By Pink Panther

Je rejete responsabilité! Nous rejetons responsabilité! Ils rejetent responsabilité! It’s French, you know! And you know what it means.

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It was Tuesday morning. Ryan was munching his Rice Krispies, glad to be off school, but disappointed by the wet, windy weather. The letter box snapped sharply. He hurried to the front door. There were two envelopes on the mat. He picked them up. The first one was the electricity bill. The second one bore that grammar school logo. This was it, the one he’d been waiting for, his fate sealed inside. He looked at it intently, as though trying to determine its contents. He would have liked to rip it open, but was addressed to his mum; he’d be in trouble if he did that. Reluctantly he returned to the back lounge, placing both envelopes on the computer keyboard.

He sat down again and got back to his breakfast. The telephone rang. He picked it up.

“Ryan, it’s Ash!” an excited voice said. “Have you had your letter?”

“Yeah,” Ryan said.


“It’s addressed to mum,” he said, looking balefully at the unopened envelope. “She’ll kill me if I open it. What about you?”

“I made it, man!” Ash enthused. “I’m not allowed to open mum and dad’s letters either, but I rang mum and she said I could. I think she was as keen to know as I was.”

“Yeah, but your mum works at the estate agents, yeah?” Ryan sighed. “If I call the jobcentre, I have to ask them to put me through and sometimes they can’t. And I’m not supposed to call unless it’s an emergency.”

“Oh, I guess you’ll have to wait then,” Ashley said sadly. “So what are you doing today?”

“Dunno,” Ryan answered, sounding bored. “This weather’s shit, man.”

“Wanna come to the pool?” Ashley asked. “They’ve got a splash session on this morning.”

“Yeah, okay,” Ryan agreed, for want of anything better to do. “I’ll call Josh; see if he wants to come.”

“This afternoon,” Ashley asked quietly, “Could I come round to yours? David’s spending the day at Max’s house so I can do what I like.”

“Yeah, no problem!” Ryan replied, grinning. “Josh won’t be around; he’s going to Zac’s place this afternoon, you know, rehearsing with this band he’s joined.”

“Oh, right!” Ashley breathed. “That’s cool then!”

“I’m just going to do some guitar practice,” Ryan stated. “See you about half ten, yeah?”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

They spent a boisterous hour at the swimming pool, doing much as they always did. Gary and Tommy showed up, though once again Peewee wasn’t with them. Returning home, Ryan’s mind returned to the letter. He tried doing some more guitar practice, but found it hard to concentrate. At quarter to three Ashley arrived. The letter was immediately forgotten. They had sex as they always did, Ashley seeming completely unfazed by Ryan ejaculating in his mouth. It was quite different from having sex with Josh, Ryan reflected, gentler, more sensuous, but every bit as enjoyable.

They spent most of the afternoon just talking, Ryan basking contentedly in the wonderful friendship that he and Ashley had forged. Ashley never made a fuss, never pushed himself forward and was always there when he was needed; how could he have found anyone better? When he was with Josh, music was pretty much all they talked about. He and Ashley talked about anything and everything. It helped him to relax, to switch off for a while. He and Josh would still be friends, but not as close as they’d been before. In any case, Josh had made other friends since he’d started at High School. Things had moved on; there was no point in pretending they hadn’t.

Ashley finally left at quarter past five. Rachel would be home in less than an hour; he could surely wait that long, Ryan told himself. He pottered around, getting everything ready for his mum to cook dinner. He checked the time; twenty five to six. He went upstairs and tidied his bedroom. He checked again: ten to six. He returned to the back lounge room, parking himself in front of the television. He flicked through the channels. There was nothing that interested him. Finally he heard the key turn in the lock.

“Hi mum!” he called, getting out of his chair.

“My, you’ve been busy!” Rachel said brightly, surveying the room.

“The letter’s here,” Ryan said quietly.

“You haven’t opened it, have you?” Rachel asked.

“No, of course not,” Ryan responded.

“Well, I suppose we’d better see what it says then,” Rachel said, picking up the envelope from the computer keyboard.

She opened the letter and scanned through it.

“It says that they’re offering you a place,” she said smiling. She gave Ryan a hug. “Good boy! I knew you’d do it; you’ve worked so hard.”

“Thanks mum!” Ryan said excitedly. “Can I ring Ash and Mark?”

“Yeah, go on!” Rachel said, beaming. “How did Ashley get on?”

“He’s got in too,” Ryan told her.

“Oh that’s good,” Rachel said. “I’m pleased you’ll be there together. Tell him “well done” from me.”

She bustled into the kitchen. Ryan picked up the telephone, punching in Ashley’s number.

“Hello, who’s that?” David’s squeaky voice answered.

“It’s Ryan,” he said. “Is Ashley there?”

“Ash, ‘Hairgel’ wants to talk to you,” David called.

“He’s not ‘Hairgel’; his name’s Ryan.” Ashley’s muffled voice objected. “Sorry about that,” he continued, taking the phone.

