By Pink Panther

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Ryan checked the time. It was ten to ten; Mark was due to arrive at any time. He sat in the front lounge room dressed in sweat pants, trainers and a couple of tee-shirts, idly strumming on his steel-strung acoustic. His bum had been sore for a few days after Mark had fucked him, but it hadn’t been a problem; it was what he’d expected. Overall, he’d had a good week. He was finally starting to come to grips with the rock guitar techniques that Mark had been teaching him. He hadn’t got them off perfectly, but he was definitely getting there. What he needed to do now was to learn how to incorporate them into his playing.

The doorbell rang. He went to answer it.

“You ready then?” Mark asked, stepping inside.

“Just got to put my top on,” Ryan said, as Mark strode through to the back lounge.

“Hi Rachel!” Mark greeted, stashing his guitar and practice amp behind the sofa. He moved across to his sister, giving her a peck on the cheek. “We’ll be on our way. We won’t be long”

“I’ll have lunch ready for twelve,” Rachel said.

“Great,” Mark responded. “We should be back well before that. What time did you tell Josh?” he asked, turning to Ryan.

“Change of plan,” Ryan announced, zipping up his hooded top. “His mum and dad are out all day; he’s asked us to go over to his place so he can play his own piano. I said we’d be there about one.”

“That should be fun,” Mark said, smiling.

They made their way out. Mark started up the car and they were in their way.

“The girls race first,” Ryan said. “They start at quarter past; then the boys are on afterwards.”

“I don’t expect you’re too interested in watching the girls,” Mark suggested, giving Ryan a wry grin.

“Not really,” Ryan acknowledged. “We’ve got a team; Miss Turner’s looking after them, but I don’t think they’re much good.”

“So who’s looking after the boys’ team?” Mark enquired.

“Mr. Stephens,” Ryan said, smiling. “He’s really nice to me now. He was well happy when me and Ash got into the grammar school.”

“So were you the only two?” Mark asked.

“Chris Ashton’s third reserve,” Ryan explained, “so he probably will. Some of the kids who’ve been offered places will go to other grammar schools; that’s what Mr. Stephens said.”

“So how have you and Ashley been getting on,” Mark asked quietly.

“Great!” Ryan answered, a big smile on his face. “Ash is the best, man!” He paused for a second. “I didn’t try doing too much, just fingered him, yeah? He loves it! I know he wants me to . . , you know, but I think it’s better if we wait till we don’t have to rush it.”

“Sure,” Mark acknowledged. “And how d’you think your lads are going to do today?”

“Ash reckons we should do okay,” Ryan said positively. “He’s good, of course, and Squeak’s okay. Then there’s a kid called Nathan Kirby in year five; Ash says he’s good too, and Richard Lawson’s not bad. There are six of them running, but only the first four count, so we could do alright.”

“Sounds good,” Mark said encouragingly.

He parked the car in the leisure centre car-park. They stepped out into the crisp, clear morning; winter finally giving way to spring. They strolled across the adjacent playing fields. The girls’ race had just started. The competitors streamed past them, a few stragglers reduced almost to walking pace after only a few yards.

“They’ve got a great day for it,” Mark said, smiling.

“There are our lads,” Ryan said excitedly, pointing to a small group gathered close to the start.

“We won’t disturb them now,” Mark advised. “They need to get focussed on the race. We’ll go and say hello afterwards.”

They positioned themselves by the gate that led to the country park. The girls’ race concluded. The boys began to prepare, discarding warm tops and training pants. Being tall, Ashley was easy to spot, dressed like his team-mates in a distinctive gold tee shirt and black shorts. They lined up; a hooter sounded. Just over one hundred boys kicked away from the start, jockeying for position. After a couple of right hand turns they headed towards the gate where Mark and Ryan were standing. Ashley was in a small group right at the front.

“Come on Ash!” Ryan called excitedly.

