By Pink Panther

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The bus headed along the main road towards the city. Josh and Ryan sat quietly, savouring the prospect of the evening ahead. Finally, they turned off the central ring road and into the financial district. They got up, alighting at the next stop, just as Mark had instructed them. It was quarter to five. After a short walk they reached the office building, making their way inside.

“Can I help you, lads?” the security guard demanded, eyeing them suspiciously.

“Oh, it’s okay,” Ryan responded confidently. “We’re waiting for Mr. Connolly from the actuarial department; He’ll be out soon.”

The boys sat down on one of the sofas. The guard scowled at them disapprovingly, resenting these casually dressed kids cluttering up his empire. The boys waited patiently as several people appeared in the foyer and exited the building. Five a clock came and went. Suddenly Mark was there, emerging from the elevator and striding towards them, a big smile on his face.

“Hi lads!” he said brightly. “Ready to go?”

Josh and Ryan got to their feet and followed him out. The security guard watched them go, pleased to have his precious foyer cleared of these unwanted interlopers.

“You found it okay then?” Mark offered as they headed towards his apartment.

“It wasn’t difficult,” Ryan responded dismissively.

Five minutes later they were back at the flat. Having deposited their bags, the boys made their way to the lounge room and flopped down on the sofa.

“Would you like to come with me for a few minutes?” Mark asked, smiling at Josh.

Josh was taken by surprise; that certainly wasn’t what he’d expected to happen. He looked across at Ryan.

“Go on,” Ryan said, grinning at him. “It’s cool.”

Josh stood up and followed Mark into the man’s bedroom. Mark closed the door behind them.

“Are we . . . you know?” Josh asked nervously.

“Do you want to?” Mark countered gently.

“Yeah, course I do!” Josh answered, smiling.

They sensuously undressed each other, taking their time, until they were both totally naked. They snuggled up on the bed, Mark wrapping his arms around Josh’s back, his fingers caressing the boy’s silky smooth skin. This wasn’t exactly the way he’d planned it. He’d intended to chat to Josh before actually doing anything, but the boy, it seemed, had other ideas.

“I thought you didn’t like me anymore,” Josh whispered, his stiff penis jabbing insistently into Mark’s tummy.

“Of course I like you!” Mark cooed. “What made you think that? Is it because of the time I’ve been spending with Ryan?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Josh admitted.

“Let me explain something to you,” Mark said softly. “Since his grandma died a few years back, I’ve been trying to help Ryan as much as I can. We’ve become very close. He doesn’t always listen to his mum as I’m sure you know, so it’s been important for me to be there for him. That means spending some time together, just the two of us. So I like you a great deal; I think you’re a very special kid, but you’re not Ryan. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, thanks” Josh acknowledged.

“You need to have more confidence,” Mark said, stroking Josh’s soft wavy hair. “You’re a good kid and an outstanding musician. Believe in yourself!” He paused. “And if I can help you in what you want to achieve I will; that’s a promise.”

“You already have,” Josh answered, licking Mark’s nose.

“I hope you don’t mind me mentioning this,” Mark said tentatively, “but from what you’ve said, you’re having sex with a few different guys, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Josh agreed. “That’s not wrong, is it?”

“Well, it’s not wrong exactly,” Mark said, “but sex is much better if you only do it with someone you really like.”

“But I do only do it with guys I really like!” Josh protested.

“So who’s that?” Mark asked.

“Well, there’s Ryan and Tommy and Zac, and you, of course.”

“So you’re not doing it with the other guys in the band?” Mark queried.

“No way!” Josh said, grinning. “Zac says that back when they were in Year seven, he and Damian used to mess about quite a bit, you know, sucking each other and that, and Greg joined in sometimes, but they haven’t done anything for ages. Greg and Damian are straight; they wouldn’t be interested.”

“What about Gary?” Mark persisted.

“I used to give him blow-jobs after school,” Josh admitted, “but I don’t even do that now. He’s got a girlfriend; he walks her home from school, yeah?”