“I got in,” Ryan said breathlessly.

“Wow, that’s great, man!” Ashley enthused. “I knew you would.”

“Thanks, man,” Ryan breathed.

“Mum!” Ashley shouted, stinging Ryan’s ear, “Ryan’s got in too!” He paused for a moment. “Come over in the morning, yeah?” he added, resuming his normal voice.

“Yeah, no problem,” Ryan agreed. “See you about half ten.”

The conversation ended. Ryan called Mark’s mobile, waiting impatiently for him to pick up.

“Hello,” Mark said breezily. “So how are things on our northern frontier?”

“I’ve got in,” Ryan told him. “Ashley has too.”

“That’s excellent!” Mark said warmly. “I’m very pleased for you. Delighted that Ashley got in; he’s a lovely lad. You’ve got a good friend there.”

“Is it still okay for Thursday?” Ryan asked.

“Of course!” Mark assured him. “I’ll pick you up about half past three. Sorry, got to go; I’ll burn my dinner.”

“Byeeee!” Ryan said, returning the phone to it’s cradle.

He took several deep breaths. It was a special day. He hadn’t expected to feel like that about getting into the grammar school, but he did. Mainly it was because Ashley would be there too; they’d help each other through it, the two of them battling the dark forces of repression. Well, maybe not quite that, but you get the idea.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was twenty to ten when the phone rang. Rachel picked it up, surprised to see Mark’s number in the display.

“Hi sis,” he said brightly. “Sorry to call so late; I wanted to wait till Ryan was in bed. Well, he seems to have cleared all the hurdles; I think this might be a good time to push the button.”

“I thought we were going to wait till his birthday,” Rachel countered.

“I’ve been thinking about that,” Mark said carefully. “To be honest, it doesn’t make much sense. He’ll have just started at the grammar school, which will be a really busy time for him. Getting it then will be too much of a distraction. The pressure’s off now. I know he’s got to keep working; but he’s got far more time than he’ll have in September.”

“Oh, okay then,” Rachel conceded. “So when will you get it?”

“Well, I’m taking him and Josh to the gig on Thursday night, as you know,” Mark advised. “I’ve got Friday off, so I thought we could do it then. Don’t say anything though; I want it to be a surprise.”

“Yeah, fine,” Rachel agreed. “Just don’t go spending too much money.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” Mark said reassuringly.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The Mercedes purred along the main road. It was only ten to four and they were almost in the city centre. Mark had picked them up earlier than he needed to. He hadn’t said anything, but Ryan knew why; his penis was already rock hard just thinking about it. A few minutes later they were strolling into Mark’s flat. Josh and Mark dumped their things in the guest room then padded through to the lounge. They sat on the sofa, but no sooner had he sat down than Ryan stood up again.

“I won’t be long,” he said quietly, giving Josh a sexy grin.

Before Josh had chance to say anything, Ryan disappeared into Mark’s bedroom. Josh was very frustrated, but right then there was nothing he could do. Somehow, before they went home, he’d have to make a chance for himself.

Ryan quietly closed the bedroom door.

“You look very pleased with yourself,” Mark commented.

“I’ve got something to tell you,” Ryan said, grinning.

“Yeah?” Mark queried, gently drawing the boy towards him.

“I can cum!” Ryan whispered.

“Wow! That’s wicked!” Mark gushed. “So when did it happen?”

“About a week ago,” Ryan told him.

“That is so good!” Mark breathed. “So was that when you were with Josh?”

“Nah,” Ryan said shaking his head. “Ashley.”

“Ashley?” Mark questioned, his eyes widening. “I didn’t know you two were doing stuff; you’ve kept that very quiet!”

“Yeah,” Ryan agreed.

“So when did that start?” Mark continued, helping Ryan to remove his top.

“Couple of weeks after my birthday,” Ryan said casually. “I went to his house after school. We were up in his bedroom. He started to get changed. He’d got a hard-on in his underpants; I could see it.”

“Wow!” Mark exhaled. “That is well cool!”

“The first few times we just messed about,” Ryan said, “but then he asked me about doing other stuff, so we got into, you know, kissing and sucking.”

“Great!” Mark endorsed, the revelation that Ryan was having sex with the boy he’d been lusting after for months arousing him more than ever. “So what happened last week?”

“We were doing a sixty-nine,” Ryan explained. I was getting close, but it felt different, almost like I was going to piss myself. Then it just squirted.”

“Fuck!” Mark gasped. “You came in his mouth? Was he okay about it?”

“Yeah, didn’t bother him at all,” Ryan said grinning. “He’s like that. If he makes a fuss you know something really bad’s happened.”

They were down to their boxer shorts. Mark sat on the edge of the bed, carefully easing Ryan’s down to his knees. Ryan wiggled; they fell to the floor. Mark leaned forwards devouring Ryan’s throbbing cock. He sucked it hungrily, sliding his hand between the boy’s legs and tickling his perineum.

