By Pink Panther

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This story contains depictions of sexual interactions involving underage boys, both among themselves and with adult males. If this is not the type of material you wish to read, I have to wonder how you got here in the first place, but there you go.

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The following day Josh was up before his parents, a normal occurrence on a Saturday. After his morning shower, he dressed in his summer uniform of tee-shirt and denim shorts before going downstairs. He made his own breakfast, cereal followed by toast and marmalade, then settled down to his weekend homework. By the time he'd completed it, his parents were up and about, which meant he could start his piano practice.

Although he didn't see too much of his parents, their having such good jobs certainly wasn't all bad, Josh reflected; he always had nice clothes, plenty of toys and money in his pocket. Within reason, he could have whatever he wanted. Most of all he had his piano, which sat in the music room. He wasn't sure exactly how much it had cost, but it was a great deal of money.

Morning practice began, as always, with exercises: scales, arpeggios and broken chords played over and over until they became second nature. Forty minutes later, the exercises completed, he picked up his book of sight reading tests. Sight reading was a chore, but a very important one. If he was ever to become a professional musician, it was a skill he would have to master.

He flicked through until he found his bookmark. The previous day he'd played numbers 79 & 80, so today he'd attempt numbers 81 & 82. There were a couple of stumbles in the first one, but he played the second one faultlessly; he was definitely improving. He checked his watch. It was half past ten, and apart from a couple of minor chores, the rest of the day was his.

"Mum! Is it okay if I go round to Ryan's house?" he asked.

"Yes, okay dear," his mum responded, bustling about as she always did, "but I want you back for half past five; your father and I are going to the golf club this evening, so make sure you aren't late. What will you do for lunch?"

"We'll probably have a snack or something at Ryan's house," he said. "If not, we'll get something while we're out."

"Okay dear," his mum repeated, still not paying him much attention. "Have a nice time and remember what I said."

"I will, mum," Josh confirmed, before heading out through the front door.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Ryan sat on his bed, playing his classical guitar. Josh would be round soon; while he was waiting he'd work on the tunes he was going to play at the end of term concert the following week. He and Josh had started learning piano at the same time, but Ryan had taken up the guitar as soon as his hands were big enough. Although he still played piano, guitar was his first love; he was as dedicated to that as Josh was to the piano.

He lived with his mum in a two bedroom terraced house, built in the early years of the twentieth century, a stark contrast to the modern five-bedroom house where Josh lived. His mum was deputy manager of the local jobcentre and worked very hard. They weren't poor, but were nowhere like as prosperous as Josh's family.

His mum was very strict with him, he thought; much stricter than most parents seemed to be. Manners, bedtimes, homework; she seemed to be on at him all the time. It wasn't that he was naughty on purpose, but he liked to be able to do things his way; his mum always wanted things done her way; it made for a very prickly relationship. The only thing she wasn't strict about was his appearance, at least when he wasn't at school. He had a small ring in his left ear, his blond hair was mussed up with gel and he was dressed in a black muscle shirt and low-riding board shorts that showed at least two inches of his brightly patterned boxers.

It wasn't fair; it wasn't like his mum was some sort of saint. At weekends she quite often went out for the evening. He didn't mind that; he didn't even mind having to have a babysitter, even though most of them treated him like a five year old. What he objected to was that she always had too much to drink and was then like a bear with a sore head the following day. It wasn't his fault she'd got a hangover! Then there were the men she brought back sometimes; he really hated them! Fortunately, nothing had ever lasted.

Their latest bone of contention was that his mum didn't want him to go to the High School where Josh was going; she was insisting that he did the exam to go to the boys' grammar school instead. That was a real bummer. Two years earlier, the High School had been designated as a specialist school for the performing arts. They'd had a whole new wing built, with a theatre, several rehearsal spaces and a studio with professional recording equipment. It was ideal for what he wanted to do, but his mum wouldn't hear of it. She'd been to a grammar school and that's where she wanted him to go.

Ryan's dad hadn't been around since he was five. Even before that, the man had never shown any interest in him. He still remembered the arguments his parents used to have when he was small; quite often they woke him up. Then his grandma, his mum's mum, died. Ryan had really missed her; she'd cuddled him and talked to him and listened to him just like grandmas are supposed to. A few weeks later his dad had left; Ryan hadn't seen him since. He hadn't seen his other grandma either. He didn't miss her though; she was horrible, she never did anything but criticise.