“Oh, I see,” Mark said absently, still trying to comprehend how Josh could regard it all so casually.

“But Ryan, Tommy and Zac all fuck you, yeah?”

“Yeah, why?” Josh answered, grinning. “I love it!”

“Well you do need to be careful about that,” Mark said quietly. “D’you know about sexually transmitted diseases?”

“Sort of.”

“Well, if you’re getting fucked by more than one guy,” Mark continued. “you really ought to use condoms.”

“You don’t,” Josh countered.

“True,” Mark conceded. “But I make sure I get checked out every few months. You can’t do that without your mum and dad finding out.”

“So are you going to use a condom when you fuck me now?” Josh asked.

“Actually, I haven’t got any,” Mark admitted.

The fact was that Mark always rode bareback. His experience with condoms had not been good. He’d tried using them a couple of times, but the shape of his penis had caused them to slip off as he tried to pull out. It had been a messy and embarrassing disaster.

“So aren’t you going to fuck me then?” Josh probed.

“I won’t if you don’t want me to,” Mark said gently.

“But I do want you to,” Josh insisted. “I don’t care whether you use a condom or not.”

The conversation had not gone the way Mark had hoped; Josh had been far more assertive than he’d expected. And now he had a decision to make. In reality there was only one choice. Horny little Josh wanted to be fucked; he wasn’t going to turn him down.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Tommy knocked at the door of Peewee’s flat. To his surprise, Peewee, dressed in a smart new hooded top, stylish jeans and top of the range trainers, answered immediately, ready to go. Tommy was taken by surprise; Peewee always kept him waiting when he called for him. But that wasn’t the only thing; Peewee seemed far brighter and livelier than he usually did. It was hardly what Tommy had expected. He’d seen Peewee in the hooded top and trainers when they’d been at football training. He knew only too well what the boy had done to get them.

They set off along Whitcombe Drive, heading for the pool.

“What you been hangin’ out with Kevin for?” Tommy demanded.

“Why not?” Peewee retorted. “Haven’t seen much of you recently.”

“I know what’s goin’ on,” Tommy continued. “Frank told me.”

“Yeah, well I’m not the only one getting fucked, am I?” Peewee countered. “Kev reckons if you hadn’t been so arsey about it, you could have nice stuff to wear and money in the bank, same as he has. If it’s goin’ to happen, might as well make the best of it; that’s what I’m doin’. I like it anyway; the guys I do it with are okay, yeah? Then last night I went out with Claire Vickers; we had a great time.”

Indeed he had. For the first time in his life, he had nice clothes to wear and money in his pocket. Claire, a petite, pretty girl with silky blond hair, was in most of his classes. She had a reputation for being a bit tarty, but Peewee didn’t mind that; she was very sweet. So he’d asked her to go out with him. She’d accepted immediately; Peewee was a good looking boy and he’d be paying; it was too good an offer to turn down. She didn’t ask how he’d got the money; people living in the Whitcombe flats didn’t ask questions like that.

They’d gone to the cinema. As promised, Peewee had paid for everything: tickets, popcorn, ice creams; the whole bit. Snuggled up together in a quiet spot, he’d slipped his hand under Claire’s top to fondle her small, firm breasts. She’d made no attempt to discourage him, so he’d followed up by reaching up her skirt and feeling her up in her panties. He liked that. Claire had responded by opening his zip and putting her hand on his erect penis. He liked that even more.

“You need to stop it, man,” Tommy persisted. “You’re gonna get hurt.”

“No way!” Peewee responded. “I’m cool, yeah?”

“Does your mum know what you’re doing?” Tommy demanded.

“You really don’t get it, do you?” Peewee shot back. “As long as I stay out of trouble, mum don’t give a shit what I do. She goes out every night; doesn’t get back till after I’ve gone to bed. Some nights she wakes me up comin’ in at four o’clock. A couple of times I’ve got up for school and she still ain’t been back. Well now I’m lookin’ after myself, yeah? So don’t ask me to go back to how it was before, cause I’m not doin’ it.”

