By Pink Panther

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Kevin walked purposefully along Broad Oaks Road, turning into the drive of the large house that stood somewhat on its own. He strolled up to the front door and rang the bell. The door was opened by a well built man in his mid-forties.

“Hi Terry,” Kevin said, smiling as he made his way inside.

He’d visited the house more times than he could count. His dad had taken him there the first time, ‘to meet a friend of his’. Frank had been playing with his boy-parts since just after his ninth birthday a couple of months earlier, but hadn’t done anything too serious; he’d found it all quite enjoyable.

So he’d been quite relaxed when the two men had undressed first him then themselves. They’d fondled him all over and sucked his little cock; he liked that! He’d only become alarmed when Terry had flipped him onto his tummy, a pillow under his hips, and had started working baby oil into his anus. He’d protested; Frank, watching intently, had told him to relax and that everything would be fine. A moment later, Terry’s cock had forced its way into him. He’d lain there helpless, tears running down his face as the man had pounded into him, his cries stifled by his well-worn underpants which Frank had stuffed into his mouth.

It went on for more than fifteen minutes, with Frank telling him over and over how well he was doing and what a good boy he was. Finally, Terry had ejaculated, the man’s semen filling his rectum, then after a further few seconds, the man had pulled out, leaving him so sore he’d hardly dared move, his bum feeling as though it was burning up.

“Good boy, Kevin!” Frank had cooed. “Fantastic! You’re our boy now!”

With that, everything changed; both Frank and Terry were as nice to him as they could possibly have been. They bathed him in Terry’s big whirlpool bath, the warm soapy water easing away at least some of the soreness. They dried him lovingly before dressing him in neat new clothes. They took him into the large dining kitchen and gave him his favourite to eat, mandarin oranges and chocolate ice-cream, a luxury he was rarely allowed. And all the time the mantra was repeated: he was a good boy, he’d done fantastic, Terry loved him to bits.

He knew that men weren’t supposed to do stuff like that, but it wasn’t that simple. Frank was his dad, the only person he’d ever been able to rely on. Frank cared for him, looked after him. He was in awe of the man; he did whatever his dad said. So if that was what his dad expected him to do, that was the way it would have to be. And it wasn’t really so bad, he rationalised. It had been very painful while it was going on, but afterwards it had been like the best birthday ever.

Then Terry gave him the money, fifty pounds, more than he’d had in his young life. Frank told him he could spend it on whatever he wanted. That was it, the deal completed. He’d be ‘their boy’, just as Frank had said.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

On the face of it, Frank and Terry were an odd mix, Frank a building site labourer living in a run-down council flat, Terry a successful property developer with a dozen rental properties scattered around different parts of the city. Financially they were at opposite ends of the spectrum; what drew them together was their love of boys, pre-teens in particular.

Frank had always planned on having sex with Kevin as soon as he was old enough. He’d been given custody when the boy’s drug-addict bitch of a mother had run off and abandoned the kid, and as far as anyone knew he’d done a decent job of bringing the lad up; Kevin was properly fed, reasonably dressed and never in trouble.

From the moment they’d begun messing about, Frank had been desperate to fuck the boy, but with a thick eight inch penis, for him to have taken the nine-year old’s virginity would have been very risky. He might have split the boy’s ring, which would have caused no end of difficulties. Terry, considerably smaller in the dick department, had made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Not only would both he and Kevin be amply rewarded, Terry was, in his own words, a master of the art, and had guaranteed that there wouldn’t be a problem, and that in just a couple of weeks he’d have the boy ready for Frank’s much larger weapon. Like the good businessman he was, he’d delivered on every point.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Terry followed Kevin through to the lounge room, sitting down next to him on the large sofa.

So how d’you get on?” he demanded.

Sweet as a nut,” Kevin smirked. “Went for it, no problem; he even sucked my dick.”

“You told Frank no problem before,” Terry observed.

“Yeah, well I won’t be making that mistake again,” Kevin said vehemently.

“So did you cum in his mouth?” Terry asked.

“Nah,” Kevin said, grinning. “Didn’t want to push it, did I? I’ll wait till we have him here, you know, all three of us.”

“So what’s the plan now?” Terry enquired.

“Meetin’ him again tomorrow,” Kevin said. “As long as his mum’s out of the way we’ll do it again. Then I’ll ask him if he wants to make some money.”

“And he’ll go for that?” Terry queried.

Probably have to sweet talk him a bit,” Kevin conceded, “But he’ll go for it. He gets fuck all.”

“Fair enough,” Terry said guardedly. “So then what?”

I bring him round here; we have a smoke. We don’t ask him to do anythin’ heavy, so it’s easy money for him, yeah? And after we’ve finished with him, we let him watch you fuckin’ my arse. Just need to make sure he doesn’t freak, yeah? Don’t think he will though. Then the next time he comes round, that’s when it happens.”

“Well, you seem to have got it all worked out,” Terry admitted.

“Don’t say nothin’ to Frank yet,” Kevin cautioned. “Wait till the kid’s been here the first time, yeah?”

No worries,” Terry said, smiling. “So what’s he like, this kid?”

Nice!” Kevin said, smiling. “Just turned twelve, quite tall, very slim, small cock and balls, cute little arse and not a hair on him that I could see; you’re going to love him!”

“Sounds wonderful!” Terry enthused. “Name?”

Peter,” Kevin said, “but everyone calls him Peewee.”

“So how d’you know him?” Terry asked.