“Well done Ashley!” Mark echoed, noting the distinctive Stainmoor logo on Ashley’s top.

The leading runners thundered past, heading out into the park. Mark counted them through. Darren was running alongside another Stainmoor boy a few places behind the leaders, with the school’s fourth runner around ten places further back.

“They’ve got their four counters inside the top twenty,” he said. “That’s looking good!”

Mark and Ryan trotted across the playing fields so that they could see the boys as they headed downhill towards them. It was a key vantage point, thronged with teachers, parents and other enthusiastic supporters. After an anxious wait, the runners emerged from the trees. Ashley and a smaller boy wearing a green top and white shorts had broken clear.

“He’s winning!” Ryan breathed, eyes sparkling.

Ashley and the other boy reached the bottom of the hill, turning left handed to run alongside the fence.

“Come on Ash!” Ryan shouted at the top of his voice. “You’re gonna win!”

“Well done, Ashley!” Mark added. “You’re doing great!”

He was much less certain of the outcome though; Ashley’s opponent had an easy grace about his running that suggested he had plenty in reserve. Once more, Mark counted the runners through. Darren and the third Stainmoor boy were still running together just inside the top ten.

“Come on Squeak!” Ryan bellowed, “Come on Nathan! You’re doing fantastic!”

After a seemingly interminable few seconds, their fourth runner hove into view.

“Come on Richard!” Ryan screamed, shouting himself hoarse. “You can do it!”

“Still four in the first twenty!” Mark announced. “Let’s go! We can get them coming into the finish if we’re quick!”

They set off as fast as they could, heading towards the run-in. As they approached, the two leaders were turning back onto the playing field, some one hundred and fifty metres from the finish line. Mark’s suspicions were immediately confirmed, the boy in the green top accelerating majestically, leaving Ashley trailing in his wake.

Ryan slowed to a jog, disappointed that Ashley hadn’t claimed the victory.

“Hey, come on!” Mark exhorted. “You’ve got other lads out there! Don’t forget them!”

“Well done Squeak! Well done Nathan!” they both called as the two boys turned towards the finish, battling all the way to the line.”

Richard was still running hard too, picking up a place in the last few yards.

“I made that four in eighteen,” Mark said. “I wasn’t able to check any of the other schools, but they might have won with that.”

They strolled across to where the Stainmoor boys were handing their finishing discs to headmaster Paul Stephens. Ashley was sitting on the ground, recovering. Ryan flopped down next to him.

“Well done, Ash!” he said warmly. “You ran fantastic!”

“Thanks for coming,” Ashley said, smiling. “It really helped. It’s great to hear people shouting you on.”

“Disappointed?” Ryan asked.

“A bit,” Ashley admitted. “I knew as soon as we got to the bottom of the hill that I wasn’t going to win. He’s so much quicker than me at the end. I tried to get away from him but I couldn’t.”

“So you’ve run against him before?” Ryan enquired.

“Yeah, I’ve raced him a few times,” Ashley said quietly. “I beat him once, but it was on a much tougher course, very muddy with some really stiff climbs; I love it when it’s like that.”

Ryan grinned, shaking his head, unable to imagine anything much worse. They got to their feet.

“Morning sir!” Ryan said brightly, grinning at the headmaster.

“Good morning Ryan,” Paul responded warmly. “I wasn’t expecting you to be here; thanks for coming!”

“Sir, this is my Uncle Mark,” Ryan said, indicating his uncle, waiting patiently a few feet away.

“Hello Mark!” Paul said, stepping across and shaking hands. “Great to meet you at last; Ryan’s told us a lot about you.”

“All good, I hope,” Mark said, smiling; unable to stop himself thinking about the things Ryan wouldn’t have mentioned.”

The boys wandered away.

“Very much so,” Paul assured him. “You’ve been a very positive influence on him as I’m sure you’re aware. I didn’t know you were interested in running though.”

