By Pink Panther

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The following Tuesday, Mark drove to Rachel’s house. At half past ten, he walked up the short front path and rang the bell. Ryan opened the door, smiling.

Your mum at work?” Mark asked.

Yeah,” Ryan confirmed, leading the way to the front lounge room.

Mark was surprised to find Ashley there, the two boys looking especially pleased with themselves. He had a pretty good idea what they’d been up to.

So what’s the plan?” he asked.

We’ll go to the pool now,” Ryan said, “Then afterwards you and me can go back to Josh’s house for lunch and a jam session. We’ll need to finish by four o’clock cause his mum and dad are coming home early to get everything ready for going away.”

Sounds good to me,” Mark agreed. “Where’s Josh now?”

Oh, he’s at home,” Ryan said casually. “I think Tommy’s there. Is it okay if we pick them up on the way?”

Yeah, no problem,” Mark said. “It’ll be a bit of a squeeze, but it’s not far. So are you guys ready to go?”

The boys got to their feet, picking up their swimming things. Mark stowed his guitar and amplifier out of sight and they were on their way. After a diversion to pick up Josh and Tommy, Mark drove to the pool. They piled out of the car and made their way inside. Gary was waiting for them in the foyer.

Hi Gaz!” Josh greeted, slapping hands with him.

After buying their tickets, Mark followed the boys into the changing room, positioning himself almost opposite Ashley. They began to get changed. Ashley stripped off right down to his underwear before taking his swimming shorts from his bag. He quickly slipped off his briefs, turning towards the bench to put on his shorts. The briefest of glances confirmed Mark’s suspicions; Ryan and Ashley had been doing exactly what he thought they had. He had no way of knowing for certain, but he guessed that Tommy and Josh had been doing much the same thing.

They headed into the pool just as the splash session was about to start. The place was busy, thronged with kids, which meant that they had to share mats more than they usually did and wait longer to use the diving boards, but it was enjoyable as it always was. After an hour, Mark called a halt. If he, Ryan and Josh were going to get some playing done, they needed to leave.

They strolled back to the changing area. After a quick shower, they began to towel off.

So when are you back at work?” Ashley asked.

Thursday,” Mark said, not really thinking about it. “We didn’t get back from summer school till Sunday lunchtime; I needed a few days to get my stuff together before going back.”

Five minutes later they were back out in the sunshine. Tommy and Gary strode off towards the estate, leaving the rest of them to climb into the Mercedes. They dropped Ashley in the village and collected guitars and amplifiers from Ryan’s house before driving to Josh’s place.

After a snack lunch they set up in the music room and got down to work. After attending the summer school, Ryan’s playing had moved on considerably, but with no additional tuition, Josh simply raised his game to match it. Mark was amazed; the boy was an even better musician than he’d thought. Finally, Ryan produced the charts for ‘Ramblin’.

Not fair!” Mark protested, grinning broadly. “You were playing this all last week!”

Once again Josh excelled himself, playing his written part perfectly, despite the intricate timing, and following up with a dynamic, foot-tapping solo. The tune completed, they began to pack away.

Well done,” Mark enthused. “That was fantastic. Have a great holiday; I’ll see you guys again in around two and a half weeks.”

He drove home feeling on top of the world. Ryan and Josh were something special; it was a joy just to know them.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After a leisurely breakfast, Mark pottered around the flat, his last day of freedom before returning to work. Unexpectedly, the buzzer sounded. He went across to the intercom. He pushed the button.

Hello?” he said.

Hi Mark, it’s Ashley,” a voice said.

On the display screen, Mark could see the boy standing outside the building.

What are you doing here?” Mark asked.

I just came to see if you were in,” Ashley said. “Is it okay if I come up?”

Sure,” Mark answered, pressing the release switch. “Just push the door.”

A minute later, Ashley emerged from the elevator. In a black and white hooped tee-shirt and cream-coloured cargo shorts he looked stunning.

Well, this is a surprise,” Mark said, ushering him into the flat. “Are you okay?”

Yeah, just a bit bored,” Ashley said, taking a seat on the sofa. “Squeak’s been away since the day after we broke up, then Ryan and Josh went away this morning. I just couldn’t find anything to do.”

Mark nodded sagely. With little to occupy him, the boy was clearly missing his friends.

Would you like a drink?” he asked.

Please!” Ashley responded, smiling.

Tea? Coffee? Coke? Grapefruit juice?”