For a moment, Tommy was stunned into silence; he hadn’t expected Peewee to react like that.

“So where d’you, you know?” he asked quietly.

“Oh, there’s this guy Frank knows,” Peewee responded cryptically.

“So where does he live?” Tommy continued.

“I can’t tell you that!” Peewee answered, grinning “If you’d gone along with what Frank wanted, you’d know cause you’d have been there.”

They were approaching the leisure centre; Gary was outside, waiting for them. Tommy gave up. He’d done his best, but Peewee just wouldn’t listen.

They paid at the desk and headed into the changing room. They were in the middle of getting changed when Josh appeared with Ryan and Mark. Previously Peewee hadn’t taken much notice, but his recent experiences had changed that. As he peeled off his boxer briefs and slipped on his blue soccer shorts, he clocked it straight away; Mark was checking him out.

He pretended he hadn’t noticed, following Tommy and Gary towards the pool. His brain was racing. Was Mark like the guys he’d met at Terry’s house? It certainly looked like he was. That was interesting! He’d never seriously considered finding his own punters; hanging around in the city centre as Kevin had suggested was way too scary. But if he was right about Mark, maybe he wouldn’t need to; he’d have his own punter and Terry and Kevin would know nothing about it.

They trotted round the pool. Squeak and Ashley were already there. Mark, Josh and Ryan joined them a couple of minutes later. As usual, they began by playing on the mats and rings before moving on to the diving boards. Finally, it was time to go. Peewee was starting to have doubts about what he’d seen earlier. All the time they’d been in the pool, Mark had been very friendly, joining enthusiastically in all their games, but there hadn’t been a hint of him trying to do anything out of order. Peewee wondered if he’d got it wrong.

After a quick shower, they began to get changed. This was where he’d find out for certain, Peewee decided. He pulled off his soccer shorts, taking his time getting dry. Several glances in Mark’s direction told him everything he needed to know. The man was definitely watching him, and not just him, all the boys apart from Squeak, who kept himself covered up the whole time. Peewee’s cock began to stiffen. He grinned at Mark, making sure the man got a good look, then slipped back into his boxers. His heart was thumping. He had to hold himself in check; he couldn’t do anything with Tommy and Gary there. But he knew the score, and he was pretty sure that Mark did too. He’d come back on his own when his mates weren’t there, maybe the following week; find an opportunity to speak to Mark on his own. Then it would happen, he just knew it.

For his part, Mark was intrigued. On previous occasions Peewee hadn’t shown the slightest interest, but this time he’d made a point of giving him the most delightful little show. In fact Peewee’s whole demeanour had been different; he’d seemed far more alert, more aware of what was happening around him. Then there were the stylish, expensive clothes the boy was wearing, a stark contrast with the way he’d been dressed before. There was definitely something going on, Mark concluded. He’d have to keep his wits about him and see what happened.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“Tommy, what’s wrong?” Josh asked gently, as they stretched out naked on his bed.

“Nothing,” Tommy muttered.

“Yes there is,” Josh insisted. “You’ve been like a bear with a sore head for the past week. Please tell me; I hate seeing you like this.”

“It’s Peewee,” Tommy admitted. “You remember after Kevin tried to get you to go back to our house? Well after it all went wrong, he told Frank he’d find him another boy, yeah? I never thought much about it; Kevin’s all talk most of the time. Well, he hit on Peewee, got him to go round to see this guy Frank knows. So he’s getting paid for letting guys do stuff with him. That’s how he’s got those posh clothes he was wearing. I’ve tried talking to him but he won’t listen.”

“It’s not your fault,” Josh said firmly. “You couldn’t have known Kevin was going to go after him.”

“I look after Peewee, I always have,” Tommy protested. “I should have warned him.”

“Stop blaming yourself,” Josh insisted. “Peewee’s the same age as we are. You can’t look after him all the time. Anyway, he could be doing far worse things, like dealing drugs or mugging old ladies.”

