By Pink Panther

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“So how’s it been going?” Mark asked as they set up in the rehearsal studio.

“Not bad,” Ryan replied, sounding non-committal. “It’s harder than it looks.”

Since their first session, Ryan had struggled to master the techniques that Mark had shown him. They were all so different from the way he’d learned to play; it was going to require a great deal of work for him to get them right. Sustaining a note looked so simple, but it had proved to be a real challenge. Either he didn’t get any sustain, or he got too much and couldn’t control it. Bending the strings and hammering-on had presented similar problems.

You’ll probably find it easier using one of these amps,” Mark encouraged. “Your practice amp’s okay, but it’s not the real deal; these are much better.”

They plugged in and tuned up. Over the next hour and a half they worked through several tunes and riffs, some rock, some jazz-funk. Ryan found it hard going.

“Well, I think that’s enough for today,” Mark said finally.

Ryan unplugged his guitar and stowed it in its case. He’d made some progress, but there was still a long way to go. It almost felt as though he was starting all over again, learning a completely different instrument; he hadn’t expected that.

“You’ve got the basics there,” Mark counselled. “Just stick at it, it’ll come.”

Ryan nodded. He wanted to play electric guitar more than anything; he’d do whatever it took.

“Are we going back to the flat?” he asked.

“D’you want to?” Mark enquired.

“Yeah, course!” Ryan said, grinning.

They left the studio for the short drive to Mark’s flat, Ryan’s cock fully hard before he even got into the car. Memories of the threesome he’d had with Josh and Mark were still as strong as on the day it had occurred, the image of Mark’s cock thrusting into Josh’s bum imprinted on his brain. It’s was the hottest thing he’d ever seen, but scary too, his friend’s anus being stretched to an unbelievable size. It looked very painful, but Josh had gone wild for it.

Despite his fears, or maybe because of them, it had become his regular wank fantasy. The question had been bugging him almost ever since; what did getting fucked actually feel like? He loved doing it, but what was it like to be on the receiving end? Would he like it the way that Josh obviously did? Ashley had enjoyed being finger fucked too, but why? What was he getting out of it?

Safely ensconced in Mark’s bedroom, Ryan and Mark sensuously undressed each other. Once naked, they snuggled up on the bed.

I’m a very lucky guy,” Mark whispered. “I never dreamed you and I would be doing this.”

“I’m glad Josh isn’t here,” Ryan said quietly. “It’s much better just being here with you.”

Suits me,” Mark said, gently licking Ryan’s ear. “This ticks all my boxes.”

“Mark,” Ryan ventured. “You like fucking, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Mark conceded, “of course I do.”

“So why have you never tried doing it with me?” Ryan persisted.

Because you made it pretty clear that you didn’t want it,” Mark countered.

“Really?” Ryan questioned. “How? You’ve never asked me.”

Didn’t need to,” Mark said quietly, running his hand down Ryan’s back. “Remember when you stopped over on the Saturday night? We were snuggled up like this. I put my hand on your bum then ran my finger down between your cheeks.” He repeated the actions. “I only just touched your bum-hole and you squirmed. That seemed clear enough to me.”

Oh,” Ryan said absently. “I don’t remember. So what does getting fucked feel like? I know Josh likes it and I’m pretty sure Ashley will too.”

“So you’ve not done it with Ashley yet?” Mark queried.

“No,” Ryan said, “he’s really tight; I’m scared I might hurt him. But I’ve had my finger up there and he likes that; I just don’t understand why.”

Well there are lots of nerve-endings up there that get stimulated,” Mark explained. “That’s part of it. But you’ve fucked Josh, haven’t you? Have you ever felt a sort of hard spot up inside his bum while you were doing it?”

“Yeah,” Ryan agreed.

“That’s his prostate gland,” Mark told him. It stimulates his balls to make spunk, or at least it will do when he’s a little bit older. Having a cock rubbing over your prostate is like being wanked off from inside, only much better; that’s how it’s been explained to me.”

“So is that why he dry-cums when he gets fucked?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah, precisely,” Mark confirmed.

Wow!” Ryan breathed. “So would you like to do that to me? You can if you want.”

Mark took a deep breath; he’d have to play this very carefully.

I’d love to,” he said, smiling, “but it’s a big step; I need to be sure that it’s what you want. In any case, we can’t do it now; it would be too painful for you.”

Mark immediately felt a pang of guilt. On his Black Sea holiday he hadn’t shown the delightful Dmitri any such consideration, taking the boy’s virginity without so much as a second thought.