After around a minute he let him go, quickly pulling off his boxers. They snuggled up on the bed.

“So you’ve not fucked him?” Mark whispered.

“Nah!” Ryan admitted. “I’d like to, but I’m afraid I’d hurt him.”

“Just take it really slow,” Mark advised. “Just one finger to start with, and use plenty of lube. Stop straight away if he doesn’t like it.”

“Mark,” Ryan asked. “Do you like Ashley?”

“Yeah, I like him a lot,” Mark temporised. “I think he’s a great kid.”

“No, I mean would you want to do stuff with him?” Ryan persisted.

“Well, I don’t think that’s on the agenda, is it?” Mark deflected, unwilling to admit that he’d fuck the boy stupid if given the opportunity. “The fact that he enjoys having sex with you doesn’t mean he’d want to do it with me.”

“He likes you a lot,” Ryan asserted. “He’s told me. He’s really grateful for all the time you’ve spent talking to him.”

“That still doesn’t mean he’d want to have sex with me,” Mark counselled, “so don’t go saying anything, unless he asks you, of course.”

“I don’t think that’s very likely,” Ryan commented, “but what should I do if he does?”

“You’ll have to tell him the truth and hope for the best,” Mark said firmly. “You’ll get caught out if you don’t.”

“Okay,” Ryan agreed, grinning. “Shall I suck you off? I don’t want to keep Josh sitting there too long.”

“Sure!” Mark breathed.

Ryan quickly moved into his favoured position, his lips closing over the man’s penis. Mark lay back, revelling in the magical experience that Ryan was giving him, the boy’s technique as good as he’d ever encountered, the sensations he was producing quite unbelievable. Mark’s breathing began to shorten, signalling his impending orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum!” he warned.

Ryan didn’t even hesitate, sucking, licking and swallowing until he’d taken every last drop.

“Ohhh! Fantastic!” Mark moaned, breathing heavily. He shuffled down the bed. “Come on, Ry! Give it to me, like we did the first time!”

Ryan got onto his knees, straddling Mark’s chest. He lowered himself carefully, aiming his cock into the man’s waiting mouth. Mark eagerly sucked him in. Instinctively, Ryan began to fuck, not holding back for a moment. The tingling built and built to an unprecedented level. Almost without warning he was there, his penis jerking powerfully, little jets of boy-juice spurting into Mark’s mouth. After a few seconds he eased himself away.

“Wow! Oh yeah!” Mark cooed, licking his lips. “I’ve been waiting for that!”

Ryan hopped off the bed, quickly pulling on his clothes.

“Just going to make sure Josh is okay,” he said grinning.

“No worries,” Mark responded. “I’m going to grab a quick shower; I’ll be with you in a bit.”

Ryan quickly headed back into the lounge room. Josh was still sitting on the sofa.

“Had a nice time?” he enquired, sounding a little petulant.

“Yeah, great!” Ryan acknowledged, flopping down next to him. “We always do.”

“You know tonight,” Josh queried. “Are you going to sleep with Mark?”

“Of course not,” Ryan admonished. “I’m sleeping with you. That’s what I said, wasn’t it? Mark’s always too tired after a gig.”

“So will you be giving him a wake-up call in the morning then?” Josh probed.

“Why?” Ryan asked, reading Josh’s thoughts. “Do you want to do it?”

“Could I?” Josh ventured.

“Yeah, if you want,” Ryan said casually, “as long as I get to fuck you first,” he added, testing Josh out.

“Yeah, no problem,” Josh agreed.

“I was only kidding,” Ryan grinned. “You do it; give him a surprise.”

“D’you think it’ll be alright?” Josh asked apprehensively.

“Well, he won’t kick you out!” Ryan giggled.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The gig was another triumph. Although not as well attended as the one on New Year’s Eve, the atmosphere was excellent, and the fact that the boys recognised most of the songs from the time before made it even more enjoyable. They returned to the flat as high as kites; it was quarter to twelve. After downing mugs of hot, milky tea they headed off to bed.

There was no need for pretence. Mark knew that the boys would be having sex; it wasn’t a problem. They kissed, they fondled, they sucked; finally Josh got onto all fours. Ryan did not disappoint, fucking him relentlessly, his boy-cum spurting into Josh’s rectum. A few minutes later they fell asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms.

When Josh awoke it was already light, Ryan still all over him. Carefully disentangling himself, he headed to the bathroom, returning a couple of minutes later. He got back into bed; Ryan stirred, opening an eye.

“Morning!” Josh said brightly. “You sleep okay?”

“Yeah, like a log,” Ryan answered.

“Me too,” Josh said. “What’s the time?”

“Twenty to eight,” Ryan told him.

“D’you think Mark will be awake yet?” Josh asked.

“Could be,” Ryan said tentatively. “If he was going to work he’d have to be up by now.”

