By Pink Panther

Now let’s get this straight. This story contains naughty bits, lots of them. If you’re not allowed to read stories with naughty bits in, you’d better leave now, okay? If you carry on and read it anyway, it’s on your head if the Gestapo catch up with you.

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“No Josh today?” Mark queried, strolling into Rachel’s front lounge room.

“Nah,” Ryan responded, grinning up at him. “He’s had bad diarrhoea; he’s giving it a miss.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that,” Mark said brightly. “I see you’ve been practising your classical stuff.”

“Yeah,” Ryan confirmed. “I’ve been working on the tunes for the summer concert.”

“They seemed to be coming along pretty well when you played them for me last week,” Mark commented.

“Yeah, getting there,” Ryan agreed.

“We’re off to the studio this afternoon,” Mark reminded him. “Looking forward to it?”

“Yeah, course!” Ryan assured him.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Peewee arrived at the leisure centre and checked the time. It was quarter to twelve. He looked round the car-park. There was no sign of Mark’s Mercedes coupe. He decided to wait. A few minutes later he saw the car driving in. Mark and Ryan emerged and made their way into the building. Peewee followed them. He was surprised that Josh wasn’t with them, but it didn’t matter; it was Mark he was interested in.

“Hi,” he greeted.

“Hi, Peewee,” Mark said warmly. “You okay?”

“Yeah, thanks,” Peewee said, smiling.

“Tommy and Gary not here?” Mark queried.

“Nah,” Peewee said. “They’re not coming today. Where’s Josh?”

“He’s sick,” Mark told him, “so he’s not here either.”

They bought their tickets and strolled into the changing room. Peewee stripped off completely before opening his bag to take out his shorts. He glanced at Mark; the man was clearly looking at him. Peewee grinned, slipping on his shorts just as his penis began to harden. They trotted through to the pool. Squeak and Ashley were there already, playing on the floating mats. Mark and the two boys jumped in and swam across.

As Ryan, Squeak and Ashley played together all the time, Peewee found no difficulty in gaining Mark’s attention, but he needed to speak to the man on his own, where nobody could hear them. With the pool being quite busy, a suitable opportunity didn’t arise. When the time came for Mark and the others to leave, he still hadn’t managed it.

He walked disconsolately along the poolside, allowing the other boys to go on ahead. He was very frustrated. He turned onto the corridor leading to the male changing room with Mark right behind him. Suddenly he spotted his chance. He veered off into the toilets. He was in luck; the place was empty. He stepped up to the urinal, pulling down the front of his shorts. A moment later, Mark was standing next to him. He grinned nervously. Mark peeked across and smiled; Peewee was playing with his cock. Mark adjusted his shorts and stepped away, rinsing his hands in one of the basins. Peewee moved across to join him.

“You lookin’ for business?” he asked quietly.

So that was it, Mark realised; Peewee was rent. It wasn’t a total surprise. It certainly explained the expensive clothes the boy had been wearing recently. Mark was used to seeing rent boys hanging out near the gay bars in the city centre, but they were all late teens and early twenties; he wouldn’t have gone with any of them. Twelve year old Peewee was a far more appealing prospect.

“Sure,” he whispered, “but I can’t do anything today. I can meet you tomorrow if you want.”

“I’m playin’ football in the afternoon,” Peewee said, “but I could meet you in the morning.”

“Outside here,” Mark suggested. “Half past ten.”

“I’ll have to be back for twelve,” Peewee added.

“Yeah, no problem,” Mark assured him. “See you tomorrow. Don’t be late!”

“See you then! Peewee confirmed, grinning.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Mark opened the door to his flat, ushering Ryan inside The session at the rehearsal studio had gone well. Although there was still a long way to go, Ryan’s command of the electric instrument had improved immeasurably. The boy was now as high as a kite and eager for sex. Mark led the way into his bedroom.

“You did great today,” he said quietly as they began to undress each other. “You’re beginning to sound like rock guitarist.”

A couple of minutes later they were snuggled up on Mark’s bed.

“I’ve got something to tell you,” Ryan whispered excitedly.

“Yeah?” Mark prompted.

“Me and Ashley,” Ryan continued. “We did it!”