Coke please,” Ashley said. “It’s pretty warm out there.”

Mark strolled through to the kitchen, wondering how things were going to play out. Was this just a social call, or was the boy looking for something more? He’d have to make sure he read the signals correctly. Ashley was a welcome visitor either way, but he didn’t want to get it wrong. He returned to the lounge room, bearing a glass of coke.

Thanks!” Ashley said warmly, taking it from him.

So are you off on holiday at all?” Mark asked, sitting down next to him.

Yeah,” Ashley confirmed. “On Saturday we’ll be off to Spain for two weeks.”

Looking forward to it?” Mark enquired.

Sort of,” Ashley responded, looking uncomfortable.

Only sort of?” Mark queried.

Yeah, well I’ll have David, my little brother all over me,” Ashley said. “I’ve even got to share a room with him. I don’t know what he’s like when he’s with his friends, but when he’s at home, he won’t leave me alone.”

Yeah, Ryan told me you didn’t get on,” Mark said quietly. “So how old is he?”

Eight,” Ashley said.

So he’s not that much younger than you,” Mark observed. “And while you’re away, I’m assuming you won’t have any friends there and neither will he. Correct?”

Yeah,” Ashley conceded.

Then what you need to do is to make sure you include him. Ask him what he wants to do and do it with him. If you do meet some kids you want to hang out with, make sure they understand that David has to come along too.”

Ashley eyed him suspiciously.

I know it may not sound much like fun,” Mark advised, “but he’s much more likely to give you some space if he knows you’re not trying to shut him out. Give it a try. If he’s still a pain in the arse, you won’t have lost a great deal.”

Thanks,” Ashley said quietly.

Mark glanced down at Ashley’s lap. The boy’s raging erection was sticking up in his shorts. Mark put his arm around the lad’s shoulder.

Now suppose you tell me what you really came here for,” he whispered.

I was hoping you’d want to see me again,” Ashley said quietly.

I’m always pleased to see you,” Mark responded, reaching across to stroke Ashley’s thigh up inside his shorts. “Would you like to come to my bedroom?”

Ashley nodded. Mark helped him to his feet, guiding him through to the master bedroom. Shoes and socks were quickly discarded. They stood facing each other, Ashley raising his arms, allowing Mark to remove his tee-shirt. Within a few seconds they were both down to their underwear. Mark sat on the bed, hooking his thumbs into the waistband of Ashley’s white cotton briefs, the sort he always wore. He eased them over the boy’s slender hips, skinning them down his long, slim legs and over his feet. He licked his lips, taking Ashley’s slim, three and half inch prong into his mouth. It was stone-hard the way only pre-pubescent boys can be. He sucked it right down to the root, flicking out his tongue to slash at the boy’s firm round balls.

After around a minute he gently released it. He stood up. Without waiting to be asked, Ashley knelt in front of him, pulling down his black boxer briefs. He licked the head of Mark’s penis before closing his lips over it. He sucked it eagerly, working his tongue all over it. Mark stroked Ashley’s hair, basking in the wonderful sensations that the boy was giving him.

Easy, tiger!” he warned, the tingling in his cock beginning to build.

Ashley pulled away, looking up and grinning. They snuggled up on the bed, moving quickly into a full-on lip-lock, their tongues dancing together. Eventually, their mouths separated. Mark steadily licked his way down Ashley’s body, paying special attention to each nipple and the boy’s tummy button, before moving on tongue-bathe his balls. At last, he devoured Ashley’s throbbing penis, slipping his hand between the boy’s legs to tickle his pucker.

Oh yeah!” Ashley groaned. “That is so good!”

Mark turned Ashley half onto his tummy, diving down to lick the boy’s anus, his tongue working its way right inside. After half a minute, he pulled away. He squeezed some KY onto his fingers, pushing his index finger steadily into Ashley’s bottom.

Oh, yeah!” Ashley repeated. “Are you going to fuck me?”

You had Ryan’s up there yesterday morning, didn’t you?” Mark asked playfully.

Yeah,” Ashley admitted. “How did you know?”

I saw you yesterday at the pool,” Mark said, “when you were putting your shorts on.”

Shit!” Ashley giggled. “I didn’t know you could tell just by looking!”

So d’you want mine now?” Mark probed, inserting a second finger.

Yeah!” Ashley told him. “I want to feel you inside me.”

Would you like to try doing it on your back, like you do with Ryan?” Mark asked, steadily finger-fucking the boy.