“So shall I . . . , you know?” Josh ventured.

“Yeah, go on, give him a nice surprise!” Ryan said, grinning. “I’m going for a piss.”

They got out of bed. Josh crept across to Mark’s room, opening the door quietly. There were no signs of life. He padded across to the bed, slipping in quietly. An arm reached out, drawing him close. Josh’s nostrils were filled with Mark’s aroma. He found it very enticing, his cock stiffening in his briefs. He reached down, placing his hand on his host’s erect penis. Mark opened his eyes, looking right at him.

“Now that I didn’t expect,” he said quietly, giving Josh a wry grin. “Does Ryan know you’re here?”

“Oh yes,” Josh said, grinning. “We thought we’d give you a surprise.”

“Mmmm!” Mark purred, snuggling closer. “I like surprises.”

Their lips met. Mark was entranced, Josh kissing even more passionately than Ryan did.

“Mmmm!” he repeated. “That was wonderful; you kiss beautifully!”

He ran his hand over the front of Josh’s briefs, fondling the boy’s throbbing cock.

“You are so hard!” he cooed. “Sexy little underpants too; I like that!”

He licked Josh’s nose. “I need the bathroom before we go any further,” he whispered.

He swung himself out of bed and headed into his wet room. A few minutes later he was back. He stripped off his boxer briefs and hopped back into bed. They snuggled up, kissing passionately, Josh wrapping his hand around Mark’s throbbing penis. He threw back the covers.

“Nice dick!” he whispered, pulling back slightly. “I never saw it hard before.”

He clambered over, his knees either side of Mark’s chest, his bottom right in front of Mark’s face. He licked the man’s cock then took it into his mouth, sucking it steadily, pushing further down with every stroke. Mark pushed up onto his elbows. It was obvious that Josh was being fucked, the boy’s anus clearly dilated, a small red patch to either side. He held Josh round the thighs, licking eagerly at the boy’s puckered hole, forcing his tongue right inside. Josh pushed down further, his nose brushing against Mark’s balls, the man’s penis sliding down his throat. Mark was in total ecstasy, the boy’s technique quite exceptional.

“You’d better stop,” he warned. “I don’t want to cum yet!”

Josh released him, flipping himself round to snuggle up again. Mark’s hand slid over his bum, the man’s finger touching his anus.

“Are you going to fuck me?” Josh asked. “I like having it up my bum.”

“Are you sure you can manage it?” Mark queried. “I’m probably a bit bigger than you’re used to.”

“Oh, Zac fucks me and he’s pretty big,” Josh said nonchalantly.

“Zac?” Mark enquired. “Is that the singer in your band?”

“Yeah!” Josh confirmed, grinning.

“So aren’t you still going with Tommy?” Mark questioned.

“Oh, yes,” Josh said, grinning broadly. “Tommy was round yesterday afternoon. He’s the best!”

Mark could hardly take it all in.

“So what happened to the innocent little boy I used to know?” he asked playfully.

“Dunno,” Josh replied. “Maybe he grew up.”

Mark shook his head. From complete innocent to total cum-slut in less than a year; it had been a remarkable transformation by any standards. If he’d thought about it, it might have worried him, but there was no time for that. Josh had just made him the ultimate offer. He hadn’t fucked a boy since his holiday on the Black Sea some seven months previously; turning the kid down simply wasn’t an option.

He opened the drawer of the bedside cabinet, taking out a tube of KY. He squeezed some onto his fingers. Quickly locating Josh’s anus, he inserted his index finger. It slid in easily. After finger-fucking the boy for a few seconds, he pushed his middle finger in behind it. There wasn’t even a murmur. It was time to do it. He pulled one of the pillows into the middle of the bed. Josh rolled face-down on top of it without even being asked, adjusting the pillow so that it was right under his hips.

Mark smeared KY over his penis, admiring the sight laid out before him. Josh was simply beautiful, as cute as any boy he’d ever fucked, and probably the youngest. And he was going to fuck him right here on his own bed, something he’d been sure would never happen. He moved Josh’s legs closer together so that he could straddle the boy. He lowered himself into position, guiding his cock onto Josh’s sphincter. He pushed hard, penetrating the boy at the first attempt.

Mark had never envied guys who were more generously endowed than he was; his tapered penis with its smaller than average head was perfect for what he wanted to do. He never had a problem getting it in, and once inside he’d stretch the boy’s tight little hole as much as most guys did. He continued to push down, his cock advancing steadily into the boy’s rectum.

Josh gasped, the pain completely unexpected. He was used to the entry being somewhat painful, but taking the rest had never been a problem. This was different; the entry had been quite easy, but Mark’s penis was stretching him further and further the deeper it went, distending his anus well beyond its previous limits. Eventually, the man’s pubic hair was rubbing against his bottom.

“Good boy!” Mark whispered. “Just relax; you’ve got it all now.”

Josh gritted his teeth. He pushed back, trying desperately to accommodate this latest intrusion. Very slowly the pain began to subside.

