By Pink Panther

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Josh walked up the path and rang the bell. A moment later, Ryan answered the door.

“I’ve got something to show you,” he said, a note of urgency in his voice.

He guided Josh through to the front lounge room.

“So what d’you think?” he said excitedly, indicating the electric guitar sitting on its stand.

“Wow! When did you get that?” Josh asked, grinning.

“Yesterday afternoon,” Ryan told him. “After we dropped you off Mark took me for something to eat. Afterwards I thought he’d just take me home, but he started driving back to town. I asked him where we were going but he just said there was something we had to do. Anyway, he took me to this shop. You couldn’t see anything from the outside, but when you got in, there was just like racks and racks full of guitars; I’ve never seen anything like it!”

“Well, it looks great.” Josh commented, nodding towards the guitar. “Is it nice to play?”

“Man, it’s wicked!” Ryan breathed. “I thought I’d only be getting a cheap one but Mark said I needed something better. Mum went nuts when she found out how much he’d spent.”

So how much was it?” Josh asked.

“Nearly eight hundred with all the bits and pieces,” Ryan said. “Mark said that wasn’t that expensive.”

“Well, it’s not really,” Josh agreed. “Greg’s drum kit cost about two and a half thousand.”

“Really?” Ryan gasped. “I’m glad I’m not a drummer!”

“Well, let’s get some playing done” Josh urged. “I guess it’s me that won’t be able to hear himself now.”

“Nah,” Ryan said, grinning. “Mum won’t let me play that loud in here. I’ll adjust it so we’ve got a nice balance, yeah? Next weekend Mark’s going to take me to the rehearsal studios so he can teach me some rock guitar stuff.”

“So when’s that?” Josh enquired.

“Dunno yet,” Ryan said. “We’ll ask him later; he’ll be over in a bit. I’ll practise using headphones so even mum won’t have to listen to it.”

They settled down to play. After a few adjustments they could hear each other perfectly. There was suddenly a freedom and confidence in their jamming than they’d never previously had; they were swinging! They’d just kicked off ‘Bags Groove’ when Mark appeared. He listened attentively.

“For kids your age, that was outstanding,” he enthused as they brought the tune to a close. “I can’t wait to jam with you guys this afternoon.”

“So are we going to the pool now?” Ryan enquired.

“Just play one more for me,” Mark requested. “Then we’ll get off, yeah?”

“‘Round Midnight’, okay?” Ryan suggested.

Josh nodded and counted them in. Mark was enraptured. This was a difficult tune to jam on, but they were doing it beautifully, ending their rendition with a perfectly synchronised rallentando.

“Wonderful,” Mark breathed, applauding quietly. “That was superb. Okay, let’s go and get some exercise.”

After saying goodbye to Rachel, they headed out to the car.

“So have you sorted out when you’re taking me to the studios?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah,” Mark said, grinning. “I thought I’d better; save you pestering me about it. We’ll go after lunch next Saturday, okay?”

“Yeah, great,” Ryan responded.

“Will I be able to come?” Josh asked.

“Well, it would be better if you didn’t,” Mark said gently. “It’ll be very boring and there won’t be anything for you to do.”

Ryan breathed a sigh of relief; having Josh there was not part of the plan.

“Don’t worry,” Mark continued brightly. “We won’t be going every week; it’ll be once a fortnight tops.”

Josh sat in the back of the car, quietly smarting. They’d left him out. He wasn’t bothered about going to watch Ryan practise, but the rehearsal studios were close to Mark’s flat; that’s what he’d told them. So at some point they’d go back there and have sex, just the two of them. He knew he was being selfish; Ryan never complained about getting left of things that he was doing, but when Ryan left him out of something, it hurt. He hated himself for feeling like that, but he just couldn’t help it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Tommy lay relaxing on his bed. After school he’d spent an hour at Josh’s place, doing his homework then having wonderful, glorious sex. They’d finished as they usually did, Josh lying on his tummy, a pillow under his hips, Tommy on top, fucking him remorselessly. Tommy never felt as good as he did when he was with Josh; it was having Josh around that kept him believing, kept him working.

“So who’s this posh kid you’re hangin’ out with?” Kevin demanded, sauntering into the bedroom and closing the door.

“None of your business,” Tommy retorted.

“I’ve been watchin’ you,” Kevin continued. “I’ve seen you going home with him. You’re fuckin’ his arse.”

“Who says?” Tommy countered.

“I say,” Kevin asserted.

Tommy grabbed his back-pack and stood up. He pulled out a couple of books.

