By Pink Panther

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How will Tommy and Daniel escape from the clutches of the care system when faced with the hostility of their social worker? Read on and find out! As always, feedback will be more than welcome; please send your comments to and I’ll repay as soon

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The next week passed uneventfully. Tommy and Daniel were still at the children’s home, and although he wasn’t able to take part in games or gym, Tommy had returned to school. As his ribs were still sore, at break-times Tommy and Josh had permission to sit in Mr. Wainwright’s classroom, which doubled as the base for Tommy’s tutor group. Things seemed to be returning to something like normal.

On the Monday afternoon, when Tommy returned to Hayfield, deputy manager Graham was waiting for him.

Tommy, will you come with me please,” he said quietly.

He ushered Tommy into the office. Ms. Robertson and Detective Sergeant Shapter were there.

Hello, Tommy,” DS Shapter said gently. “Just to put you in the picture, Kevin and Frank have been charged in connection with the sexual assault on Daniel. Frank has also been charged with assault on you causing actual bodily harm. As yet, we have not charged them with the sexual assaults on you. We are continuing to question them about that. As they have been remanded in custody for the other offences, there’s no immediate hurry. Now I have to tell you that both of them have flatly denied these allegations. That means that if we do charge them and they continue to deny it, you will have to give evidence and basically it will be your word against theirs. Do you understand?”

Yes,” Tommy acknowledged.

We believe you,” he said reassuringly. “No question about it, but having to give evidence can be a pretty difficult experience. We wanted to make sure you’d be ready for it if necessary. However, a problem had arisen. When we spoke to Kevin yesterday, he claimed that if you had been penetrated, it was because you’ve been working as a rent-boy; it was nothing to do with him or Frank.”

He’s lying!” Tommy said vehemently.

He may well be,” DS Shapter responded, “but as I’m sure you understand, we do have to check such allegations out. Kevin mentioned all the new clothes you’ve had recently, so we had a look. You seem to have quite a number of new-looking items, most of which would have been fairly expensive. We’ve spoken to your mum. She says she didn’t buy them, so are you able to account for how you got them?”

Tommy was stunned into silence; this was the last thing he’d expected.

Tommy, we need you to help us out here,” DS Shapter said gently. “Unless we get this sorted out, when you go into the witness box, you’ll get ripped to pieces.”

And if you have been renting it,” Ms. Robertson barked, “that means there are other paedophiles out there that we need to get off the streets! If you don’t tell us who they are, you’re protecting them, which will put paid to your chances of being allowed to go home!”

Tommy was distraught; he didn’t know what to say.

We can’t conduct a formal interview here,” DS Shapter said, “So you’ll need to report to Marchdale Children’s Centre in Church Road at four thirty on Wednesday afternoon. We’ll deal with it then.”

Tommy headed upstairs in a daze. Just when he thought things were getting back on track, it had all gone wrong again. It just wasn’t fair! By some uncanny instinct, he looked in on his brother’s room. Daniel was lying on his bed. He looked upset too.

What’s wrong, bruv?” Tommy asked. “Someone been pickin’ on you?”

Nah!” Daniel said. “It’s that social worker! When I got back, she got me in the office and started askin’ me all these questions. She asked me what you’d been doin’ to me, so I asked her what she meant. She said like has he been sticking his dick up your arse, so I said no. Then she asked if you’d been feelin’ my dick, so I told her you’ve never done anythin’ like that. She said ‘If you’re going to be allowed to go home, you’re going to have to tell me the truth.’ I said I had told her the truth. She said ‘No you haven’t; I know what’s been going on.’ Then she just left.”

That’s shit, man!” Tommy said angrily. “What’s she doin’ that for?”

It’s like she wants to get you in trouble,” Daniel said defiantly. “But I ain’t gonna to tell lies; I don’t care what she does.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

As soon as Tommy arrived in their first class the following morning, Josh knew something was wrong.

What’s happened?” he whispered.

Can’t talk now,” Tommy responded quietly. “We’ll chat at break, yeah?”

The first two classes seemed to drag. Finally it was morning break. Josh and Tommy made their way to Mr. Wainwright’s classroom. Fortunately, the man wasn’t there; they had to place to themselves.

Well?” Josh demanded.