I thought you said we wouldn’t fit together like that,” Ashley queried.

I’m not sure,” Mark countered. “We can try it if you want.”

Yeah, please!” Ashley agreed.

He flipped over, lifting his legs right back, his knees wide apart. Mark sat back on his heels, coating his cock with KY. He shuffled into position, lining himself up. Holding his cock around the base, he pushed hard, penetrating about halfway. He looked down. Ashley was staring at the ceiling, his scrawny chest rising and falling.

Good boy!” Mark purred.

Very gradually, Ashley’s sphincter started to relax. Mark pressed forwards, his cock slowly disappearing into the boy’s anus.

Wonderful!” he breathed. “You’ve got it all now.”

He began to fuck, pulling well back before each inward thrust. Very carefully, he lowered himself between Ashley’s legs. The boy reached up, drawing him into a passionate kiss. Mark stretched out, kissing and fucking as though his life depended on nothing else. Suddenly, Ashley convulsed wildly, his head thrown involuntarily to one side. His fingers clawed at Mark’s hair, his penis pulsing and jiggling against his tummy. Mark’s orgasm followed in an instant. His balls churned into action, spunk barrelling through his cock and spurting deep into Ashley’s rectum.

Ten minutes later, Ashley gave Mark one final kiss before exiting the flat. Mark watched him go, closing the door behind him. He wandered back into the lounge room, sinking into his favourite chair. He counted himself as the luckiest man alive. For the first time in several years he had decided not to take a holiday in Eastern Europe. The reasons were partly financial; Ryan’s guitar and their attendance at the summer school had cost him almost as much as his holiday by the Black Sea. But the fact was that picking up random boys for sex no longer held the appeal that it once had. When set against with the relationships he’d built with Ryan and his two friends, it simply didn’t match up.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was early August; the new football season was approaching rapidly. Like most other clubs, Newton Valley Colts called their teams in for pre-season training. Tommy got his things together and made his way to the leisure centre. He was excited. As under-12’s they’d won the league and reached the semi-finals of the cup competition, where they’d lost narrowly to the eventual winners. This year they’d be under-13’s with every prospect of doing even better.

He headed into the changing room. All the boys who’d played the previous season were there, along with some new faces that they’d recruited over the summer. He began to prepare. Finally he tried to pull his boots on. He was horrified; they wouldn’t go anywhere near him. He could get them on, just about, but there was no way he could have played in them.

Forgotten your boots?” their coach asked as he exited the changing room wearing his trainers. “That’s not like you.”

Sorry, coach,” Tommy said. “They’re too small. I’ll get some new ones for next week.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Mum, I need some new football boots,” Tommy announced, walking into the kitchen. “The ones I wore last season are too small.”

Don’t look at me,” Karen said sharply. “You probably don’t know, but Frank’s not working at the moment. With my wages and the bit of dole money he gets, it’s all I can do to pay the bills and put food on the table. Ask him; see if he can sort you out.”

Tommy wandered up to his room. Football was the biggest thing in his life. His mum knew he’d have to have new boots. He didn’t want to ask Frank, but he didn’t have much choice. He could have asked their coach. The club would probably scrape together a few quid to get him some; either that or find him a second hand pair that one of the older boys had grown out of. He couldn’t face doing it; it was like asking for charity. Worse still, some of the other boys were bound to find out. He’d hate that. He lay on his bed, brooding. It wasn’t long before he heard the unmistakeable sound of Frank’s footsteps on the stairs. He got up and opened the door.

Frank, d’you mind if I asked you somethin’,” he asked.

Ask away,” Frank said brightly.

I need some new football boots,” Tommy explained. “I’ve grown out of the ones I wore last season. I asked mum, but she said she couldn’t afford to get me any cause you’re not working at the moment. She said to ask you.”

Well, I’d help if I could,” Frank said, “but right at the moment you’ve got no chance. The site I was workin’ on has closed down; developers ran out of money. Other sites are closin’ too. I’ve been out there everyday lookin’, but nobody’s hirin’. There’s nothin’.”

So what am I going to do?” Tommy queried.

If you need ‘em,” Frank said blandly, “you’ll have to earn the money to pay for them.”

How?” Tommy demanded.

Ask Kevin,” Frank said cryptically. “He’ll tell yer.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was late when Kevin got back. Daniel was in bed; Frank and Karen had gone out, money or no money. He wandered upstairs and into the bedroom he shared with Tommy.

