By Pink Panther

We’ve just disclaimed again, yeah?

The story moves on with the boys back at school after their Christmas break, so read on and enjoy! Feedback is always welcome; please send your comments to and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


“Hey man!” Zac greeted as Damian strolled through the door. “I’ve missed you lots. How was it over at your dad’s place?”

“It was okay,” Damian said casually. “Went to the Renegade gig on New Year’s Eve; that was about it. But I think I might have found a keyboard player.”

“Yeah?” Zac queried.

“When I was at the gig, the guitarist turned up with his nephew, Ryan and this other kid, Josh. Well, it turns out Josh has just started at our place and he did grade seven piano last term, so he must be able to play. Anyway, he’s keen to give it a try.”

“Sounds good,” Zac said.

“Yeah, nice looking kid too,” Damian remarked, “sort of messy fair hair right down on his collar.”

“Cool,” Zac said, grinning. “We’ll give him a go.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Gary was glad to get back at school; the school holiday had started to drag. At the end of the first day, he headed to his tutor group room.

“Tommy’s been told he’s moving into the top maths and science groups,” he said, sitting down next to Josh.

“So has somebody been dropped?” Josh asked.

“Yeah, Lee Spicer,” Gary sneered. “Lazy tosser!”

“Don’t really know him,” Josh said. “He used to go to Broad Oaks. Asif says he never did any work there either.

“In maths, d’you want to sit next to Tommy,” Gary suggested, “so you can help him if he gets stuck? I’ll sit with Michael at the desk in front, yeah?”

“Won’t that mean Chris and Jon have to move?” Josh asked.

“Yeah,” Gary confirmed. “They’ll sit where Lee and Michael were. I’ve asked them; they’re okay about it.”

Josh looked at him suspiciously.

“It’s alright!” Gary protested. “I didn’t get heavy or nothin’! I asked them; they said okay.”

“Sorry,” Josh said, giggling. “Thanks.”

He was pleased; he’d assumed that Tommy and Gary would sit together, just like they did in most of their other classes, but Tommy probably would find it tough to start with; the pace was faster than he was used to, and some of the work more difficult. He was looking forward to helping him.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Zac and Damian emerged from the science block at the beginning of morning break. Damian spotted Josh on the playground, just a few yards away. They strolled across.

“Hi Josh!” Damian said brightly. “This is Zac.”

“Hi,” Zac said casually. He fished in his bag, pulling out a folder. “I’ve got a CD for you with some of our songs on it, and some chord charts so you can work out what we’ll need you to play, yeah?”

“Yeah, thanks!” Josh responded.

“We’re rehearsing here tomorrow evening,” Zac continued. “D’you think you’ll be able to make that?”

“Yeah, should be okay,” Josh said smiling.

Zac smiled inwardly, trying to contain his excitement. He’d noticed Josh within a few days of him starting at Newton Valley High. Damian hadn’t done him justice; Josh wasn’t just nice looking; he was the most beautiful boy in the entire school. Better still, he was gay. Zac couldn’t explain how he knew that; he just did.

Zac had been sexually aware since the age of eight. He was attracted to both boys and girls in roughly equal measure, though his experience with girls was fairly limited. He’d begun having sex with Damian when they were twelve, just messing about, as many boys do, but when the barn conversion was completed, his new bedroom had provided the perfect location for them to go further. They’d humped each other, their penises grinding together, causing Damian to ejaculate on Zac’s tummy. A few weeks later, they’d graduated to sucking each other off, which they’d continued doing for more than a year.

In the previous few months, however, Damian had acquired a girlfriend. Boy-sex was no longer on his agenda, and frustrating though that was, Zac knew better than to push the issue. But now he had a reason to get to know one of the cutest boys he’d ever seen, a boy he was totally certain was gay. It was an opportunity he was determined not to miss.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Back at home, Josh worked carefully through the demo CD and chord charts that Zac had given him. There were four songs. Although the influence of British rock bands was not entirely absent, elements of blues, funk and even country were well in evidence. Zac, it seemed, was into lots of American stuff. The piano parts were very basic; Josh could see what Damian meant about Zac not calling himself a keyboard player. Within half an hour he could play them all perfectly. He set to work filling them out. Although they sounded better, some of the chord changes weren’t right. He’d have liked to alter them, but for the moment they were auditioning him, not the other way round; he’d deal with that later.