“Very good!” Mark cooed. “Now I’m going to give you what you came here for!”

He set to work, fucking the boy remorselessly, his hard cock thrusting repeatedly over the lad’s prostate. Josh moaned and whimpered, Mark’s assault on his anus taking things to a whole new level. Instinctively he began to push back, raising his hips to meet Mark’s downward thrusts.

“Oh yes!” Mark growled. “You love this, don’t you?”

Josh didn’t respond, his breathing harsh and uneven. He thrashed around uncontrollably, his anus tightening sharply around Mark’s cock, his penis swelling and jiggling against the pillow. Mark made one final effort, fucking the boy even harder. Another half dozen strokes and he was there, his cock jerking wildly, volley after volley of thick creamy spunk spurting into Josh’s rectum.

They lay motionless for what seemed like ages, Mark’s heart pounding against Josh’s back. As his cock began to deflate, he carefully withdrew.

“Are you okay?” he asked gently.

“Yeah,” Josh confirmed. “I need the toilet though or I’ll make a mess.”

He eased himself off the bed, walking somewhat awkwardly into Mark’s wet room. A few minutes later he was back, flopping down on the bed, Mark’s arms snaking around him.

“Okay?” Mark repeated.

“Yeah,” Josh said casually. “A bit sore; I never took a dick like yours before. It’s only the same length as Zac’s, but when you get it right in it’s really thick.”

“Yeah, I know,” Mark acknowledged.

“Mark,” Josh queried. “You know last summer when you went on holiday to the Black Sea; did you go there to find boys to have sex with?”

“What gave you that idea?” Mark temporised.

“There’s this older guy I chat to online,” Josh said blandly. “He said he thought that was why you’d gone there.”

“What d’you mean by older?” Mark asked.

“About your age,” Josh told him.

“Oh right,” Mark said, nodding. “So how long have you been chatting to him?”

“Since last summer, just before my birthday,” Josh told him.

Mark made a quick calculation. That would have been a few weeks before he’d first seen Josh with a hard-on. The conclusion was obvious.

“So was it him that gave you the idea of doing stuff with Ryan?” he asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” Josh admitted. “So was he right?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” Mark conceded.

“And did you?” Josh persisted. “Find some boys, I mean.

“I found one or two,” Mark sighed, “your age and a bit older.”

“Yeah, he said there’d be boys there who’d do stuff for money,” Josh said blandly.

“You haven’t actually met this guy, have you?” Mark asked.

“I did once,” Josh admitted.

“Josh!” Mark expostulated. “That could have been really dangerous!”

“That’s what Ryan said,” Josh sighed. “He told me I shouldn’t, but I’d been chatting to the guy for ages; he seemed okay, so when he asked me I said yes. He promised I wouldn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to.”

“So what happened?”

“We went to this apartment he’d rented,” Josh said. “We messed about then after a bit he wanted to fuck me but I said no.”

“So why was that?” Mark asked.

“He was huge!” Josh said, grinning. “The head was massive! This was last summer holiday. I’d only done it with Ryan and Romano; there was no way I could have taken that thing!”

“Oh, I see!” Mark giggled.

“Don’t tell Ryan, will you?” Josh requested. “He doesn’t know; he’d go mad.”

“Fair enough,” Mark conceded, “as long as you don’t tell him about my holiday. Deal?”

“Yeah, deal!” Josh agreed. “I guess I’d better get back; Ryan will be wondering what’s happened to me.”

He hopped off the bed and went into the wet-room, returning with a few sheets of toilet paper.

“What’s that for?” Mark asked.

“I put it in my pants to stop me making a mess,” Josh explained.

“This is better,” Mark said, reaching into the bottom drawer of the bedside cabinet and retrieving a roll of cotton wool. “It’s softer and more absorbent; you just have to be careful about getting rid of it. Don’t flush it down the loo; you’ll cause a blockage.”

“Thanks!” Josh said, positioning a wad in the crotch of his underpants.

“Off you go then!” Mark said brightly. “I’m going to get a shower then I’ll cook breakfast. Same as last time okay?”

“Yeah, great!” Josh said, smiling. “Thanks!”

He padded across the hall, returning to the guest room.

“What kept you?” Ryan enquired.

“Well,” Josh said, sitting on the edge of the bed. “We didn’t want to rush it.”

“So did he . . . , you know?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah!” Josh said, grinning broadly.

“Didn’t it hurt?” Ryan queried.

“It hurt pretty bad while he was pushing it in,” Josh admitted. “I’ve never taken a dick like his before.”

“You mean that big?” Ryan questioned.

“Nah, it’s more the shape,” Josh explained. “Most dicks are like tubes with a cap on; the head’s the thickest part, but Mark’s isn’t. The head’s not much bigger than yours, but it gets thicker and thicker all the way down; it really hurt! It was wicked once I’d got used to it though. Anyway, we’d better get up; he’ll be starting breakfast in a minute.”