“Excellent!” Mark cooed, stroking Ryan’s hair. “So when was that?”

“Thursday,” Ryan told him. “We’d been, you know, building up to it. Then Ash said he was ready for the real thing.”

“Great!” Mark enthused, picturing the scene. It was making him hornier than ever. “So how did you have him? On his tummy?”

“Nah!” Ryan said, grinning. “On his back with his legs up. I’ve done it that way with Josh a couple of times, but he doesn’t like it; he says it’s uncomfortable. He’s too stiff and awkward, but Ash isn’t! Once I’d stuck it in, I got right down between his legs so I was pretty well lying on top of him. It was intense, man! You know; kissing and fucking at the same time; it was the best ever!”

“Sounds wonderful!” Mark agreed. “And did he enjoy it?”

“He loved it!” Ryan said, grinning from ear to ear. “We did it again yesterday!”

“You’re a very lucky boy,” Mark cooed

“Yeah, I know,” Ryan admitted. “You really like Ash, don’t you?”

“Yeah, he’s a great kid,” Mark acknowledged.

“No,” Ryan countered. “I meant . . . , you know!”

“Yeah, fair enough,” Mark conceded. “I think he’s gorgeous. So sexy!”

“Perv!” Ryan giggled. “No, it’s cool, totally. I mean, I like you thinking he’s sexy.”

“So d’you want me to fuck you like that?” Mark asked.

“Dunno,” Ryan said, screwing his face up. I don’t think I could get my legs round you the way Ash did with me. Let’s just do it like we usually do, yeah?”

“Suits me,” Mark whispered, playfully licking Ryan’s nose.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Josh was in two minds about chatting online to Mr. Fox, but with his parents out, as they so often were on Saturday evenings, he had little else to do. He wondered if the man might apologise for bringing Brandon with him.

He logged onto Windows Live. Fantastic Mr. Fox was not online. He minimised the window, clicked on ‘Favourites’ and selected a video of one of his grade eight piano pieces. It had almost finished playing when the taskbar flashed orange; Mr. Fox had sent him a message.

FMF: Hi Tiger! How’s it going?

JT: Not bad. My bum’s still sore.”

FMF: Well it was pretty much bound to be. You did say I could fuck you.

JT: Yeah, but I didn’t expect you to do it like that! What did you bring that kid Brandon for? He’s horrible!

FMF: Oh, Brandon’s a great kid when you get to know him.

JT: Well I think he’s an arsehole. He kept calling me a pussy boy and stuffed his pants in my mouth! That’s gross! And you called me a slut. That’s not very nice!

FMF: That was in the heat of the moment. You shouldn’t take it so seriously. Brandon’s a bit rough round the edges, but he’s quite harmless. You shouldn’t have let him push you around. He’d have shown you more respect if you’d stood up to him.

Josh was starting to get angry again. Not only was Mr. Fox not apologising, he was brushing it off like it wasn’t important.

JT: So how did he know about me?

FMF: I told him that I’d been chatting to another boy.

JT: And I suppose you told him I liked it up the bum.

FMF: Actually, I showed him the webcam you sent me.

Josh was incandescent with rage.

JT: You promised not to show it to anyone! You promised!

FMF: I only showed it to Brandon. I’ve got rid of it now.

JT: I don’t care! Don’t ever try contacting me again! You’re a perv just like Ryan said you were!

Simon tried to send a reply, but Josh had logged off. He sank back in his seat, blowing out air. That, he presumed, was that. Still it wasn’t a huge loss. It was impractical for him to see Josh very often, and at least he’d given the boy a fucking he wouldn’t forget, not to mention the other benefits.

Chatting to Josh had taught him a great deal, stuff he’d been able to use in his encounters with other boys. He’d learned how to read the signals, and had become far more adept at knowing which buttons to press. As a result, he’d already got another iron in the fire, Andrew, a cute twelve year old from North London, who was more than willing to pose naked in front of his webcam and equally keen for Simon to reciprocate. That was as far as things had progressed, but Simon was confident that the boy would soon agree to meet him. After that, the sky was the limit.