“If you must know,” he snapped, showing Kevin his work with the teacher’s ‘A’ grades on it, “I go over there to do my homework cause I can’t get nothin’ done in this shit-hole!”

“Fuckin’ swot!” Kevin sneered. “It don’t matter anyway. I’ve told Frank about him, yeah? He wants to meet him. So you bring him here one night when Daniel’s at gym club. Me and Frank will show him what a proper fucking’s like.”

“Fuck off!” Tommy responded angrily.

“Who you tellin’ to fuck off?” Kevin challenged, moving in close. “Frank wouldn’t like that.” He placed his hand on Tommy’s bum. “Well now you’re goin’ to give me what I want, yeah?”

Tommy didn’t protest; this was part of his life.

“Bend over,” Kevin ordered, indicating the small chest of drawers where Tommy kept his clothes.

Tommy complied with an air of resignation. He’d just let Kevin do what he wanted; it was the only way. Kevin reached around. He undid Tommy’s jeans, pulling them down till they fell round his ankles. Tommy’s boxer shorts quickly followed. Kevin stood back then landed a hard smack on Tommy’s bum. Tommy winced, biting his lip.

“That’s for dissin’ me, yeah?” Kevin hissed.

He took out the bottle of baby oil, pouring a little onto his fingers then forcing them roughly up Tommy’s bum.

“You’ll do,” he declared, pulling them out.

He dribbled some baby oil over his cock, casually smearing it over the head. He moved into position. Tommy gasped as Kevin’s hard pole speared into him, the older boy’s stomach colliding with his bum. With barely a moment’s hesitation, Kevin set to work, fucking his step-brother with all the force he could muster. Although he willed it not to, Tommy’s penis began to rise; within thirty seconds it was rock hard and throbbing with his heart beat. Kevin slid his fingers over it, masturbating him with a well-practised milking action.

“You love this, don’t yer?” he growled.

Tommy tried to hold back, hoping against hope that he wouldn’t cum, but it was useless, the stimulation far too strong. He convulsed violently, his watery semen squirting into Kevin’s hand.

“You little slut!” Kevin groaned. “Now take my cum!”

His cock jerked powerfully, volley after volley of creamy teen spunk spurting into Tommy’s rectum. For several seconds Kevin remained where he was, gasping for air. As his breathing began to ease, he removed his hand from Tommy’s penis, pushing it into the younger boy’s face.

“Lick it!” he ordered.

Tommy did as he was told, just as he always did.

“Slut!” Kevin repeated, his cock sliding out of Tommy’s bum. He quickly pulled up his jeans. “Remember what I told yer” he said insistently, adjusting his zip. “Frank won’t be happy if you don’t.”

He left the bedroom and hurried downstairs. Tommy made his way to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. He wasn’t going to do it; he couldn’t. He never defied Frank but this time he’d have to; he didn’t care if he got a beating. They weren’t going to get to Josh; he wouldn’t let them.

He returned to the bedroom, trying to work out what he was going to do. He’d have to tell Josh what was happening; he didn’t like the idea but there wasn’t much choice. If he didn’t take Josh back to their house, Kevin would try to trick the kid into going there; if Josh didn’t know the score, he might well fall for it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

They lay snuggled up on Josh’s bed.

“I need to tell you somethin’,” Tommy began apprehensively. “But you’ve got to promise not to tell anyone. Nobody knows about this, not even Gary.”

“I won’t say a word, I promise,” Josh assured him.

“You know about Kevin and his dad movin’ in with us a couple of years back?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah,” Josh acknowledged.

Over the next few minutes Tommy related the whole story, how Kevin had seduced then fucked him, and how, a couple of weeks later, Frank had fucked him as well.

“Tommy, that’s terrible!” Josh said, completely horrified. “You should never make people do stuff; that’s not right. It must have really hurt.”

“Did it ever!” Tommy responded, giving him a wry grin. “The first time Kevin fucked me I thought my arse was on fire. That wasn’t the worst though. It hurt like hell when Frank got his dick up me; I cried like a baby. He just stuffed my pants in my mouth and told me to shut up.

“And it’s been going on ever since?” Josh asked.

“Yeah,” Tommy confirmed. “It’s not so bad; I’m used to it now, don’t think about it much.” He paused for a second. “I still hate it cause they treat me like shit, yeah?” he continued, “but I sort of like the sex.” He lowered his voice. “I always cum when they fuck me.”

Josh looked at him, totally bewildered; he knew Tommy’s home life was grim, but he’d never suspected anything like that.