The following evening, Josh’s mum dropped him off at school. It was twenty to seven.

“I’ll come and pick you up and quarter to nine,” she said, smiling. “Have fun!”

Josh headed inside, making his way to the performance area. He quickly located the other boys in one of the rehearsal rooms. For a moment they didn’t seem to notice him. He stood nervously by the door. In the far corner, a boy with short, light brown hair was setting up the drum kit. That had to be Greg, he concluded.

His potential band mates were in year nine. All had recently turned fourteen. At five feet six, Zac was the smallest, while Damian, the tallest, was almost five feet eleven. Zac had something special about him, Josh noted, a sort of mystique, with his long, straight hair and intense blue eyes, his slim legs encased in skin-tight black jeans; though not as good looking as Greg or Damian, he was very sexy.

Josh suddenly felt out of place. These were big lads, young men almost, with rapidly deepening voices. He was barely four feet eleven and his voice hadn’t even started to break. How could he possibly fit in? He checked himself. He was there because he was a good keyboard player; that was all that mattered.

“Hi Josh!” Damian said brightly, striding across to greet him. “We’ve got the electric piano set up for you.” He guided Josh over to the drum kit. “This is Greg,” he said.

Josh and Greg slapped hands.

“Is this your kit?” Josh queried.

“They’re my cymbals,” Greg told him, “but the kit’s the school’s; my kit’s better than this.”

“I’m using one of the school amps,” Damian said. “It saves lugging mine in here.”

Josh said down at the piano and began to check it out.

“What did you think of the songs” Zac asked.

“They’re great,” Josh said enthusiastically. “They just need a bit of work.”

Zac eyed him as though about to ask what he meant, then continued with what he’d been doing. Five minutes later they were ready to play. They ran through the first of Zac’s songs, ‘Can’t Get Enough’. Josh was impressed. Although Zac’s guitar playing was quite limited, he was an excellent singer. Greg and Damian worked together beautifully, making the band sound tight and solid.

“Not bad at all,” Zac said after they’d finished. “Let’s try it again.”

This time Josh was far more confident, fitting in much better with the bass and drums. The song ended. Zac looked at Greg and Damian. They smiled and nodded.

“You’re good,” Zac said, turning to Josh. “So d’you want the gig?”

“Yeah, definitely,” Josh answered, smiling.

“Okay, let’s try ‘Love Hurts’,” Zac suggested.

They played it three times.

“Yeah, that’s really coming together,” Zac said approvingly. “Just needs more practice.”

Josh reflected that it would sound better still if he could persuade Zac to alter the chord sequence, but it was still a bit early for that.

They moved onto ‘Rain Keeps Falling’. It was a disaster; they were all over the place. Josh was puzzled. Apart from a few embellishments, he was playing what Zac had put on the demo, so he felt sure he was doing it okay, but somebody wasn’t playing it right. They tried it a second time. After the first chorus Josh stood up, waving his arms. The other boys stopped playing, looking at him like he’d gone mad.

“The bass part’s wrong,” he said firmly.

“I was just trying to do something a bit more interesting,” Damian countered, looking a little put out.

“Yeah, but it’s not working,” Josh continued. “You’re playing right across the beat.”

“So what should I be playing?” Damian asked, testing him out.

Josh picked out a bass line on the piano; Damian followed him. After listening to them run through it a couple of times, Greg joined in with his drum part.

“Man, that’s a groove!” Zac said enthusiastically as they stopped playing. “That’s what I wanted it to sound like. Let’s do it!”

They played the whole song. It was totally transformed, the sound tight and punchy.

“Man, you are good!” Zac commented, grinning at Josh. “We actually sounded like a rock band!” He checked the time. “I guess we’d better get this stuff packed away,” he continued. “Can you make it round to my place Sunday afternoon, about quarter past two?

“Yeah,” Josh confirmed. “It’s not far from me; mum will drop me off if it’s raining.”