It seemed unlikely that he’d have got much more out of maintaining his contact with Josh, even if the lad had been willing. The boy was too needy. All Brandon wanted was raw, male-on-male sex and some high adrenalin entertainment, which was exactly what he provided. Josh wanted a relationship, someone to turn to for support. He was happy enough to play that role while negotiating his way into a boy’s pants, but wouldn’t want it as a long term commitment. Brandon was right, he concluded; Josh had become more trouble than he was worth.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Mark rolled over and checked the time. It was quarter past nine. Renegade had gigged out of town the previous night; he hadn’t got to bed till half past two. He’d have slept in a while longer, but he had an appointment to keep. He slipped out of bed and prepared to face the day.

An hour later, he was on his way, the Mercedes bowling along the main road heading for Newton Valley. It was a sunny spring morning, a great time to be out, Mark considered. He just hoped that Peewee would show up. With the streets almost deserted, progress was swift. He turned onto the leisure centre car park, the dashboard clock showing 10:26. To his surprise, Peewee was already there, waiting near the entrance, his jeans replaced by a pair of black cargo shorts. Mark swung the car around, stopping as close to the boy as he could. Peewee sauntered across and got in. They were on their way.

“I don’t wanna be cheeky,” Peewee said, “but how much are you giving me?”

“Depends what you’re up for,” Mark temporised, well used to this type of negotiation.

“Whatever,” Peewee said casually.

“So d’you take it up the bum?” Mark queried, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, Peewee confirmed, “but I don’t do it for less than fifty.”

“That’s fair enough,” Mark agreed, patting Peewee’s thigh.

He was delighted. He hadn’t expected to get that far, and in his own place he certainly wouldn’t have pushed it. The price was pretty much double what he’d paid the Ukrainian boys, but that hadn’t included his travel and accommodation costs. Fifty pounds was more than acceptable.

Mark parked the Mercedes in the underground car-park and guided Peewee into the elevator. Peewee was suddenly nervous, his heart thumping. He was alone with a guy he hardly knew, being taken to fuck-knows-where. They emerged onto a bright, well-carpeted landing, very different from what he was used to. Mark unlocked the door to his flat, ushering the boy inside. Peewee looked around, his eyes widening. Mark’s ultra-modern apartment looked like somewhere from another planet. It even made Terry’s house look ordinary.

“Nice gaff, man!” he breathed.

“Glad you like it,” Mark said warmly, shepherding his guest into the kitchen. “Want a drink?”

“Please!” Peewee answered, grinning nervously.

“Coca Cola or grapefruit juice?” Mark asked.

“Coke please,” Peewee said.

Mark poured two glasses of coke, handing one to Peewee. They sat at the breakfast bar, drinking quietly. Mark was careful not to rush things, allowing Peewee time to get used to his surroundings. Peewee finished his drink. Mark counted slowly up to ten.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Peewee nodded. “Can I use the loo?”

“Sure,” Mark responded, guiding Peewee into his bedroom. “There’s one through there.”

Peewee disappeared into the wet room, closing the door behind him. Mark took off his shoes and socks and waited. Peewee reappeared, still looking nervous.

“Come here and relax,” Mark said soothingly. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

He held the hem of Peewee’s tee-shirt, sliding it up the boy’s chest. Peewee raised his arms, allowing him to take it off.

“Very nice!” Mark cooed, drawing Peewee towards him.

He ran his hands over the boy’s back. He was enraptured, Peewee’s firm young body as smooth as silk. Peewee settled into Mark’s arms, his nervousness melting away. This was going to be okay. Mark opened the front of Peewee’s shorts, running his hand round inside to fondle the lad’s bottom. The shorts fell round Peewee’s ankles, leaving him standing there just in a pair of skimpy white briefs.

“Cute little undies!” Mark breathed, placing his hand on the front. The boy was as hard as stone.

“Thought you’d like them!” Peewee answered, giving him a cheeky grin.

“I’m sure I’ll like what’s inside them even more,” Mark whispered.

He leaned forward, moving his lips towards Peewee’s. He was prepared for the boy to pull away; in his experience most rent-boys hated being kissed, but a moment later Peewee’s arms were round his neck, pulling him into a wonderful, passionate kiss, their tongues dancing together. He breathed in deeply, drinking in the intoxicating aroma of hot, sexy boy, Peewee’s show of affection an unexpected bonus.