Kevin’s told the coppers I’ve been renting it,” Tommy answered.

Josh looked at him blankly.

You know, selling sex,” Tommy explained.

You haven’t, of course,” Josh said confidently.

Well actually I have,” Tommy admitted, not even looking at him.

Why?” Josh asked, looking horrified.

It started back in the summer holidays,” Tommy said. “When I went to pre-season football training, I couldn’t get my boots on. I told mum I needed some new ones, but she said she’d got no money cause Frank was out of work; told me to speak to him. So I did, but he said he couldn’t help; said I’d have to earn the money to buy them. When I asked him what he meant, he said to ask Kevin. Kevin told me that’s what I’d have to do, told me where to go and everythin’. Well, him and Frank was fuckin’ me anyway, so I thought I might as well. Sorry.”

Well, I wish you hadn’t,” Josh said. “but what’s the big problem?”

The coppers want to know who I’ve been goin’ with,” Tommy explained. “The social worker said if I didn’t tell them, I’d have to stay in care.”

So I guess you’ll have to tell them then,” Josh said.

No way, man!” Tommy exploded. “I ain’t a grass!”

It’d be better than kept in that place,” Josh countered.

You don’t get it, man!” Tommy protested. “These guys are okay; treated me a lot better than Frank ever did. There’s no way I’m going to drop them in the shit. One of them’s Mark, for fuck sake! You wouldn’t want him goin’ to jail, would you?”

Mark?” Josh questioned, his eyes almost falling out. “How did that happen?”

After I started doin’ it, I was chattin’ to Peewee. He told me that last year some time he picked Mark up at the pool; asked him if he was lookin’ for business and the guy went for it. Anyway, Peewee only went with him a few times ‘cause Mark kept havin’ a go at him, you know, tellin’ him he ought to join the swimming club, tellin’ him not to smoke weed, that sort of stuff. Peewee hates that. Anyway, I thought I’d give it a try. He’s sound, man!”

Right, forget about Mark,” Josh said, looking thoughtful. “How many other guys have you been with?”

Only two,” Tommy said.

Well, you’ll have to tell the coppers about them,” Josh said. “Only not really, you just pretend.”

What d’you mean?” Tommy queried.

You know their names?” Josh asked.

Yeah, only their first names though,” Tommy said.

Change them,” Josh instructed. “The coppers won’t know. You know what cars they drive?”

Yeah,” Tommy answered.

Change those too,” Josh said. “What about car registration numbers?”

Nah,” Tommy said, shaking his head.

So that’s what you say,” Josh continued. “D’you know where they live?”

Not really,” Tommy told him. “When they took me back we seemed to go all over the place; I never knew where I was. With the one guy, it was always dark when he picked me up, so I couldn’t see much. I know they didn’t bring me out this way; that’s about it.”

That thing about it being dark,” Josh said thoughtfully. “Make that both of them. What about phone numbers?”

I’ve got them stored in my mobile,” Tommy admitted.

Have you got it with you now?” Josh asked.

Yeah,” Tommy admitted, pulling it out of his pocket.

Give it to me,” Josh said. “I’ll hide it at home. The police won’t come to our place looking for your phone. Right that should do it. You tell the coppers the wrong names, the wrong cars. You don’t know their car registrations, you don’t know where they live and you don’t have their phone numbers. You’ve told them as much as you can.”

Hmmm!” Tommy said gloomily, handing Josh his phone. “The coppers might buy it, but I don’t think the social worker will; she’s got it in for me anyway!”

What d’you mean?”

Last night when they’d finished asking me about the rentin’ thing, I went to Daniel’s room. He said she’d been askin’ him what I’d been doin’ to him, like had I felt his dick or had I stuck my dick up his bum. It’s shit, man! He’s my little brother; I’d never do anythin’ like that to him!”

You need to speak to my mum,” Josh said firmly. “She’ll know what to do.”

Are you serious?” Tommy asked.

Yeah, of course,” Josh said. “Mum’s a solicitor. She won’t be shocked; she deals with people who’ve done all sorts of things. And she knows about us; I told you. Can you get hold of Daniel?”

Yeah, why?” Tommy asked.

Mum will need to speak to him too, find out exactly what this social worker said.”