“Cool!” Zac said. “That should give us about three hours, yeah?”

“Yeah, fine,” Josh said, grinning like the Cheshire cat.

He helped the other boys pack everything into the music store. He was almost bubbling over; things had gone far better than he’d expected. He checked the time; it was just after half past eight.

“I’m just going for a pee,” he said casually. “Mum won’t be here to pick me up till quarter to.”

He trotted off to the toilets. As he stood at the urinal, he heard someone else come in. Although there was plenty of room, the someone else stood right next to him. It was Zac. The temptation was too great to resist. He peeked across. His eyes widened; Zac wasn’t peeing; he was playing with his cock.

“See something you like?” Zac asked quietly.

Josh grinned and nodded.

“Come on!” Zac whispered, jerking his head towards the stalls.

He led the way into the furthest one, bolting the door behind them. Jeans and underwear were quickly lowered.

“Nice!” Zac breathed, running his fingers over Josh’s penis. He sat on the toilet, his mouth engulfing the younger boy’s throbbing spike, his tongue working all over it. Josh basked in the wonderful sensations, the ring through Zac’s bottom lip making his penis tingle even more than usual. Zac slipped his hand between Josh’s legs, his index finger quickly locating the boy’s pucker. He pushed inside. There was little resistance; in fact it felt slightly greasy. There was no doubt about it; Josh was getting fucked. Zac would have liked to do the kid right there but he hadn’t brought any lube. He carefully eased himself away.

“D’you suck?” he asked.

Josh nodded. Zac stood up; Josh knelt in front of him. Zac pulled up his tee-shirt; his cock was about the same thickness as Gary’s but around an inch longer and with far more pubic hair Josh closed his lips over it, pushing down until his nose was buried in Zac’s thick, curly pubes. He sucked eagerly, wanking himself at the same time, his free hand stroking the back of Zac’s thigh, Zac’s fingers running through his hair. Quite abruptly, Zac’s breathing became harsh and uneven.

“Oh yeah!” he groaned. “Uhh! Uhhh! Nnnnnnggg!!”

Wads of creamy teen cum spurted into Josh’s mouth, tasting stronger than he was used to. He swallowed it hungrily, his own penis jerking in his hand.

“So are you gay?” Josh asked as they headed out onto the corridor.

“I’m bi,” Zac said nonchalantly. “Short for bisexual; I like boys and girls. It’s not a problem; everybody knows. So are you gay then?”

“Yeah,” Josh agreed. “I think so.”

“Cool!” Zac said, smiling.

Damian was still waiting by the rehearsal room.

“Greg gone home?” Zac enquired.

“Yeah,” Damian responded.

“I’d better be going too,” Josh said, grinning. “Mum’ll be here in a minute.”

He headed off towards the car-park, his brain spinning. What an evening he’d had! Playing with the band had been brilliant; musically it was the most fun thing he’d ever done, and as for having sex with Zac afterwards, how good was that?

“You were a long time.” Damian said quietly as Josh disappeared out of the building. “You weren’t . . . were you?”

“He didn’t need any persuading,” Zac said, grinning. “He was well up for it; I knew he would be.”

“Just be careful, yeah?” Damian admonished. “You’re fourteen; he’s eleven. You’ll be in deep shit if it comes on top.”

“No worries,” Zac told him.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was just quarter past two as Josh walked up the drive of The Old Farm House. As instructed, he headed directly for the converted barn and rang the bell.

“Right on time,” Zac said as he answered the door.

Josh stepped inside. Greg was already there, setting up his drums. Josh looked around. The place was much bigger than he’d expected and all fully soundproofed. Two old sofas stood on either side of the door, with the instruments and amplifiers set up facing them.

“We can be as loud as we like in here,” Zac said. “They can’t even hear it in the house.”

Josh went over to the electric piano.

“It’s not as good as the one at school,” Zac said, “but it’s okay.”

Josh tried it out. Zac was right; the sound was a bit tinny, but the action was almost as good as on his piano at home. A few moments later Damian arrived. Zac and Greg went out to help him bring his gear from his mum’s car. Damian set up quickly and they were ready to go.