“But he’s going to get hurt!” Tommy protested.

“Well, “Yeah, he probably is,” Josh said calmly, “but if he won’t listen to you, right now there’s not much you can do. We’ll just have to be patient and make sure that we’re there for him when he needs us.”

“You said ‘we’,” Tommy queried.

“Yeah,” Josh confirmed. “You, me, Gary; we’re all his mates, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, course we are,” Tommy agreed. He snuggled closer, kissing Josh’s nose. “You’re amazing,” he whispered. “I don’t know how I’d manage if I didn’t have you.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Ryan and Ashley kissed passionately. The Easter holiday had been a godsend; they’d been able to get together almost every day. Ryan slipped his hand between his friend’s legs, inserting a well-lubed finger into the slim boy’s anus. There was little resistance. He added a second finger. Ashley grimaced slightly then relaxed, allowing both fingers to slide smoothly in and out. Ryan smiled to himself. The plan was working; it was time to move things on. He took out the dildo, smearing it with KY.

“You ready for this?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah, I think so,” Ashley whispered.

Ryan knelt up on the bed and lifted Ashley’s legs, placing the hard object against his friend’s sphincter. He pushed steadily. It slipped inside, penetrating almost two inches.

“Okay?” Ryan asked.

“Yeah!” Ashley confirmed.

Ryan pushed the dildo steadily until all five inches were lodged in Ashley’s rectum, his slim friend remaining serenely in position, showing no sign of discomfort. After a moment’s pause, Ryan began to work the hard prong steadily back and forth. Ashley grinned up at him.

“Is that good?” Ryan enquired.

“Yeah!” Ashley breathed. “I think I’m ready for the real thing now.”

“You sure?” Ryan asked cautiously.

“Yeah!” Ashley responded, giving him a knowing smile.

Ryan’s heart was pounding. This was it, the moment he’d been working towards. He rubbed KY over his throbbing penis, trying to decide which position they should use. He wanted to do it face to face. Josh had never cared for being fucked like that; he found it uncomfortable. But Josh was awkward; maybe Ashley would be okay with it, he reasoned.

“Pull your legs right back,” he whispered.

Ashley got the idea in an instant, drawing his legs back so that his knees were either side of shoulders, almost touching the bed. Ryan grinned, shuffling in close; Josh hadn’t been able to get any where near that position. He guided his cock onto its target He paused for a moment, taking a deep breath. He needed to get this right, not overdo it so that it went in all at once. He pushed forward carefully, gradually increasing the pressure. After a couple of seconds, the head slipped inside. He was overwhelmed by a sense of elation. Ashley was the most special friend he’d ever had, even more special than Josh had been, and he’d taken the boy’s cherry. It was the most awesome feeling ever. He looked down; he was in maybe an inch and a half.

“Okay?” he asked.

Ashley nodded, smiling up at him.

“Ready for some more?” Ryan probed.

“Yeah, do it!” Ashley told him.

Ryan pressed forwards, his penis advancing steadily into Ashley’s rectum until his tummy was pressed tight against his friend’s bum. He drew slowly back, watching his penis slide out until only the head remained inside. After a moment’s pause he set to his task, fucking his friend with deep, powerful thrusts.

Ashley spread his legs as wide as he could, drawing Ryan down between them. He wrapped his arms around Ryan’s shoulders, pulling the boy towards him, their mouths meeting in a wild, passionate kiss. Everything became a blur, the boys fucking and kissing like nothing else mattered. Almost without warning, Ashley shuddered violently, his legs flailing, his bum clamping tight around Ryan’s invading cock. Ryan’s orgasm followed in an instant, the whole room shaking, stars flashing in front of his eyes. A moment later, his penis jerked into action, jet after jet of sticky boy-cum squirting into Ashley’s rectum.

Finally it was over, Ryan so light-headed, he scarcely knew where he was. He carefully raised his head, looking down in wonder at the slender boy lying beneath him.