I need to ask you somethin’,” Tommy said, looking up from the book he was reading.

Yeah?” Kevin said, looking bored.

I need some new football boots,” Tommy said. “Mum can’t afford to get me any; she said to ask Frank. Frank said I’d have to earn the money to pay for them. When I asked him what he meant he said to ask you.”

He means joinin’ the family business,” Kevin said.

What?” Tommy demanded.

You know, rentin’,” Kevin said baldly.

Tommy gave himself a mental kick; he should have known that was what Frank meant. His blood ran cold; he’d never considered doing anything like that. But he was running out of options, and if it was just the once to get himself a new pair of boots, maybe it wouldn’t be too bad.

Is that what you do then?” Tommy asked.

Yeah, course,” Kevin said nonchalantly.

So d’you take it up the arse?” Tommy questioned.

Yeah,” Kevin said casually. “It’s what these guys want, most of them anyway.”

I didn’t think you’d do that,” Tommy said, trying to unscramble his brain.

Who d’you think Frank was fuckin’ before you came on the scene?” Kevin asked scornfully.

Sorry,” Tommy mumbled. “I weren’t thinkin’.”

As far as he’d ever known, Kevin was one of the guys that did the fucking. The idea that his step-brother might be on the receiving end too had simply not occurred to him.

Well that’s how it is,” Kevin said firmly. “And let’s get one thing straight. You ain’t musclin’ in on none of my punters, yeah?”

Wouldn’t want to,” Tommy retorted. “So what would I have to do?”

Go up town,” Kevin said. “Go to Bridge Street, by the train station. There’s this café called La Scala. You go in there, buy yourself a drink or a snack, and sit down. If a guy asks if he can sit with you, say yeah. If you see him checkin’ you out, ask him if he’s lookin’ for business. That’s all there is to it.”

So when would I have to go?” Tommy asked.

Early evenings, about eight o’clock, “Kevin suggested. “Thursdays and Fridays are usually pretty good. Forget Sundays and Mondays; it’s dead. Saturday afternoons are okay too. Have you got any cut-offs?”

Yeah,” Tommy said.

Let’s see ‘em then,” Kevin demanded.

Tommy got them out of the drawer.

Put them on,” Kevin told him.

Tommy slipped off his jeans and pulled on the cut-offs, which were very snug and reached to his knees.

They’re nice and tight,” Kevin commented, “but they’re a bit long. Take ‘em off; I’ll be back in a minute.”

He disappeared out of the room, hurrying down the stairs. He returned carrying a large pair of scissors.

Mum’ll box your ears if she catches you usin’ them,” Tommy warned.

Then we’ll have to make sure she doesn’t find out, won’t we?” Kevin shot back, looking daggers at him.

He sat on the bed, using the pointed end of the scissors to unpick the side-seams.

You don’t want ‘em too short,” he said. “we’ll just take off a couple of inches. You got a ruler and a felt-tip?”

Tommy rummaged in his school bag and found what they were looking for. After drawing a straight line across each leg, Kevin cut off between two and three inches.

Okay, let’s see ‘em,” he demanded.

Tommy put them back on.

Not bad,” Kevin commented. “They’re level anyway. Now sit down.”

Tommy sat on his bed, opposite where Kevin was, the cut-offs riding up almost to mid-thigh.

Just about spot-on,” Kevin said. “Not too obvious, just let the punters see a bit of what they’re gettin’. Now listen, this is important. You go in the place, buy a drink or whatever, sit down and mind your own business, yeah? You stay there ten minutes or so, fifteen tops. If you don’t score, you fuck off and come back another time. If you hang around too long you’ll have the coppers all over yer, asking what you’re doin’.”

Tommy nodded.

When you do score,” Kevin went on quietly, “the guy will probably ask you to follow him to his car. Get in with him. As soon as he drives away, ask him what he wants and how much he’s givin’ yer. And if he wants to go all the way, you don’t do it for less than fifty, yeah?”

Yeah, I wouldn’t anyway,” Tommy said.

So when will you be goin’?” Kevin queried. “It’s Friday tomorrow; that should be okay.”

I was thinkin’ about Saturday afternoon,” Tommy said, so I could go to the sports shop afterwards to get some boots.

Fair enough,” Kevin said, nodding. He fished in his jeans. “There’s two pounds fifty there,” he added, handing it over. “You can give it me back when you score.”