“I’m not really,” Mark admitted, “but it was important for Ryan to be here, supporting Ashley and the others. But it’s been very enjoyable; it’s a great day for being out in the fresh air.”

“Ryan and Ashley have been very good for each other,” Paul said quietly. “Ryan’s always been very talented and he’s always worked hard, but he used to be difficult and argumentative. He’s been much calmer since he and Ashley began spending time together. Ashley’s benefited too; some of Ryan’s self-confidence seems to have rubbed off on him.” He paused for a second. “Please excuse me,” he added. “I have to go and hand in the results envelope.”

He bustled away. Mark was impressed by Paul’s assessment, only wondering what the headmaster might have thought if he’d known how close the boys had actually become. Ryan and Ashley returned, accompanied by a tall man with short dark hair.

“Mark?” the man said, extending his hand “John Holden, Ashley’s dad; I just wanted to thank you for talking to him the way you did. He’s been working so much better since you spoke to him.”

“Well, it wasn’t anything much,” Mark said modestly, accepting the handshake. “I just told him that I wasn’t anything special and that he could do as well as I have as long as he was prepared to put the work in.”

Well he definitely got the message,” John said warmly. “He’s really got stuck into it. We were so proud of him when he passed for the grammar school. Nothing like his little brother; he gives us sleepless nights.”

“They seem to get on very well together,” Mark said quietly, nodding towards Ryan and Ashley. “I was delighted when they both got in. Ryan wasn’t very keen on going to the grammar school; he’s much more settled about it knowing that Ashley will be there too.”

“We were very pleased when they started hanging out together,” John said, lowering his voice. “Darren’s a nice kid, but all he’s not really interested in school.”

“So I take it that you’re a runner too,” Mark said, changing the subject. “I saw you haring around just now.”

“I used to be,” John said. “Had to give up when I started my own business; I just didn’t have time to train. So I was very pleased when Ashley showed an interest; I always try to be there when he’s racing.”

“So who was the lad who beat him?” Mark asked.

“Oh, that’s Jacob Harvey,” John said. “Good little runner, nice turn of speed; Ashley can’t really match that at the moment. They go to different schools, run for different clubs; it’ll be an interesting rivalry over the next few years.”

Paul rejoined them, beaming.

“The results still have to be checked, but I think we’ve won it,” he said, trying to hide his excitement. “We scored thirty seven; St. Andrew’s got fifty three and High Close sixty one. None of the other schools is anywhere near. That’s a first; we always do fairly well but we’ve never actually won it before.”

As soon as the boys in the team had gathered their things together, the whole group strolled across to the High School for the presentations.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Thanks for bringing me,” Ryan said as Mark started the car.

“Oh, I really enjoyed it,” Mark said, smiling. “Mr. Stephens is definitely one of the good guys; you’re very lucky having a headmaster like him. He was telling me how much calmer you’ve been since you started hanging out with Ashley.”

“I wonder what he’d think if he knew what else we’d get up to,” Ryan questioned, grinning.

“The thought did occur to me,” Mark said quietly. “I got the impression that he wouldn’t be too fazed by it.” He paused slightly. “I’m not so sure about Ashley’s dad though,” he added.

“Nah, I don’t think he’d like it much.” Ryan said, still grinning. “We’ll just have to make sure he doesn’t find out, won’t we?”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Monday afternoon; Josh was sitting at the piano. He’d spent almost an hour working on the first of his grade eight exam pieces. It was enough, he decided; he’d do some more later. He broke idly into ‘Round Midnight’, the perfect way to relax after a hard practice session.

The previous few days had been one highlight after another, he reflected. On Friday afternoon he’d had wonderful sex with Tommy. Later that evening, with his parents safely out of the way, he’d had sex with Ryan. Saturday had been good too. Although he’d missed going to the pool, the afternoon jam session had been the best ever. Both he and Ryan were becoming so much more confident, with Mark helping and encouraging them every step of the way. They’d played for over three hours, and had finally got to work on a jazz-funk tune, Herbie Hancock’s Canteloupe Island. That was wicked!