“Let’s start with ‘Love Hurts’,” Zac said.

“Before we play it,” Josh intervened. “Can I make a suggestion?”

The other boys shrugged their condescending acquiescence. It did little for Josh’s confidence. He was already apprehensive. He was messing with a song Zac had written; he couldn’t be sure how the boy would take it. But he wasn’t going to back down; he quickly showed them the changes he’d made to the chord sequence.

“Fuck!” Zac declared, looking like he’d seen a vision. “That was what I was trying to find but I couldn’t get it! Man, you’re a genius! Where did you learn chords like that?”

“Jamming with Ryan,” Josh said casually. “We play them all the time.”

“So is that how you learned about bass parts?” Damian queried.

“Pretty much,” Josh said. “We haven’t got a bass player so I have to play them. Mark says I’ve got a good ear.”

“Mark?” Zac queried.

“The guitarist out of dad’s band,” Damian informed him. “He’s superb.”

“Oh, right,” Zac said, looking a little nonplussed. “Sounds bloody good anyway! What d’you think, Greg?”

“Yeah, great,” Greg agreed.

“So can you show me what I’ve got to play?” Zac enquired.

“Yeah, if you’ve got a chord book,” Josh told him.

Zac hurried upstairs, returning a minute later with his book of guitar chords. Josh thumbed through it, quickly locating the chords they needed. Zac marked them with a highlighter pen then tried them out.

“They’re nice!” he breathed. “I’ll need to learn them though. I’ll just lay out for the moment when it comes to that part.”

“Do I need to change what I play?” Damian asked.

“You don’t have to,” Josh said. “You could try this though,” he added, running through part of the bass line on the piano.”

“Yeah, I like that!” Damian enthused, copying what Josh had played. “That’s way better.”

They ran through the song.

“Oh yeah!” Zac said, buzzing with excitement. “Man! That really sounded like something!”

The rehearsal continued, with Josh suggesting a change here and a tweak there. At the start he’d been worried that the older boys would resent him telling them what to do; instead they were eating out of his hand. By the time five o’clock rolled around, all four songs were really coming together. They began to pack away.

“It looks like we’ve found ourselves a musical director,” Damian commented.

Josh looked at him quizzically; the title sounded awfully grand.

“In dad’s band,” Damian explained, “Dad more or less picks the songs they’re going to do, but Keith and Craig do all the arrangements. That’s what being a musical director is.”

“Yeah,” Zac went on. “I’ll be giving you a few more songs next week, but don’t just learn them; sort them out for me, yeah?”

“Yeah, cool!” Josh agreed.

The doorbell rang. Zac answered it. A prosperous looking man of around forty strolled in.

“All finished, I see,” he said smiling.

“Hi dad!” Greg called, having almost finished dismantling the drum-kit. “Be ready in a minute.”

“So how’s it going?” the man asked.

“Great thanks,” Zac said smiling. “It’s all good.”

“Excellent,” the man said, smiling. “I’ll look forward to your first performance.”

The four boys picked up the black cases containing the drum kit and took them outside. An SUV was parked in the drive. As they loaded Greg’s stuff into the back, Damian’s mum appeared.

“D’you want a lift?” Damian asked, addressing himself to Josh.

“No thanks; I’ll walk,” Josh said brightly. “It’s not far.”

Moments later, Greg and Damian were on their way home.

“You’re not rushing off, are you?” Zac asked, putting his arm around Josh’s shoulder.

Josh shook his head. They flopped down onto one of the sofas. Zac ran his hand along Josh’s thigh. Josh grinned, his penis springing to attention. Zac’s hand continued to move upwards, gently massaging Josh’s throbbing erection though the boy’s thick denim jeans.

“You’re a pretty special kid,” he cooed, undoing the top of Josh’s jeans and pulling down the zip.

Josh turned towards him, smiling. A moment later they were engaged in a full-scale lip lock, their tongues wrestling together. Josh ran his tongue over Zac’s lip ring; it felt strange, kind of sexy. Zac pulled his head away.

“Wanna come up to my bedroom?” he asked.