“Yeah, okay,” Ryan said, throwing back the covers.

They headed to the bathroom.

“We’re not rushing off after breakfast are we?” Josh asked.

“Nah,” Ryan said. “I told you; Mark’s going to help me with the tunes I want to play at the end of year concert.”

“What about after that?” Josh persisted.

“Dunno, why?” Ryan countered, eyeing him suspiciously.

“Fancy having a threesome?” Josh whispered.

Though far from sold on the idea, Ryan wasn’t going to chicken out.

“I’m up for it if you are,” he said casually. “I don’t expect Mark will say no.”

“I’m sure he won’t,” Josh assured him.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After a leisurely breakfast, Mark and Ryan spent an hour working on the tunes for the summer concert. Josh watched patiently, impressed once again with Mark’s patience; impressed too with Ryan’s playing, both tunes having improved considerably from the previous time he’d heard them.

“Okay, that’s enough for this morning,” Mark said finally. “You’re definitely getting there.”

Ryan put his guitar in its bag then Mark led the way along the hall. He turned into his room with no thought other than to put on his shoes before taking the boys back to Newton Oaks. To his surprise the boys followed him, Ryan lifting up his sweater top, Josh moving round in front to unbuckle his belt.

“Hey, what’s all this?” he protested.

“We thought you’d like a bit more fun before taking us home,” Josh explained, “with both of us at the same time.”

Mark’s brain was not at all sure that this was a good idea, but his rapidly stiffening penis dismissed such doubts in an instant, a threesome with these two beautiful, willing boys as exciting a prospect as he could imagine. After the boys had removed all his clothes, he watched in admiration as they turned their attention to each other. Within seconds they were all naked, clambering onto the bed. Mark found himself in the middle, with Ryan’s cock in his mouth, while his was sliding down Josh’s throat. It was all so unexpected; he’d gone to bed the previous night never dreaming that things would go this far. He lay back, savouring the wonderful sensations. This time there was no need to curtail Josh’s activities; having cum prodigiously a little over two hours earlier, producing a second orgasm would take a great deal of work.

After a few minutes they changed places. Josh found himself in the middle, sucking Ryan’s cock while Mark sucked his, the man’s well-lubed finger sliding into his anus, gently finger-fucking him. Finally the finger slid out.

“Get on all fours,” Mark instructed.

Josh did as he was asked.

“Fuck him, Ryan,” Mark continued. “You know he wants it.”

Ryan grinned; Josh always wanted it. He moved quickly into position. Unlike the other two, he hadn’t cum since the night before; getting off up Josh’s bum was exactly what he needed. He pushed forwards, burying his stiff cock in the smaller boy’s arse. Mark crawled round in front, his penis right in Josh’s face.

“Come on kid, open up,” he ordered.

Josh didn’t hesitate, sucking Mark’s penis right down to the root, his nose plunging into the man’s pubes, Ryan’s hard prong jack-hammering into him.

“Don’t touch his cock,” Mark said, grinning at Ryan. “Make him wait.”

Ryan grinned back; Josh might have to wait, but he wasn’t going to, fucking the boy as hard as he could go. In less than a minute he was quivering like a jelly, the muscle spasms sweeping over him. He held Josh firmly around the thighs, his jerking penis depositing several jets of boy-juice in his friend’s rectum. He slowly withdrew, sinking back onto his heels.

“Go and wash your cock,” Mark whispered. “We haven’t finished yet.”

Ryan swung himself off the bed and trotted into the wet room. When he returned, Mark and Josh were lying face-to-face, kissing passionately. He joined them on the bed, lying behind Mark and reaching over to play with his uncle’s penis. Mark turned towards him.

“Why don’t you boys show me your party-piece?” he suggested. “You know, like when I walked in on you.”

“You want us to sixty-nine?” Ryan queried, his cock quickly rising to full-mast.

“Yeah!” Mark breathed. “That’s so hot!”

He pushed up onto his knees, watching lustfully as the boys quickly got into position. Seeing them like that was the biggest turn-on possible. He lay down, spooned up to Josh, smearing KY over his penis. He lifted the boy’s right knee, placing it on Ryan’s shoulder, getting Josh exactly where he wanted him. Ryan’s eyes widened, taking in the view between his friend’s legs, Mark’s penis steadily disappearing into the boy’s bum.

“Keep your head still, Ryan,” Mark instructed. “Let me do the work.”

Ryan lay transfixed, totally focused on the action taking place just inches in front of him, Mark’s hard cock thrusting repeatedly into Josh’s rectum, driving his friend’s rigid spike into his mouth, and stretching the boy to almost unbelievable dimensions. Although scary, it was very arousing, and Josh was clearly enjoying it, sucking him more eagerly than ever.