Ryan had never known either of his granddads; they'd both died before he was born, so for the past five years it had just been him, his mum and his Uncle Mark, his mum's younger brother. It had been Uncle Mark's influence that had got him started playing the guitar. Although Mark only played part-time, he was a member of a soul-jazz-rock outfit that was considered to be one of the best bands in the area.

Ryan thought he was the coolest adult ever. In addition to the classical guitar that his mum had paid for, Mark had bought him a steel strung guitar, paid for him to have lessons and even spent time jamming with him and teaching him to play jazz; Ryan absolutely worshipped him. When he got a chance, he'd talk to him about going to the High School. If Uncle Mark was on his side, maybe his mum would agree to it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Mark set out from his city apartment on the twenty five minute drive to his sister Rachel's house. Because of his various other commitments, he hadn't visited for a few weeks. He was looking forward to seeing his nephew Ryan again. Though still only ten, Ryan was big for his age and very mature. He was strong-willed too; Rachel had had a tough job bringing him up on her own. Rachel had married Eddie Clark as soon as they'd both left university. On the surface it looked like the perfect match. Eddie was a good-looking guy and very charming. He had a great sense of humour and was excellent company. The reality though was that he was spoilt and selfish. He was cheating on Rachel even before they got married; she was the only one who couldn't see it.

For several years, Rachel had put up with the man's womanising, not to mention the endless criticism from her mother in law who had never thought Rachel good enough for `her Eddie'. But when Ryan was five, their mother had died of breast cancer, their father having died of a heart attack several years previously. He and Rachel had inherited the substantial three bedroom house on the far side of the city where they'd grown up. They had sold the property and divided the proceeds. Unwilling to let Eddie get his hands on the money, Rachel had taken the opportunity and thrown him out.

It was clear straight away that Ryan missed his grandma terribly. Mark didn't know much about dealing with five year olds, but he'd tried to fill the void, quickly discovering that Ryan was a keen and talented musician. Possibly because of that, he and Ryan had connected. While both Rachel and his teachers at school found Ryan difficult and argumentative, he simply ate out of Mark's hand.

Mark did have another reason to look forward to his visit; he liked boys Ryan's age or a little older. A warm summer day was the ideal time to go swimming, an activity that they both enjoyed. Ryan had always been delightfully unselfconscious while getting changed. Being able to admire the boy's beautiful naked body was enough to make the trip more than worthwhile.

He would never have actually done anything, of course. Ryan was family and strictly off-limits as far as that was concerned; the risks of discovery were simply too great. Less than two weeks later he'd be heading off to the Black Sea Coast; he'd deal with those needs there.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

There was a ring at the doorbell; Ryan bounded down the stairs and opened the door. Josh was standing there, exactly as expected.

"Hey man!" he greeted, ushering Josh inside. "Wanna jam for a bit?"

"Yeah, cool!" Josh acknowledged.

They strolled into the front lounge. Josh sat down at the small upright piano. It was a far cry from the boudoir grand they had at home, but it did its job. Ryan picked up his steel-strung guitar and sat in one of the armchairs.

"What d'you want to play first?" he asked.

"Dunno," Josh replied.

"How about `The Lady is a Tramp'?" Ryan suggested.

"Cool!" Josh agreed.

"Okay, you know where the dots are," Ryan said.

Josh grinned; Ryan always referred to sheet music as `dots'. Josh took the loose-leaf album from the top of the piano, thumbing through until he found the tune.

"Take it fairly fast," Ryan instructed, "One, two; one, two, three, four!"

They began to play. As Josh had only played the tune a couple of times, it was almost like a sight reading exercise, but not quite, as he did know what it was supposed to sound like, which helped a lot. There was one problem, however. Although Josh was playing as quietly as he could, the piano completely overwhelmed Ryan's guitar. Ryan had to put his ear right next to the sound-box to hear what he was playing; Josh couldn't hear him at all. They completed the tune.

"I need an electric, man!" Ryan said firmly, "but mum says we can't afford one at the moment." He paused, grinning across at Josh. "I've been watching these vids that Uncle Mark got for me," he continued. "This Australian guy, Frank Gambale; fuckin' unreal, man! I wanna be able to play like that!"