Thanks,” Tommy acknowledged.

You look really sexy in those cut-offs!” Kevin said, smirking. “The punters are gonna love you. Come on! You know what I want! Take ‘em off!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Tommy got off the bus near the train station. It was two o’clock. He walked across Victoria Street and into the station. He checked the map on the wall. Bridge Street ran off Victoria Street, down one side of the station. He would need to turn right out of the station entrance; Bridge Street would be the first turning on the right. He made his way out, feeling extremely nervous, strolling along Victoria Street to the traffic lights. There it was. He made the turn, heading away from the main shopping district, the area he was in looking a little run-down. After walking about a hundred yards, he spotted the café on the far side of the street, some thirty yards further on. He crossed over, heading towards it.

He stopped outside for a moment. The place was nothing special, but looked clean enough. He counted four customers, three men and a woman, all sitting at different tables. The rest of the place was empty. He took a deep breath and went inside. He remembered Kevin’s instruction: mind your own business; let them come to you. After spending one pound fifty on a muffin and a glass of coke, He selected an empty table near the window and sat down.

He was more nervous than ever, his heart thumping in his chest. He sipped the coke, trying to stop his mouth feeling so dry. This was scary, especially as he knew he couldn’t stay there too long. What would happen if he didn’t score? He’d have spent Kevin’s money and still wouldn’t be able to buy the boots he needed.

Is it okay if I sit here?” a voice said.

The voice sounded okay, not posh exactly, but definitely not rough, like some of the teachers at Newton Valley. Tommy looked up. The voice belonged to a guy carrying a cup of coffee. He was around six feet tall, late thirties maybe, with slightly receding fair hair. He was dressed in smart jeans, brown leather shoes and a Nike rugby shirt.

Yeah, no problem,” Tommy said, trying to sound completely uninterested.

The man sat down at right angles to him. For several seconds there was silence. Tommy took a surreptitious glance. It didn’t tell him much.

Are you okay?” the man asked, smiling.

Tommy swallowed hard. This was it; the point where he had to make his move.

You lookin’ for business?” he whispered.

Yeah, sure,” the man said quietly, giving Tommy a conspiratorial grin. He downed his coffee. “My car’s just round the corner,” he added quietly. “See you in a couple of minutes, okay?”

Tommy nodded. He guy stood up. Tommy watched him leave, turning left out of the door, heading away from Victoria Street. After finishing his muffin and his coke, he followed him out. The man was stranding on the corner about fifty yards away. As Tommy approached, the man began walking, round the corner onto a scruffy side street. After a few strides he pressed the switch on his remote. Tommy saw a double flash from the direction indicators on an Audi TT Coupe parked a little further along the street.

The man got into the driver’s seat; a couple of seconds later Tommy got in next to him. The car moved smoothly away.

Hi,” the man said. “Great to meet you. D’you have a name?”

Tommy,” the boy replied.

Hi Tommy, I’m Steve,” the man said. “It must be my lucky day. I only looked in there on the off-chance. How old are you?”

Twelve,” Tommy said. “I’ll be thirteen next month.”

Hmmm!” Steve purred. “Very nice! Big lad for your age!”

I don’t want to be cheeky,” Tommy said, “but how much are you givin’ me?”

Depends what you’re up for,” Steve countered.

What d’you want?” Tommy asked.

I’ll give you fifty if you let me fuck you,” Steve said evenly.

Are you goin’ to use a condom?” Tommy asked.

No, why?” Steve asked.

Fifty’s okay if you’re usin’ a condom,” Tommy said, “But I want more if you’re doin’ it without. Risky, init? You might give me somethin’.”

Sixty okay?” Steve offered.

Yeah, okay,” Tommy agreed, sounding like he was doing the man a favour.

The car wound its way through a maze of backstreets. Tommy hadn’t a clue where he was, or even in which direction they were headed.

Have you done this before?” Steve asked.

Nah,” Tommy said.

So how did you know about that place?”

My step-brother told me.”

How old’s he?”


Yeah? What’s his name?”


Oh, right! Brown hair, not quite as slim as you, lives on Newton Valley?”


Wow! So you’re Kevin’s step-brother! I’ve been with him a few times; haven’t seen him for ages.”

He’s got a few regulars that look after him, yeah?”

No worries,” Steve said, grinning. “I’d much rather be with you; you’re much nicer than he ever was. So this is your first time?”