Without so much as a moment’s warning, Josh convulsed violently, his penis swelling and pulsing in Ryan’s mouth. Ryan’s orgasm followed within seconds, his erupting cock depositing a few drops of boy-spunk on Josh’s tongue. Instinctively, Ryan pulled away, his cock so sensitive it was almost painful.

Mark, however, was far from finished. Grabbing a pillow, he placed it in front of Josh’s groin, forcing the boy over on top of it. Now he could really give the boy what he needed, fucking him with relentless determination. Several minutes passed, Ryan’s eyes riveted to the action. Mark didn’t miss a beat. Suddenly Josh shuddered again, overtaken by his second dry-cum in less than ten minutes, his legs flailing wildly,

“Good boy!” Mark rasped, his breathing short and difficult. “That’s the second time! Now take what I’ve got for you! Take it! Take it! Yesssss!!”

He plunged his full length into Josh’s anus, sending another load of spunk flooding into the boy’s rectum. They lay there for some little time before Mark finally lifted himself clear. Josh eased himself off the bed, waddling somewhat awkwardly into the wet room.

“Is he alright?” Ryan asked, looking rather concerned.

“Yeah, he’ll be fine,” Mark assured him.

“He really loves it, doesn’t he?” Ryan said.

“Possibly a bit too much,” Mark said quietly, “like he can’t get enough of it.”

Yeah,” Ryan agreed sadly. “It’s like he’ll do it with anybody. I know he’s still doing it with Tommy and I think he might be going with the kids in this band he’s joined.”

“Dunno, could be I guess,” Mark said, trying to sound as non-committal as possible. “He’s like a kiddy in a sweet shop. It’s weird; he was always so sensible.”

“Yeah, that’s why he gets away with it,” Ryan commented. “His mum and dad let him do what he likes. I’m worried he’ll go with someone who’ll hurt him,”

“Well let’s hope he grows out of it; settles down a bit,” Mark said, wrapping a protective arm around Ryan’s shoulder.

Josh emerged from the wet-room looking almost as though nothing had happened.

“You okay?” Ryan enquired.

“Yeah, course,” Josh said nonchalantly. “Bum’s a bit sore, but I’m used to that.” He picked up his briefs. “Got any more cotton wool?” he asked.

Mark took the roll from the bedside cabinet, handing him a wad.

“What d’you want that for?” Ryan asked.

“Stop me messing my underpants,” Josh told him. “Mark cums loads. It wouldn’t matter how long I sat on the bog for, there’d always be some come out later.”

On the journey back to Newton Oaks, the boys were unusually quiet, both seemingly wrapped in their own thoughts. Ryan wanted to talk to Josh, but couldn’t do it with Mark there. Finally the Mercedes swung into Lancaster Avenue, gliding to a halt outside Josh’s house.

“See you in the morning, yeah?” Ryan called as Josh exited the car.

“Yeah, I’ll be round about half ten,” Josh replied before heading up the drive.

The car moved away.

“Ready for some lunch?” Mark asked.

“Do bears shit in the woods?” Ryan replied cheekily.

Over lunch, everything seemed back to normal again, Ryan talking animatedly about music, getting into the grammar school, all sorts of stuff. The meal over, they set off again.

“You were pretty quiet on the way back to Josh’s place,” Mark commented. “Still worried about him.”

“Yeah, a bit,” Ryan said. “I need to talk to him, yeah? I’m not going to fall out with him or nothin’, just warn him to be careful.”

“Yeah, I think you should,” Mark said supportively. “But don’t make it like you’re telling him what to do; you’re worried he’ll get hurt, that’s it. And don’t get upset if he bats it off; he needs to know you’ll be there for him no matter what.”

“Yeah, okay,” Ryan agreed.

He looked out of the car window. He’d expected Mark to take him home, but they seemed to be heading back to this city.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

There’s something we need to do,” Mark said cryptically. “You’ll see.”

Ryan sat back in his seat, completely at a loss. The car swung off the main road into a rather run-down area close to the city-centre, a couple more turns taking them onto a vacant site that was being used as a car-park.

“Come on!” Mark said, purchasing a ticket and attaching it to the windscreen.

Ryan followed him out of the car-park an along the street, still with no idea of where they were going or why. They reached a corner. Mark turned in through a door, Ryan following obediently behind. His eyes almost fell out. They were in a long, narrow shop, the walls lined with guitars, basses, amplifiers, dozens of them; it was like Aladdin’s cave!

“Your mum’s agreed it was time you got that guitar you’ve been promised,” Mark said quietly.

Ryan was almost speechless. He’s been promised an electric guitar, but he’d always imagined that it would simply be presented to him. Yet here he was in a shop simply crammed full of them. He looked round in wonderment. His eyes were drawn to a pale blue guitar that he recognized as a copy of a Fender Strat. The price ticket said £180. That would be about right, he thought; it looked good too.

“D’you like that one?” Mark enquired.

Ryan nodded enthusiastically.

“It’s not bad,” Mark said dismissively. “I was thinking of something a little better; at that level you get what you pay for.”