After they’d finished, Mark had invited them both to attend the Renegade gig on the Thursday before Easter, which would mean stopping over at the flat again; he was definitely looking forward to that! The only disappointment had been that Mark had then left pretty much straight away. He’d been hoping for another threesome, but he wasn’t complaining. He and Ryan had gone up to his bedroom, and after some wonderfully exciting foreplay Ryan had climbed on top of him and fucked him senseless.

Sunday afternoon’s rehearsal had been equally rewarding. The band was coming together beautifully, sounding sharper and more polished every time. They weren’t just playing the songs any more; they were performing them. They’d been lined up for a slot at the Lower School End of Year gig, which would be their first public performance. Although still three months away, it was a very exciting prospect, a target for them to work towards.

After the rehearsal, he and Zac had gone up to Zac’s bedroom. They’d stripped naked and had the wildest sex ever. After fifteen minutes of kissing and sucking, Zac had fucked him. He’d loved every second of it; having the teen boy’s big cock pounding into his bum was the most exciting feeling possible. Having sex with all these different boys was brilliant, he reflected. If he’d had to pick just one, it would have been Tommy, but he didn’t have to, so why should he when he enjoyed doing it with every one of them?

Tommy trotted into the music room, flopping down in the armchair.

“Don’t stop,” he said, smiling.

Josh played on for a few more minutes before bringing the tune to a close, his penis already throbbing in his briefs. They made their way up to Josh’s bedroom. The computer was on.

“Oh, sorry,” Tommy said. “I needed to look something up; I forgot to log out.”

“No problem,” Josh said, quickly switching users.

Windows Live launched automatically, a setting he’d recently altered. He scanned down his list of favourite contacts. Tim Spitfire was online. A moment later the taskbar flashed up orange; Tim was sending him a message.

“This is Tim,” Josh said, “We chat online occasionally; started about a year ago. We’ve both got webcams so it’s really good.”

“You said webcams,” Tommy ventured, “So do you . . . , you know?”

“Yeah, sometimes,” Josh admitted. “Not recently though; actually we haven’t chatted for ages, I always seem to be too busy.”

“So how old is he?” Tommy asked.

“Thirteen,” Josh said, rubbing his hand over the front of Tommy’s school trousers. “He’s in year eight. But he lives down in Kent so there’s no chance of us getting together.”

“So what d’you do?” Tommy asked.

“Oh, strip naked and watch each other wank off,” Josh said nonchalantly. “It’s about all we can do.”

“That’s well cool!” Tommy said, grinning. “I wish I had a computer!”

Josh grinned back and opened the message.

TS: Hi Josh! How’s it going?

Josh quickly typed a reply.

JT: Good thanks! How about you?

TS: Not bad! Anyway it’s great to see you again. Want to have some fun?

Josh looked at Tommy, wondering how he’d react. To his surprise, Tommy was grinning, pretty much urging him to continue.

JT: Well I would, but I’ve got one of my friends from school here. His name’s Tommy. We were just about to . . . , you know!

TS: Lucky you! I guess I’d better let you get on with it.

JT: Unless you want to stay and watch. Say hi to Tommy, ask him if it’s okay.

TS: Hi Tommy! Are you okay with me staying around?

Tommy: Hi Tim! Yeah, it’s cool.

JT: Okay, let’s get the cams going. Just one thing; you’ve got to be naked too, yeah?

TS: No problem!

JT: And you’ve got to promise not to freak!

TS: No worries!

Tim and Josh quickly activated their webcams. Josh was struck by a sudden impulse. He set his cam to record.

TS: That’s looking good! Can you hear me okay?

JT: Loud and clear! What about you?

TS: The same, thanks!

JT: Okay, we’ll all strip to our underpants, yeah?

TS: Cool!

