tommy and Gary, but there was no sign of them. They paid at the reception desk and made their way into the changing room; Josh’s high school friends weren’t in there either. He was disappointed, but there was nothing he could do about it. Anyway, he’d still have a good time; they always did.

They were in the middle of getting changed when Tommy and Gary breezed in. Josh’s eyes lit up; they’d made it! They were accompanied by a third boy whom Josh remembered seeing around school, although he didn’t know who he was.

“Alright Squeak!” Gary said, grinning. “How’s it goin’?”

“Good thanks!” Darren responded.

“You win Sunday?” Gary asked

“Yeah, what about you?”

“Four-nil. Piece of piss; they were crap.”

“This is Peewee,” Tommy said, indicating the boy Josh didn’t know.

“Awright?” the boy said, giving Josh a rather vacant look.

“Yeah, thanks.” Josh responded.

Gary parked himself next to Josh and began pulling his clothes off.

“How d’you know Darren?” Josh asked.

“Sunday League football,” Gary said. “We all play for Newton Valley Colts; not the same team like; Squeak’s under elevens, we’re under twelves.

Josh looked up. Tommy and Peewee were getting changed on the next bench a few feet away. Peewee was tall too, about the same height Gary and Tommy, but slimmer.

“How did he get the name Peewee?” Josh enquired, lowering his voice.

“His name’s Peter Weetman,” Gary explained.

“Oh, right,” Josh said cautiously, sensing that this wasn’t quite the whole story. “He looks like he’s, you know, not quite with it,” he added, talking even more quietly.

“He don’t know whether he’s on his arse or his elbow most of the time,” Gary whispered. “He’s okay though; you’ll see.”

Ryan found it hard to take in. He’d known that Josh would make new friends at the High School, but hadn’t expected them to be rough, council estate kids like these three; Josh usually steered well clear of kids like them. Ryan checked them out; Gary had nice clothes but the other two didn’t. The one they called Peewee didn’t even have proper swimming shorts; he was wearing a pair of cheap football shorts instead. It seemed very odd. Josh was obviously very friendly with them, so how had that happened?

They stashed their clothes in a couple of lockers and trotted through to the pool. In the water, Peewee was the star. He was by far the best swimmer, moving swiftly and gracefully through the water with little apparent effort. They moved onto the springboard. Peewee starred again, achieving far greater height off the board than any of the other boys and maintaining perfect body position to make a smooth, splash-free entry.

Finally they headed up to the five-metre platform. Darren went first, running up as he’d done previously before springing off the board. It was okay but far from perfect. After a few seconds he surfaced and swam to the side. Once the area was clear, Tommy stepped up to follow him. He was very untidy, making a huge splash as he entered the water.

“Who’s goin’ next?” Gary asked.

Peewee didn’t say anything, just sauntered to the end of the board and stood, looking out at the water. Suddenly he flexed his knees, launching himself high into the air. He executed a perfect half-somersault and headed down as straight as an arrow, entering the water with hardly a ripple. Josh was in awe; he hadn’t expected Peewee to perform like that.

“Man, that was bad!” Ashley commented.

“He don’t train or nothin’,” Gary said quietly. “Just does it. Complete natural. You should have seen him at the Primary School Sports. Won fuckin’ everythin’, high jump, long jump, four hundred.”

“Yeah, I knew I’d seen him before!” Ashley said, grinning. “He was unbelievable.”

“So were you there, then?” Gary queried.

“Yeah, I ran the fifteen hundred, Ashley said.

“Oh, where d’you finish?”

“Sixth, but all the kids that beat me were Year Six, so I’m hoping to do better this year. Our coach tried to get Peewee to come to the athletics club, but he never did.”

“That’s Peewee,” Gary said with a note of resignation. “Lives with his mum in the Whitcombe Flats; they ain’t got a lot.”

At ten past twelve they headed back to the changing room. After a quick shower they began to get changed. Over the previous couple of months Ryan had become far more relaxed about being naked around the other boys; getting unwanted erections was no longer a problem. He watched carefully. There was no doubt about it; Josh was very friendly with the kids from the estate, Tommy especially, who seemed to be the roughest of the lot. It didn’t make sense; what had Josh got in common with a kid like him?