“He’s Tommy’s cousin,” Kevin said, smirking. “Tommy’s gonna go ape-shit when he finds out.”

“It’s a shame you’ve never brought Tommy round here,” Terry chided.

He’s an arsehole!” Kevin sneered. “He lets us do him at home cause he knows he has to, yeah? But Frank reckons he might kick off if we tried to . . . , you know. It’s stupid, man! He always cums when we fuck him; just won’t admit he likes it.”

Yeah, that’s what Frank says,” Terry confirmed.

He’s not that special now anyway,” Kevin said, grinning. “You’d have liked him best a couple of years ago.”

“And you’ve not made a move on Tommy’s little brother yet?” Terry asked.

“Nah, can’t do nothin’ till Frank tells me,” Tommy said. “Daniel’s still pretty small. It’ll happen sometime though.”

Well, I’ve still got you to look after me,” Terry cooed, stroking Kevin’s thigh.

“Yeah,” Kevin responded, his grin broadening. “Wanna do me rough?”

Sure,” Terry agreed. “Come on then!”

He ushered Kevin through to the kitchen. Kevin moved a chair out of the way and bent over the kitchen table, his head resting on his forearms. Terry moved in behind him, roughly pulling down the boy’s jeans and boxer shorts. The man stood back a little then delivered three powerful smacks to Kevin’s exposed bottom. A well-lubed finger was inserted into the teen’s anus, quickly joined by a second one. Both fingers withdrew. Terry moved into position, impaling the boy with a single, well-practised thrust.

Kevin settled himself for what was to follow. This wouldn’t be the quick three or four minutes that most guys gave him; getting fucked by Terry meant fifteen to twenty minutes of hard, relentless pounding, the man thrusting into him with almost metronomic precision. On it went, Kevin’s teen cock painfully hard and aching for release. But that would have to wait; he couldn’t touch it himself and Terry wouldn’t; he always wanted it afterwards.

At last the man’s breathing began to shorten, his thrusts becoming harder, more insistent, the rhythm finally broken. He gripped Kevin around the thighs.

“Now take what I’ve got for you!” he growled.

His penis swelled and jerked, his semen coating Kevin’s bowels. After a short pause he pulled out, turning the boy to face him. He dropped to his knees, plunging down on Kevin’s cock. The boy’s eruption was almost instantaneous, his teen cum squirting into Terry’s mouth.

After quickly cleaning up, Kevin strolled back into the lounge room.

“Money, weed, ciggies, rizlas,” Terry announced, handing them over. “It’s all there.”

“Thanks,” Kevin said, stashing the items away.

“Now all you’ve got to do is deliver,” Terry said.

“I will,” Kevin assured him, smiling confidently.

He headed out into the night, the front door closing behind him.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The two naked boys were sprawled across Peewee’s bed, Kevin sucking hungrily on the younger boy’s cock, wanking himself at the same time. It had gone like a dream; Peewee had been well up for it. He hadn’t hesitated when Kevin had suggested that they should strip completely, and he’d sucked Kevin’s penis like he’d been doing it for years, though once again Kevin had been careful not to ejaculate.

Peewee was moaning quietly, his chest rising and falling. Almost without warning he convulsed violently, his hips pushing up off the bed. He grabbed Kevin’s head, his hard little spike swelling and pulsing in the older boy’s mouth. Kevin’s orgasm followed within seconds. Quite deliberately he allowed his spunk to squirt over Peewee’s thighs and tummy. The kid didn’t bat an eyelid.

Kevin carefully let him go, flopping down next to him. He picked up his boxer shorts, using them to wipe the semen off Peewee’s body.

“You liked that, yeah?” he asked, grinning broadly.

“Yeah, man!” Peewee confirmed, grinning back. “It was wicked!”

Kevin took a deep breath.

“You wanna earn some money?” he asked quietly.

Peewee eyed him suspiciously.

There’s this guy I know,” Kevin continued. “He loves boys. We’ll go round his place, yeah? He’ll take your clothes off, feel you up a bit then suck your cock. All you gotta do is play with his dick. You’ll get twenty quid.”

I dunno, man,” Peewee said apprehensively.

“It’s easy, man!” Kevin assured him.

“So will you be there too?” Peewee asked. “You know, while he’s doing it.”

Yeah, I’ll be there all the time,” Kevin cooed. “Don’t worry, man; nothin’ bad’s gonna happen.”

Peewee hesitated for a second. He was still very nervous about it, but twenty quid was a great deal more than the odd bits of pocket money he got.

“Yeah, okay,” he agreed. “When?”

Tomorrow evenin’,” Kevin said quietly. “Meet me outside the leisure centre, half past seven, yeah? He don’t live far.”

“Okay,” Peewee repeated.

They pulled their clothes on, making their way back to the lounge to finish the spliff they’d been smoking. Fifteen minutes later, Kevin was on his way home, a spring in his step. It had been far easier than he’d expected; Peewee had gone right for it. All they needed to do now was make sure the kid had a good time round at Terry’s house and they’d be all set.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Ryan and Ashley snuggled up on Ryan’s bed, kissing passionately, the highlight of the week for both of them. Finally they broke the kiss. Ryan snaked around, resting his head on Ashley’s tummy. He closed his lips over the slim boy’s penis, sucking it right down to the root. Almost without thinking, he smeared KY over his index finger. Slipping his hand between Ashley’s legs, he inserted the lubed-up digit into his friend’s anus, slowly pushing it in as far as he could.

“That feels so good!” Ashley breathed.