The three boys stripped down to their underwear, Tim and Josh in briefs, Tommy in boxer shorts. Josh and Tommy stood in front of the cam, feeling each other up. Tim watched attentively, wishing that he could be there with them.

JT: Okay, stand back a bit from the camera and take your pants off.

Tim did as he was asked. Josh watched admiringly. Tommy licked his lips; the kid was even skinnier than Peewee and had a really nice cock on him.

JT: Nice! It’s grown since the last time I saw it; more hair on it too. Now watch!

Josh and Tommy stood back a little from the camera and carefully lowered each other’s underwear. They stood close together, each with the arm further from the camera round the other’s back, gently fondling each other’s penis. Tim’s eyes were glued to the screen. Josh was so cute, possibly the most beautiful boy he’d ever seen. Tommy was good looking too and had a beautiful body.

Tim wished that he could have a body like that instead of being so skinny. He laughed it off when the other kids called him ‘Skeleton’ or ‘Stick Insect’, but deep down it hurt. It hurt because he wasn’t just skinny, he was awkward and uncoordinated. He’d have loved to be good at football like most of his friends, but he wasn’t; he was useless. And most embarrassing of all, he liked boys; boys his own age or a bit younger. Just a couple of weeks earlier he’d messed about briefly with Scott, a year seven kid who lived down the road. It had been the most wonderful experience of his life, but he hadn’t repeated it, petrified by the thought of what would happen if any of his friends found out.

He continued to watch, wondering how far things were going to go. He didn’t have long to wait. Josh sank to his knees, Tommy’s penis inches from his face. Josh stuck out his tongue and licked right along the shaft. Tim’s eyes widened. He wasn’t, was he? He was! He was sucking Tommy’s cock! Tim watched, totally enraptured, Josh’s head bobbing up and down, the bigger boy’s cock sliding right down his throat.

After a minute or so, Josh released Tommy’s slick penis. He got to his feet. He and Tommy wrapped their arms around each other, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing together. Tim could hardly believe what he was seeing. Fondling each other was okay. From what he’d heard, lots of boys did it, though Scott was the only one he actually knew. And it hadn’t been a total shock when Josh had sucked Tommy’s cock. But kissing each other? Now that really was gay! And Tommy just didn’t look the part, not in the least. He was strong and athletic looking, the last kid you’d have suspected of being ‘like that’.

Tommy steadily kissed his way down Josh’s body until he was kneeling on the carpet, his lips wrapped around Josh’s cock, sucking it right down to the root. Tim was completely mesmerized, his eyes glued to the screen. He’d wanted to do that to Scott, but he’d bottled out. There’d be no bottling out the next time he and Scott got together. He continued to watch, studying every detail, Josh running his fingers through Tommy’s short fair hair, Tommy’s hand between Josh’s legs, apparently feeling the boy’s bum, though he couldn’t see exactly.

Tommy let Josh go and stood up, smiling. Josh whispered something to him that Tim couldn’t hear. The two boys moved a little further from the camera. Josh bent over, resting his hands on the bed. Tommy knelt behind him, holding the smaller boy’s cheeks apart. He leaned forwards, pressing his tongue against Josh’s anus. Tim’s eyes widened even further. Tommy was licking Josh’s bum! He’d never dreamed they’d do anything like that! After half a minute of licking and probing, Tommy pulled away. He squeezed some KY onto his fingers and began working it into Josh’s anus, first with one finger, then with two. Tim licked his lips, sensing where this was about to go. He was not disappointed.

Tommy allowed his fingers to slide out of Josh’s bum. He got up, smearing KY over his penis. He moved in close, guiding his cock onto Josh’s pucker. With one thrust he was inside, sliding smoothly in until the boy was completely impaled. He took a moment to settle himself and began to fuck.

“Oh, yeah!” Josh moaned. “Do it Tommy! It feels so good!”