The answer crept up on him like a bad cold. He tried to dismiss the idea but couldn’t. It was unmistakeable, as clear as daylight; just the way they looked at each other spelt it out. What they had in common was sex. Josh and Tommy were having sex; in all probability Josh was having sex with Gary too; the dark haired boy was certainly in on it. It was an uncomfortable thought.

Josh and Tommy moved a little away from the others, talking very quietly as though concluding some secret arrangements. For a moment, Ryan was consumed by jealousy; Josh was his, wasn’t he? He mentally kicked himself. He was messing about with Ashley; why shouldn’t Josh be doing stuff with Tommy if he wanted to? But did he want to? It looked like he was okay with it, but Tommy and Gary were big lads and Josh was pretty useless when it came to standing up for himself; they could have easily twisted his arm if they’d wanted to. There was nothing for it, Ryan concluded. He was going to have to talk to him about it.

Peewee, still naked, was slowly drying himself, staring blankly into the middle distance. Darren jumped onto the bench in front of him.

“Ground control to Peewee! Ground Control to Peewee!” he shouted, waving his arms.

“Fuck off!” Peewee protested, blinking furiously.

Ryan cringed, remembering his discomfort when Darren had done that to him, back during the summer holidays.

“Leave him, Squeak!” Tommy snapped.

Darren retreated immediately. To Ryan the message was loud and clear. Darren was the cheekiest, most daring kid he’d ever met; he wasn’t scared of anyone. But just a word from Tommy and he’d backed off. That said it all.

“You comin’ Thursday?” Gary asked as they prepared to leave.

“Yeah, we’ll be here, won’t we?” Ashley responded.

The rest of the gang indicated their agreement. The two groups split up and headed for home.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“So how did you get to know those three?” Ryan asked, reaching down to fondle Josh’s penis.

“Actually, I’ve not met Peewee before,” Josh said. “He’s Tommy’s cousin.”

Ryan nodded, fitting this latest information into his mental jigsaw.

“So what about the other two?” he continued.

“Gary’s in my tutor group,” Josh said. “He’s in my class for maths and science too; we sit together.”

“So what about Tommy?” Ryan persisted. “He didn’t seem to like Darren picking on Peewee.”

“He wouldn’t,” Josh said. “He’s like that. Tommy and Gary are best mates,” he went on, “so I’ve got to know him a bit too.”

“Now tell me the proper story,” Ryan said, looking him right in the eye.

“I’m not lying!” Josh protested, squirming around on the bed. He hated it when Ryan caught him out like that.

“I didn’t say you were,” Ryan said quietly. “Just leaving most of it out. You usually stay well way from kids like him, so what happened this time?”

Josh didn’t respond.

“Man, I saw you while we were getting changed,” Ryan continued quietly. “You were all over him! You’re doing stuff together, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Josh whispered, feeling very embarrassed; Ryan could read him like a book.

“So how did that happen?” Ryan asked. “It’s okay,” he added softly. “Me and Ashley have been, you know, messing about, so I’m not havin’ a go at you; I’d just like to know.”

Josh told him the whole story, having to shower after games, the confrontation with Kyle Edwards, his rescue by Gary and Tommy, and his meeting with them outside the science block.

“And you’re sure they didn’t make you do anything?” Ryan queried.

No,” Josh said, grinning. “It was quite funny actually. They wouldn’t say what they wanted me to do, just asked if I’d like to ‘help them out’. I didn’t get it at first; then I realised. So I asked them straight out if they wanted me to suck them off. Tommy asked if I was up for that and I said yes.”

“So where did you go?” Ryan asked.

“The boys’ toilets in the science block,” Josh said. “It’s always quiet in there after school.”

“So is that where you’ve been doing them, then?” Ryan probed.

Sort of,” Josh said, looking uncomfortable. “I didn’t really like doing it there, so I suggested that they came back to mine. Gary said he couldn’t, cause his mum gives him a hard time if he doesn’t come straight home from school, but Tommy said he could. So I did Gary in the toilets then Tommy and I went back to my house.”