They made their way up to Zac’s den. Zac knelt in front of Josh, quickly removing the boy’s trainers. He tugged at Josh’s jeans, which slid down the boy’s slim, smooth legs. Josh kicked them off.

“Sexy little briefs,” Zac said breathily.

He reached up, skinning them down Josh’s legs and over his feet. He leaned forwards, devouring the younger boy’s slim penis, using his tongue to maximum effect. Josh smiled in satisfaction, running his fingers through Zac’s long straight hair.

Zac took a tube of gel from the pocket of his sweatpants. He held it up so that Josh could see it. Josh grinned and nodded. Zac stood up, kicking off his gym shoes then removing his sweatpants and boxer shorts in a single cat-like movement before drawing Josh into another passionate kiss.

“Can I fuck you?” he asked.

“Yeah!” Josh breathed.

He took a pillow from the bed, placing it on the desk where he did his homework.

“Bend over there,” he whispered.

He dropped to his knees, plunging his tongue onto the younger boy’s pucker and pushing it inside. Josh was in ecstasy. He’d loved it when Mr. Fox had done that to him; he loved Zac doing it even more.

The tongue in Josh’s anus was replaced by a lubed-up finger, pushing in insistently. A second one joined it, steadily finger fucking him. After around half a minute, both fingers slid smoothly out. Zac stood up, coating his penis in gel. He moved in close. He’d waited a long time to do this. In his sex-sessions with Damian, they’d never taken the final step. Both of them had been keen to fuck, but neither had wanted to be the one on the receiving end. But Josh liked it. He liked getting fucked by that rough kid off the council estate that he took home with him. Zac had seen them together several times; it hadn’t taken him long to work it out.

He got into position and pushed hard, penetrating the boy immediately. Josh almost passed out, the pain searing through him.

“Yeowww!” he wailed, Zac’s penis stretching his sphincter far more than he was used to.

Zac paused. Slowly, Josh began to relax, the pain ebbing away.

“It’s okay,” Josh whispered. “You can put it all in now.”

Zac pushed steadily forwards, burying his penis in Josh’s rectum. Instinctively he began to fuck. There was no holding back; within seconds he was jack-hammering into the boy, pounding the lad’s cute little arse as hard as he could. Josh was in ecstasy; Zac was fucking him good and hard, just the way he liked it. It was over all too quickly.

“Nnng!!” Zac groaned. “Take it, Josh! Nnng!! Nnngg! Uhhhhhh!!!”

His penis jerked wildy, his teen juice spurting into Josh’s bottom. After a few seconds he slowly withdrew.

“Fuck, man!” he gasped. “That was awesome! Turn round!”

He dropped to his knees, Josh turning to face him. He plunged down onto the boy’s hard little spike, sucking for all he was worth. Josh held Zac’s head, his penis jerking wildly in the teen boy’s mouth. After a few seconds he eased himself away.

“Was that good?” he asked.

Josh smiled and nodded. “Yeah, wicked, but I need the bathroom,” he said quietly.

“It’s just across the landing,” Zac said, quickly getting to his feet.

Josh made his way gingerly into the bathroom, trying to hold everything in. His bum felt like it was on fire. He closed the door and sat on the toilet, the teen boy’s spunk exploding out of him. He stayed there for some minutes. Just when he’d thought things couldn’t get any wilder, they had. Tommy didn’t cum that much; Zac had shot loads. The thing was, he’d loved every last little bit of it; it seemed that being sore afterwards was just part of the deal. It wasn’t a problem; Zac hadn’t really hurt him. He got to his feet. Using toilet paper was out of the question. He took the wash cloth from the hand basin, gently wiping his bottom; even that made him wince. He dried himself with a fluffy towel and headed back to the bedroom.

“You okay?” Zac asked.

“Yeah, thanks!” Josh said, smiling as he pulled on his clothes.

Fifteen minutes later he was back at home. He went straight to the bathroom. Despite the time he’d spent sitting on the toilet, he’d messed his underpants, the spunk still seeping out. He grimaced. That could be a problem; somehow he’d have to find a way of dealing with it.