Josh grinned back. As a result of his uncle's influence, Ryan knew far more about this type of music than he did.

"Let's do a ballad," Ryan suggested. "Then I might be able to hear myself. Have we played `Willow Weep for Me'?"

"I don't think so," Josh said.

"Great tune," Ryan declared, "chord sequence is wicked! It's only slow so it's not difficult."

Josh quickly found the music and Ryan counted them in again. On a slow tune like this, Josh could play quietly enough to actually hear most of what Ryan was playing. He agreed with Ryan about the chord changes too; they were great! As they finished the tune Ryan's mum appeared at the door.

"Ryan! I've warned you about your language!" she snapped. "Now I don't want to hear it again! Understand?"

"Sorry, mum," Ryan acknowledged, his face reddening.

She scowled at him then disappeared again, closing the door behind her.

"Wanna play a blues?" Ryan enquired.

"Yeah, which one?"

"Bags' Groove?" Ryan suggested.

"Yeah, I know that one," Josh confirmed, grinning. "What key is it in?"


Once more Ryan counted them in and they were off. Straining his ears, Josh could make out a little of what Ryan was playing, enough to keep them together. During their third chorus, the doorbell rang; seconds later a tall figure entered the room. Ryan stopped playing immediately.

"Uncle Mark!" he said enthusiastically, his face lighting up. "I didn't know you were coming over!"

"Hey! You shouldn't have stopped; that was great!" the man said, smiling warmly. "Hi Josh! Good to see you again!" He turned back to Ryan. "I've not been over for a few weeks," he explained, "and I'm off on holiday a week on Thursday, so this was probably going to be my last chance to see you before I go. Anyway, it's good to hear you guys play. So how are things going?"

"Pretty good thanks," Ryan responded.

"All set for the concert?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, I think so," Ryan confirmed. "So where are you going on holiday?"

"The Black Sea," Mark said.

"Hi Mark! Josh beamed. "So which country's that in?"

"The bit that I'm going to is in the Ukraine," Mark said.

"Oh," Josh said absently. "Why are you going there?"

"Oh, I always like to go to different places," Mark answered. "It makes things more interesting. Anyway, what are you guys up to today?"

"Dunno," Ryan said shrugging, "just hanging out, whatever."

"Fancy a trip to the pool?" Mark asked.

"Sure," Ryan said. "Is that okay with you," he asked, turning to Josh,

"Yeah, but I haven't brought my swimming things," Josh said.

"D'you know what time they get the floats and stuff out?" Ryan asked

"Twelve o'clock," Josh informed him.

"That's just about right, then," Mark said, smiling. "It's twenty five to; we'll go past Josh's place so he can collect his things, then by the time we've driven over there and got changed it'll be nearly time."

They made their way through to the back lounge room where Rachel was working on the computer.

"I'm taking these two scamps to the pool for a bit, if that's all right," Mark said.

"Yes, that's fine. What time will you be back, so I know when to have lunch ready?"

"Half past one latest," Mark said, "probably a bit before. Don't go doing anything special just `cause I'm here."

"I wasn't intending to," Rachel responded, grinning up at him. "It won't be much anyway; we'll have a cooked meal this evening."

"Great," Mark said, smiling and giving her a peck on the cheek.

Ryan hurried upstairs to collect his swimming things then they made their way out to the car. Mark was so cool, Josh reflected; with his collar length hair and trendy clothes he even looked like a rock guitarist. He found it hard to visualise the man working for an insurance company, calculating what premiums they needed to charge, even though he knew that's what he did. Even his car was cool, Mark's Mercedes coupe seeming way better than his dad's Lexus or his mum's VW.

"Have you brought your guitar?" Ryan asked, sitting up front next to Mark.

"I've brought the acoustic," Mark said quietly. "I popped it behind the sofa when I arrived; I don't like leaving it in the car; it's too risky."

"So can we jam for a bit after lunch?" Ryan asked, looking up imploringly.

"Yeah, no problem" Mark said, glancing across and smiling. "I won't be able to stay too late though; we're gigging tonight."

"Cool! Where are you playing?" Ryan enquired.

"The Robin Hood," Mark told him, "it's one of the best gigs we do; we always have a great night when we play there. After that, we're doing our usual slot at the Crown and Anchor next Thursday then we've got two months off."