“Gary’s mum sounds a bit like mine!” Ryan said, laughing.

“Worse, I think!” Josh said, joining in the laughter.

“You mustn’t repeat this,” Josh said quietly, “but Tommy’s from a really rough family. He works very hard at school, but he hasn’t got anywhere to do his homework, so I said he could do it here while I did my piano practice. So that’s what we did. Then afterwards, we . . . , you know . . .”

“That’s cool,” Ryan said. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay. So you like Tommy then?”

“Yeah,” Josh said, smiling. “He’s great. I love doing stuff with him, same as I do with you, but just having him here makes me feel good cause I’m helping him do something he wants to do.”

Ryan didn’t reply for several seconds, keeping his gaze fixed on Josh’s eyes.

“I get it, I think,” he said finally. “So does he . . . , er, up your bum?”

“Yeah,” Josh admitted.

“So is that why you’ve stopped asking me to do it?” Ryan asked.

“Sort of, I guess,” Josh said. “I mean, if you said you wanted to I wouldn’t say no”

“So can I do it now?” Ryan whispered.

“Yeah, course,” Josh said, fishing out the KY and passing it to him. “How d’you want me?”

“You know,” Ryan breathed, “face to face, like we did it the first time.”

Josh rolled onto his back, lifting his legs so that his knees were close to his shoulders.

“Come on then,” he said, grinning.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh gritted his teeth and ploughed through his morning piano practice. His concentration just wasn’t there; he was doing his best but it was an uphill struggle. “Would he come?” he kept wondering. Finally the doorbell rang. He ran to answer it. There he was.

“Come in!” he said, ushering Tommy inside. “I’m glad you came.”

“Told you I would,” Tommy said, smiling. He stopped outside the music room. “Will you play me something?” he asked.

Josh sat at the piano, unsure at first what to play. Then he remembered. Tommy sat totally enraptured. He’d heard Josh practice lots of times and knew he was good, but this was way better than the stuff he played when he was practising. The tune came to a close.

“That was wicked, man!” Tommy breathed, smiling enthusiastically. “What was it?”

“It’s called ‘Georgia on my Mind,” Josh said. “It’s an old Ray Charles song. Ryan and I play it together quite a bit.”

“Ryan, that’s the kid with the ear-ring, yeah?” Tommy asked as Josh got up from the piano.

“Yeah,” Josh confirmed.

“So is he the kid you’ve been . . . , you know?”

“Yeah,” Josh said, smiling.

“Thought so,” Tommy said, smiling back.

They made their way upstairs.

“So what does he play, then?” Tommy asked.

“Guitar,” Josh told him. “He’s great.”

They went into Josh’s bedroom and closed the door. Slowly and sensuously they helped each other undress. Fifteen minutes later, Josh was lying blissfully on his tummy, his legs spread apart, a pillow under his hips. Tommy was down on top of him, his penis thrusting repeatedly over Josh’s prostate. Nothing, Josh decided, could ever feel better than that.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The six boys strolled out of the Leisure Centre.

“Where’s Peewee today?” Josh enquired.

“Oh, he couldn’t come,” Gary said firmly.

They wandered into the village and headed for KFC. They ordered what they wanted then sat together at a large table eating, talking inconsequentially about this and that. Finally they made their way back outside.

“We’re going home now,” Ashley said, referring to himself and Darren.

“See you then,” Gary said, smiling. “See you, Squeak!” he added, as Ashley and Darren turned and walked away.

“We’d better be goin’ too,” he said, checking his watch. “I’ll get an earful from the old lady if I’m not there when she gets in from work. Come over if you like.”

“Yeah, cool,” Ryan said, speaking for both himself and Josh.

They began heading back towards the Leisure Centre.

“The reason Peewee didn’t come this morning was that he’d got no money,” Gary said evenly. “I said I’d pay for him but he wouldn’t have it.”

“It was cause of what Squeak did the last time,” Tommy said, clearly still annoyed. “He can be a little shit at times. Peewee gets really upset, people pickin’ on him cause he’s not very bright.”

“I’m sure Squeak didn’t mean any harm,” Josh soothed.

“Nah, but he should know better, shouldn’t he?” Tommy countered.