“If Josh can take it I’m sure I can,” Ryan said, looking disappointed.

You don’t want to hurt Ashley and I don’t want to hurt you,” Mark said gently. “I think you told me that Josh started last summer, with the Italian boy where he was on holiday, right?”

“Yeah,” Ryan said.

And I think you said the Italian boy was a bit bigger down there than you were, yeah?”

Yeah,” Ryan agreed. “That’s what Josh told me.”

Well you’ve grown quite a bit since, so the Italian kid wasn’t exactly huge. After his holiday, Josh got you into doing it, and when he started at the High School, he started doing it with Tommy, who was quite a bit bigger, and from the sound of things he may have done it with other guys too. So by the time he gave me that wake-up call he was pretty well used to it. He found it a bit painful even then.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Ryan conceded. “So when will we be able to do it?”

I’m speculating,” Mark said, looking Ryan right in the eye, “but I’m guessing Josh had been practising even before he went on holiday. This older guy that he chats to seems to have introduced him to a few different things; I’m guessing that was one. That’s what you’ll need to do.”

“Like fingering myself?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah, start with one finger; when you’ve got used to that, try putting a second finger in. Just make sure you use plenty of lube. Then move onto something a bit bigger.”

“Like what?” Ryan queried.

Mark rummaged through the top drawer of the bedside cabinet, pulling out a smallish dildo.

“Can I trust you to hide this somewhere that your mum won’t find it?” he asked.

“Yeah, sure!” Ryan said, grinning. “D’you think I could use that on Ashley?”

You could give it a go,” Mark agreed. “Just take it slow, yeah?”

They moved closer, their lips and tongues meeting in a delicate kiss.

“So d’you want me to suck you off?” Mark whispered. “We’ll have to be going soon.”

“Yeah, let’s do it!” Ryan said, grinning.

“Okay, climb over on top of me, like we were doing a sixty-nine,” Mark instructed.

Ryan moved into position. He was puzzled. He knew they couldn’t actually sixty-nine because of the difference in height, but Mark obviously had something planned; he just wasn’t sure what. He held Mark’s penis around the base, licking all over the small purple head then taking it slowly into his mouth, sucking it steadily.

Mark held Ryan’s thighs, lifting himself slightly. He lapped at the boy’s anus. Ryan gasped; it felt amazing, the man’s tongue probing at his bum-hole making him hornier by the second. He began to suck with greater urgency, twisting his head this way and that, working his tongue all over the man’s throbbing cock. Mark quickly lubed up his little finger, gently inserting it into Ryan’s bottom. Ryan went wild, sucking as though his life depended on it.

With almost no warning, Mark’s orgasm was upon him. His penis erupted, several volleys of thick creamy semen spurting into Ryan’s mouth. Ryan slurped and swallowed, making sure he’d taken every drop before finally letting the man go.

“Oh, babe!” Mark gasped. “That was something else! Stand up; you know what I want.”

Ryan swung himself off the bed. Mark squeezed some KY onto his index finger and knelt in front of him, sliding his hand between Ryan’s legs, placing the freshly lubed finger on the boy’s pucker. He leant forwards, his lips closing over Ryan’s cock.

Ryan needed no instruction, allowing the finger the penetrate him, then thrusting forwards, driving his penis deep into Mark’s mouth. The pace increased rapidly, Ryan holding Mark’s head, fucking furiously. His climax was swift and explosive, his cock jerking repeatedly, jets of boy-cum coating Mark’s tongue.

Then it was over. Ryan was so light-headed he could barely stand. As Mark’s finger slipped from his anus, he eased his penis from the man’s mouth, flopping onto the bed like a rag doll.

“Man, that was wicked!” he breathed. “I came loads!”

“Mmmmm!” Mark cooed, joining him on the bed. “You taste delicious!”

They kissed passionately, Ryan more excited than he could remember. He’d finally plucked up the courage and it had been fantastic, incredible, and that was just the beginning. He’d practice the way Mark had told him to; then on his next visit, they’d go all the way. That was what he wanted.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh carefully removed Tommy’s boxer shorts, the bigger boy’s bum still red from the beating he’d taken. Josh was appalled, finally realising just how bad it must have been.

“Tommy!” he gasped, fighting back the tears. “He must have hit you really hard! I had no idea!” He examined it closely. “There are some horrible marks too.”

“That’s his ring,” Tommy said casually. “Stings like hell when it catches you.”

“He ought to be in jail, hitting you like that!” Josh said indignantly.