Yeah. I’m only doin’ it cause I’ve got to get some new football boots. I’ve grown out of my old ones and mum’s got no money cause my step-dad ain’t workin’.”

Oh, I see,” Steve said, smiling. “You’re a footballer then?”

Yeah, I play for Newton Valley Colts,” Tommy said. “We’re under-13’s this season. I play for the school too.”

Well, I’m pleased you’re doing a bit more with your life than Kevin seemed to,” Steve commented.

Kev’s a dosser,” Tommy said, grinning.

They were out in the suburbs, large trees lining the road. Tommy still had no idea where they were. They turned onto a side-road, pulling off into the car-park of a small apartment block.

This is it,” Steve announced, bringing the car to a halt and killing the engine.

The got out. Steve led the way, Tommy following nervously behind, into the building and up the stairs to the first floor. Steve unlocked the door to his apartment, ushering the boy inside.

You’re beautiful,” he cooed, guiding the boy into his bedroom. “I can’t wait to get those shorts off you. Have you been fucked before?”

Yeah,” Tommy admitted.

Kevin I presume?” Steve queried.

Yeah,” Tommy repeated, unwilling to give away more information than he needed to.

He’s a lucky boy,” Steve whispered, undoing the button at the top of Tommy’s cut-offs.

Is it okay if I have a pee first?” Tommy asked.

Yeah, of course,” Steve said, smiling. “The bathroom’s the next door along.”

Tommy hurried out of the room. Steve quickly undressed, stripping down to his grey knitted trunks. Moments later Tommy was back.

Shoes and socks off, then your top” Steve instructed from his position on a wicker chair close to the door.

Tommy quickly removed them.

Very nice!” Steve purred, admiring Tommy’s slim torso, the skin creamy white, the boy’s small nipples hardly visible. “Now come here!”

Tommy stood in front of him. Steve reached out, opening the front of Tommy’s cut-offs, and skinning them down his legs. Tommy kicked them off.

Hard already,” Steve commented, stroking the front of the boy’s boxer shorts. “Very sexy! Not too keen on these though; you’d look much better in briefs.” He carefully eased them over Tommy’s throbbing penis. “Big cock for your age!” he gushed, running his fingers over the boy’s sparse pubic hair. “Can you cum?”

Yeah!” Tommy said proudly. “I’ve been able to cum for ages.”

Steve leaned forwards, taking Tommy’s cock into his mouth. He sucked it expertly. After a few seconds, he came back up, licking his lips.

Let’s get on the bed,” he urged.

Tommy jumped onto the bed. Steve stood up, discarding his trunks to expose his seven inch cock. Bigger than Kevin’s, Tommy noted, but not as big as Frank’s; it wouldn’t be a problem. Steve joined him on the bed, wrapping his arms around him, the man’s hands stroking him all over. Tommy relaxed; it felt good.

Steve drew Tommy closer, his hands roaming over the boy’s silky smooth skin. He moved his nose close to Tommy’s, breathing in the aroma of hot, sexy boy. He moved closer still, pressing his lips to Tommy’s, his tongue darting into the boy’s mouth. Tommy reacted instinctively, his lips locked to Steve’s, their tongues intertwined. Eventually, Steve eased himself away, his eyes sparkling.

Beautiful!” he cooed. “You didn’t learn that from Kevin,” he added knowingly. “He’d never let me kiss him.”

Yeah, whatever,” Tommy said, grinning, determined not to give anything away.

And now I want some more of that!” Steve announced, diving down on Tommy’s penis.

Tommy sank back on the bed feeling totally at ease, Steve sucking him quite wonderfully, twisting his head this way and that. Steve’s hand reached down between his legs, a greasy finger tickling his anus. It pushed inside.

Hmmm!” Steve growled, pushing in a second finger. “I can tell this isn’t your first time.”

Tommy didn’t respond, not wanting to tell him that it wasn’t his hundred and first time either.

Are you ready then?” Steve asked.

Yeah,” Tommy said. “How d’you want me?”

On your tummy,” Steve said, placing a pillow in the middle of the bed.

Got a towel or somethin’?” Tommy asked. “I’ll cum if you fuck me like that.”

Steve looked around, retrieving the trunks he’d been wearing.

Use these,” he said, grinning mischievously. “I’d like to have your spunk in them.”