Josh nodded; he couldn’t argue with that.

They turned onto the Newton Valley Estate. It was much nicer than Josh had expected. It wasn’t posh, but the houses and gardens looked neat and well cared for.

“This is okay,” he commented.

“Yeah, it’s better than people think,” Gary said. He pointed towards some high-rise blocks away in the distance. “Now that’s not so good,” he added. “That’s where Peewee lives.”

They reached a corner.

“Okay, Tom,” Gary said, “See you tomorrow, yeah?”

Tommy nodded then carried on along the main road, Gary, Josh and Ryan turning off along a small side street.

“Tommy’s not allowed in the house,” Gary explained quietly, “not cause of anything he’s done but cause of his family. I’d have invited him back, but the old lady’ll be home any time.”

They strolled on a bit further.

“This is it then,” Gary said, indicating the house they’d just reached.

Josh checked it out. It had been extensively modernised; he thought it was the smartest in the street. They went inside; that was very smart too.

“This is nice, man,” he commented.

“Dad did most of the work himself,” Gary said, “got some of his mates at work to help him with bits of it. It’s a lot cheaper than payin’ people to do it for you.”

Ryan and Josh followed Gary up to his bedroom. It was quite small but in addition to the single bed it contained a wardrobe, small chest of drawers, a desk with a computer and a television. It was even better than Josh had expected.

“Neat gaff, man,” Ryan said. “You got everythin’.”

“I have to work for it though,” Gary told him. “Behavin’ myself, helpin’ round the house, workin’ hard at school, otherwise I’d get nothin’.”

“My mum’s like that,” Ryan said. “She’s promised I can have an electric guitar. Dunno when I’ll get it though.”

They headed back down stairs and into the kitchen.

“Wanna drink?” Gary asked, opening the fridge.

“Please!” Josh and Ryan chorused.

“Coke okay?”

They nodded their agreement. Gary poured them all a glass then turned to the cake tin.

“Anyone like double-choc muffins?” he ventured.

“Yeah, man!” Ryan responded, his eyes lighting up.

“You want one?” Gary asked, turning to Josh.

Josh smiled and nodded. Gary took out three muffins, putting them onto small plates.

“Don’t make crumbs,” he said, “Mum’ll kill me.”

They settled themselves into the lounge room. Almost immediately, the front door opened.

“Hi mum!” Gary called.

A few seconds later she appeared, a smartly dressed woman in her late thirties.

“This is Josh,” Gary said, “and that’s Ryan, Josh’s mate from juniors.”

“Hello Josh,” she said, smiling. “Nice to meet you; Gary’s told us a lot about you, how much you’ve helped him, especially in the first couple of weeks while he was settling in. So which school are you at, Ryan?”

“Oh, I’m still at Stainmoor,” Ryan said.

She looked from Josh to Ryan and back again.

“So you’re older than him?” she queried.

“Yeah,” Josh said, but only just. “My birthday’s the end of June; Ryan’s is the beginning of September.”

“Oh, I see,” she said. “So you’ll be going to the High School next year?” she continued, turning back to Ryan.

“My mum wants me to go to the grammar school,” Ryan said, “So I’ll be going there if I pass the exam.”

“I wasted my time when I was at school,” she said sharply. “Talking all the time; my mum and dad were nowhere like strict enough with me. Gary’s dad didn’t do as well as he should have done either. There are lots of kids like that round here, just drift along, doing what they have to. So I’m making damn sure my kids don’t make the same mistakes we made.”

There was an uneasy silence.

“So what have you been doing today?” she asked suddenly, switching her interrogation to Gary.

“Went to the pool this morning, like I said,” Gary said casually. “Afterwards we went to the village for something to eat, went to Ryan’s place for a bit, then we came back here.”

“Tommy hasn’t been here has he?” she demanded.

“No,” Gary said quietly. “When we got back over this end he went home; we came here. We’ve only just got back.”

“You’ll catch it if I find out he’s been here,” she said threateningly.

Ryan finished his glass of coke then looked across at Josh. Josh followed suit.

“Sorry, but we ought to be going,” Ryan said politely.