“Want to try this?” Ryan asked, retrieving the dildo from its hiding place.

“Where did you get that?” Ashley giggled. “It looks like a plastic dick!”

“Sorry,” Ryan said. “I can’t tell you that, well, not yet anyway. So d’you want to try it?”

“So have you . . . , you know?” Ashley enquired.

“Yeah!” Ryan grinned. “Feels awesome!”

“Okay then,” Ashley agreed.

Ryan coated it with KY then placed it against Ashley’s bum-hole. He pushed insistently; nothing happened.

“Push out like you’re having a shit,” he instructed.

Ashley complied. Suddenly the head of the dildo slipped inside him.

“Aaaaggghhh!” he gasped, his sphincter unprepared for such a large intrusion.

“Sorry, man!” Ryan apologised, allowing the hard plastic object to slip from his friend’s bottom.

Ashley was still gasping, beads of perspiration covering his forehead. Ryan was disappointed. That was the problem with them meeting only once a week, he realised. Ashley didn’t practise by himself, so he wasn’t used to having things up there; he was just as tight as he’d always been. But the Easter holidays were only a couple of weeks away, and then they’d be able to get together almost every day. That’s when they’d do it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Kevin and Peewee walked steadily towards Terry’s house. There was little conversation; Peewee was too nervous. He was almost regretting his decision, but having said he’d do it, he wasn’t going to bottle out. They walked up the drive. Kevin rang the bell. A few seconds later a smiling Terry welcomed them inside. Peewee eyed the man apprehensively, deciding that he certainly looked alright.

They strolled through into the lounge room, the boys flopping down on the sofa, Terry sitting on the armchair opposite.

“I guess you’ll be wanting this,” he said, passing Kevin a small bag of weed.

The teen immediately set about building a spliff.

“Where’s the loo?” Peewee asked.

“Top of the stairs, first door on your left,” Terry told him.

Peewee hurried out of the room.

“Very nice!” Terry breathed, licking his lips. “You’ve done well; I’m looking forward to getting into his underpants! Seems a bit nervous though; you sure he’s alright?”

“Just take it slow, yeah?” Kevin counselled. “Don’t try nothin’ heavy; he’ll be fine.”

“No problem,” Terry said, smiling.

He sat back in his chair; Kevin had done very well. Peewee was taller than he’d imagined, but delightfully slim and as cute as buttons. Even though they’d be keeping things pretty low-key, it was definitely an evening to look forward to. Peewee re-entered the room, flopping down on the sofa again.

“Would you like a drink?” Terry asked.

“Yeah, thanks,” Peewee responded. “Got any Coke?”

“Yeah, no worries,” Terry said, smiling. “Sure you wouldn’t like anything stronger?”

“Nah!” Peewee said, grinning. “Coke’s fine!”

“What about you?” Terry asked, directing his enquiry to Kevin.

“Carlsberg please,” Kevin responded, putting the finishing touches to the spliff.

“Only one,” Terry said sternly. “I don’t want you staggering home!”

He disappeared into the kitchen, returning moments later with Coca-Cola for Peewee and lagers for himself and Kevin. They sat around, taking swigs from their drinks and chatting about this and that, the spliff passing from one to another. Terry watched intently as Peewee pulled on it, inhaling deeply, the boy becoming more relaxed with each drag.

Peewee was already well into it. He’d never imagined they’d be going anywhere as posh as this, but here he was, lounging around in a beautiful big house, drinking Coca-Cola and smoking a spliff; no worries, no pressures, nobody telling him what to do. In his experience, things didn’t get much better. And Terry was okay, just like Kevin had said. He knew that in a few minutes the man would want to undress him and play with his boy-parts, but truth be told, he was looking forward to it, his cock already throbbing in his briefs.

Kevin smoked the last of the spliff, stubbing it out in the ashtray.

“You ready then?” Terry asked.

Kevin got to his feet, motioning for Peewee to follow him. Terry shepherded the boys up the stairs and into a large room with twin beds.

“Take your shoes and socks off and your hoodie,” he said quietly, addressing himself to Peewee.

For an instant, Peewee’s nerves returned. This was it; there was no turning back now. He kicked off his battered trainers and pulled off his socks, stuffing them inside. Terry watched intently. Kevin was right, he noted; the kid was dirt-poor; even his socks had seen better days. Peewee pulled his cheap hooded top over his head, leaving him just in tee-shirt, jeans and underpants. Terry smiled, admiring the boy’s slender forearms; the lad was every bit as tasty as Kevin had promised.

“Come here,” he said quietly, positioning himself between the beds.

Peewee stood in front of him, allowing the man to remove his tee-shirt. Terry’s hands roamed over his back, sensuously massaging him, easing the tension. One hand moved to his chest, caressing his small, pale nipples before slowly sliding down, over his tummy button and onto the front of his jeans, gently stroking his erect penis.

Terry took a deep breath. Peewee was something really special; not only was he very cute, he was hard already and they hadn’t even started. He sat down on the bed further from the door. Very deliberately, he opened the front of Peewee’s jeans, slowly pulling them right off. The kid was stunning; Kevin could hardly have brought him anyone better. He ran his hands up the back of Peewee’s long, slim thighs and over his bum, sliding his fingers under the waistband of the lad’s once-white briefs, easing them over the boy’s hips and down to his ankles. Peewee kicked them off.