“The reason I’m tellin’ you is that something’s happened,” Tommy went on. “Last night Kev asked me about ‘the posh kid I was hangin’ out with’. I told him to mind his own business, but he said he’d seen us together, seen me coming here, yeah? He’s worked out what we’re up to; I denied it but it didn’t make no difference. He said he’d told Frank, and Frank had said to get me to bring you to our place so that they could . . . . you know. I told him to fuck off. I had to tell you cause I know what Kev’s like; he can be a right smarmy bastard when it suits him. So if he comes up to you pretending to be nice, just ignore him, yeah?”

“What’ll happen if you don’t do what they’ve said?” Josh asked nervously.

“Frank’ll give me a good hiding,” Tommy said baldly. “Spank my arse; that’s what he usually does if I do something he doesn’t like.”

“I’ll do it if it saves you getting hurt,” Josh offered.

“No way, man!” Tommy snapped, his eyes blazing. “There’s no way I’m putting you through that! And it wouldn’t just be once. I don’t care what he does to me; I won’t let you get hurt. He can go fuck himself!”

Josh looked at him, suddenly feeling very small and very vulnerable.

“I love you Tommy,” he croaked, hardly able to get the words out. “You’re the best.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

More than a week had gone past. Things had carried on pretty much as they always did, but the tension between Kevin and Tommy was palpable. A couple of times Kevin had asked when Josh was coming over; Tommy had refused to answer. Frank hadn’t said a word, but that was the way he operated. He’d intervene at some point if Josh didn’t appear; the only question was when.

Tommy was still asleep when he felt the large hand and the back of his neck, dragging him upwards.

“Out of bed!” Frank snarled.

Tommy shook himself awake and stood up.

“Bend over!” the man rasped.

Tommy positioned himself over the chest of drawers; he knew what was coming.

“You’ve disappointed me, Tommy,” Frank hissed, sounding for all the world like some big-time crime boss. “You were told to bring your little posh friend here so me and Kevin could fuck his tight little arse! So why haven’t you? I was looking forward to having a cute little posh kid to fuck!”

He pulled down Tommy’s shorts then landed a powerful smack on the boy’s bottom. Tommy winced but didn’t answer. Frank continued spanking the boy, one stinging blow following another, until Tommy’s buttocks and the tops of his thighs were glowing bright red, the marks made by the man’s ring clearly visible.

Finally it stopped. To his considerable embarrassment, Tommy’s cock was rock hard. Frank shuffled in close. Tommy gasped as the man’s thick eight-inch cock was rammed into him, his erection disappearing in an instant. Not only did the position he was in allow Frank to penetrate considerably deeper than usual, he hadn’t used any lube, making the experience even more painful.

“Go on, dad!” Kevin urged. “Give it to him!”

Frank began to fuck with long powerful thrusts, his penis driving repeatedly over Tommy’s prostate. Within seconds, Tommy’s cock was back at full mast, tingling like crazy. Frank wrapped his fingers round it. Tommy bucked wildly, his sphincter clamping tight around Frank’s cock, his boy-spunk spurting over the man’s fingers.

“Dunno why you keep pretendin’ you don’t like this, Tommy boy,” Frank growled. “You fuckin’ love it!”

He paused for a few seconds, his breathing becoming harsh and uneven.

“Oh yeah!” he barked triumphantly.

His penis jerked violently, copious amounts of thick creamy semen flooding into the boy’s rectum. He remained in position, Tommy still impaled on his cock.

“Now maybe you’ll learn to do as you’re told,” he said quietly, still breathing hard. “You might as well. We’ll get him here anyway, won’t we Kev?”

Tommy gritted his teeth. That was what they thought.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The bell sounded for morning break. Josh and Gary left their geography class and headed for the toilets. While Gary locked himself into a stall, Josh stepped up to the urinals, unzipped and began to pee. A few seconds later he was alarmed to find Kevin standing right next to him. He quickly shook the last drops from his foreskin, zipped up and hurried out. Kevin followed him onto the corridor, catching him by the elbow.

“Hey, your Tommy’s mate, aren’t you?” he said smiling. “You wanna come over our place sometime?”

Josh was in a state of near panic; he had to get away. If only Gary wasn’t still locked in the bog! He spotted Greg and Damian heading towards them.

“Sorry,” Josh said hurriedly. “I need to talk to my friends.”

He moved towards them, Kevin still in close attendance.

“What’s going on?” Greg asked.

“He came and stood by me in the toilets,” Josh said, jerking his head at Kevin, “then he followed me out and started talking to me.”

“You’d better move,” Damian said evenly, giving Kevin the eyeball.

Kevin didn’t budge. These kids were both bigger than him, but they were only in year nine; he was in year ten. Backing down just wasn’t an option; he’d be a laughing stock.”