Well he finishes school ten minutes after we do,” Tommy said. “So we can go over there, meet him when he comes out.”

Okay,” Josh said. “That’s what we’ll do. I’ll call mum, see if she can meet us at home or if she wants us to go to her office, yeah? Don’t worry; she’ll help us.”

You’re takin’ this really serious aren’t you?” Tommy asked.

Yeah, of course I am,” Josh responded. “The way this woman’s treating you isn’t right, is it?” He paused for a few seconds. “You remember last year when Frank told you to get me to come over to your house? Have you told the police about that?”

No, never thought about it,” Tommy admitted.

I think we should,” Josh said. “Kevin tried to pick me up in the boys’ toilets, remember? That looks bad for him, doesn’t it?”

You’re fuckin’ amazin’!” Tommy said, grinning.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After school, Josh and Tommy collected Daniel from Stanhope Manor Primary School before making the short bus journey to Kate’s office. Half an hour later, they’d told her everything she needed to know.

So who is your social worker?” she asked finally.

Ms. Robertson,” Tommy said.

I might have known!” Kate snapped angrily.

Why?” Tommy asked. “D’you know her?”

Yes, unfortunately,” Kate said darkly. “I’ve crossed swords with her before. She wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near kids if I had my way. Right, boys! We’d better get you back!”

Five minutes later, they were back at Hayfield.

Josh, you stay here,” Kate instructed, getting out of the car.

She accompanied Tommy and Daniel inside.

Is Graham here?” she asked.

A couple of minutes later, the man appeared.

Hi Graham,” Kate said, smiling. “Good to see you again; I’ve not been here for while. I’m going to be representing Tommy and Daniel. Is there somewhere we can talk?”

Graham showed her into the office, closing the door.

I understand that you sat in on an interview that Ms. Robertson conducted with Daniel yesterday afternoon,” Kate opened.

Yes,” Graham agreed.

Over the next few minutes he confirmed exactly what Daniel had said.

So what did you think of the way that this interview was conducted?” Kate asked.

I did think it was a bit harsh,” Graham conceded.

But you didn’t intervene?” Kate persisted.

No,” Graham admitted.

And am I right that Daniel’s medical examination showed no evidence of penetration?” Kate enquired.

Yes,” Graham confirmed.

Thanks Graham,” Kate said, smiling again. “You’ve been most helpful. I’ll see you again soon.”

She strode back to the car. Ms. Robertson had totally overstepped the mark, and had been foolish enough to do it in front of a witness. She was going to be toast.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After dropping Josh at home, Kate drove to Tommy’s house. She knocked on the door. After a few seconds, Karen appeared, looking surprised to see a well-dressed woman standing there.

Mrs. Shaw?” Kate said brightly. “I’m Kate Banham. My son Josh is a friend of Tommy’s. Can I come in? I need to speak to you.”

They moved to the lounge room. Kate quickly explained Tommy’s situation.

That’s disgusting!” Karen snapped. “Why did he start doing that?”

Apparently he needed new football boots,” Kate said quietly. “You hadn’t got any money, and I understand that Frank said he hadn’t either.”

That’s another lie the bastard told me!” Karen snapped. “He told me he’d sorted Tommy out for them!”

Well, it seems he hadn’t,” Kate said quietly.

They’d better keep him locked up for along time,” Karen snarled, “cause if he ever shows his face round here I’ll swing for him!”

I don’t think there’s much danger of that,” Kate said soothingly. “But there seems to be another problem. It appears that, Ms. Robertson, Tommy and Daniel’s social worker, has been trying to bully Daniel into making false allegations against Tommy.”

That can’t be right!” Karen exploded. “What’s she doing that for?”

She has this crazy idea that boys like Tommy are all sexual predators,” Kate said, shaking her head. “But don’t worry; I’ve told the boys that I’ll represent them, both when Tommy goes to the children’s centre tomorrow and at the case conference next week.”

We can’t afford to pay for a solicitor,” Karen objected.

There won’t be a charge,” Kate assured her. “Tommy’s been to our house several times. He’s a good lad; I’m happy to help. In any case, this woman needs to be stopped.”

Well, thanks for takin’ the trouble,” Karen said. “Most people round here won’t give me the time of day. You don’t know how bad I feel about what happened. I can’t believe I could have been so stupid.”