After around a minute their lips parted. Swiftly discarding his jeans and tee-shirt, Mark sat on the bed, Peewee standing in front of him. He slowly lowered Peewee’s briefs, skinning them down the boy’s long, coltish legs. Peewee’s slim three and a half inch penis was fully erect, standing proudly against his tummy, the head completely exposed, a pair of firm round balls directly beneath. Mark closed his lips over it, savouring the unmistakeable taste of boy. He sucked it right down to the base, before coming back up to work his tongue over the small shiny head. He plunged down again, sucking eagerly. After a couple of minutes, he reluctantly let it go. He sat up, licking his lips.

“Beautiful!” he breathed.” Let’s get on the bed!”

“Let’s see what you’ve got then!” Peewee demanded.

Mark stood up, allowing the boy to remove his boxer shorts.

“That’s a nice one, man,” Peewee observed, running his fingers over Mark’s penis.

He knelt down and took it into his mouth, sucking it steadily.

“Oh yeah!” Mark moaned quietly, stroking the lad’s hair. “That is sooo good!”

He could hardly believe his luck; Peewee was quite exceptional. They snuggled up on the bed, kissing passionately. Mark lubed up two fingers. He slipped his hand between Peewee’s legs, inserting his index finger into the boy’s anus. It slid in easily. Mark added his middle finger, twisting both fingers around to stretch the boy’s ring. After a few seconds, he allowed the two fingers to slip out.

“You gonna fuck me then?” Peewee asked, rolling onto his back. “Do it like this,” he added, pulling his legs back, his knees wide apart.

“So you like it that way?” Mark enquired, kneeling up on the bed and smearing KY over his cock.

“Yeah, man!” Peewee said, grinning at him. “It’s the best!”

Mark had always favoured fucking boys from behind, but Ryan’s account of fucking Ashley in this position had been very exciting. Like Ashley, Peewee was beautifully loose-limbed. It had to be worth a try. He shuffled into position, guiding his cock onto Peewee’s anus. With one determined thrust he was in. He looked down. Peewee was smiling contentedly.

Mark took a deep breath and pressed steadily forward, his penis slowly disappearing into Peewee’s bum. After a moment’s pause, he began to fuck the boy with long, powerful thrusts. Having settled into his rhythm, Mark lowered himself between the boy’s thighs. Peewee drew him in, wrapping his legs around Mark’s back, their mouths locked in another passionate kiss. Ryan was right, Mark concluded; this was intense! He was giving it everything, the sensations quite unbelievable. Peewee was moaning and whimpering, his dry orgasm approaching like a runaway train.

“Nng!” he groaned. “Nnng!” Nnng!!”

He bucked wildly, his hard spike pulsing and jiggling against his tummy. Mark was overtaken by lust, his cock pistoning in and out of Peewee’s bum, his breathing becoming harsh and uneven.

“Oh yeah!” he gasped. “I’m gonna cum! Aaaarrrggghhh!!”

He thrust in one final time, the room seeming to dissolve around him. His cock jerked violently, pumping volley after volley of creamy semen deep into Peewee’s bowels. For several seconds they lay motionless, their hearts pounding. As his breathing began to ease, Mark lifted himself off, his penis exiting Peewee’s bum with an audible pop. He was ecstatic; sex simply couldn’t get any better than that. Beneath him, Peewee was still smiling beatifically, his chest rising and falling.

“I think you liked that,” Mark said quietly.

“Yeah man!” Peewee breathed. “You do it good. I can feel all your spunk inside me.”

Mark moved to one side. Peewee hopped off the bed, disappearing into the wet room. When he returned, Mark was already dressed.

“I haven’t got any tens,” he said gently, handing the boy three twenty pound notes. “So I thought I’d give you the extra.”

“Thanks!” Peewee acknowledged, stashing the money in his shorts.

“You’re worth it,” Mark told him. “That was awesome!”

“So d’you wanna see me again?” Peewee asked, pulling on his clothes.

“Sure,” Mark confirmed. “How about Tuesday evening?”

“Yeah, cool,” Peewee agreed.

“Meet at the same place,” Mark instructed. “Half past seven.

“I’ll be there,” Peewee assured him.