Ryan and Josh said their goodbyes and made their way out. As soon as the house was out of sight they burst into spontaneous laughter.

“Fuck! Ryan said, barely able to contain himself. “I thought my mum was bad. You were right; she’s fuckin’ scary!”

They continued laughing and giggling all the way back to the Leisure Centre.

“You coming to mine?” Josh asked.

“Nah, let’s go to mine instead,” Ryan suggested. “It’s nearer.”

“Yeah, okay,” Josh agreed, his cock already throbbing inside his briefs.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“So who were those boys you were hanging out with yesterday?” Rachel demanded on her return from work.

“They’re friends of Josh’s,” Ryan said casually.

“Someone I know saw you all in the village yesterday,” Rachel went on. “One of them’s a real rough character if his family’s anything to go by. The Shaws; they’re a right bad lot!”

“Tommy’s sound,” Ryan responded. “His family may be a bit rough, but he’s not.”

“Ryan, I don’t want you mixing with undesirables!” Rachel said emphatically.

“Tommy’s not an undesirable,” Ryan countered, digging his heels in.

“I think he is!” Rachel shot back.

“Yeah, mum,” Ryan sighed with mock exasperation. “That’s why he’s been made football captain.”

“Ryan!” Rachel snapped.

“And if you must know,” Ryan continued, “he goes to Josh’s house to do his homework ‘cause he’s got nowhere to do it at home.”

“So what about the other boy?” Rachel asked, switching her line of attack.

“Gary?” Ryan queried. “He’s okay. He’s in Josh’s maths and science classes. Very quiet and works hard, that’s what Josh says. We went over there yesterday. They’ve bought their council house, got it done out like a palace; you’d love it. And his mum and dad are stricter than you!”

Rachel stood there looking at him for several seconds, unable to think of anything else to say. Finally, she stomped off into the kitchen. Ryan allowed himself a smirk. He didn’t often win arguments with his mum but he’d certainly had the better of that one.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Friday evening; Josh’s parents were out again. He sat down at the computer and logged into the chatroom. With all the upheaval of starting at the High School and everything else that had been going on, he hadn’t chatted online for weeks. He checked to see who else was logged in, hoping that Tim Spitfire might be there. He wasn’t, but Fantastic Mr. Fox was. Josh hesitated for a moment, wondering whether or not to send him a message. “What the hell!” he thought, and began typing.

JT: Hi there! How’s it going? Sorry I’ve not been around for a while.

FMF: Hello Tiger! No worries! Good to hear from you again! How’s the new school going?

JT: Good, thanks!

FMF: Made any new friends yet?

JT: Yeah!

FMF: Any, you know, ‘special’ friends?

JT: Sort of.

FMF: Great! Want to switch to Messenger so we can talk about it?

JT: Yeah, okay.

A minute later they were both logged into Messenger, their webcams activated.

FMF: Still as gorgeous as ever, I see! So are you feeling horny this evening?

JT: I’m always horny!

FMF: So tell me about your new friend.

JT: His name’s Tommy. He’s quite big for kids our age, very nice looking too. He’s captain of the football team. We’ve been going together for about a month. He’s really nice.

FMF: Wonderful! So what d’you do?

JT: You know, suck each other off and that.

FMF: Sounds great. Has he got a big cock?

JT: Pretty big; a lot bigger than Ryan’s or Romano’s. Nothing like your size though.

FMF: So does he cum then?

JT: Yeah!

FMF: Great! Can I see you?

JT: Okay.

Josh removed his tee-shirt then pulled down his shorts and briefs, scooting backwards in his chair so that Mr. Fox could get a good look at him. Simon sucked in air.

FMF: Wow! You are beautiful! Can I see your bum?

Josh stood up and turned around, bending down over the chair. Simon’s eyes widened. The boy’s pucker was completely exposed, the area on either side chafed bright red. Josh hadn’t admitted to it, but he was being fucked; there was no doubt about it. It seemed that Tommy was a very lucky boy. Simon grinned, licking his lips. He’d wondered whether pursuing Josh was actually worth the trouble, but it definitely was. As long as he played his cards right it wouldn’t be too long before it was his cock that was inside that beautiful little anus.