You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself,” Kate said reassuringly. “From what I’ve heard, Mr. Marlow had everyone fooled. The good thing is that the boys are desperate to come home. I’ll be doing the best I can to make sure that happens as soon as possible.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Kate parked her car outside the Children’s Centre.

You stay here,” she said to Josh. “I’m not sure how long this is going to take. Have you got plenty to read?”

Josh nodded. Kate accompanied Tommy inside and reported to reception. A few moments later, Ms. Robertson appeared.

What are you doing here?” she demanded, looking daggers at Kate.

Tommy and Daniel have asked me to represent them,” Kate said evenly. “They are entitled to have representation, and I am on the department’s list of approved solicitors, as you well know. Shall we get on?”

Ms. Robertson led the way to the interview room. After a few brief formalities, the interview began.

The information that we’ve been given is that you have been selling sex. Is that correct?”

Yes,” Tommy admitted.

So how did this begin?” Ms. Robertson asked.

Tommy briefly explained what had happened, making sure to bring out Kevin’s involvement.

So you went to La Scala café?” Ms. Robertson offered. “What happened then?”

A guy sat down next to me,” Tommy said. “I could see he was checking me out, so I asked him if he was lookin’ for business, just like Kevin said. He said he was, so I followed him back to his car. He took me to his place; that’s where we did it.”

Did he give you a name?” Ms. Robertson asked.

Ben,” Tommy said. “Never got his surname.”

Can you describe him?”

About five foot ten, fairly slim, short dark hair goin’ a bit thin on top.”

And what car did he drive?”

VW Golf, dark grey one.”

Registration number?”


And where did he take you?”

Not sure. It was dark; I don’t know where it was. I know we didn’t come out this way; that’s it.”

And what did you do?”

Tommy told her.

And have you been seeing him regularly?”


And you meet him at La Scala?”

Nah, he picked me up outside the old swimming baths on Hunter Street.”

Did he say why he wanted you to meet him there?”

Nah, just said that’s where to meet him.”

And did he give you his phone number?”


So how many other men have you been with?”

Only one.”

So who’s that?”

Warren; he’s a friend of Ben’s; he set it up for me.”

The questioning about ‘Warren’ continued in the same manner as for ‘Ben’. Finally Ms. Robertson paused.

We’d like to take a break at this point,” Kate said.

Ms. Robertson glared at her, turned off the tape and left the interview suite.

Wait here,” Kate whispered. “I need to see someone.”

She stepped out into the corridor, making her way to the observation area. DS Shapter was there.

I’m glad you showed up,” he said quietly. “That woman’s a nightmare!”

I’ve got some additional information for you,” Kate told him. “I think it might help.”

She quickly outlined what Tommy and Josh had told her about the incident the previous year.

That could be very useful!” DS Shapter said, grinning. “Might persuade young Kevin to start talking!”

That’s what I thought,” Kate said. “But the thing is, I’m not going to allow Ms. Robertson anywhere near Josh. You’ll have to find someone else to conduct the interviews.”

David Kemp’s around,” DS Shapter suggested. “He’s a supervising social worker so he could do it. So where’s Josh now?”

He’s outside in the car.”

Leave it with me,” the man said. “I’ll get it sorted.”

A few minutes later, the interview resumed.

I’m not happy,” Ms. Robertson declared. “From the information that Tommy has provided, it is most unlikely that we will be able to identify these men. And he was conveniently picked up in a location where there’s no CCTV. I will be recommending to next week’s case conference that he be kept in care until he provides us with more information.”

Isn’t that exactly the sort of location a client would select?” Kate said calmly. “Tommy has told you what he knows. He cannot be expected to give you information he doesn’t have.”

I think he knows more than he’s saying,” Ms. Robertson snapped.

I believe that you often travel with your colleague Janet Thompson,” Kate suggested. “Could you tell us the registration number of Ms. Thompson’s car?”

Ms. Robertson didn’t answer.

My point exactly,” Kate said. “Now do you have any further questions?”

Ms. Robertson formally terminated the interview.

Before we leave,” Kate said pointedly. “I wish to express my dissatisfaction with the interview that you conducted with Daniel on Monday afternoon. As I understand it, at the end of that interview you told him that he would not be allowed to go home until he’d told you the truth. Could you explain why you said that?”