Terry drank in the sight of the boy’s hard, three-inch penis. He leaned forwards, taking it fully into his mouth. He sucked it eagerly, working his tongue all over the small, spongy head. It was perfect; Kevin hadn’t just done well; he’d done fantastic. He placed his hands on Peewee’s bum, the firmness of the small, round globes hinting at the boy’s athleticism. Terry was struggling to control his lust. The boy had the most fuckable arse imaginable. He’d have loved to do it right there, but things weren’t ready. He’d have to wait; he’d get his chance soon enough.

He pulled Peewee onto the bed, his hands running all over the boy’s slim, smooth body, before once more plunging down onto the kid’s throbbing spike. Peewee reached down, wrapping his fingers around the man’s stiff penis. Kevin, also naked, joined them, his teen cock aimed at Peewee’s lips.

“Suck me!” he whispered.

Peewee didn’t hesitate. He was stoned and had feelings in his groin too wonderful to describe; he was up for almost anything. His mouth engulfed the teen’s hard cock. He sucked it steadily, Kevin’s fingers stroking his hair.

Almost unnoticed, Kevin and Terry swapped over. Peewee wasn’t fazed by that either. Though much hairier, Terry’s cock, a medium thick six inches, was much the same size as Kevin’s. It didn’t make much difference which one he was sucking. Once again Terry had to hold himself in check. He could easily have fucked the kid; it wouldn’t have been a problem, but that wasn’t the plan, and he knew that Frank wouldn’t be too pleased if he jumped the gun.

After a few minutes they changed back again, but this time Terry was really sucking. Peewee hardly knew where he was, the man’s fingers tickling that sensitive place right behind his balls. His breathing became short and ragged; he began to shake. A moment later his penis jerked into action, swelling and pulsing in Terry’s mouth. After a short pause, Kevin and Terry let him go.

“Good, yeah?” Kevin breathed, grinning broadly.

“Yeah!” Peewee responded, still breathing hard.

“Gotta earn my money now!” Kevin said, still grinning.

He moved to the other bed, spreading out a towel and lying face down on top of it. He wondered how many times Terry had fucked him. Since that first time, they’d done it a couple of times a week. With his fifteenth birthday only a few days away, it had to be several hundred; even he could work that out. Terry straddled the boy, spreading baby oil over his cock and working some into the teen’s anus. He lowered himself into position, his penis thrusting insistently through Kevin’s sphincter.

Peewee couldn’t take his eyes off it. Kevin was getting fucked; he hadn’t expected that! It was the hottest thing he’d ever seen, his penis rock hard again. He expected the man to cum at any time, but he didn’t; he just went on and on, relentlessly pounding Kevin’s arse. Peewee began stroking his cock, his eyes glued to the action. Suddenly Kevin groaned, his legs flailing. Peewee’s eyes widened; he could scarcely believe what he’d just witnessed. Kevin had cum; he’d spunked while the man fucked his arse! That was something else!

Moments later, Terry began gasping.

“Good boy, Kevin!” he growled, jabbing his cock fully into the teen’s anus. “Now take my spunk!”

His cock reared up, depositing his semen in Kevin’s rectum. After a few seconds, he lifted himself clear. Kevin got off the bed, picked up the towel and trotted off to the bathroom as though nothing had happened. He smiled to himself. It had worked like a charm. Peewee might have freaked, but he hadn’t, quite the opposite, in fact; the kid hadn’t taken his eyes off them. So he wouldn’t freak when they did it to him. He’d almost certainly cry, probably beg them to stop, but he wouldn’t freak. Then afterwards they’d give him all his birthdays at once and he’d be theirs.

After cleaning up, he strolled back to the bedroom. Peewee was sitting on the bed, fully dressed.

“How much did Kevin say you’d get?” Terry asked him, producing his wallet.

“Twenty,” Peewee squeaked.

“No problem,” Terry said, extracting a twenty pound note and handing it over. “And here’s a little bonus,” he said, passing the boy an extra fiver. “You did great!” He took out two more twenties and a ten, making sure that Peewee saw him. “Here’s yours,” he said, putting it into Kevin’s hand.

“You wanna see me again?” Peewee asked.

“Sure,” Terry said casually. “How about next Monday?”

“Yeah, cool,” Peewee acknowledged.

“See you next Monday then,” Kevin said as they headed out onto the drive.

Peewee’s brain was racing, his thoughts all jumbled up.

“Didn’t expect him to fuck you,” he said quietly.

Kevin just smiled.

“So d’you like having it up your bum?” Peewee asked, trying to make sense of it.

“It’s okay,” Kevin said nonchalantly. “I’m used to it.”

“So are you gay then?” Peewee continued.

“Nah!” Kevin said, grinning. “I told you.”

“But you spunked while he was up you,” Peewee persisted.

“Yeah, that’s what happens sometimes,” Kevin said casually. “Doesn’t mean I’m gay though; I like girls, same as the other lads. But it’s alright; means I can have nice clothes, weed, ciggies, whatever.”

“So will he fuck you again next Monday?” Peewee enquired.

“Probably,” Kevin said. “He usually does.”

It didn’t much matter, Peewee reasoned. He’d just had the best evening he could remember and he was twenty five quid richer as a result; pretty soon he’d be able to buy some nice clothes too. He was hoping that Kevin would get fucked though; he definitely wanted to see that again; his cock was rock hard just thinking about it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Mark ushered Ryan into the flat. Their session at the rehearsal studios had gone well. Though he hadn’t made a major breakthrough, Ryan was definitely improving, a result of the practice he’d put in.

“Want a drink?” Mark asked, strolling through to the kitchen.

“Please!” Ryan responded.