“Well, it’s done now,” Tommy said calmly. “And they fucked up. They didn’t get to you; that’s the important thing. Frank’s told Kevin not to go near you again.”

They lay snuggled up on the bed, not saying a word. Josh was conflicted; he hadn’t realised how much Tommy cared about him. He wasn’t sure he felt the same way. He liked Tommy a great deal; he admired his courage and quiet determination. He loved helping him, and having just discovered how bad Tommy’s home life actually was, that seemed more important than ever.

The problem was sex. It wasn’t that he didn’t like it, quite the reverse. Having sex with Tommy was the best thing ever, but there was nothing exclusive about it. He was having sex with several boys and loved it with every one of them. He didn’t dare say it, but if Tommy hadn’t told him not to, he’d probably have let Kevin have sex with him.

Now Tommy seemed to be telling him that he wasn’t just a friend; he was someone special, like ‘his boy’. That was scary; for one thing, Tommy knew that he had sex with Ryan, but he had no idea what he got up to with Zac, not to mention Mark. He sensed that the boy wouldn’t be too pleased if he found out. Was he going to give up having sex with these other guys just because Tommy wouldn’t be happy about it? He wasn’t ready for that.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Kevin strolled out of the house, heading towards the Whitcombe Flats. It was a pleasant afternoon, quite warm for March, ideal weather for kids to be hanging out. He’d made a big mistake, telling Frank about Josh before he’d even got to know the kid. Worse still, when Frank had got ratty because Josh hadn’t appeared, he’d tried to pacify the man by claiming that if Tommy didn’t bring him over, he’d be able to get him.

So, when Tommy had continued his defiance, he’d been called on to deliver. The fact of the matter was that he’d no idea how to go about it; he’d been so sure that Tommy would crack that he’d never really considered that he might have to. He didn’t know anyone like Josh. His tutor group included several boys from well-off families, but he kept well away from them, and they from him. So then he’d made his biggest mistake of all; he’d rushed it. When things weren’t working out, he’d been so wound up he’d got into a slanging match with those year nine kids.

He’d been through it all several times; he knew where he’d gone wrong. They were mistakes he was determined not to repeat. All he’d told Frank was that he’d get him someone else; he hadn’t said who, or how long it would take. And this time he’d be dealing with kids like himself, poor kids living on the roughest part of the estate; he knew how to talk to them. Above all, he was going to take it nice and slow, just as he’d done with Tommy. If his main target didn’t go for it, he was sure one of the other kids would. Win the kid’s confidence, that was the first job; once he’d done that he could work on getting into the boy’s underpants.

He reached the flats, eight large blocks ranged along a sweeping crescent. He’d lived up here before they moved in with Tommy’s family. He walked past the first block, looking around. His main target was nowhere in sight, but it wasn’t important; he was bound to run into him sooner or later. He carried on walking. Outside the second block, three boys were sitting on a low wall. He guessed they’d be eleven or twelve. Two of them were quite cute, not stunning, but more than alright.

“Awright lads!” he said brightly, giving them a big smile.

“Yeah, you?” one of them answered.

“Yeah,” Kevin said. “Peewee around?”

“He’s indoors,” another one said. “Probably be out in a bit.”

“So what you doin’?” Kevin asked.

“Nothin’,” the first boy responded disconsolately. “It’s borin’ round here.”

“Yeah, know what you mean,” Kevin said, settling himself on the wall.

For several minutes they chatted about inconsequential stuff. Then Peewee appeared, heading towards them.

“Hi man!” Kevin said warmly, “How’s it goin’?”

They slapped hands.

“What you doin’ up this end?” Peewee questioned.

“Just wanted to get away for a bit, you know,” Kevin said, smiling. He produced a packet of cigarettes. “Want a ciggy?” he asked.

Peewee took one, three other pairs of eyes trained on the packet. Kevin handed them round; there were plenty more where those came from. He fished out his lighter; they lit up. They weren’t that experienced, Kevin noted, but it was clear that all four younger boys had smoked before; there were definite possibilities there.

“So you and Tommy still not getting on?” Peewee offered, sitting down to Kevin’s left, the opposite side from the other kids.

“Nah, he does my head in,” Kevin said. “You still hang out with him then?”

“Play footy with him,” Peewee said. “That’s about it. He’s got other friends now, he don’t come up here much.” He paused for a moment. “He’s always on about doin’ well at school,” he went on. “I fuckin’ hate school; I never learn nothin’.”