“Who asked you to poke your fuckin’ nose in?” he snarled, puffing his chest out and balling his fists. “You’d better shove off if you don’t want no trouble!”

“I told you to move,” Damian repeated calmly.

“Fuck off, arsehole!” Kevin barked.

Damian’s patience snapped, his fist slamming into Kevin’s midriff. Kevin sank to the floor, doubled up in pain. Gary emerged from the toilets.

“What happened?” he asked.

Josh told him.

“Fuckin’ perv!” Gary sneered, looking down at Kevin, still on the floor clutching his tummy. “Soft in the gut; you wanna get more exercise!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Mike Russell, Head of Lower School, leaned back in his chair, eying Damian up and down.

“I’m disappointed,” he said firmly. “You should know better than to hit another boy, especially one who’s smaller than you.”

“I’m sorry sir,” Damian answered politely, “but he was hassling Josh Banham out of year seven. We told him to leave Josh alone. We didn’t shout, we didn’t swear; we just told him to move. He gave us a mouthful. We tried again. He told me to fuck off and called me an arsehole. I lost my temper.”

“Hmmm,” Mike said, still fixing the boy with an icy stare. “So how do you know Josh Banham?”

“He plays keyboards in the band we’ve just started,” Damian explained.

“Oh, I see,” Mike replied, nodding sagely. “I take it that young master Thornton will confirm what you’ve told me?”

“Yes sir,” Damian said. “Greg was with me the whole time.”

“Any other witnesses?” Mike asked.

“One of Josh’s friends,” Damian told him. “He’d been in one of the stalls; he came out just afterwards. Gary Kendrick I think his name is.”

“Right, well you still shouldn’t have done it,” Mike said decisively. “On Monday after school you will report to the detention room. You’ll write me an essay on the importance of self-control. And you’d better do it properly; I wouldn’t like to have to get you back to do it again. Understood?”

“Yes sir,” Damian confirmed.

“Now can I rely on you to turn up,” Mike asked, “or do I need to inform your parents?”

“I’ll be there sir,” Damian said quietly.

“Right! Off you go!” Mike ordered.

Over the next hour, Mike spoke to Greg, Josh and Gary, and to a couple of other witnesses that they’d put him onto. They confirmed Damian’s story in every detail. It was very strange; worrying too. He’d known Kevin Marlow since the boy had first started at the school. He was lazy, completely unmotivated and did as little work as he could get away with, hardly surprising for a boy from such a dysfunctional background, but he’d never caused any trouble, either in class or out. Approaching a younger boy in that way just wasn’t on, especially in the current paranoid climate. The days when you could turn a blind eye to that sort of thing were long gone.

But Kevin was in year ten now, and no longer Mike’s responsibility. He strolled across to the office of Trevor Coles, the Head of Upper School, a tough, no-nonsense former rugby player. He briefly explained what had occurred.

“Well, it does seem very strange,” Trevor commented. “Marlow’s a waste of space, but he’s never been any trouble. I’d better go and find him, get him in here; see what he has to say about it.”

After a short interval, Trevor re-appeared with Kevin in tow.

“Right Kevin,” Trevor said briskly, taking his seat. “Would you like to tell us what happened at morning break?”

Kevin knew the drill. He shuffled his feet, saying nothing.

“Well let me tell you what we’ve heard,” Trevor snapped. “At break this morning your went into the humanities block toilets and stood right next to a boy called Josh Banham from year seven. You then followed him out and suggested that he should go over to your house. Is that correct?”

“I was only trying to be friendly,” Kevin protested.

“So d’you often make suggestions like that to younger boys?” Trevor demanded.

“No sir,” Kevin said quietly.

“Really? So why this morning?” Trevor persisted.

“Josh is a mate of Tommy’s,” Kevin said.

“That’s Tommy Shaw, your step-brother?” Mike interjected.

“Sir,” Kevin said quietly. “Josh and Tommy have been mates for months, but Tommy’s never brought him near our place. It’s like he’s ashamed of us.”

“And that’s all there was to it?” Trevor questioned.

“Sir,” Kevin muttered.

“Didn’t it occur to you that your actions might be misinterpreted?” Trevor asked, “that someone might think you were trying to make advances to this boy?”

“Dunno sir,” Kevin lied, “never thought about it.”

“But you did stand right next to him in the toilets,” Mike stated, “when, from what I’ve been told, there was no need for you to stand next to anybody. Doesn’t look good, does it?”

“And what happened when you got out onto the corridor?” Trevor asked sharply, keeping up the pressure.

Kevin shrugged.