Mark poured a glass of coke for Ryan and fruit juice for himself. He took out a packet of chocolate chip cookies and tipped a few onto a plate, putting it on the work surface.

“Don’t have too many,” he advised. “Your mum won’t be too pleased if you don’t want your dinner.”

“No chance!” Ryan said, grinning. “So where are you playing tonight?”

“A club near the city centre,” Mark told him. “But it’s a late one; we don’t have to be there till half past nine.”

They wandered through to Mark’s bedroom.

“Ashley was saying that they won’t be at the pool next Saturday,” Mark said casually. “They’re running in the Primary Schools’ Cross-Country Championships. I wondered if you might like to go and watch, you know, cheer them on.”

“Dunno,” Ryan said shrugging. “I’d have to miss jamming with Josh.”

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt for once,” Mark urged. “Ashley’s a good friend, Squeak too for that matter. I’m sure they’d appreciate you making the effort. If you like, I’ll ask your mum to get lunch early, then we can have a good long jam afterwards, all three of us.”

“Yeah, okay then,” Ryan agreed. “I think we’ve got a pretty good team, actually.”

“They didn’t rope you in then?” Mark asked.

“Nah!” Ryan said grinning. “I’m useless over a long distance.”

“Same as me,” Mark responded. “I was never much good either.”

“So are you going to come too?” Ryan queried.

“Yes, of course,” Mark confirmed. “The race starts at 10.30, so I’ll have to come over a bit earlier than usual. Then we’ll go and give them a shout, yeah?”

“You only want to go so you can see all the boys in their little running shorts,” Ryan teased.

“I don’t need to do that when I’ve got you,” Mark whispered, his hands on the hem of Ryan’s tee-shirt, lifting it slowly to expose the boy’s tummy.

They sensuously undressed each other, something that had become an essential part of their get-togethers, and one that they both enjoyed immensely. Once naked, they climbed onto the bed, their arms wrapped round each other, their faces just inches apart.

“So how have you got on with Ashley?” Mark enquired.

“Okay,” Ryan said, pulling a face. “I tried using the dildo on him, but he’s too tight. I got it in but it was hurting him so I had to take it out.”

“That’s a shame,” Mark said, unable to suppress the thought that Ashley would probably have relaxed if Ryan had persisted.

“We can only do it once a week,” Ryan explained. “He has to look after his little brother the rest of the time. But we’ve got the Easter holidays soon; we’ll be able to get together pretty much every day. I reckon we should be able to do it then.”

“Sounds like a plan!” Mark said quietly, licking Ryan’s nose. “So have you been using it?”

“Yeah!” Ryan confirmed. “I’ve been taking it up me for over a week.”

“Really?” Mark cooed. “And?”

“I love it!” Ryan said breathlessly. “Makes me cum all over the place!”

“Mmmm!” Mark breathed. “Sounds wonderful.”

“So can we do it, then?” Ryan demanded.

“Are you sure?” Mark asked gently.

“Yeah!” Ryan insisted. “I want you to do it.”

“Okay, but no rush, yeah?” Mark counseled. “Let’s just build up to it.”

Their lips met in a delicious, passionate kiss. Mark rolled onto his back, pulling Ryan over on top of him, the boy’s penis grinding against his stomach. He was transported to another planet, a world of wonderful, sensory delights. In just a few short minutes he’d take Ryan’s virginity. He hadn’t planned it; he certainly hadn’t exerted any pressure. Just a few months earlier he wouldn’t even have rated it as a possibility. But their relationship had developed a momentum of its own, and there they were. Ryan had offered him the ultimate privilege. He wasn’t going to refuse; it was what the boy wanted.

He squeezed KY onto his fingers, carefully inserting his index finger into Ryan’s anus. It slid in easily. He finger-fucked the boy for a few seconds, then pushed his middle finger in behind it. Ryan winced slightly, but within a couple of seconds he relaxed, allowing both fingers to slide smoothly into him. It was time to move things on.

“Have you got the dildo with you?” Mark asked, breaking the kiss.

“Yeah, course!” Ryan said, rolling off to retrieve it from the pocket of his jeans.

“I hope you haven’t keeping it in there,” Mark said.

“Course not!” Ryan smirked, handing it over. “I keep it hidden in the bag with my guitar stand and stuff. I took it out while we were packing up at the studio.”

“Good boy,” Mark said, nodding approvingly.

He coated the dildo with KY then moved into position, his head resting on Ryan’s tummy. He looked intently at Ryan’s cock, straight as an arrow and perfectly proportioned, the boy’s foreskin just covering the tip; four and a half inches of sheer perfection. He closed his lips over it, sucking it right down to the root; nothing could have felt or tasted better. He placed the head of the dildo against Ryan’s anus, the boy pulling up his knees to give him easier access. He pushed steadily, the hard plastic object slowly disappearing into Ryan’s bottom.

“Ahhhhh!” Ryan gasped, the dildo hitting his G-spot. “Oh yeah!”

Mark worked the dildo slowly in and out, pushing it fully home. There was no resistance, Ryan totally relaxed, his breathing deep and slow. Mark swallowed hard. There was nothing more to be done. This was it; the moment he’d never expected to get to.

“Ready then?” he asked.

“Yep!” Ryan confirmed.

“Sure?” Mark persisted.

“Yep!” Ryan repeated, grinning.

“Do you watch Mastermind? Mark enquired.

“Yeah, sometimes,” Ryan giggled. “What’s that got to do with it?”

“What does the question master say if the bell goes when he’s in the middle of a question?” Mark asked.