“Yeah, I keep tellin’ him he’s wastin’ his time,” Kevin said, taking a long drag on his cigarette. “It don’t matter how well he does, nobody’s gonna want him when they find out about his dad and his brother. He just won’t listen.”

They chatted on for twenty minutes, talking about nothing in particular, Kevin concentrating his attention on Peewee, though not ignoring the other boys. Finally, he checked the time.

“Gotta go,” he said. “Get my dinner. Karen goes mad if I’m late. You around tomorrow?”

“Should be,” Peewee sad casually.

“Might see you then,” Kevin said, getting to his feet.

He strolled back the way he’d come. It had been a very promising start; Peewee had seemed completely relaxed talking to him. He’d have to build on that then wait for his opportunity.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Ryan spread an old towel on his bed. He sat on top of it, a pillow behind his head, his legs spread apart, pulling up his knees so that his feet were flat on the bed. He carefully coated his index finger with KY. He reached down between his legs, pushing the lubed-up finger into his anus, using his free hand to gently fondle his cock. He’d been doing this for almost a week, every time he wanked off; it felt great.

He’d tried using two fingers. It had been a little painful to start with but that was all. The problem was that he couldn’t get them in very far; the position was too awkward. So maybe he should try to dildo. He eyed the pink plastic object lying on the bed next to him. It wasn’t that big, but definitely more than two fingers worth, and it would go in much further than his fingers if he wanted it to.

He lubed in up, smearing KY all over it. He placed it against his anus and pushed. He’d got the angle wrong; it slipped off. He pulled his knees further up and tried again. For a second nothing happened, but suddenly his sphincter relented and it slipped inside. There was a sharp stab of pain. He gasped, but held the dildo in place. After a few seconds, his muscles began to relax, the pain of entry gradually disappearing. He pushed against the base of the dildo, forcing it steadily into his rectum. It slid in smoothly, feeling much better than his fingers did. He pushed a little further. It touched the hard, knobbly spot that his fingers couldn’t quite reach. His penis twitched as though it had just been given an electric shock.

He began working the dildo in and out, using his free hand to masturbate. It only took a few seconds. His cock jerked violently, little drops of watery fluid splattering all over his chest. Still breathing heavily, he looked down to examine it. One drop of spunk had landed close to his left nipple. That was impressive; on previous occasions it had never shot much past his tummy button. There was no great volume, but he’d cum far more powerfully than he usually did when he wanked off. His intention was confirmed, the decision now irrevocable; on his next visit to Mark’s flat the man would fuck him.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Kevin strode purposefully along Whitcombe Drive towards the flats. It was twenty five past seven and already dark. He’d arranged to meet Peewee at half past. They’d chatted several times over the previous few days. It had gone perfectly; it was time to move things on. Even so, this would be the first time that they’d met in the evening. He was hoping desperately that the boy would turn up; it would be a major disappointment if he didn’t.

His plan also depended on being able to speak to Peewee on his own; it would make things very difficult if there were other kids around. He reached the appointed meeting place; it was eerily quiet. He was still a little early. He retreated into the shadows, around the side of the nearest block of flats, watching and waiting. The seconds ticked slowly past. Someone was heading towards the meeting place. He waited until he’d got a clear view. He smiled to himself; it was Peewee. He strode out to meet him.

“Hey, man!” he said brightly. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Peewee responded.

“So what you doin’?” Kevin asked.

“Nothin’, same as usual,” Peewee said.

“Your mum at home?” Kevin enquired.

“Nah, down the pub,” Peewee said a little disconsolately. “Why?”

“I’ve got some draw,” Kevin said quietly. “I wanna smoke, but we can’t do it here.”

“Wanna come round to mine?” Peewee asked.

“Great!” Kevin breathed. “You’re a life-saver, man!”

They strolled into the block, taking the elevator to the sixth floor. Though tidy, the flat had a rundown appearance, the carpets and furniture old and worn. They sat on the sofa. Kevin took out his cigarettes, a pack of Rizlas and a small bag of weed.

“What’s that?” Peewee asked.

“Skunk,” Kevin told him. “It’s the best, man. You smoked weed before?”

“Yeah, once,” Peewee said.

Kevin judged that to be pretty much perfect too. Having smoked before, it was unlikely that boy would get completely blown away, but it would still be quite easy to get him stoned. Peewee watched intently as Kevin built the spliff. Finally, the older boy lit up and took a drag. He passed it to Peewee, who drew on it for fully two seconds, inhaling deeply. Kevin allowed himself a smile; if the kid kept doing that he’d be stoned in no time.