"Cool!" Ryan repeated.

The pool was part of the Newton Valley Leisure Complex, situated adjacent to the high school where Josh would start after the summer break. It was surrounded by extensive playing fields; beyond them, the country park, established some twenty years earlier on reclaimed industrial land, stretched away for more than two miles.

Mark parked the car and they made their way inside. He paid for himself and the two boys then they strolled through to the male changing room, placing their things on one of the benches. They began to undress. Standing immediately to Mark's left, Josh stripped to his underpants before taking his swimming shorts from his bag and placing them on top. He quickly took off his mid-blue briefs and put them on the bench, giving Mark an uninterrupted view of his boy-parts.

Mark was enraptured. Not only was Josh wonderfully cute, his uncut penis was almost as large as Ryan's, looking more than respectable on a boy who had only just turned eleven and was of no more than average height. The kid was simply gorgeous! Mark was used to seeing Ryan like that, but seeing both of these beautiful boys standing naked right next to him was a wonderful and unexpected bonus.

But it was all strictly `look-but-don't-touch'. Although he wasn't family, Josh was far too close for comfort. In the climate of suspicion that had built up over the previous few years, making a move on either boy was simply out of the question. In any case, shitting in his own backyard was not Mark's style. In just a few days he'd be on holiday by the Black Sea, and from what he'd been told, he'd get plenty of action there.

Within an instant Josh became acutely aware of Mark's attention. He was startled, his heart-rate increasing rapidly. He picked up his swimming shorts and pulled them on before his penis had time to become erect. He glanced to his right. Mark was just taking off his black knitted trunks. He'd half expected the man's penis to be hard, like Mr. Fox's had been, but it wasn't. It was still a nice one though, quite long, moderately thick and uncut. Josh looked up slightly, only to observe that Mark's attention had switched to the still naked Ryan.

Josh's head was in a whirl; it was all so unexpected. Even more surprising was that Ryan seemed completely unaware that his Uncle Mark was staring at his privates. But he was; there was no doubt about it. He wasn't scared though; Ryan was there and there were lots of other people about. The man couldn't possibly do anything, any more than the Fabulous Mr. Fox had been able to do anything the night before. He wondered if Mark did sexy things with Ryan. He didn't think so; if they'd been doing that, Ryan would have noticed him just then, and he hadn't. Or maybe Ryan was just pretending not to notice? That didn't sound right either, he decided.

A minute later they were ready to go. Mark stashed their things in one of the lockers and they headed to the pool. As they entered, the lifeguards were just putting out the floating mats, tubes and rings. They jumped in and began to play, each of them grabbing a mat and using it as a platform to attack the others. Working singly, Josh and Ryan were no match for Mark who repelled them easily, tipping them into the water. They gave each other a knowing glance; the decision was made. Without needing to say a word, they teamed up, both of them grabbing the same side of Mark's mat and dumping him unceremoniously in the water. All thoughts of what had happened in the changing room had disappeared from Josh's mind; they were having a great time!

Mark retaliated by picking Josh up and lifting him high over his head before letting him fall backside first into the water. It gave Josh a real buzz, something like being on a water-splash rollercoaster. Ryan moved out of range, trying to avoid the same treatment. Mark dived under the surface. Ryan looked around to see where he was, but was grabbed from beneath. Before he knew what was happening he was lifted high above the water from where he was released to fly back down, just as Josh had been.

Over a period of twenty minutes or so, the boys began to tire, their play becoming less energetic.

"Can you dive?" Mark asked, addressing himself to Josh.

"Yeah, sort of," Josh said. "I can dive off the springboard; I'm not very good though."

"That's okay!" Mark said. Want to give it a go?"

Josh smiled and nodded. The three of them climbed out of the water and strolled round to the diving area, joining the queue for the one metre springboard. After a couple of minutes it was Josh's turn. He managed a dive of sorts, but didn't get much height and his entry was untidy. Ryan followed. As he took off, he pushed down hard on the board, enabling him to get good height, but he lost control of his body position, resulting in a very ragged entry. He swam across to the side where Josh was waiting. They turned to watch. Mark stepped onto the board. After taking a few seconds to compose himself he ran forward, thrusting down powerfully on the end of the board. He flew high into the air, maintaining a perfect body position throughout, entering the water with hardly a splash.