He guided Ryan further along, indicating another solid guitar.

“How about something like this?” he asked.

Mark looked at it in awe. The guitar was simply beautiful, the glossy, dark grey body embellished with subtle black tiger-stripes.

It’s what’s known as a Super-Strat,” Mark explained. “Humbuckers front and back with a single pole in the middle, the same configuration as my Ibanez, and it’s got a locking tremolo arm to stop it going out of tune. Want to try it?”

“But it’s nearly six hundred pounds!” Ryan protested. “Mum said I wouldn’t be getting anything expensive.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Mark said, smiling. “I mean, you’re not just going to leave it in its case and not play it, are you?”

“Of course not,” Ryan protested.

“And you’re not going to just play about on it either, right?” Mark continued.

“No way!” Ryan responded. “I’ll be practicing every chance I get.”

“Exactly,” Mark said firmly. “You’re a serious musician and you deserve to have a good instrument. It’s not a present; it’s an investment in your future. Anyway, what’s expensive? There are guitars in here that cost over two thousand; now that’s expensive! And what about Josh’s grand piano; any idea how much that cost?”

Ryan shook his head.

“Upwards of four thousand,” Mark told him, “probably more.”

“Yeah, but they’re really well off,” Ryan argued.

“Well, I don’t do too badly,” Mark grinned.

He called over an assistant.

“Hi Nick! We’d like to try that one,” he said, smiling. “Have you got a Marshall combo you can put it through?”

“No problem,” Nick responded, quickly setting it up.

He handed the guitar to Mark, who sat on a stool and adjusted the controls. He played a few licks, Ryan watching is eager anticipation.

“Plays better than my Ibanez,” Mark commented. “Nice warm sound when you’ve got it on clean, but listen to that it does when you put it on overdrive.”

He reset the controls and flicked the footswitch, He played another lick, the searing rock-guitar sound stinging Ryan’s ears.

“F……. wow!” he gasped, quickly correcting himself. “That’s fantastic!”

“Okay, your turn now,” Mark said, passing him the guitar. “Just don’t drop it.”

Ryan settled himself on the stool. He ran through the opening bars of ‘Round Midnight’. The guitar was wonderfully responsive and sounded awesome.

“Who’s been teaching him?” Nick asked, grinning.

“Well, he has a proper teacher at school for classical guitar,” Mark explained. “I’ve just helped him a bit with the jazz stuff.”

“He’s good,” Nick commented. “Don’t see many young kids who can play like that.”

“How d’you get the rock guitar sound?” Ryan asked.

“Move the pickup selector back one place,” Mark instructed. “Turn up the volume a bit then press the footswitch; that moves you to the amp’s overdrive channel.”

Ryan made the adjustments then launched into the riff from Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, the warm, powerful sound filling the shop.

“Nice one!” Nick remarked. “D’you know anything else?”

“Not really,” Ryan admitted, giving the man a wry grin.

“I’ve kept him pretty much to the standard jazz repertoire,” Mark explained, “stuff that he can play on his acoustic. He turned to Ryan. “So, what d’you think?”

“It’s wicked, man!” Ryan breathed.

“Sounds like that’s the one then!” Mark said, smiling. “I thought you’d like it.”

“It comes with a case,” Nick told them, so you don’t have to worry about that.

“We’ll take the little Fender practice amp as well,” Mark said.

They went to the counter. When several accessories were added, the total bill came close to eight hundred pounds. Ryan was lost for words; he hadn’t expected Mark to spend half that amount. A few minutes later they’d loaded everything into the back of the Mercedes for the journey to Newton Oaks.

“Mark,” Ryan asked nervously as the car snaked its way through the narrow streets. “You didn’t spend all this money because we’re . . . , you know.”

“Definitely not,” Mark said, glancing across reprovingly. “I meant exactly what I said in the shop. This is what I’d planned to do all along.”

“Sorry,” Ryan said sheepishly. “I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“No problem,” Mark said gently. “It’s much better to ask than to worry about it and say nothing. As it goes, you having the electric does give us opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise. I can’t just keep inviting you to my place for no reason; you’re mum would start asking awkward questions. But if I’m going to teach you some rock guitar techniques we’ll need to use the rehearsal studios so we don’t annoy the neighbours. Then afterwards we could stop off at the flat; nobody needs to know we ever went there. Only if you want to, of course.”

“Yeah, wicked!” Ryan agreed, giving Mark a conspiratorial grin. “When can we start?”

“We’ve got a gig tomorrow night,” Mark said casually, “but next weekend should be okay.”

“Cool!” Ryan breathed.

He settled back into his seat, reflecting on the day’s events. Before they’d left the flat, he’d had the wildest sex he could have ever imagined. After that he’d been treated to a really nice meal, and finally, right out of the blue, he’d got his electric guitar, and not just any guitar, a real beauty, everything he could have asked for. All he had to do now was learn to play it.