Tim’s eyes were out of stalks. Josh was getting bummed, Tommy’s penis pistoning in and out. More than that, Josh obviously loved it. Tim began masturbating furiously, imagining that he was there with them; fantasizing that as soon as Tommy had finished, he’d move in to take his place.

Tommy’s hand slid down off Josh’s hip, coiling his fingers round the boy’s throbbing spike.

“Ohhhh!” Josh gasped. “Ohh! Ohh!! Nnnnnngggg!!!”

He bucked wildly, his bum clamping tight around Tommy’s cock, his penis swelling and pulsing in the bigger boy’s fingers. Tim couldn’t hold back. His orgasm followed in an instant, his semen spurting all over his chest and tummy. Moments later, Tommy was there too.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum!” he groaned. “Ohhhhhhh!!!”

He held on tight. His cock jerked into action, his spunk coating Josh’s bowels. After a few seconds he carefully withdrew. Josh turned his back to the camera and farted, a small drop of Tommy’s semen spluttering out and running down over his perineum. Finally he stood up, grinning at the camera.

JT: So did you enjoy the show?

TS: Fuck! That was unreal! I came all over myself just watching you!

Tommy: So have you ever done anything with another boy?

TS: I did once, a couple of weeks ago, but we only messed about.

Tommy: How old is he?

TS: He’s in year seven, the same as you guys. He was twelve about a month ago.

JT: So are you going to do it again?

TS: Yeah, definitely!

Tommy climbed back into his clothes.

Tommy: Got to go! See yer!

He picked up his bag, gave Josh a final kiss, and disappeared out of the room.

JT: I need the loo. I’ll be back in a minute.

Tim sat in front of his computer, his head spinning. He’d guessed pretty early on that Josh was gay, but Tommy had been a complete revelation. He’d never thought about boys like him being gay. So was it possible that some of his friends at school might be gay? It certainly seemed that it could be. They kept it hidden, of course, because they were worried about what other people would say, just as he was. So he’d have to play it cool, see if he got any hints, but at least it was a possibility. And there was Scott, of course, not as cute as Josh, but a nice looking boy and very horny. He’d want to do it again; Tim just knew it. Josh re-appeared, still as naked as a jaybird.

JT: So I guess you’ve never done anything like that.

TS: I wish! That was fantastic! I couldn’t believe it when Tommy started bumming you. I wish that was me!

JT: I’d like that! I love having it up my bum.

TS: So how did you find out about doing all that stuff?

JT: Sorry, I can’t tell you that. I just did, yeah?

TS: Fair enough. I’ve read stories on the internet about kids getting bummed, but actually seeing it was something else!

JT: That’s quite funny actually; I’ve never seen another boy getting fucked.

TS: I was really surprised when Tommy started kissing you. I just wouldn’t have expected a kid like him to be gay. He looks really tough, like a footballer or something.

JT: He is. He’s captain of the school under-12 football team.

TS: Wow! So do any of the other kids know he’s gay?

JT: I don’t think so. One of his mates knows that he fucks me and that I suck him off, but he thinks Tommy’s just, you know, getting his rocks off.

TS: That’s amazing! I’ve got to try some of that stuff with Scott, that’s the kid who lives down the road, especially sucking his cock.

JT: He’ll love it!

TS: I hope he’ll let me bum him.

JT: Has he taken it before?

TS: I don’t think so. When we messed about together he said it was his first time.

JT: You’ll have to take things very slow or you’ll hurt him. The first kid I did it with wasn’t that big. Start just with one finger. Let him get used to that before you go any further. You’ll need to use plenty of lube too.

TS: Yeah! What’s that stuff you use?

JT: It’s called KY. You can get it in Boots or Superdrug. You’ll find it by the condoms and stuff. Just take it up to the counter and pay for it; it’s not a problem.

TS: Cool! I’ll have to get some.

JT: Well, I’d better be going; need to do some more piano practice before mum gets home. Chat again soon, yeah?