Tommy got into position. A moment later, Steve was down on top of him, the man’s penis prodding his sphincter. It thrust inside, sliding in smoothly until he’d got the whole thing. Steve began to fuck. Tommy moaning quietly as the man’s hard cock drove repeatedly over his prostate. Why couldn’t Frank and Kevin treat him like this, he wondered. Without even thinking about it, he began to buck his hips, pushing up to meet Steve’s downward thrusts. The stimulation was all he needed. Within a few seconds the muscle spasms were upon him.

Oh fuck!” he gasped, his fingers clawing at the bed. “I’m gonna cum!”

In the next instant his cock jerked wildly, several jets of sticky spunk soaking Steve’s trunks.

Oh, you sexy boy!” Steve groaned, thrusting in one final time, his penis tingling like crazy. “Jesus Christ! Aaaaahhhhh!!”

He unloaded deep in Tommy’s rectum, filling the boy with his creamy semen. He lay where he was, his head swimming, gasping like an asthmatic steam engine. Finally he lifted himself clear, his softening cock slipping noiselessly out of Tommy’s bum.

That was incredible,” he breathed, still struggling for air.

I’ve made a right mess in these,” Tommy said, grinning as he handed the man his soiled trunks. “I need the loo, yeah?” He got off the bed. “Is it okay if I have a shower?” he asked.

Yeah, no problem,” Steve said, smiling.

He padded off to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet to get rid of the man’s spunk. The task completed, he stepped into the shower, relaxing under the warm soapy water. Finally, he towelled himself dry and returned to the bedroom. Steve was already dressed.

Worth every penny,” he said warmly, handing Tommy two tens and two twenties.

You taking me back to town?” Tommy asked, pulling on his clothes.

Yeah, of course,” Steve confirmed. “Is there any chance I could meet you again?”

Tommy thought for a moment. He’d told himself that he’d only do this once, but Steve had been great; he liked the guy. And if he was just going with Steve, what harm could it do?

Yeah, okay,” he said, smiling. “Same time next week?”

Yeah, but not there,” Steve said. “I’ll show you where to meet. And don’t wear those,” he added, indicating Tommy’s cut-offs. “Wear jeans or something.”

Cool,” Tommy agreed.

Two minutes later they were on their way back. As they approached the city centre, Steve turned into the somewhat run-down area where they’d met, stopping the car outside a rather forbidding looking building. Tommy could see the shops on Victoria Street directly in front of them, around two hundred yards away.

This is the old Hunter Street Swimming Baths,” Steve said. “It’s closed down now. Next Saturday, be outside here at quarter past two. Don’t be late. I’ll drive up, you get in. Okay?”

Why here?” Tommy asked.

No CCTV,” Steve said.

Yeah, cool,” Tommy said, grinning.

With the arrangements agreed, Steve swung the car out onto Victoria Street, bringing it to a halt close to the train station.

See you next week!” Tommy called as he got out.

He watched Steve drive away. Crossing the street, he strolled into the shopping centre, heading for the large sports shop. Once inside, he made his way directly to the football boots. The sort he’d expected to get cost just over twenty pounds, but with the money Steve had just given him, he could afford some better ones. He selected a pair marked at £39.50; they looked great. He tried them on; they felt even better. These were the ones he wanted; they’d be the best boots he’d had by quite some margin.

After paying for them, he looked round the shop. There were lots of other things he’d have liked to buy, not anything out of the ordinary, just stuff that most of the other kids had. And Steve would be giving him the money, so why not?

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

When he got home, he headed straight up to his room to put his boots away. Kevin was stretched out on his bed.

You scored then?” he said, noticing the bag Tommy was carrying.

Yeah,” Tommy admitted.



What was his name?”

Ben,” Tommy lied, not wanting Kevin to realise that he knew the guy.

What was he driving?”

VW Golf.”

Dunno him,” Kevin said, pulling a face. “How much d’you get?”

Enough,” Tommy said, pulling out a ten pound note. “Got any change?” he asked, passing it over.

I’ll keep it,” Kevin said, stuffing it in his pocket. “Commission, yeah?”

Tommy shrugged; he wasn’t going to argue. He didn’t even mind that much. Without Kevin’s help he wouldn’t have had a clue, and as it happened, he’d struck lucky. And he’d still got ten pounds, more than twice as much as his usual pocket money.

So you seein’ him again?” Kevin demanded.

Maybe,” Tommy said guardedly.

That means you are,” Kevin asserted. “I thought so. Well, welcome to the family business!”