“Fuck! That was awesome,” he said quietly, struggling for breath. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, that was wicked!” Ashley responded, smiling up at him. “I’d no idea it was going to be that good!”

Ryan got up on his knees and gently withdrew. He flopped down next to Ashley. They snuggled up again, their noses almost touching.

“That was the best, man!” Ryan breathed, his eyes sparkling.

“You’ve fucked Josh, haven’t you?” Ashley queried.

“Yeah,” Ryan admitted, “but it was never anything like that! That was unreal!”

“It was for me too,” Ashley cooed, drawing him into a sensuous, post-fuck kiss.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The arrangements were all made. Josh told Ryan and Tommy that he had to meet his mum so that they wouldn’t be looking for him. It was quarter to ten. He left the house and strolled down to the leisure centre. He was very excited. He loved having sex with the other boys, but in reality it was all pretty safe. Meeting Simon definitely wasn’t; it was risky in all sorts of ways. Most of all, it was the ultimate forbidden fruit, something he absolutely knew he shouldn’t be doing.

Waiting by the cycle racks, he spotted the car as soon as it turned onto the car park. As before, Simon parked in the furthest corner. As Josh strolled across, Simon stepped out of the car, saw him coming, smiled and got back in again. Josh smiled back, trotting the rest of the way. He got into the front passenger seat and closed the door. The car had already pulled away when he realised that he and Simon were not alone; a tough-looking boy with short brown hair, sharp features and a dusting of freckles over his nose was sitting in the back seat. Alarm bells rang in Josh’s head. Who was this boy and why was he there? This was not part of the plan.

“It’s okay,” Simon said soothingly. “This is Brandon; he’s a friend of mine. We thought we’d give you a little surprise.”

“Awright?” Brandon enquired, the boy’s harsh East London twang grating on Josh’s ears. “Si says you don’t like theme parks.”

“No, not much,” Josh admitted.

“We love ‘em, don’t we, Si?” Brandon retorted. “We could have gone to the one up the road, but if you ain’t interested we might as well go straight back to the flat.”

Josh’s fears were far from assuaged; Brandon sounded very rough, exactly the sort of boy he went out of his way to avoid. But there was little he could do without making a fuss, and he didn’t want to do that. Much as he disliked the idea, he’d just keep quiet and hope for the best.

“Si says you like it up the bum,” Brandon continued.

“Sort of,” Josh said, squirming in his seat.

“I’ve had plenty of Si’s cock up my arse, ain’t I, Si?” Brandon added, smirking.

Josh didn’t reply, acutely embarrassed by how forward the boy was.

They fell silent for a moment, the car bowling along the main road towards the city.

“How did you meet Simon?” Josh asked, turning towards the Brandon.

“Chattin’ online, watchin’ each other on the webcam, same as you,” Brandon said casually.

“Oh, I see,” Josh said absently. “So what d’you do? You know, when you’re not doing this.”

“Nothin’ much,” Brandon answered. “Hang out with my mates, go to theme parks and that with Si; that’s about it.”

Josh gritted his teeth, wishing he hadn’t asked. Brandon obviously wasn’t poor; he had a computer and a webcam and was dressed in designer label sports clothes, but he was a time-waster. Like James and Philip in a way, but at least they were nice kids; Brandon didn’t seem nice at all.

“So what about you?” Brandon demanded.

“Well, I have to work pretty hard at school,” Josh said guardedly, “and I play the piano; I took grade seven last November. And I’ve just joined a rock band with some older boys at school.”

“Fuckin swot!” Brandon declared, eyeing him with an air of hostility. “What’s your mum and dad do?”

“Dad runs a big engineering company,” Josh said nervously. “Mum’s a solicitor.”

“Fuckin’ thought it must be somethin’ like that,” Brandon sneered. “My dad and his brother own this big scrapyard, yeah?” he added proudly. “Probably make just as much money.”

“So is that what you’re going to do when you leave school?” Josh asked.