TS: Yeah, sure! See you then!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Kevin and Peewee walked through the village heading for Broad Oaks Road. Since losing his cherry, Peewee had become a regular visitor to Terry’s house. A couple of times he’d been there on his own, but mainly he went with Kevin. He enjoyed it. There was always weed to smoke, coke to drink, snacks if he wanted something to eat, and sex. He’d even got to enjoy being fucked. Then afterwards he’d soak in that lovely whirlpool bath before leaving with another fifty pounds in his pocket. Talk about easy money.

“Of course, you could always get your own punters,” Kevin said.

“How?” Peewee queried.

“Go up town’s the easiest way,” Kevin said casually. “There’s this café in Bridge Street, behind the train station. It’s called La Scala. Go in there early evenings or Saturday afternoons. Just buy a drink or something and sit down. You’ll soon get guys coming to sit with you, pretending to get friendly. Just ask if they’re looking for business. It’s easy.”

“So is that what you do?” Peewee asked.

“Do sometimes,” Kevin admitted, “during the holidays when I’m gettin’ bored. Don’t bother that often though; I get enough round at Terry’s house.”

“I couldn’t do that,” Peewee complained. “I’d get lost.”

Kevin shrugged. He liked having Peewee round at Terry’s house and he loved fucking the kid, but it came at a price. Peewee was the new kid on the block. Whenever one Terry’s rich friends came round, they didn’t want him any more; they wanted Peewee. But there was nothing he could do about it. It was what Frank and Terry wanted; he knew better than to argue.

They walked up the drive. Kevin rang the bell. Terry opened the door, ushering them inside. They strolled through to the lounge room. Frank was sitting on one of the armchairs.

“Peewee! Good to see you!” he said warmly. “Haven’t seen you for a while; come and sit here.”

Somewhat apprehensively, Peewee sat on the big man’s lap. Terry disappeared into the kitchen. Kevin flopped down on the sofa and began building a spliff.

“Terry’s been telling me what a good boy you’ve been,” Frank cooed, stroking Peewee’s slim thighs.

Peewee gave him a nervous smile, not knowing what to say. He was confused again. Frank had been so rough with him before; but afterwards he’d been really nice, just like now.

“I hear you’ve met some of Terry’s friends,” Frank continued.

Peewee nodded.

“Alright?” Frank enquired.

“Yeah,” Peewee agreed.

“I bet they didn’t fuck you as well as I’m going to,” Frank whispered right into Peewee’s ear, his finger’s straying onto the boy’s crotch.

Peewee swallowed hard. None of Terry’s other friends had a cock anywhere like as big as Frank’s. He wasn’t at all sure about having that one up him again, not that he’d be given a choice.

“It’s okay, Peewee,” Frank soothed. “You’re a great kid. I’ll never forget that first time. You took it like a fuckin’ hero. Uncle Frank’ll look after you, trust me.”

Peewee squirmed awkwardly. He was rock hard, his penis straining against his briefs. Terry returned from the kitchen, handing him a glass of coke. Moments later the spliff was making its way round. Peewee took a long drag, pulling the smoke right into his lungs. His nervousness melted away. He was going to get Frank’s big cock up his bum. He’d taken it before; what was the problem?

They drifted upstairs. Terry took Kevin to the master bedroom; Frank and Peewee went to the room they’d used before. Peewee took off his hooded top and quickly discarded his shoes and socks. He stood in front of Frank, allowing the man to lift his tee-shirt over his head.

“Nice!” Frank breathed, running his hands all over Peewee’s scrawny chest. “Just the way I like ‘em!”

“Mum says you’re a real ladies’ man,” Peewee commented, grinning.

“Yeah, well that’s what I want them to think,” Frank said, grinning back. “But we know what I really like, don’t we?”

He opened Peewee’s jeans, pulling them down to reveal a pair of skimpy white briefs.

“Sexy little undies!” Frank cooed.

“I knew you’d like them,” Peewee smirked, kicking off his jeans.