“I’ve started so I’ll finish,” Ryan said.

“Yeah,” Mark said gently. “And that’s how it is. Once I’m up there, there’s no turning back if you don’t like it; I will fuck you. So are you still sure?”

“Yeah!” Ryan said, nodding vigorously. “I want you to fuck me.”

Mark allowed the dildo to slide out. He placed a pillow in the middle of the bed, took a towel from the bottom drawer of the nightstand and spread it on top. He’d not fucked many virgins, but he’d done every one in this position; it was how it had to be.

“On your tummy,” he instructed.

Ryan rolled into position, the pillow under his hips. Mark knelt between the boy’s legs, spreading them wide. Having lubed himself up, he got down on top of the boy, guiding his rampant cock onto its target. He pushed hard, penetrating the boy instantly. Ryan gasped, the realisation of having the man’s penis inside him finally hitting home.

Mark pushed steadily, supporting himself on his forearms. He thrust deeper and deeper into his nephew’s rectum, savouring every nuance of the warm, tight sheath that was gripping his cock. Ryan winced, gritting his teeth. The entry had hardly hurt at all, but as Mark advanced his sphincter was being stretched further and further.

“Ohhhh!” he gasped, the man’s penis thrusting over his prostate, the pain momentarily forgotten.

Moments later, his uncle’s pubic hair was brushing against his bottom.

“Good boy!” Mark whispered. “You’ve got it all now. Push out and relax; get used to me being there.”

Ryan did as requested, the pain slowly ebbing away.

“Okay now?” Mark enquired.

“Yeah,” Ryan confirmed. “Do it. Fuck me!”

Mark set to work, drawing his cock almost all the way out before thrusting back in again, delighting in the wonderful sensations coursing through his body, every nerve-ending on red alert, his sense of triumph heightened by his understanding of just who it was that was lying beneath him.

Ryan moaned and whimpered, pain and pleasure combining together, the intensity of Mark’s relentless thrusting making him almost delirious. His orgasm was approaching, his breathing becoming harsh and shallow. He shuddered violently, legs flicking upwards, his fingers clawing at the mattress. Spunk barreled through his penis, squirting powerfully onto the towel.

“Oh, that is so good!” Mark gasped. “Ohh! Ohh!! Aaarrrrgggghhhh!!!”

He thrust fully into the boy, his semen spurting over and over into Ryan’s bottom. He sank down on top of the boy, his heart pounding against Ryan’s back. Nothing, he decided, could ever feel better than that. Finally he withdrew, rolling off onto his side. Ryan turned to face him, returning the pillow to its usual position.

“You okay?” Mark enquired.

“That was awesome, man!” Ryan said, grinning. “Now I know why Josh likes it so much!” He paused. “I’m not going to be like him though,” he continued. “You know, doing it with anybody. This is just for you, yeah?”

“Wonderful,” Mark whispered. “I feel very honoured. And just remember, I’ll be there for you no matter what.”

“Thanks!” Ryan said, smiling, his lips meeting Mark’s in a wonderful, post-fuck kiss.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Terry parked the Jaguar a few yards from the Newton Arms. He checked the time; twenty past seven. Frank had better not be late, he thought to himself; it wouldn’t do for the boys to arrive at the house before they did. The minutes ticked past. At twenty five past Frank appeared, striding towards the car. He opened the door and got in next to Terry. The car moved away.

“Okay?” Terry enquired.

“Need to try to get back about nine,” Frank said. “Don’t want her frettin’.”

“She won’t start asking questions, will she?” Terry demanded.

“Nah!” Frank assured him. “She knows better than that. If I’m sortin’ out a bit of business, there’s always somethin’ in it for her, yeah?”

“You know what to do?” Terry asked.

“Yeah, just lie low in the spare room,” Frank said. “Wait till you come upstairs then give you five minutes, right?”

“Yeah,” Terry confirmed. “And remember to bring the camcorder.”

“No worries,” Frank said, grinning. “So this kid’s pretty tasty then?”

“Very,” Terry said smirking, “and horny as fuck, beautiful little arse; not the brightest tool in the box either, which helps. I think you might know him; the kids call him Peewee.”

“Peewee?” Frank gasped, his eyes almost falling out. “Tommy’s cousin? Fuck! He is well tasty! That’s Kev gettin’ his own back for what happened with the other kid.”

“Yeah,” Terry agreed. “That’s what I thought.”

The car turned onto the drive, gliding to a halt. It was just after half past seven.

“They should be here in around ten minutes,” Terry said. “You go upstairs and relax; this is going to be fun.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Kevin and Peewee walked up to the front door and rang the bell. Peewee was very excited, his cock already straining against his briefs. Terry ushered them inside. They strolled through to the lounge room, parking themselves on the sofa. Kevin immediately began building a spliff, putting in more weed than in the previous ones they’d smoked.

Things progressed much as they had on their previous visit. Peewee was totally relaxed, completely into it; better still he was getting as high as a kite.

“This is good weed, man!” he commented.

Kevin smirked; he’d got the kid exactly the way he wanted him. They killed off the spliff and moved upstairs. Once again, Peewee allowed Terry to undress him, his cock fully erect before the man had even started.

“Kneel down and suck me,” Terry requested.

Peewee complied without a moment’s hesitation, sucking steadily on Terry’s penis while the man ruffled his hair. The three of them gathered on the bed. Peewee was in ecstasy, gently slurping on Kevin’s cock while Terry sucked his.