Boys hide things,” Ms. Robertson asserted. “You’d know that if you did this job. Sometimes you have to put pressure on them before they’ll tell you what’s been happening.”

Really?” Kate responded. “Now I believe Daniel’s medical report showed no evidence of actual penetration. So why did you ask if Tommy had penetrated him?”

The fact that the medical report doesn’t show it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen,” Ms. Robertson claimed. “I was just trying to protect him from further abuse.”

No you weren’t!” Kate retorted. “You were behaving like the witchfinder-general, bullying a ten year old boy who was already traumatised by the abuse that he experienced to make a statement against his own brother alleging sexual abuse that never happened! Well, for your information, I have written to Leo Donaldson to make a formal complaint, and to request that a supervising social worker be allocated to oversee this case!”

She stood up. “Come on, Tommy,” she said sharply. “We’re going now.”

They headed out into reception. DS Shapter was waiting for them.

You go on ahead,” she said to Tommy. “I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Tommy trotted out to the car, jumping into the back next to Josh.

How did it go?” Josh asked.

Okay, I think,” Tommy said, grinning. “Your mum was fuckin’ brilliant; gave my social worker a right dissing!”

Oh, she can be like that when she has to,” Josh said casually.

A moment later, Kate joined them.

So what’s happening, mum?” Josh asked.

We’ve just got to wait here till Ms. Robertson’s out of the way,” Kate said, “They’ll come and get us.”

Shortly afterwards, DS Shapter appeared.

We’re ready now,” he said.

The three of them trooped back into the building, Josh waiting nervously in reception while Tommy and Kate returned to the interview suite. Tommy described in detail the way that Kevin and Frank had told him to bring Josh to the house so that they could have sex with him, and the spanking he’d received for failing to do so. Then it was Josh’s turn. David Kemp, the supervising social worker, introduced himself, and with the formalities completed the interview began.

Tommy was at my house doing his homework,” Josh said. “He said he had something he needed to tell me, and made me promise not to tell anything else. Then he told me that his step-dad and step-brother made him do sex stuff. He said that his step-brother Kevin had seen us hanging out together, and that his step-dad wanted him to bring me over to the house so that they could have sex with me as well.”

And what was your reaction?” David asked.

I was shocked.”

Okay, carry on.”

Tommy said he wouldn’t do it, and that his step-dad had spanked him for not doing as he was told. He showed me the marks.”

He showed you the marks?”

Yes. His stepdad wears a ring, so you could see quite clearly.”

I see.”

Tommy told me to make sure I stayed out of Kevin’s way.” Josh continued, going on to describe what had occurred at school the following morning.

This isn’t just a story that you and Tommy have concocted, is it?” David queried.

Of course it isn’t,” Josh said dismissively. “I don’t tell lies. Anyway, you can check it. Mr. Russell put Damian in detention for hitting Kevin. He knows all about it.”

And who’s Mr. Russell?” David enquired.

Head of Lower School,” Josh said.

Thank you, Josh,” David said. “We’ll get in touch with Mr. Russell just to fill in a few details. If we need to know anything else, we’ll get back to you.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following day, Kate arrived home as usual, to find Josh bounding down the stairs to greet her.

Mum!” he said excitedly. “I got the result of my piano exam!”

And?” Kate asked expectantly.

I got a distinction,” Josh said proudly. “134 out of 140; it’s the highest mark I’ve ever got.”

Well done!” Kate said warmly, giving him a hug. “You thought you’d done well, didn’t you? Actually, I’ve got some news for you. You know I wrote to the Director of Children’s Services to complain about the boys’ social worker? Well he called me this afternoon to say that he’s taken her off the case. They’ll be getting a new social worker; she’ll be going to see them tomorrow.”

So will she be alright?” Josh asked suspiciously.

Oh, Freda’s excellent,” Kate reassured him. “She’s old-school; likes to get kids out of the care system as quickly as possible. The boys will be fine with her.”

Thanks mum!” Josh said, grinning from ear to ear.

After tea, would you like to go over to Hayfield so you can tell them?” Kate suggested.

Can we?” Josh asked, barely able to contain his excitement.