"Wow!" Josh gasped. "I've never seen anyone here dive like that!"

"Yeah, he's pretty good," Ryan acknowledged. "I know he did swimming and diving when he was at school; mum told me. He never took it seriously though."

Josh was impressed. He was impressed again several minutes later when he watched the man dive from the five metre platform. Neither Josh nor Ryan would dive from up there; they simply jumped in. But Mark dived, only a simple plain header, but once again he entered the water with hardly a ripple.

By five to one they were all tired and it was time to go. As they strolled back towards the showers, Josh wondered what was going to happen when they stripped off to get dry. He wasn't worried though. After all, Mark could have grabbed his boy-parts when they were playing on the mats; he'd had several opportunities but hadn't gone anywhere near them. As far as he knew, Mark hadn't tried grabbing Ryan's either. Mark wasn't going to try doing sexy stuff with them, even if he had the chance, Josh concluded. Of course, Mark was going to look at him again, but that no longer seemed such a big deal. He'd let Fabulous Mr. Fox look, hadn't he? Mr. Fox was a cool guy; so was Mark. So if Mark wanted to look, why not let him?

Josh and Ryan wandered into the showers while Mark retrieved the shower gel from their locker. Moments later he joined them, removing his shorts as the boys lathered up. It was no big deal, Josh reflected; it was what most adults seemed to do. Five minutes later they were all clean, the chlorine washed off and the shower gel rinsed from their hair.

"Okay lads, time to go," Mark said quietly. "I promised we'd be back by half past."

They turned off the showerheads and wandered back to the locker where Mark handed out the bags of clothes. They began to towel off. After a few seconds, Josh surreptitiously checked his companions. Ryan was already naked and appeared to be paying not the slightest attention to anything going on around him. Josh took a deep breath and undid the Velcro fastening of his shorts, skinning them down to his ankles. He stepped out of them, casually picked up his towel and started to dry between his legs. His penis rose rapidly to attention.

Mark could hardly believe what he was seeing. He'd seen Ryan naked on numerous occasions; over the years he'd seen a few other boys naked in similar circumstances. Never once had he seen one of them with an erection. But cute little Josh had an erection and it was an absolute beauty! The kid was as hard as it was possible to be, his penis like a piece of sprung steel pressed tight against his tummy. Mark had offered to take to boys to the pool in the certainty of seeing some nice eye-candy, but this was beyond his wildest expectations.

Josh took his time, quite deliberately allowing Mark to check him out. His penis was almost painfully hard, throbbing with his heartbeat. After his experience the previous evening, he was desperate to wank off again, but that, he realised, would have to wait. One thing puzzled him; although Mark hadn't taken his eyes off him from the moment he'd dropped his shorts, the man's penis was still completely soft. That was odd, he decided; it was another thing he'd ask Mr. Fox about when they chatted that evening.

Finally, he gave Mark a knowing little grin and donned his underpants. A few minutes later they were dressed and on their way. Sitting in the back of the car, Josh's erection obstinately refused to subside; he hardly knew what to do with himself. After five minutes that felt like an eternity they pulled up outside Ryan's house. They climbed out of the car and headed inside.

"Is it okay if I pop to the loo?" Josh asked in a tone of near desperation.

"Course! You know where it is," Ryan said casually.

Josh made his way up the stairs and into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. He stood in front of the toilet, pulling his shorts and underpants down to his ankles. He stood up and took hold of his cock, rubbing it just as he had the previous evening. Steadily, the tingling sensation grew more and more intense. He reached out his left hand, resting it on the cistern to steady himself. Almost without warning he shuddered violently. He could hardly breathe; his legs buckled, seeming almost too weak to support him. He clung on desperately, his penis swelling and jerking in his hand.

Finally it was over. He twisted around, sinking down onto the toilet, gasping for air. Mr. Fox had wanked off standing up; it hadn't seemed to be a problem. That was something else! After taking a couple of minutes to recover, he quickly dressed himself and trotted back down the stairs.

"Are you okay?" Ryan asked, giving him a somewhat odd look.

"Fine, thanks! Josh said brightly.

Ryan shrugged and turned around, leading the way into the back lounge room where lunch was waiting for them.