“I thought you kids preferred wearing boxers,” Frank queried.

“Yeah, I do when I’m at school or hangin’ out with my mates, yeah?” Peewee explained. “But you guys seem to like me in underpants, so I bought some.”

“Nice!” Frank repeated, rubbing the front of Peewee’s briefs. “You’re hard for me too, aren’t you?”

Peewee responded by undoing Frank’s belt and opening his fly, extracting the man’s penis.

“That’s a big one, man!” he whispered. “You gonna stick that up my arse?”

“Course I am, Peewee,” Frank assured him. “Course I am!”

He quickly removed his clothes then sat on the edge of the bed to lower Peewee’s underpants.

“You are hard!” he breathed approvingly.

He pulled Peewee onto the bed, smothering the boy in kisses, working his way down Peewee’s body.

“Beautiful little cock!” he growled.

He took it into his mouth, sucking it eagerly. Peewee moaned with pleasure. He was stoned again and Frank was making him feel so good he was up for anything. The man’s large hand slipped between his legs, a large greasy finger prodding at his bum-hole. Peewee relaxed, allowing it to slide into him.

“Good boy, Peewee!” Frank whispered.

It wasn’t a problem, Peewee reflected; he was used to this now. It had become part of his life, pretty much routine. He let these guys have sex with him and got well paid for it. He didn’t know any other kids who were making the sort of money he was getting. It meant he could have pretty much anything he wanted. His mum hadn’t even asked how he’d got his new clothes or his mobile phone, not that he’d expected her to.

“You gonna suck Uncle Frank’s cock?” the man asked, letting Peewee go.

Peewee shrugged and grinned; if it was what Frank wanted, it was what he was going to do. It wasn’t as if the guy was going to cum in his mouth. Frank rolled onto his back, pulling Peewee over on top of him, the boy’s bottom directly above his chin. Peewee held Frank’s cock around the base. He licked it a few times before closing his lips over the large mushroom head. He began to suck, pushing steadily down. He couldn’t get that far, it was too big. Frank didn’t seem to mind; he had other things to concentrate on, pushing a greasy finger into Peewee’s anus. A second one joined it. Peewee winced slightly then relaxed again. The two fingers twisted around, opening him up.

“You ready for my cock, Peewee?” Frank asked.

Peewee was ready, his bum twitching in anticipation. He got into position without a word being spoken, lying on his tummy, a pillow under his hips, his legs spread apart. Over the previous couple of weeks he’d been fucked in several different positions, but this was the way Frank liked it, and he certainly wasn’t objecting.

Frank lowered himself onto the boy, guiding his lubed-up cock onto Peewee’s anus. He pushed hard, forcing his way inside. Peewee gasped; Frank was big, far bigger than the others he’d taken. The man’s cock advanced steadily into Peewee’s rectum, going deeper and deeper until he’d finally got it all.

“Tight little bum, Peewee!” Frank growled. “Now I’m going to give you what you need!”

He began to fuck. Peewee moaned and whimpered, the combination of pain and pleasure taking him to levels he never knew existed, his penis tingling like crazy. Gradually Frank built it up, fucking him harder, deeper, faster; the intensity increasing with every thrust. Suddenly Peewee lost it. He bucked wildly, his fingers clawing at the bed. His bum spasmed around Frank’s invading cock, his penis jiggling against the pillow.

“Good boy, Peewee!” Frank gasped, his breathing harsh and shallow. “Now take what I’ve got for you!”

He slammed right in. He cock reared up, several large volleys of thick, creamy spunk spurting deep into Peewee’s rectum.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Peewee lowered himself into the whirlpool bath. His bum was sore. He didn’t care; the bath would soon take care of that. Frank had just given him the best fucking ever. It was weird, painful and exciting at the same time; he’d loved it. So did that mean he was gay? Kevin said it didn’t. It didn’t matter anyway; in half an hour he’d be on his way home with another fifty quid in his pocket.