We won’t be able to stay long,” Kate cautioned, “but we can pop over if you want.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was a little after seven when they arrived at Hayfield. Graham was in reception.

Hello Graham,” Kate said. “Josh has come to see Tommy. He’s got some news for him.”

Tommy’s up in his room,” Graham said, smiling. “D’you know where it is?”

Yeah, thanks!” Josh said, grinning.

He scampered off.

So that’s how you got involved,” Graham said, smiling.

Yes; call it a happy coincidence,” Kate said. “And thanks for sending that e-mail to your boss.”

Well, after you spoke to me,” Graham said. “I decided I ought to. I didn’t want to take her on, you know, on my own; I know what she’s like.”

You and me both,” Kate said acidly.

You know she’s been suspended, don’t you?” Graham asked. “She’s been in trouble for this sort of thing before.”

Yes, Leo called me this afternoon.” Kate said. “I was involved in the previous case, of course; that’s why I was so worried.”

So you know the boss then?” Graham queried.

Yes,” Kate said. “Leo and I have known each other for years.”

The boys will be getting a new social worker,” Graham said. “I don’t know who it is yet.”

Freda Jackson,” Kate said. “Leo told me when he called.”

Oh, that’s good,” Graham said approvingly. “The boys will like her.”

Yes, that’s what I thought,” Kate said.

Tommy and Josh appeared in reception, talking animatedly in hushed tones. Despite her best efforts, Kate couldn’t help feeling slightly uncomfortable; looking at them now, it was obvious how close they’d become. She pushed the thought to one side.

Hello Tommy,” she said warmly. “Still okay for Saturday?”

Yes thanks!” Tommy answered, smiling.

We’ll pick you up about quarter past twelve,” Kate said. “Okay young man!” she added, turning to Josh. “Time to go; you’ve still got some homework to finish.”

They disappeared through the front door. Tommy headed into the recreation room to find Daniel and give him the news. With the message safely delivered, he strode out into reception, bounding up the stairs in a far more positive frame of mind; things, it seemed, were finally starting to go right. He strolled into the bathroom, disappearing into the stall to have a pee. When he emerged, a light-skinned, mixed-race boy was standing just inside the bathroom door.

Do you like me?” he asked, smiling.

What?” Tommy asked, caught completely off-guard.

You know,” the boy said quietly, “the way you like that kid that came to see you just now.”

Tommy didn’t answer, his head still spinning; he didn’t even know the boy’s name.

Do you wanna?” the lad whispered, rubbing his crotch.

After two weeks without sex, there was only ever going to be one answer.

Yeah,” Tommy answered, regaining his composure.

Follow me, yeah?” the boy instructed.

Tommy nodded. The boy made his way out of the bathroom and down the stairs, Tommy following a few yards behind. The lad was certainly cute, he assessed, five feet two or three, a few inches shorter than he was, long-legged and slim, with large brown eyes and jet black woolly hair cut quite short.

The boy looked around to check that nobody was watching, and headed out into the back garden. The light was fading, the pale sun beginning to disappear below the horizon. He made his way to a disused outbuilding, going around the back to where the door was. As Tommy rounded the corner, the boy was fiddling with the padlock. After a few seconds it sprang open. The boy smiled and opened the door. They went inside, closing the door behind them, the atmosphere damp and musty. Tommy’s eyes slowly adjusted to the dim half-light. He saw that they were in an old workshop, empty now apart from the bench that ran along one wall.

They think this place is all locked up,” the boy said, smirking, “Only it isn’t.”

What’s your name?” Tommy asked.

Luke,” the boy said. “You’re Tommy, aren’t you?”

Yeah, Tommy said. “So how old are you?”

Twelve,” Luke told him. “You?”

Thirteen,” Tommy responded.

Come on,” Luke urged, reaching out to open the top of Tommy’s jeans. “We can’t stay here too long.”

Tommy followed the younger boys lead, undoing Luke’s zip and pushing down his jeans and underwear. Luke sank to his knees, his lips closing over Tommy’s rampant cock. He sucked it eagerly, working his tongue all over it. Tommy sighed with satisfaction; Luke was an expert performer and after two weeks of enforced abstinence, this was simply heaven. He came within seconds, his teen spunk spurting powerfully into Luke’s mouth. Luke licked and swallowed, making sure not to miss single drop. After a few seconds he pulled away. Tommy looked down. Luke was masturbating furiously, little jets of boy-cum squirting onto the rough concrete floor. He got to his feet, licking his lips.