“Work in the scrapyard?” Brandon queried. “Dunno, may do. I wanna go in the army, you know, the SAS.”

Josh shuddered. He didn’t like this kid one little bit. The car pulled turned off the road, gliding to a halt on the car park of a large apartment block Josh recognised the place as the one they’d been to the previous summer. They got out of the car. Josh was relieved to see that Brandon wasn’t much bigger than he was, skinny like Ashley but not quite as tall. They strolled into the building and took the lift to the seventh floor.

“So how old are you?” Josh enquired.

“I was thirteen last month,” Brandon said. “You’re eleven aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Josh said quietly. “I’ll be twelve in June.”

They reached the flat and went inside, Simon locking the door behind them. Brandon ushered Josh into the bedroom.

“Come on!” he urged, running his hand over Josh’s bum. “Let’s get on with it!”

He discarded his hoodie and quickly pulled off his shoes and socks. He stood in front of Josh and nodded. Josh reached forwards, helping the boy out of his tee-shirt.

“Kneel down!” Brandon rasped.

Josh was very nervous, but wasn’t going to object. He got onto his knees, reaching up to pull down Brandon’s training pants, leaving the boy just in a pair of pale grey briefs. Josh took a deep breath. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband, skinning them down Brandon’s long, slim legs. Josh’s eyes widened. Brandon’s penis was bigger than Tommy’s, a little nozzle of foreskin projecting beyond the head. On this small, skinny kid it looked huge.

“Suck it, pussy boy!” Brandon growled.

Josh did as he was asked. Even though he didn’t like the boy, it wasn’t a problem; he liked sucking cocks, especially beauties like this one.

“You really like this, don’t you?” Brandon taunted. “I knew you would. Okay you can stop now.”

Josh let the young teen’s cock slide from his mouth.

“Get up!” Brandon ordered.

Josh got to his feet. Brandon grabbed one of the pillows from the bed, throwing on top of a small chest of drawers.

“Bend over there!” he snapped.

Josh hesitated, starting to resent Brandon ordering him about.

“Do it!” Simon ordered.

Josh complied without protest. It as too late to resist; he was trapped.

Brandon reached around Josh’s waist, undoing the top of the younger boy’s denim shorts and pulling down the zip. He pulled them roughly over Josh’s hips. They fell to the floor. Josh’s underpants quickly followed.

“Cute little arse,” Brandon commented, pushing Josh’s tee-shirt up to his armpits. “I can see you’ve been fucked.”

Two greasy fingers were thrust into Josh’s anus. A few seconds later they slid back out. Brandon moved into position, his penis lined up on Josh’s sphincter.

“I never fucked a kid before,” he growled. “I’m going to enjoy this!”

He drove his hips forward, slamming his whole length into Josh’s bottom. Josh moaned and whimpered, the older boy pounding into him, driving repeatedly over his prostate. Simon hadn’t seen a boy being fucked since his days at boarding school. He lay on the floor, his head between Brandon’s feet, his eyes riveted to Brandon’s cock jack-hammering into Josh’s bum. He couldn’t wait to be where Brandon was.

After barely a minute, Brandon’s breathing began to shorten.

“Here it comes, pussy boy!” he barked. “Now take my spunk!”

His penis reared up, his teen cum flooding into Josh’s bowels.

“Fuck!” he gasped. “That was wicked! I’m gonna want more of that!”

He quickly withdrew. Before Josh had time to move, Simon was behind him.

“Brandon’s right,” he breathed. “Cutest little bum on the planet! I’ve waited a long time to get my daddy-cock up there. Now I’m going to give you a proper fucking!”

He held Josh round the thighs, forcing his thick eight inch penis into Josh’s puckered entrance.

“Yeowww!” Josh wailed, the pain quite indescribable.

Brandon picked up his soiled briefs, stuffing them into Josh’s mouth.

“Bite on these, pussy boy!” he sneered. “That’ll keep you quiet! Give it him, Si!”