“Why don’t you two have some fun together while I watch?” Terry suggested.

Peewee wasn’t objecting. He liked Kevin, enjoying the feeling of the teen’s body pressed against his own, the older boy’s fingers wrapped around his penis. Moments later, the bedroom door opened and Frank appeared, dressed just in a pair of boxer shorts. Peewee looked up, startled. He recognised Frank immediately, but through his drugged-up haze, it felt like it wasn’t really happening.

“What’s he doing here?” he asked.

I’ve come to show you what real sex is about, Peewee,” Frank said calmly, handing Terry the camcorder.

That was Kevin’s signal. He put the pillow in the middle of the bed and grabbed Peewee by the ankles, forcing the boy over. Peewee struggled, but he was too light and too stoned; in no more than two seconds he was lying on his tummy, the pillow under his hips, his erection having completely disappeared.

“No!” he protested. “I don’t want . . . !”

A greasy finger was forced into his anus. He panicked, peeing all over the pillow. Kevin grinned, finally realising how the boy had acquired his nickname.

Kid’s fuckin’ pissed himself,” Terry observed, grinning, the camcorder capturing the action.

“Just relax, kid,” Frank said. “You’ll be fine.”

Peewee certainly didn’t feel fine, Kevin’s finger pushing in deeper and deeper. A second one joined it. That hurt even worse, the two fingers twisting round, stretching his ring. Finally both fingers pulled out. Kevin got down on top of him, the teen’s penis pressing against his hole. Peewee tried to resist, but all the fight had gone out of him.

“Yeeowwww!!” he screamed, the older boy’s cock thrusting roughly into his anus.

Frank picked up Peewee’s discarded underpants, stuffing them into the boy’s mouth.

Quiet Peewee,” he admonished. “We don’t want you disturbing the neighbours, do we? Not that there are any close enough to hear.” He paused for a moment. “Give it him, Kev,” he ordered.

Kevin needed no second invitation, driving his teen cock deep into Peewee’s rectum, fucking the boy ferociously. Taking a boy’s cherry was the ultimate; especially one as slim and cute as Peewee, the younger boy’s tight little tunnel gripping his cock like a vice. Peewee lay submissively beneath him, sobbing helplessly.

Kevin didn’t last long; in less than a minute the muscle spasms swept over him. He delivered one final thrust, fully impaling the boy, his spunk flooding into Peewee’s rectum. After a few seconds he pulled out. Handing Frank the camcorder, Terry moved in to replace him.

Peewee didn’t even move, his resistance completely broken. He’d been stupid and now he was getting fucked. He lay there silently, wishing for it to be over, but there was no early release, Terry grinding away relentlessly. Peewee vaguely remembered how long the man had taken when he’d fucked Kevin. That, he guessed, was what he was in for.

Frank watched, his eyes glued to the action, his large cock throbbing in his boxers. He’d witnessed or been part of scenes like this for almost as long as he could remember. At the age of eight, when his alcoholic mother could no longer cope with him, he’d been taken into care and placed in a children’s home. He’d been there less than two days when a fourteen year old penis was forced up his bum. The following evening he was summoned to the flat which the home’s deputy head occupied while on night duty. The other kids giggled, making comments he didn’t understand. He was puzzled, only discovering the reason for their amusement when the man bent him over the kitchen table, pulled down his pants and fucked him unmercifully.

He was almost thirteen and already quite well-developed before he got an opportunity to be on the other side of the equation, stuffing his near five-inch cock into a ten year old new boy. The pattern had been set. In his late teens he’d gained a reputation as a ladies man, an image he’d fostered ever since, but apart from providing him with cover and opportunities, women were second prize at best. His real targets were pre-teen boys, and over a twenty five year period he’d had a whole succession of them.

Terry’s breathing began to shorten, his orgasm finally upon him. He gripped Peewee by the shoulders, depositing his semen in the lad’s bottom. After a few seconds he lifted himself clear. Frank handed him the camcorder then moved across to where Peewee could see him. He stripped off his boxer shorts to expose his thick eight inch cock, smiling as he saw the fear in the boy’s eyes. He moved quickly into position, his cock nuzzling Peewee’s anus. With one determined thrust he was inside, stretching the boy’s sphincter almost to breaking point.

“Oh yes, Peewee!” Frank snarled, pushing in deeper. “Lovely tight little arse, just the way Uncle Frank likes them! You’re our boy now, Peewee! Cutest little bum I’ve fucked in a long time!”

Peewee made no protest, his senses numbed by the protracted assault, but suddenly he became aware that something strange was happening; in spite of everything, his penis was rock hard again and tingling like crazy, the man’s dick rubbing against something deep inside him. He tried to fight it, but it was a lost cause. He shook from head to toe, so light-headed he barely knew where he was. His bum tightened sharply around Frank’s invading cock, his own penis swelling and jiggling against the pillow.

“Good boy, Peewee!” Frank growled. “I knew you’d like Uncle Frank’s cock up your bum! I hope you’re not gonna be stupid like Tommy, pretendin’ you don’t like it when you do! Here it comes, Peewee; now take it!”

With one final thrust his cock exploded into action, volley after volley of thick, creamy spunk flooding into Peewee’s bowels. With that it was over. Frank eased his way out, his cock exiting Peewee’s anus with an audible slurp. He stood up, leaving Peewee too shell-shocked to move.

“Take him to the bathroom,” he instructed Kevin. “Look after him, yeah?”