You didn’t have to do that,” Tommy said. “I’d have sucked you off.”

I needed to cum, man!” Luke said, grinning.

How did you know . . . , you know?” Tommy asked, pulling up his jeans.

I knew you’d been havin’ sex,” Luke said casually. “That’s why they put you in with those three; you know, to keep an eye on you. I was in there for a few weeks when I first came here. Then I saw you earlier on with that long-haired kid. I saw the way you were looking at each other.”

Fuck!” Tommy protested. “I didn’t know it was that obvious!”

Depends who’s lookin’,” Luke said mischievously. “We’d better go. Wanna meet tomorrow?”

Yeah, okay,” Tommy agreed.

Come to the recreation room after supper, yeah?” Luke said. “Follow me out and make sure nobody’s watching. Don’t let anyone see us together; they’ll get suspicious.”

Tommy nodded.

Okay, you go first,” Luke instructed. “I’ve got to put the padlock back.”

Tommy left the old workshop and slipped back into the house. His encounter with Luke had been a total surprise, but he wasn’t complaining. If he couldn’t have sex with Josh, he’d have to get it where he could find it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

School was finally over for the week. After the now familiar bus journey, Tommy and Daniel walked up the drive and strolled in through the front door. Graham was waiting for them.

You’ve got visitors,” he said brightly. “Come through to the office.”

He ushered them inside. Detective Sergeant Shapter was there with a friendly-looking woman in her late fifties; their new social worker, Tommy assumed.

Come and sit down,” DS Shapter said. “This is just a flying visit from me. I wanted to let you know that Kevin has made a statement. The additional information that you and your friend gave us finally convinced him he wasn’t going to be able to lie his way out of it. He’s told us all about what Frank was up to. Frank’s still not saying anything, but I’m sure he’ll plead guilty when it comes to court; he’d be insane not to. So I’m as certain as I can be that you will not have to give evidence.”

Thanks,” Tommy said, smiling.

Right,” DS Shapter said. “I’m going to leave you guys to it.”

He made his way out, closing the door behind him.

I’m Freda,” the woman said, “and I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Tommy relaxed immediately. The woman’s facial expression, her tone of voice; everything was just right. It was all going to be okay, he just knew it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After the meeting concluded, the boys made their way upstairs to change out of their school uniform. Tommy was almost ready when one of the staff called up the stairs.

Tommy! You’ve got a visitor!”

Tommy quickly fastened his jeans and hurried down to reception. Peewee was standing there; he looked worried.

Didn’t expect to see you,” Tommy said brightly.

Is there somewhere we can talk?” Peewee asked nervously.

Tommy thought for a moment. Two of his room-mates were upstairs, so that was out.

We’ll go outside,” he said quietly, leading the way into the back garden. “What’s the problem?” he asked.

You know this mate of Frank’s,” Peewee started, “the one I told you about. Well after I saw you last week, I went to see him, yeah, tell him what had happened. He weren’t too pleased, so I asked if we were still okay and he said yes. So I saw him again Monday; still said everythin’ was fine, yeah? Well, I went round last night like always; there was no sign of him. He leaves his car on the drive, yeah, but it weren’t there. So I went back today after school. There was coppers all over the place, man! I just pretended I was walkin’ past, yeah; got out of there rapid-style!”

Kevin’s grassed him up,” Tommy said baldly. “Coppers were here earlier; they told me Kev’s made a statement.”

Why?” Peewee demanded.

He was in the shit,” Tommy said. “Needed to say somethin’ so they’d go easy on him. You know this camcorder I told you about? That was his, wasn’t it, this guy’s?”

Yeah,” Peewee conceded.

Coppers were askin’ about it,” Tommy said. “Kev must have told ‘em.”

So d’you think they’ve nabbed him?” Peewee asked.

Nah,” Tommy said, “doesn’t sound like it. If they’d nabbed him his car would be there. I reckon he’s fucked off. Must have known Kev would drop him in it sooner or later.”

So where d’you think he’s gone?” Peewee persisted.