“Don’t shrug your shoulders at me, young man!” Trevor barked. “What happened is that a couple of Josh’s friend asked you what was going on and you started shouting the odds! What were you thinking about? Here are you, you bring one note after another to get you out of games and P.E., you’re challenged by two lads who are both bigger than you, both play rugby for the school, and instead of disappearing into the woodwork like you should have done, you give them a load of abuse! If that’s not asking for trouble I don’t know what is! I’m not surprised you got tapped!”

Kevin said nothing.

“I’ve put Damian Reeves in detention for hitting you,” Mike said calmly, playing ‘good cop’ to Trevor’s bad, “but that’s all. Had he not been provoked, or if he’d hit you several times he would have been excluded.”

“Now let me spell this out,” Trevor intoned, his eyes trained on Kevin, his voice quiet but menacing. “If I receive any further reports of you approaching younger boys, you will be sent straight home and I will report the matter to social services. Am I making myself clear?”

“Sir,” Kevin mumbled.

“Now get back to class,” Trevor snapped, “And be quick about it!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Tommy started up the stairs. There were voices coming from his and Kevin’s room. It seemed that Frank was giving Kevin an ear-bashing. Tommy knew what it was about. He slowed down, padding noiselessly from stair to stair, anxious to hear what was being said.

“You fuckin’ tosser!” Frank snarled. “Easy, you said; no problem, you said. You’d get him here. I trusted you and what happens? You fuckin’ screwed up! I’ve told you, you go to school and keep your nose clean; that way we don’t have nobody askin’ questions about us. So what do you do? You go after him in school when there were lots of other kids about, you fuckin’ dickhead! Even then you might have got away with it, but a couple of the kid’s mates ask what’s goin’ on. What you should have done is make some excuse and get the hell out of there, so everyone forgets about it, but no, you have to give it the big one!”

“Sorry,” Kevin bleated.

I’ll give you sorry!” Frank rasped, hitting Kevin across the face. “Now look what’s happened! This geezer Coles has put the finger on yer! Well you listen to me! You don’t go near no younger kids when you’re in school, got it? And you stay right away from Tommy’s little friend; we’ll have to forget about him!”

“I’ll still get you someone else,” Kevin said defiantly. “And I won’t do it in school, neither.”

“You’d better!” Frank snapped.

Sensing that the interview was about to end, Tommy retreated into the bathroom, quietly closing the door. A moment later Frank stormed out of the bedroom, down the stairs and out of the house, slamming the front door behind him.

Tommy was shell-shocked. He’d never known Kevin to be on the wrong end of one of Frank’s rants; it was always him, and even he hadn’t been subjected to anything as severe as that. He emerged from the bathroom, his heart still pounding. Very gingerly, he pushed open the bedroom door and stepped inside. Kevin was lying on his bed, his eyes red, his face marked by the slap that Frank had given him.

“Are you okay?” Tommy asked quietly.

“Fuck off!” Kevin hissed.

“Suit yourself,” Tommy said coldly, stretching out on his bed.

It was weird, Tommy reflected. When they first moved in together, Kevin was way bigger than him, but after a few months he’d sort of stopped growing. He was still bigger, around three inches taller and maybe twenty pounds heavier, but the margin was far smaller than it had been; against those big year nine kids he’d stood no chance.

“It’s all your fault!” Kevin seethed. “You’re a fuckin’ grass! You warned him; you must have done! You told him about us! Frank’ll fuckin’ kill yer if he finds out!”

“So is that what you’re gonna tell him?” Tommy asked.

“I ain’t tellin’ him nothin!” Kevin sneered. “I ain’t a grass like you!”

Tommy didn’t reply; there was no point. When it came to sussing things out, Kevin was pretty sharp; he was just useless at doing stuff. But it hardly mattered; they hadn’t got to Josh and now they’d been forced to give up on it. That was a good result, even though it had cost him the worst spanking he’d ever had.

He lay there, silently pondering the day’s events. So Kevin reckoned he was going to set Frank up with another kid? He’d believe that when he saw it. Anyway, who could he get? It wouldn’t be Josh; that was the main thing. So it’d be one of the poor kids off the estate who hadn’t the brains to know better. Well, that wasn’t his problem, was it?

Lying on his bed, Kevin seethed and plotted. He might have screwed up with Josh, but he had another target in mind, and this time he’d do it right. The kid lived on the estate so there’d be no need to go after him in school. He wouldn’t crow about it either; he’d just learned that lesson. Tommy wouldn’t find out till afterwards, and when he did, he was going to hate it. But it’d be too late then, wouldn’t it?