Simon set to work, fucking ferociously, spurred to even greater efforts by the tight little sheath that was gripping his penis. Tears streamed down Josh’s cheeks, Simon’s cock stretching his sphincter almost to breaking point and penetrating to depths that no-one else had come close to. It hurt like hell, but despite the pain, his penis remained obstinately hard, the man’s relentless thrusting making it throb. Simon reached down, sliding his fingers over it. Within seconds Josh was wracked by muscles spasms, his stiff prong tingling like never before. Suddenly it jerked violently, ejecting little drops of watery fluid into Simon’s hand.

“Oh yes!” Simon crowed triumphantly. “You’ve cum, you horny little slut! Now take what I’ve got for you!”

His slammed right in, copious amounts of creamy fluid spurting deep into Josh’s rectum. Finally he pulled out.

“Awesome!” he breathed, still gasping for breath.

Josh farted involuntarily, semen squirting out and running down his legs. Brandon took his briefs from Josh’s mouth, put them on and disappeared from the bedroom.

“The bathroom’s at the end of the hall,” Simon said brusquely. “Have a bath if you want; there’s plenty of hot water. You’ll be okay after that.”

He followed Brandon out. Very gingerly Josh stood up. The burning in his anus was making him feel faint. He kicked off his shorts and underpants and waddled into the bathroom, so sore he couldn’t walk properly. He locked the door and sat on the toilet, spunk exploding into the bowl. He’d have a bath, he decided; it probably would help.

He turned on the taps and added some bubble bath. After a few minutes it was ready. He got in and lowered himself carefully into the water. It stung terribly. He gritted his teeth and sat down, the stinging sensation gradually easing. He wasn’t just sore, he was angry. They’d had no right to treat him like that; they’d humiliated him. He’d expected to spend a pleasant day with Simon, much as he had the time before. They’d have had sex, of course, that was the whole point, and after a nice, gentle build-up, he’d have let Simon fuck him. That would have hurt, and he’d have been sore afterwards, but he’d been prepared for that.

Instead, Simon had brought this kid who’s called him a swot and a pussy boy. They’d taken him straight back to the flat, and as soon as they were through the door, they’d pulled his pants down and fucked him, no build up, no nothing. That was the sort of thing Tommy had to put up with; now he understood what it felt like.

He took several deep breaths trying to work out what he was going to do. Whatever it was, he had no Tommy to stand up for him, no Damian and Greg; he was on his own. Simon was expecting him to stay until the afternoon, but if he did that they were bound to fuck him again, maybe more than once. That was the last thing he wanted.

There was only one thing for it; he’d have to insist on going home straight away. If Simon wouldn’t take him, he’d go on his own. The main road was less than half a mile away. Walking there would be pretty uncomfortable, but he’d manage. Once there, he could get a bus straight back to Newton Oaks.

Suppose Simon wouldn’t let him out of the flat, he wondered. Somehow, he didn’t think the man would do that. He was taking a big risk bringing boys back to the flat; he’d be in serious trouble if anyone found out. But suppose he did, Josh speculated; what would he do then? Simple; he’d run into the bathroom and lock himself in. He’d just have to make sure they couldn’t grab him before he got there.

He stepped out of the bath and towelled off. He began to get dressed. He’d forgotten to bring any cotton wool, and with his bum being so sore he didn’t want to use toilet paper. He’d have to manage without. He’d make a mess in his underpants but it couldn’t be helped. Finally he was ready. He took another deep breath. This was going to be hard. Most of all, he had to stay in control; getting upset would only make matters worse.

“Keep calm and don’t back down,” he told himself.

He walked through to the lounge room, his heart thumping. Brandon, still dressed only in his underpants, was sitting in the armchair, playing on a games console. Simon was on the sofa watching television. Josh stood a few feet in front of him.

“I want to go home now,” he said evenly.

“Oh, come on,” Simon responded smarmily. “Don’t go spoiling everything! Come and sit here,” he added, patting the sofa.

Josh stood his ground, not moving an inch. Simon looked at him intently, discomforted by the boy’s unexpected defiance. This was a side of Josh he hadn’t seen.