Wherever,” Tommy said dismissively. “He’s rich, yeah? He could’ve gone anywhere.”

So why didn’t he say nothin’?” Peewee asked plaintively.

Guess he didn’t want you to know,” Tommy said, “probably thought it’d complicate things.”

Peewee looked devastated. Tommy wanted to be sympathetic, but he couldn’t think of anything to say. The supper bell came to his rescue.

Gotta go, man,” he said.

He shepherded Peewee back through the house and out of the front door.

You playin’ Sunday?” he asked.

Yeah,” Peewee confirmed.

I’m gonna come and watch,” Tommy said.

Wish you was playin’,” Peewee complained. “The kid they’ve put in don’t know what he’s doin’.”

Yeah, I wish I was too,” Tommy said, “but I can’t risk my ribs gettin’ a knock. See you then!”

Peewee turned and trudged off down the drive. Tommy closed the door and trotted through to supper.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Tommy walked into the recreation room, his heart pounding. Luke was sitting near the pool table, pretending to watch a couple of the other boys. He got up and wandered out. After a few seconds, Tommy followed him, walking casually along the corridor past the kitchen. There was no sign of anybody. He reached the door that led into the garden and checked again. There was nobody about.

He stepped out into the garden and made one final check; still nobody. He strolled across to the workshop. Luke already had the door open. They went inside, closing the door. By sheer instinct, Tommy put his arms around the younger boy, drawing him into a kiss. They both reached down, undoing each other’s jeans and easing them down, just as they had the evening before. Luke’s fingers wrapped themselves around Tommy’s cock.

That’s a nice one, man!” he whispered, “D’you wanna fuck me?”

Sure!” Tommy responded.

I’ve got this,” Luke said, producing a small tube.

He squeezed some gel onto his fingers, smearing it over Tommy’s cock. He passed Tommy the tube, turning round to position himself over the bench. Tommy lubed up his fingers, working first one, then two into Luke’s anus. After a few seconds, he let them slide out. He moved in close, carefully guiding his cock onto its target. He pushed hard. After a moment’s resistance, he was inside.

Ughhhh!” Luke groaned.

Tommy was on auto-pilot. He held Luke round the thighs, sinking his cock deeper and deeper into the boy’s rectum. It was beautifully tight.

Oooh, yeah!” Luke moaned. “Do it, man!”

Tommy began to fuck, thrusting his penis unforgivingly into Luke’s bum. Luke whimpered quietly, his penis tingling like crazy.

Play with my piddle!” he gasped.

Tommy reached down, running his fingers along the boy’s slim four inch spike.

Oooh! Oooh!” Luke gurgled.

He shuddered from head to toe, his bum flaring and tightening around Tommy cock. His penis sprang into action, little jets of watery fluid squirting through Tommy’s fingers.

Oh yeah!” Tommy growled. “Yes! Yes Yesssss!!!”

He buried his cock in Luke’s bum, volley after volley of teen spunk filling the lad’s rectum. After a few seconds he carefully pulled out. Luke turned to face him, grinning as he casually pulled up his jeans.

So you like being fucked?” Tommy asked.

Yeah, man!” Luke confirmed. “I used to get fucked all the time. My dad, my uncle, my cousin; they all did me.”

Tommy didn’t ask for details; it sounded all too familiar.

So how did you end up here?” he asked.

Last October,” Luke said, “just after I started at Westcroft. We had a games class. It had been raining before we went out and we got all muddy, yeah? So we had to have a shower afterwards. Well, nobody had warned me. The games teacher saw my arse. We’d been at my uncle’s place the night before; I’d had all three of them up me. Half an hour later I got dragged out of class. Man! I had coppers and social workers all over me!”

So they made you tell ‘em who did it?” Tommy suggested.

Didn’t need to,” Luke said nonchalantly. “There was spunk in my underpants. They soon found out whose it was.”

Shit, that’s bad,” Tommy breathed.

Cried myself to sleep the first three nights I was here,” Luke said. “Anyway, we’d better go. Meet tomorrow yeah?”

I can’t,” Tommy said. “I’m goin’ to Josh’s house; won’t be back till the evening.”

Sunday then,” Luke suggested.

Yeah,” Tommy agreed, “Sunday.”

He left the workshop and returned to the house.