They passed the spliff back and forth, Peewee inhaling deeply each time, Kevin taking in just enough to make him feel relaxed and confident, but not so much that he’d lose the plot. After a few minutes, Peewee had settled right back on the sofa, a beatific smile appearing on his face. Kevin grinned.

“Good, yeah?” he said quietly.

“Yeah,” Peewee agreed, still smiling. “Wicked!”

“Hey man,” Kevin asked, running his hand over the front of his jeans. “D’you get horny?”

Peewee looked across, quickly becoming aroused by the sight of the older boy feeling himself.

“Yeah, sometimes,” he conceded.

“I get horny all the time,” Kevin said, still rubbing his penis through the thick denim. “Have you got a hard-on?”

“Yeah,” Peewee admitted.

“I need a wank, man,” Kevin said, a note of urgency in his voice. “That okay?”

Peewee shrugged. Kevin undid his belt, quickly pushing his jeans and boxer shorts down to his knees. Peewee looked on, his eyes riveted to the older boy’s erect penis.

“Let’s do it together,” Kevin suggested, grinning. “Come on!”

Somewhat nervously, Peewee undid his jeans, lowering both them and his underpants, just as Kevin had done. He pulled up his tee-shirt. Kevin sucked in air. Peewee was perfect, his cock barely three inches long, the head completely exposed beyond his foreskin, his balls still pulled up tight in their sac, the boy’s skin creamy white, with not a trace of hair to be seen. Frank was going to love it!

“Nice one!” he breathed, gently masturbating himself. “Can you cum yet?”

“Nah!” Peewee responded, grinning.

“Let’s do each other,” Kevin suggested. “It feels way better when somebody does it for you.”

“That’s gay, man!” Peewee objected.

“No way!” Kevin said, grinning. “We’re just mates, yeah? We’re helping each other out; nothing gay about that. Anyway, no-one’s going to know.”

Peewee was too stoned to argue, offering no resistance and Kevin took hold of his penis, fondling it gently. He relaxed, reveling in the touch of the older boy’s fingers. Kevin was right, he decided; it did feel much better than when he did it himself. Somewhat nervously he reached across, wrapping his fingers round the older boy’s cock.

“Nice!” Kevin whispered. “Feels wicked!”

For several seconds they continued fondling each other, not saying a word.

“You ever had a blow-job?” Kevin asked finally.

“Nah!” Peewee responded.

“Feels awesome, gettin’ blown,” Kevin breathed. “I’ll show yer.”

He snaked around closing his lips over Peewee’s cock, sucking it right down to the base. Peewee moaned with pleasure, captivated by the wonderful sensations. Kevin slipped his hand between Peewee’s legs, gently tickling the area behind the boy’s balls. Peewee’s moans became more intense. Kevin sucked harder, working his tongue over Peewee’s small cock-head, his fingers advancing steadily towards the younger lad’s pucker. Sensing that Peewee was close to orgasm, he pulled away.

“You liked that, yeah?” he asked.

Peewee nodded, still gasping for air.

“You do me now?” Kevin suggested.

Peewee hesitated.

“It’s okay,” Kevin insisted. “I won’t cum. And this is just between you and me, yeah?”

Peewee relented, taking Kevin’s cock into his mouth, sucking it steadily while fondling the older boy’s balls. Kevin smiled, stroking the younger boy’s hair. It was going even better than he’d expected; the kid was sucking him beautifully. But he didn’t want to push things too far, he reminded himself; he needed to leave Peewee wanting more.

“Okay, you can stop now,” he said quietly.

Peewee let him go, sitting up again.

“That was wicked, man!” Kevin said, grinning. “I’ll finish you off now.”

He plunged down onto Peewee’s cock, sucking it hard, wanking himself with one hand while using the fingers of his other hand to massage the younger boy’s perineum. Peewee was in ecstasy; he’d never dreamed anything could feel as good as this. Suddenly he began to shake, his muscles tightening involuntarily, his fingers clawing at Kevin’s hair.

“Uhhh!” he gasped. “Uhh! Nnnnggg!!”

His penis jerked wildly in Kevin’s mouth. With a few more strokes, Kevin was there too, his spunk squirting through his fingers and onto his tummy. After a few seconds, he carefully released Peewee’s all too sensitive cock.

“Okay?” he whispered.

“Fuckin’ awesome!” Peewee breathed, grinning.

A few minutes later, Kevin was on his way home. It had gone perfectly. Peewee would definitely want to do it again; there was no question about it. Then he’d move on to stage two.