Kevin removed the underpants from Peewee’s mouth and helped him off the bed, noting the smell of urine emanating from the pillow. Semen spluttered out of the younger boy’s anus, trickling down his legs.

“Come on, Peewee,” Kevin said gently, guiding the boy out of the room. “It’s alright; you did great.”

He ushered Peewee into the bathroom, following him inside, under strict instructions not to leave the boy alone for a second. Peewee sat on the toilet, wincing as the spunk rushed out of him. He got up, reaching for the toilet paper, his arse as sore as all hell.

“Don’t bother with that,” Kevin urged. “I’ve run a bath for you. This whirlpool bath’s awesome; it’ll make you feel much better.”

Somewhat gingerly, Peewee stepped in, sinking down into the warm, soapy water. Kevin was right, he noted; it was making him feel better.

“Sorry we were a bit rough with you,” Kevin said quietly, kneeling next to the bath. “It’s always like that the first time; that’s just how it is, yeah? We have to do it like that, cause if we asked you, you’d just keep putting it off. But you’ve done the hard part now; it’ll be much easier next time.”

Peewee was confused and disoriented, looking uncomprehendingly at Kevin, quite unable to make sense of it.

“You did fantastic,” Kevin went on. “Don’t worry; Frank and Terry are okay, man. Terry loves you to bits; he’ll look after you. He’s been looking after me for years.”

“So how long have you been comin’ here?” Peewee asked.

“Frank brought me here when I was nine,” Kevin said casually, “did me just like they did you. Been there, done it. I look okay, don’t I?”

“And what about Tommy?” Peewee persisted.

“Oh, we’ve been doin’ him since we moved in there,” Kevin said nonchalantly.

“So does he come here?” Peewee questioned.

“Nah!” Kevin said, grinning. “Frank doesn’t trust him. He keeps pretending he doesn’t like it. It’s bollocks; he spunks every time we fuck him. Even when we first started he used to get hard.”

Peewee’s brain couldn’t take it in. Tommy was the toughest kid he knew, but according to Kevin he’d been taking it up the bum for nearly two years and Kevin reckoned he liked it, only he pretended he didn’t. But Tommy had never said a word about it. If he didn’t like it, why hadn’t he told his mum? So he must like it. But if he did like it, why was he saying he didn’t?

Peewee was more confused than ever, beginning to question his memory of what had just taken place. Perhaps it hadn’t been as bad as he’d thought. Maybe his brain was playing tricks on him because he was stoned. He was still sure he’d been fucked, the soreness in his bum an on-going reminder, but even that was feeling better than it had. Or maybe it had never really felt that bad in the first place; he just didn’t know. After around ten minutes he climbed out of the bath, Kevin helping him to get dry then leading him to a room he hadn’t been in before. Clothes were laid out on the bed.

“These are for you,” Kevin said, smiling. “I told you Terry would look after you. I hope they fit; I think they will.”

Peewee looked down at the clothes; jeans, socks, boxer briefs, a football top, a hooded top, all top quality, nothing like the cheap stuff he usually had to wear. Other kids wouldn’t be able to call him a gippo if he was dressed like that. He put them on. Just wearing them made him feel good. Kevin guided him back downstairs and into the lounge room.

“Peewee, you fuckin’ hero!” Frank said warmly. “You did brilliant! You look a million dollars! Wanna drink?”

Peewee nodded.

“Go and sort it, Kev,” Frank ordered.

“Come here,” Terry cooed, beckoning Peewee towards him.

Peewee approached apprehensively, wondering what else might be in store for him.

“Sit down,” Terry urged, patting his knees.

Somewhat nervously, Peewee sank down onto the man’s lap.

“You did so well,” Terry breathed, stroking the boy’s thighs. “You’re a great kid. Stick with me and I’ll look after you. I’m sure Kevin must have told you.”

Kevin reappeared carrying two glasses of coke. He passed one to Peewee. Frank stood up, motioning Kevin to return to the kitchen. He closed the door, putting his arm around the boy’s shoulder.

“You’ve done great,” Frank said. “Terry’s well happy; me too for that matter. After that other business I didn’t think you could do it, but you’ve really come up with the goods.”

“How much is Terry givin’ you?” Kevin asked.

“Five hundred,” Frank said. “We’ll split it down the middle, yeah? He can afford it; Peewee’s his passport to those parties he likes goin’ to.”

Kevin grinned; he’d been to some of those parties.

Back in the lounge room, Peewee was trying to sort his head out. He’d never intended to let himself be fucked; it had just happened. But was it such a big deal? If Terry was going to look after him the way he’d been looking after Kevin, what had he got to lose? His life was shit. His mum didn’t give a toss; as long as he stayed out of trouble and out of the way, she didn’t care what he did. At least if he was Terry and Frank’s boy he’d be able to have nice stuff like Kevin had. And anyway, he liked sitting there on Terry’s lap; his cock had gone hard again.

Frank and Kevin returned from the kitchen.

“You’d better give the kid his money,” Frank said. “We need to get going.”

Terry produced his wallet, taking out a wad of notes. He handed them over. Peewee looked at them uncomprehendingly, counting them up then repeating the exercise to make sure he was right.

“Thanks,” he said quietly, struggling to get the word out.

He put the money in his new jeans. At the weekend he’d take the bus to the shopping centre, buy himself some trainers to go with all the other stuff he’d got. They made their way out, piling into the Jaguar for the drive back to the estate. A few minutes later they dropped Peewee on Whitcombe Drive. The boy hurried home, his bum still sore, five twenty-pound notes burning a hole in his pocket.