“You can’t say you didn’t enjoy it,” he prodded. “You were rock hard the whole time. I barely touched your cock and you spunked in my hand!

“I want to go home,” Josh repeated calmly. “I’m not a prisoner here, am I?”

“I don’t know what you’re making such a fuss about,” Brandon interrupted, looking up from his game. “Si’s fucked me three times since we’ve been here and I’m not complaining.”

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Josh snapped.

Brandon didn’t reply. Simon swallowed hard; the situation was getting out of hand. He was beginning to regret his decision to invite Brandon along.

“So how will you get home?” he asked quietly, testing Josh out.

“The main road’s not far,” Josh told him. “I can get a bus straight home from there.”

The matter was settled. Josh wasn’t as soft as he’d thought, Simon concluded. The boy knew how to get home and was determined to leave; keeping him there against his will was out of the question. Letting him go home on his own had its dangers too. They were in a rough area; the lad might get set on by some local kids on his way to the bus. That would lead to some awkward questions about why he was there. It was an unnecessary risk.

“It’s okay,” he said firmly. “I’ll take you.” He turned to Brandon. “Get dressed!”

Brandon stood up, scowling at Josh.

“Fuckin’ pussy boy!” he muttered, slinking towards the bedroom.

The journey back to Newton Oaks passed with hardly a word. Josh sat as still as he could. Despite the time he’d spent in the bath, he could feel semen seeping into his briefs. Before long, the leisure centre came into view.

“Take the next road on the right please,” Josh requested.

After a few more turns, the car came to a halt at the corner of Lancaster Avenue.

“I’ll be online tomorrow evening,” Simon said quietly. “We’ll chat then.”

Josh got out of the car. Brandon moved into the front seat and closed the door. Josh watched them drive away, relieved to be back in familiar surroundings. It was time to go home. He forced himself to walk normally. It was barely eighty yards, but every step hurt; it seemed to take for ever. Finally he was there. He let himself into the house and dragged himself upstairs.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

He spent most of the day lying face down on his bed, reading. It was the one position in which he could get comfortable. Inwardly he was still seething, angry with Simon and Brandon, but angry with himself too. Ryan had told him he shouldn’t meet the guy; Mark had warned him that it could be dangerous. He’d ignored them both. It was a mistake he wouldn’t repeat.

But some good had come out of it. For the first time ever he’d stood up for himself. That was important; it proved he could do it if he had to. And he’d had his first proper cum. Only a few drops and not in the circumstances he’d have wanted; it was an important milestone nonetheless.

He checked his watch. It was half past four, time to have another bath. He collected some clean clothes and made his way to the bathroom. As the bath began to fill, he stripped off. As expected, his underpants were badly stained. He’d deal with them later.

He took his time soaking in the bath before towelling off and getting dressed. He was certainly feeling better. He made his way downstairs. He placed his soiled briefs inside his shorts, as though he’d taken them off together, putting them into the washing machine under the rest of the clothes he’d been wearing. His mum would never notice.

There was still a problem though. Ryan was due to come over later on, and as they’d have the house to themselves, he’d expect to have sex; it was what they always did. Josh couldn’t face that; he was still too sore. Even worse, Ryan might realise that something was wrong and start asking questions; that would be a disaster. He picked up the phone and dialled the number. It was answered almost immediately.

“Hi Ry,” Josh said quietly. “Is it okay if you don’t come over tonight? I’m not very well; I’ve had the runs all afternoon.”

“Sure, no problem,” Ryan answered, rather taken aback. “Will you be over in the morning?”

“Dunno,” Josh said. “I’ll have to see how I feel. I’ll give you a call.”

“No worries,” Ryan responded. “Take care, yeah?”

“Yeah, thanks,” Josh said warmly.

He put the phone down. He didn’t like telling lies, but he hadn’t had much choice. He was facing a very boring evening, but he wasn’t going to complain. He was home and he was safe.